like do you realise you doing that shows up on their dashboards

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To say that we wish there was another much nicer way that we could do this is an understatement. Though a group of writers involved in this incident have come to the agreement that this must be done not only for the sake of the people who are a part of these networks, but also to let the general public, their and our readers, know of this situation and who the people that they are idolising really are.

So, without further ado, welcome to the truth about the Penetration Station:

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Byun Baekhyun//Batter Up

Summary: Byun Baekhyun is the star player of your college’s baseball team - plenty of people have a crush on him, and of course you do too. But you have one thing they don’t have: a quiet friend who can’t pick up her damn phone and a head full of air.
Scenario: baseball!au, fluff
Word Count: 4,353

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The “Exchange” Program #2

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Summary: To say you were excited was an understatement. Your brother had left for Korea and in exchange you get a replacement, also known as an exchange student. Expecting a smart, nice boy,  practically the boy version of you…you got the complete opposite. A bad boy with bad habits.

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader

Au: Badboy!Jungkook

A/n: Please give me feedback it helps me a LOT

“Really? Poohbear?” he sighed.

First you were confused at the sudden mention of the cute character then it hit you, it literally hit you. You felt the slight cold breeze hit your lower exposed butt cheeks realising that you had just flashed the poor boy.

“Seriously you never fail to entertain me, kitten” he chuckled letting go of your hips.

You scurried off of him and ran to your room leaving him in a chuckling mess, you looked in the mirror and silently cussed to yourself.

“Of all days you had to wear underwear that looked like it belonged to a child” you whispered quickly getting changed into sweats and climbing into your bed grabbing the silver laptop and opening Netflix.

Clicking on the familiar show, you slowly felt your eyes get droopy and heavy. Before you knew you it you were out like a nightlight.

“C’mon you idiot, wake up!” 

You heard a raspy voice yell at you, you felt your sides being shook making you open your eyes to see Jungkook staring at you furiously.

“What!?” you groaned sitting up.

“Your bitch ass cat pissed on my bed whilst I was sleeping!!” he shouted angrily.

Looking at your laptop you realised you had missed two episodes of the show show you were currently binging, groaning to yourself you swung your legs out of your bed and slipped on your slippers.

“Crap, I missed two episodes” you groaned out to him.

“Your cat literally pissed on my face and you’re worried about your stupid show!?” His remark made you burst out into laughter.

“Wait…Fifi actually pissed on your…face?” you laughed pointed at him.

“Ha Ha its all jokes till you get pissed on” he snickered, pushing you into his room

Cleaning up the mess that your cat made, Jungkook collapsed onto his bed. You scratched Fifi on the head and praised her for her actions.

“You’re praising her? After what she did to me?” he questioned.

“Yes, yes I a-” you were cut of by feeling something wet being thrown on your face. You peeled off the paper towel to realise it was the towel you had used to wipe Fifi’s piss.

“YOU FREAK!!!” You shouted throwing the towel on the floor and running to the shared bathroom.

“Not so fun now is it?” Jungkook snickered folding his arms and heading back to his bed.

“Ew Ew Ew”

You opened the door to your car and buckled your seat belt waiting for Jungkook, you were not having a good day. You woke up two hours before you usually do, there was no more coffee since your dad drank it all yesterday and it was the fist day of school.

“What’s got your panties in a twist?” he said as he climbed into the passengers seat.

“Trust me when I say this, you don’t want to mess with me” you retorted, driving off in the direction of your school.

“You drive like my granny” he remarked, sticking his leg up on the dashboard of the car. You reached over and shoved his leg off of it and smiled at him.

 “I’m sorry but is there anyway for you to not be a total pain in the ass?” He put both of his legs up on the dashboard.

“I don’t think thats possible poohbear”

You glared at him because of the sudden use of the nick name that will forever haunt you.

“Can we pretend that never happened?” you pleaded parking the car into the school car park. You looked over to see him exiting the vehicle, you sighed in not getting your answer and got out yourself.

Walking to your locker you spotted your best friend waiting for you, a smile plastered on her face. You see it drop when you reach her, you follow where her eyes are averted to.

I guess he’s going to be a pain in the ass here too.

“Omg” Ally blurts, the smile appearing on her face. Ally wasn’t as intelectual as you were, she was smart and definitely was not one of the burn outs of the year. She was no doubt more popular then you, she was the type to gossip about parties and boys. You didn’t really feel the need to gossip, it was irrelevant to you. She was often asked why she stayed with you, and sometimes you wondered also.

“What?” you asked opening your locker and piled all of your books into it.

“Him. Who is he?” she pointed to Jungkook, watching him intensely as he shoved the black notebooks into the blue locker. You rolled your eyes at the colour of the books.

‘Typical, the bad boy is too bad for colours’ you thought and got out your math text book and English lit note book.

“That is the asshole, also known as Jungkook” you slammed your locker shut.

“He’s my new exchange student, he’s staying with me for a year. Personally it’s too long in my opinion” you smiled at her.

“Hey guys” Mia’s voice rings through your ears, as she gives you and Ally a big smile, she follow’s Ally’s eyes and see what she was staring at. Instantly her mouth gapes a bit.

“Who?” she asks.

“Y/n’s new exchange student. He’s staying for a year” Ally pipes up turning to you and Mia.

“She think’s a year is too much” Ally roles her eyes and smiles at you. 

“What!? Having that hottie living with you for a year is not enough!” Mia shouts causing Ally to laugh and to you frown.

“He’s a complete ass Mia, He threw cat piss on me last night!! Which did not help me sleep at all. There was no coffee, I did not sleep one wink and to top it off HE marked my dashboard in my car!! Do you know how hard it is to get shoe marks off!?!” you shouted at Ally and Mia, causing to get stares from passing students.

You huffed opening your eyes to find Jungkook staring at the three of you, smiling to himself.

“Did he just hear all of that?” you whispered to Ally, she nodded her head and laughed to herself.

“Hey Poohbear” you heard Jungkook laugh, walking towards your friends and you. You saw the girls stand still, afraid to embarrass themselves.

“What?” You huffed the piece of hair that was in your face. 

He grabbed your books and looked at the timetable you had stuck to your laptop cover.

“Hey we have the same classes!” he cheered.

“You’re kidding me? You’re that smart to be AP?” you questioned him, a confused look clearly presented on your face.

“I hope you know apart of being an exchange student, you do have to have good grades” he chuckled lightly to himself. You were speechless.

“C’mon, show me where the classes are” he walked off with your timetable, you ran after him making your friends follow the two of you.

“Why does he call you Poohbear?” Mia asks.

“Long story”

“Alright who can solve this equation?” Mr Clark, spun around on his heel. Your hand instantly shot up.

“Great! A classic showdown, how exciting!?” he clapped his hands clearly feeling ecstatic. You turned to see who you were up against and it was none other then Mr. Bad Boy himself.

“You’ve got to be kidding me” you whispered to yourself, getting up causing the chair to drag out with you.

