like explain to me why you dont like her

I am so fucking tired of trying to understand mononormative jealousy relationship rules etc bullshit

Like in this series i have been watching, these two people were dating, then they broke up, the girl was with a bad guy when they were broken up, they got back together, the guy finds out she has been with the bad guy, they break up and the man has a super jealous breakdown like “every time i close my eyes i see these adult movies of them together” like wtf sicko let it go you werent even together, then later they fight and the dude confesses his love to her and she is like why are you so mean to me if you love me

ANd after that she comes to his house like only thing keeping us from eachother is you and kiss kiss and then she can see theres another woman and everything is broken again like oh my god this is i dont even i really dont get this could someone explain monogamous romantic relationships to me because i seriously can’t get this

Are they really like this or just on tv? Is that really a relatable storyline?

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can you explain why people hate bughead bc im confused (i don't shi pit dont hurt me)

why does everyone ask this and not look in my anti tag


it’s forced. they got together after two (TWO) episodes together. there was no build up. it was “they meet”, they hang out with friends, and BAM suddenly they’re making out like…? what

they have no chemistry. jughead looks like he wants to die everytime he has to kiss her or be around her like am i the only one seeing this. they don’t even have “that spark” on screen that veronica has with literally everyone.

jughead discoursers are either the aroace ones or the gay coded ones, and they want the show to align with the comics, so they hate the ship for those reasons.

personally i don’t like it bc it’s forced, no chemistry, the ship exists to prolong betty’s character and her own narrative, all the while jughead’s arc is seen as less important and it’s less pronounced.

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Wait help omg so my sister started watching supergirl and at first I was so excited BUT THE WORST THING JUST HAPPENED AND I NEED UR HELP she actually likes him and supports kara*** She texted me saying: "Okay I feel like he didn't do that much wrong. Like he wanted to get away. Yay she forgave him they're the cutest." So pls I'm begging can you link some of those posts that explain why this relationship is abusive and how fukin terrible he is so I can show her bc I'm not getting through

that’s so Unfortunate oh my god. i dont actually tag anything right on this blog so maybe someone else actually kept track of posts sorry dude

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So when you and nina first started talking (when she messaged you first) at what point do you start FaceTiming someone when its not awkward? Like after you guys had legit and meaningful long convos were you just like "hey why dont we just FaceTime" or is it usually just like "hey wanna FaceTime" right away? I mean this is general like factiming someone for the first time?

Okay so me and nina talked for 2 days then I asked her if we could FaceTime because I didn’t wanna explain what was happening over text at the time… so we FaceTimed and it wasn’t awkward at all

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Ok there is so much i wanna say but ill begin by saying ( Iapoligize for thus btw, and i will probably get hate for) i dislike yoojung a bit ?? Idk how to explain my feelings for her, but theres something about her i dont like. ANYWAYS BACK TO THE REAL REASON IM SENDING THIS. THAT SEX SCENE WAS THE BEST IVE READ IN A WHILE AND IT GOT ME FEELING SOMETHING LIKE OMFG THIS WHOLE THING WAS LIKE FJFIDFIVKDKX ALSO I HATE MRS. MIN.

You…hate…Yoojung? Brb, going to grab my pitchfork.

Nah she is a strong personality, abrasive, stubborn, and thinks she is right about most things. I can see why someone wouldn’t like her.

@rainbow-lives its kinda complex to explain why my mom thinks its ok to misgender me even when i came out to her and she said she accepts me.

so, she has some ppl she’s friends with that are trans. she likes to use these friends for bragging rights. like the time she told me, and i quote. “Hey,, (birth name) i just wanted to tell you… im friends with 3 transgenders on facebook so of course id accept you”

and yes she called her “friends” “transgenders”. 

so her friend who is a trans man is ok with being called “she” (i think) until they transition. Im not too sure about this its just what my mom said. so i guess my mom thinks all trans ppl are like this. and i just… dont have the energy to explain to her why thats not true and why i dont want to be called a girl. im tired of being told to educate my family and explain everything to them. if they really cared they’d go and educate themselves. 

