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A post: *hates on girls for liking boys, bi or straight* *calls all boys disgusting and stupid* *demonizes a group of people for no reason to which everyone on the post blindly agrees without forming an independant and reasonable opinion*

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Back to important things. We know that modern Laurent loves Marina and the a Diamonds but can I offer: modern Laurent and Dua Lipa.

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"heteros" lmao the point is that aces arent heteros ace doesnt mean "straight but without sex" idk if i understood badly but...did you say you dont want cishet aces in the comunity?

i said i don’t particularly care abt heteros… ace people (meaning non sam using asexuals) are ace. they’re not straight. het ace people (ie ace people that are heteroromantic and use the sam) are not just het, they’re also ace. i feel mild distaste for all het people bc they tend to be obnoxious and i have had bad experiences with them but that doesn’t change the fact that aiming that at ace people specifically and framing it as an ace issue rather than a hetero issue is wrong and incorrect. i do believe aceness is an inherently nonstraight orientation and all ace/aro people are welcome in the community, including the ones that are partly het. doesn’t mean the het part doesn’t still annoy me though

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this past year on tumblr has been amazing for me and that’s all thanks to you guys. thank you for continuously liking and reblogging my art, sending me the sweetest messages and encouragements, and just in general supporting me and inspiring me to work as hard as i can to improve!

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WHEN I MET THEM i got to Bren and shook his hand and everything was fine but as I stepped away he complimented my Folie tattoo and I was so flustered because I wasn't expecting it I stuttered and was like "oh thanks I loved your work on that album." But I did that while shaking Dallon's hand so I totally MISSED Dallon so I took special care to shake dans hand nice and firm and good and then we went to take the picture and Dallon and Bren both had their hands on my back already but I was like +

+ “wait no, can we be fighting?” And Brendon immediately hopped into a pose and was like “Lkke this??” SUPER excitedly and it was SO CUTE AND I WAS LKKE “yes yes thank you” AND then the guy went to take the picture and I was staring into Brendon’s beautiful twinkly eyes but the guys was like “wait can you guys scoot closer?” And then Brendon Urie Got Even Closer To Me and I Died. He had an eyelash on his cheek. He was so kind and gold.

aw omg ;_____;