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#TransRightsAreHumanRights .

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I'm new to the fandom, and I saw that article about Louis from the LGBT website. I know all about "homophobic Louis" unfortunately because it's one of the first thing you learn about when you join the 1D fandom (how people believing he was gay and in a relationship with Harry ruined their friendship forever, how he couldn't even understand the idea of supporting a gay man coming out without calling it bullshit...) but I'd love to know what he did to support the community, I had no idea he did!

it’s very frustrating to me that people are still getting confronted with this utter nonsense but please know, it’s not true:

louis has stated - on camera - that he appreciates LGBT fans. here is the whole video by the way.

louis has a triangle tattoo on his right ankle; a symbol closely associated with gay pride.

he has worn rainbow-themed clothing in the past..

most pointedly a rainbow apple shirt days after apple CEO tim cook came out as gay.

there is footage from the FOUR hangout of liam asking louis about the article i linked.

liam: have you seen it?

louis: no i haven’t seen it yet!

liam: it was good

(which is in direct contrast to what we know as bullshit 2.0)

then there’s this jumper with the “all out” slogan (despite common belief not directly associated with the LGBT charity but the message stands; it sure made me aware of the organisation in the first place)

and this tchaikovsky jumper.. a little history lesson: tchaikovsky was very much gay.

louis (along with harry) was thought to be behind the rainbow bears. there is really so much content to choose from but the strongest links to louis are his reflection in the sunglasses

and louis being spotted across the street from where RBB popped up

he shared some nice comments about steve aoki’s rainbow socks

and most recently louis hung out in amsterdam’s gay district, the reguliersdwarsstraat. spot the rainbow!

not so much a homophobe now, is he?

Here, have the start of a beautiful con-man-ship.

I’ve been doin a s h it ton of sketches with my dadsona Justin and Robert, so I can only assume this is canon endgame for him?? I just love Robert a lot and I have a thing coming up involving him that’s more polished than a dumb colored sketch.


Berena appreciation week: Day One (The Moment You Started to Ship Them) |  19x07 // 19x11 // 18x20

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