like get ready for work or something idk

*This probably only applies to those of you entering college, as high school lab work seems to be much more chill. Also, this is just my experience and may very well vary from place to place.*

  • Sleep a decent amount of hours (if you can, have a nap right before) and EAT BEFORE YOU GO THERE - lab work is physically exhausting, you’re usually there for several hours and you can count the times you get to sit down on one hand.
  • Read whatever information you are given about your lab work beforehand. You don’t want to get there and not know what’s going on.
  • Be active! There’s nothing worse than a lab partner than needs to be told to do things. If you’ve read whatever info you were given, you’ll have an idea of what to do so take the initiative. Offer to do stuff. Don’t just stand around waiting for orders.
  • Wear layers. Labs are freezing cold 10% of the time and scorching hot 90% of the time (especially once you put on your lab coat). The heat is specially bad because you may even get dizzy so please wear layers (the lightest one should be a short-sleeve or tank fop).
  • Don’t forget:
    • Water bottle - heat = dehydration
    • Hair tie - tie your hair up. Just do it.
  • WEAR COMFY SHOES - you may think those boots are soo comfy and chic but I guarantee you’ll change your mind after there hours of standing. Sneakers are the way to go 
  • Yes you can just have one lab coat. But you still need to wash it. Volatile solvents don’t mask B.O.
  • Things break. Try your best not to break them but know that it’s not that big of a deal so don’t worry too much if you do.
  • ‘Water’ always means deionized water. Always. Unless stated otherwise. Seriously, it can ruin your whole experiment. Also when you’re washing any equipment, you should always give them one last rinse with deionized water.
  • If you need to take away from something you’re weighting or a liquid you’re transfering with a pippete, that never goes back into the ‘original tub’. It’s a residue.
  • Painted nails + organic solvents equal ruined nails. Gloves don’t help. Beware. But, gloves are great and v recommended if you’re dealing with oh idk rat pee.
  • Once you get home, you’re probably just going to want to pass out. Don’t. Do whatever you have to do (have coffee ready?) to write as much as you remember about what you’ve done. It makes writing the lab write-up. So. Much. Easier.
  • On the same note, if you know you have something due the day after a lab, get it done beforehand because you probably won’t have the energy to do it afterwards. If you have lab work all week long (like I do), get as much done on the weekend as possible 
  • Listen, if you know an upper classman who’s taken that class, ask to borrow their write-ups. Beg for them if you must. They will save your life.
  • Have a lab write-up template. You can look for one online or model It after your professor’s directions or an upper-classman’s write-up. Having something that you can just ‘fill in’ is super convenient.

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Yoongi Scenario: Naughty Girl.

Request: Hi can i request a yoongi scenario and the daddy kink? It doesnt have to be smut because i know you dont do that but i really like your writing. something like yoongi being really dominant and possessive but not abusive and the mc being kind of innocent kind of mischievous and playful. I imagine her working at a candy shop or something like that and then a guy starts to work there and he likes the mc so yoongi is vey protectiveand jealous. Idk if this is too much i’m just really thirsty Im sorry

Daddy kink.

Genre: Romance.

You felt Yoongi’s strong gaze from the bathroom’s threshold and blushed, you were getting ready for work and since he was always ready first than you he’d usually watch you. You were a bit self conscious about it since you always wanted to be attractive to him, but at the same time you couldn’t help but love the attention, his eyes following your every move, even if it was just doing simple things like retouching your hair. Smiling mischievously you thought what could make it better and started to hum a tune, something that you had heard in the radio but that undoubtedly must be playing at the disco, a sexy tune and thus you swayed your hips to it like you were distracted.

Suddenly you felt the pair of hands grazing your hips softly just before give them a squeeze.


-You are happy today- he observed lowering his head so he could place a kiss on your shoulder. -A special reason?-

You shrugged, putting the straightener aside to turn still in his grasp. -No reason-

Yoongi hummed. -Such a bad time to be doing these things- he squeezed more and you squealed a little, but you were soon silenced by his lips. -Are you going to move like this while at work?- he asked half teasing half meaning it. 

You knew whether you answered yes or no Yoongi would react, it amused you the idea of saying yes just to play with him, Yoongi wouldn’t take it as lightly though, the thought of him rectifying that attitude made you want to answer positively but you were almost late for work. -No- 

-Good girl- he approved giving you another kiss. -I have to go to the office, let’s get going, go fetch your things-

You nodded, doing as he said. Yoongi always took you to work, first because it was conveniently close to his work place, and then because he wouldn’t just let you go alone, he was very protective and you liked him taking care of you this way.

As he drove there you only listened to the radio, today was a good day and both of you felt very calm with no need of speaking, of course you’d be staring at him from time to time because your boyfriend was beyond hot in his suit, a pleasure to the eyes. 

-Wait until that car moves- Yoongi instructed when you were close of the candy shop were you worked but not quite in front of it where he usually dropped you off.
You nodded, gathering your purse and things to be ready as Yoongi stared at the car ahead and looked curiously to the front of the candy shop, it was very cute, decorated with big real size candy like soldiers.

-Who is that?- Yoongi asked and you frowned not seeing anyone but then you did, a guy was arranging the exhibition outside the store.

-I don’t know, although there would be coming someone of proof period this week, it must be him-

Yoongi stared at the guy for a moment not liking what he saw and then his eyes drifted back to you. -Why didn’t you tell me?-

-I didn’t know he was coming today, and I didn’t know it was going to be a guy- you explained already knowing Yoongi and what he was thinking.

