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'BTS Interview by Distractify'

Who is always on his phone?
Who is the worst texter?
Favorite American fast food?
Wings and French fries.
Who complains the most when they go out to eat?
Favorite clothing label?
Supreme, Gucci, Bape, Opening Ceremony.
Which country do you miss the most (from touring)?
We miss every city we’ve been to on tour.
Favorite (or most memorable) moment from your last tour?
When we were touring in Brazil, hundreds of fans were dancing with us behind the seats like a flashmob. It was awesome.
Who always looks the best, no matter what?
Jin, for sure.
Who has the best laugh?
Favorite song to perform?
FIRE and Save Me.


So… i saw Step Up 4, and this musicians AU came in my head.

 - Marinette, Alya, Nino, and the rest of the guys have an band, a different kind of band… They work like in a flashmob, going into places and starting doing shows, places like restaurants, parks, museums. 

 - They don’t have they real identity revealed, they paint their faces and use others names, the band is just known as Akumas, or, AK.

 - Adrien is just an rich boy who plays cello and meets Nino, a DJ. The band is a secret, but Nino sees potential in Adrien for a really good guitarist, and say that he can meet the crew.

 Adrien is not in the band yet, but i will post more drawings… if you all like this musicians AU.

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Omg!! I love your ficlets, if your still doing prompts- what kind of romantic gestures does sid do for geno?

Geno loves huge gestures, like proposal flashmobs (which Sid thinks are tacky), sending a ridiculous amount of roses and sweets to Sid’s apartment (very much appreciated), and at this rate, Sid wouldn’t be surprised if someone came right during practice and serenaded him in front of all his teammates. It’s all very Geno–over the top, larger than life, full of life and heart, and a little goofy. 

Sidney wonders if he’s too private, sometimes. Too careful about showing his life and too reliant on praying that Geno will just get it when Sidney saves him a seat at a team seminar, or when Sidney tries to make his favorite dish from a recipe that he had to use Google translate for. He sees the rookies phoning their girls and Tanger and Flower calling their wives and babbling on the receiver to their kids, and he wonders if what he’s doing is ever enough. So he decides to just be more verbal about it.

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Live Blog TWP Ep. 6

This week I had just over 5 pages of thoughts as I watched the episode.  The timeline has become so convoluted I just can’t.  I think I nit pick more at the historical side of things in this one (not comparing the historical story of Henry & Elizabeth of York to the show, but rather other historical aspects).  Enjoy!


The whole royal fam turned out for this thang.  The fact they’re all wearing the same clothes lets me know this takes place on the same day William was arrested…. Come on, I know it was the medieval times, but surely they had more than one or two changes of clothes in their wardrobe.  They are the king and queen after all.

Lizzie grabs his hand like “don’t listen 2 the haterz.”

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It was the hardest secret ever to keep. I think it speaks volumes of what type of a person Taylor is as a human being, as an artist. That she was able to get all of these people on a set, shoot an epic – what I don’t even want to call a music video because it’s more of a movie at this point – and get them to not say anything. Hall reflected on his take on the meaning of the video: “ I’m assuming what she means by that is, ‘You made me break every record, you made me out-sell everyone,’” he said. “'You made me hire the best backup dancers in the world, you made me come out of a grave, you made me tilt a bunch of tombstones at one time.” He added that the choreography “was like a flashmob of tombstones. It was really, really cool.”

Todrick Hall on LWYMMD

So I Met Tom Hiddleston...

First off, I’d like to say that he is the most genuine human being on the planet. He truly is that nice in person.

But on to the story.

As is obvious, I was waiting in the queue for the stage door at the Donmar. I was really nervous at first that I wouldn’t get to the front of the line to meet him, as there were several people ahead of me, and I had witnessed him leave when there were only four people left in line the night before. Luckily, I have the most awesome friends in the world, and several of them bumped me to the spot in front of them because I hadn’t met him yet.

Before anything else, I should probably explain that I’m @HiddlestonPro on Twitter, and I directed the music video for Project Wendy. I had accidentally rendered the initial DVD that was given to him in US format rather than Region 2, which is the UK format, so I had brought with me the correctly formatted DVD to give to him and apologize for being dumb and giving him the wrong one.

When it was my turn to speak to him, I awkwardly said hi and handed him the DVD, saying “First off, here’s this. I sent you the wrong DVD previously, but this one is formatted correctly! Sorry about that!”

Tom stared at that DVD like he was in shock or something, and then looked up at me with this look of recognition as my friend Kate (creator of Project Wendy) was saying “This is my girl, Amber!” My heart stopped for a bit because I knew he had figured out who I was, and I felt like a total goofball. I mean, here I was, with this DVD that I’d gotten to him a year late because I was too stupid to render it correctly in the first place. He started looking intently at the DVD and turning it over and studying it like it was the Holy Grail and he’d just discovered it. He also kept mumbling “wow…” as I went on and on about how I had let my editors down by rendering it wrong, and that I was really sorry about it.

He finally looked up at me again and said “No, I actually saw it. The DVD worked. It was like an amazing flashmob of faces! It was really stunning!”


He’d seen it. Holy crap, he’d actually seen it. He’d seen something that I helped make. More importantly, I hadn’t let everyone down. It was SUCH a huge relief, and I started gushing about how grateful I was that he had seen it and that my editors would be so happy, etc. He just kept smiling and looking at the DVD, and then he said “Well, I’ll watch it again.” (See above gif for my reaction)

After that, I asked him to sign my program to both my sister and I, as my sister is a huge fan of his. Not until later did I notice that he not only signed it, but drew a smiley face with a huge moustache on it. Tom, you ridiculous man. You ridiculous, wonderful man.

When he gave the program back to me, I asked him “Could I ask you one last favor?”
“Yeah, sure!”
“Could I have a hug?”
And he was like “YEAH. 8D”

(On a side note, I did NOT hear security say no asking for hugs, otherwise I wouldn’t have asked for one. I was really upset to find out later that I had broken that rule.)

His hugs are amazing, btw. He gladly obliged my request, and after he had given me a hug, I thanked him and said goodbye. “Have a lovely evening!” he said.

I was really proud of myself for keeping my cool throughout the entire exchange, and despite my babbling, I didn’t make a total ass of myself. I feel truly privileged to have met him, and he was very attentive to what I was saying. He actually CARED what I was saying. He listened. He truly is a genuine person, and I’m very glad to have met him.

Yo you little fuckers the actors have promised to dance to EXO’s Growl if Scarlet Heart Ryeo gets high ratings, especially it was Lee Joon Ki who promised this and he even said the whole cast will do it and make it like a flashmob so sit your fucking asses in front of the TV every Monday and Tuesday at 22pm Korean time on SBS and let me see this dance shit happen!