like frick look at his face!

Okay so someone (moi) went skating today and I just…. couldn’t stop thinking of Snowbaz??? So here’s some headcanons that /might/ get turned into an actual fic idk anymore XDD

  • So /technically/ they don’t really know each other bc school is a big place and ye
  • So Simon has a job at the local skate rink as one of those ppl that u know kinda just skate around the rink and help the ppl who fell get up
  • So ye here u are with Simon Snow with his golden curls and beat up pair of roller skates and ye
  • And one day Baz’s step mum forces him to take his sisters skating
  • Oh boy oh boy oh boy
  • So those little butts they force Baz to rent a pair of skates with them (cuz they “can't” skate)
  • So y’know Baz laces up the kids skates and then his skates and stands up
  • At first it seems like he’ll be fine
  • And the chiddlers go and skate no problem
  • Baz doesn’t get two feet without falling
  • Frick
  • But freaking Mordelia is like “C’monnnnn Bazzzzz.”
  • So shakily Baz gets onto the skate rink and he’s like uber embarrassed bc what the frick Mordelia you can skate perfectly fine by urself why couldn’t I just stand on the side and laugh at the ppl falling instead of being the person falling?
  • So I mean he almost falls a lot but it’s okay cuz he’s hugging the wall and it’s keeping him on his feet (but he is forced to skate in shame as kids that are like 5 years old zoom past him)
  • And then he gets to that part all skate rinks have that have no bars u know those places
  • Oh frick
  • For a second he thinks he has it and gets rlly excited for a sec (that dork)
  • And then he falls on his face
  • (As he puts it, his life flashed before his eyes)
  • Then Simon frickin Snow that graceful dorkface comes in swiftly and reaches a hand down to Baz
  • “Are you okay, Sir?”
  • Baz tries to get up but when he looks up at Simon he practically falls again cuz what the frick nobody has the right to be that hot
  • (Simon is literally thinking the exact same thing and it’s a miracle he isn’t looking like a tomato rn)
  • “Fine,” Baz grumbles as he gets to his feet
  • And to his embarrassment, he slips again, right into Simon Snow’s arms
  • Oops
  • So Baz is like super embarrassed and flustered and it’s a mess
  • And Simon is like squealing on the inside bc WHAT THE FRICK OH MY GODDDDDD but he keeps his cool bc he’s Simon idk
  • Anyway Baz skates away basically dying
  • And ye
  • But like the whole night Baz keeps falling and Simon keeps skating to him laughing and saying “Are you sure you don’t want my help?”
  • Baz denies every time
  • Soon the night comes to an end
  • And both Baz and Simon are a little sadder than they’d like to admit
  • (Those dorks. They crushin)
  • And then
  • The next week
  • Oh my gods Baz takes his sisters again
  • He doesn’t admit it but he wants to see Simon again
  • (DORK)
  • So the same thing happens as before
  • But at the end of the night Simon asks, “What’s ur name?”
  • “Baz.”
  • “Simon.”
  • So it kinda happens every week
  • They look forward to it
  • (A lot)
  • So anyway
  • Simon ends up telling Penny about him
  • “Oh my god Penny he’s so pretty.”
  • “Did you see his eyes? Aren’t they amazing?”
  • “Pennnyyyyyyyyyy I’m not done with my storyyyyyy.”
  • Then one day he calls her at like 1 in the morning
  • “Penny….”
  • “What is it now Simon? It’s 1am can’t I sleep?”
  • “Penny I….” Simon bites his lip
  • “What is it Simon?”
  • “How did you know you loved Micah?”
  • “Wha–is this about Agatha again?”
  • “I–what? No I’m just… curious.”
  • Penny takes a deep breath
  • “It’s when all you can think about it is them. It’s when you look forward to see them everyday and you miss them with every part of your soul.”
  • Silence
  • “Penny?”
  • “Yes Simon?”
  • “I think I like Baz.”
  • 0.0
  • Okay so cut to the next week
  • Simon sees Baz with his sisters and skates over to him
  • He’s like rlly nervous
  • But he goes up to Baz
  • “Hey um Baz?” Simon says. Baz turns around and to his surprise sees Simon
  • “Hey Simon.”
  • “Um… do you want to skate with me?”
  • Baz shrugs
  • They skate together
  • And it’s sorta killing Simon cuz BAZ IS SO SLOW
  • But his heart is racing like oh my god oh my god ohmygod
  • He’s rlly pink and Baz is wondering what the frick is going on
  • Like what the hell Simon?
  • Baz is too lost in thought that he doesn’t see some kid skate in front of him until he almost crashes into them and he doesn’t but he falls
  • “Baz are you alright?”
  • Simon holds out a hand
  • For the first time, Baz takes it
  • Electricity shocks through both of their arms
  • Baz stands up
  • Both of their hands are still linked
  • And then Penny that little devil who is in charge of the music changes the song in the middle of another song and plays “Can You Feel The Love Tonight”
  • Simon is so red and like god damnit Penny you had one job
  • But Baz is looking at him in a way that… he rlly likes
  • And suddenly they find themselves drifting closer together
  • (Or Baz is sliding that’s also a possibility)
  • And then my gods Simon is pretty much like “whatever” and kisses Baz
  • basically both of them are dying but they like love it a lot omgs
  • And then the moment is ruined as Baz slips and both of them crash to the floor
  • Simon just laughs
  • “I-I like you,” he stutters
  • “I-I like you, too.”

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hello sweets!! I was wondering if you've done apartment!au for bts??? It's a bit much so can you just do maknae line for now?? Pretty please with a 🍒 on top,?☺️ thank u~


  • sweet boy with a sweet smile and a sweet personality and wow did i mention the word sweet???
  • he’s a little clueless to his popularity in the neighborhood like sometimes he’ll find notes stuck to his apartment door from some of the highschoolers that live in the building and they’re like love confessions like “jimin,,,,,,i like you so much!! let’s walk down the flower road together xoxo ~ secret admirer from the 9th floor”
  • and jimin is like “my neighbors are so nice to me, look at this note namjoon” and namjoon is like “,,,,,,,,,i don’t think this is ‘nice neighbors’ i think this person has a crush on you” and jimin is like oN me??? why would they have a crush on me 0000:
  • everyone in a 10 mile radius: because you’re the cutest boy in the world what kind of question is that
  • and jimin loves bright colors,,,,i think he’d have lots of yellow in his house,,,,,,like yellow curtains in his kitchen and yellow slippers,,,,,idk why he just seems like he’d want to have a really lively aesthetic going on
  • and he’d be neat ,,,, and would love having people over like he’d meet someone and in a day be like “you should come over sometime ^^” like he’s just a nice open person,,,,,,,it’s so refreshing
  • but he’s also a little shy around those he likes romantically which is why jimin always gets stuttery around you when you see him in the mornings and you’re like “hi!!!” and he’s like “h,,,hello,,,” and you always think he must be scared of you or something because he isn’t as upbeat and as talkative with you as he is with the other neighbors
  • and that makes you a bit upset,,,,,so you decide that you’re gonna prove that you’re a good neighbor by baking him a cake,,,,,,,,,the only problem is: you cannot bake
  • and when you’re done, and you’re sure you followed the recipe correctly, you can’t help but look at the cake as it’s slowly falling apart and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,,this isn’t going to work,,,he’s going to think i hate him or something wlrgjsa
  • so you go out and you buy a cake instead and you knock on his door and when jimin opens it he’s like ,,,,,very surprised to see you and you’re like
  • “i know we don’t talk much,,,,and that’s rude of me neighbors should get to know each other so i made this,,,,,,,as a welcoming gift???”
  • and jimin is like “ive,,,ive lived here for over a year” and you’re like i k NOW,,,,,,i just,,,,,,,here 
  • and jimin takes it, his face gone completely red and he’s like thank,,,,,,thank,,,,,tha-thank you
  • and you’re like are you ok??? you’re redder than a lobster
  • and jimin is like iM FINE,,,,,,,,,,do,,,,,,do you wanna,,,,,,,,,,eat this with me,,,,,,
  • and you two end up sitting awkwardly at jimin’s dining table and jimin hands you a slice of cake with shakey hands and you’re like,,,,,,he seems so scared of me what do i do
  • and suddenly you’re like “im,,,,,,,im not mean” and jimin is like ????? and you’re like “i always think that you dislike me,,,,,but really im nice!! i think,,,,,,did i do something to scare you???” and jimin is like “nO,,,,,,nO,,,,,,it’s not that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • and he looks down and tries to distract himself with eating cake but then he’s like “wait- is this,,,,,,,,,,,is this from,,,,,,the store down the block?” and you’re FRICK im caught and you’re like sorry i tried to bake one but,,,,,it came out bad so i bought one
  • and jimin is like you did all of this for me??? and you’re like YEAH i don’t want us to be neighbors that are cold with each other,,,,,,
  • and jimin kind of smiles sadly and he’s like “just neighbors,,,,right”
  • and you’re like wait,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,do you,,,,,,,,do you want something more
  • and you’re looking at him,,,,,,realizing slowly that the redness in his face isn’t because he’s sick,,,,,,,,but omg park jimin has a c r u s h on you