You got to the board, a red marker in your hand ready to write the answer. You looked over to Jungkook to see a craze look in his eyes.

“And…go!” Mr Clark clapped.

You wrote down your answer faster then lightening…but so did Jungkook.

“Let’s see who takes home the prize” Mr Clark looked at the equations, you smiled to yourself, confident with your answer.

“And the winner is the exchange student!” He shouted.

Everybody hollered and clapped. You’ve never been more embarrassed in your life, you slumped back into your seat. Mia and Ally patting you on the back, you dug your head into your arms wishing the day to be over.

Soon it was lunch. You walked over to where Ally and Mia were, you saw the two familiar boys at your tables. You smiled and ran quickly to the boys.

“Mark!! Jackson!!” You scream, getting taken into Jackson’s arm. “I missed you pup!” Jackson exclaimed hugging you tightly then letting you go to hug Mark.

“I missed you too pup!” Mark shouted lifting you off the ground.

You laughed and sat down with them, you took a bite of your apple and put it down.

“How was China you two?” you asked Mark and Jackson they nodded their heads in unison.

“It was good” Jackson said.

“That’s it? You went to China and that’s all you have to say?” You laugh and sip your orange juice.

Mark laughed, “How were your holidays?” he asked taking a bite of the pizza.

“Oh you know, same old same old. Nothing eventful” you sighed.

“Are you kidding me?” Mia gasped causing Jackson and Mark to turn their heads towards her.

“What?” Jackson pipes

“She got a new exchange student. He’s so hot…and smart too!” Ally pipes up as well.

The door opened to the dining hall showing a handsome man, and you guessed it, it is Jungkook.

All you could hear were giggles and sighs.

“That’s him” Ally announced.

“Thats him!?” Mark exclaims.

“Yeah, Why do you seem so shocked?” You questioned.

“Nothing, it’s just…I know him” Mark whispers to you, leaning closely so only you could hear.

“How do you know him?” you hesitated to ask the question, afraid of the answer that would come.

“Y/n, please be careful around him” Mark warned.

Rebel Loner Girl (& the Babysitter of The Year)

Paring: Steve Harrington/Reader

Tags: female reader, fluff, punk, you’re a loner, character development, family dynamics, dysfunctional family, past Steve Harrington/Nancy Wheeler.

Summary:  You thought it would be a simple drop off for your sister to go to the Snow Ball, but when you have two options,

a) sit in the car and read Will Buyers’ Spider-Man comics, or
b) catch a ride anywhere else with Steve Harrington 

–it’s kind of obvious which one you’ll go for.

Word Count: 2,330

Current Date: 2017-11-16

Originally posted by strangerthingsedits

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anonymous asked:

hello xx if you're taking prompts: if you write smut how about the first time andreil have sex after being apart for soo long (like for ex Neil's fifth year) or if you don't do smut how bout andrew having a bad day and fighting with neil but then realizing he's being harsh and actually apologizing?

hey i tried to combine both since i don’t write a lot of smut but i hope you like it..thanks for asking.

Words: 1.5k

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Work > You

Request from stephanielee9000: Can I have Christian smut plssss? It’s like both of you had a fight as have not been talking to each other for almost 2 weeks and you went to the club (he is there too) wearing something that turns him on and you kinda make him jealous by dancing with other guy…others are all on you

“I don’t fucking care, Christian! You told me that we were going to my friend’s wedding together and now you’re bailing on me?”

“I need to get this video out and I’m not even close to finish. And it’s only a wedding, I’m sure you’ll be fine going by yourself”.

“No it’s not just a ‘wedding’, it’s about a promise you made to me. How am I suppose to tell everyone? They are expecting two guests! And what about the plane tickets? Are you going throw away your ticket? Do you know how much money that shit cost?”

“Just tell them I’m sick or something and don’t worry about the plane ticket. I’ll call the airline and cancel it. No biggie”.

You looked at Christian with tears in your eyes.

“This isn’t the first time you have bailed on me, Christian. Lately, you’ve been putting work first. I know you have a lot of passion with what you do, but can you please put me first for once?”

“Babe, it’s not as easy as it seems. I really need to finish this video, the guys and I have so much left to do. I’ll personally call your friend and apologise to her, okay?”

You gave up on the argument because you knew Christian wouldn’t change his mind. Being with him sometimes was stressful because he comes home late and he usually puts his work ahead of you. He was even late to your one year anniversary dinner. You had to wait in the restaurant all alone and was embarrassed because people thought you were being stood up. 

“Whatever do what you want”.


You flew back to Australia to attend you friend’s wedding the next day. You had planned so many things to do with Christian while the two of you were back home. You purposely planned the trip to last 2 weeks so that you two would have time to do visit family, friends and maybe road trip somewhere. But with Christian being Christian, your plans are thrown out the window. 

The two weeks that you stayed in Australia, you didn’t even try to contact Christian. He tried to contact you but you simply ignored him. This isn’t the first time you’ve ignored his calls and texts. You posted photos on Instagram and saw that Christian liked each everyone of them so you knew that he knew you were safe and doing okay. Well it would have been better if he was actually there with you…


“Hey, wanna go clubbing tonight? Or are you too tired from your flight?” 

You landed back in Korea not too long ago and currently waiting for a taxi to take you home. You didn’t bother calling Christian to see if he was able to pick you up nor did he try to contact you. 

“Hey! Um yeah sure, I’m up for it. Where is it?”

“Awesome! I’ll message the address and let’s meet at my place, okay? We’ll go together”.


You opened Christian’s apartment door and saw his usual shoes were gone so this meant he was not home. You noticed the living room and kitchen was spotless and couldn’t help yourself to feel proud of him. You were glad that he didn’t trash his place while you were away. Then on the kitchen table, you saw a little box with your name on it. You noticed it was Christian’s writing:

Welcome back, baby! I missed you so much so here’s a little something for you. Sorry I couldn’t pick you up so please call me when you see this message xoxoxo.

You opened the box and saw a silver necklace with a moon pendant. Christian always told you he loved you to moon and back. You tried calling Christian but it was straight to voicemail so you texted him instead. You told him that you got home safely and will be going to the club with your friend later. 

Christian messaged you back just before you left home and he asked which club you were going to. You replied to him and that was it. He didn’t say anything else. You’re now afraid he’s mad at you but you thought, he always put work first so tonight, you’re putting your friends first. 


You arrived at the club with your friends. You wore a dress that had a plunging neckline and it stopped just above your knees. You paired your dress with a new pair of heels and also wore Christian’s necklace. 

Your friend’s friend bought drinks for everyone and you tried not to drink a lot tonight since you’re still a bit jet lagged. A few hours passed and now you found yourself on the dance floor. You eyes began to wander around the club and it stopped at a certain table. You focused your gaze and try to figure out who the person sitting at the table was. This person looked very familiar and then it clicked. It was your boyfriend. 

