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OMFG, headcanon for leaving Erik's admittedly-sexy, but still stank-ass-fake-ass self for The Real, Committed One, T'Challa? :D :D


I just imagine that  T’Challa has a great sense of humor and like whenever Erik tries to challenge him to be Black Panther he’s like Bitch you’re not even fit to be in the presence of my wife how the hell are you gon’ challenge me…? Boy get outta here.

Making jokes at Erik’s expense with T’Challa when Killmonger is being problematic. “I mean he was predictable in bed, he can’t be that spontaneous in battle.” Giggling like twelve year olds about that.

~Mod Lillian

like!!! we were like “haha it would be funny to date as a joke” and then we started to like each other for real but somehow were maintaining the facade that we were just going to be two dudes who bought a house together and shared a cat in a totally no homo platonic way. he fake proposed to me with an onion ring at jack in the box. 

funny in go back couple, jang nara son hojun are in a sad marriage resulting in them getting divorced after 14 years. after they both throw away their wedding rings, suddenly they wake up one morning back in 1999 when they were university (?) students. jang nara looks into the mirror n is like OH MY GOD !!! because she is so much younger but the real joke is that she looks exactly the same like she is still as gorgeous, her skin still as translucent n beautiful. the first episode was so sad when they have to go through the divorce I ALMOST cried, because when nara was saying how sad she was I was like :-( n when hojun was tearing up listening to her tell him this in the car I was also like :-(

i hate this website i stared at the word ‘fussy’ for like 5 minutes before remembering it was a real word because i thought it was a thrussy joke 😩


tired babies comforting on each other ❤️️❤️️

assuming the first episode of voltron took place in-universe on june 20th, 2016:

  • shiro went missing in 2015
  • was found/returned back to earth in 2016
  • went missing again in 2017 (assuming they were in space that long)
  • will therefore not be found until 2020

shiro only exists on his birthday


arin “egoraptor” hanson is a very talented artist and voice actor. his “bad gaming skills” do not discredit the his amazing talents in other areas. he should not be hated for his opinions on gaming topics, unpopular or otherwise. he is a very funny, very kind, very talented individual. he built the game grumps company from the ground up and, without him, we would not have the beloved channel and all of the youtube shows that we love so much. please recognize how wonderful and talented he is. please be thankful for all he has done and brought to us. 

please appreciate arin “egoraptor” hanson. thank you. that is all. 

the year is 2030

a standup comedian goes up onto the stage of a packed venue, he is holding a small binder

once he reaches the microphone, he clears his throat and says

“that feel when you’re a student athlete and someone asks what your favorite bible verse is”

he opens the binder to the first page and takes a printed out image of a mature teenage boy, about highschool age, smiling intensely with an extremely bright lens flare coming off of both of his eye, and holds it up for everyone to see

the audience howls with laughter

cameras from around the stage zoom in on the piece of paper and a 30 foot screen behind the comedian lights up with the very same image

the man on stage is not happy. the audience could see it in his eyes if they just looked. he wishes to be anywhere else but where he is. but he knows this is his calling. he cannot apply himself to practically benefit humanity, and so he must fill the need that this niche audience demands.

later that night, he cries as he browses stock image websites for pictures to use in his next performance


FORBES - “Ragnarok is outrageously entertaining, sure to please all ages and turn Thor into a far more popular character than he already was. It’s always interesting, always forces us to pay closer attention to appreciate the complexities of the sequences, and to the all-around peculiarities and originality that make Ragnarok such a joy to behold”

EMPIRE - “Daft as a badger sandwich and twice as funny, Ragnarok is the boldest, most outrageously fun film Marvel has produced so far. It’s not only a top-tier addition to the MCU but one of the most flat-out enjoyable comedies of the year” 4/5

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY - The unquestionably funniest big screen Marvel adventure seems hellbent on finally releasing Hemsworth’s real secret weapon: his humor. Ragnarok is a joke delivery system that works. It’s fun B

HOLLYWOOD REPORTER - Waititi sets the party-on tone in the movie’s first, jokey moments. Soon, with a jolt of Led Zeppelin’s 47-year-old “Immigrant Song” fitting the action like a custom-made gauntlet, he brings majestic spectacle down to rock ‘n’ roll showtime”

THE WRAP - “Both the banter and the fighting, it should be noted, are excellent, so whether you go to superhero movies for the glossy escapism or the pulse-pounding action, you’ll get your large soda’s worth”

IGN - “Ragnarok is a goofy, kitschy, but fun romp and the most purely entertaining of the three Thor movies, marked by its distinctive designs, ‘80s synth score, and assemblage of spirited characters”

SCREENCRUSH - “The actors are all so good, and so are their performances,  so it’s easy to go along for the ride, even if the movie is sometimes as sloppy as an Asgardian thunder god after too many pints of mead” 7/10

USA TODAY - Even tonal issues can’t upend the magic this movie taps into putting Thor and Hulk together as new best buddies, whether throwing down in an arena or having a bromantic heart-to-heart” 7/10

UPROXX - “A crazy, colorful, ambitious, hilarious ride through the cosmos” 8/10

NERDIST - This is top-to-bottom a Hemsworth movie, and in his fifth time playing Thor is at his very peak, and that’s quite the heroic feat” 7/10

THE VERGE - “A film that’s simply a joy to watch, with a personality that’s wholly it’s own”

BBC - “Ragnarok is the wittiest and most straight-forwardly enjoyable of Marvel’s blockbusters” 4/5

GIZMO - “Ragnarok has that timeless potential. Long after the Marvel Cinematic Universe is over, odds are we’ll still be enjoying, re-watching, and quoting this crazy, hilarious movie”

THE VERGE - Ragnarok is an enthusiastic, hilarious reboot of the idea of what a Marvel movie can actually be, resulting in an effervescent, delightfully self-aware ride that was the most fun I’d had in a superhero movie in years”

SCREEN INTERNATIONAL - “Ragnarok exudes an epic grandeur, leading to a stirring, euphoric finale that doesn’t sacrifice scope or gravitas despite all the wisecracks Waititi and company make along the way”

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