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What just blows my mind about these anti-climate nuts is that let's imagine for a second that everything they say is true, global warming is a hoax and a con. What's the down-sides to moving away from dirty energy? Less air and water pollution (which kills millions every year globally), appliances/cars/houses with higher efficiency (aka lower cost to run), energy independence (no more oil wars), healthier and more productive citizens (and in turn economies) - like the list goes on and on and on.

Reminds me of this excellent cartoon:

I feel like we’ve had a rough few weeks in this joint so I’m gonna make myself feel good and remind y’all of my fave Zacts:

  • Zayn’s voice is a gift from God brought on Earth to bless us all
  • Zayn’s face is made to humble us but also remind us every day that there’s beauty in the world and that if we just hang in there, we’ll get to see it once more

  • Zayn’s nose alone could make empires crumple

  • Zayn loves animals so much. He literally has a zoo???? His latest videos ends with a monkey and an alligator for no goddamn reason, just cuz Z felt like it…. my fave weirdo

  • Every single person that’s ever worked with Z has only had positive and warm things to say about him. Gentle, respectful, warm, dedicated, kind…. these were all words used to describe people who’ve met him.
  • Also Zayn’s an amazing hugger? I mean of course he is, but still??? people always comment on that. And the fact that he smells amazing.
  • “Thanks, Donuts.”

  • Zayn is aware of his position in the world. He knows who he is and who he represents and what he means to a lot of people and he’s only ever used that position for good and refused to let the world tell him his roots are not good enough.

  • Zayn is brave. He faces so much hate and discrimination every damn day and he hasn’t let any of it deter him. He always perseveres and prevails and comes out with only positive things. He’s an inspiration.

  • Zayn loves his fans and is constantly trying to find new ways to reach out to us and makes us feel included in everything he does. Remember when Zayn said he appreciate fanficion writers???? That he encourages all kind of creative endeavours. He sent fanartists their own art on canvas with a personalised note. He organised release parties where he just chills and hangs out with fans.

  • Remember when Zayn used the puppy filter. Man, that was so dope!

  • Mind of Mine still gets random, heartfelt praise form the general public, one year later. Because it’s such an authentic and original and raw and beautiful album. An album made with so much love and care and with so much feelings. It’s such a masterpiece. 

  • Zayn cuts his hair and suddenly the whole goddamn world loses it. A true moment of unity. World peace achieved. King of hair styles. 

  • He’s such a warm, loving and funny guy. I just love him to bit and pieces.

Just because someone lives with their parents doesn’t mean they are lazy and live with their parents money or live in their mom’s basement playing video games, there are a lot of reasons why people stay still in their parents home,renting or buying a home in your own isnt an easy job especially in our times that poverty rises dramatically,people have health/psycholigical problems and many other reasons.

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Why is rent theft?

For the same reason that profit is theft. It’s based on the owning class exploiting the real needs of the working class. Landlords “earn” rent just by virtue of owning property and tenants having no choice but to fork over large chunks of their paychecks, similar to how capitalists “earn” profits just by virtue of owning the means of production and exploiting the working class’s labor power. The common thread is that workers/tenants have no meaningful choice in the destiny of their work and living conditions. The solution, like with the actual economy, is to democratize living conditions and end absentee ownership of real estate; like with workplaces, apartments should be controlled by the people actually using them. 


