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something about this video just like, freaked me the hell out 

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Is there a story behind the blue jacket?

kind of. 

besides me being a fashion bombshell, even in the midst of wwii, the jacket was nice and warm and full of pockets. which is always a nice thing when you have to literally carry everything you need with you everywhere you go.

but on top of that, i grew up with tiny pre-human-lab-rat steve. among a very long list of medical issues which fueled his must-punch-everything attitude, steve was colorblind. (in a very typically steve move, he decided to become an artist, despite not being able to see half the colors out there.) 

 the modern term for what he was is ‘protanopia’ which is a type of red-green colorblindness which meant his ability to see the color red was not so great. pretty much everything in the red spectrum got toned down to taupes and greys, and yellows and greens were kinda muted. but his ability to see the color blue was basically unimpaired, so blue things stood out in his field of vision. back in the day, i wore a lot of blue because it was easier for steve to spot, and somewhere along the line it just kinda became my favorite color, and i tended to pick blue clothes out of habit. 

these days steve’s favorite color is red, just for the novelty of being able to see it.  

  • anti: takes over October, kills jack, says it's our fault, scare master
  • me: <3
  • dark: doesn't let you finish your ice cream
  • me: too far man, too far

As requested by @thalia-freaking-grace: Lance as Josh Dun from Tøp



FML over this…
• Regina has to pretend to be the Evil Queen to wake Emma, donning her usual EQ outfits
• EMMA GETS HER MAGIC BACK and saves Regina
• They are set to go home
• Regina magics herself back in the outfit she originally came in
• EMMA HAS MAGIC but stays in her princess outfit, heck she could of asked Regina to magic her normal clothes back
A&E have mentioned every outfit is chosen intensionally!!!!
A PRINCE AND A PRINCESS 👸🏼👸🏽 (or a queen and her princess 😉)

Also, I hope Ginny and Mike’s respective family issues becomes another point of connection for them. I want them to open up to each other the way they can’t with anyone else. I want them to be each other’s rocks. 


endless list of favorite characters + Meredith Grey

“ I think you can’t wait for someone to fly underneath and save you and save your life. I think you have to save yourself. “

Do you ever just try to make something and it turns out like a potato? like a literal potato. 
So far, I tried;

New top - potato. Some leggings - potato. High waisted jeans - potato. Simple recolours - a sack of potatoes. New sim - potato. Sim edits - potato. Townie makeover - potato. 

Everything is just a potato. I should just become a potato blog at this point, honestly. 

.. or make some potato mash, because damn I’m hungry. 

what if this big online hockey game came out, and, given that they’re characters in the game, the falconers are given first dibs on characters in the first ever open games.

except, jack lets slip to the samwell mens hockey team that the games are going on.

so in the free character choice, the falconers get beaten out

first is jack, goes to pick himself but as soon as he clicks himself a little red cross comes up, the cheery little character already taken, pick someone else! message popping up in the corner. shitty texts the group chat two seconds later, jack your hockey butt is transcendent in this game

he picks poots instead, bc poots isn’t in the room and he doesn’t look like he’s gonna be playing

marty picks thirdy, thirdy picks guy, guy just shrugs and picks tater

kent, inexplicably in this au, picks marty, because all the falconers are going fast so it’d be more fun to be on a full team, he rationalises.

lardo picks kent, and when kent sees himself pop up on screen he just sort of lies on the floor for a bit because damnit

ransom and holster pick the aces’ d-men, ready to back lardo up even though they know she kills it at these games

tater points at the screen excitedly, says he’d always wanted to be a goalie, and picks snowy

snowy just shrugs and picks sidney crosby

Okay, so we all know our sniper couple in the Assassination Classroom, right? Chiba and Hayami?

These two:

Well, I was watching Sound! Euphonium and I found their child. No joke, I seriously found their daughter:

I don’t know what her name is and I can’t find it on the wiki, but no one can deny this. 

She freaking has Chiba’s bangs and hair colour (ish) with Hayami’s pigtails!!

Edit: Okay, thanks to dr-j33, I found out that her name’s Chieri Takashita. Cute name. If I find out that either Hayami or Chiba plays the clarinet, I’m going to flip so much shit you have no idea. :D 

ok but why y'all are ignoring the “oh, i’ll get you for that” that will said after the significant annoyance answer????? i just?????? will, my pal, my fella, my guy, I’ll be needing a 500 word very specific and detailed essay explaining what exactly did you mean by “oh, i’ll get your for that”. for today. for right now. 

So…I just started watching Ellie’s streams about a week or two ago (some time around the release of AToTS) and she totally got me into this adorkable show/skit/animated short? idk (Amongst other things…my brain is chalked full of madeon and electro swing now, haha). I also wanted to credit the colouring style used in this picture to her because it’s actually a really fun colouring technique that I had only used for pencil drawings up until now, so…uh, yeah! It’s real awesome and makes the whole process really interesting! It’s really flipping great!! xD

But yeah, anway. *whispers* This little film is the best so you should really go watch it. At some point. Ye.


We don’t even know if i’ll actually do it.

Horror Movie Tropes and WHY YA SHOULD ALWAYS REMEMBER EM! - The Wheelie Guide To NOT-DYING in a Fangoriously Stupid Way.

Wheelie has seen enough horror movies to know to NEVER open the door with the trail of blood (or in this case, energon) leading towards it. That was usually where the monster was. Or serial killer. Or zombie hoards. Never open the door for zombie hoards.

