like easter eggs


…. apparently Andrei needed confirmation that his love interest was an Evil fuck like he was BEFORE plundering the booty in the shower.

…. well alright then.  >_>;

Oh.  That little shitbag shed his tiger paint and came home.

…. and then he shed nearly all of his clothes?

what the fucking fuck is wrong with you??

Had a quick gasp about his older brother getting his belly scratched in the foyer.

Had a quick gasp about the growing number of babies just injected in random spots on the lot like Easter Eggs.

…. I am so serious when I ask what’s wrong with you.  D:

Eh, close enough…

Happy Easter!

  • Me: I don't mean to brag, but I'm a pretty hardcore gamer
  • Me: *pulls out 18 Nancy Drew game disks*

Black Mirror: Playtest (2016) dir. Dan Trachtenberg

What, a girl never beat you at Street Fighter?

defenders of the universe

Come Watson, the game is afoot (again)!! Here is my completed full color Sherlock illustration! I like to hide little easter eggs throughout my work–see if you can find all of the hidden references!

Unfortunately, I lost the post-it note that had the names of all the people who asked me to tag them when I posted the final piece–so I looked back through tumblr and tried to remember the names as best I could! @addignisherlock @anotherwellkeptsecret @junejuly15 @sherlockedwatson @hobbitbilbo @theheartandthebrain

And a special shoutout to @johnlocklives, because I knew I would miss someone.

I hope that’s everyone!

I just really like the little easter eggs with Señor Bunny in the background of Bitty’s videos

In Linemates he’s reading Bitty’s notes

In Playoffs Pt. 1 he’s cheering on the team

In Goodbye For the Summer he’s hiding behind Bitty’s laundry, ready to go back to Georgia

In Tadpoles he’s ready for Bitty’s Samwell tour in his festive Samwell red ribbon

In Meet the Frogs he’s holding a hockey puck

In Hazeapalooza he’s ready to haze the frogs in his little bandana

In Providence Falconers he’s reading Bitty’s Women, Food, and American Culture textbook, foreshadowing Bitty joining Jack’s class in the next update

In Shinny he’s dressed up warm for the winter and outdoor skating

In Graduation he’s laying on Bitty’s stripped bed, ready for Georgia again

And finally, in Meet the Falconers he’s studying Bitty’s French notecards

I just love these little touches that make him seem alive!

I really like the little easter eggs/attention to detail during the brief scene with the Quagmire triplets and how they already capture their interests.

See, things as simple as Isadora reading a book of poetry, or Duncan reading and recording from a Newspaper.

And then we have Quigley sitting next to a globe.

It’s these little things that I just simply adore.

John Watson: Still-Life

Watercolour and colour pencil

I rang the doorbell of 221b Baker street with my watercolour supplies in hand.

John answered the door and I asked him if I could possibly visit the rooms and draw some of his things.

He was , of course, hesitant at first but finally let me in. I had a look around the flat, trying my best not to bother Sherlock and John in the kitchen, trying to find things that were representative of John. I then made myself comfortable on the sitting room sofa and painted this.

Lego Batman Movie Spoilers

I don’t like spoiling jokes and Easter Eggs and stuff but:

In a scene that crossed through several dimensions, there were other WB owned villains like Gremlins, Voldemort, Eye of Sauron. There were also Agents from the Matrix.

They never refereed to them by name, and their hair was different from Smiths, but they were totally Matrix Agents.

I’ve been waiting forever for Freaking Lego Matrix and it was here to tease me.

Maybe they’ll eventually warm up to R Rated lego properties. I want to play Lego Dimensions Matrix.

I loved how in an episode about memories, there were SO MANY Easter eggs. Like, the motel looked like It’s the Great Pumpkin Sam Winchester and they mentioned Dean eating all the Halloween candy. Callback to Dean manning the flashlight. The grenade launcher, of course. The ending that was reminiscent of Eye of the Tiger. Just so many little call backs. I need to go back and watch the episode again to pick out all of them. 

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: what is the true plot of Five Nights at Freddy’s? What is the actual real timeline the games are trying to explain? Were there really five children who were brutally murdered in a family Pizzeria by the Purple Guy and possibly stuffed in the animatronics/suits thus possessing them for years and years? Or was there a child who was accidentally bitten by the animatronic Fredbear and the child lost his frontal lobe, forcing him into a never-ending coma (nightmare) dream where the poor child is always haunted by the characters he once loved? But why is the child so afraid of them now? Did he see something he shouldn’t have? Perhaps the murders of the five (four?) other children. Who really is the purple guy? Is he Ennard/Mr. Afton from Sister Location or someone else? What role does the Puppet play in this? Who is the Puppet? What happened to Fredbear and Spring Bonnie, are they the same as Golden Freddy and Springtrap? Who is Shadow Bonnie? Just an Easter egg? I don’t think so.
Assassin’s Creed Movie Easter Eggs

So I watched the new Assassin’s Creed movie and I couldn’t find anything on the internet discussing all the Easter Eggs I witnessed. There were a few, but mostly speculations from the trailer and even fewer that actually mattered from the movie. 

There will be spoilers past this point as I try to list all the Easter Eggs I spotted so you’ve been warned. I’m also going to assume you know a little about the Assassin’s Creed universe so I won’t be counting the Hidden Blades or the Leap of Faith as Easter Eggs like the rest of the articles did.

If you have noticed any other Easter Eggs, feel free to reblog this post and add on. Also note that I make some speculation and am recalling largely based on my limited memory. These are just my thoughts. 

*** During a shot of Cal being lifted into the air by the new Animus, we get a shot of the old Animus in the background. It’s pretty quick so it can be easily missed.

*** Arno Dorian from AC Unity could be seen in the scene where a lot of past Assassin’s show up. A lot of the Assassin’s in the background looked unrecognizable but it moved along so quickly. There could have definitley been others that we would have recognized. 

*** The weapons the 3 Assassins use at the end seemed familiar. Cal uses a bow and has an arrow pack on his back. This could be a nod to Ratonhnhaké:ton from AC 3. Asian lady (forgot her name) uses a pole to fight and I feel like this should mean something but nothing came immediatley to mind. Baptiste used something that looked very familiar but I can’t place it’s owner. I want to say Arno Dorian or Edward Kenway. 

*** There is a sword in a showcase that sits next to a sword that has a bearded man on a pommel. This sword looked almost exactly like Shay Cormac’s sword in the AC Rogue trailer.