Christian was sitting at the table and he also saw you. He was now staring intensely at you, and couldn’t help but to eye you from top to bottom. You could have sworn he licked his lips at you and you knew that look. You were waiting for him to come to you but he didn’t. He just sat at the table looking at you. Frustrated that he didn’t bother to greet you, you started to dance alongside a group a guys. One took notice of you and began to come closer. The DJ then started to play the remix version of Mommae by Jay Park. You took the opportunity to make your boyfriend jealous. You swayed your hips to the beat and against the stranger. 

Christian saw what you trying to do and he didn’t even flinch. He just poured another drink and watched you put on a show. By the time, the song ended Christian was still sitting at the table and you didn’t even realise the stranger was talking to you.

“Let me buy you a drink?”

“Um no thanks. I’m not drinking tonight,” you answered. 

“Such a shame. Do you want to join me at the bar then? I’ll drink, you talk and I’ll listen. What do you say, pretty face?” The stranger proceeded to come closer to you and he put his arms around your shoulders. 

You tried to move his arms off you but he didn’t budge. 

“Excuse me, I have to go back to my friends”.

He still wouldn’t let go.

“Look, I’m not interested in whatever you’re looking for, ok?”

“Really? Then why were you grinding against me just a few minutes ago?”

“It’s because she was putting on a show for me”.

You turned around to see who said that. It was Christian, of course. Christian pulled you away from the stranger.

“Excuse me?”

“You heard him. I was just putting a show for this guy here”.

“Yeah man, you were just a prop”.

The stranger scoffed and stuck his middle finger at the both of you. You laughed as Christian turned you around and put his arms around your waist.

“Hey there”.

“Hey you,” you greeted him back as your arms wandered around his neck. 

“What would you have done if I didn’t come and rescue you, [Y/N]?”

You scoffed at his question.

“Rescue me? I can take care of myself, Christian”.

Christian grinned and leaned in towards you.

“Are you saying that you have been taking care of yourself for the past two weeks?”

He leaned back out and gave you his mischievous smile. You knew exactly what he meant when he said ‘taking care of yourself’. 

“Hm, maybe just for tonight I want you to take care of me. I’m tired of taking care myself. Doesn’t ‘feel’ quite the same, you know?”


“Hey! Be gentle with my underwear. You’re gonna tear it,” you yelled at Christian.

“Baby, I have seen many more of these at home. A whole drawer of them so I’m sure it’s ok if one gets ripped,” he snapped back at you.

“I just bought these and can you just take it off normally?” 

Christian and you left the club and now you two were in his car. Christian had put the passenger’s seat down and you sat on top of his almost naked body. Within seconds of getting into the car, Christian had already stripped down to his boxer then he started to undress you. 

“Normally? We’re in a car with limited space. Why don’t we just put your underwear to side?”

You shook your head at him and you leaned back to the dashboard and attempted to take it off. You struggled as Christian watched on, grinning and licking his lips at the same time. Once you got it off, you threw it at him.

“Thanks for the help, babe”.

Christian snickered at your comment and grabbed you by the hips so that you sat directly on him. You leaned forward and kissed his lips. You took control of the kisses while Christian ran his hands up and down your body. You were in full control of his mouth and you accidentally bit on his lips too hard.

“Ow! Babe?!”

“Aw I’m so sorry. It’s not bleeding so you’ll be okay,” you reassured him as you rubbed his lips with your fingers.

“I can’t say the same for you”.


Christian lifted you up and pulled his boxers down. You reached for a condom in the glove compartment and slid it on him. He watched you intensely as you put on the condom.

“I’ve missed your touch”.

You grinned at him shyly as you leaned back into him to continue placed kisses on his lips, cheeks and neck. This time Christian took control and his hands cupped your ass as you began to grind against him. Your movements were slow and every time you pushed against him a little harder, Christian let out a soft moan. You always loved it when he did that. Christian ran his hands down you and it was like you had read his mind, you lifted yourself up to allow him to touch your core. 

“Shit babe, it’s soaking down there”.

“And you’re complaining?”

Christian smiled at you and held his member so that you could slid onto him. He guided you down with one hand and you couldn’t help but to let something between a whimper and a moan. Once he was completely inside of you, you started to move your body up and down on him.

“Shit..oh my god…”

Christian held onto your upper thighs to support your movements and at the same time he was also pushing himself into you. You head banged against the roof of the car and it started to hurt so you leaned back into him. Being in this position allowed you control your movements better and you could move in which ever way you wanted. You used this to your advantage so you tried several movements before setting on one that made you feel good.

The car windows started to fog as both of you filled the car with moans and grunts. Christian’s hands made their way towards your ass and he squeeze it hard and you knew his prints will be visible later. 

“Oh… my god, Christian…ooh”

“Yes..keep going baby..fuckkk”

You held onto his shoulders as you continued riding him. Christian started to kiss your neck and chest areas and this took you overboard. The way his lips left your sensitive areas sent shivers down your spine. You were getting close and your movements began to slow down, but Christian didn’t allow that.

“Baby keep going..c’mon..shitt”

“I can’t..any..more..fuck..”

You head buried against his neck and seeing this, Christian cupped his hands around your ass and he started to push you up and down him. You held onto him for dear life as he thrust in and out of you. You could feel him deep in you and with each thrust you were getting closer and closer. 

You lifted your head away from his shoulders and began to kiss him, but that didn’t last long since you were about to come. 

“Oh my god..babe..oh my god…I-I-I”

And in that moment you reached climax. You closed your eyes as your body started to quiver and shake. He held onto you as you felt your orgasm pass through your body. Not long after, Christian came. His head fell back and you kissed his neck while he was going through what you just went through several seconds ago. 

“I forgot to tell you this earlier but welcome back babe, I’ve missed you so much”.

“I’ve missed you too. I shouldn’t have ignored your calls and messages. I’m sorry”.

“Don’t be and I promise from now on, I’m putting you first. Work comes second, okay?”

Before you could reply to him, you heard someone knocking on the car window. 

Dating Dylan O’Brien

Request: So I loved your dating stiles stilinski imagine where you added circumstances to the list could you do one for Dylan?

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Warnings: Language.

Word count: 2,119

A/N: I really loved writing this! A huge thanks to @imaginesxteenwolf for helping me come up with most of these scenarios, cuz I honestly suck at that.

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Feel free to request anything by sending an ask to my inbox! (Please check if requests are still open before requesting!)

Dating Dylan O’Brien

Meeting him on the red carpet

Dylan talked into the interviewer’s microphone as he answered a question about Teen Wolf whilst on the red carpet of the Teen Choice Awards.

He shifted his weight onto either foot, starting to get antsy for the awards to begin, wanting to know if they’d won anything. Tyler Posey stood next to him, checking his watch every so often, probably waiting for the show to start too.

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The Meme and His Tutor

Part 9: The First Time Time Jungkook Was Called BunBun

Recommended Song: If by GOT7

|All Chapters|


Two days after you arrive in Korea Jungkook takes you on a day out. A day of laughter, surprises and heart-stopping moments.