Shitnata fandom

Ok so story time
So I was chatting with my friend today about the new shippuden episode and we once again came to the topic “naruhina”. He is (was?) a die hard naruhina fan and a hinata fanboy. He asked me again Why i Dont like the “hyuuga Princess” ( His words not mine) and unlike before i actually took the time to explain myself . I send a quick , 5 minute VoiceOver in which i stated a few arguments about her being a stalker and so on and his answer was
Like literally it took me 5 minutes to convince a NaruHina fan that their otp is trash . 5 . Fucking. Minutes. I was preparing for a full on debate , instead he was like :“ well you’re kinda right”. It honestly made my night . 5 minutes . It makes me realize that they make so little sense , it only takes someone with a bit of patience to logically take them through every wrong bit of NaruHina . That gives me hope . It was beautiful


I cant believe I got away with this. One lady, after being told I couldn’t just give her cash from the register for her return since she originally paid with her credit card (not debit-that would’ve been cash back) got upset with me when I asked for the actual card so I could swipe it for the refund. She kept saying how I should automatically have her card info saved in the system….like what!?!? Kept explaining that I dont have access to those records and the reason why we don’t is for our customer’s own safety. I finally got her to hand over her card, but instead she chunked the damn thing and hit me right in the stomach with it so it bounced off onto the floor. I stood there just shocked and the lady behind her audibly gasped but this bitch showed no shame and just acted busy on her phone. I finished up the return and refund process, swiped the card, and in a moment of pure white hot rage threw the card like you would a ninja star or whatever. I watched the thing turn over it self in slow-motion, mentally screaming “Oooooh fffffuuuuu….!!!” Until it hit her right smack in the middle of her chest and clattered off onto the floor. There was a tense moment as her face changed from confusion to shock and before she hit bitch-mode in a flourish I threw down the reciept and reached over the other side of my register to take the other lady’s things.
I wouldn’t even look at her! Just kept scanning this other woman’s clothes while she laughed her ass off, told her the total, bagged and looked up to find the refund bitch still standing there slack-mouthed!! The second woman spoke up and said to me “Good for you!!” and turned to the other lady “Your card’s on the floor” and just laughed in her face until she left!
Omg it was like the heavens had opened up and shined down on me in my moment!

——good for you! The second lady sounds awesome! And good thing your manager wasn’t around haha

Have your own cashier story? Submit it here!

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Every time I take a "which character are you" quiz, no matter which fandom, I always always get the villain. It kinda makes me worry about myself, especially me being a Slytherin and all. I dont want to be evil but like Im constantly drawn toward it.

tbh I wouldn’t worry. If we’re all perfectly honest the villains are often by far the most interesting characters which kind of explains why loads of people are drawn to them. Like yeah Bellatrix is an awesome character and I think she’s great but I wouldn’t want to actually be like her in real life

the quizzes are normally all a bunch of crap anyway, and as for the slytherin thing, anyone that views slytherins as being inherently evil clearly didn’t understand the books very well. slytherins are people and people are complex, nobody is inherently good or bad and none of the other houses get judged based on the couple of bad characters they’ve spawned so why should slytherin?

it’s so precious like she was mad at him and he was mad at her and she just wanted an explanation for why he married someone and he was all cute like “i know you dont like poloygamy so i didnt want to get married at all” like a MAN OF OUR TIMES KILL ME NOW

and then he explains and she just understands and its all just so easy for them. she just forgives him because she knows his intentions and hes so happy shes not in love with his brother and he knows she’s his now and all the galaxies have aligned now

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thank you very much for answering, i guess i just liked it better when clarke cared and showed it but realistically speaking she cant make tough decision and let her emotions get in the way in order to save her people right ? i have a tone of questions about bellamy as well, if its okay for u to answer them, i feel like he's been sidetracked, i mean he went from leader to clarke's helper, he's my fav so i dont like this change and will he forgive or even find out that clarke didnt warn Octavia ?

I can understand why you would feel that Bellamy seems to be somehow lesser than Clarke. The difference is that right now, Bellamy is a micro-leader and Clarke is a macro-leader. Let me explain what I mean:

Clarke is in charge of “the big picture.” Bellamy isn’t really a thinker, he’s a doer. He isn’t the guy to make the plan, he’s the one to carry it out. You know all those gifs people make about Clarke being the mind and Bellamy being the heart? Yeah, that’s not entirely false.

What they mistake is that they are one or the other — they’re both. The difference is in how they think and how they feel.

Clarke cares about everyone, including the Grounders, and she wants to save everyone. She’s always being told she can’t save everyone, but that’s difficult for her to believe. She wants to believe that she can find a way, and if she can save everyone, then maybe they can work through their differences and get along. That’s part of what makes her a macro-leader, and more in line with a politician.

