like finding a needle in a small stack of hay in your hand

Silver Lining| Min Yoongi

Life has its hardships especially being fresh out of college luckily you have a gummy smiled friend to help you with your struggles. You managed getting a shabby apartment with a shared bedroom and when worst comes ends up having to share a cold shower as the warm water is shut off. Things arent going so pleasant as the electricity follows off too but the most treacherous of all, you being able to face what your feelings might actually hold. But your just friends right?

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Warning: Smut, cursing, stuff, Best friend Yoongi!, So much friendly bickering like damn just fuck already

Genre: Smut and fluff

Word count: 13.2K Got a little carried away..

A/N: A wild update appears. Okay this damn comeback needs to back the fuck up. Yoongi looks like a meal and bighit is now becoming a jin stan everything it beautiful. School sucks thats the main reason my updates are late as hell. also i found this promt on pintrest but switched some shit. ALSO i am supposed to be doing homework but needed to update please pray for my grades. ALso my teacher was talking about college and im not even a senior so you need to calm the fuck down with that damn word. Okay im done

Oh and you know i had to get a blue hair yoongi on the screen.

Having a longing companion was a necessity to a longing life. Having someone to share the necessitates you were used to sharing alone. The feeling of having another comforting body against your side defeating the odds always seemed appealing. It was often rare for something to come along like so. You would rather find a needle in a hay stack then finding something as extraordinary as other couples demonstrate so. It was never an easy task to accomplish as everyone seeks for so, making your chances limited.

I soon accepted this fate and decided on second best, another companion that seemingly resembled the same. A best friend was well suited for my need, as they held the same traits but still remained rather different. A significant other held the qualities of love and romance as a best friend held the traits of honesty loyalty and bundles of fun. No argumentative sides or going a long period without talking as being away from the seemed like the end of your whole soul. I needed someone to rely on and cherish without that sexual desire yet it seemed almost impossible to find. I was hovering over ever possibility i could get, still lost in the endless hay stack.

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(GASTON/F!READER) A General and Her Captain

This was a request from the lovely @17gnomes-in-a-trenchcoat who messaged me the prompt. I sorta want to make a sequel to this, but it would be super sad and they specified a happy ending. I also don’t want to add stuff to a request that hasn’t been given the okay by the person who requested it.

Yes, you can message me requests if you would prefer to. I did this today in one sitting. Plus all of the double checking for historical accuracy. To put it shortly, I’m tired. I am planning to post some head canons tomorrow at the very least.

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Pairing: RivaMika
Setting: Dystopia AU
Genre: Action/Drama
Rating: T

A/N: I pulled a plot out of my ass, sometimes I truly surprise myself. I like these kinds of ideas and I wanted to create a sense of urgency. Thank you for the request Kenken-chan (I love saying your username by the way <333)

“Why?! Why are you both getting sucked in to this? This isn’t our fight!” Mikasa barked.

She stood before Eren and Armin, hands dropped down at her sides. Her dark eyes unamused and glowering. They both sat in a small round wooden table. A warm flickering lick of flame within a metal gas lantern was the only thing that illuminated the room in the dead of night.

“I won’t expect you to understand our reasons.” Armin said as he folded his hands tensely together. “But please don’t tell anyone about this.”

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Blind Date

punkDean and writerCas… Just one I did for the hell of it. Major fluff. I dont know… Hope you enjoy.


“Sixty dollars.” Dean Winchester groaned as he ran his hand through his ungelled Mohawk. “I can’t fucking afford that.”

Bobby Singer shrugged his shoulders and let his eyes wander over Dean’s impala. “Then I am afraid she ain’t gonna be going anywhere.”

“Are you fucking kidding me? Bobby, I just need one part. Can’t I just work it off?” Dean cracked his knuckles and felt a strain on him now. He had nothing else other than this car.

“I am sorry, kiddo. But I can’t give you another loan. You are just going to have to work and buy it when you have the money.” Bobby turned his back to Dean and started for his office at the back of the garage.

Dean stared at his baby and sighed deeply. He had no way of getting home except walking. Looking down at his Ramones muscle tee and black ripped skinny jeans, he realized he wasn’t dressed for the hike. Letting out a deeper sigh he closed his eyes and reached into his back pocket for his phone. Dialing his brother’s number, Dean felt a little needy calling his brother after all that had happened.

After what felt like hours of ringing, the phone came to voicemail and Dean was hit by Sam’s calm voice. “I couldn’t make it to the phone, but leave a message and I will get back to you.” There was a slight pause. “If this is Dean, don’t leave a message and don’t call back.” Then it ended and a small beep rang in Dean’s ears.

Dean shook his head and snapped his phone shut. He growled angrily and kicked at a bucket, but didn’t feel it through his combat boots. Instead, he shrugged it off and started out the entrance. He had a long way to walk and all he could think of was his beer that was waiting for him at home.

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