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Y’all have those fics where, like, you knew you shouldn’t have started a WiP because you knew that you would want it all right away and that your world would be consumed by it, but then you ALSO understand that authors are real people with real lives and updates won’t be every day like you wish they could be?

And then those fics where, like, it hasn’t updated since August of 2009 (lookin’ at you, “Home”) but you still check once a month and have for YEARS, just to be ABSOLUTELY SURE they didn’t decide to pick it back up?

And those fics that you don’t know the resolution to yet, or may NEVER know the resolution to, but still they consume? Overwhelm? RUIN your daily LIFE?


Tiny jerza baby: Sieg Scarlet, enjoying a nap curled up in his crip x3. Created by my dear @bellagill92 whose name was a very long awaited revelation in which i have a hand since I cheered her up to keep Sieg’s name for the little redhead <3 (I think is the perfect name!)

You can find stories about this cute baby over here, very recommendable if you want to put a smile in your face and lots of cute fluffy feels in your heart (it’s like watching kitten videos!)

Hope you like this dear! <3

For You

Warnings: smut, oral (female receiving), some dirty talk, slight bdsm, caring Bucky, yeah

Pairings: BuckyxOc

Words: 1,639

Notes: hey guys, sorry I’ve been MIA for so long, things have been crazy with my family and applying to grad school. I’ll try and get some more writing to y’all more frequently I promise<3 250 followers oh my god! Thank y’all so much

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Wait, what did clam chowder say? (in response to the tags on your ben decter tweets)

from here

it’s been echoing in my mind ever since things started to go south. she seemed a little too smug about the change over (not to mention i’m laughing about HER calling out racism, misogyny and homophobia, hilarious). it struck fear in my heart, now i’m feeling like there’s a reason for that i don’t know man

Unwanted, someone who is easily replaced after a while, disposed after used, everything, all because I am different. I’m not as tall as them, or as white, or as intelligent as them. I’m just a single flower; A flower that is picked by no one, being passed by on a street. I tried to change myself, become something I am not. I hid my thorns around my heart and my flaws under my skin. I was perfect. Bu then, I was still judged. I was judged because I’m a freak, a monster hiding under a human body. They don’t understand me, I still have a heart. Like others, I can feel, love, and care, but they don’t believe me. They make fun of me, just because I’m different.
—  circus monster // jin

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I'm crying over a guy who was so incredibly nice when I first met him then I fell for him and told him and now he no longer wants to talk to me and I feel like my heart has been shattered into a million pieces because all I want to do is be with him

He probably just wanted to be friends man. I know it sucks but maybe you should try and reconcile what you had with him and just enjoy the friendship.

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Even though Magnus is still learning, I feel like he has the biggest heart. Protect Magnus. Once he matures, he is going to be that person who gives back to humanity.

yeesss he means well, just has to grow:’) 


Some of you already know this but, I’m pretty sick at the moment, and it’s got to a point where it’s physically tiring to open social media and chat/scroll. It’s taking me days to write (what feel like, half-hearted) messages. And you beautiful people don’t need that. So I’m signing off till I improve.

Hopefully, that’s soon :)

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in the topic of marriage, i feel like they would get married just because being in a marriage you would literally share everything together like finances, house, credit etc but i think they would have a small subtle wedding?? like nothing big and fancy. I can't wait til they finally move out and get a freaking dog it would just be so cute to see them take care of it and see how they do as fur parents

maybe, i like to speculate about stuff like this because anything romantic i am all over like a rash, makes my lil heart sing

i feel like they’re probably already sharing everything they possibly can (without the legal binding, obvs) so not really all too much would change but maybe they would get married just for that much more security, like you say?? idk

they’re going to be the grossest in-your-face dog owners ever i tell u now, mark my words

let’s chat about dan and phil!

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This entire fandom is wishing we were back on Honeymoon Avenue..

I feel like our heart is stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, 
We’re under pressure ‘cause we can’t have it
The way that we want

Let’s just go back to the way it was….

Jogging on the dirt, what a fun way to start a spring.

Good morning.

It’s becoming warm in my city, now there’s an actual sun outside, haven’t seen this dude for a while, and lots and lots and lots of dirt EVERYwhere. Dirt has covered all the roads, all the sidewalks, all the parks and squares, snow is melting and becoming dirt, and there’s dirt under the dirt like a huge dirt sandwich.

My heart feels the same way – it was frozen, coved in a cold pile of snow all the winter long, but now it’s melting and the outside is dirty and ugly. But that’s great! After the few days it will be all clean and fresh, even better than anytime. The flowers will grow; I know that this spring wants to be a little better than the other ones I had. There will be some great rains, there will be some beautiful thunderstorms, some rainbows and sweaty warm days.

I want to start jogging. I’ve jogged for a few weeks last summer and I loved it. Since I started living so close to a few parks it doesn’t look like a torture to go for run. And there’s a lot of dog! I actually played with one dog once when I was jogging! Please support me, I hope I will have my first jog tomorrow. I hope that a weather forecast isn’t fucking with me and it will be 7 degrees Celsius for real.

I’m so ready to be in pain and hate every single 20-30 minutes in the raw!

Looking forward for not being a narc,

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