Bellamy is more focused. Right now, he couldn’t care less for the rest of the Arkers or the Grounders. He cares specifically about the people in Mount Weather, Octavia, Clarke and his other friends (not necessarily in that order). It’s a focused energy. He’s more like a platoon leader in a battle. A general has given him the plan, he figures out his way of executing that plan and rallying his people around the cause. The politician (or macro-leader) lays out the big picture and he says ‘great, what do I do?’ Does this mean he is somehow less equal? No! They need each other — he needs someone to think through a strategy, and she needs someone who can execute it. They are equal in their abilities and the respect they have earned from their peers.

The impression that somehow Bellamy is now a servant to Clarke comes from the fact that she’s making the plan and he’s executing it. But, that’s a false assumption. If Bellamy was just a soldier, he wouldn’t question Clarke, challenge her. But he does. Constantly. He doesn’t blindly accept her conclusions, he makes her give one more thought to them, make sure she’s doing the right thing before he goes off to execute the plan.

When Clarke told him he should go to Mount. Weather and infiltrate, become the “inside man,” she was working off his suggestion. She evaluated his suggestion and once Lexa made it clear that Clarke needed to do everything she could to push aside her personal feelings for people in order to make the big decisions, she realized that Bellamy’s plan was risky, but sound. While the Clarke we know and love doesn’t want to willingly put her friend at risk, the Clarke who must work on the big picture to get their people out of Mount Weather knows Bellamy is the best man for the job, and she can’t let her feelings (which, for now are friendship, but who knows later) get in the way of making good strategic decisions.

It was difficult to push Bellamy a little to the background so that Finn’s story could be told, but now that it has, Bellamy is probably the single most important person in this entire world, besides Clarke. If he can’t complete his mission, the delinquents — Jasper, Monty, Miller and Harper included — will all die, and worse than that, the Mountain Men will go to the surface and kill EVERYONE to establish their dominance of the land.

Finally, you asked about what will happen when he finds out what happened in Tondc, especially with Clarke putting Octavia in grave danger. I wish I could answer, but I’d be getting deep into spoiler territory. But let’s remember: Bellamy has a way of understanding Clarke and her decisions that no one else has. He completely understood why she killed Finn. He understood why she had to close the dropship door, before he and Finn could get inside. Will he similarly understand her decision about Tondc?

Time will tell…

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Anna I trust you. Can you please explain to me why so many people shade Ash but once their fav makes a mistake, it wasn't their fault. Like if Ash was in goal tonight people would rag on her and I just don't understand why she gets so much hate.

listen after much research i’ve gathered that ppl dont like ash cause she’s popular, and she’s popular cause she’s hot, she’s gay, she’s nice a person, she’s oustpoken and she’s a fucking great keeper, but ppl will dismiss that last part and diminish her as a player to say she only has fans cause she’s hot/gay/in a ltr etc

if alyssa hadnt done great like she did tonight (even after being scored on) ppl were ready to blame it on the backline, on jill’s subs, on whatever, just like they did when crs lost their season opener, but ash isnt afforded that because she’s so popular, ppl are waiting to see her fail and will celebrate that, the same thing happens to alex, and every other famous athlete, comes with the job i guess

Drunk Confessions (Now in Pt 3)

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4

Combined all parts. Use to be part  8, now in part 3

Your POV

     The flight was simple. Four hours. Since it was late at night everyone was asleep. You guys checked into the hotel around 4am. Nate was still being slightly protective so he made you sleep in the same bed as him, with Derek and Sam in the other. The next morning you wake up but everyone else is still asleep. You see there is a Tim Horton’s across the street. You get dressed in the bathroom and head down. You order a dozen donuts to bring back. While walking into the elevator you see Sam walk out. “Are those for us?” He asks pointing to the box. You nod yes. “Well then looks like I’m going back upstairs.” He says laughing. You notice him staring so you look towards him to see what’s up. “Damn you’ve grown up nice.” He says.

You roll your eyes and ignore it. He clearly hasn’t grown up other than looks. You get into the room and see Derek and Skate still sleeping. You leave the donuts on the dresser under the TV. You pull out your laptop and start looking for things to do. There’s so many things you don’t know where to start. You know you definitely want to go to the Island with Derek alone. Especially since you haven’t had your proper date yet. You suddenly feel a body on your left.

“Good morning baby.” You hear Derek moan. “What are you looking at?” He asks. “I’m thinking our first proper date should be on the island. There’s a ton of stuff to do there.” You say. He looks at the pictures over your shoulder. “Should we go tonight?” he questions. “Do you think it’d be okay to go on the first night?” You ask him. He nods and kisses your neck causing your heart to flutter. He then walks into the bathroom. “What’s up with that?” You hear Sam ask. “They’re dating isn’t it crazy?” Nate says from the other side of the room. “You’re dating him?” Sammy asks shocked.