Genre: Fluff, comedy

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader (Y/N)

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 8484

Length: 9/?

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The Perfect Shot

Part Two

Originally posted by purple-pizzaprincess

Pairing: Jughead x reader

Warnings: Swearing

Summary: The disgruntled reader is forced to take part in a stakeout with Jughead

Part One

I watched through the window as he pulled up outside my house. Why am I doing this again? I thought to myself, and came to no logical conclusion.

I shouldered my backpack and headed out the door before I could change my mind. The crisp autumn air calmed me slightly, lending me the courage to open the passenger side door and slide into the car.

“Good evening,” I muttered bitterly, glancing at the boy who was already scowling.

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Requested by @mundane-cup-noodles​ : I was wondering if you could write a Joker x Reader with the prompt “If you keep skipping I will confess my love right here, right now” Feel free to change stuff. LOVE your work btw :)

(Gif not mine but writing is)

Watcha Doing?

“Now are you going to do what Mr J asks?” You say through gritted teeth as you press the pointed end of your heel into the man’s foot. Causing him to yell in pain as two of the Joker’s goons held him still. The man had stopped paying and doing jobs for the Joker for several months and he was not going to get away with it any longer.
He let out a squeaky voice “Yes Miss.” Which made you grin victoriously.
The joker stared at you with hungry eyes, enjoying the pain that you had caused another. Savouring every time that the man squirmed because of you.

As the goons dragged the man off into another room to ‘teach him a lesson’ you let out a sigh.
“There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of making grown men cry.” you giggled and you could see in the corner of your eye, a smile creep on to the Joker’s face.
You were as sweet as you were terrifying and that was one of the things he adored about you.

It’s been just over a year and half since you had moved to Gotham City and started working with the clown prince of crime. From the first day that you met each other, something just clicked and you became Gotham’s most famous villainous duo. The Joker was a larger than life character and you felt honoured to have him as your partner in crime and that’s all you were to each other. Despite his unpredictable personality, working with the Joker did have its perks. Under his protection, no one could touch you.  However, you did not really know what you were to him. He had girls before but they were no where close to his equal. After working with them for a while, he seemed to get bored of them and they would mysteriously move out of the picture. Perhaps it will be only a matter of time before you also disappeared?

Triumphantly you walk out of the building. Dusting off your dress you looked over to the Joker who had an angry expression on his face. As he walked towards you, his bright green hair shone as it caught the sun which streamed in through broken windows. 
“Why don’t you let me have a little fun next time?” he growled at you. 
“Sorry J I just couldn’t help myself. Besides, it looked like you were enjoying the view anyway.” you laughed, causing a mischievous grin to spread across the Joker’s face. He knew that you were right. 
“Just get in the car.” he ordered as he held the door of his purple sports car open for you. The interior was just as extravagant as the outside of it. Various additional dials were on the dashboard to help improve its speed. 

You liked the rides in the Joker’s car as they were usually silent. It gave you time to collect your thoughts and relax a little from the busy lifestyle you led. You glanced over at the Joker, his silver teeth showing through his partially opened mouth, as he concentrated on quickly weaving in and out of traffic. His pale skin covered by his slightly opened shirt which revealed his many tattoos. What were you doing? Perhaps it was better to focus on something else. 
The tall skyscrapers that lined the road appeared as brightly lit blurs due to the high speed that you were travelling at. All you could hear was the loud roar of the car’s engine and the occasional gasp or scream of people who you drove too close to.

You sighed as you stared out the window. The scenery unrecognisable due to the speed you were going at. Your mind couldn’t help but reflect on your current situation. What were you doing? How long could this go on for? 
“Problem?” asked the Joker. The sudden sound of his voice made you jump a little. 
“Where are we heading now? Making men cower gives me an appetite.” you shrug. 
“Back to my place doll. Aren’t you a lucky lady? I have some paperwork to fill out and a heist to plan for tomorrow. I’ll call for someone to bring food.” he chuckled. 
After finally pulling up and exiting the car you look up at the building in front of you. The exterior looked derelict. After unlocking it the Joker opened the door, squeaking as it did so. The interior could not be more different. Every room was lavishly decorated. Even though you liked the Joker’s taste in style, you had to admit that the gold coloured couch was tacky. You stayed at the Joker’s place a lot. It was usually the closest place to where ever business had led you during the day, it also meant that the Joker was far easier to contact. Come to think of it, you barely remember what you apartment in central Gotham looked like anymore. 
Here the mask could finally be lifted and you could both be more like yourselves. 

Lounging on the couch, you finish eating a slice of pizza that had been brought to you. It really did hit the spot. The Joker was sat at his desk, studying a map of Gotham. Little did you know, that he was secretly staring more at you then his plans. The afternoon was quiet. You had already finished reading the book that was hidden under a coffee table and the Joker appeared to be permanently glued to his desk. Staring at him, he almost looked like an ancient statue, his features carved from the whitest marble.  

Completely and utterly bored, you start to walk towards the desk. It’s time to have a little fun. 
“Whatcha doing?” you ask playfully. 
“Working” the Joker mumbled as his head remained bent down over the map. You stand behind him, looking at the differing shades of green in his hair. 
“Haven’t you done enough yet?” you ask, pouting. He slowly shook his head.
“These things take time doll." You leant forward so your face was much closer to his. 
"Are you sure?” you whispered in his eyes, making an intrigued smirk appear on his face. Though he tried his best to stay serious. Well you thought to yourself, let’s see how long he can stay serious for. Leaning in even closer to his face, you gently blow into his ear, causing a shiver to go up his spine. He made a low growling sound.  
Unsure if he was going to be angry you backed away from the desk. Out of boredom you decided to see how far this would go. 

Tired from his work and in need of a break, the Joker sat up, leaning back and relaxing in his chair. To his surprise he looked up to see that you were skipping in a circle around him. A confused expression appeared on his face as his piercing eyes followed your movements around the room. 
“What are you doing?” he asked whilst trying to keep a serious tone to his voice. 
“Skipping” you replied. 
“I can see that” he said. 
“Then why did he ask?” you giggled. The Joker tried to stifle his laughter caused by your answer the best that he could. 

You continued to skip circles around him as his expression grew more serious. 
“Alright can you stop. Very funny, we’ve both had a laugh ha ha.” he said in a low voice. 
“Are you going to punish me Mr J? You’ll have to catch me first.” you laugh. Seeing that you weren’t going to give up easily, he starts to mumble under his breath as he continues to watch you. 
“Stop.” he growls as he starts to get more agitated and a frown appears on his face. He always looked so funny to you when he got angry. However you continue skipping.
“And what if I don’t?” you ask unsure how much more he could take. 

Suddenly he abruptly stands up, making the chair he was sat on fall over. 
“If you keep skipping I will confess my love for you right here, right now!” he yelled. 
You stood there motionless staring at him with wide eyes. The Joker’s words ringing in your ears. He grimaced as he realised that he had accidentally said his thoughts aloud. His mind working overtime, trying to think of an excuse but it was too late. 

