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Connor Murphy x reader Head cannons (what the fuck am I trying to say here?) he's dating a book worm who also is insecure about her body. (I hate myself for this but 🤷‍♀️) thanks

(I relate to this prompt a lot oops) Enjoy! ❤️:

- Without a doubt, Connor is one of the most caring boyfriends ever
- It’s kind of weird and a bit hard for him at first bc he’s not used to intimacy but after a while it’s heaven. He loves having someone he can talk to and trust and not have to worry about being judged. He loves that he can put down his guard and be who he is. He loves how he can love and be loved and that makes him so happy.
- Not a lot of pda, but he always holds your hand or drapes an arm around your waist, pressing occasional kisses to your temple.
- Really involved in your interests and likes to know everything about them. “Babe what are you reading? What’s it about? Can I read it after you?”
- You really get him into reading more. It becomes one of his new hobbies and it’s so good for him to have hobbies and start to participate in things bc it’s just shows how he’s combating his mental illness and coping more.
- One of his favorite books is The Little Prince which he cried at
- Loves to cuddle with you and hold you and just whisper sweet nothings
- Connor is also really protective, so whenever you feel bad or insecure about yourself, he’s always right there to reassure you
- Insecure about your body? He’ll name everything he loves about it and tell you how your “flaws” just make your more unique
- “I love every part of you. There isn’t a thing that I would change. Everything about you makes me happy.”
- He says it super seriously and holds your face and looks deeply into your eyes. You’ll just stand like that in silence for a few minutes, and eventually he leans in, his lips barely brushing yours, and say “I love you.”
- He kisses you gently, holding you like you were a delicate piece of glass. You both smile into the kiss as all of your insecurities go away.

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Sorry, I haven't seen the latest episode yet, but when Cas said I love you was it... like meant as a romantic confession solely to Dean or were Sam and Mary there as well, thereby including them? And did Cas actually use the phrase "in love" in regards to Dean? Cause I want canon Destial as much as you but if that phrase was not used and/or Sam/Mary were present then.... well in my book it doesn't count as an in love confession.

So did Cas use use the phrase “in love” ? Cause if not and the other two were present then that scene could easily have been intended to mean “ you are all my family and I love all of you and would die for you” You know? I mean, I wish that it couldn’t mean that and Cas was saying he was in love with Dean but seeing how reluctant the writers seem to make them 110% textually, explicitly, and undeniably canon I have major doubts that the scene was truly meant as a romantic confession. :(

Well, I got both these asks on Friday shortly after my flailing screeching post about the love confession and I have to admit, having seen that scene like a dozen more times since then, I will admit (and have admitted in my review) that it is ambiguous. (my tag for meta on this moment is currently “ambiguous love confessions” so that tells you my viewpoint anyway). FYI My FIRST reaction was that the first “I love you” was romantic. That was my honest to god first reading. I had to go back and re-watch to realise there was ambiguity there hence this meta ask so take that as you will.

In my tag you will find meta on the confession from @awed-frog, @postmodernmulticoloredcloak, and @obsessionisaperfume with additions by other meta writers. Its an interesting mix on the subject. 

Here is my honest opinion

Let’s get this out of the way. In absolutely no way, shape or form, does this “I love you” make destiel 100% undeniably canon. 

I am a destiel shipper and hugely positive about the ship becoming canon in the future, (i also tend to joke around and say things like “its canon” on pictures of Dean saying he “loves that fish” or other silly stuff like that just because it is hilarious and I am slightly chaotic good/ or evil your choice when it comes to these things). Doesn’t mean I believe it. Destiel is not canon. Currently.

HOWEVER. Subtextually, the “I love you” reading CAN be read as a confession to Dean. This is true. You can take it that it was meant for him, just as you can take it that it was meant for all of them. BOTH readings are valid, because like everything else involving this ship, at this point in time its all about the ambiguity. 

From a G.A perspective. This “I love you” was plural. As @awed-frog pointed out, when translating into other languages, this will be translated as the plural form of the word. Because that is the surface reading, it is what any G.A viewer will read. Whether the G.A will consider why Cas specifically clarified between “I love you” and “I love all of you” is another question. But thats what we have to accept. There is enough ambiguity and “plausible deniability” involved for this not to be some huge neon sign telling the audience that destiel is coming. It is far too easy to argue that it was platonic, as well as meant for everyone and not just Dean.

Lets be honest here as well, thanks to the infuriatingly heteronormative nature of a G.A, even if Dean and Cas were alone and Cas said “I love you” it would still be taken as a platonic “I love you”. Because the words were not “I am in love with you” and these two things are different. They have different meanings. Anyone whose ever broken up with someone by using the phrase “I love you but I’m not in love with you” will know the difference.

HOWEVER we know that we have previously heard the words “in love with” in relation to Cas, these words were repeated two episodes ago in relation to an angel who was a Cas mirror who later compared his own love (which he clarified was romantic love) to Cas’s love for Dean. When you take this into consideration, suddenly that “I love you” doesn’t seem so platonic.

But there is still the case that the surface reading is the plural form of “you” and therefore it becomes irrelevant. Except that, as previously pointed out in @postmodernmulticoloredcloak‘s meta on the subject, the fact that Cas had to clarify also puts THAT into question. 

