like even my mom said he was ~the special~ one

Yesterday i met with The Kooks again (it’s the second time we met), and i can say they are the cutest guys EVER. The best part was when i asked Luke for a favour, see, my mom is sick, and she wanted to go to the concert so badly, but she couldn’t, her favourite song is “Shine On”, specially the part of “about your hair you needn’t care, you look beautiful all the time”, so i asked him if he could sing this part for my mom, and HE SAID YES, then he ran to the dressing room for his guitar and, well, HE DID IT, even he asked me for my mom’s name (which is Delia, btw). When i showed this to my mom, she was so surprised and happy that she started to cry. We don’t have words to thank Luke, specially my mom, but i can say he made her feel so much better and i’m really really thankful with him.

People always asked me why i like them so much, but when i told them, they just don’t understand. The Kooks is one of my favourites bands ever, and i’ve been a fan for a long time, they are so important for me, if it wasn’t for them, well, probably i will be in another place, but i’m not going to talk about this. So, now they made my mom and me more happy and we will never forget this.

The video is mine, please, do not edit or repost without my permission. 

Peter Pan Imagine/ Lost Boy

 Hey! Can you do a fic where the Lost boys tell Y/N to sing a song for them so she sings the song “Lost Boy” by Ruth B. But can you make it seem like the song is what she experienced? I would absolutely love you if you did this (it’s my favorite song) 😂😍😘

You have been in Neverland for a while now, the lost boys loved you, and Peter, he adored you.

You and Peter had this special kind of friendship, you obviously had feelings for one and other but never said, and the boys always joked around saying you were the mom and Peter was the dad. You both laughed at it, but always blushed when they said it.

One day even you guys even played a game of hide and seek, you and Peter were the seekers and the boys were hiders, you guys had so much fun and Peter kept holding your hand , his excuse was because he wanted you to “Keep up.” and that was a good enough excuse for you!

You loved Neverland because it felt like your family you a horrible life back at home, but we will talk about that later. Today was a big day, it was your birthday!

The boy had decorated the camp and made Pan use his powers for good and make you a cake and actual sweet treats instead of eating jerky and blueberries all the time.

You woke up and you hear nothing, which is very very odd, you don’t know why it was quite but you were a little scared, you get dressed and put your hair in a pony tail.

You start to walk outside and “SURPRISE! Happy birthday!”

You were so shocked all you could do was smile, you gave everybody a hug and they all ran off to get their presents to you, and you just see Peter standing there.

“Hello love.”

“Hi Peter.’

“Happy birthday love.”

“Thank you Peter.”

You gave him a hang and his head went in the crook of your neck, which gave you the chills, that was always a spot of yours.

You and him look at each other and you start to blush, you look down, he picks up your chin and he starts to get closer to your lips, when you hear the boys come back Peter pulls back and walks away fast scratching his head.

You laugh and smile, he was actually about to kiss you! You figured you would get another chance again so you didn’t care that the boys ruined it, you loved them, and they were too adorable and funny to get mad over something so stupid.

They all gave you their presents and it was of course all home made, some gave you stick dolls of themselves, wooden bracelets and necklaces, you were so honored you couldn’t stop smiling.

The day was filled with laughter and games, you played hide and go seek, charades ,thumps up, and more! It was the best birthday you ever had.

At night they brought the cake out, you were shocked.

“Wait what how?”

“We made it!” a lost boy said.

“No we didn’t Pan did.” another said.

You looked at Peter.

“Peter did you really?”

“Aye love I kinda did some powers to make you a cake, but the boys suggested it.” He was totally blushing.

You hugged him and then hugged everybody else. “Thank you all, this is the best birthday ever!”

“YAAAAAY!” Everybody cheered!

They sang you happy birthday and all sat down and ate cake, you sat next to Peter and nugged his shoulder. He smiled at you, and you smiled back.

The boys all came to you and smiled.

“Uhh yes?” you asked.

“Can you sing to us to sleep ?”

“Uh me sing??? but but but but I don’t know how..”

“Oh come on we all heard you, just sing to us!” Felix said.

You agreed, you sang Lost Boy, it was a song you loved singing.

“ There was a time when I was Alone ,No where to go and no place to call home, My only friend was the man in the moon,  And even sometimes he would go away too”

The boys all started to lay down and get comfy an looked at you with amazement.

“Then one night, as I closed my eyes, 
I saw a shadow flying high, He came to me with the sweetest smile,  Told me he wanted to talk for awhile, He said… Peter Pan that’s what they call me”

*Peter looks at you shocked then smiles ever so big, because he then realized the song was about you, him, and the lost boys.*

“ I promise that you’ll never be lonely And ever since that day… I am a lost boy from Neverland, Usually hanging out with Peter Pan,  And when we’re bored we play in the Woods,  Always on the run from Captain Hook,  Run run lost boy, they say to me ,Away from all of reality ,Neverland is home to lost boys like me
And lost boys like me are free .”

by that the boys were knocked out and sleepy heavily, you got up and started to walk and started to crying, you fell to the ground and just let out the tears.

