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PSA: if your grown ass man is too scared to accidentally brush up against a wrapped tampon, it’s time to find a new man. Your period is natural and shouldn’t freak him out. #RemoveTheStigma #PrettyLittlePSA


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Cold As Ice

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Peter Parker x Shy Reader

Request: Yes

Summary: After discovering their powers and wanting to save a troubled citizen, the Reader is left to dealt with the consequences, but ends up finding out a certain secret from a certain spiderling instead.

Word Count: 3,180 (omg)

Warnings: Language, cuteness, discovery of powers, fluff, fight scene, shy!Reader, *slight* assault scene, suck-ass ending (bc I’m trash and I suck at writing), (Please let me know if I missed anything).

A/N: For some reason, I had such a hard time making a summary for this ?? Hopefully the anon that requested this thinks it’s okay. :// I’m slowly moving through all my requests (I have a lot lol). Anyway, let me know what you think as always and enjoy reading!

Walking into Midtown High, you cautiously grudge towards your locker in order to get your books for today’s classes.

These past few days have been strange, to say the least.

Despite it being almost the end of the school year and the hot weather finally arriving, you somehow felt cold to your bones.

Instead of wearing short sleeves and shorts, you started dressing in sweatshirts and pants.

Maybe I’m getting sick…?

Maybe it’s just the chills…?

You kept making excuses like that, but the coldness never seemed to go away.

It’s been happening for a couple weeks now, but you didn’t know what to do.

You didn’t know what this was.

Well, not until today.

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I love your baby paladins but I feel like they don't do enough annoying baby things. Like grab peoples, hair and faces or make awkward screeching noises for no reason...They're just too cute be real. Why are they so precious and innocent?

don’t test them m8 

Got7: they distract you from reading

Jaebum:  seeing you curled up in a corner on your couch while you clutch the book like it’s your lifeline…it will irk him after a while. He can’t believe he’s jealous of an inanimate object, but he can’t help but feel the urge to throw the book across the room and cuddle in your lap instead if it, which is exactly what he’ll do.

Mark:  won’t bother you unless he feels like you’re ignoring him or spending too much reading, so he’ll use the excuse of not seeing you often enough. “Duuuude, you’ve been reading for like half an hour, and this is what I get for barely seeing you?” When you’re still not budging, he’ll position his head in your lap one way or the other.

Jackson:  there’s no way in heck he’s letting you read and be boring when he’s around, esp since he hasn’t been able to spend much time with you. He’ll snatch that book right out of your hand and after doing the doggy ear to mark the page, he’ll grin and suggest catching up on your favorite drama while cuddling.

Jinyoung:  dude he’ll probably be petty and whip out a book of his own, sits next to you, and starts flipping the pages loudly in hopes of you noticing. He’ll turn his aegyo on and close his book, pressing light kisses along your jaw to get your attention. Once it does, he’ll give you an innocent smile and ask what you’re reading about.

Youngjae:  "jagiyaaa I’m right here, pay attention to me before I put on the kardashians or go eat cucumbers….please…..“ he’s like a cat when he’s starved of attention, but won’t be rude and close the book if you’re really into it. He’ll wrap his arm around you on the couch, and instead of trying to distract you, he’ll ask if you had some recommendations for him to read, since he’s sure that’ll get you to start talking.

Bambam:  blasts his music on his phone and sings loudly, enough for the whole building to hear and enough to annoy you. He’ll pull you up from the couch and starts spinning you around, his dance moves not really matching to the beat of the songs, instead he’s just focused on goofing off with you like always. He’ll nuzzle his face in your neck, making so much noise with his mouth until you finally give in and stop trying to read.

Yugyeom:  he’ll sorta just stand around, waiting to see if you’re actually going to put the book down or not. Might pretend like he needs help with something to get your attention back on him, or just gives up and puts himself between you and the book, where he stares up at you with an innocent smile.