“Yeah is there a problem?” You say to Sam. He shakes his head then gets up and starts going through his bag. About half an hour later the boys are ready. You’re walking out to the street next to Nate with Derek and Sam in front of you. While walking through the door Sam holds his hand out “After you” He says. You huff, roll your eyes and keep walking. Derek now next to you “What was up with that?” He asks. “He thinks he can hit on me because I use to know him back in Omaha.” You say sternly. “He hit on you?” Derek says shock looking back at him. “Mhmm.” You say shaking your head. You guys reach the side walk. They all follow you since you know where you’re going. You decided to take them to the CN Tower first since it’s the iconic symbol of Toronto. You and Derek walk hand in hand the whole way. He’ll rub your thumb with his every once in a while, forcing you to smile. You get to the tower. On occasion the boys would be boys and get on your nerves slightly. You did love how goofy they were. When they’re not working they stop being so serious and let their guard down. Sometimes you regretting being in public with them though. We get to the top and all the boys start taking pictures. You go out to the deck that leads outside. You enjoy the view and fresh air. You then feel a body from behind.

At first you thought it was Derek until you feel a watch on the wrist. Derek wasn’t wearing a watch. You quickly turn around to see Sam.

“Get the fuck off of her!”

Derek’s POV

I haven’t had this much fun in a while. Being with y/n and hanging out with my friends in a city I haven’t been too yet. It was a dream come true. A dream I didn’t even know I had. We get to the top and the view is incredible.

We head over to the glass floor and start looking down. I see y/n head out onto the deck that leads outside. I stay with Skate taking a couple pictures. I see Sam disappear. I remember what y/n said about him hitting on her. I didn’t believe it at first with Sam being such a good friend, but yet again Skate set me up before. I walk outside to see exactly that. His arms around her waist. I see her push him off in disgust. That’s my girl, but who the fuck does he think he’s fooling? The sight of it makes my blood boil.  “Get the fuck off of her!” I scream at him pulling him away. “Look man I-“ I cut him off. “If I ever see you touch her again you’re going to wish you never even met her.”

Skate then jumps in between us. He pulls Sam aside and I pull y/n back into the tower. “Thank you for that.” She says. “You tell me if he touches or even talks to you again okay?” I say to her. I don’t want him anywhere near her ever again. She nods and I kiss her on the cheek. I decided I now want to leave. I text Skate and tell him we’re going to the island. ‘Have fun’ he responded. Y/n and I then head down. We took a cab to the ferry instead of walking. While waiting for the boat a couple of fans had stopped us and asked for pictures. We then realize we never even told the fans we were dating. Skate only found out two days ago. They all ask and when we confirm you can see a couple of them give y/n a look and talk under their breaths. I pull her aside under my arm. “Don’t worry about them.” I say to her. She ignores it. We get on the ferry and what I see is beyond incredible. “You can see the whole skyline.” I said in awe. Y/n laughed at me in amusement. I never knew something like this could make me feel so, calm. I never ever imagined being with my dream girl looking out onto a skyline like this. I see why she loved it here so much.

The island was better than I could imagine. It was perfect for our first date. Y/n kept pointing to things and explaining them. I have to admit I wasn’t quite paying attention as I couldn’t stop admiring how happy she looked. She looked as if she didn’t have a care, like the whole world was in her hands.


do you guys want to know a funny story okay listen

so you know who brooke candy is right okay yes if you don’t go google her or something but anyways

i was working one day and this guy comes into my work in a suit and some bags and waits for me to finish helping some customers and literally just walks up to me and says “I’m homeless” and obviously I’m like what no you’re dressed so nice like what and he’s like “i just had an interview thats why I’m dressed so nice” Then he went on to explain if he could do dishes in exchange for free ice cream and i was like sorry no i really dont think i can do that and instead i just bought it for him instead and once he finished it he started talking to my coworker and i about his family and how his dad was like the editor or something like that for some adult magazine and how his sister is famous and i was like oh wow, cool! Who is she? and  he said “brooke candy” and then said “i don’t know she’s kind of weird but i don’t know if you know who she is i don’t know how famous she really is” and at the time i didn’t know who she was but now 

i don’t know it was so weird and he said his family is crazy and started talking about how he has a foot fetish

a Study in Lurve - Sherlock Ships

So I’m bored and delirious so i decided i should try to deduce why sherlolly is awesome based on sternberg’s triangle in comparison to Johnlock and Sherene… is that what the kids are calling that ship these days? sherene? Sherlock and Irene idk. Heres sternbergs triangle.

unfortunately this is an isoceles triangle so i made and equalateral triangle to make the distances equal cause i made like a scale from 1 through 10 on how each couple would fair.

