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Just because someone lives with their parents doesn’t mean they are lazy and live with their parents money or live in their mom’s basement playing video games, there are a lot of reasons why people stay still in their parents home,renting or buying a home in your own isnt an easy job especially in our times that poverty rises dramatically,people have health/psycholigical problems and many other reasons.

i love how sam and dean REALLY went for the disguises this episode

they decided to impersonate not one, not two, but THREE different types of authority figures all in one episode: priests, FBI agents, AND social workers


like no one even thought “hey aren’t those social workers also the FBI agents we saw the other day who were also the priests we saw the day before that?” like did everyone just think “well i guess no one gets by on just one gig in this economy”

like???? i’m laughing

Why aren’t there more female investment bankers? Maybe it’s actually the same reason there aren’t more male investment bankers who aren’t insufferable alpha males – because investment banking is a gigantic fly trap for macho assholes and ideally nobody should be doing it. The real question is why are there so many macho assholes, and why do we let them beat the economy like a rented mule? This is of course in no way to suggest that efforts to reduce gender imbalances should cease, because there are going to be people of any gender who want to be investment bankers for whatever reason, and equality means all of them should by God have an equal chance at wasting their lives (and the legal right to be paid maternity/paternity leave to raise their devil spawn). The point is just to illustrate that what men do is automatically seen as desirable, as opposed to maybe asking if maybe something having no women in it maybe means it’s maybe bullshit.

5 Responses to Sexism That Just Make Everything Worse


“No-one voted to be poorer? Well, I did! I not only voted to be poorer, I also voted for the pound, the economy, industry and jobs to take a hit…..but don’t worry, the only people losing their jobs will be people on the European bandwagon. There’s no way anyone else will lose their job as a result of my vote. Which I’m so proud of I’m writing this letter, by the way. You’ll all thank me when the Global Freedom Benefits come flooding in.”

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what in shit’s name is dog whistling

“Dogwhistling” is when bigots use coded references to oppressed groups to make their rhetoric seem reasonable to get people to agree with them who wouldn’t otherwise if they said what they actually mean. It’s like those whistles that only blow high pitches that only dogs can hear but that aren’t noisy to humans, hence the name. The term started in reference to racism, but is applicable to a host of other issues.


  • An aphobe makes a post about “cishets” being annoying, and maybe also uses “lgbt” as the acronym instead of “queer,” “lgbt+,” or “lgbtq.” If someone doesn’t know the OP, this looks like a trans person complaining about bad allies, but if you search the person’s blog you find aphobic rhetoric and you realize they meant aces.
  • Someone makes a post about “Wall Street insiders” or something similar controlling the economy–looks like standard anticapitalism. Maybe there’s some weird parentheses, but it looks like other hyper-punctuation emphasis if you don’t know. Their blog header says they’re a “traditionalist” and interested in “antiquities” or “norse mythology.” They’re actually a nazi, and they’re talking about Jewish people.
  • A legislator introduces a bill about “protecting children” or “first amendment freedom” or “women’s health.” They mean “queer people” and “abortion.” (These ones are pretty well known tbh, and the legislator just want it to sound good and be harder for opponents to find.)
  • Someone tweets about “thugs.” They mean the N-word, not criminals.
  • Donald Trump insists that Hilary Clinton lacks “stamina.” He means she’s a woman and he and his alt-right followers think women are unfit for the presidency or high office in general, except maybe ones on their side and only as figureheads for real men; not that she actually has health issues that could prevent her from being an effective president.
  • A conservative talks about the need to prevent terrorism. They mean Muslims, and don’t give a shit about white domestic terrorists like Operation Rescue, or the mass shooting epidemic.

And so on. This is hardly an exhaustive list. But maybe you have an idea what I mean now.

30 days back to school challenge!

I’m posting two the same day just because I forgot to post yesterday’s!