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you’re really my dearest friend (1/1)

platonic ladynoir hurt/comfort written for a really lovely commissioner who wishes to remain anonymous — thank you so much for commissioning me!! ♥♥♥

summary: Sometimes, the process of getting out is much more difficult than it really should be — but sometimes friends can help, if you let them.

commission info

Ladybug noticed something was up about ten minutes into patrol.

Chat was quiet.

It wasn’t exactly as strange as one might think — for all of his dramatic mannerisms and cavalier confidence, Chat wasn’t actually all that loud — but this level of shortness and silence was… unsettling.

She spent another ten minutes staring at him out of the corner of her eye, trying to figure out what it was about him that was raising those alarm bells in her head (the cold economy of his movements? The tightness around his mouth? The way he spent more time staring into space then at anything in particular?) before deciding to stop them on the next rooftop.

Another worrying note: Chat didn’t notice her signalling a halt. Sure, it happened sometimes, but he was usually on the ball about things like that, and in addition to everything else…

She caught his shoulder before he could make the next leap.

“Hey, is everything okay?”

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me: and you know what i can never understand?? sometimes i look at kai and i just *whining noises* you know? like i *slams face on counter* and *drools uncontrollably*… yeah…but then i look at jongin and i’m like *high pitched pterodactyl screech* and *weird baby sounds* cause he’s just so *smiles lovingly that turns into muffled sobs* and then i always remember that jongin is kai as much as kai is jongin and it’s like..HOW?? So in reality all my pain and suffering comes from one person but so does all my happiness and that person is kim jongin

cashier: please just take your receipt ma'am a line is forming…

Why INTJs are cats

-you are independant

-you have a short list of people who can touch you

-you like to sit back and observe

-your face is judgy af

-you dont like crowds and loud noises

-you are curious and super clumsy

-you can be very playful given the right game

-you are suspicious of strangers

-you have no remorse 

-you have an attitude

-you are fierce and proud

-you walk like you own the place

pretending to not know.

➵ characters: jonghyun x reader
➵ genre: smut
➵ wc: 3298
➵ summary: requested, with jonghyun teaches you a few tricks here and there, all whilst never neglecting your needs.
➵ author’s note: i got so descriptive with this i even surprised myself lol. and anon, i know you said shy, but it’s jonghyun. i had to have fun with it. enjoy.
➵ masterlist
➵ disclaimer

‘Jonghyun, baby…’ you purred crawling up the bed slowly on all fours as he laid upon it, one knee up and his hands behind his head, completely absorbed with the show he was watching on the television behind you.

Cocking an eyebrow at his lack of attention to you, the next thing you tried was kissing the bare skin of his legs that his shorts exposed, beginning at his knee and crept your way to his inner thigh. Finally he reacted by his leg flinching, but unfortunately in a dismissive way.

‘Jonghyun,’ you now said more sternly.

‘What, baby?’ he almost whined. ‘I’m trying to watch the show.’

‘And I’m trying to do something… else,’ you now moved up his body so you could straddle him. ‘Or do you want me stop?’

‘Well…’ he bit his lower lip with a smirk, ‘I was actually really looking forward to watching this new episode–’ You tutted frustratingly, withdrawing your body from him. ‘No, wait! I was kidding,’ he chuckled. ‘It was a joke, baby, come here.’

Jonghyun pulled your leg back in that was just hovering over your body, shifting you into your previous position, then placing a soft hand on the back of your neck to pull your face down to his.

‘Uh huh, it was hilarious,’ sarcasm prominent in your tone as your lips lowered onto his, at first only pecking them gently. Jonghyun decided to test your limits slightly, applying the least amount of pressure under his hand upon your neck trying to deepen the kiss. Much to his surprise, you reacted positively, placing your hands on his jaw and cheeks and tilting your head.

His other arm came around your waist to push your lower body into his, and the new contact of your crotches grinding lazily against each other caused him to part his lips to moan, and you took that as an invitation to gently dip your tongue to clash with his.

‘What’s gotten into you?’ he asked against your lips.

‘Hmm?’ your lips migrated to where your hands laid on his jaw, placing wet and harsh kisses upon it. When you reached the new found spot you had found recently that made Jonghyun shudder, his hips unconsciously bucked upwards harder onto you, exuding a harsh groan.

