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“I… I can’t- can’t hold it!” Wanda said, visibly straining with the mental effort of containing the blast. 

Suddenly, she dropped to her knees and used all the energy she had left to hurl the fireball into the air, away from the crowded market streets.

But because Wanda had used up the last of her power, as the blast flew away, it resumed its violent expansion.

The force of the explosion was so strong that it ripped into the seventh floor of a nearby hotel. Glass and debris flew everywhere.

Cap didn’t miss a beat. “We need fire and rescue to the north side of the building!” he shouted into his comm. Cap ran into the building, trying to help.

Wanda stared at the destruction, tears welling in her eyes.

-Captain America Civil War Junior Novelization

Finally! Some NIKO fx I get to show off! I’ll post these slowly, just in case people need to catch up on certain episodes and I don’t spoil.

I have a TON of recorded processfootage that I’d like to get out there. If you’re interested in that kind of thing at all, this will be my first take at attempting art videos! Keep in mind, I have not edited the videos yet.

“Where are you, Shiro? I swear I can feel you out there.”

“I’m right here, Princess. I’m right here.”


So, @yaxxm’s latest Shallura piece made me want to draw Shallura and then I saw it was their birthday so I thought I’d dedicate the Shallura drawing to them but then I accidentally made Shiro transparent and it gave me an idea and I made angst….

I am not sure angst is a good birthday present, but if you see this, I hope you like it. Ha. 

[Flashing Lights Warning] Still version below the cut:

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Okayy so when I first started witchcraft I was young and this one thing remains the same: whenever someone finds out I’m a witch they ask me “do you worship the devil?” “are you going to put a hex on me?” or “I better watch out before you put a curse on me” ….

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And I understand where people come from sometimes, especially when I encounter really big Christians and all of that. I know that not everyone is going to understand and that there are going to be some people who, because of what they were taught, go straight to that assumption .. But my question to that is “What if I did?” would you stop being friends with me or talk to me about my practices when some people don’t even practice their faith like they’re supposed to? What makes this even worse is the fact that people think things are black and white. There are different types of witches dude.. and a big news flash! There are Christian witches *waits for loud gasps*

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Honestly because there are so many ways to practice, you can be a Cristian witch who just put a curse on someone. The point is (and I’m not picking on Christians, just using it as an example) is that when people tell me that they are Christian I don’t just say “OMG are you gonna like splash me with holy water” “I better watch out or you might stone me to death” like that’s wild in my opinion. If you are curious about what I practice, try to ask questions about it! Or do some research maybe? You wouldn’t appreciate it if I ask you some off the wall shit and I don’t either.

SOOO instead of complaining about it without actually helping anyone, I’m gonna post some links so you can learn for yourself okay? 

·   First a master post of types of witches

·   What you might not know if you start witchcraft     

I might add some more depending.. I still love all of you, even the ones who come across this blog and think like that at first. lets have an open mind people

Happy Birthday, Darling

gif is not mine

Title: Happy Birthday, Darling 

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Word count: 868

Warnings: fluffish

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this Crowley fic! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!! <3 <3

This was requested by @emilyymichelle: Can you do Crowley x reader where everyone but Crowley forgets the reader’s birthday please?

You shut the bunker door behind you in a huff of frustration.  You couldn’t believe that after living with the Winchesters for the last five years, that they would forget your birthday.  If there was one thing they were consistent at, it was forgetting your birthday.  Every year you got more and more fed up.  You felt as if they didn’t care about you.

Your feet moved slowly as you shoved your hands into your pockets.  A long sigh left your lips as you felt your phone buzz in your back pocket.  You were surprised that Crowley, of all people, was texting you.

Crowley: Hello Darling. Happy Birthday from your favorite King >;)

You smiled at the text, slipping your phone back into your pocket.  As you looked up, you saw Crowley just feet in front of you.  You shook your head a small smile adorning your lips.  “Thank you for the birthday wish,” you smiled, hooking your thumbs into your belt loops.

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Hips Don’t Lie

I stood there, smiling wide, as I watched my husband break out the best dad moves he had in his repertoire.

As the song beat on and those sinful hips swayed from side to side, I couldn’t help but let my mind wonder to a similar moment just nights ago.