“Whats wrong love?” Peter said.

You cried and started to explain “This song is very special to me Peter, I sang this ever since I could remember, I was always alone and nobody was ever home! I was miserable, ever since you sprinkled pixie dust on me and told me to believe I have believed in you Peter and it was the BEST decision I could have ever made and-” 

Peter grabs you and kisses you, you run your fingers through his hair and kiss him back, you felt like you were floating, it was the best feeling in the world. He stopped kissing you and looked you in a concerned but happy way.

“You will be okay my Lost girl?” 

“Yes I will Peter, Neverland is my home and I love it so much.”

He smiled and kissed your forehead.

Ms. Stewart Drabble

“Goodnight Ollie-pop, I love you.” Holly kissed the girls forehead and rose from the bed. Adding a ‘sweet dreams’ when turning out the light and closing the door enough to let a small stream of light in.

She could hear Gail in the room across the hall sharing her own goodnight with Zander. Everything was surreal, this-reading a book and tucking into bed was her life.

“What’re you all smiley about?”

Blinking out of her daze she came face to face with the blonde. She wrapped her arms around Gail, pulling her in close and kissing her gently.

“Just thinking about how lucky I am.” Holly smiled.

“Oh yeah?”

She nodded.

“Wanna get luckier” Gail waggled her brows, causing Holly to laugh.


Gail knocked on Ollie’s bedroom door and without an answer -typical for the early hour- she opened it. She panicked for a split second at finding the bed empty, but quickly dispelled the worry with logic. Ollie could be down stairs, in the bathroom or even more likely, with her brother.

Since moving into the larger house the twins got their own rooms. Both were over joyed with picking paint colours and decorating, until it was time to actually sleep in their own room. The two ended up sleeping with the women. After the first time it became a nightly thing, the twins would end up in Gail and Holly’s bed by midnight. Gail and Holly talked with both, figured out ways to help with the transition and it helped Zander. The boy was at peace and was very happy with having his own space.

It was now two weeks later and Ollie still had yet to sleep in her room, she spent each night in Zander’s bed.

“Ollie not in her room?” Holly’s question was muffled but a mouthful of toothpaste.

“Nope.” Gail replied and opened Zander’s door. “They’re both in here.”

She could hear Holly spit into the sink down the hall.

“What do we do? She can’t keep crawling into bed with everyone.” Holly poked her head out of the bathroom.

Gail shrugged. “Talk to her again, try and figure out what it is and go from there?”

Holly followed the blonde into their bedroom. The two went through their morning routine in quiet thought, getting dressed, waking the kids, making breakfast while making sure the twins got ready, packing lunches, ect.

Gail was on pilot mode that morning, distracted by thinking of ways to get Ollie to sleep in her bedroom, worried about what it was that kept the girl from her room. What if she resented moving? What if Ollie wants things to be like they used to? What if it was something she couldn’t solve?

So during her lunch she went to one of the best parents she knew.

“Hey Darlin. To what do I owe the pleasure?” Oliver smiled up at her from behind his desk.

“I need some advice.” Gail dropped into one of the uncomfortable chairs that faced his desk.

“Don’t eat yellow snow.” He held in a laugh with a tight lipped smirk.

Gail glared at the Staff Sargent.

“Advice on what?”

“When we first moved the twins would end up in bed with Holly and I, we talked to them and Zander has been sleeping in his own room. But Ollie keeps sneaking in with him and we don’t know what to do.” Gail explained.

Oliver sat quietly for a moment, taking in Gail’s explanation.

“Zoe and I had the same problem with Izzy. We also moved into a bigger place, giving everyone their own rooms and Izzy refused to sleep alone.”

“So what’d you do?”

“Not much. I told her to come and get me when she got scared, she did -every night for almost two weeks- and I’d sit on the floor beside her bed until she fell back asleep. It got her used to sleeping in her room and taught her that she wasn’t really alone.”

“So it’s a lonely thing?”

Oliver shrugged. “Could be, you have to figure that out. Ollie might not even know what it is.”

Gail groaned, making her old T.O laugh.


Holly and Gail had agreed to talk to Ollie when tucking her in that night, so after reading a few chapters of Harry Potter and saying goodnight to Zander they headed into the girls room.

With Ollie snuggled between them Gail asked.

“Baby, is there a reason why you crawl into bed with Zander?”

Sensing the sudden tension, Holly started running her fingers through the dark curls of Ollie’s hair.

“Is it because you’ve never slept alone before, or because everything is new? I know I have a hard time sleeping in new places.” Gail offered.