“You lo-” your words were stopped as he leapt forward and covered your mouth with his hand. On the other he raised a finger to his lips before saying “shh”. His crystal blue eyes pierced into your own. 
A minute or two of silence passed before your body began to shake as you started to laugh. Confused at your reaction, the Joker lifted his hand from your face. 
“Well that’s one way to get me stop skipping.” you giggled. The Joker’s expression softened before a mischievous grin spread on his face and began to laugh hysterically before abruptly stopping. 

What the Joker did next was completely unexpected. He swiftly placed his hands on your shoulders, quickly pushing you up against the wall and pinning you there. The whole movement had made you jump in surprise. With a smirk on his face, he made a sound that was similar to cat’s purr. 
“Who said that I was joking?” he growled before pressing his lips roughly on yours. 

signethatsmelol  asked:

15 with Luke?😊 Thanks

I couldn’t really come up with anything new for this, but I found something old that I’d written and I changed it to fit the prompt, bear in mind this was written at 1 in the morning, but yeah hope you like it :-)

“We’re all out of milk,” He said closing the refrigerator door, the last glimmer of light seen through the small parting before it sealed closed, caught on his eyes, igniting the electric blue tint that clung to his pupils. “I swear I brought a bottle two days ago.” I said unimpressed with the empty milk bottle held in the boy’s hand. “Then we have to go get some more.” He stated while looping his finger through the keychain containing the engraved letters of my name. “Luke people are starting to think that’s your car, from how much you drive it, I’m gonna have to get you to start paying for petrol.” I laughed at his eagerness to go fetch a single dairy product at this ungodly hour of the night. I followed him to the garage, partially because I had nothing else to accompany myself with, and partially because knowing him, Luke’s idea of just grabbing a bottle of milk, meant just grabbing a bottle of milk, and this giant teddy bear I found on sale.

After a long drive with my sweater paws almost constantly attached to the volume knob of the radio, trying to keep Black Sabbath from disturbing too many sleeping people, we arrived at the familiar deserted carpark. “Now if that isn’t good music, I don’t know what is.” Luke flashed a smile over from the driver’s seat. “Well you clearly don’t, have you looked at your playlists recently? Nickelback Luke. Nickelback.”

“You say that, but you’re the one who turns into Chad Kroeger every time Photograph comes on.” He laughed placing his hand on my thigh. “That was one time! Now are we gonna get out of the car before it’s tomorrow?”

“Considering the fact that it’s 11:57 PM I don’t know.” He said looking at the tiny clock on the dashboard. “Okay Hemmo let’s go.” I said ruffling his hair and hopping out of the car.

“Lucas stop walking so damn fast I can’t keep up with your giraffe strides, I’m tired from walking like 2 meters.” After hearing a laugh and an over exaggerated sigh from Luke, I saw him slouched over in front of me. “Hop on princess, I’m not pretending to be a turtle,” I gave him a worried look and stopped walking. “Oh god I meant princess as in ‘you’re too tired to walk’ and like… Royalty and not having to do stuff… Not… Sorry… Just… get on slow coach.” My confusion faded as quickly as the blush growing on his cheeks once I realised what he was saying. Obliging, I took the free piggy back ride, dangling my arms around his broad shoulders and linking them around his neck. “Go my stallion!” I exclaimed pointing towards the store.

Our laughter echoing through the empty aisles of the shop, acted as an alarm for the lonely checkout operator falling asleep on his feet. “Luke put me down!” I squealed overwhelmed by how high off the ground I was. “No. I refuse, I forgot a jumper and you’re warm.” He whined, tightening his grip around my thighs. “You’re lanky and uncoordinated, you’re either going to drop me, or we’re both going to fall and knock these shelves over, put me down!” I pressed the side of my face against his, the light stubble grazing my cheek, before I buried my face in the crook of his neck, hoping to hide the tint of red on my face, and calm the butterflies in my stomach. His ticklish instincts kicked in and he started giggling at the contact. “What?” I laughed holding on to him tighter to stop myself from falling. “That tickles.” He chuckled placing a quick peck on my cheek before setting me down. Once I was safely on the ground, I proceeded to quickly grab items that I vaguely remembered putting on the shopping list, seeing as there was no point in just buying milk. Of course it wouldn’t have been a shopping trip without constantly being interrupted by Luke holding up coconuts to his chest, or using loose bananas as guns, but after awkwardly standing through the loud beeps of the scanner held by a very grumpy looking checkout guy, we were out the door.

After a series of: “Feed me an m&m.”

“No, get it yourself.”

“I can’t I’m driving!” We arrived at home. I slipped into the first piece of clothing I found in the basket that was keeping the dryer company, and headed off to find my lame friend who seemed to be content enough with the small bottle of newly brought milk. Walking in on him stirring two mugs of what smelt like coffee, I wrapped my arms around him, the old Rolling Stones shirt overlapping the band of his sweat pants making his presence more inviting than ever. Maybe it was just the lack of sleep that caused me to press the side of my cheek to his back, and maybe it was the multiple lattes from our local coffee shop that caused him to press a light kiss to my forehead as he handed me the steaming cup, but whatever it was, I knew I didn’t want it to wear off.

“Your turn to do the dishes.” Luke slyly smiled. I glanced at the small digital writing settled on the screen of the microwave that read 02:40 AM. “Is it bad that I’m not tired at all?” The boy said as he perched himself on the kitchen counter. “It’s all that coffee Lucas,” I replied tapping his nose lightly, he let out a small giggle that sounded amplified in the empty kitchen. To anyone else, we would’ve seemed odd, two teenagers in the middle of the night, laughing while the darkness encompassed us, but to the two of us, we were content in the darkness, happy with the dim glow of the kitchen appliance lights illuminating eachother’s faces. “Hey, isn’t that mine? You owe me way too many shirts already.” Luke laughed eyeing the words, ‘The Offspring’ pasted in bold writing across the front. “Guys’ shirts are way more comfortable than girls’ shirts, also your laundry powder smells good.” I said wrapping my arms around myself taking in the material.

He smiled and stared at me for a little too long until I spoke up, snapping him out of his daze. “Well I’m heading off to bed.” I said placing the clean mugs back in the cupboard. “Really? After coffee?” He pouted and placed his feet on the cold tiles, walking over to the small couch, trying to avoid any furniture in the dim setting. I followed him and sat down beside him, switching on the tv and surfing hopelessly through the channels for something good to watch, when I felt a weight on my thighs. I looked down and found those familiar cerulean eyes gazing up at me. “What happened to not being tired?”

“I’m not ‘tired’, you’re just… comfy, oh and I like it when you play with my hair,” He smiled snuggling up to me. I could’ve sworn that he blushed, in the unstable lighting of the screen. I laughed to myself as my hands slowly ran through his hair, twirling his blond locks between my fingers as some cooking show played in the background.

The first time I met him, I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t fall for him. The perfect boy who’s head was now resting on my lap, but it turns out, I broke that vow. Little did I know at the time, the perfect boy had broken his too.

you’re having a bad day - d.s

“Can you write an imagine where you have a bad day and he does everything to make you smile or laugh?”