‘You’re more–fuck–more…’ he found it difficult to formulate his words.

‘Direct?’ you filled in the blank.

‘Yeah, that’s it,’ Jonghyun inhaled sharply at your now more persistent roll of your hips, enough friction being caused to commence the hardening of his cock beneath the material that separated you two.

You chuckled. ‘Again, I can stop.’

‘Don’t you dare,’ he started to pant. ‘You’re gonna finish what you started.’

‘Wait,’ you sat up still on top of him with your hands at his chest. ‘I know different people like different things.’

‘And?’ he asked impatiently.

‘And… how about you give me a few pointers?’

Jonghyun narrowed his eyes and also sat up. ‘On what exactly?’

‘What do you think?’ With your force, you pushed Jonghyun to lay flat on his back once again with an oomph, but instead of sitting up once more in protest, he instead bit his lower lip in pure anticipation.

You scooted down between his legs, giving Jonghyun the cue to somewhat part them so you could rest between them comfortably. Gazing at the visible tent that had formed on his shorts, you bit the inside of your cheek nervously, debating on what to do next.

The first move was cupping him his with a firm palm, but your hand descended on Jonghyun’s cock in such an abrupt manner that, his breath caught in his throat.

‘Baby…’ he looked up resting on his forearms, ‘gently. Look.’

Your hand was still on him and he held you by your wrist, smoothly having you rub him, letting your hand glide up and down his shaft. As Jonghyun was looking at your hand movements, you looked at him and saw that his chest was heaving, not in the desperate need for air but in the attempt to keep his body under his control as he tried his best to guide you.

‘That’s it,’ he exhaled, ‘now just tighten your grip. Just a bit.’

You followed his instructions, letting your fingers wrap around his growing bulge, still stroking it in the same slow pace. Low moans were now audible from Jonghyun, indicating that you were doing it just as he liked it.

‘Baby, I–fuck, I need you to touch me for real now,’ that composed demeanor he was trying to present was slowly disintegrating.

‘Then take these off,’ you stated. Jonghyun observed your face for a moment to depict whether or not you were being serious, and when he noted your intent, the material of his shorts and boxers were being slid down his legs.

As he was doing so, his semi-hard cock came into full view, making you swallow hard in thirst. Without being asked, your hand returned on Jonghyun, this time more delicately, and he felt much warmer and heavier than expected, with your fingers once again wrapping around him.

This time Jonghyun allowed you to move alone, trusting that you now understood what was required, allowing his head to fall back in pleasure. You liked the noises that he was making, the faces he was creating, simply because of the things you were doing to him, which to you seemed minimal. So what would it be like when you took it up a notch?

With his head back, Jonghyun didn’t see you shift on the bed, thinking nothing of the sudden dip in the mattress. His eyes opened alarmingly, his jaw dropping and his chest sputtering as his breath became choppy, and words were hard to find.

To his astonishment, your mouth had engulfed the head of his cock, with it being so warm and so wet, Jonghyun choked.

‘Holy shit,’ he inhaled deeply. ‘Baby, I–fuck!’

Your lips smirked around his shaft, elated by his reaction. You were in a position that allowed you to rest on your elbows and arms, cosily situated between Jonghyun’s legs. Your eyes peered up to him, who was now lying on his back, seeing his chest heave profoundly and his hands clawing at his hair and the sheets, exciting you even more.

To take it further, quite literally, your mouth lowered onto him even more, but as soon as the tip of his cock hit the end of the roof of your mouth, your throat instantly closed up, immobilising you.

Jonghyun too secretly wanted you to take more of him and felt your attempt to do so on him, and when you were forced to stop, he looked up again.

‘Relax your throat for me,’ he still breathed deeply. ‘I won’t hurt you.’

His words seemed sincere, and you trusted Jonghyun wholeheartedly, and so took his advice; you opened your mouth more, in the act also opening up your throat slightly, and Jonghyun took the opportunity to raise his hips up into your mouth, still delicately enough to just test your waters.

