like flat out broke

Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I got the asura chibi head done and I wasn’t sure if you saw it on my art blog or not. So I decided just to submit it directly to you. c:
Hope you like it!



I actually forgot to check your blog for the stream and totally missed it but it turned out perfect! Thanks for telling me, I’m terrible with remembering things.

I’m not sure if Nova’s taking commissions but definitely check out their art if anyone’s interested, it’s great!

anonymous asked:

Au where the real reason Sasuke left the village was because he had no fucking money because the civilian council is the one in charge of inheritances and you don’t get that shit until your either a jonin or 18, and once you become a genin you stop getting the orphan pension and D ranks pay fucking shit so Sasuke is literally just like flat out fucking broke and living the life of a starving college student and Orochimaru is like I can give you power and Sasuke is like is their free food and

Tbh I could definitely see this, especially given the orphan situation in the village. 

Reason for my Absense

So basically around June 20th my phone like flat out broke and I have been using my iPad which can only load a few sets of posts at once and sometimes my laptop which is just annoying to use so yeah basically no posts bc of that plus my depression has been catching up with me a lil so I haven’t been interested in things but once I get a new phone I think I’ll be better

I just finished reading Black Flag’s novel today and even though I’m still not sure if the novels are canon or not, I still had extreme feels especially after Edward stated he was sort of having feelings for Anne, I was smiling and laughing like an idiot. But my heart broke when Edward’s mom just flat-out disowned him. 

image from madeinmasyaf