like dude he just is and this is a fact in concrete

The local tavern had Jimmy attached to it like bricks to concrete; after that GENIUS stunt he pulled, he’s had to lay lower and stay quieter by the day and it drove him up the walls. The tavern was almost like a safe haven for the godfather; he didn’t know anybody there and, in return, nobody knew him.

Jimmy kept himself occupied with any drink the bartender slapped next to him on the stool farthest from the entrance. You know, so he could tell if somebody was walking towards him. And believe it or not, somebody did exactly that, mostly from the fact that few seats were left available, but still. The godfather waited for this figure to plop on the ever-so ‘comfortable’ stool before spewing any words out of his shitfaced mouth.

“H-hey man.. wus-wus happenin?”
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