Baseball Fundraiser

My sons baseball team was doing it annual fundraiser at a local comedy club, we go around and try and get people or stores to donate items for gift baskets.  This summer the team wants to go to Florida so we need to raise a lot more then usual to off set costs.  Teddy usually donates some nice piece of jewelry.  This year it seems like the economy is really tight and we didn’t get many donations.  I was telling teddy one night while cleaning up after fucking.  He said he was going to try and see what he could do.  The next time I went over to work it was a normal night i would change into a dress and give teddy a blowjob.  But them it got very different, one of his friends who owns a liquor store came in with a big gift basket for the fundraiser.  Teddy told me to show him in the back and to put it on the desk.  Teddy followed up in the back and when i said thank you teddy told me that not the proper thank you and he told his friend to sit on the sofa.  I looked at teddy and he told me to get on my knees and thank him.  I looked at teddy and then his friend got down and my knees and opened his pants and took his cock out an started sucking his cock.  When i started sucking his cock teddy went back out to the front of the store.  He came very quickly in my mouth and stood up as i thanked him for the donation.  He left and i went to clean up and when I came back to the front of the store another one of teddy friends was there.  He had 4 gift cards to his restaurant.  Teddy told me again to show him where to put them and to make sure I thank him properly.   This happened 4 more times during the night before we closed.  I got 6 great gift baskets for the fundraiser.  After we cleanup teddy took me into the back room and pulled off me dress laid me on the desk on my back and started finger my already soaked pussy.  Then he told me how wet i was and he dropped his pants and started rubbing his cock up and down my pussy lips until i was begging him to fuck me.  I came 2 times on his cock before he filled me up.  The night of the fundraiser we had a great time, teddy even made an appearance and added one more gift basket that already had a bid of $3100.  It was dinner at a restaurant for 5 with him including limo to and from restaurant.  It was the highlight of the gift baskets and not that i was surprised but no on there bid on the it.  We made a lot of money and had some laughs that night.  At the end of the night i was just cleaning everything up and counting the money.  I told hubby to go home as it was probably going to be awhile.  At the end i walked to my car and i notice that Teddy was still in the parking lot.  I walked over to his car and got in and thanks him again.  He started kissing me and felling up my tits.  I thanked him for the baskets and especially the dinner one and was surprised someone would pay that much for dinner.  As he opened his pants for me to suck him in the car he told me don’t worry, as i went down on his cock he said it will be a great night and that i will be there also.  he came in my mouth and i swallowed him all down, when i sat up he said to be ready for next Saturday dinner will be great and worth the donation.  So until next Saturday happy day
Why gay French men are voting far right
The main gay district in Paris is full of bars, clubs and sex shops - not a place you'd expect to find support for banning same-sex marriage.

“But for me there are more pressing issues [than homosexuality] like the economy, the national debt and unemployment.”

“Where are the gays most in danger? In Islamic countries,” says Pascale, who doesn’t want to be photographed.

“Gay people are being crucified - it’s a danger and I don’t want it coming to France, definitely not.”

“I don’t want to say this, but I feel like a lot of LGBT people are very selfish. They feel like they’re not targets for the FN any more so they think it’s OK to vote for them.”

BBC investigates why gay men are increasingly supporting Le Pen,
Finds out gay men are all selfish racists


“No-one voted to be poorer? Well, I did! I not only voted to be poorer, I also voted for the pound, the economy, industry and jobs to take a hit…..but don’t worry, the only people losing their jobs will be people on the European bandwagon. There’s no way anyone else will lose their job as a result of my vote. Which I’m so proud of I’m writing this letter, by the way. You’ll all thank me when the Global Freedom Benefits come flooding in.”

Higher (pt 8)

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“Be glad that we’re not flying across the world,” Yixing pointed out as he plopped down in the seat next to yours. “An international flight would have been a pain in the ass.”

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me, tearing up: Im Fascinated By The Bright Light Of Your Beauty

30 days back to school challenge!

I’m posting two the same day just because I forgot to post yesterday’s!

  • Day 2: What are you excited about?
    • Starting university
    • Meeting some new people
    • Studying assignments I truly like such as Management, Economy, etc
    • Autumn! This may not be related to school but I’m so happy it’s autumn now, it’s my favourite season!
    • I’m also so excited for Halloween and Christmas! Cannot wait
    • Going to uni in such a metropolitan and international city like Barcelona! I have loads of museums, cafes, art events, theatres and a lot of cultural events so close to me :)

‘Glass House’ Chronicles The Sharp Decline Of An All-American Factory Town

Lancaster, Ohio, the home of the Fortune 500 company Anchor Hocking, was once a bustling center of industry and employment. At its peak following World War II, Lancaster’s hometown company was the world’s largest maker of glass tableware and employed more than 5,000 town residents.

Though Anchor Hocking remains in Lancaster today, it is a shell of its former self, and the once thriving town is beset by underemployment and drug abuse. Lancaster native Brian Alexander chronicles the rise and fall of his hometown in his new book, Glass House.

“People are genuinely struggling,” he tells Fresh Air’s Dave Davies. “The economy of the town is struggling, not because there’s high unemployment, [but] because the employment that there is all minimum wage, or even lower than minimum wage.”