He hissed and exhaled with a groan as he felt his cock burying itself deeper into your mouth, so engrossed in the sensation that he also placed a hand on the back of your head, pushing you down onto him.

Intuitively, your throat became more relaxed to the point your lips were able to almost reach the base of his cock, but an inhibiting tingle on the back of your throat caused your breathing to halt, strands of saliva producing from your mouth and onto his cock and your reflexes argued for you to pull back. However, Jonghyun’s deep breathing, in the midst of deep moans, it set you alight and you only wanted to make him feel any better. So against your instincts, you kept your mouth on him for as long as you could.

You didn’t withdraw until his hand left your head, and you were free to pull your mouth back, fighting to catch your breath back. When doing so, your hand resumed its previous motions, now feeling much more slick due to your saliva acting as a lubricant.

‘You’re gonna fucking kill me,’ he chuckled.

‘Aw, but I’m just starting to have fun,’ you teased him, cocking your eyebrow.

‘Well, I wouldn’t want to ruin that for you.’

You bit the inside of your cheek to hide a smile, instead just rolling your eyes at him. And wanting you get back to that fun promptly, you restored your lips around the head of cock, allowing your tongue to lap at it longingly as your hand worked his entire shaft in the same pace.

Jonghyun continued to express the same solid and heavy moans in sync with your actions, increasing in frequency when your hand and mouth too moved on him faster as you gained momentum.

It came to a point where you would only suck on the head and your hand stroked him rapidly, making him hiss and his breathing more irregular.

‘Baby,’ he groaned. ‘Baby, I’m gonna cum.’

You raised your eyebrows, more motivated than ever to get him off now that you were so close to doing so. Your mouth dropped on him once more like before, making his hips buck, and ascended to descend on his cock once more. He now groaned at such a high pitch you knew that it would only take one or two more strokes to see him through.

So keeping your mouth enclosed around him, you continued to pump him and his body went stiff, his hips jittering eagerly, leaving his mouth gaping as his eyes were shut closed tightly.

The hot liquid that emitted from the slit landed on the length of your tongue, some immediately spurting down your throat, and you continuously stroked him and he was completely milked.

‘Fuck!’ he cursed animalistically, holding you by the back of your neck to keep you on him. It was not like you were gonna move any time soon as you wanted every last drop of him to be coaxed out, only feeling satisfied after cleaning any drop that may have escaped, letting it all coat your drying throat with one large gulp.

Pulling yourself up to your knees, you took your thumb and index finger to wipe at the corners of your mouth, looking at Jonghyun, who was still red and flustered, with large an innocent eyes.

‘Are you sure you haven’t done this a lot like you make it seem?’ he asked you between breaths, narrowing his eyes.

‘Am I that good?’ you laughed.

Taking your hands from your face, Jonghyun held them so he could pull you into him, making your flattened body lay over his.

‘I’m certainly not complaining,’ he said with a grin.

You brought your legs up so you could get upon your knees but still kept your torso bent over and on top of Jonghyun, and his hands grasped the hem of your oversized shirt, pulling the material over your head.

Holding you securely by your thighs, Jonghyun made so it was you now that was on your back as he sat up on his knees, removing his own shirt. He leaned to you once more, instantly aiming for your already hardened nipples which for him begged to be nipped and sucked on.

As soon as his mouth enveloped around your breast, your hips rolled upwards in the need for any form of friction upon your centre, your walls becoming wetter and wetter by the second.

Jonghyun took your nipple to his lips and tongues firmly, flicking a hard but wet tongue over it, making you moan lowly. When a free hand of his kept itself busy by having his fingers tweak at your other nipple, you began to moan more loudly and become somewhat impatient.

‘You’re just teasing now,’ you whined.

‘Because this is my type of fun,’ he replied. ‘But I intend on making you feel just as good as you just did to me.’

But you didn’t want to wait anymore; as Jonghyun continued tug at your nipple, now incorporating his teeth, you took it upon yourself to remove your shorts and panties but could only take them as far as the middle of your thighs, Jonghyun’s body impeding it from going any further.

