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literature posters ≡ illuminae & gemina, the illuminae files

“A computer will perform a takeoff or landing with all the grace of a person. It is only for combat–only for the artistry of ruin–that these vessels have pilot seats at all anymore. There is something in humanity more suited to the mechanics of murder than any machine yet devised.”

Call me by your name, a film review

Spoiler-free, of course.

top 5 scenes I absolutely loved:

#1 the war memorial scene 
simply can’t get over how well-directed and gorgeous this scene is. Literally perfect.

#2 the first kiss
Monet’s berm. Both Armie & Timothée are AT THE TOP of their acting game in this scene.
Also, the way it’s shot.
Also, the way it’s written / adapted from the book.

#3 goodbye scene
Oscar-nominated Timothée Chalamet, there is just no need to say more.

#4 Elio’s dad monologue, aka Michael Stuhlbarg breaks everyone’s heart
GOD I JUST CANNOT GET OVER THIS SCENE. My heart broke into pieces right there and then. 

#5 end credits
My heart broke into even smaller pieces, if that’s even possible.  

Bonus thing I really loved
Sufjan Stevens’ songs are gorgeous and incredibly well-timed in the film.  

top 5 scenes I didn’t love:

literally none because this film is PERFECT. 

I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again.

I’m kinda astonished people made a big deal of that because how the fuck you supposed to recognize a comic book writer in person?

Unless they’re like, fucking Alan “Bitch I Look Like Rasputin” Moore, how are you supposed to know? It’s not like they stick pictures of the damned writers in every comic book ever, right?

I bet you could just jam in whatever balding or bald white dude that isn’t actually the comic book artist/writer at a comic book signing thing and he wouldn’t get recognized and nobody would fucking care, but it’s a war crime because people don’t recognize Gail Simone on sight. Like, she looks like somebody’s middle aged mom lmao

Hello everyone! Before I start I wanted to thank you for your time to read this all, I know it’s a lot to take in. Weather you are kin yourself, have no idea what it is, or even if you dislike it, the fact that you are willing to make an attempt to understand is a gift indeed!

Kin has had a bad name, and it’s poorly explained I’ve seen too many times. It also isn’t the most liked group of individuals. In fact, a lot of blogs refuse to even interact with them. I used to hate kin with a passion, until I sat down and tried to understand it and learned for myself it wasn’t at all something negative! So sit back and prepare for a class on Kin!

The whole idea of Kin is tied to the belief of the multi-universe theory and reincarnation. The term ‘kin’ comes from the Celtic world meaning ‘remember’ because kin are people who remember their past lives!
The multiverse theory is the idea that our universe is not the only one, but one that is parallel to an infinite number of universes. These universes can be vastly different, but also could be our with the slightest difference down to just how a tree grew 2 inches more left, crazy to think about how many there are right? This being said, this means there can be universes that mermaids exist, or that hogwarts was a real place! This sounds extremely far fetched I know since this can include universes based on all FAKE AND FICTION. Consider this if you may then; all of these universes seep into another in several ways, and we don’t always understand them. The fourth wall, the page in the book, even an idea of a story or character are like a tunnel we see with our universe on one end and the other universe on the other end.

“Well that’s not true, this _____ was created by this person!” Yes that is true, all credit should go to the creators of these works. But these ideas have to come from somewhere right? The creators of these things can be the tunnels, being the one which we are able to perceive this universe in our universe, like watching a television or reading a book. Every universe that will ever exist have already existed, such as the example of being APH America kin, before Himaruya was even writing about Hetalia, the universe already existed, he was just able to see it before others! And through that universe it was seen in our universe through his mind, and from his mind to his hand and then his pencil. See what I mean? Cracks in our universe to let us see other universes aren’t always going to be cracks.