WORD COUNT ; 1007 words
WARNINGS ; none 
A/N ; i’m so so sorry to the anon who requested this, in case this isn’t how you wanted it to be and im sorry that this is kind of short ??

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Game Over - [BTS] Namjoon!Au

Prompt: “Times like this I doubt your intelligence.”

Namjoon tries to poke the screw into the USB port. “Where does this go.” He muttered to himself as you watch. At the same time, you were looking around to see if there’s cars passing by, but it’s close to evening and there’s barely any cars or kind people around. Namjoon forgets his phone and drained your battery, playing cooking games on them—and now you’re stuck in a semi-used highway that’s about to be abolished in two weeks’ time because there’s another highway being developed.

“There’s barely any car passing by Namjoon, we’re going to die here. How can you be so relaxed?” You throw your head back and spun around in frustration. “Because, panicking about it won’t solve the problem.” He shot, sitting on the dashboard of the car, cross-legged in the calmest manner any human could afford to be in this alarming situation. “It’s going to get dark really soon, and we don’t bring food.” Pacing left and right wasn’t going to make the situation better. “Besides, being relaxed about it doesn’t solve it either.” You added a tiny shake of your head, disapproving his method of problem solving.

“I shouldn’t have listened to you.” You muttered.

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Monday Fic Rec

First day of placement today and I’m basically an emotional train wreck so here’s some fics that I enjoyed reading this past week:

Strictly In Love by lovelarry10:

Summary: Harry Styles is doing something he never thought he would do… taking part in another reality show, this time as a contestant in the 14th series of Strictly Come Dancing.

With a talented professional partner, a supportive boyfriend and fun songs to dance to, will the most uncoordinated member of One Direction be able to pull off the impossible and dance his way to the trophy?

Aquarius by dinosaursmate:

Summary: Louis pushed his fingers into his fringe, sweeping it back slowly, knowing Harry was watching closely. “So, what do you say we drink up and head back to mine?”

Harry’s expression didn’t falter or twitch in the slightest. He just licked his lips, digging his teeth into the bottom one ever so slightly as it slid out of his mouth.

“I’m good here, actually.”

Louis realises he’s slept with a man of every star sign except for Aquarius, and that just won’t do.

the squishy fic by tolvsmol:

Summary: au where harry sends a drunken text, louis calls him squishy, and they go to a wedding.

Sweet Creature, Sweet Creature by magicalou:

Summary: Louis is a talented and successful songwriter that was born with a rare heart disease, and Harry is a celebrated musician that has won the world with his charm. When Fate… or Liam Payne and Jeff Azoff more accurately, bring them together to create Harry’s debut album, neither are prepared for what life suddenly starts to bring their way.

send me your location (let’s ride the vibrations) by foollsgold:

Summary: Harry sighs happily as he falls silent, glancing across the street to watch pedestrians come and go. They fly past, consumed with their own lives, either coming home from work late or walking their dogs. There’s a couple hovering in the alley, making out shamelessly in the middle of the afternoon. It makes Louis feel nauseous.

“That’s so cute.” Harry comments. His eyes are sparkling in the way they do when he’s being earnest, and there isn’t a hint of sarcasm in his voice. “Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to do that with someone?”

Louis’ heartbeat seems to pick up at that, refusing to settle down even after a moment has passed. He frowns down at his paper bag, still full with food, placing it back up on the dashboard with sweaty hands.

“Yeah,” He breathes out, feeling his chest tighten. “Would be nice.”

or Harry gives Louis head with no strings attached. They fall in love.

The Tiny Little Bungalow by pointerbrother:

Summary: “She wants us to move in with her and - and her kids, of course.”

Louis blinks harder. “Wait - what?!” He can’t fathom it. They’ve only been dating for five months or summat. “And you agreed to this?! Without even running it by me?!”

“Yes,” Troy sighs, eyes wide and apologetic, stature provocatively calm in contrast to Louis’ jittery one, “and I knew you’d have a reaction like this one, but there’s really nothing I can tell you other than… well, that I’ve said yes already and since you’re only fifteen you’re coming with me. And… that I’m sorry to uproot you like this, lad. But… yeah. I don’t know what more to say.”

“Wait,” Louis can’t hardly breathe, “wait - hang on, does - does this mean that-”

His dad nods. “Yes. We’re moving to Holmes Chapel.”

or fifteen-year-old Louis Tomlinson gets reluctantly uprooted from his Doncaster-life when his dad decides to move in with his new girlfriend Anne and her two kids. Speaking of the kids, one of them is this curly-haired bloke who’s just a little too pretty for both his own and Louis’ good.

I’ll Be Your Love Tonight by waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee (dinosaursmate):

Summary: “I don’t know how I’m ever going to walk away from you.”

“So don’t.” Harry ran a fingertip over Louis’ thigh. “Stay with me.”

It’s the summer of 1999 and Louis Tomlinson has been abandoned at a house party. A dispute over Smirnoff Ice and several night buses later, Louis is unsure how he’ll ever walk away from this lovely, curly-haired boy.

Where I Belong by Anonymous:

Summary: Harry Styles is an introverted director of a small nature reserve in Norfolk County, England. Louis Tomlinson is an Emmy winning wildlife documentary filmmaker with a bad boy reputation. When Louis arrives at Harry’s reserve in search of a new project, and a new path in life, Harry is less than thrilled. Yet, the two men realize that working together may benefit them both, especially when the future of the reserve is threatened by a large corporation and its powerful CEO.

One Day You’ll Say These Words by Anonymous:

Summary: Growing up together in Yorkshire has led to a lifelong friendship between Louis Tomlinson, the future Marquess of Rotherham, and Harry Styles, the heir to a viscount. When Harry suddenly inherits his uncle’s title and estate much earlier than expected, Louis must watch his friend struggle under the weight of these new responsibilities, including searching for a wife with a dowry large enough to save his estate. However, sitting idly by as Harry looks for a bride brings some unexpected feelings to the surface.

A friends to lovers story set in the Regency era.

The Unsuccessful Promise by trysomecats:

Summary: At the end of the previous school year, Louis swore to everyone that he would return in the fall as an alpha. He made this promise especially to his arch-nemesis Harry Styles, who had already presented as an alpha himself. Unfortunately over summer break, the worst thing possible happens: Louis presents as an omega. Now school is back in session and he has to return and face the consequences of pre-determining his status.

Featuring Liam and Zayn as Louis’ doting and exasperated parents.

Practically Perfect | Oh Sehun


Word Count -1.8k

Summary - In which your best friend keeps insisting for you to date her boyfriends friend and you refuse to meet him. Little do you know that fate had exactly that planned for you…



“I shall be alone forever and I’m fine with it” I ended the on-going debate about my ever-so happening  love life, flopping down on the couch as she simply rolled her eyes at my persistent words

“Well, you shouldn’t be hun” She trailed.