-It’s work…It can’t be helped- he muttered after a few seconds and looked down at his watch. -I have to go, but Y/N you need to be careful alright?- you nodded. -If he gets annoying tell me, don’t get distracted around him, I know you- you giggled at that and Yoongi licked his lips with a stern face which made you stop and nod. -If he gets touchy let me know right away, I’ll come-

You exhaled. -Yoongi, you talk like he’s going to be instantly interested in me-

He groaned annoyed -Do as I say- he answered back ignoring your comment. -Give daddy a kiss-

You obliged, getting closer to him to them put your lips over his, you expected a light kiss but Yoongi’s tongue surprised you, gasping you let it him in, humming when you felt his hands on your body, one on your nape and the other massaging your ribs and one of your breasts. 

-Call me when your shift is over- he said after he let you go.

-Yes- you were still out of breath but Yoongi stared hard at you. 

-Yes what?-

-Yes daddy- you felt excited to call him that, usually you’d reserve it for when you were going to play, in sex, or such times. So calling him that and leaving him made you feel frustrated, already craving to be next to him again.

-That’s a good girl-

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iKon: Boyfriend Bobby
  • might come off as a lil distant when he came in terms w/ the fact that he liked you as more than a friend
  • he’d need a push by one of his friends (aka hanbin ofc) to actually make a move
  • bc everyone could see that yall liked each other 
  • and he just couldn’t focus on his work and music while he was too busy thinking about what it’d be like to kiss you and cuddle w/ you and just talking about his day w/ you
  • he’s whipped lmao
  • eventually yeah he’ll say something……………kinda
  • but I feel like you’re gonna have to do the work and make the first move 
  • bc only you know how shy he really is omllll
  • but anyways
  • besides all the nicknames that he already calls you, get ready for 20 more
  • esp in English
  • yall know he has a dirty mind so just keep that in mind while I leave that up to your imagination yikes
  • idk I just feel like…….Bobby the type to call you baby and mumble your name over and over when he’s just playing w/ your hair 
  • like just imagine how he would be when you’re the one playing w/ his hair ajhhhfhfjdkd
  • hanbin would have to like you ofc bc he’d make your life a living hell if his bf is dating someone unworthy
  • but honestly he’s so soft when he sees yall together that he just forgets about all the tests and torture he was gonna put you through :’)
  • and he’ll treat you like his lil sibling and always take your side when you and Bobby fight
  • ehhh not that it happens often
  • but he loves you sm that sometimes he can’t get the words out when he’s just being overprotective or when he’s worried 
  • but dw bc he always owns up to it when he’s made a mistake and always apologizes first 
  • no matter how mf stubborn he is
  • looooooots of late night marathoning 
  • esp 90s movies omg
  • he may or may not have you hooked on a new TV show that he just started watching
  • also may or may not guilt you into watching it w/ him
  • encourages you to steal his clothes ???
  • you’d expect he gets all moody and asks you to return all his stolen hoodies, but he’s like 
  • nah bae that’s all u ;;;;;;
  • “u look better in them anyway **shrug**”
  • can I get uhhhhhhh bobby pls
  • teaching you korean bc he wants to teach you bad phrases 
  • that’s it just bad words and insulting phrases 
  • that’s all u need
  • sometimes using your shampoo bc he always forgets to buy a new one
  • but he’s like 
  • “i like this smell better on u tbh i can’t be walkin around smelling like apple strudel ;(”
  • skinship in front of the members 
  • LOTS of skinship in general lmao
  • boi don’t even care 
  • rap battles!!!!
  • he’ll go easy on you tho
  • not
  • man he’ll roast you and every single person you ever came in contact with 
  • but also it’s hilarious?????
  • bc he’s so different from when he was on stage and then you got him in fluffy my little pony pajamas rapping about how you talk in your sleep and always waking him up
  • oml what a dork
  • crying over cute animals yall see in the park awwww
  • always surprising you w/ lil presents and knickknacks that don’t really seem like much at first 
  • but they mean so much to you bc it’s from him and omg he’s just always thinking about you 
  • :((((((
  • putting your selfies as his wallpapers and homescreens 
  • probably changes them like every other day when he demands a new selfie 
  • might have bought you those phone cases w/ the lights lmao he’s so extra 
  • going shopping together and taking hella selfies in the dressing room when you sneak him in wink wonk
  • him giving you lots of innocent cheek kisses
  • that almost always turn into something more wink wonk pt.2
  • falls asleep talking on the phone sometimes 
  • bc he wanted to talk to you so badly even tho he’s exhausted and passed out halfway through your story
  • but he’ll dream about you anyway so win win
  •  anyways take care of my mans 💛

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min yoongi as your boyfriend

if you guys like these, feel free to request the other members! (of any of the 3 groups i write for) 

Taehyung / Hoseok / Jimin / Jungkook

Seventeen / Got7


- waking up would be interesting because sometimes he would be too far gone in his slumber but also he may be up working still on his laptop, you never know. 

