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CA: stop movvin around so coddamn much and find a wway to get us dowwn
TA: we 2hould probably have left tz alone.
TA: ii’m not 2uper fond of playiing “criimiinal 2cum”.
CA: incredible deduction an conclusion i am in fuckin awwe a your amazin mental powwers
CA: wwait
CA: you havve psionics you douche get us dowwn this instant
TA: nah, maybe later. <3<

when you want to have a good time but there’s ship hate in the tags of your otp:

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for all of you upset about the upd8/ homestuck ending: i used to be a really avid homestuck fic writer. two of my most well-known works are all kats are grey in the dark and i can make you love me. im currently open for commission, and would be more than willing to write anything homestuck related! i really need the money for school fees and am willing to write in any other verse/fandom/genre too. my commission info is here and my other posted ao3 works are here. thank you for your consideration!


*throws gross ecto baby children at u*
Pixel base credit goes to feastings  and firebananablitz on deviantart
(Thanks to those who helped with the naming, you guys were great, love you! <3)


AU Where after the game everyone is reincarnated repeatedly on the new earth without being able to find their soulmate

I did a thing! Here’s a video I made of natsubutart’s lyricstuck! Everyone should go check out her blog her art is amazing! I had a lot of fun making this so I hope everyone enjoys it!