There were a couple key differences.

There were no flashing lights.

It was only Jensen and I.

There were no clothes involved.

And let me tell you, seeing those hips swing freely like that, no burdensome clothes obscuring the view. That’ll do things to a girl.

Dreadfully wonderful things.

Those bare hips, moving sensually towards me. Those thick, bow legs torturing me with their movements. His soft, yet defined stomach, rolling with each step. His broad shoulders and biceps stretching and flexing as he cornered me. My breath quick, my body aching to be touched.

Then he grabbed my naked hips, pulling me into his warmth, slowly encouraging my body to move in time with his. Our bodies knew exactly how to move together.

Let’s just say, it didn’t take long for things to escalate. It didn’t take long before those hips were rolling on top of mine, showing me just how well they could move as long as I begged.

“Hey there beautiful,” Jensen’s voice sounded, breaking me out of my memory. “You look all worked up,” he noted, swaying his hips dangerously as he grabbed mine, guiding me along with him.

“Well, if you’d cut that shit out, I wouldn’t be ready to jump you in front of all those people,” I whispered, locking eyes with his.

“Oh you mean like this,” he said, grabbing my hips, rolling them against his, his hand pressed firmly at the small of my back, pushing me into his hardness.

“You’re lucky we’re back stage,” I moaned, my fingers brushing the fine hairs at the nape of his neck as my lips met his.

“How about we find somewhere a little more private the second this panel is over?” He suggested when my lips were swollen and red.

“You read my mind, Jense,” I breathed against his mouth, pushing him away from me. “Get going so we can get going,” I smirked, raising my eyebrows suggestively.

He pulled me to him once more, his lips crashing to mine hungrily.

“Yes ma'am,” he growled. “I think it’s time for the last question,” he said, heading back on stage.

The music started, and Jensen’s voice rang out with Rob’s. I pulled myself together, waiting patiently to drag my husband back to our room, those hips and what they were capable of the only thing on my mind.

Harry Styles. Thats who you were paired with on the biggest project for your class. Cocky, smug, king of laziness, frat boy Harry Styles. You weren’t sure how he even passed classes because it seems he always did the minimal amount of work, if that. It was probably that charm of his. As much as you loathed him, you had to admit that boy had some good looks and charm helping him float through college.

“Like somethin you see love?” Harry’s remark brought you back to reality. You didn’t realize but while you were in thought about how annoying but good looking Harry was, you had been staring at him. Him catching you caused you a blush to form upon your cheeks. You hoped he didn’t see that because god knows he’d enjoy that and never let you live it down.

You rolled your eyes at him and scoffed “As if Styles. I wasn’t even staring at you, I was zoned out thinking about our project we should be working on” You watched as he chuckled Ann’s proceeded to smirk that god damn Harry Styles smirk at you.

“I was thinking since you’re so smart and nerdy that you could do most of it and I will present it. Ya know since people actually enjoy it when I talk.” He flashed you a smile, set back and propped his feet up on your chair and just shrugged.

It took all you had not to scream at him. You could feel your cheeks heating up and not with a blush this time, no, with rage. It always happened when you got really mad. You pushed his feet off your chair and took a deep breath.

“If you think you’re gonna charm your way out of doing your part for this project like you always do you are dead wrong Styles. I will not do this on my own” You slammed your pen down on your notebook, crossed your arms and glared at him.

“Wait wha was that, ya think I’m charming?” Harry wore another smug look. You didn’t think that boy knew any other look. He was always thinking everyone found him so hot, and so charming. Really all you found him was irritating as hell. Well maybe a little easy on the eyes as well. But you’d never let him know that.

“Seriously?! That’s what you chose to focus on? Out of everything I said?! God you push my buttons” you sighed and sat up straight and looked him in the eye. “Look Harry, this project is a huge part of our grade. I cannot do all the work, and if you don’t do your part half isn’t done and that’s an F. School and grades may not matter much to you, but it does to me” Your voice got weaker and more quiet as you finished speaking. “We all can’t not give a shit and fly by with our good looks and charm.” You mumbled to yourself.