Ollie shook her head timidly. “It’s the woogie man.” Her voice was so small that if they hadn’t been watching their daughters face they would have missed it.

“The boogie man huh?” Gail said mostly to herself.

The boogie man had been a nighttime terror of the girls since she was old enough to be frightened, hence the mispronunciation. Gail hadn’t heard about him in a few years though.

“Zander said the woogie man couldn’t get me if he was in the room.” Ollie wasn’t looking at either of them, apparently her blanket was much more fascinating.

Gail’s heart swelled at the omission. That would explain why she didn’t keep crawling in bed with them and instead changed to the boys room when he started sleeping there.

She thought that their talk after the last big scare had taken all real fear away, but apparently she had nothing to do with it. Zander had been the one to solve it.

She shared a look with Holly, who apparently was feeling the same way she did.

“You know, I’ve dealt with the boogie man before.” Holly said.

Ollie looked up and met her eyes, gauging whether or not the brunette was telling the truth. Satisfied she nuzzled back into the pillow. “What did you do?”

“What Zander told you is true, if an older sibling is in the room he can’t get you. You remember my sister right?”

“Auntie Kay.” Ollie said cheerfully.

Holly smiled, it still made her chest flutter when referred to as the twins mom -even if it was as simple as her family being treated like their own.

“Well Kayla was afraid of the boogie man too and she would spend a lot of nights in my room because he couldn’t get her if I was there. But she needed protection for the nights I wasn’t there right?”

Holly waited for agreement before continuing.

“So we went through quite a few things to try and find ways to keep him out. One thing that worked was a necklace with a special stone, the stone would cast an invisible shield around you and bad things can’t get through. Another was a brave stuffy, one who could fight all night long if it had to. And lastly was the sound of crickets, oh the boogie man hates crickets, can’t stand them.” She chuckled with the girl.

“Crickets?” Ollie giggled along with her moms.

“Yup, crickets.”

“That’s silly.”

“I thought so too, but it’s true.” Holly agreed. “So we’ll have to call Auntie Kay tomorrow and see if she still has that necklace, and we can go to the toy store to find a brave stuffy. But that won’t help tonight, so for now the crickets will have to do.”

“But what if the crickets don’t work?” Asked Ollie.

“Then you can come and get me and I’ll stay with you until he goes away.” Gail chipped in.

Gail downloaded a sound maker app onto her phone while Holly re tucked the girl into bed. Once the room was filled with the chirping of crickets they all said their good nights.

Gail nuzzled further into the brunette and sighed contently as Holly pulled the blanket around them.

“I’m the lucky one you know.” Gail muffled into Holly’s neck.


“Between the two of us, I’m the lucky one. You are unbelievably wonderful.”

Holly smiled, “you’re pretty wonderful yourself babe.” She kissed the top of Gail’s head and closed her eyes, she couldn’t have been happier with her life.

Thank god for good managers

So today my boss pulled me aside to have a little chit chat. This lady came in and apparently said last sunday, when I was asked if people with with ADA placards could park on campus for free was (and I quote her directly) “you’re not special”. Which I absolutely did NOT say. She went into our front officer and wants to file a FORMAL complaint on me. The real kicker? She admits she NEVER heard me say it. She heard that I apparently said that from her daughter who apparently heard it from someone else. 

So what really happened? I was sent to cite cars with no permit (cuz thems the rules I just enforce them) and people started hearing that they needed a permit and they were getting tickets and came to complain to me about literally everything like why I didnt tell them and how they were supposed to know “where are the signs? why aren’t they bigger? wheres the dispenser? why isn’t that bigger? how are we supposed to know” (the answer is that the person running the event was supposed to tell you holy fuck). So at some point i was hiding near one end of the parking lot while some people left/came over to buy tickets. One man approached me with a ticket in hand obviously grouchy. “Excuse me I was under the impression ADA could park on campus for free?” Listen idk where he heard that but it isn’t true…everyone is required to buy a permit but we are EXTREMELY lenient with ADA folks. We let them park almost anywhere without getting ticketed, all you need is a permit. “No sir I’m sorry thats not the case” “So you STILL cite ADA people?” “yes sir we cite for no permit…” Then he storms off really salty. No one else was around me to overhear the conversation. Thankfully my manager let me tell my side of the story and his reaction was more or less “ok thanks”. He tells me I should be fine and honestly  it probably won’t go through cuz its hearsay and also she admits she wasnt even there to here me supposedly say this really rude and offensive thing. But oh my god could she like no spread false information around about me??? Especially not such offensive stuff?? 

Tl;DR some soccer mom is claiming i said “you’re not special” in response to someone else asking me if ADA parks for free. I did not say that in any way and so a huge game of telephone ended in her trying to file a complaint while admitting she never even spoke to me. But my manager is chill and knows all about these butts so I’m fine.