- when you two are getting ready together (which doesnt happen too often) you do it in silence but he occasionally will reach out an arm and just pat your back or something when you’re brushing your teeth idk

- sometimes you dont know what to wear and yoongi is like “i got this” and picks out a bomb outfit tbh he has a really nice fashion sense and it works so well 

- you guys dont have any of the matching couple stuff but you do have identical leather jackets and they are super cute but not cheesy

- tbh both of your diets are pretty crappy because he never is home in time for a home-cooked meal so there is a lot of nights you order takeout and eat it in front of a bad crime TV show or go out to a fast food restaurant at like 2 a.m. and order a bunch of fries. its fun tho

- he’s the type of boyfriend that’s really subtle with his love. like he knows your order at almost every restaurant and he knows all your clothing sizes and such but he tends to blush when you call him out on it

- “i was not blushing, shut up”

- “yes you were, it was cute" 

- when he’s stuck on a song, he calls you to the studio since you guys live close. you’ll come in and inspire him but you dont usually go home. instead he lets you sit on his lap and 9/10 times you end up falling asleep with his headphones in as he works. it’s v cute and warm

- you really enjoy his voice but he is quiet a lot so you purposely poke at him to get a reaction and he acts annoyed, but he secretly thinks it’s adorable af

- he was a little nervous meeting your family but he pretended like he wasnt so you told your family to give him a little of a hard time at the start for a joke and they did and he was /so/ flustered but a minute later everybody was laughing and giving him hugs but he just glared at you with a murderous look

- he is really supportive and encouraging, but he doesnt push you more than needed. like if your boss is demanding you to do something you absolutely do not want to do, he’ll just be like "yah, dont do it. screw him” but when its something you just arent sure you can do, he’s always there like “there is no reason to be like that, you can do it" like honestly he is the cutest lil motivator

- when it thunderstorms and he’s at the studio he always calls you because you get a little nervous and he will sometimes rap softly or hum or narrate his day and honestly it’s the most comforting thing in the world. 

- when you convince him to cuddle with you its really relaxing because he’s warm and cool at the same time and he always knows how to make you comfortable subconsciously and you feel really safe

- kissing yoongi is hard to describe because sometimes his lips are cold and quick against yours but other times they’re hot and slow and honestly it doesn’t stop there, its different every time

- during the holidays he acts like he’s too “swag” to participate in the corny couple things but you always convince him otherwise. on halloween you always carve pumpkins together and drink apple cider but on christmas you two wear ugly sweaters and bake (terrible) cookies that you leave out over night for “santa” just for the fun of it. he pretends to hate it but he really does enjoy ever second of it

- he’s protective but in a way you dont notice like he gives a hard glare to anybody who looks at you wrong while you arent looking or making sure to walk on the outside when you guys venture out 

- and he always makes sure to stash a granola bar or crackers in your bag because you forget to eat sometimes and people wouldnt expect him to be so thoughtful, but he is  in his head a lot so he has a lot of time to think of such things

- he didnt want to introduce you to the boys for the longest time because you were his and he was secretly a little afraid that you would like the outgoing and affectionate members more than him but you assured him that you were with him and wanted to stay with him

- he wasnt quite reassured because he’s that type of person but when he introduced you to them, you always gravitated back to him which gave him peace so he didn’t have to worry anymore

- when you guys said i love you for the first time it was because you had told a really bad joke but kept giggling and yoongi was just like “you’re so cute, i love you” and then you stopped giggling and stared up at him with disbelief but quickly smiled and hugged him tightly and said i love you back and tbh yoongi was so relieved because he was so in love with you and if you werent he didnt know what to do because he had to protect his “swag” and ya know, pride

- being in a relationship with yoongi would be very calm and comforting and you both were extremely content and very much in love with the other

anonymous asked:

more of that nyx going crazy abt the mystery girl this time nyx sees her in social parties in elegant dress and he's questioning if crowe is really friends with this glamorous person (you can decide the rest i just want more of it +_+)

Bwaa, I saw a bunch of request for a follow up, but I was like, idk how, yet this! This is something that I can work with. Thank you!


Nyx could never understand why Royal’s needed so many balls and parties. Half of these people looked ready to kill over, and King Regis had already attempted to escape twice, yet had been caught by that large hair duchess who had been trying to get into the royal jewels for years. Even the King’s Shield was no match for this woman.

“You look bored.” Crowe stated, standing beside him in a rather elegant if not plain black dress.

“And you look like a girl.”

That earned him a swift punch to the arm, and one thing he could not lie about was that Crowe’s punches hurt. Alot.

“Here I was about to brighten up your night.” Crowe replied.

Nyx, nursing his sore arm, where he knew a bruise would be tomorrow, turned towards the woman, “I’m off in an hour, so that’s a big plus.” He never understood why he volunteered for these things, should have noped out like Libertus did.

Crowe scoffed, plucking a glass of champagne from a nearby server, “Why don’t you just shut up and enjoy the music.”

Nyx was tempted to walk away, when he noticed that Crowe was staring at where the pianist was set up for the evening. He wasn’t one for classical music, and the orchestra, while amazing, wasn’t his cup of tea. Yet the pianist this evening, was his type, Black Label.

He almost dropped his own glass of overly sweet champagne, he hadn’t seen you since weeks ago when you had disappeared that night after the bar. You both had exchanged phone numbers but each time you tried to set up a schedule, Nyx had to work, or you had prior engagements. Finally, eventually you both stopped trying. Yet no matter what, Nyx could not get you out of his head, and it resulted in quite a dry spell for the man, on the “One Night Stand” circuit. 

“She’s pretty good, the reason she hasn’t been at the bar.” Crowe replied, looking to Nyx staring ahead in shock.

Nyx couldn’t pull his eyes away, you were in a beautiful dark grey, almost silver dress, fingers moving elegantly across the keys, modest jewelry. Absolutely different from when he ran into you at the bar, what was it a month, almost two months ago? Yet you still haunted his dreams, and to  see you now, so beautiful!

He still hadn’t learn much about you, yet he did know that you were a woman he wanted to know everything about. Down to your childhood pet rock’s name in 2nd grade.

So he stood in spot for 45 minutes, he still performed his job, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t multitask and listen to the beauty that was your song. You stood, finishing your set with a bow, and then move behind the curtain behind your stage for the evening, as the full orchestra begun their final set for the evening.