“You should be happy, that you have a perfect boyfriend and a perfect life” I sighed.

“Don’t you think I’d want that for my Best Friend too?” She asked.

“Not everyone’s perception of perfect is the same hun. Trust me, I’m fine” I lied. She gave me a slight nod and went on with her report on her laptop, but I knew she wasn’t satisfied with my answer. Relationships aren’t really my thing. That’s a lie; I just don’t know how to keep one. I just like to stay in my own bubble considering the fact that I am the most socially awkward person on earth.

“So Luhan’s friends are going to come over in a few.” She informed. “I was thinking you’d want to meet them” She suggested. In case you want to know, she has been in a secret relationship with Luhan; secret being required as he is a part of one of the biggest boy groups in K-pop. Yeah, no thanks. Now, I might be coming off as rude, or unsociable but give me a break. I already went to that party last week. So the amount energy and effort I will put into meeting someone new is running very low at the moment.

“Great! So that you can set me up with one of those dimwits” I rolled my eyes and she gave me a glare

“They’re not dimwits, they’re actually great guys” She sighed, looking up at me

“Great! Okay. How about, you sit here and make me a list of all of the reasons why they’re great guys, while I go on a little drive to clear my mind” I emptily suggested, getting up and grabbing my bag

“You’re going to have to socialize with someone sooner or later Y/N” I heard Y/BF/N exclaim from behind me

“I choose later.” I laughed as I went out the door. The fact that I’m 20 years old and people had to force me to get out and socialize was quite worrying, but oh well!

My aimless drive brought me to the front of a small bubble-tea shop that I’d been contemplating to visit for a while, so I decided now was a good time to try something new since I’m clearly not capable of doing that naturally. Standing in line, I began to search through the menu on wall, my only view blocker being the lean figure of a fairly young looking guy standing in front of me. Subconsciously analysing his tall and pale form, I mindlessly began to walk forward just as he turned around to return to his place, causing us both of us to collide. The absolutely best part being, the fact that he spilled his chocolate tea all over my white sweatshirt! Perfect. Now I had a huge chocolate stain on my favourite sweatshirt and whoop! Everyone can see my bra. How. Bloody.Wonderful.

“Omo! I waited half an hour for that bubble-tea!” The boy whined, the depth of his voice shining through. Damn! It’s going to be hard to get mad at him. Light-brown fringe sticking to his ever so slightly dampened forehead as he carried an annoyed scowl; he hinted how much he was pissed about his tea. He was wearing a tank top that showcased his muscles as he moved. He was well built with beautifully sculpted biceps and lean, long and toned legs. He noticed me basically checking him out, so I quickly retorted from analysing his body, to analysing how mad I was at him.

“Well next time you should see where you’re going!” I snapped, trying not to get too annoyed as he rolled his eyes.

“An apology would be appreciated” He simply said pushing my annoyance level to its highest point

“Are you being serious!? You just spilled all of your freaking bubble-tea all over my WHITE sweatshirt! And you demand an apology!?” I finally lashed out. By this time he looked furious and it seemed like we were the current centre of attention.

“Seriously, you’re making a scene out of nothing. Just apologise and we’ll call it even” He half requested, half- demanded and I lost it.

“If I don’t think I’m in the wrong, I will never apologise” I sent him a sickening sarcastic smile .I soon took a note of my surroundings and realised that literally everyone at the café were staring at us and I started feeling really self-conscious. I pulled out my wallet and slapped notes into his hand. “Pay for your precious tea” I rolled my eyes as I dashed out of the café feeling extremely awkward.

I drove straight back to my house and walked in on Y/BF/N and Luhan making out on the couch. There’s an image for ya! But the pissed off expression on my face and the huge stain on my sweatshirt, kind of broke them apart.

“You okay Y/N?” Y/BF/N asked wearing a worried expression on her face, getting up and sorting her clothes out.

“Yeah! Yeah. I’m perfectly fine! A complete and utter asshole spilled his bubble-tea all over my new white sweatshirt, made a huge deal about how I should’ve apologised and now I’m really pissed off! But I’m fine!” I yelled.

“Right… That seems like something Sehun would do” Chuckled Luhan and I shot him a death glare.

“Okay. You might want to get changed Baekhyun and Sehun will be here in a few” She informed and I just groaned and went up to my room. Y/BF/N was the mom of the house I guess, but it’s one of the things I love about her. I took a shower trying to get rid of the stickiness -although I didn’t mind smelling like chocolate-  and changed into comfier clothes.

I flopped down on onto my bed and went straight onto my phone. In the process of aimlessly scrolling through my Tumblr dashboard, I heard a familiar voice entering the living room and things seemed quite suspicious. As I walked out of my bedroom, I stopped dead on my tracks. It was him.

“You!?”  We both exclaimed as we caught a glimpse of each other from across the room. I also spotted a tall black haired guy sprawled across our sofa, looking up from his phone to watch the show that was about to go down.

"Well, you two have clearly met…” Luhan awkwardly trailed

“Yeah, no kidding! This is the asshole I was talking about! Thanks for ruining the sweatshirt by the way” I snapped as he simply rolled his eyes

“This is the clutz I was talking about. Still have the stain” He pointed towards his now sticky white tank-top and it was now my turn to roll my eyes. Eye-liner guy seemed to be enjoying this whole scene as he kept giggling

“Okay Y/N, calm down. It was just an accident. I think you should be the bigger person and just apologise to him” Y/BF/N came beside me and calmed me down as I rolled my eyes

“I’ll be in my room” I huffed stomping away

Sehun’s POV

I had to admit, I was a d*ck about wanting her to apologise. I mean it was clearly my fault, but it was something about admitting my mistake to her that didn’t seem appealing. I know, I’m a d*ck. But did anyone notice how her (Y/E/C) eyes sparked whenever she talked to me, or how her sharp jaw clenched whenever she was angry. She’s pretty hot, I mean I was going to make a move at the café, but we weren’t exactly in liking position.

“You want to change into a fresh T-shirt” Luhan asked patting me on the shoulder as he got up from the couch and I nodded. “I’ll go get you one” He said

“Lu! Could you get me the dip from the shelf” His girlfriend requested and he gave me an apologetic look

“It’s a small flat, just go down the hall and it’s the second door to the right. Make sure you don’t get the wrong door, you wouldn’t want to encounter an angry Y/N” He chuckled.

I lightly laughed and made my way down the hall. By the time I was in the hallway, I was already confused as to which door I was looking for. I just grabbed onto a random handle and stumbled into the exact room I wasn’t supposed to be in. I innocently smiled and looked up at her scowling face

“May I help you?” She asked not-so-sincerely

“Ohm, Y/BF/N’s room? - I –Uh-Need -A -T-shirt” I coughed as she giggled. I loved how her (Y/E/C) eyes lit up when she was looking down at me. They almost looked like they had tiny golden flakes running through them against the million fairy lights she had hung up in her room


I looked at him for a long while, carefully picking out his features. He had an amazing jaw line and cheekbones, silky brown hair and the most gorgeous chocolate brown eyes. I’m checking him out again! Damnit! But this time, he didn’t notice as he was practically doing the same to me

“The next door across the hall to your right” I finally spoke after our eternity of silence, but he seemed confused “Y/BF/N’s room” I clarified and he nodded getting up off the ground. As he began to walk out, I turned my attention back to my laptop, lightly smiling to myself.

