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So Eren and Levi are making out and it’s going really, really well when Levi remembers that they have tickets to a movie that evening and they have to leave pretty much immediately. Reluctantly they separate, breathing hard.

They arrive at the cinema and take their seats but there is unfinished business that keeps them from paying attention to the movie. Levi’s hand slides over Eren’s hip and Eren trails his fingers up Levi’s leg.

Eventually Eren’s reserve snaps and he mouths ‘bathroom’ in Levi’s ear before leaving his seat. And Levi follows; how could he not?

They barely manage to stumble into a stall and lock the door before belts are undone, teeth on necks. They’re so desperate and teased that all it takes is for them to free themselves from their clothes and press against each other and they’re coming, softly swearing open-mouthed into the crook of each other’s necks.

…and then I woke up.

Killian said “you’d be surprised what they teach you in the Navy” and it got me thinking about what they wouldn’t teach him in the Navy, and so this itty bitty thing was born.

that old feeling
(or ‘the five times Killian Jones dances and the one time he doesn’t.’)
ao3 | ffn


He rolls his sleeves up and his mother’s laughter rings through the room like a catching melody. It takes him a few moments but he finally manages to place both of his bare feet on top of hers, hands grasping at her much larger ones. He adjusts his neck, craning it all the way back so that he can see the dark curls that frame his mother’s face, her eyes that shine a wondrous glow in the low torchlight.

Liam chuckles from his place by the fire, looking up from the novel in his hand to regard Killian with mirth. He scrunches his brows at his elder brother, close to sticking his tongue out in annoyance until he hears his mother call his name.

“Are you ready, my love?” she questions, smiling.

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