We also incorporate the idea of reincarnation, that we are reborn. We had a past life, perhaps as a squirrel or as an angel. If energy can not be created or destroyed, then it must travel. Travel from one life to the next, and sometimes from one universe to another. We call it past life to make it easier to explain, but universes aren’t tied to one timeline, you could have lived that past life long ago, or perhaps haven’t yet, time is a messy thing, but space is even more so!☆
So…we understand the background a little, what exactly does being kin mean? How do you know your kin? These are frequently asked questions with answers I have! It is not a choice who you are kin with, just like choosing who you are isn’t a choice or your sexuality isn’t a choice. “I really like this character so I’m gonna be that character lol” is NOT real kin. Naturally you’ll like yourself obviously have an attraction to that character but you do not chose. How you discover you are kin is by receiving memories of your past life being that person, animal, etc. You also get feelings or emotions that feel out of place and not yours, initiated by something that reminded you subconsciously of your past experiences.

The troubles of being kin is being smart and taking in the consideration of “is this a real memory or is it just my imagination”. kin people who seem to have endless 'memories’ might just be someone who has lots of head canons, which is why it’s always important not to let you'r emotions control your mind and analyze yourself and the possible memory! If you didn’t question being kin and not crazy then you really need to analyze yourself, since you need to keep your logic.

Kin is not a coping mechanism. Kin is not a coping mechanism. KIN IS NOT A COPING MECHANISM. people who claim that it is are not understanding kin correctly. Saying it’s a coping mechanism is claiming that none of it is real to you at all, and you damage the community name. While yes kin can help you as a person grow, but that is just a side effect, not it’s purpose. Kin doesn’t have any set purpose, but for each person to just remember the past.

Whats worse then calling kin a coping mechanism?
The worst thing ever to say kin is, is a gender. You can not sexually identify as a person, or “I sexuality identify as a wolf” wolf is NOT a gender. AMERICA is not a gender. Kin is a PAST LIFE. Those who claim it to be a gender are the worst of our kind. “I sexually identify as an apatchi attack helicopter” is why we are hated is because people make us hated for this reason.

As I said before, kin memories are used to help someonr as a person grow, which brings me to my closing explanation, what do kin do? The challenge that kin face is getting over the fact that they aren’t who they once was. It’s a struggle for many to accept they aren’t that anymore. What does this boil down to? ~Believing in yourself~ that the you, here and now, are better then you were before. You remember your past life but you also have to learn from it. You made mistakes and you learned things in that life that can be continued in this one, such as values and things you devolved in the past life that now are yours with a whole new life to start! Isn’t that amazing? A new life just for you to start, so don’t ever waste it obsessing over your last one okay?

Another big problem is people forcing their kin identity onto others. It’s like getting into a strangers face and yelling “I’M TRANSGENDER” because the stranger doesn’t need to know, the stranger doesn’t care. Strangers on Tumblr too, you can post about it, but actively trying to force others to accept you isn’t going to work, and only damage your chances. Plus, your memories are really personal, fun to share but they are still special and sacred, keep them special.

In summary, kin is misunderstood and disliked for good reason, but represent the community in a way you want us to be viewed. Let people ask you about your kin, not go to them and tell. Learn to leave the past in the past, and above all else, enjoy this life as your only and last.♡

(Please reblog so others can learn and be aware? Even if you’re not kin it would be so appreciated!)


A Pál utcai fiúk | The Boys of Paul Street (1969)
“Boka János komolyan nézett maga elé a padra, és most először kezdett derengeni egyszerű gyereklelkében a sejtés arról, hogy tulajdonképpen mi is az élet, amelynek mindnyájan küzdő, hol bánatos, hol vidám szolgái vagyunk.”

as a baba | chanyeol

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before birth:

  • theres so many exo members i cant even think anymore
  • um
  • super excited to be dadmaster3005
  • buys and builds a lot of stuff for the babys room
  • but wouldnt even use the room tbh
  • probably yells when you tell him
  • his sister tells all of s.korea over the news
  • look at that gif 
  • its like a baby holding a baby im laughing
  • reading up on every baby book ever and is like yo listen ye page 37 of this book said we might need to buy this thing that is basically really unnecessary but the book said it so….
  • a bit all over the place really
  • honestly he’d still make fun of u even if ur 89% about to smack him
  • hes too playful to care about getting to the afterlife

when the baby POP out:

  • everyones like r u sure u didnt just give birth to a feTuSS?!!?!! 
  • cos the bby so small in his yaoi hands ! :0
  • honestly cries every time a milestone is reached
  • once theyre big enough/old enough whichever comes first
  • obviously big enough have u seen this giant
  • anyway he play fights with them and loves getting beat up 
  • screams a lot when hes getting hit so they think theyre stronger than they are
  • uses them as exercise weights honestly
  • spills his secrets to them when they cant understand him
  • falls asleep when he watches them sleep
  • same as yixing makes songs ans stuff
  • writes lyrics about them and adds them to an promise 2.0 on the album
  • pokes them a lot
  • imitates the bby cos he has nothing better to do
  • does what hes doing in the gif all the time
  • stops old ladies so his child can be friends with them
  • makes his child do song covers ojgemgkln imagine
  • teaches them to dab
  • puts them on his lap and then puts them under his clothes
  • acts like he cant see them

minseok/xiumin | junmyeon/suho | yixing/lay | baekhyun | jongdae/chen | kyungsoo/d.o | jongin/kai | sehun

person: [points at grisha paperbacks on shelf] so what’s the main love interest like??
me: a disease
me: no really his name is malaria

oohh im a heter look at me i get to see the hets in every kind of thing you can imagine look we’re in this horror game and this sci-fi movie and this mystery show and this comic and this action film and this superhero film and this horror movie and this fantasy game. im in everything! but dont worry gays look! here’s a movie about a teenage boy being sad. here’s a movie about some teenage girls being sad. here’s a movie about a young man who is sad. heres brokeback mountain. heres another movie, about some young gay people, who are sad. wow! look at all of this representation! i almost feel like theres too many gay films. actually you know what? theres too many gay films. cant ANYTHING be about straight people anymore? it feels like every movie and tv show and book ever made since the beginning of the medium has been about the heters and god help me if that chain is broken even for one fucking second because if its not about me? ill die. wanna watch your favourite movie? its also filled with hets but if you really hope, you can convince yourself that these characters over here are gay and itll make you feel better!

I feel the need to critically respond to this comment, because wow.

Alright. I don’t even care if they’re trolling or not, this is important. Let’s discuss this comment, because when people say stuff like ^^THIS^^ on that post, (and not many people do, you special snowflake), they have clearly missed the entire point.

I’m not going to explain what the post is. Just click here to see it.

Okay, so, I agree, that IS my way of writing a book, not everyone else’s. The purpose of the post was to show people who write books (and make art, in general), that they are not alone. That if they think the process is tedious and feels like it’s way harder and takes way longer than it should – that it’s like that for everyone who chooses this line of work. It is NOT easy in any way, shape or form (it can be extremely fun and rewarding though, and that’s part of the purpose of creating art, in my eyes. It should fulfill the artist in some way).

Next, what you see in that post is only a couple drafts of the book. I think…three printed drafts. I wrote fourteen drafts of Embassy. 14-3=11. I did 11 drafts on the computer, several of which were completed by beta readers, who also worked strictly on the computer. But I ALWAYS do a couple drafts by hand because it let’s me slow down and truly visualize what I’m doing, and it’s always for the largest edits I’ll do for any book I write. On top of the effectiveness of hand-edits, holding that fat stack of paper and showing it off to people and letting them physically see all the edits you’ve done at a moment’s notice is rewarding in itself. I give speeches at high schools, and I do book signings at Barnes & Noble, and I always bring a paper-edited draft with me, BECAUSE PEOPLE LOVE SEEING THAT SHIT IN PERSON. It makes the process real to them. It’s easy to just do it all on the computer, but when you have that manuscript in your hands and you can SEE the work you put into it, suddenly people realize that, yes, writing a book is not easy.