“Hey, I’m sorry okay? I didn’t realize how much this mattered to ya. I know I can be cocky asshole sometimes,” you rolled your eyes and he flashed you a quick smile, “but I didn’t mean to get ya all upset. To be honest yeah school isn’t my thing, but I don’t want that to affect your grades. I’ll do my part, promise.”

Harry’s voice sounded genuine, and full of compassion. Not his typical smug tone of voice with his signature smirk. Matter of fact, he wasn’t smirking, he genuinely looked like he had meant what he said and actually cared. He stuck his pinky out at you, “pinky promise.”

You couldn’t help but smile a bit at that “Alright Styles, pinky promise. But break your promise, I break your pinky.” You took his pinky with yours and made the promise.

“Oh love, I would never want your gorgeous self to break my pinky, it’d break my heart” Harry caught your eye and winked. You hid your face in your hair so he didn’t dare see the blush and small smile his words had caused. This was going to be an interesting and long project together.

God’s Confession

gif is not mine

Title: God’s Confession

Pairing: God!Chuck x Reader

Word Count: 1,103

Warnings: angst/fluff

A/N: This was requested by an non! I hope you all enjoy this! I love you all so much! <3 <3

You stood in the hallway as Dean and Sam talked to God, or Chuck as he called himself.  How could Chuck turn out to be God?  You couldn’t grasp onto it.  You met Chuck such a long time ago and never once did you think he could be God.  

As Dean and Sam left the library, you exchanged glances with them, walking in after them.  His expression seemed to brighten at the mere sight of you, but that was about to change.  Chuck’s smile quickly faded as he averted his eyes from you.

“I was hoping you wouldn’t be upset with me, but I can see that’s not the case,” Chuck mumbled, exhaling heavily.  “I don’t understand why you’re upset with me [Y/N].  What did I do wrong?”

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Happy Cas is happy to see me!

Omg at that smile!! Argh!! Some fluff for ma hoe, @notnaturalanahi.

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Eyes On You

“Can’t believe they called after all this time, just so they could see you”.

Meg smirked in the backseat, handcuffed and slightly bloody.

“Sorry. Guess Clarence needed to see me. Not my fault he likes me better than you”.

You were so tempted to reach back and smack her across the face again, but the boys were already waiting for you.

It didn’t take long to reach them, pulling up on the road to see Dean and Cas stood outside, Sam in the car.

Getting out, you opened Meg’s door and pulled her out.

“Don’t try shit. Cos I’ve got a bunch of bullets that might not kill you, but they’ll hurt like a bitch”, you warned threateningly.

She smirked at you, sauntering forward as she swayed her hips, winking at Cas.

You shook your head, walking behind her.

You looked up to see a huge smile on Cas’ face, looking at her like she was the most precious thing in the world.

Of course he’d like her. Why the hell would an angel even look at a human, when there was a vile demon bitch right in front of you?

She stopped when she reached them, saying something to Cas that you drowned out, staring at the ground when you joined them.

“You look beautiful”.

You smiled bitterly, wondering how he could find a demon beautiful, no matter the vessel.


Your eyes went up to Cas’ when he called your name, flashing him a quick grin.


“I said, you look beautiful, y/n. I have missed you”.

He walked forward, taking you into a slightly awkward, yet comfortable and warm hug. 

But you stood shocked, tensing as he held you.


He buried his nose in your hair, inhaling your scent.

You looked over Cas’ shoulder to see Dean smirking knowingly, giving you an encouraging wink, while Meg pouted, pissed that Cas showed you his real feelings.

You finally understood.

He wasn’t looking at her at all.

His eyes were on you.

His eyes had always been on you, but you just never saw it until now.

You smiled as your arms snaked around him, hugging him back as the fluttering in your stomach got faster and faster.

“I-I missed you too, Cas. So much”.

You could talk about your feelings later. 

Right now, you were just happy to be in the arms of the angel you’d loved since you met him.

The one who you now knew felt the same. 

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sorry guys i’ve been super busy but here have a v v gay thing i made 4 u

it’s 4 am 

Reblogging this gif because it seems like gifs of this moment in 1x02 are relatively rare.