Fairfield County, in which Lancaster is located, went 61 percent for Donald Trump in the presidential election — a fact that Alexander attributes to the candidate’s message of disaffection. Alexander says on Election Day one Lancaster woman told him she voted for Trump because she wanted “it to be like it was.”

For those of yall saying giving the people more money is a bad idea for the economy, I’d like yall to learn some basic fucking economics, lmao, the more money you add into the economy … the more money people have to spend …. the better the economy gets … wow what a fucking concept.

Also you’re assuming at an even more basic level that supply meets demand, which it in fact does not. Corporations have pricing power, and we are no where near equilibrium [the point where supply meets demand]. Pure capitalism doesn’t work in real life kids, the world today proves that, it’s nice on paper though, if you’re okay with people dying and all. 

Worldbuilding: Economy and Trade

Money makes the world go ‘round.  That’s what they say, anyways.  Still, the economy is an important part of culture and figuring out how buying and selling in your world works helps you figure out just how easily your character can buy that sword he or she has always wanted.
In this post, I’ve compiled a list of questions pertaining to economy and trade.  This list is by no means exhaustive; however, the hope is that it will get you started on building the trade system in your world or culture.

Get as detailed as possible and ask questions not on this list, but remember to have fun.

The questions compiled are inspired, taken, modified, or edited from three forums on the NaNoWriMo website: Respond, Answer, Ask 2016 Worldbuilding, Respond, Answer, Ask, 2016 Fantasy, and Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions. 

What is the main monetary system?
Do they have cash?  Do they use credits?  Does money not exist and they get what they need by trading what they have?

What is the economy like?
Booming? Failing?  What kind of economy is in place?

What are the well known trade routes?
Are they given names?  Well guarded?  Or is every man for himself?  Do bandits frequent those roads?

What are the common imports?
Apples? Potatoes?  Gold?  Diamonds?  Magic dust?

Which imports are considered a luxury?
Oranges?  The fancy dresses that seamstresses in town couldn’t replicate?  Silk?

What are considered to be valuable trade items?
Anything people would put high value in.  Whether it’s swan feather pillows, fur lined boots, or pieces of jewelry made by a certain creator.

What are common exports?
Something the town makes and sends off.  Perhaps they specialize in peanuts.  Or sugar.  Maybe it’s a certain kind of wood.

How are the imports and exports moved?
Trucks?  Oxen and big carts?  Rivers? Dragons?  Is magic involved?

Who trades with whom?
Who trades with whom definitely affects what people might have.  What if one country isn’t talking with another?  Are there countries that are banned from trading with each other?  Are items smuggled in these cases?

What are the items and supplies that are easiest to access?
Anyone can buy a rake.  Or perhaps that book no one wants.  Or milk.

What are the items and supplies that are hardest to access?
Maybe it’s harder to buy a weapon.  Or wands.  Perhaps there are heavy regulations on certain items.  If that is the case, why is it so?  What caused the government or the town to place such heavy restrictions on those items?

How has magic affected the trade system?
Does it help cons duplicate valuables and sell unwitting people knock-offs?  Is magic used to catch counterfeits?  Is magic allowed in the world of trade?

Gold Digger - A Roman Reigns One-Shot

Roman is having a hard time getting rid of his gold-digging ex-wife. What exactly does he have to do to get her out of his life permanently? Roman Reigns/OC. AU one-shot.

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“Do you need anything else, Mr. Reigns?”

Tearing his eyes from the paperwork on his desk for the first time in hours, Roman Reigns looked up at his secretary. “No, that will be all. Thank you.”

“Okay. Have a good night, Mr. Reigns.”

“You too.”

Once she shut the door behind her, Roman shook his head, chuckling quietly. He was well aware of the attention his secretary had been giving him these past few weeks. And not just her; there was a bunch of other women in the fray; fellow colleagues, clients, family friends; most of them far less subtle about their intentions than she was. When you were a very successful, newly single young man, such was to be expected. But as flattered as he was, he had no plans for another relationship, not so soon after his divorce.

He sighed heavily as she came to his mind. Sabrina. The redheaded goddess. The seductress. The Jezebel that nearly ruined his life.

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