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I forgot if I already asked this or not, but: If RFA/V/Saeran were vampires, what would their general feeding habits be like? Assuming they don't choose to feed off MC all the time or just leave her for tiny dessert nibs.

You haven’t! Or at least if you did, tumblr possibly ate it! Gosh, I don’t talk about vampires much, but I really like them….Modern vamps are so good… I’m sorry if none of these make sense! The last vampire related thing I watched was a few random episodes of Buffy afhdsf

Speaking of Buffy, I’m going along with the idea that just because they’ve drank your blood doesn’t mean you’re a vampire. Rather if they drink the vampires blood? …Is that weird? Idk if thats ‘Official Lore’, but now it’s “Scums Bastardized Lore’. And it’s a weird modern vamp world because?? I have?? No idea how to write vampire worlds holy fuck

Thank you @fromthedeskofelizabeththird and my friendo Mouse for helping me out with this one!

Zen: The ‘Lestat’ Vampire

- Probably the most typical, dramatic and Romantic vampire.

- A bit of a drama queen if his fans aren’t giving him much attention

- He won’t drink fans blood, but if its offered he tries to come up with an excuse. Saying he’s already ate, prefers a certain blood type to maintain his ‘good skin’, etc

- With Mc he would be worried about drinking too much at once! He might get carried away, especially since he wouldn’t go feed off of random people (probably some weird modern-vamp storebought bs), and he might try to make it Extremely Romantic (and cheesy)

- Mostly he would try to save drinking her blood for special occasions, and probably wouldn’t even bring up or entertain the idea of turning her for a while.

Jumin: The ‘No One Understands Me’ Vampire

- Look me in the eyes and tell me that Jumin wouldn’t be the type of vamp to lock himself in his room with Elizabeth 3rd, lamenting about how humans and vampires are so different, and how no human could understand him.

- Not as dramatic as Zen, but very closed off and skeptical when Mc shows any interest

- Probably drinks blood like its a fine wine. Gets fancy stuff, directly from the victim without having to sink his own fangs into them- Rich Vampire Bs, basically

- Mc suggesting that he could drink from her causes him to think she’s implying a sexual spin to it, and it takes a bit of talking to explain what she meant

- If he ever does drink from her, he’s very very careful, treats it as a relationship bonding experience, and compliments everything he can about the taste

- He may not do it often mainly due to the fact he wants to save her blood for very special occasions

Seven: The ‘Ayyyy Lmao’ Vampire

- Goofy vampire. Does the cheesy lame vampire jokes and treats his own existence as a joke

- Definitely has scared random humans by popping out and threatening to drink their blood, but then laughing at their horrified expressions

- Hails some god awful cheap blood soda bs as the best drink. It’s disgusting. Everyone things its disgusting.

- Refuses to drink Mc’s blood. He doesn’t want to hurt her like that, doesn’t want to risk going overboard and drinking too much, doesn’t want to risk anything. He would literally starve before willingly drinking her blood.

- If he absolutely had to, he would drink the bare minimum and then possibly baby her for a bit. As in, making sure she’s not feeling lightheaded or sensitive afterwards.

Yoosung: The ‘Innocent’ Vampire

-The most normal vampire that probably romanticizes drinking someone else’s blood. Probably hates that he’s going to look cute for years. Wishes he got turned a bit later in life.

- Drinks cheap blood and never any human blood until he meets Mc. It’s easy for him to get it, has been offered by a few humans before, but shyly refused

- If Mc ever lets him, he tries to make it romantic, almost as if it’s going to be your first time doing something else together

- The first time he accidentally goes overboard, but he apologises profusely (probably cooking something high in iron for you). After that, he tries to be more careful and stresses you can always say no

Jaehee: The ‘Most Beneficial’ Vampire

- Probably only became a vampire because it was the best way to get a job, maintain one, or because it was beneficial at the time.

- …vampires probably would have some gross ass coffee blood, huh? If so, that’s probably what she would drink the most, if not then normal coffee it is. Maybe some vampire employees would get better blood than “'storebought”’ blood?(fuk idk)

- When you suggest it to her, she outright refuses. Drinking blood straight from a human seems too personal, too intimate, and she doesn’t want to do that to a friend

-… Until its proven that the two of you are more than friends.

- Still, she hardly does, unless she really needs a pick-me-up. Afterwards she makes sure you rest up and don’t get too light-headed

V: The 'Wrong Reasons’ Vampire

- Probably turned a human into a vampire, under the guise that they would live together happily (*coughs* Rika)

- Because of this, he’s reluctant to drink from Mc. Doing so he might go a bit overboard (Rika would have been the last human he drank from), or stress about you wanting to become one

- He’s mainly used to just drinking like Jumin does, without the 'Humans will never understand me’ vibes.

- If he does, he’s so careful. So sweet, kissing the spot he’s going to bite a few times, barely even drinking enough to satiate his hunger.

- Just don’t seem to eager for it, because it will bring forth some past worries of his

Saeran: The “”“'Edgy”“”’ Vampire

- You ever see those vampires who go around drinking from whoever they want, whenever they want? Well here is Saeran, a Korean version of Spike.

- He does whatever, drinks from whoever, and tosses them aside afterwards. Doesn’t even care how weak they are afterwards

- Mainly the more dangerous ones, so if he hasn’t met Mc like that, she is lucky.

- Presumably, Mc would most likely be the one to calm him down, start forcing him to feel emotions (he hates it at first), and because of that, he doesnt drink from her at first.