  • the neighbor who you see at really odd hours of the night,,,,,like,,,,,,why is only getting home at 4 am???? is he ordering pizza at 8am???? what is his schedule 
  • would own like 40 dogs but the building has a no pets policy and it’s killing taehyung,,,,,,,,,he literally has to go over to his friends houses who have pets to get his daily dose of cuddling puppies otherwise he’ll get depressed 
  • the neighbors who have had a chance to speak with him all think he’s very,,,,,,,laidback and more than likely you’ll see him hanging around in the parking lot of the building skateboarding around or playing with strays that he feeds
  • and his own apartment is full of second-hand furniture he got from his parents and friends and he has posters up of like classic horror movies that are like peeling off the wall
  • and he used to play music outloud,,,but people would complain so he switched to just playing it through his headphones and pretending to like air guitar on his sofa 
  • and speaking of which,,,,,,he actually doesn’t have a bed because he was like what’s the point i can sleep on my couch or on my beanbag or on the floor,,,,,,,,taehyung literally doesn’t care is what im trying to say
  • his bedroom is just bookshelves (which are falling apart) full off old toys and cds and skateboards pilled up and baseball caps 
  • but it somehow manages not to be messy,,,,just kind of like very down-to-earth like him
  • and you know taehyung likes animals you’ve seen him wear shirts with dog faces like one five different occasions also he once rescued a kitten that was getting picked on by younger kids
  • and so when the landlord says she’ll be coming around to chat with you in your apartment about your new air conditioner you’re like “i need to hide my baby,,,,my angel,,,,,,,,my cat,,,,,,Mr. Tubs”
  • and you knock on taehyungs door hoping he’ll answer and to your relief he does,,,,,,,and you’re pretty sure there’s a noddle stuck to his cheek but you’re like “hey hey i know we don’t talk much but the landlord is coming up in five minutes and i need you to hide Mr. Tubs for me”
  • and taehyung is like whose Mr. Tubs and you like hand him the duffel bag and your cats head peeks out and you’re like “qUICK go inside ill be back in half an hour to get him”
  • and taehyung is standing there with your cat in a bag as he watches you run off
  • and he looks down and he’s like “hey Mr. Tubs” and your cat is like,,,meow who are you jokes jokes
  • but yes after you talk with the landlord you’re back to see taehyung and when you knock on the door you realize it’s open and when you step inside you see taehyung sitting on the floor of his living room, Mr. Tubs peacefully napping in his lap and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,my cat likes him better than he likes me is taehyung Magical
  • and you’re like “heY hope Mr. Tubs wasn’t too much!!!!” and taehyung is like “your cat is awesome” and you’re like thank,,,,,you
  • and taehyung is like “do you think you can let him stay here,,,,,while he naps,,,,,,he’s just so nice” and you’re like ok they really did bond in this half hour
  • and you’re like “sure,,,,,,,,,,um,,,,,ill,,,,,go?” and taehyung’s like “no, you can stay if you want we can play like monopoly or something”
  • and you pull out the old board game from under a pile of what looks like notebooks and stuff and you open it and like half the pieces are missing but it’s whatever you and taehyung have a good time anyway
  • and he makes you laugh??? and like he’s so comfortable to be around because he’s so easy going
  • and you’re like ‘you skate right??’ and he’s like not well but you’re like pfft please id love to learn and taehyung’s like “yo ill teach you”
  • and you kind of blush a bit because he smiles so wide and he’s actually really handsome??? and before you know it two hours has gone by and Mr. Tubs wakes up only to walk from taehyungs lap and plop down into yours
  • and you’re like “ill take this rascal back home now,,,,so he can sleep in his bed and not on my neighbors” and taehyung laughs but he’s like bring him over again anytime and hey,,,,,,,tomorrow at 7 are you free?
  • and you’re like pm??? and taehyung is like no am and you’re like what who wakes up that early tomorrow is sunday and taehyung is like “well it’s a good time for me to teach you how to skate ^^”
  • and gdi you’re actually agreeing to get up early on a weekday because hey,,,,,,,,,,he is really cute,,,,,,,,,,


  • don’t even try to argue with me on this: jungkook collects actions figures and anime figures and those little nintendo figures,,,,,,,,,you know what i mean
  • has them like displayed on a shelf above his computer and gets really excited about packages because you guessed it: it’s a new figure
  • like he doesn’t have a bunch, he just gets the ones that are like of his favorite characters and also,,,,,,,,he seems like the type to own the soundtracks from his favorite games
  • and other than that,,,,,,like nothing matters to him
  • like he’s got his computer for gaming, and his bed for sleeping what else is there to life
  • uses his living room as a closet really like the armchair has clothes piled up on it and comic books 
  • he eats at a low table that he forgets to clean so when jin comes over he’s like “jungkook. look at this. look at these crumbs”
  • jungkook: “listen,,,,,,,mom” 
  • jin: “what did you say?”
  • jungkook: “nothing i said i was gonna go get napkins to clean off the crumbs,,,,,,,”
  • and the neighbors all think he’s cute and some1 once asked him if he was still in high school and jungkook was like,,,,,no,,,,,,,,,i graduated and the person was like oh my i thought you were 16
  • and jungkook wasn’t sure if he should be flattered or,,,,,,,
  • but also he kind of keeps to himself so he doesn’t have a lot of close friends in his building and you and him don’t really speak but one day,,,,you end up with a strange package at your door
  • and at first you think it’s that rice cooker you bought but when you open it you pull out this figure and you’re like wtf is a sasuke uchiha
  • and then you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,wait this isn’t mine
  • and you see jungkooks name on the box and you’re like SHIT I OPENED MY NEIGHBORS MAIL THAT’S A CRIME
  • so you quickly try to put some tape on it and make it look untouched but it’s so obvious you ripped it open but you’re like maybe,,,,,,maybe he won’t be mad he seems like a nice dude
  • so you take the package and you ring his doorbell and jungkooks like ??? and you’re like “this is,,,,,,,,yours,,,,,,,,i accidentally opened it but,,,,,,,,,,,,,i swear i didn’t break anything!!!!! sasuke is alright!!!”
  • and jungkook is like “god bless sasuke is alright” and you’re like “he looks cool is he from a game?”
  • and wow you know when you ask people who are super passionate about something and their eyes light up WELL
  • and before you know it you’re standing there listening to the subplot of naruto and sasuke’s rivalry and you’re like,,,,,,what is happening but 
  • jungkook looks so adorable listing off his favorite episodes that you’re like you know what whatever let’s talk about this
  • and jungkook asks you if you’re into any games/movies/shows and you’re like YEAH i have a few favorites
  • and you two are totally bonding in the hallway over geeky stuff but then you’re also like
  • “you’ve been holding that box up for like the last 45 minutes doesn’t your hand hurt??”
  • and jungkook is like “nah, i work out look!”
  • and he rolls up his sleeve innocently to show you his muscles and you’re like WOAH WHAT
  • and jungkook is like teehee my hyungs call me the ‘hulk’ isn’t that cute?? and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,,,ok he’s adorable but he’s also strong but he’s also funny but he’s also swole,,,,,,,,huh,,,,,,perfect dare i say,,,,,,,,,bf material
  • first date: binge-watching your favorite shows while getting to know each other better by playing 20 questions LOL 

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hi mom ! can i please request a sort of shapeshift au with seventeen ? like how would seventeen act if they could turn into animals ? thank you for everything !