I did the same thing for the sequel, and I did the same thing for the third book in the series. I’ve been writing for 13 years, and in the last four years alone, I’ve spent nearly 3,000 hours PER YEAR (more time than I sleep) writing and editing books. And guess what? I’m going to do the same thing for every single book I ever write, because, like you said, that’s how *I* write my books.

I made the “Writing a book is so easy” post because it’s relatable to the thousands of other people who have ever written a book/made art/compose music/etc etc. It’s inspiring. It’s motivating. It’s challenging. Look through the comments and tags on reblogs and you’ll see how people have said how excited they are to reach this stage of the writing process, how they can’t wait to hold their books in their hands, how they themselves have gone through this process and thought maybe they were doing it wrong. Others have said it gave them way more respect for artists. Others have straight-up said “Nope. Nope. Nope.” And then others miss the entire point and feel the need to say unnecessary shit, such as what you said, and in one fell swoop, belittle all the time and effort hundreds-of-thousands of artists around the entire planet put into their creations.

You think I don’t know other people have their own ways of writing and editing? You think I don’t edit on the computer? You think your comment matters? It doesn’t, because you made a downright stupid attack on something totally and completely obvious.

The purpose of “Writing a book is so easy” is to give artists everywhere something to relate to, and to give non-artists everywhere a behind-the-scenes look at what part of the process looks like and more appreciation for the work we do. That’s it. That’s the purpose.

To inspire, motivate, and celebrate ARTISTS.

Rumors and Truths (Royal AU Heechul) Pt2

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Type: Fluff Angst

Request: Hiiiii. Can you do a part 2 for the heechul royal au? It’s just too good to leave it like that. Pleaseee.

Omgg can you do part 2 for royal au heechul pls.

Part 1

He cupped your face lightly after he finished rubbing the lotion onto it. He looked you in the eyes as he felt himself leaning in to place a kiss onto your lips. Your eyes widened as you leaned back “what are you doing?” you asked as he frozen. He looked at you as he let out an odd laugh “I am sorry for my actions” he spoke as he turned away. His face was bright red, you couldn’t see it but you could feel his body heat grow largely as you simply got more sun lotion and rubbed it onto his neck. Your fingers slipped around to the front “don’t choke me” he laughed as you realized how your hands were on his neck “I can’t even choke you like this” you say as your arm went around his neck “I have to cut the airway off to choke you” you finish as he simply tapped your arm. “Putting your prince in a choke hold. That is new” he says as you smiled lightly.


You found the moment very weird. He was about to kiss you, you were sure it was in the heat of the moment because for sure no prince would want someone so…simple. You didn’t get dressed up, your jeans or knees ended up with grass stains, often times you had imprints on grass and bark on you from all the time you spent laying around reading. You piratically lived to be dirty while surrounded by an overly clean place. But Heechul found it perfect.

Which lead to why he his himself against one of the stone pillars watching you. Passing by was his close friend, Siwon who was staying there with his family. “Why are you watching your help?” he questioned as Heechul jumped. “How long have you been there?” Heechul asked “long enough to know, you’re way too spaced out” Siwon teased. “She isn’t the help. She’s the daughter of the help” Heechul corrects. “Well excuse me” Siwon says as he looks out at you. “She’s like 12 compared to you” Siwon spoke as he let out a light chuckle. “She’s 19” Heechul says “wow barely legal” Siwon teased. “Shut up. I can have what I want. I’m a prince” he told his friend as he saw that you were gone.