Intimacy alone is liking. the way you would say hey, i wanna be friends with that person. they seem pretty cool but theres no commitment there so your not actually long term friends anything to that effect. your relationship with everyone on tumblr if you will. warm and fuzzy feels about how totally cool that person is you just wanna hang out with them all day.

Infatuation alone is usually that obsessive feeling when you start a relationship even though you barely know each other. its mostly a physical attraction.  that hot and sweaty feeling down in the danger zone.

commitment alone is just a decision to be together. like a blind date or an arranged marriage begins. although many arranged marriages end in consummate love. that hot and sweaty feeling from being awkward because someone totally forced you to be together. my relationship with facebook in a nutshell. it lasted a day and i lost my password so i cant delete it. im stuck with it.

Fatuos love (commitment+infatuation) is like omg you’re the hottest thing ever lets get married! VEGAS!!  how every one on tumblr’s relationship with tom hiddleston began… except lets not dwell on about how its completely one sided.

Romantic love (infatuation+intimacy) your relationship with food cause I’m assuming you’re me. You’re emotionally and physically connected to that pizza but then there mozzarella sticks on the other end of the table and the garlic bread is being passed around. You’re not committed to pizza but you love her and you want her but you also wanna have some garlic bread because garlic bread has sexy long legs and a sense of humor.

Companionate love (Commitment+intimacy) when you have that favorite TV show but they switched head writers after season 4 but you still watch it. its not like how it used to be when you binged watched the whole damn show in 24 hours. but you’re still loyal and you watch it because its familiar and its not awful yet. i love you like a friend. it’s like hey Doctor Who i love you but im not IN love with you. you feel me?

Consummate love is what we all want to have with T Hiddy or Blenderdick Charizard. Hell i’d take them both.

Here’s what i got for Sherly’s love life.

Johnlock - Since Moffat said that Sherlock and John are straight, even though everyone’s gonna argue this point (feel free to do so) i put them on the platonic life partners line. Completely 100% dedicated to each other,  for life. They also get along the best, on a scale from 1-10 Johnlock scores 10 in the liking department. They love each other like woah. This is all very self explanatory i dont need to explain why. if i do then you haven’t been watching the show cause thats what its all about. They’re so cute though. i’m not oblivious to the Johnlock appeal. they’re adorable when they’re clueing for looks together.

Sherene - this is the one that confuses me the most. mostly because Irene was a lesbian last time i checked. Plot stupidity aside, Irene seems to be attracted to Sherlock and sherlock is clearly physically attracted to her being that he  had to pick his jaw up off the floor when he saw her naked. They like each other’s brains  but other than that i dont see anything more.granted they were never given a chance to get to know each other and tell each other which is their favorite pokemon but i dont that happening ever if she ever returns. while they could have long conversations about smart people stuff they dont seem interested in doing that AT ALL, if you know what im sayin. they’ll fuck like bunnies and make witty remarks about each others genitals and thats mostly it (feel free to berate me).

Sherlolly - this is my candidate for most likely to become canon. Homegirl molly is making her way up dem long Cabbagepatch legs. I rate her a solid 6.9 in each area. no where near John in Liking or Commitment but Sherlock has given her a few compliments on her appearance so yay in the passion department, he doesnt think she’s hideous (yes i am taking into consideration that one of them was bullshit to manipulate her). Molly was also Sherly’s confidant in the Reichenbach Fall episode and Sherlock called her the one who mattered most cause she saved Graham/Glenn/Jeff, Hudders and John’s life by helping him. and he told her to be herself in the empty hearse as opposed to calling her “John” or making her feel like she has to behave like John. He was also going to ask her to dinner like he did john in the first episode but alas nothing because of she was engaged to Tom who happens to look like the lovechild of Benadryl Cabbagetown and Anton Yelchin like something funny was going down behind the scenes at the set of Star Trek. i think the more he hangs out with molly the more he’ll wanna stab her with his meat dagger.  Im going down with this ship. I just khant with these two.

Again feel free to debate (politely or i’ll Hannibal you)