- animal: grizzly bear
- ready to chase after you if you hurt any of his children
- climbs trees then can’t get down
- gets told that he should just stay a bear forever because the other members like how soft his fur is
- “can we call you papa bear” “no.”

- animal: cat
- demands to be pet
- sleeps all day
- does that cat thing where they push stuff off the table for no reason
- pukes hairballs on the other members’ stuff when he’s feeling petty

- animal: duckling
- swims in bathtubs
- gets carried around by the other members
- can fit through tight spaces
- kindly gets whatever the members dropped behind the couch or wherever

- animal: fox
- foxes kill for fun but junhui kills with his looks AM I RIGHT
- slips right past people without them noticing too slick
- still does cool tricks as a fox
- like jumping from roof to roof and climbing walls somehow
- (THUD) “what was that????” “probably just jun”

- animal: squirrel
- was going to make him a hamster but squirrel seems fitting??
- chills in the trees all day when he’s trying to avoid someone
- leaps from tree to tree, sometimes falls flat on his face
- steals the other members’ food without them knowing

- animal: wolf
- howls during full moons like the dramatic frick he is
- looks super cool under the moonlight
- but then he trips and gets his head stuck in a rabbit hole let’s be real
- a fast runner, the other members probably make him go get the things they forgot in another room

- animal: koala
- sleeps in trees to get away from the other members
- sometimes he sleeps for too long someone has to go get him smh
- gets told he’s cute
- gets offended and bites their hand

- animal: horse
- runs in open fields
- but people are like wtf why is there a horse at the park that’s not normal
- dramatically gallops into the sunset
- lets people braid his hair

- animal: dog
- a bIG DOG
- scares all the little ones
- but when he turns back into human form, they all love him and he’s like wow
- chases his own tail

- animal: panda
- dodge rolls to his destinations
- easily flips over another member who tries to scare him
- lies on top of them until they apologize

- animal: bird
- whistles at like five in the morning
- overuses his power for small things like getting somewhere on time, taking down an item he couldn’t reach on a high shelf, etc
- poops on the heads of those he hates

- animal: snake
- hisses every two seconds bye
- when he has eye contact with you, he just stares into your soul
- and then slowly slithers away
- scares the other members on purpose

- animal: shark
- i mean look at his hair in the mansae era it was meant to be
- challenges people to swimming competitions
- and cheats by turning into a shark smh
- likes to scare people in swimming pools

thank you for your request!!


🐘  A Not-So-Secret Crush on Joshua (feat. bestfriend!Mingyu, soft!Joshua, and Wonwoo being lame)
Request: ✔  (Anon) || Masterlist

One month into the relationship and Mingyu regrets everything. Sure, y’all are cute but it’s the kind of cute that makes Mingyu want to scar his face or something, and the day Mingyu starts risking his own visuals is the day that everyone knows he’s had enough. 

“And gosh Gyu, I just saw the best fancam of him the other day. He looked so-so- wholesome, you know? An angel on earth. Beauty manifested into a single human being.”

Every compliment feels like a stab at the tall boy himself, and Mingyu feels his left eye twitch at the fifth mention of Joshua that day. Grocery trips have turned into guitar-boi-hero-worship sessions and frick, if it isn’t just damn awful. Mingyu knows it’s still the stupid honeymoon period of your relationship, but he can’t wait until it’s over. 

“Hey look, it’s the cherry tomatoes! Did I ever tell you that they remind me of Jo–”

The two of you are kicked out of the grocery store for “inappropriate behaviour in aisle five” and Mingyu is satisfied with the amount of cherry tomatoes he was able to skillfully chuck at your head.

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  • Now these two mofos knew absolutely nothing about Heelies until they go on a mission that leads them to a sleepy little old town where they suspect a weapons deal is going to take place. They went into one of the small mom and pop shops and for some reason or another they had tons of the pairs. Said they were donations from the war to ‘uplift spirits’ but nobody really wears them any more
  • Now the both of them are looking over it curiously before seeing that there are fricking WHEELs in the shoes. Now they start laughing because this would be a great matching gag thing to bring back and annoy Reyes with so of course they bought them. They perfect riding with them during their free time on the missino and after they get back to base, they are a right menace. 
  • Like people thought Tracer was bad zooming to and fro? These two assholes are pulling off tricks and spins and flipping Jack’s lapels over his face and one time they stole Reyes’ beanie and that almost led to the both of them being killed. But they love them. 
Boyfriend Mark

~Admin Stroni~

  • Okay how have I not done this yet?
  • So Mark
  • He’s the fluffiest fluff ball ever like
  • He’s cringy too but that’s what you signed up for
  • Random pick up lines from him are something to look foward to
  • Everytime he has a busy schedule, heck even when you don’t, he makes it his mission to send you a really cringy, but lets face it, super cute message
  • Expect random winks from him
  • Especially if you two are in the same room
  • He’ll message you like, ‘Y/N look at me.’
  • So ofc you do and what does he go and do
  • Winkeu 
  • Cue fits of laughter from both your ends
  • But still your heart throbs cuz Mark is so damn fricking cute like what the heck dude?
  • He’s only recently learned to ride a skateboard and now he thinks he’s a master at it
  • Offers to give you lessons on it 
  • You’re just like
  • ‘If the lessons are going to be as bad as the hoverboard ones then you can count me out.’
  • Lets face it Mark isn’t the best teacher, it ended up you having to pick him up after he fell flat on his face when teaching you the hoverboard
  • So ofc you’re going to be skeptical when it comes to skate board lessons
  • But pouty Mark is something no one can resist
  • It ended exactly how you thought it would
  • Him landing flat on his ass as the skateboard rolled away from you both
  • It was truly a long ass ride
  • When he isn’t adamant on teaching you things you both go on cute little dates
  • Mainly at the dorms since there’s no fans there
  • If it is at the dorms it’s cuddle dates galore
  • When yall cuddle it’s the most comforting thing
  • He’s a bit awkward at first, especially if you’re the one who initiates it
  • Catches him off guard you see, if he initiates it it’s fine since he’s expecting it
  • Anyways
  • He holds you so close and it just makes you feel safe if you get me?
  • You head would be snuggled into his chest as his arms are wrapped in a firm grip around you
  • You’ve fallen asleep countless times in that position
  • Especially when you’re stressing because of school
  • Mark has that special boyfriend sense where he just knows when something’s wrong
  • And when he knows he does whatever he can to figure out what it is and to comfort you
  • You two don’t have many problems when it comes to speaking out his mind
  • You feel very comfortable with each other that you can just say what’s on your mind
  • Which is why when Mark asks what’s wrong you tell him straight away since you know he will help you
  • The same with him
  • Although sometimes it takes more effort to get it out of him if it’s something like missing Canada or being tired
  • He doesn’t like to worry you
  • Sometimes this agitates you a little cuz all you wanna do is help
  • So once he sees you’re getting irritated he spills the tea to avoid arguments
  • Which isn’t really a thing in your relationship btw
  • He always tells you how much he wants to take you to his home town
  • It puts a smile on your face every time he talks about it and everything he wants to do with you there
  • Like it makes you so happy :”)
  • Moving on~
  • When you go on outside dates it’s usually to the movies
  • If there’s a new film out you both want to watch and his schedule is free it’s an automatic date
  • PDA is something Mark isn’t fully comfortable with
  • Holding hands is about as much as this kid can handle 
  • Even then when his fingers lock with yours he giggles like a little girl
  • Very cute
  • But in the cinema when the lights dim he may put a cheeky arm around the back of you and kiss the top of your head a couple of times
  • So many butterflies in your stomach
  • Rip your heart
  • Also with the members he doesn’t show a lot of affection
  • Purely because of Haechan the little shit
  • But he’ll still text sweet things even if you are sitting literally right next to each other
  • He just doesn’t have the confidence to say these things out loud in fron of everyone
  • They’re always so sweet and full of affection 
  • Sometimes you may get a make out session but like it’s rare 
  • But after kisses he always has that big smile on his face
  • That’s probably when he first said he loved you
  • You kissed and it was one of the most loving ones yet and he’d just blurt out ‘I love you’
  • You’re shooketh, he’s shooketh, the atmosphere is shooketh
  • But you say it back so everything’s fine
  • And it’s just a super cute relationship full of memeing of course!