He tutted. ‘Can’t wait any longer can you?’

You shook your head. ‘I’m so wet already.’

Your hands sneaked to cup your already drenched pussy, taking two fingers along the slit upwards and to your clit, relishing in the pleasure you were giving yourself with the slow circles upon it.

Jonghyun noted what you were doing and to get a better view, he pulled back his body, taking your shorts and panties with him, discarding them on the bedroom floor. This way you were able to widen your legs, giving Jonghyun a better view.

His eyes stayed planted on your lower body and the movements of your hand and fingers on your pussy, biting his lower lip and he moved further down the bed, placing himself nicely between your legs.

‘I could watch you do this all day,’ Jonghyun sighed.

You shifted your hips to become closer to his face. ‘I think it’d be better if you just put your mouth to work instead.’

‘Getting feisty, are we?’

‘Don’t try me. Not right now,’ you shot back.

‘I would never,’ he said sarcastically. Before you could reply, his hands were already wrapped around your thigh, essentially tugging you towards him even more, and didn’t waste any time in dipping his tongue on your dripping folds.

Immediately, your hands flew to his hair, gripping on it only enough for support, letting your fingers run through his scalp. Your lower lip trapped between your teeth muffled the moans that emitted from your mouth, keeping your head up to get a good look at Jonghyun’s mouth on you.

After running his tongue vertically along your pussy to collect all the juices that coated you, a flat tongue pressed up against your clit, moving it rigidly against it. To this you hissed sharply, gently motioning your hips in sync with mouth to increase the pressure.

‘Fuck, Jonghyun!’ you moaned. ‘Holy shit, you’re making me feel so good.’

‘You like my tongue on you, baby?’ he muzzled with his mouth still completely on your pussy.

‘Yes, oh god, yes! Don’t stop, don’t stop!’

To that, Jonghyun now sucked on your clit, using one of his hands to part your lips to allow him more access. Your head fell back onto the pillow, digging into it, as your mind and body became consumed on the concentrated pleasure Jonghyun administered with his lips wrapped around your clit, sucking onto it like his life depended on it.

It didn’t take long before that tingling sensation on your crotch began to build up, with your fingers gripping onto Jonghyun’s locks harder.

‘I’m gonna cum!’ you groaned through gritted teeth. ‘Holy shit, Jonghyun!’

Returning his hand to your thigh, he kept them open as they threatened to enclose on him, still firmly sucking on your clit. Your hips raised as your orgasm came closer and closer, letting it crash back down onto the bed when it finally hit you. Your stomach tensed as your pussy convulsed, all of your wetness dripping out of you.

‘Jonghyun!’ you yelped, and the way you called him name caused him to groan against you, sending a new wave of sensation through you. At this point, you were lost for words as your orgasm continued to travel through you, desperate to pump oxygen into your lungs, and he only let go of you when he was for sure you had reached your ultimatum.

Jonghyun pulled himself to his knees once more with lust and need clouding his vision, rushing for the condom inside the bedside table’s drawer. Beneath him, you were still a heap of mess, your breath still irregular and your limbs still shaking. Your head dazed from side to side, swallowing hard.

Your body feeling quite limp, Jonghyun took it upon himself to hoist one of your ankles onto his shoulder, pushing the other leg wide. He held onto his now latex protected rehardening cock to align himself with your entrance, with the wetness of your pussy allowing him to slip his head in relatively easily, but he already felt your tightness clasp onto him, causing him to scrunch his eyebrows in pleasure.

Eventually, you came to your senses again as soon as you felt Jonghyun enter you slowly, still sensitive from your previous orgasm.

‘Jonghyun,’ you mumbled. ‘Fuck me. Baby, fill me up.’

‘Do you need me inside you, sweetheart?’

‘Just as much as you wanna stretch me.’

Your dirty talk was driving Jonghyun completely insane this whole night, groaning every time you tempted him. And you were spilling truths; he wanted nothing more than to fuck you into the mattress, and have you plead him for more.