“Yo, Crowe, I’m knocking out early, you mind covering.” Nyx didn’t even wait for a reply, as he all but sprinted after you. Using his status as a Glavie member to get further behind the scenes, only to see you disappear in a “changing room” of sorts. So he waited.

10 minutes later, as woman walked out in too tight of jeans that hugged her legs and ass perfectly, and a leather jacket.

“It’s been awhile.”

You jumped, turning around only to smirk, “Well, well, Nyx. It has.”

Nyx chuckled, approaching you, his height looming over you, in a way very predatorial, “Haven’t see you at the bar, was worried you were trying to hide from me.”

“Oh now why would I do that?” You cooed back, obviously not taking his bait, pressing yourself against him.

“You tell me.” Nyx chuckled, getting a whiff of your perfume. Gods! did you always smell that good?

You fluttered your eyelashes, before turning around presenting you back to the man, glancing over your shoulder. “Why don’t you join me for a drink, I have some Silver Label at my place. That is if you have the time.”

“What do you know, I just got off.”

Nyx followed you through the servants corridors to the parking lot guest were to park. Yet when you approached a motorcycle, let alone a crotch rocket, the man had to admit he was pleasantly surprised.

“Hope you don’t mind.” You joked, tossing him a helmet, before donning your own.

Nyx watched as you swung a leg over the seat, before climbing behind you, his hands resting on your shoulders. Only to stare in confusing as you reached back, moving the hands to your waist, to wrap around you tightly.

“It will be easier this way, lean against me, Big boy.” You called as you started the bike.

Nyx didn’t need to be told twice, as he leaned forward, almost spooning you on your bike. Only for his grip to tighten as you rocketed out the parking lot. He watched as you dodged through traffic left and right, speeding quickly through the city, before pulling into a parking garage.

The apartment was more grand than what he expected, a single bedroom, rather than a studio like his own. Yet everything about it screamed you, including the poster of the musical bands you followed, and he like a lot of them. Eventually you two settled on collapsing on the couch, having ordered late night takeout, as the hor d'oeuvres and finger foods where to ‘Royal’ for your tastes, finding something to put on Netflix in the background as you sipped at the Silver Labels, and getting rather acquainted.

Somewhere between episode six and Black Label  number four, you had found yourself within that strong lap of the man, his dress shirt for the ball unbutton, your hands running over the strong torso, as your shirt gone and top button of your jeans undone, so those strong hands could reach into your jeans, groping and kneading a handful of your ass. Both of your mouths locked togethers, as you both panted against one another’s lips, as you softly grinded against the lap beneath you.

“You know…” You panted against Nyx’s lips, once you got his attention from the high both of you were giving each other.  “I may have invited you over for some Black Label, but what do you say about staying for lunch tomorrow.”

A smirk broke across Nyx’s face, “I was hoping for breakfast, but lunch is better.”

You gave your on smirk back, only to toss your head back at the hips moving beneath you, “Keep doing that big guy, and I’ll be bring you lunch and be cooking you dinner and breakfast all next week.”


“Make it worth my while.”

“Oh you bet I am.” Nyx chuckled, slamming his lips against your own giving you a kiss that was more tongue than lips, but neither of you seemed to mind as you both worked to remove the final pieces of clothing to get to the good part.

Nyx had realized Jackpot didn’t even describe it anymore.

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i had this chloenette idea where chloe and mari are partnered for this art project and chloe is all ready to be Fighting™ but mari decides she just wants to get this over with and along the way chloe looks over at her and idk mari is doing something cute like sticking her tongue out and chloe is like "....oh" and starts blushing like mad and mari is just like "???" and awkwardness ensues

……… *frantically grabs her keyboard*

Words: 1809

Chloe heard her name and Marinette’s name called out by their teacher, and she wanted to freaking die. 

After the first couple of projects where work wasn’t handed in, two separate projects were handed in out of spite, and presentations just dissolved into heated arguments and angrily waving laser pointers, it became an unspoken rule amongst their teachers that Chloe and Marinette could not be partnered together for projects. Seriously. It was for the safety and sanity of the whole class. For the greater good. For peace and prosperity. 

Clearly their art teacher didn’t give a single crap about that. 

Marinette just let out a flat, stern, “No.”

“Ditto,” Chloe snarled. “Keep her five hundred and ten feet away from me or I swear to god I’m going to have an aneurism.” 

Their art teacher sounded much to patient with them, and Chloe found the whole thing suspicious. “Darlings, it’s actually wonderful that you two don’t see eye to eye. The whole point of the project is to display two different interpretations of the same scene. Disagreements are encouraged!”

“I don’t think you understand,” Marinette explained. “You put us at the same table, and I will not be held responsible for any damages when I kill her.”

“Oh bite me, Dupain-Cheng! I’m wearing heels today. Don’t make me dropkick you.”

Marinette snorted. “Sure you’re not going to break a nail putting in some actual physical effort?”

Chloe smirked cruelly. “Oh, I’ll be breaking something alright….”

“Girls!” their teacher interrupted. “Enough of this nonsense, you’re young ladies! Group assignments are final. But since you two seem so privy towards enacting bodily harm, you’ll be sitting at my desk at the front of the room so I can keep an eye on you. One argument, and I’ll mark you both down 3 points. Is that understood?”

Chloe felt her eye twitch. She’d already been getting notes home from her teachers about issues regarding homework assignments that looked to similar to others in her class and group projects where she admittedly contributed a minimal amount of effort. She really couldn’t afford to be knocked down points because Marinette decided to be a literal nightmare. She didn’t think her father would be too pleased to see her come home with another note to sign and another pile of extra homework. 

Crap. She was going to have to be civil. Gross. 