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making out with connor headcannons?

frick ya
• Connor would constantly wanna make out
• 24/7 y'all
• he would do the thing where he would distract you just by looking at your lips
• he was so feckin smooth at doing it to
• like u would be rambling about something he would swoop in and smooch
• his tongue works w o n d e r s
• wink wonk
• he would be v v v skilled
• he would bite your bottom lip sometimes if he was egging on that he wanted more
• very handsy
• a boobs type of guy
• he would want to make out especially during the FRICK FRACK
• you guys would be the couple to make out all the time
• your friends hated it
• his hair would always be draped over ur face
• giving you the chance to pull it out of his face
• one time Zoe walked in on you making out while giving him a handjob and she screamed
• poor Zoe

What Kind Of Music Does the RFA (+ V & Saeran) Listen To?

this is probably really bad and cringy, but I tried? I went through my Spotify and chose what songs suited the characters, which ones I thought they were most likely to sing/like, and etc

▪listens to really super cheesy pop music & soundtracks probably
▪Boomerang by the Summer Set seems like his kind of song 10/10 sign me the frick up
▪Undertale soundtrack! If LOLOL has one too, then he owns a copy in every format
▪Favorite songs: Boomerang by the Summer Set, Punch-Drunk Love by the Summer Set, Dear Maria Count Me In by All Time Low

▪yupp, I said it
Look me in the face and tell me Hotline Bling is not his song I s2g
▪"Used to always stay at home, be a good girl. You was in a zone, yeah. You should just be yourself, right now, you’re someone else"
▪100% Zen
▪screams “Someone Like You” in the shower with tears running down his face
▪probably likes Marian Hill too, especially their more sultry & seductive songs
▪loves the Death Of a Bachelor album
▪favorite songs: Death Of a Bachelor by P!ATD, Crazy = Genius by P!ATD, Lovit by Marian Hill, the entire 21 album

707 *spoilers?*
▪has every single bad remix downloaded & playing
▪has all of the worst country music in his playlists
▪if you make him mad or meme him, he builds a robot that follows you around all day playing Never Gonna Give You Up and the Dat Boi remixes
Saeyoung stop this goddamn it it’s been two whole days
▪likes Fall Out Boy, especially The Phoenix and My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark
▪PiNk GuY
▪Meme Machine is his favorite song though, just accept it

▪classical obv
▪that one Piano Cat song is his favorite
▪has a really super picky taste so he doesn’t like many other genres

▪precious boy needs precious music
▪likes indie, old pop, classical & soft jazz
▪not their rock stuff, but the mellow pop stuff
▪the lyrics to him are 👌👌👌
▪fave songs: Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley, When I’m Sixty-four by the Beatles, Fireside by Arctic Monkeys

▪would give everything a try at least once, but also has a picky taste
▪anything with Zen in it, plus indie acoustic?
▪might like Jasmine Thompson especially her song “Fast Car”

▪a lot of people canon him to listen to super eDgY metal but I have to disagree
▪I think he likes more 90’s grunge music and the emo trinity (Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, My Chemical Romance)
▪would never admit it but classical music really calms him down when he’s upset
▪so he likes some of that too
▪definitely the type of person who wouldn’t like a band just because his brother does (but when he finds out 707 likes Fall Out Boy? Slight anger)
▪probably steals 707’s FOB shirts and denies it heavily
▪fave songs: My Own Worst Enemy by Lit, Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers, What a Catch Donnie by Fall Out Boy

Boyfriend Series; Vernon/Hansol

- you’re his two-teens
- for your first date, hansol takes you to the arcade
- you both play a bunch of games to get as many tickets as possible so that you can trade them for something cool at the counter
- you both ended up spending the tickets on candies and little gifts for the other members. hansol suggested the latter and it makes you smile seeing how much he loves them all
- before leaving the arcade, hansol wins a stuffed bear from a crane game for you
- you exclaim “thank you, hansol!!” when he hands it to you and you lean in to give him a kiss on the cheek
- but hansol thinks you’re going for his lips, so in a moment of panic, he leans forward and surprises you by kissing you first
- despite the noise, it’s all just perfect, and that is how you both share your first kiss
- you eventually tell him you were going for a kiss on the cheek, and you laugh as you watch his whole face heat up
- you name the stuffed bear hansol because “it looks like him”
- after telling him this, he makes the exact same facial expression as the bear and says “i don’t see it” and you’re just like you fricking meme
- most of your dates are fun and competitive like laser tag, bowling and mini golf
- hansol always says “loser pays for dinner” but let’s be real, he stills pays even if you lost LOL
- “hansol i lost i can pay lol” “oh whoops my card slipped and i accidentally paid for everything”
- you always quote his videos from his pre-debut days and he’s always just so done with you
- “kidney function isn’t a right. it’s a privilege.” “……i am a changed man. can we not bring up the past”
- he gets embarrassed when calling you cute nicknames like babe
- accidentally called you “ice ice baby” once and it became an inside joke between you two so he calls you that when he’s teasing you
- your contact name on his phone is “sweet potato”
- you both have matching BEANIES and you wear it all four seasons
- he loves surprise kisses on the cheek!!! whether it’s giving them or receiving them
- he can’t control his blush when he sees you embarrassed because he finds it too cute how you cover your face with your hands
- you’re always the one who initiates skinship, but when he does…. CHERISH IT
- hand-holding is as far as it goes…… but he does like cuddling, and in those rare moments it happens, he holds you close to his chest while your legs are tangled together
- likes to send you pictures of EVERYTHING from pretty landscapes to ugly blurry pictures of the other members
- the other members like to tease you both when you’re together and hansol just apologizes to you like “sorry about these kids, they’re always like this”
- you both have tons of inside jokes and whenever one of you say one, you both laugh silently while clapping your hands like seals
- tickle fights and he always loses because he’s so ticklish
- you both bake chocolate cakes together and smear icing all over each other’s faces
- loves watching movies with you, whether it’s watching old movies at the dorm or going to the cinema
- you both like to make this huge pillow fort at the dorm and watch movies together inside of it
- the other members always try to butt in, they once all tried to fit inside the fort and it ended up falling apart and hansol gave them all the cold shoulder for two days straight
- he lets you borrow his headphones so that you can listen to his music during long train rides
- he lends you his jacket and/or mittens when it’s cold outside
- he lends you his baseball cap when he sees you keep covering your face with your hand because of the bright sun
- he lends you his clothes because he likes seeing you wear them
- he just lends you a bunch of his things all the time
- likes lying his head on your lap while you play with his hair, finds it comfortable when he wants to take a quick nap
- you’re in love with his sleepy voice, you usually hear these when you see him after a long day or after he wakes up from a nap and you just
- hansol how dare you
- he gets really shy when complimenting you, it’s charming tbh
- he surprisingly gets really jealous and stingy, especially when another member is involved or when he catches someone staring at you
- when it’s one of the members, it’s nothing bigger than a pout or a cold shoulder
- but when it’s a stranger, he doesn’t say a thing but just sticks to your side and gets super protective, like he wants to be with you at all times to keep them away from you
- “don’t go around looking so pretty….” “what” “what”
- your phone backgrounds are always horrid pictures of each other, whether they’re ugly faces or blurry disasters
- but it makes hansol’s day and it makes your day, so neither of you ever want to change it
- hansol’s i love you’s are quick and quiet, and not often said because he fears that if he says it too often, it’ll lose its sincerity
- but you always hear them and when you do, it makes you unbelievably happy because you love him just as much
- “(name)?”
- “yes?”
- “…..iloveyou.”
- “(laughs) i love you too, hansol.”