And since it’s national sibling day, a reminder:

1. Everyone thought that Barry living with the Wests was going to be temporary. It probably took about two years (possibly longer since he was a doctor) before Henry was tried in the criminal courts, convicted and sentenced. Meaning Barry and Iris were probably 13 or 14 before Joe and Iris realized their living arrangements would be permanent. Barry probably never thought it was permanent.

2. Joe wasn’t looking to expand his family. He only took Barry in because of Barry’s connection to Iris and, again, it was supposed to be temporary. Therefore, the “we are a family now” convo never happened. If it had, we wouldn’t have the outburst in this gif nor would Iris refer to Joe as “my dad” and Barry refer to Joe as “your dad” when talking to Iris in the beginning of season 1.

3. Barry clearly continued to have a deep emotional attachment to his father. He probably woke up each and every day believing that his father would get out of prison and the two of them would go home. Even when Henry is finally released from prison in 2x01, an adult Barry wants to look for a place so he and Henry can move in together.

4. Joe and Iris respected Barry’s attachment to Henry and Henry’s role as Barry’s father. So the modeling and reinforcement that we typically see in a family didn’t happen (e.g., “don’t hit your sister” “go hug your brother” “leave your sister alone”). We’ve also never seen any trace of sibling rivalry between Barry and Iris because they never considered themselves siblings. We do see signs of sibling rivalry between Iris and Wally (snitching) and Barry and Wally and Wally’s only been around for a little over a year.

5. There is no magic fairy dust falling from a shared roof that makes people who aren’t blood-related siblings. “Growing up together” means waking up, going to school, coming home, doing chores, doing homework, eating dinner, watching tv and going to sleep day after day after day. This doesn’t make people siblings. If that were the case there would be tons of “siblings” walking around group homes and boarding schools.

6. To those who say: “Barry and Joe are so close - like father and son. Joe even calls Barry his son.” Yes, it’s true that Joe calls Barry “son” and they have a close relationship now. But their relationship doesn’t define Barry and Iris’ relationship and Barry and Joe’s relationship was different before Barry became the Flash. While Iris always believed Barry, before Joe saw Barry use his powers in 1x01, Joe didn’t believe Barry. For 14 years he didn’t believe that Henry was innocent. Instead, Joe sent Barry to shrinks. Imagine growing up and the person looking after you doesn’t believe you about the most important thing in your life. As we see in 1x01 and 1x02, there was a wedge between Barry and Joe and it was Iris that had to be peacemaker. Barry and Joe’s relationship changes when Joe agrees to help Barry get his father out of prison. Joe’s help is something Barry probably wanted for 14 years. So, yes, Joe and Barry became closer after this point and we got some really touching scenes which showed Joe and Barry getting closer but it wasn’t always like that.


So i didnt post my first trying at flash animation. So here it is.

Then i started learn Flash i wanted to make “test” thing with Hunk breathing but i couldnt and then i be like “lol, and what if i will do not test and thing wich i realy want” and then i made this

and then it turned to my animation video

so, something like that

The Flash’s Candice Patton Weighs In on Broken ‘WestAllen’ Engagement, Teases 'Breathless’ Musical Role

TVLINE | How do you think the circumstances would need to be different for Barry to even think about proposing again?
I think he’s got to be genuine, first of all. Not that he isn’t genuine, but he needs to make Iris assured that obviously he wants to save her but that he wants to be with her because he loves her, and she’s the only person he wants to be with.

TVLINE | My readers are repeatedly asking: Are we going to see Iris doing anything to investigative the Savitar thing, to kind of help her own cause?
No. [Laughs] I know, I know fans are constantly wanting to see Iris do more investigative work and to use her reporter skills to further the narrative that’s happening this season with Savitar. Maybe next season we’ll see more of that.

TVLINE | She’s being “crossed over” [by some Supergirl cast].
She’s being “crossed over,” yeah. We get to see Iris as a completely different character — new name, new everything. Barry is whammied by the Music Meister and both him and Kara are in this dream-like state where they envision a world where… Iris is this fast-talking, brash daughter of a mobster. It’s a wig that we put on, and I was very much inspired by [Dick Tracy‘s] Breathless Mahoney. It’s just fun for us to do something different, because Iris usually has that “girl next door” thing going on. Even the sets we’re in are so glamorous and kind of 1940s-style. It’s really fun.

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