Their teacher clapped her hands impatiently. “Move along now, ladies. Grab your sketchbooks and come sit up here. Time is precious!”

Chloe made a show of grabbing her art supplies, huffing as loudly as she could, and stomping over to their teacher’s desk. Marinette slumped down in the seat right next to Chloe, both of them keeping their gazes straight ahead and refusing to acknowledge each other. They had a full view of the entire class that was already hurriedly getting to work on their own projects, meanwhile Chloe was quickly trying to calculate how she was going to survive this period without wanting to bang her head against the chalkboard. 

Marinette broke first. “We get this over with as soon as possible. Agreed?”

“Well, duh. No need to sit here with you any longer than necessary.”

“God, would you stop for two seconds? Look, we don’t necessarily have to talk to each other to do this. We have the prompt, and we can just sketch our interpretations on our own. We’ll…..just pretend we talked together about it afterwards and bullshit the reports later. Sound like a plan?”

“A plan where I don’t have to interact with you? It’s like freakin’ heaven on Earth. I wonder where the choir of angels is.”

Marinette let out a withering sigh as Chloe smirked and turned to her sketchpad. “Let’s just….work. And not speak to each other. Can we do that?”

“Whatever you say, sweetheart,” Chloe answered. “You make it sound as if I’m dreading the very thought.”

Admittedly, it wasn’t as horrible as Chloe was anticipating it would be. Once the two of them buckled down to do their own work, it was very easy to pretend that Marinette didn’t exist. Plus there was nothing more encouraging than having their teacher stare them down critically from across the room to make sure they didn’t attack each other in the middle of the class period. Chloe supposed that the impending threat of a failing grade was also a pretty good motivator as well. However, Chloe wasn’t much of an artist and personally didn’t see the point of the art classes they took anyway. It only took her about 15 minutes to grow completely bored before she dropped her pencil and peeked over at Marinette’s work. 

It was so annoying that Marinette was such a good artist. One, because Chloe hated admitting that Marinette was better than her at anything, and two because there was no way for Chloe to spontaneously become a better artist to spite Marinette back. Chloe wasn’t a bad artist per se, but staring in between their two sketchbooks was downright infuriating and Chloe was so tempted to make a biting comment just to piss Marinette off. She remembered to reign herself in and instead pulled out her cellphone to take a break for a couple of minutes before trying to draw again. 

Chloe had refreshed her Facebook news feed three times when she suddenly heard humming coming from her right. She rolled her eyes and was about to tell Marinette to shut the ever loving hell up – Facebook required concentration for God’s sake – but she turned to Marinette and felt her jaw go slack. 


She must’ve really not been paying attention because she didn’t even notice when Marinette pulled out her pigtails and threw her hair up into a bun. The baby hairs at the back of her neck were hanging loose, and there was one strand of hair tickling the side of her cheek. Chloe didn’t think she’d ever seen Marinette in a bun before. It was….odd, but in a way that didn’t fill Chloe with annoyance. If anything, she had to grudgingly admit that she looked….nice with her hair up. Softer somehow. 

The sleeves to her button down were rolled up to her elbows, probably because the charcoal sticks she was using were getting all over her fingers and forearms. There was just a small smudge of black on the bridge of Marinette’s nose – like she’d rubbed her face and didn’t realize she’d accidentally dirtied it – and damn it all, it was cute. Chloe glared at the thought. Well that was ridiculous. Since when was Marinette cute? That was such a wrong word to use for her. Marinette was infuriating, unsupportable, and most certainly not aesthetically pleasing, adorable messy buns and charcoal smudges aside. 

It was then that Chloe recognized the song that Marinette was humming along to – some new, catchy hit that had been repeating on the radio all week. Marinette was bobbing her head and swaying her body along to the beat while she worked, as if having a song and a rhythm in her head helped her work. She started smiling when she got to the chorus, and just as she started brushing her middle finger across her project to smudge her lines, her tongue came poking out of the corner of her mouth as she began concentrating even harder. 

Chloe blinked. Shit. Okay. Fine. That was really precious. Super adorable. She didn’t think people actually did that, yet here was Marinette doing that and looking downright charming while she did it. The whole image was just so completely non threatening, and it didn’t make Chloe want to hate her. It made Chloe want to tuck her loose hairs into her bun, rub the smudge off her nose, and watch her while she worked. Marinette was so often fighting with her, it wasn’t often that Chloe got to observe her sit so still and act so absorbed in her work. It was surprising, was all. So surprising that Chloe just kept staring at every little detail just to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. After all, she didn’t really want to work on her project. And she had nothing else better to do…

“Um….can I help you?”

Chloe blinked, shook her head, and was suddenly meeting eyes with a very perplexed looking Marinette. She’d stopped sketching and was regarding Chloe cautiously. Chloe realized that she was still facing Marinette. Crap. Had she spaced out? Had she caught her staring? Dammit. 

“N-Nothing,” Chloe scoffed, flipping her hair over her shoulder. “Don’t need anything from you, Marinette.”

Marinette raised a brow. “You were staring…”

“Was not!”

“Yes,” Marinette replied patiently. “Yes you were, you were totally spaced out and staring right at me. What is it?”

Marinette didn’t sound angry or annoyed. She just sounded confused, which meant that Chloe hadn’t done something irritating like she normally did. She’d done something weird and that was enough to have Marinette looking at her like she’d suddenly started handing out presents and compliments to her entire class. God, what the hell was she thinking? How had she not noticed where her gaze was falling? How on Earth was she supposed to explain her way out of this one?

“Don’t flatter yourself darling,” Chloe tried to recover. “This project is abysmally boring, and I was trying to drown out everything around me. Like I would waste my time staring at someone like you.”