  • Day 2: What are you excited about?
    • Starting university
    • Meeting some new people
    • Studying assignments I truly like such as Management, Economy, etc
    • Autumn! This may not be related to school but I’m so happy it’s autumn now, it’s my favourite season!
    • I’m also so excited for Halloween and Christmas! Cannot wait
    • Going to uni in such a metropolitan and international city like Barcelona! I have loads of museums, cafes, art events, theatres and a lot of cultural events so close to me :)

Average income per household in the US is $51,759 USD

Average income per household in Israel is $56,892 USD

Israeli debt is equal to just under 42% of its GDP [~$95 Billion], while US debt is at 104% of its GDP [$19.3 Trillion~]

Despite this, the US has increased its military aid budget to Israel to $10.4 million dollars each freaking day

The US is sending a developed first-world country, with a cutting edge military and very strong economy $10.4 million US tax-dollars a day, rather that spending it on the many, many things we need to be working on here in the US

The average household income in Israel is higher than here in the US, yet we send them more aid than almost every other country combined [Egypt receives the second most at $1.8 billion a year compared to Israels ~$4 billion a year]

To make matters worse?

Part of the most recent US Military Aid Deal to Israel had Israel strong-arm their way into having the US allow Israel to spend some of that “military aid” freaking INTERNALLY

That’s right

This highly developed country that receives the most aid out of any other country in the world from the US set the terms for how this money would be spent, and had the audacity to ask for an increase in funding on top of that.

So now, your tax money is going to line the pockets of Israeli politicians, Israeli public works projects, and the further expand the Israeli military beyond what it already is, allowing them to maintain their chokehold on Palestine and continue their expansion of illegal Israeli settlements and the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, who will in turn continue harbor resentment against the US for continuing to fund our torture and oppression.

But hey!

The most unpatriotic thing going on is a man taking a kneel during the national anthem

Not the fact that all of our money is going to an advanced foreign country when it could be used to help those in need here at home.

That $10.4 million a day [not counting discretionary funds given to Israel by congress, which have totaled up to almost another $600 million a year ON TOP of all this to be used as Israel sees fit, which when factored in, equals out to almost $10.7 million a day to Israel] could go to help build up our horrible, horrible healthcare system, our deteriorating infrastructure, into our educational system which continues to slip behind the rest of the world year by year, to help house and feed the homeless and the underprivileged, and to expand our public transportation that also lags behind the rest of the world.

According to the National Priorities Project, that $10.4 million a day/$38 billion over 10 years could be used to provide low-income healthcare to $1.6 million children

Every year

for the next 10 years

But instead, we’re giving it so that an already incredibly strong, prosperous, thriving country with a strong economy and little debt can buy more weapons.

God Bless Amurka

For a thousand years, men have got most of these jobs, the pendulum has swung very significantly the other way now and will do for the foreseeable future, I think. If you are a white male, tough. You are an endangered species and you are going to have to work twice as hard.

John Allan, Tesco’s Chairman


Exactly Where you Like Me

Economy, bitches, look at that shit aka I’ve had all of these in my inbox for so long and I feel terrible but here u go

A sequel to Paying In Naivety but can be read separately

Word Count: 3,812

Tags/Warnings: it’s pron guys honestly what else do u expect of me um there’s ageplay, daddy kink, and like it’s kind of dubcon bc dan’s 14 and phil’s 18 but all participants are willing so take that at your own discretion i guess

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For anarchists who do know something about anthropology, the arguments are all too familiar. A typical exchange goes something like this:

Skeptic: Well, I might take this whole anarchism idea more seriously if you could give me some reason to think it would work. Can you name me a single viable example of a society which has existed without a government?

Anarchist: Sure. There have been thousands. I could name a dozen just off the top of my head: the Bororo, the Baining, the Onondaga, the Wintu, the Ema, the Tallensi, the Vezo… All without violence or hierarchy.

Skeptic: But those are all a bunch of primitives! I’m talking about anarchism in a modern, technological society.

Anarchist: Okay, then. There have been all sorts of successful experiments: experiments with worker’s self-management, like Mondragon; economic projects based on the idea of the gift economy, like Linux; all sorts of political organizations based on consensus and direct democracy…

Skeptic: Sure, sure, but these are small, isolated examples. I’m talking about whole societies.

Anarchist: Well, it’s not like people haven’t tried. Look at the Paris Commune, the free states in Ukraine and Manchuria, the 1936 revolution in Spain…

Skeptic: Yeah, and look what happened to those guys! They all got killed!

