like full screen or go to youtube to watch it

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now and I can’t wait to finally begin. I’m going to be carefully curating my photos along with songs that I personally feel suit the image. Music transcends time and space like no other aspect of life. It can gently caress your soul and it can wring your heart dry of emotion. My hope is that you’ll put the song on and get lost in my image for a little while. Full screen it, if it helps. Take your mind off the stress of today. I hope this serves to shine a little positivity into the modern and dismal world of social media.

“It was warmer then” - Helios.

I’ve been working so many early mornings in October, usually starting at 4am. I’ve been feeling more anxiety everyday. This song always grounds me and makes me feel safe. Enjoy dear friends!