It seemed to have worked because Marinette responded by rolling her eyes and turning back to her project. “Whatever you say, Chloe….”

Chloe breathed out a quiet sigh of relief and decided now was as good a time as any to go back to her own drawing. The fewer chances she gave herself to stare at Marinette, the better. 

Not that it mattered anyway, because Marinette was still humming next to her. Which made Chloe think of her cute head bobbing. Which made her think of her lovely hairstyle. Which made her think how nice Marinette looked in button downs. Which made her think how darling it was that Marinette pouted her lips while she sketched. Which made her think how in the hell she hadn’t noticed that Marinette was freakin’ beautiful this entire time?!

Chloe paused. 

Okay. Okay, yeah, so she definitely just thought that. Shit. 



Chloe Bourgeois!” her teacher hollered from the other end of the room. “Mind your language please!”

Chloe bit down on her bottom lip and covered her mouth with her hand. She looked sideways at Marinette who was staring at her oddly again before shaking her head and turning back to her drawing. Chloe pressed her fingertips to her temples and leaned her elbows on the table, staring at the desktop in abject disbelief. 

Yup. There was that aneurism. 

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concept: barisi being introduced to the show with an opening shot of rafael getting out of bed, getting dressed/ready for the day, and then the camera pans to the blanket-covered lump on the bed that stretches and slowly sits up to reveal that it is in fact sonny. rafael turns to smile at him

concept: s19 opens with Rafael getting out of bed and ready for the day. then the camera pans over to the blanket-covered lump on the bed, which then sits up to reveal a very sleepy Sonny. Rafael smiles at him. I cry.

Okay, so idk if this is the same person or not who sent these two asks, but if not, they’re so similar that I figured I’d just answer them both here! :D

I’m pretty sure that this trope of, “Rafael gets ready for work while lump lays in bed, only to reveal that said-lump is a sleepy-looking Sonny” is something that we, the Barisi fandom as a whole, wholeheartedly agrees on loving and absolutely would not mind if the show were to introduce Sonny and Rafael as a couple like this.

(As if that’s ever going to happen, lol, I cry (((’: )

But yeah, I fucking love this set-up.

Just Rafael getting ready, so confidently and pristine-like in his suit, hair all neat and swept to the side as he adjusts his tie in the mirror only to reveal Sonny looking just absolutely wrecked and so very much the opposite of Rafael.

But that’s what makes them so perfect, ya know? (’:

Like Sonny’s hair is an absolute mess, sticking up in every direction imaginable, and he has the ugliest pair of plaid boxer shorts on, and his eyes are all red from sleeping, and all Rafael can do is look over at him and smile all softly. 

And just as Sonny starts to sit up and move around, Rafael finishes with his tie, leaving the bedroom for a moment while Sonny looks around sleepily for some semblance of where he threw his clothes the night before. He only gets a moment, though, before Rafael is back, thermos of coffee in one hand and a bagel in the other.

He puts them both on the bedside table on Sonny’s side, sitting down next to Sonny’s legs before running a hand through Sonny’s hair, and saying quietly, “I have a meeting with the DA this morning, so I have to go in early, okay? Oh, and I expect that back.”

And he’s pointing to the thermos that Sonny is now slowly sipping out of, but there’s no bite to it, and Sonny just smiles at him before leaning over to place a coffee-laced kiss to Rafael’s lips.

He pulls back, and says, “Okay. Are we still on for dinner tonight, though?”

Rafael nods, says, “Seven, don’t be late!”, and Sonny knows that he was trying to be stern with him, but all he can do is smile goofily after him, because Rafael gave him a kiss on the cheek before leaving the bedroom for the morning.


suspicious partner ep 27-36 | kdrama rants

o boi well wasn’t that a big binge watch wITH SO MANY EMOTIONS AND CHANGES LIKE WHEW like that went from being refreshed by them finally dating to shit’s hitting the fan rEAL FAST like eun bong hee waking up from her nap and catching ji wook staring is literally me binge watching those episodes like

appreciation for this moment that was so incredibly awkward and rushed but still cute nonetheless before shit happened: 

like here a quick summary of all the shit that’s gone down

- ji wook and bong hee declaring they’re dating (along with bong hee realising that she’s doomed considering her relationships with both of ji wook’s parents), going on their first real date, sleeping together, sleeping together, being cute, breaking up bc of family history drama, being sad, being all awkward, and heading back on the path to being cute in time for the last week of suspicious partner which i’m not ready for this drama to end at all someone save me

- ji wook and bong hee realising the connection between their fathers, ji wook thinking that bong hee’s father killed his parents, only for the memories of the district attorney pullin his shit to return and to realise the real role her father played in saving him like wheeew what a jOURNEY

- eun hyuk and yoo jung’s relationship progressing with eun hyuk showing how he really feels about her a bit only to lowkey highkey lead on ji hye and friendzone himself (lmao rip eun hyuk but im actually hoping for this to work out and for yoo jung to somehow become less pitiful and more friendship !! with the rest of the characters cause she’s hella lonely and makes me kinda sad cause she’d be such a great addition to the gang)

- jung hyun soo waking up n scaring the shit outta bong hee, having amnesia, regaining his memory, stabbing ji wook and getting jailed with really hot af hair though i must admit

- bong hee and ji hye are kind of friends !!