“Mrs. Y/L/N” Heechul calls as he rushes down the stairs towards the maid. She looked up from her mopping “stop rushing” she spoke as he slid a bit but kept himself up. “Yes?” she asked “your daughter why doesn’t she work?” he asked “she’s waiting to see if she gets a letter from the college of her dreams” you mother spoke as she leaned on the mop. “Your mother even recommended to the dean herself to allow Y/N to go. But they haven’t decided” she spoke. “Why doesn’t she work here then until the letter comes? The library is a complete mess because my father doesn’t trust many with his books. He agreed though your daughter has so much respect for the books that she would be perfect for it” Heechul says with a large smile. “You’re like the big brother she never had” she giggles as his smile dropped slightly but was still there. “Big brother?” he asked in an awkward tone. “You treat her so well. A prince treating my daughter so well. Ah its a mother’s fairytale” you mother hums as she starts mopping again.


Your eyes were wide as you walked into the library. The lovely smell of old books filled your nose as you spun around. “Its like every book ever written is here” you tell Heechul as he laughs. “There is a lot of them. But I know you can do it” he spoke as you nodded. He put his fist up as he looked at you “good luck” he cheered for you as he handed you a box of gloves. “I don’t know what you will find. Father let’s no one in" he says as you nervously took the box from him.


Over the next few days Heechul hung out in the library. He was reading an old Mark Twain book that he found on the side table of the old but comfortable chair. He would glance up at you as you had sorted all the box into piles. “How’s it going?” he calls as you look up “good I just have to figure out how your father organized them” you told him heading over to the wooden rolling ladder as Heechul quickly got up to follow you. “Someone should hold them” he says as he grabs the railings. His arms were on either side of you as he looked you in the eyes. The small glint in his eyes made you neverous as he smiled again. He began leaning over again as your eyes closed “watch out for the book on the stairs” he whispers as your eyes opened again think that was all he was doing. That’s when his lips pressed to yours.

He smiled as you kissed back unsure if it was right or not. You clung to him as he had moved you away from the stairs and to the large wooden table as he deepened the kiss more. You were sure you were going to pass out from the length the two of you had been kissing. He pulled away letting out a deep breath as he looked up at the clock. “20 minutes” he spoke as he looked at you. You gave him a dazed and confused look. “We did that for 20 minutes” he corrected as your eyes went wide. “You’re so innocent its cute” he cooed as he kissed you again.


Heechul snuck out from the palace and into the backyard as he saw you sitting by the water. He smiled as he quickly sat down beside you. Nearly four months of this and the two of you had become masters at leaving without making a sound. “Hey” he whispered as he brought you in for a light kiss. He still believed it felt as good as the first one and enjoyed the feeling greatly. “Come on” he says as he tugged his shirt off “what?” you asked as he smirks. “Late night swim in out underwear” he spoke as he tugged down his pants and quietly climbed into the chilled water. “Come on” he whined as you looked around tugging your pants down as he watched “look away” you tell him as he rolled his eyes turning around and within seconds he heard you quiet squeal in surprise at the how temperature was.

He made his way over to you he took your hands and wrapped them around his neck before his arms went around your waist. He tugged you close allowing your foreheads to come together as he looked you in the eyes. “I love you” he whispered as your eyes went wide. “What?” you asked as he nodded. “I love you” he repeats as you stood there for a minute. “I love you too” you whisper as he brought you in for a passionate kiss. Soon you felt yourself go underwater as you were brought back up by a giggling prince who smiled as you. He pushed the water from around your eyes and pressed a kiss to your forehead. “You’re mine you know?” he asked as you nodded “does that make you mine?” you asked nervously as he chuckled “of course no one will change that” he promised as he brought you in for another kiss.

anonymous asked:

Hi! if its not too much trouble i was wondering if you have any book recs? I've read the queen's thief and I'm working on the magicians right now and I just thought we had similar book taste!

You know not what you have unleashed.  Giving book recs is my only joy in life.

I was going to joke that this is just a list of Every Book I Have Ever Liked but that is a lie as I am a voracious reader and that list would probably be in the several hundreds, if not thousands.  (I just did some sloppy math and at the rate that I read, it is totally possible for a list of books I have liked to be well over a thousand books.)