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Who are people you ship Lee Jordan? What headcanons do you have for them?

lemme tell ya about how much i love Fred x Lee my sweet sweet anon:

- so Fred George met Lee clearly on their first day of hogwarts. 

- at the Gryffindor table right after the sorting Fred and George come and sit on either side of lee and introduce themselves with identical grins and then start with the witty banter (and making fun of percy)

- Lee is sitting there laughing the whole time (and feeling really special that these two larger than life non-stop people have decided that he is gonna be their friend)

- on the first night at Hogwarts they are all super buzzed cause W o W there is a whole freaking castle to explore and because of that there must be a heck load of mischief to get up to

- in their first class they bust in late all three of them: Fred with an (apparently) apologetic grin, George with a terribly repressed smirk and Lee with a crooked smile 

- (this is one of the only times they get away with it because ‘we are so sorry sir we got lost’ can actually be believable when it hasn’t been used every day of the week before) 

- within the week Lee can tell the twins apart (finally there was to be no more “haha we gotcha i’m actually Fred”) 

- basically their friendship keeps growing and growing as friendships do 

- then one day someone asks Lee how he’s so good at telling the twins apart and he stops and thinks for a second cause really he can’t quite put his finger on it

- he tries to explain the subtle differences in appearance to the person inquiring but he’s distracted by how they both ‘feel’ different 

- George was like squinted eyes of concentration,and burst of laughter, and being always prepared to either hug you or kill someone for you 

- and Fred was (wow) Fred was just completely different he was fast and passionate talk (that would always make butterflies erupt in Lee’s stomach), and prideful ‘dare me to’ eyes (that always made Lee’s heart lurch), and utter faithfulness, the kind of person you would trust with your life (which Lee obviously would without hesitation) 

- and shit was Lee in love with his best friend? (one of them anyway)

- then later that week in the common room Fred is sitting there staring at Lee’s hands (cause gosh they are gorgeous) and he decides it’s about time that he talks about this mega crush cause it’s eating him alive and cause it’s the Fred Weasley thing to dive head first into everything he says “hey Georgie, mate, ever think you might have a semi-thing for Lee? cause ya know I’d relate.” 

- George doesn’t even look up from what he’s doing to respond “mate, I don’t but I freaking know you do” completely chill about it (even though inside he is screaming ‘FINALLY’ and is super happy cause he knew all of last’s weeks talks about Lee’s love life and offering to find him a quality love interest the week before had perhaps kicked Fred’s sorry ass into a realisation about his feelings) 

- at first Fred is all like ‘why didn’t you say something?’ and then ‘wait.. George do you think he likes me back?’

- and George sighs the biggest sigh and gives Fred the most deadpan, tired look and says “of freaking course he does and in fact i’m getting bloody sick of the two of you pretending like you’re not utterly head over heels for each other so please, brother dear for the sake of, what’s left of, my sanity - piss off and do something about it.” 

- Fred just stares for a moment at George, then summons his courage (cause if he’s gonna ask out Lee it’s gonna be smooth), and walks over to Lee who is trying to actually do his transfiguration homework (and because of that he has to be located a strategic few feet away from the twins) 

- Lee sees Fred coming out of the corner of his eye and his stomach erupts (as usual) and he thinks okay today I’m gonna tell him cause I’m damned sick of all of this, he properly looks up from his essay when Fred sits down on the couch beside him and is met with a pointed smirk from the red-head

-”hey Lee, do you think I’m cute?” and Lee is like well this is not what I was expecting (and of course I think you are cute are you crazy?), but frick how do I respond to this, and then he catches a glimpse at George doing frantic miming that seemed to heavily involve a heart shape and kissy faces and Lee thinks what the hell (sure as hell hoping George doesn’t think that it’s some kind of joke)

- “Actually Fred I’ve always thought of you as some one who was more.. unbelievably sexy.” 

- Fred almost blows his smooth demeanor with a mixture of laughter and shock (and also sheer giddiness cause - Lee thinks he’s sexy!?) 

- “Wow… um, good, so since we got that cleared up, did you want to maybe go out on a date sometime?” 

- and of course Lee says yes 

- and of course they celebrate with a kiss (which seriously was worth the wait but also at the same time not at all cause as Fred will often point out they had wasted a lot of time not-kissing when they were ‘just friends’) 

- and of course after they kiss Fred returns to his twin a little pink in the face with the widest grin and says “Hey Georgie. Just saying - Lee thinks I’m the better looking twin.”

(and I got fully carried away and could write another entire thing about how they are freaking adorable in a relationship but I shall stop (for now…))

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What is one quirky(or habit) thing that each of the kids of the 104th do? :) (I know you wanna share headcanons I hope it's okay to ask for some too?)

Oh, it’s always okay to ask for headcanons, friend!

Eren can fall asleep anywhere and in any position. He has been found under tables, on tables, in closets, and curled up into a ball so small no human should ever be able to compress their body so tightly to fit into a small chair or crawl space. He’s a very heavy sleeper, and can sleep through almost anything, even uncomfortable positions. 

Mikasa hums when she bakes. Anything from bread to pie, she always hums this one melody that, when asked, she can’t identify. But it’s always the same sweet, simple song, and it is rather pretty to listen to. 

Armin uses his hands to explain things. Anything from geographical locations to science equations to literary plot lines, he will use the wildest hand gestures imaginable to help get his point across. They usually just distract the person he’s trying to talk to, but they all think it’s endearing so they don’t tell him about it. 

Jean sings through the A, B, C’s twice while brushing his teeth, once in English and once in French. No one knows he does this and he’ll never tell a soul. 

Marco corrects people’s grammar. It’s an instinct that he sometimes wishes he could control, but he often finds himself saying, “It’s ‘You and I fought the titan,’ not ‘you and me fought the titan’” before he can stop himself.

Annie always looks at her reflection in reflective surfaces. It’s an impulse more than anything vain, she just always sneaks a peek of herself in a mirror or window or anything whenever she passes one. Reiner says it’s because she looks like her mom and misses seeing her face, but Annie denies that that has anything to do with it. 

Reiner is constantly trying to make jokes, especially when the room gets tense of awkward. He likes to make people laugh and wants everyone to have a good time, so he goes to whatever lengths necessary to make people laugh. 

Bertholdt doesn’t curse. He doesn’t mind it, but he just cannot ever bring himself to swear. He’ll come close and end up saying “Shut the front door” or “What the heck” or “Frick that” on impulse instead. And while his friends think it’s adorable, he’s often embarrassed by it. 

Sasha dislikes shoes. She prefers to be barefoot or in nothing but socks as much as possible. Now, she recognizes the need for shoes and will wear them only when absolutely necessary. But if she had her way, that would be never. 

Connie talks in his sleep. Like, you can have a real conversation with him. He will respond to questions and comments while sleeping, and his friends use that their advantage all the time. 

Historia bites her nails when she’s nervous or uncomfortable. She knows it’s a bad habit, but she just can’t stop herself sometimes. 

Ymir doodles. All the time. She fills the margins of her notes in class with drawings or cursive script of people’s names. She’ll write on her skin if she has to. She’ll even just trace letters into her finger with her nails to keep her hands busy if she really has to. 

