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Matt said yes guys, what a surprise, wow.

(Oldest post is here, and here’s the first content for the ship. I don’t know who picked the name “Techienician”, please tell me if you know! I’d love to credit them here :D).

Have you ever tried to cast the perfect person for your character of color only to see the same couple of face claims over and over again? Well I have a solution for you!

Face Claim Diversity Presents: The Face Claims of Color Directory!

Face Claim Diversity is brand spanking new, fresh off the lot, state-of-the-art blog dedicated to providing resources just for face claims of color. For the past few months, I’ve been working on the directory and the themes and I’m ready to show-case it! 

The directory is easy to use, features tons of people of color (though it’s still very much a work-in-progress!), has plenty of options to narrow down your search, and has a guide in case you need help. I’ve tried to find lesser-known models, actors, and musicians to feature in the directory, though there still are some familiar faces. When you hover over the pictures, more information will show up.

As time goes on, I will add to the directory. But, since I am in school full-time and work, much of my time is taken up. To make things go faster for me, submit a face claim for me to add if you’d like! Also, if you’re interested, please consider rating the blog so I can make it the best it can be. You can also be a part of this project by sending me a message to apply to be a mod!

Please reblog this post if you’d like and to spread awareness! I’d appreciate it!

The directory can be found here!

I mean, I’m researching the first one so that’s kinda what I wanted to know, but all of these are gold.

blue spread featuring yoonmin and my jin photocard!!!

Days: July 10-16, 2017

Will hopefully upload my purple feed this week! Also, guysss i’ve reached 2k followers like omg?? thank you so much!! Send in requests on how I should celebrate this!! Would you guys like blog rates? name aesthetics?? or what?

Grateful for everyone <3



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caro celebrates a new milestone!

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yikes, I’ve hit 8k!! how the heck!! 

Because I am not creative whatsoever, to celebrate another fabulous milestone, I’ve decided to treat all of you beautiful people!

Under the cut, you will see a list of options for you to choose from, to celebrate with me!

They include: detailed blog rates, personal fic requests/ships, name playlists, and my endless love and friendship! Enjoy :)

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mikey's 800 followers celebratory blog rates ;OO!!!

hey guys :O !! i somehow managed to reach 800 followers on this blog a little while ago (why . and how .. i do not know) and i’ve wanted to do blog rates for 482438 years so .. here they ARe. also i was way too fuckin lazy to do a header who do u Think I Am … it would hav been some shitty microsoft paint header and no1 wants that so u hav this lame text post ur welcome. this might flop but like…. its fun okay


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helloo everyone!!!
after having my studybr for now 3-4ish months, i have seen many many many masterposts with tips for new studyblrs and i decided to make one myself after reaching 3.5k recently c:
i’m hoping to make this short and sweet so if you have any other questions to do with making a studyblr, don’t be afraid to ask me privately!!


  • one of the first things people see/notice about your studyblr and any tumblr in general is your url.
  • many people like to use their name and add “studies” or “study” or something to do with learning at the end as their url
  • however the above option may not be available for you since you have a pretty common name so finding something unique is important
  • incorporate something you like to your url!! like maybe you like cheese, your url could be ‘cheesystudies’
  • i personally chose to use a word which is to do with studying (academic) and added an extra letter based on how the word is pronounced, so for myself, i added a ‘h’ to make ‘acadehmic’ 
  • remember short and simple (unlike my masterposts lmaO)
  • also i like to think that your url is your identity here, so like people know me as acadehmic (i hope) and people know popular studyblrs from their urls


  • a great, easy to navigate theme is very appealing for many and is one of the ways for people to find resources etc.
  • i personally love the theme makers:
  • a tags page is v important for those who post things as your followers may use your blog as a resource blog and it would make their lives 100x easier when looking for things
  • i like to include a faq page so then my followers can go there before asking questions in case i have already answered their question there and then i don’t have to answer the same questions over and over again

ok i’ve made the blog… what now?

  • make an introductory post!!
    • tell everyone your name, age, what you are studying, what you are interested in, who inspired you to make the studyblr and why you made it!
    • an introductory post is a way for others to have a small insight to your blog
    • make sure to tag it with #studyspo #studyblr and even tag studyblrs and their tracked tags as you may not have many or any followers yet so you need to get your blog out there and known!
  • post original content (woooooo)
    • please don’t repost, reblog!! (its our hard work)
    • post whatever you are interested in, whatever you are studying in ways that you enjoy
    • take pictures of your notes, your studyspace (area you study in), your revision guides, or even take photos of the library you’re studying in!!
    • make masterposts and printables hehe
    • share your knowledge and tips, for example if you have learnt spanish or chinese for 10 years and am almost fluent and have picked up on some apps or tips and tricks, share them with the community!!
    • you can take part in the #100daysofproductivity!
  • tag studyblrs in your tags!
    • many studyblrs track tags and they will reblog posts if they have been tagged with their specific tracked tag
    • mine is #acadehmic (i check everyday and reblog everything as long as it relates to studying)
    • your favourite studyblrs probably track a tag so go check out their blog and find out what their tracked tag is!
  • interact!
    • message your favourite studyblrs or any studyblrs and develop friendships with people!
    • some people like to host blog awards or blog rates, join in or make your own!
    • join some study networks such as @studyblrindex c:

my masterposts:

try not to focus too much on the aesthetics and aiming for pretty notes, if it helps you to make pretty notes then make them but as long as you are studying, you are a great studyblr!

again, i have rambled on and on in this masterpost but i hope i hoped heh
studygram : acadehmic

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i.... rlly like ur ow oc.... he seems rlly nice and 10/10 would sit down to eat pudding with him

he is willing to share!