Books with a * are books I would die on a hill for.  Books with more than one * are books I would die on a mountain, or possibly a mountain range, for.

Books I just generally love:

*The Telling by Ursula K. LeGuin.  SciFi.  Anthropology and Linguistics and more gay than you originally expected.

***The Imperial Radch series by Ann Leckie.  SciFi.  What does it mean to be a person?  (I hate picking favorites but this is.  The favorite.)

**Ninefox Gambit by Yoon Ha Lee.  SciFi.  A level of space military tactics Ender’s Game only wished it could achieve.  (Fuck you, Orson Scott Card.)  (I love this book so fucking much, I just re-read it.)

*The Flora Segunda series by Ysabeau S. Wilce.  Fantasy.  A young girl and her dog keep fucking shit up in a place with great worldbuilding.  (So good that my friend I loaned the first book to turned to me after reading it and said, “Wow, I can really tell these books influenced you a lot.”  I picked up some mannerisms from the protag.  Also I picture the red dogs as Vizslas.)

*Sorcerer to the Crown by Zen Cho.  Fantasy.  Regency-era magicians where the main characters are people of color and one of them is a Slytherin force for good.  (Really fucking good.)

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell.  Fantasy.  Not quite as good as Sorcerer to the Crown (similar eras, somewhat similar themes) but there’s more of it so you can enjoy it for longer.

**Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones.  Fantasy.  Cranky assholes work at cross-purposes and everything is way more complicated than you thought.  Not very much like the movie.

*Fire and Hemlock by Diana Wynne Jones.  Fantasy.  Have you ever wished you could forget your embarrassing teenage mistakes?  Yeah, be careful what you wish for.  Somewhat uncomfortable age gap.  (Weird and complicated and great.)

*The Mortal Engines series by Philip Reeve.  SciFi/Speculative Fiction.  Social Darwinism taken to its logical, horrible conclusion.  Also: feelings about robots and family!  (Also: the typewriter scene.  Also also I cosplayed as one of the main characters for a pre-Halloween party.)

The Graceling Realm Series by Kristin Cashore.  Fantasy.  Angry women fuck shit up in a cool fantasy world.  I like the third book best, but the other two are very good.

The Summer Prince by Alaya Dawn Johnson.  SciFi.  I don’t remember this super well because I haven’t read it in ages, but I fucking loved it and cried my eyes out at the end.  Not that it’s hard to get me to cry my eyes out.

The Flavia de Luce books by Alan Bradley.  Mystery.  Normally I hate mystery novels, but these are really good–probably because the protag is a young, deeply nerdy girl instead of a grizzled middle-aged man or something.  She bikes around the countryside and terrifies adults.

The Pit Dragon Chronicles by Jane Yolen.  SciFi.  Yes, it’s SciFi with dragons.  I don’t remember them super well but the worldbuilding is really cool.

*The Wind on Fire series by William Nicholson.  Fantasy.  These are… very odd?  Kind of about faith and standing against conformity?  They’re so hard to explain but they’re VERY VERY good.

**Deep Secret by Diana Wynne Jones.  Fantasy.  Local Man Does Everything Wrong, Also Ends Up At A SciFi/Fantasy Convention, Then Does Some Things Right.  I really really love this book.  I actually read the sequel, The Merlin Conspiracy, first.  I felt like it had to be the sequel to something, but there was nothing about a previous book anywhere in that book.  Finally I found out the first book is Deep Secret, but they’re not sold together because Deep Secret is for adults and The Merlin Conspiracy is middle-grade.  The Merlin Conspiracy is also very good, even if I would be way better at the plant magic than Roddy, so there!  (The series is The Magids.)