- ji wook is now a prosecutor again just in time to prosecute jung hyun soo’s ass like heck yes 

- bong hee calling out the district attorney on all the shit he’s pulled AND refusing his apology when he realises all the mistakes he made with accusing bong hee for being a murderer like hell yes u go girl yoU TELL THAT BITCH TO sIT DOWN 

- the introduction of ji wook and bong hee’s future child through a murder case like aw isn’t he adorable (aNd iM LAUGHING AT JI WOOK’S APPROACH TO HAVING A CHILD BEFORE TO HIM BEING AN AMAZING FATHER BC OF HIS ABILITY TO RELATE TO THE CHILD LIKE AWWEE)

and i can’t do this rant without appreciating ji wook’s adorable aegyo

ngl kinda annoyed that it took them until like episode 30 for the whole “a murderer has amnesia” part of the synopsis to actually be introduced, and for the “who keeps trying to kill noh ji wook and eun bong hee” part to be played out for like an episode (or barely played out at all, since he doesn’t directly go for them more than once)

and also, now that ji wook is a prosecutor, does that mean he’ll still be working under that asshole district attorney cause like i hope they get rID OF TRASH LIKE HIM THX and then what does this mean for the law firm? does this mean eun hyuk would be taking over or something cause then they’d probably have to relocate or something idk but aNYWAY AFTER THAT WHIRLWIND OF EMOTIONS IM SO READY FOR JI WOOK AND BONG HEE TO FINALLY BE CUTE AGAIN YAAY

aaand gotta finish it off with eun hyuk’s pouty face cause honestly me at the fact that this week will be the final episode of suspicious partner and also ji chang wook’s last drama until after he’s finished his military service like aw ):

gif credit: addicting kdrama (1, 2shadowoftheforce, anthenamini22 and  r-a-n-x-i-e

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How has Ajax been doing with his training? (Sending you good vibes, I'm owner training my own service dog so I know how hard it can be!)

He’s doing pretty well! I’ve been a little frustrated with him lately because he’s in a bit of a stubborn phase, but he’s got all of his “manners” down. Aside from tugging on the leash sometimes when he’s not wearing his gentle leader. Gotta work on that.

The one task that he’s ready to perform for me is alerting (in the case of me falling or getting stuck in my wheelchair or something), which makes me feel much safer when we’re out and about, just in case something happens. His bark is much louder than my yell, so he will attract attention. 

Plus, we’re working on him going to get someone in a scenario like that, but that will only work if I’m in a position to remove him from his leash, so idk how useful that will be. Might only be something we do at home where he’s off leash anyway.

He’s getting better at retrieving dropped items as well, but sometimes he gets confused when I drop things like my phone because in the past I’ve told him to “leave it” (he wanted to chew on it a lot as a young puppy) and he’s not sure if he’s supposed to pick it up. And sometimes he doesn’t want to give things back to me right away. He’s like, “Finders keepers, Mom. This is mine now.” It’s cute, but frustrating lol. Luckily he isn’t a destructive chewer so he just carries it around until I get a treat and convince him to trade.

He also learned how to open doors that are ajar or not latched. Still trying to figure out how to get him to paw at the door handle, but I’m confident that we’ll get there. Same goes for him switching the lights on and off.

I think we’re on track to having him graduate in about six months. The warmer weather will help too because it’s easier for me to go out during the warmer months. I’m optimistic! All in all he’s doing great and honestly I’m just happy to have the guy around. He’s good company.

I’m good for getting into fandoms 5 years after the show ended

also I’d be lying if I were to say this was my first merlin fanart, for I doodled dragoon once and never posted it

hnnng this show is all I care about these days, I’m on s4 only, but I started it something like 2 weeks ago, or less idk but this is a first for me, I generally never manage to watch 5 eps of 45 minutes in the same sitting, yet here I am

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If it's alright for me to ask, how are you doing since your top surgery?

I’m doing really good!! I’m a little under a month post op and I’m recovering rly well. My nipple grafts did great, and my scars are like. Super clean my surgeon did a fucking awesome job. I’m not really in pain at all anymore, and I’m starting to get some feeling back in my chest. Still don’t have my full range of motion in like. Reaching for something but it’s close. I’m still not ready to like. Start working out and running and stuff again but hopefully soon.

It’s still super weird to me though that like. I can just leave the house with just a shirt on and not having to wear a bra or a binder on underneath like. I still feEL ODD ABOUT THAT but like. IdK thats just 20 years of having to do that so of course one month out I’d still be getting used to that.

Also I look fucking awesome in tank tops. So that’s a plus



hello!! to make it a short post:

  • I had writers block for a while (external stuff like school work clouding my mind)
  • im gonna do stuff again
  • pls pls pls PLS request whatever
  • I really like to write comedic things!
  • ill write whatever really except for smut lol
  • u can even ask for like idk make a quote around this and this or something
  • im gonna be more loose about the funny things like
  • if it’s more simple like ** as ** characters/quotes/etc then I could do girl groups or other boy groups as well!!
  • be as specific or general as u want but depending on how the writing goes I might branch out by leaving out details or incorporating more
  • uhhh ok so I just made this up but an example would be likeee I think Cheng Xiao as a bra would be the expensive sports bra everyone buys but is too scared to wear to actually work out because it’s so nice and pretty ughhh idk that’s just what I thought of now
  • TO MUTUALS/FRIENDS: since I know your personalities, etc U CAN ASK ME TO WRITE U SOMETHING (self promo low-key: examples like my Daniel soulmate au for Alex or my baejin milk scenario for Jackie)

other stuff::

  • im a writing blog and writing expands way beyond just fucking fanfic n shit like that
  • it’s not really writing but if u ever need advice/my opinions and perspective on something you can ask! if u kinda want an in depth response I can do that too but I won’t rlly know unless u tell me bhjvbhjf
  • I didn’t reallyrp get into aspects of creative writing until last year so I know I’m lacking but constructive criticism is nice! or saying what u liked too so I know that it’s a good point to include or something idk kdjsjdj
  • my ask box is open to literally annyyytthhhinggg it can be like bra anon talking about her cup size, a rant about your parents, a req for woojin shit, anything rlly!!