So what was there to do? Meet back up with Drift? But what would he tell him? ‘Sorry that your boyfriend is murdered and now we may have a docbot zombie to deal with?’ Yeah. That would probably go about as well as attempting to force Megatron and Starscream to kiss each other. He wasn’t sure WHAT he was going to tell Drift.

Also, there was the fact that the door was locked. He could have picked the lock. But what if the zombie was in there? On the list of things Wheelie wasn’t keen on dealing with today, it was surprise zombie jump scares. 

He found himself starting to stroll further up the hall. His head whipping left to right. His mind on high alert. Wheelie hated not seeing the enemy. He hated not knowing where it was nor what it was capable of. But so far, there wasn’t much for sound safe for the quiet hum of the ship’s engines. But it was no where near as comforting as the Kanaloa’s engines. The Kanaloa was home. The Kanaloa was on the other side of the airlock and the quarantine. Funny how something so close could seem astronomical units away.

So how did he get in to this mess again? At the beginning, he just wanted to crawl up in to the vents and hide out for a while. After all, he had annoyed Ratchet earlier. Vents were a quick escape. Even Wheelie had to admit he may have gone too far in pestering the docbot. Also, drunkenly exposing Ratchet’s private life to other drunks in a bar wasn’t exactly what anyone would call endearing. Neither was placing bets. Well…. when he started mentally putting that in to that sort of context, it really did make himself sound like he had problems. Problems he wasn’t handling all that well anyways. What right did he have to be here again? Other than being under observation for stress related problems, he didn’t think he belonged here anyways. Next opportunity he got, he’d slip out of here like the stray that he was. He didn’t think he’d be noticed anyways if he left.

But what about his problems? How was he going to deal with those? 

Wheelie paused a moment mid thought and cautiously entered a darkened room.

Ah yes. HIS problems. Why pester everyone else with them again? It wasn’t as if someone was going to have the magic answer to take the pain away. But perhaps he needed to go back to basics. Back to his lone wolf sort of ways. Time away from everyone. Solo missions. He couldn’t be everything to everyone one! He wasn’t great as a leader and lately, he had the strong feelings he had been letting everyone down. A failure. A mistake. Those were terms he had a familiarity with. They were the background radiation of his life. A universal constant. But those mistakes were building up and he was sure he was doing more harm than good anyways.

Wheelie paused yet again. His audials picked up on an unfamiliar sound.

A long, disgusting splorch.

Followed by another splorch.

He could feel the prickly tension in his shoulders. A burning voice inside his mind was telling him to turn around. Wheelie turned around at the hips. The rest of him moved with him after that. 

Looking on the ground he saw worms. Rust coloured metallic worms in jet black sludge. Those weren’t there a moment ago. He’d have seen it before! The worms didn’t appear to be alive. They looked like cast offs. Leavings.


Before Wheelie could investigate any further, the vent above burst open. Wheelie responded to the sound with a horrified yelp. Landing with a sickening thud was the body. Well, not as he knew it back when he first saw it in the vents! It seemed larger to him. It reeked of decay and death. The worms crawled all over the body and formed up the portions that were missing on the dead mech. Almost as if they were a hive of insecticons. Acting with one mind. The creature opened and unhinged its’ jaw letting out the most disturbing sound. Spittle flying everywhere in a horrifying display.


What was Wheelie’s rules about horror movie tropes? The one he told to Drift? Oh yeah. Don’t get separated. That’s when the bad things happened. Right now, bad things were happening. 

The monster slammed its’ fists down on the ground. Wheelie jumped backwards.

“Drift, you’re an idiot!“ Wheelie muttered.

The lumbering creature swiped at the air like a bear attempting to claw at the smaller, orange mech.

“Guess who does the heavy lifting? Oh wait. That’s ME again! Fan-fragging-tastic!” Wheelie growled.

He charged up an energy shot on his bow as he tried to get some more distance.

The problem was back.

He was hesitating again.

That shape charging towards him was still too humanoid.

His mind was still going back to the incident. That time he shot Rung. Why wouldn’t that leave him?

Remember your training. It’s just a silhouette.

The monster was charging closer.

It’s just a silhouette.

Wheelie was still hesitating.

It’s just a silhouette.

The monster was closing in.

It’s just a silhouette.

His arms trembled.

It’s just a silhouette……

He fired.

A clean shot to the shoulder. There was a gaping hole where the energy shot had went through.

“I did it…” he rasped.

Though it was mostly something he had said to himself. Firing a shot was an accomplishment. Pathetic.

But the monster was enraged. The hole in the shoulder seemed to melt away as the rusty worms formed over the hole.

“ARE YA SLAGGING SERIOUS?! IT FUCKING REGENERATES?!” Wheelie yelped in horrified surprise.

He clipped his bow back on to his back and switched up to his machete. He knew he was going to get boxed in. To this monster, Wheelie looked like an amazing snack. Something HE didn’t want to be! He couldn’t see a way around. He couldn’t climb up in to the vents. That would waste too much time.

He had one more option.


Wheelie charged at the undead creature. He dropped down to the ground. He slid between the zombies legs. Popping out behind the monster, Wheelie took off running. The zombie howled in rage.

As soon as he was back outside the room, he smacked a button beside the door effectively locking the zombie in for the moment to buy him some time. But it wouldn’t be much. Especially if it had access to the vents.

Wheelie knew he was alone in this at this point in time. He was going to have to come up with the plan. He was going to have to figure this one out.

do you think all these fansite owners are just used to being so physically close to astro and having the members wave at them and making eye contact with them because i’m still struggling with the fact that astro is even real so how do they handle interactions like that without freaking the hell out