Best Friend Series; Hoshi/Soonyoung

- you’ve been best friends with hoshi since you guys were kids
- you were nine years old and your dad asked you to go buy some yakult (those korean yogurt drinks in tiny little cups) because you ran out
- you go to the nearest convenience store and buy two packs and after that you’re on your way back home
- so like you’re skipping down the sidewalk and while passing by the park you suddenly hear someone yell “KOKO” before something smashes into you and makes you fall to the ground
- you’re like whO THE FR ICK but when you look up you see a cute little boy with chubby cheeks rubbing his red forehead
- you’re like “are you okay??” and the boy just nods before frantically getting up on his feet and shouting “KOKO” over and over and you’re like ??? who is koko
- apparently you said that out loud because the boy answers “KOKO IS MY PET CHICK I LOST HER”
- you’re like “pet chick??? why would you take your pet chick to the park???”
- he’s like “i wanted to show koko around because she never left the chicken pen i wanted her to have a taste of adventure BUT I LOST HER” and you’re like…… who is this kid
- you watch as he looks everywhere for the chick and he’s like tearing up as he shouts for his baby chick so you ask “……do you want me to help you find her?”
- the boy stops and looks at you with sparkling eyes and he screams “REALLY?? YOU’LL HELP ME??” and you nod and he’s super happy and you’re like what a cute smile
- you and the boy spend the rest of the afternoon looking for the baby chick and after what felt like an hour you find the baby chick chilling in a bush and you’re like… how the heck did you end up here…
- you lift up the chick and it chirps and the boy turns his head so fast you’re like how did you not break your neck
- he runs over to you and takes the chick in his hands and spins around with it while screaming and crying “KOKO I THOUGHT I LOST YOU”
- you’re like what a weird kid but you’re happy he found his pet
- the boy stops turning and runs up to you grinning “thank you so much for helping me find her!!” and you’re like “no problem!!”
- you see that the boy is all sweaty and tired and dirty after running around the park all day looking for his little chick so you rip open your pack of yakult and you give him one
- “this is for your hard work” you say and the boy just takes it with the most amazed look on his face you’re like it’s just a yakult you can calm down LOL
- he then asks “what’s your name??”
- you’re like woah this is out of nowhere but it’s (name) what about you??
- and this fricking KID strikes a pose and goes like NAEGA HOSH
- it’s silent
- until you burst out laughing
- he says “actually my name’s soonyoung but everyone calls me hoshi!!” and you’re like what a cute
- he then asks “can you meet me here again tomorrow?? i want to give you something as thanks for helping me find koko” and you’re like “uhhh okay sure”
- you get home and your dad’s like wtf took you so long the convenience store is only like ten mins away but you explain to him what happened and he doesn’t believe you and you’re like BUT IT’S TRUE
- the next day you go back to the park at the same time as the day before to find hoshi there with a bag in his hands
- when you approach him he hands you the bag and it’s filled with FRESH CHICKEN EGGS and you’re like what’s this for??
- he says “it’s for helping me find koko, thank you for your hard work!! these are the best eggs because her mom hatched them”
- and this my friend is a memory that you and hoshi still laugh about to this day
- to keep your childhood memories alive, every time you guys worked hard for a project or studied hard or did anything that required hard work basically, you guys find some cool spot around town and drink yakult while talking isn’t that cute
- hoshi’s the type who’s down for anything (nothing illegal though ofc)
- you could be like hoshi let’s get handcuffed to each other for a week and he’d be like YES and probably make up a speech about how it will strengthen your friendship
- reaaally good at dancing and always tries to teach you the dances he knows
- when he joins dance competitions you’re always there to cheer him on
- loves singing too so he’s always down to go karaoke!!
- he used to be self-conscious about his 10:10 eyes but after you told him you loved them, he grew to love his eyes
- but now he always has to mention when it’s 10:10am or 10:10pm and you’re like okay i know i heard it the past thousands of times hoshi I KNOW
- he lends you his pyjamas when you sleep over at his house
- puns and lame jokes together all the time but when his jokes are really bad you either slap your forehead or cringe
- when your jokes are really bad he laughs really hard and you both just end up rolling on the floor crying for the next ten mins
- always drags you into going into haunted houses with him even though he’s absolutely terrified lmao
- “psh i wasn’t scared it’s called acting
- always gets in trouble because he always accidentally screams excitedly over the smallest things
- sometimes you meet him at his family’s farm and you see him just laughing and playing with koko who’s thankfully still alive
- accidentally calls you koko sometimes and you’re like wtf
- and he’s like well it makes sense because you’re a…… chick FINGERS GUNS and you just slap the back of his head
- it’s too hard to stay mad at him. because of this he gets away with anything and it’s all your fault because you’re WEAK
- ALWAYS taking pictures of you guys
- you found it annoying at first but you get to see how you guys grew up together and you love it!!
- hoshi likes taking pictures with the exact same pose as a picture you guys took from years ago so you two can compare then and now
- but not much has changed because you’re both still as close as EVER
- when he goes to the convenience store or any little shop, he always gets two of everything he needs to buy one for him and one for you
- for your birthday, he always throws this huge birthday party for you but he always effs up like last year he set the tablecloth on fire
- there’s just never a boring day with hoshi
- no matter how bad your day is, no matter how heartbroken or sad or angry you are
- he always finds a way to make you feel better
- “hoshi”
- “hm?”
- “you’re the best”
- “you are too, (name)”

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This blog is awesome😆❤️please keep it going! Sole is dared to lick one of the companion's body parts (unclothed) and Sole chooses the part😏

Thank you! <3

The requests are turning dirtier, Sorry for any NSFW

Sole is dared to lick one of the companion’s body parts (Sole chooses the part).

Cait-Chest: Sole unbuttoned Cait’s corset, without her protesting. She was into it “Give it your best lick Sole!”. Sole nodded and licked her chest without hesitation; Cait just enjoys it.

Codsworth-Torso: Sole licked Codsworth across his torso, collecting some grease and rust on their tongue… “Oh No! That is highly unhealthy! Please wash your tongue Master!

Curie-Ear: Curie blushed as Sole comes closer and closer to her. “Madame/Monsieur; A-are you sure about this?” Sole didn’t answer; they just licked Curies ear lobe; which made her shiver and flinch. “W-what’s t-that feeling?!” Guess that’s her sweet spot!

Danse-Abs: Sole walked over to Danse and lifter his shirt, revealing his abs, without even asking for permission. “Uhh, S-soldier?!” He got really nervous! Sole licked his abs all across his torso. Danse was surprised; he looked away with a huge blush, waiting for Sole to get away from him.

Deacon-Palm: Sole was more humorous about it; They grabbed Deacon’s hand and licked the inside of his palm with a fake look of pleasure. Deacon laughed “I wouldn’t do that if I were you… You don’t know what I’ve been grabbing”

Dogmeat-Ear: Dogmeat was dirty! He rolls in the mud all day! Sole tried avoiding licking something they wouldn’t want to lick, so they just lightly touched the tip of Dogmeat’s ear with their tongue and pulled away fast. Dogmeat gets annoyed when anything gets near his ears!

Hancock-Lips: “Well, pick wisely love” He smirked and waited for Sole’s move. Without a warning, Sole held Hancock’s cheeks and licked whatever was left of his lips. Hancock was actually surprised; but then he immediately started kissing Sole…

Macready-Nipple: Sole teased him and ordered him to take off his shirt. Macready obeys with a confused expression. Sole licked and teased his nipple with their tongue. “HEY! What the f-frick!” He pushes Sole away and covers his chest and keeps Not-Swearing.

Nick-Fingers: “Hey, what are you~” Sole licks Nick’s sharp mechanic fingers before he was able to finish his sentence. Sole’s tongue started bleeding because of how sharp his fingers are… “What about thinking before acting?” He sighs and helps them with their wound.

Piper-Belly: Sole had a smirk “Hey! Stop looking at me like that, Blue! H-hey s-stop that~” Sole lifted Pipers shirt and licked her belly. Sole got slapped…hard.

Preston-Neck: He joked about it but his laugh was cut out by Sole burying their face in his neck. He felt them licking his neck and got instantly turned on “Woah, General; You’re, full of surprises!”

Strong-Cheek: “Why human lick strong? HUMAN NO EAT STRONG!” Sole patted Strong’s arm to calm him down; it worked. Sole was able to lick Strong’s cheek; surprisingly, Strong just looked at them confused without getting mad this time.

X6-88-Finger: “I suggest you keep your tongue away from me…” Sole ignored his threat and took X6’s thumb in his mouth, licked, and sucked on it seductively. X6 pulled his hand away with a disgusted look “I won’t ever understand your logic…”

Maxson-V line: Maxson went ahead and took his shirt off; Sole received the message. Sole leaned closer to Maxson’s crotch and gave his V line a long lick. Maxson congratulated the knight for picking the right spot.