• Ready for tech week
My very first studyblr original post🌿 It’s been like 3 weeks since I started my bullet journal so it’s not very impressive, but I want to get better and better, so happy to join the studyblr community!💕 (Also I don’t really know how this works so sorry if I do something without sense, idk?)

i’m writing about two queer female art school lushes who desperately love each other but can’t claim it b/c talking about their feelings is hard so they say nothing without realizing that they’re communicating their love through their actions and honestly it has been so frustrating and I’m not even sure it works as a singular piece yet and like yeah it’s a southern gothic romantic fantasy and cheesy af and I know i could write something more Meaningful but cheesy gay romances set in the american south feel vital to me. idk. I want to finish this to the best of my ability - I think I need to get it out of my system before I move on to something else… but I’m also ready to be DONE i have been working on this for months and I’m ready to write something else though I love these two!!!

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The pics of her g*** doing all the work remind of when Liam didn't help soap get off the boat in France lol I'm annoyed that 1dhq is not more creative with their vacation stunts they always include water, yachts and bathing suits or skiing the winter etc. they should let us send suggestions like maybe have them go rock climbing, explore an active volcano, back packing, zip lining idk just something different lol

Yes, nonnie! I immediately had a Sophiam flashback!

Zayn with his mysterious hand bandage and dangling ciggy really looked ready to go kayaking, didn’t he? I mean, it looked like they woke him up from his siesta and shoved him in the general direction of the kayak.

He made little to no effort to assist in launching the damn thing lol. Instead he chose to watch her struggle to push the kayak while simultaneously holding onto her micro bikini top to keep from giving us a nip slip until she finally realized the error of her ways and resigned herself to just laying on it. 

Now this is what true love looks like, fam. I don’t know about you, but I’m convinced. 

1DHQ continue to try to make these fauxmances look so glamorous and desirable but they just end up being embarrassing failures. They’ve got their playbook, dammit, and they will not deviate from it no matter what.

BTS - Am I Wrong

the world’s going crazy
how are you, how bout ya
you think it is okay
to me it’s not really
you have ears but don’t listen
you have eyes but don’t see
everyone has fish living in their hearts
their names are selfish, selfish
we’re all dogs and pigs, we get angry so we’re dogs and pigs
storks vs. baepsae,* it’s war every day
it’s a crazy world, yeah
it makes us crazy
that’s right, we’re all crazy
now scream
mayday mayday**

this whole world has gone crazy
it seems like the end
oh why, oh why
oh why, oh why
oh why why why why
oh my god
am I wrong
did I say something wrong?
did I tell a lie?
going crazy
gone crazy, gone crazy
crazy, gone crazy, gone crazy
am I wrong
am I wrong
where are you going?
the world is going crazy
are you ready for this
are you ready for this
are you ready for this
no I’m not

that’s right, asshole, you’re crazy too
the non-crazy thing in a crazy world is crazy
all of creation on every side
hell yeah
online, offline
hell yeah
even when you see the news you say it’s nothing
that comment is nothing
that hatred is nothing
you’re not normal, it’s not normal

this whole world has gone crazy
it seems like the end
oh why, oh why
oh why, oh why
oh why why why why
oh my god
am I wrong
did I say something wrong?
did I tell a lie?
going crazy
gone crazy, gone crazy
crazy, gone crazy, gone crazy
am I wrong
am I wrong
where are you going?
the world is going crazy

even if the world goes nuts
I want to keep living
I want to find it, my belief

am I wrong
did I say something wrong?
did I tell a lie?
going crazy
gone crazy, gone crazy
crazy, gone crazy, gone crazy
am I wrong
am I wrong
where are you going?
the world is going crazy
are you ready for this
are you ready for this
are you ready for this

* for y'all who didn’t get the memo during Baepsae, the “storks” are high society people born with the silver spoon, so to speak, while “baepsae” (Korean crow-tit) represent the working people, lower class, putting in real effort to their lives
** in case anyone doesn’t know, mayday is what, like, pilots used to yell when their planes were going down. idk why and I cba to look it up right now but just know that

please don’t repost

I still firmly headcanon Summer Rose as a fencer

Scythes seem to be an unorthodox weapon, and Ruby wasn’t very good at them until Qrow took her under his wing

But Ruby has been demonstrated to be really talented so what I think happened was this:

Wanting to be like Summer, she picked up a weapon that didn’t suit her style and kept trying to fit someone else’s mold. Because she wasn’t progressing to the same level Summer was, she felt she was garbage.

Qrow saw this and was like “ruby no you’re not a fencer. you’re something else. maybe a brawler like yang idk. but you’re not a fencer. let’s try out some different things until we find what works for you okay?” and it turned out it was SCYTHES and he was like “oh shit gurl get ready we’re gonna learn u a thing toDAY”

Plus, I just like the idea of a fencer in white being important to Ruby, for completely unrelated and totally non freudian reasons.

Guys, for real, blogs are getting deleted. I don’t know how, or why, but people’s blogs are getting hacked or something and just wiped. I really recommend you all like, prepare for worst. Just in case. Save your theme HTML in a word document, any bios/pages you wanna keep, the works. It’s not some hoax going around, blogs are legit getting terminated. I know a lot of you, including myself, put a shit ton of hard work into characters, so to avoid all that going in the trash, please make sure you’re ready in case something does happen, alright?