So all the formalities were discarded and forgotten about, and Jonghyun slammed into your mercilessly. You inhaled a gasp, by the time you were exhaling, Jonghyun had already slammed into your warm pussy once more.

The arm that he had beside you was used as support as your left hand’s fingers clawed into it in the attempt to keep your body still as Jonghyun’s thrusts rattled your body and the bed.

The angle that Jonghyun positioned you in meant that he was able to penetrate you deeper than usually, already pressing and probing against your g-spot with ease.

‘F-fuck, Jonghyun!’ you huffed. ‘Oh god!’

‘Do you like this cock inside of you, baby?’ he half groaned, half moaned. ‘You like it when I fuck you like this?’

You nodded with your eyes shut, concentrating on your g-spot becoming more and more stimulated. You could already feel your walls contracting and releasing slightly, innately chasing your orgasm.

‘Shit, do that again,’ he stated. You knew already what he was referring to, and so clamped down on his cock even more and he continued to fuck you at a ruthless pace. ‘Fuck, fuck, fuck!’

‘Jonghyun, I’m gonna cum!’ you exclaimed. ‘Shit, I’m cumming!’

‘Cum on my cock, sweetheart. Fucking cum on my cock!’ Jonghyun’s own head fell back and he held onto your leg for his dear life, with your pussy stroking him so deliciously.

With one last groan and thrust, your orgasm caused your back to arch off the bed entirely, your limbs once again shaking violently as your second peak rippled through your body with such intensity your toes and fingers curled into the sheets beneath you, whimpering and whining animalistically.

The new gush of wetness that coated Jonghyun was enough for his own orgasm to come to him, opting to continue to fuck you through it, cursing and groaning as he felt your walks draining his seed into the condom.

‘[Y/N]!’ he cried out with the last of his deep thrusts as they became more shallow, before sinking down into you fully.

Jonghyun let his body slump over your body, your sheets of sweat that covered your bodies making your torsos stick together. Your eyes remained closed as you took deep breaths in and out, with your legs still jittering on their own. Your chests heaved against each other as Jonghyun rested his head beside yours and his hands flattened beside your body.

Slowly you opened your eyes, feeling Jonghyun’s weight on you as a comfortable one, eventually wrapping your hands around his neck. In doing so, Jonghyun slowly but surely pulled himself back up to face you by resting his forehead on yours.

‘You missed your show,’ you said with a slight giggled.

Jonghyun laughed too. ‘Like I said, I’m not complaining.’

She's Like The Wind - Part Three

Summary: You have been blind for over 10 years. During the apocalypse, you use your utmost strength in order to survive while also fending off your mixed feelings for the big bad leader of your community, the Sanctuary.

Pairings: Negan x Blind Reader

Warnings: language.

Everyone in the large cafeteria stood silent. You swore that you could have heard a pin drop. You, a blind woman, had just decked David straight in the face and likely broke his noise. You could feel the eyes of everyone piercing into your back, along with confusion radiating off of them. Jesse was most likely smiling and silently cheering in satisfaction.

“You stupid bitch!” David growled out at you from his position on the floor. You heard shuffling as he stood back up carefully onto his feet. “You probably broke my fucking nose.”

“Whoa!” You heard a deep and familiar voice yell out. A door slammed shut right after, indicating to you that Negan had just arrived.

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Fire Starter (A cutesy Deadpool one shot)

Warnings: language, violence, mentions of sex, deadpool in general

You weren’t exactly Deadpool’s sister, but of course when Wade found you burning down the box you called home in your nightmares he couldn’t resist. You were only 11 then and had run away from your foster home after nearly burning that down by accident. You were happy to stay with Wade though because as he demonstrated when he scooped up your body engulfed in flames, he couldn’t be killed. You loved that about him. He loved that you were his tiny fire starter and best friend. Somehow he managed to get paperwork saying you were his sister and he your legal guardian, so you were officially Y/N Wilson. It had been a stellar 7 years with Wade, but today was your 18th birthday and you had a big request.

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