Look I totally get where @awed-frog is coming from here. The surface reading is platonic. What I am trying to stress is that it takes very little stretch of the imagination (really none at all) to come to the non-platonic conclusion once you have removed your “no homo” goggles and have at least paid attention to the story for the past few episodes. 

If Cas had just said “I love you” and left it there, then fine. Its platonic and its plural. But he didn’t. He clarified. Just like in 6x20 when he says:

“I did it to protect you”

“I did it to protect all of you”

The first sentence was meant for Dean. The second sentence was to clarify that actually, it wasn’t just for Dean as he didn’t want the other parties (Sam and Bobby) to be left out of his plea. 

In an episode FULL TO THE BRIM with 6x20 call backs this is just another way to show that there are many many layers to what we are watching in this emotional moment. 

Yes the camera cuts to Dean and no one else after that first “I love you”. Meaning the director and editor had the intention that it was meant for Dean too. Yes the clarification of the “all of you” adds to the speculation. There are so many elements at work here and that is what makes the subtext non platonic (though I stress, the surface reading is still platonic because G.A viewers do not pay attention to these things unless it is a guy and a girl they are watching because that bloody Avril Lavinge song is sadly very fucking true in today’s society).

Ignoring the subtext and the film editing and stuff for the moment, we should also consider Cas as a character and what might have been going through his mind at that moment. How do we think HE meant it?

Throughout the confession Cas moves his gaze to look at each Winchester in turn, he refers to all of them throughout. The only time he doesn’t look a Winchester in the eye is when he says “I love you”. He looks down. His eyes are slightly shifty… almost like there is shame hidden in his eyes. WHY?

(Gif source)

He can’t look them in the eye in this moment but he CAN for the rest of his speech. This to me, means he is admitting something secret, something he has buried. Perhaps he keeps it ambiguous because even in those last moments he can’t bare to admit something that he thinks is shameful *cough*sacred oath*cough* so he clarifies: “I love all of you”. 

Not that the clarification does much except further highlight the fact that the “I love you” can be “misinterpreted” as a singular term. In Cas’s own mind he may not have realised this, but Sam and Dean sure did. Their subtle reactions (which I can’t gif hunt for right now) prove the difference as well. To consider Cas’s thought process here, I would say that that first “I love you” WAS meant for Dean, but Cas didn’t WANT to make it clear. He wanted to get it off his chest, but he didn’t want Sam and Mary to know what he actually meant at the time. Hence his looking down at that moment. The “I love you” was far more difficult for him to say than “I love all of you”.

I want to stress here that I don’t want any of you feeling disheartened by this. It was a confession of love. That much is true. This has shown just how far Cas has come since he first graced our screens. His character development is overwhelming. I certainly wasn’t expecting this confession any time soon, this is an amazing development and has added to the building blocks in place for destiel. We have our foundations down already, we have already started laying the bricks, soon we will have everything in place and it will start coming together in a way that everyone will be able to tell what it is.

Consider where we were just one season ago? We have come so far. These writers are building up to it. Its hard not to be impatient especially when they continue to shove all this ambiguity at us I get that, but honestly? We are doing far better than any of us could have predicted at the start of the season let alone at the end of season 10.

Lastly, if in doubt, do what I did. Go on AO3 and check out the tag for the 12x12 coda’s. It is glorious. So fucking glorious. You guys amaze me with your talent. We would not have had all those amazing and extremely believable-in-canon stories 1 week ago were it not for this ambiguous little “I love you”. That, my friends, is one hell of an accomplishment. 

canada played sweden in the final of hockey (idk what the competition is called i’m sorry all i know about hockey is from the olympics) and i was at my swedish family’s house and they had swedish and canadian flags up and a canadian mug for my tea and idc about hockey but i do like when we win but if we’re going to lose there’s no one i’d rather lose to than the swedes i love the swedes

Headcanon : Gilbert and Sharon like watching romantic movies while Oz and Break like watching horror films[(Sharon secretly likes it too)] So they often have argument when they are going to have a movie night. [In the end, Alice opens a action movie and they all watch it or she falls asleep, because of this they can’t watch any of them because they don’t want to make a movie night without Alice.]
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i feel like it all comes down to white people needing everything to be about/involve them like…… “yeah i could read a book or watch a documentary or take a trip to the country the culture belongs to………..but i need to get up close and personal to REALLY understand :))” *wears important traditional clothing as a fashion accessory for likes* *does blackface and writes a whole ass essay on how poc are too sensitive these days*

derek not feeling comfortable having sex (-’_’-)

derek not quite sure how to approach scott about this, since he’s younger and more accustomed/used to having it, thus granting nervousness into his life (。・_・。)

derek finally telling scott expecting the worse (╯︵╰,)

scott – being so understanding (◑‿◐)

scott and derek having naps instead of sex (─‿‿─)

scott and derek finding things that make them both comfortable and happy in their relationship ∩(︶▽︶)∩

even if it takes a little while but yay for healthy, communicative, understanding relationships free of judgement and only support & encouragement! o(≧o≦)o

I sort of scribbled a thing at work today… (Nightwing is totally encroaching on Oliver’s piggyback duties when Felicity finds herself barefoot.)