The Claidi Journals by Tanith Lee.  Science Fantasy.  No listen that’s a genre and this series is in that genre.  Deeply confused girl gets an involuntary tour of her weird world.  Super bizarre but very cool worldbuilding.

The Elemental Logic series by Laurie J. Marks.  Fantasy.  You know that post that goes around about a gentle giant, but a lady?  With a tiny girlfriend?  This is that post, in book form.  This is supposed to be a quartet but no one seems to know if the fourth book will ever happen.  So if you don’t want to deal with getting invested in something that may always have some loose threads, stay away.  Really gay, although some of the gay does have an unpleasantly large age gap.

Books to read if you liked the Queen’s Thief series:

The Bartimaeus trilogy by Jonathan Stroud.  Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: snarky narrator similar to Gen in The Thief.  Alternate history where djinn are the source of all magicians’ magic.

Behind the Throne by K.B. Wagers.  SciFi.  Reason for recommending: complicated politics.  SciFi imperialism done interestingly.  Also, funny hair color mishaps.  Haven’t read the second book yet, can’t vouch for it.

The Inheritance Trilogy by N.K. Jemisin.  Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: complicated politics.  Young woman suddenly finds she’s in the running to be the next ruler of the land she lives in, but she knows something’s fishy.  Then stuff happens with gods.  And polyamory.

*The Wicked Lovely series by Melissa Marr.  Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: complicated politics.  (Can you tell I have a type?  I have a type.)  Faerie court politics done pretty damn well.  The first book seems like a godawful, poorly written YA fantasy with faeries instead of vampires–push through it, it gets so fucking good.  (These were some of the books, besides the Queen’s Thief series, that got me into SciFi/Fantasy books with a lot of politics.)

The Lynburn Legacy series by Sarah Rees Brennan.  Fantasy/Southern Gothic except it’s in England?  English Countryside Gothic?  Reason for recommending: more dysfunctional straight people.  This is a fun lark, with mind meld shit, which I like in fiction.

The Realm of the Elderlings books by Robin Hobb.  Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: Fitz and Gen would get along a little too well.  There are a bajillion of these books divided into smaller series.  Lots of fun politics, lots of fun characters, and cool magic.  (I want to live in the world of these books, except I don’t because I would probably die for having the Wit.  Because I would have the Wit if I lived in this world.)

Nimona by Noelle Stevenson.  Graphic novel, Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: similarly plucky protags with dark pasts.  A young shapeshifter informs a supervillain she’s his sidekick now.

The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart.  Realistic Fiction.  Reason for recommending: have you ever wondered what Gen would be like as a modern-day teen girl at a private school?  Now you know.  Local Girl Gets Pissed About All-Male Secret Club, Does Something.  Don’t read it if you don’t have a high tolerance for privileged private school kids being ridiculous.

The Modern Faerie Tales by Holly Black.  Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: complicated politics.  The original (or close to original) gritty urban faeries.  Definitely better than the shitty copies people made later.

The In The Shadow of the Bear series by David John Randall.  Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: main character would get along with Gen a little too well.  Adorable blonde girls wants to fight everything, dark magic is a hell of a drug.  Endgame romance has a moderate age gap, though.

The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black.  Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: similarly mindfuck-y, also some complicated politics.  Faeries are real and people keep making bad decisions involving them.  Also there’s a hot dude in a glass coffin.

The Martian by Andy Weir.  SciFi.  Reason for recommending: snarky narrator similar to Gen in The Thief.  It’s pretty similar to the movie, but essentially: a crew of people go to Mars and the botanist gets left behind.  Now he has to survive.  On Mars.  No biggie.  I love this book because both my parents are botanists, and I’ve studied botany a bit.  (Although the movie Arrival wins re: People Studying What I Study Are The Heroes.  Also this one book called Cognate but the writing was only so-so.)

**Code Name Verity by Elizabeth E. Wein.  Historical Fiction.  Reason for recommending: [REDACTED DUE TO SPOILERS, JUST READ IT].  Two young women in World War II are a pilot/spy duo, and the spy has been captured–how did we get here?