“Hey! – Uh…” He trailed coming back to my room

“Y/N” I smiled and he smiled back. Okay, he’s not cute, he’s adorable! With a combination of hot as well, which is- Getting off topic!

“Yeah, I’m sorry for the whole tea spilling thing, I should’ve apologized but I don’t-“  He babbled

“It’s fine, I’m the one who should be apologizing for being a brat about this whole situation” I cut him off, but he seemed some-what relived because I forgave him. He gave me one last smile before proceeding to leave my room again, when I called him back

“Sorry, I didn’t catch your name” I shyly smiled

“The names Sehun. Oh Sehun” He introduced in a deep voice and we both fell into fits of laughter seconds later. “Hey, where’s the room again?” he asked as we caught or breaths and I rolled my eyes

“Next door across the hall to your right. Try not to get lost” I smiled which earned a chuckle from him as he left. Score! What? No. Totally not into him. Who am I kidding, he’s practically perfect.

Back to writing Scenarios and One shots! I have a request which I am currently working on, so this was a little coming back post :) My requests are open so please do request if you’d like and I’ll see you later Loves!

~Shazz xx



Title: Roadside Argument
(neither gif is mine!)

A/N: I hope you all enjoy it! Feedback is always appreciated and thank you as always for taking the time to read!<3
Requested by - @lestradeslover : 3 & 15 for our DiNozzo bae?
Word Count: 561
Pairing: Tony DiNozzo x Reader

3. “Please don’t be mad at me.”
15. “Are you cold?”

You let out a noise of annoyance and kicked the tire on the gasless vehicle. Your annoyance wasn’t aimed at the car though, it wasn’t its fault that it had no gas. You glared at the back of Tony’s head who was bent over the engine, claiming that it had to be something wrong under there, “I asked you to fill it up..”

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destielonfire  asked:

destiel please, you can pick the tone as long as it's not an unhappy end ^^ 🤑🏃💼👬

ok, I wrote dean!smith/end!cas because it’s my fav and the emojis screamed dean!smith to me. sorry if I interpreted the emojis too loosely, kinda realised that by the end :x

Dean Smith enjoyed many things in life. He loved his job, his black coffee, his house, the fact his desk was always clean and organised, fresh and healthy salads, and most of all: his newest model car. A white, shimmering pearl almost screaming the fact it was brand new. Dean wished he could always keep it that way. Sometimes he’d walk over to the large window in his office and look down to see his car shining at the parking lot, brighter than all the others. It made his heart jump a little. Sometimes he wondered that maybe if he’d grown up under different circumstances, he would’ve fixed cars or even made them. They’d always interested them. But as a CEO, he didn’t have time to dive deep into the mechanics and car industry.

He already had plenty of stuff to do, hurrying from place to place, trying to do more work than possible in 24 hours. All he knew was that he wanted to keep his car in a good shape and make it look absolutely spot on.

Therefore, he wanted that extra little attention from some professionals every once in a while. He treated his car with a visit to the mechanics a little more often than maybe needed; but as long as his car was up to date and ready to face whatever was waiting, Dean Smith was happy. He didn’t mind spending that extra amount of cash for a check up. Plus, he rather enjoyed going to the mechanics. One specific mechanic, to be precise. 

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anonymous asked:

Perhaps some stupid questions here: if G intended to hide pictures during the interview because they are with the "wrong" parent, why didn't she simply take them down and put the "right" ones into the frames? And the kids are growing up fast, I can't imagine how they're going to understand the family situation if they are raised together. Wouldn't they tell other kids about having a daddy and a papa? The Js' secret wouldn't be a secret anymore then. Or maybe that's their come-out plan

Hello, dear anon!

They’re not stupid questions at all. The kid thing gets asked of me fairly often and it seems to puzzle a lot of people - myself included. I can only speculate about this topic using common sense, seeing as how I’m lacking some actual information. Keep that in mind as I delve into the topic!

This is the picture you mean, right? Please excuse the cencorship, but I know many of my followers prefer not to see her face on their dashboards and I myself prefer to keep her away from my blog whenever it’s possible. As for the pictures… I don’t know? It’s really odd that she chose to present them like this. Perhaps that’s how they’re always arranged, or perhaps it was a last-minute call upon realising who was in the framed pictures. We can only speculate.

I realise that it’s a popular theory among J2 supporters that the children are being raised as siblings. However, I don’t subscribe to that idea. I don’t think one J is called papa or daddy by the other’s kids, but that he’s more like a close uncle. Thing is, even if they can’t claim all the children as their own, they can still feel as though they’re equal fathers to them all (thus all the “our family”, “our kids” slips).

I believe their children spend the vast majority of their time with the mothers, separately. There may be some playdates, like the J’s want us to believe, but I’m not sure if that’s the reality or just them selling the commune agenda. It would make more sense if the Pada kids felt as though the Ackles kids are their friends, not siblings (and vice versa, of course). They are probably together enough to be very fond of and familiar with each other (due to the J’s continuously bringing them together under the same roof), but I could never believe they’re always together like their dads. Just for a moment, think of G and D sharing a home and chuckle with me!

I also don’t think the J’s go all-out on their displays of affection for each other when the kids are present. At some point they would realise what was really going on, and one would think it’s a poor idea to let them figure it out on their own. No, I think they show some restraint and act like close friends instead. Still, I’m kind of thinking they’ll run out of time in a few years when the oldest kids are exposed to more traditional family models and realise that other kids’ dads don’t spend all their free time with their dearest friend.

I wonder what their plan is. Whatever it is that they intend to do, I hope they do it soon. The kids are developing their independent thinking skills every day and I don’t think their coming out strategy is little JJ telling everyone daddy lives with uncle Jared.

Thanks for the message, sweet anon! I hope I was able to give you something to think about and that at least some of what I said made sense. This is such a difficult subject to speculate about because I lack the real information I would need to form a proper opinion on. Have a wonderful week!

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Ecstasy (X Men x reader) Part 5

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

SERIES WARNINGS: Strip club, language, sexual assault, angst, mentions of abuse, eventual fluff, eventual smut, underage drinking, underage sex, other possible trigger warnings.

THIS PART WARNINGS: Sex shop, mild smut, fluff, language, shameless flirting, stealing a car (does that even count?!)

This part ships: Peter Maximoff x reader, reader x OFC, mild Scott x reader, mild Jubilee x reader, Jean x reader.

A.N: Got this idea from a post by @goawayimreadingbeach you can find the post here. Please tell me what you think! This is my first series so don’t be afraid to be too critical!

Words: 1746

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