The dice are loaded. You can’t win. Because when the skeptic says “society,” what he really means is “state,” even “nation-state.” Since no one is going to produce an example of an anarchist state—that would be a contradiction in terms—what we‟re really being asked for is an example of a modern nation-state with the government somehow plucked away: a situation in which the government of Canada, to take a random example, has been overthrown, or for some reason abolished itself, and no new one has taken its place but instead all former Canadian citizens begin to organize themselves into libertarian collectives. Obviously this would never be allowed to happen. In the past, whenever it even looked like it might—here, the Paris commune and Spanish civil war are excellent examples—the politicians running pretty much every state in the vicinity have been willing to put their differences on hold until those trying to bring such a situation about had been rounded up and shot.

There is a way out, which is to accept that anarchist forms of organization would not look anything like a state. That they would involve an endless variety of communities, associations, networks, projects, on every conceivable scale, overlapping and intersecting in any way we could imagine, and possibly many that we can’t. Some would be quite local, others global. Perhaps all they would have in common is that none would involve anyone showing up with weapons and telling everyone else to shut up and do what they were told. And that, since anarchists are not actually trying to seize power within any national territory, the process of one system replacing the other will not take the form of some sudden revolutionary cataclysm—the storming of a Bastille, the seizing of a Winter Palace—but will necessarily be gradual, the creation of alternative forms of organization on a world scale, new forms of communication, new, less alienated ways of organizing life, which will, eventually, make currently existing forms of power seem stupid and beside the point. That in turn would mean that there are endless examples of viable anarchism: pretty much any form of organization would count as one, so long as it was not imposed by some higher authority, from a klezmer band to the international postal service.”

- David Graeber

lol do people realize how bad it would be if we got rid of all the other races/religions/sexualities in America??? Like how shitty the economy would be, how badly companies would need employees, how underpopulated we’d be. America is literally ran by people of all races, religions, and sexualities, and they are all very important to this country. We would be nothing without our minorities, u go minorities 

ELI5:What has changed in the last 40 years so that it now takes two incomes to maintain a household?

There is a book about this, called The Two-Income Trap.

It has a lot of interesting information about the phenomenon, but the basic gist is “women got jobs, so now the market has adjusted to match those two incomes, PLUS there is real economic value in having a homemaker (cheap cooked meals, babysitting, etc).”

Explain Like I`m Five: good questions, best answers.

I’m so curious what will happen to Pokemon Go. 

Will it fade into nothingness and become one strange, surreal summer? Will it perpetuate and grow so much that it becomes as embedded into people’s lives as major social media networks? Will it become an embarrassing cash cow with corporate-sponsored PokeStops and franchise-exclusive items and Pokemon? Will CP growth eventually scale out of realistic attainability, like the economies of Neopets and GaiaOnline? 

Only time will tell

Incredibly cheesy, shameless, shameless propangandizing using our wonderful Spectres

Hey, guys, the Rebels crew each have a message for you in light of the 2016 Presidential Election. I’m going to let them talk to you, old school inspirational We Are the World style: 

Hera: I know you’re scared right now. We’re all scared. And believe me, I know what it feels like to be a target for having the wrong color skin or the wrong accent or the wrong genitalia. It’s going to get worse now, and it was never all that great to start with.

I also know what it’s like to have your economy destroyed by corporate greed, and I know how it feels to be disenfranchised and starving.

The thing is, we need you. Liberals, you lost on sheer numbers. We need you to be as loud and as brave and as kind and as clever as you can possibly be, and we can’t spare even one of you. So put down the alcohol, okay? Get some sleep. The rest of the crew is going to laugh at me, but maybe even eat a vegetable. You’ve only got so much energy, and you’ll feel a lot better if you spend it on acting instead of worrying. And you don’t have the luxury of falling apart. Your people need you.  

Kanan: Hera’s asking you to fight. But she doesn’t mean you should strike out in anger. Blame and arguing haven’t gotten you anything.

I grew up thinking that fear and anger lead to the Dark Side, but you probably can’t help being afraid and mad right now. Discipline that, okay? Remember when I fought the Inquisitor? I mean the first Inquisitor, that time I thought Ezra was dead. I’d never been more scared in my life. Can you try to do it the way I did?

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What I take from writers I like is their economy — their ability to use language to very effective ends. The ability for somebody to paint an entire landscape of visual imagery with just sheets of words — that’s magical. That’s what I’ve been trying to strive for.
—  Mos Def