Books to read if you liked The Magicians series:

The Kingkiller Chronicle series by Patrick Rothfuss.  Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: similarly cool magic system.  Dude is a Mary Sue but in a compelling way, for once.  Warning: this is supposed to be a trilogy but the third book has been years in the works.  Don’t start this series if you don’t like waiting.

*The Abhorsen trilogy by Garth Nix.  Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: similarly cool magic system.  A young girl becomes the Necromancer-in-Chief in a failing kingdom.  Ignore Clariel and Goldenhand, neither is very good.  Just keep pretending it’s a trilogy.  Read Clariel if you desperately want more, but Goldenhand sucks.

The Engelsfors series by Mats Strandberg and Sara Bergmark Elfgren.  Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: similarly cool magic system.  Kind of like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but a hell of a lot gayer, and frequently cooler too.  Actually now that I think of it, it’s like Buffy if everyone was Willow.  Except for the character who’s basically Cordelia.  (The ending of the series fucking ruined me but in a good way.)

**The Wicked + The Divine by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie.  Comic book, Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: similarly dark.  Maybe not quite as dark?  Every ninety years, twelve gods are incarnated into the bodies of teens/young adults.  This time, they’re pop/rock stars.  This is still ongoing.  (I cosplayed a background character from this (kinda) for actual Halloween.)

The Keys to the Kingdom series by Garth Nix.  Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: I feel like there are some similar themes/tones, but these books are nowhere near as dark.  A boy almost dies of asthma, but is saved by the gift of a strange clock hand.  Suddenly, his world looks very different.  (Literally, haha.)

*The Dalemark Quartet by Diana Wynne Jones.  Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: I feel like there are some similar themes/tones, but these books are nowhere near as dark.  A series of interconnected books (what order you read them in REALLY changes how you see things) about the history of a world kind of like ours but with magic.  And weaving.

***The Young Wizards series by Diane Duane.  Science Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: similarly cool magic system.  Kids learn how to do magic, yell at Secular Satan.  I’m an atheist but the belief system of these books is the closest I get to a faith of some kind, even if I am really bad at remembering I’m trying to slow entropy.  I would recommend reading the reworked editions–I haven’t, because they’re only available as eBooks right now and I don’t super like reading eBooks.  She fixed the timeline in the new versions, plus some issues with how she portrayed an autistic character.  The first few books were written ages ago, so the series gets more diverse as it goes on, culminating in some Good Shit in the most recent book.  (There’s an asexual character!!!)

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman.  Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: main character is a lot like Quentin.  Normal Dude Finds Dying Girl, Decides to Help her, Realizes he Fucked Up and is in Too Deep.

Watership Down by Richard Adams.  Realistic Fiction but about rabbits???  Reason for recommending: about as dark as the Magicians series.  Yes, it’s about rabbits.  Yes, it’s that dark.

*The Earthsea Quartet by Ursula K. LeGuin.  Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: similarly cool magic system, also some similar themes/tones, has a Magic School, main character is somewhat like Quentin.  This random goat-herding kid turns out to be a powerful mage and gets sent off to school to learn how to handle that.  Then he makes a lot of mistakes.  Like, a lot.

I have no excuse for this and have no idea where it came from.

edit: cleaned up and now on AO3!

Dear Asshole

Every week, Laura sends him a small selection of his fanmail she finds either particularly funny or particularly touching. This week, Derek’s under fire from not only Laura - as his publisher and sister, she holds double the sway she normally would - but from his editor, too. So he’s missed a couple of deadlines - what modern fantasy writer doesn’t miss deadlines? Really, he’s just fitting in - Laura should be grateful that he’s finally living up to the genre’s stereotype.

This week, Derek only receives one forwarded letter from Laura and he finds himself eyeing it suspiciously where it sits, ostensibly innocent, on the counter of his tiny breakfast bar.

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