Gage-Lips: Sole pulled Gage closer by his shoulders. “Uhh, Boss??” He didn’t look away, which enabled Sole to lick Gage’s lips. His eyebrows rise “Well then… Ain’t shy about nothin’ are you Boss?”

Ada-Torso: “Please don’t lick me…” Sole laughed and gave a quick lick on Ada’s torso part. “…I trust that you will clean that”

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Could you please please do fluffy hcs about Bucky, Peter, and Steve's favorite way to cuddle with their girl? I just -sigh- I'm trying to sleep and I keep pillows around me as if it were a guy so I can pretend I'm cuddling, and I want to imagine it with one of them😂

(omg, I have a HUGE ass polar bear that I cuddle with and I do the same exact thing lmao!!!)


  • big spoon BIG SPOON
  • fluffy blankets everywhere
  • he’s always shirtless
  • he’s gotta be lying on his right side so he can keep ya cool with his metal arm that you love so much
  • he nuzzles his face into your neck and just stays like that
  • if you pull away at some point, he will find his way back to you
  • ALSO loves to tangle his legs up with yours


  • he likes to be both lil and big spoon, but usually big spoon
  • also a shirtless boy
  • no blankets, he’ll overheat and be d r a m a t i c about it
  • he likes to have you facing him so he can pepper kisses all over your face
  • he also loves to just look at you, adoration and love in his eyes


  • man oh man steve is such a lil spoon its adorable
  • you run your fingers through his hair
  • he does the same to you
  • loves loves LOVES holding your hand
  • also buries his face in your neck and your chest
  • he loves singing to you while you cuddle its so fricking cute
  • tangled limbs is the best way to explain his favorite way of cuddling you
SF9 Reacting to Their S/O Debut Stage

~Requested by anon~

Hi guys so I hope you enjoyed this reaction~ I’ve finished my requests so I’ll start the NCT drabbles tomorrow! You can also request fake texts or edits if you want to~

I hope you all had a good day and are staying safe! We love every single one of you and we are so so grateful.

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His extra self would be waving at you the whole time you were performing and sending you little aegyo hearts. He is so damn proud of you that he can’t even contain his excitement, like he’s literally jumping up and down at the sight of you doing your thing on stage. After he will bombard you and say how you killed it, every single one of you but you especially~

‘Woahhh Y/N, you owned that stage!’

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Stands on the sidelines watching your performance like a proud mother honestly, he knows how much effort you and all your group members have put into this debut and couldn’t be anymore proud. When you’re done he will pull you into a big hug and tell you how well you did, later he’ll brag to all his members about how amazing his girlfriend is.

‘Hello everyone~ That was my girlfriend just then, see how hard she worked!’

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Would stand watching you, totally mesmerised in the performance. When he heard a few fans chanting already on your first stage his smile would grow and he couldn’t help but feel so so proud of you. Everytime you sang he thought he was going to cry because your of your singing voice. When you came off stage he gave you a big hug whilst complimenting your whole performance and how he loved it.

‘I loved it so much! You’re vocals are the best jagi~’

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Okay so if we thought Inseong was extra, don’t even get me started on Dawon. He would literally be waving around a glow stick, since you didn’t have an official one yet, and shouting at the top of his voice. Like he literally memorised the whole of your fan chant and be screaming it with the fans, you somehow kept a straight face. When you finished and got to him he was so out of breath from it all and you just couldn’t help but laugh.

‘You…Did… so good…Y/N’

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He would be watching you and oh god is he proud, he gave you advice with the cameras and how you should try to be sexy/cute depending what the song concept was and you were taking that advice on board! He couldn’t get over how professional you looked for your first stage and was definitely checking you out. After you were done he would congratulate you first and then tell you how good you looked when you were alone.

‘Oh and babe, you looked so fricking hot out there.’

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He would look like such a dad honestly, he’s standing at the side of the stage watching you perform with the widest smile on his face. He knows how long you’ve been waiting for this opportunity and how nerve wracking the first performance can be, yet you were taking it all on board and didn’t seem nervous at all. He’d go straight to congratulate the whole group on their successful stage then throw a fuck tonne of compliments your way.

‘Well done girls on your debut~ Now Y/N you were so good up there, were you even nervous because you didn’t look it at all.’

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Would be slightly worried because you had come to him beforehand to help you with the dance. But when he sees you not only slay your rap and then also slay the dance you were struggling with he gets so into it, like all his worries have disappeared. He would lowkey be dancing along and jamming out and when you come off stage he couldn’t hold back and ended up lifting you from the ground and twirling you around.

‘You did it! You had nothing to worry about Jagi you did it!’

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Would be such a bean honestly, he’s so excited for you to debut but the  he’s kinda thinking, but what if the group gets hate like you’ll be upset??? But as soon as the performance starts and he hears those fan chants already he calms down but is still stressing out a little, he wants everything to be perfect for you. When the performance is done he’s left shook because yall killed it, he runs up to you and hugs you and tells you how proud he is of you.

‘You shocked me! I knew you were great but jheez are you sure you’re rookies???’

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He’s been waiting for this day for age and tbh he seems more nervous than you. He took one of his hyungs with him to keep him company and he would regret it. When you perform he unconsciously finds himself tapping his first to the beat and mouthing all your lines. He’s getting teased for life but he doesn’t care as soon as he saw you he couldn’t help himself but hug you and tell you how good you are and how perfect your song is.

‘If you don’t get you’re first win with this song then the system is hacked or something, it’s the best out here!’ 

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Ass || Josh Pieters

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Requests are currently [ OPEN ]

Word Count: 600+

Summary: You’re self conscious after hearing the guys and other people talk about and stare at your ass. 

Dedicated To: The anon who requested a fluffy Josh imagine!! This was my first ever Josh imagine so I hope it was okay xo

It was a normal Monday afternoon, you were lying on your stomach on your boyfriends couch, watching the TV on mute with the subtitles on since the boys were filming a video a few feet away.

You were eating chocolate buttons out of the bag, your eyes trained on the newest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, when Joe’s loud laughter made you glance over your shoulder at them with an amused grin. Catching Josh’s eye, you wink at him playfully before turning back to face the TV and shuffling slightly in order to get comfortable.

She heard a few of the boys clear their throats, but assumes it’s just something to do with their video. Glancing back at the TV, she folds her arms beneath her head and allows her hair to fan around her, the strong scent of your shampoo lightning your mood a little.

Your episode ends around twenty minutes later, and so you stand up and lean over to grab the small pile of chocolate wrapping from the ground before walking into the kitchen and throwing them away, quickly washing your hands before returning to the living room with the intention of watching yet another episode; but the annoyed look on your boyfriends face makes you think otherwise.

You glance between them all in confusion as all of their eyes slowly turn toward you. “What? Do I have chocolate on my face?”

Shaking his head, Josh clears his throats and forces a smile onto his face. “No, babe, you’re fine. These boys just don’t know how to keep their eyes to themselves.”

She nods slowly, eyeing them all suspiciously before flopping stomach first onto the couch; positioning herself just as she had been just minutes previously.

That was the first time it happened.

Sure, you’d been oblivious to what your boyfriend had been referring too that time, but the next time, when the boys had walked in on you working out - you knew for sure what the problem was.

Ever since you were a teenager, you’d had an ass. It was just something that happened, and until then you’d never really considered it being an issue; but you slowly began to hear more and more remarks about it from the boys and even strangers in clubs.

It was as if you’d been deaf to everything and everyone that mentioned your ass up until that point, and it frustrated you to no end.

“Hey, Josh?” You mumble one day when you’re both sat together on his couch, watching Master Chef on the TV. “Do you like my ass?”

He pauses for a moment before turning off the TV and turning to face you with his eyebrows drawn together. “Sorry, did I hear you correctly?”

“Probably.” You drawl, giving him an annoyed look. “Just answer the question. Do you like my ass? Yes or no.”

Josh nods quickly, his hands coming up to cup her cheeks as he stared into her eyes with a sheepish smile on his lips. “I fricking love your ass. It’s beautiful, just like you.”

Scrunching up your face, you sigh and look down at your hands. “Sorry, it’s just, I heard the boys talking about it the other day and I know that people stare and it just bothers me I guess..”

Josh sighs, pulling her into his arms and hugging her tightly. “If it’s any consolation, I don’t think they exactly have anything against your ass. Well, the complete opposite, actually.”

“I guess that makes things a little better.” She shrugs slightly, a small smile playing on her lips as she looks up at him and blinks slowly. “I love you.”

Josh leans down and brushes his lips against hers, pulling away after a second and smiling softly. “I love you too.”

Two days later, when Josh finally managed to get all of the boys into one room without you in the apartment, he made sure that they’d never make you feel self conscious about yourself again.

And it wasn’t as if he didn’t enjoy being able to tell them to stop staring at his girlfriends’ ass.


So yea. I planned on making a fic a while back, which I’m starting to work on again, but I don need advice on the first chapter I wrote a month back. Thank you all in advance for feedback!

It was just a normal evening for you, chilling out on your bed with your laptop in your lap scrolling through YouTube. You were watching a bunch of Markiplier and JackSepticEye. Okay, mostly Mark, but whatever. You scrolled up to his most recently posted videos and found a new Drunk Five Nights At Fuckboys Episode. You loved that series so much it hurt, every episode you watched sent you into a pile of laughter that made you fall off of your bed and onto your butt most of the time. Plus, Mark tends to be extremely goofy when he’s drunk, what’s there not to like? You clicked on it and got through the whole video trying not to fall off of your bed, which was good. Up right until right before the end.

Your laptop automatically shut down first, then all the lights in your apartment went down.

“What the-” You looked around the darkness of your room, setting down your laptop next to you. Your first instinct was to get up and look out the window to make sure this wasn’t a huge city blackout. You got up and peeked through the curtains, seeing that the city was still bright and alive as ever. You then opened your window to look at the neighbors windows. Their lights were on too.

“Okay, what the hell?” You thought out loud. You went back and tried to find your phone that was somewhere on your bed. After fumbling for about a minute, you gave up and face planted into one of your pillows and groaned out of frustration.

It did stay dark for a few minutes, which started to make you worry. And, right as you were about to go out and ask the landlord about what happened, all the lights came back on.

“Hmm?” You looked around, blinking your eyes from the sudden brightness. Your gaze went right to your computer, which was booted up as well, paused right before the DFNAF episode was about to end. Okay, that was weird. You walked over and sat down, placing back your laptop in it’s original spot on your lap. You refreshed the page and went to your sub box. Another video from Mark came up, but he looked, different.

The video had no name and the thumbnail was composed of Mark staring into the camera, grinning like a madman. Everything around and behind him was engulfed in black. Of course, you got curious and clicked on the video.

It started with Mark facing down, his hair messed up and top of his head facing towards the camera. It had no sound and the video quality was all static. Mark, wha…

The first thirty seconds passed and Mark finally started to move, slowly lifting up his face to look into the camera. His face was disheveled and hair worse than you thought. His glasses were tilted to one side of his face. As his full face came into view, unease filled you. He just stared for a few seconds before letting an unnatural smile creep onto his face. His eyes looked negative, what were supposed to be his whites were completely black and his irises were a bright white. He was so pale and looked almost grey.

His low, static like chuckling broke the silence and filled your ears. Five seconds went by and the video ended.

“… What. The. Actual. Frick?” You said silently at the black screen. You felt very uneasy and scared, and tried to go on any other social media to try to help you feel better, but nothing worked. Ten minutes on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr hasn’t helped and the unease wouldn’t go away. You decided to take another look at the video, but when you checked, it was gone. Puzzled, you went to see if there was any evidence of it on anything else. Absolutely nothing came up.

“Okay, um, what? A-Am I dreaming or something?” You asked yourself.

Well but of course not.A deep, low voice rang out through your room.

“Ah!” You practically fell off of your bed, eyes searching frantically for the source of the voice. “Wait, What?! Who’s there?!”

I think you know the answers to your own questions, my dear.There it was again. It was nowhere to be seen, but it sounded like it was everywhere. You stood up and searched around your room. The lights were starting to flicker, your laptop was already dead, and you were beginning to panic.

“M-My dear?! Please, just, tell me who!” Getting more and more terrified but the second, you kept asking.

“Oh, but I really do think you know.” That voice, why is it so familiar?

“Who the hell are you?! Please!” Your eyes were starting to sting and your knees barely holding you up.

The voice chuckled “Easily frightened, eh? Cute one, aren’t you?”

“Stop! Please, just stop! Um, at least just t-tell me where you are, please!” The lights stopped flickering, retaining a low light making the room barely visible. You turned around to face your desk, looking up to where the ceiling met the wall.

“Well, if you turn around and see, you’ll find what you want, won’t you?”The voice rang low in your ear and you spun around. Nothing was there. You squeezed your eyes shut, tears threatening to spill.

“Just come out, you bastard!” You hung your head and cupped your face, your breathing loud and rapid.

“Then look…” You felt compelled to see and looked up to a shadow forming mere feet in front of you. Just even looking, you were filled with horror and dread.

The shadow was taking shape in what looked like a man. The harder you looked, you could see dark wash jeans start to form, followed but what looked like a black t-shirt and long arms. Once his shoulders and head came into view, it looked even more impossible than the whole situation in itself. He stared right at you. That video…

“M-Mark?” Your voice wavered as he stared into your eyes. Even more horror washed over you as you remembered the video that should’t exist.

“Hmm, not quite.” He started walking towards you, stopping less than a foot away from you. You tried to lean back into the desk in an effort to get away from this entity that looked exactly like Mark, yet nothing like him all at the same time. He cupped your cheek and his expression softened.

“Mmph…” You whimpered and sunk back down. His hand was ice cold against your skin. You looked down as his eyes searched your face.

“Such a pretty one, aren’t you?” He purred. You blinked a few times, letting a tear fall and looked up into the things’ eyes. He looked right at you and smiled.

All of a sudden, his hands were torn away and they were clutching his own head, screaming at the ground. “NO! Your NOT getting to me!” His voice was even more like Marks’ now. He curled up into a ball and clutched his head, screaming at himself as you watched, worried for whats happening in front of you. He looked up to you again, eyes normal and color back in his cheeks.

“Oh my god, I am so sorry! Are you hurt?” He stood up and placed his hands on your shoulders, beads of sweat slowly trickling down his forehead. You just stared.

“M-Mark? Is it actually you?” You looked into his eyes. He looked lost and worried. You were very surprised that Mark had the ability to jump into your room, let alone care if your hurt.

“Yes, it’s me. Now, you’ve got to get me out of here before that happens again. Please, I don’t want to hurt anyone, let alone hurt you.” He asked, almost demanding that you get him out of there.

“B-but what if you get hurt? I can’t let that happen!” You told him. You can’t let him get away now, especially now that something bad has happened to him.

“Please! It’s coming back! I can’t hold it for long! You need to get me out of here!” He fumbled backwards a bit. He started looking desperate and terror filled his eyes.

“No! I’m not letting you get hurt out there!” Another tear streamed down your cheek. You cared for him so much, and you wanted to make sure he was as safe as he could possibly get, if he could be safe in a situation like this.

“Ahgg, no! Y-you have to!” He started clutching his head again, skin flickering between his normal skin color and the pale, greyish skin that the entity wore. He kept screaming and curled up into a ball. Horrified, you ran to his side.

“Mark! Mark! Ohmygod, what’s happening?!” Your hands were all over the place, not knowing what to do.

He went silent.

“M-Mark? Are you okay?” He was breathing hard and removed his hands from his head.

Then he started chuckling.

He looked up at you, negative eyes in all, and grabbed your shoulders.

“Don’t be afraid, dear. This might hurt” The grin he wore was unnatural. You started feeling sharp pains from your shoulders where he was holding you and you cried out in pain.

And then you two were gone.


me: aw sleepy taetae is so cute!! 💖😊