- When he does, it’s more romantic. He doesn’t use her or toss her aside. He’s careful, constantly making sure she’s sure and okay, and then even dares to kiss her afterwards.

Insecurities | J.A

Warnings: One curse word? // It’s short as heck and I probably write too much Jack fluff but here we are anyway.

“Baby?” Jack’s voice called from the bathroom, before eventually walking into his bedroom where you were currently doing your makeup. “Have you seen my contacts? I swear I had a pair left.”

“No, sorry babe.” You kept your back turned to him, solely because if you let him see your face he’d see right through your lie. 

The truth is you really wanted your boyfriend to wear his glasses more often and since he was about to run out of contact lenses, you figured it wouldn’t be so bad if you just hid his last pair. 

Jack let out a groan and flopped himself down onto the bed, knocking some of your makeup off of it in the process. You glared at him but continued to put foundation on your face.

“Why are you staring at me?” You shoved his shoulder lightly, hoping he didn’t see you blushing. 

The room filled with Jack’s laugh as he poked your cheek, getting some makeup on his finger. “Ew, you don’t even need this shit.” 

He’d told you those words before and you wanted to believe him, but your self-esteem lifted a good fifty percent when you were wearing makeup. You rolled your eyes as Jack wiped your foundation off his finger and onto his sweatpants, such a boy. 

“I wish you could see yourself from my eyes.” Jack sighed. 

“You can’t even see me from your eyes right now.” You laughed.

He grabbed his glasses from the bedside table, put them on his face and sat behind you so that you could see his reflection in the mirror as well as your own, “Oh look at that. You’re still beautiful.” 

You thought Jack looked perfect, messy hair, glasses and all. His freckles were a little more prominent than usual and you found them adorable. Looking at your own reflection next to his, made you feel a little disorientated. What did you look like in his eyes?

“Please don’t be nice to me.” You suddenly felt really guilty, you shouldn’t have purposely taken away something that makes him feel better about one of his insecurities. Especially since, if the roles had been reversed you would’ve lost your damn mind. 

“I can’t be nice to my girlfriend?” Jack fake gasped, wrapping his arms securely around your waist. 

“Jack, I hid your contacts on purpose,” You blurted, not being able to handle the guilt anymore. “I’m sorry, I didn’t do it to be awful I just-” 

“I know.” Jack interrupted you before you could say anything else, leaning against you as he did so. He started leaving kisses on your right shoulder, which sent shivers up your arms. 

You sat there with your face screwed up, looking ridiculous with only one part of your face covered in makeup and a confused expression. “You know?” 

“You couldn’t lie to me if you tried, baby girl.” He smiled at you, no trace of hurt or anger anywhere on his face. 

He truly was the most understanding and amazing boyfriend you’d ever had, he didn’t get angry when you were acting like a hypocrite even when you think he maybe should have. 

“I just wish you wore your glasses more, you look really good in them.” You mumbled, a little embarrassed with yourself. 

“And I wish you didn’t feel like you need makeup to be pretty.” Jack challenged you and you knew you weren’t going to win this one. You sighed, but nodded in agreement. 

“How about we make a deal, you wash that off your face and I’ll wear my glasses all day.” He offered, a grin spread across his face. 

So that’s exactly what you did and Jack spent the rest of the day cuddling into you, kissing all over your face and telling you how beautiful you were. 

Just as much as you spent your time playing with his hair, kissing him back and telling him how amazing he looked in his glasses. 

You both had your insecurities, but you also had each other. 

A New Addition To The Family - A Lapidot Fanfic

Chapter One: “You did WHAT?!”

“Peridot!  Lapis!” Steven called as he bounded towards the barn, the other Crystal Gems in tow, “We’re here!”

“Hi Steven!” came Peridot’s excited reply from within the wooden walls of her home.

Peridot had sent Steven a message earlier in the day, insisting that he come to the barn with Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl as soon as possible, because she and Lapis had a “very important announcement” to make. She neglected to mention the exact nature of the announcement, but her fellow Crystal Gems had arrived as quickly as possible regardless.  After a moment, the small green Gem ran out of the barn with a huge grin on her face.

“So what’s up, P-Dot?” Amethyst enquired, “Why’d you call us out here?”

“Ah yes! Well…” Peridot began. She glanced back at the barn, looking for her partner.

“Hey Lapis!” she called loudly, “Are you ok in there? Do you need any help?”

“I’m fine, Peridot, stop making a fuss!” Lapis replied.  

The Crystal Gems exchanged puzzled looks. They couldn’t help but think that Lapis sounded quite tired for some reason.  When she emerged from the barn, Pumpkin following behind her extremely closely, it became apparent that something was very off…

“Lapis?!” cried Steven, “What happened?!”

The ocean Gem stood before them, holding onto the small of her back. Extremely noticeable against her slim frame was a slightly bulging stomach.

“It’s ok, Steven,” Lapis answered with a kind smile, “That’s why Peridot and I called you to visit us!”

Peridot beamed and ran over to Lapis, who put her hand onto the smaller Gem’s shoulder and made her announcement: “I’m having a baby!”

The Crystal Gems all gasped in unison.

No no no no,” muttered a panic-stricken Pearl, desperately looking at Garnet and Amethyst in the hopes that one of them would somehow be able to give her the reassurance that she desperately needed, before addressing Lapis directly, “Gems aren’t supposed to carry children! Don’t you have any idea what happened last time?!  What happened to Rose…”

“Oh no, it’s not like that!  My baby isn’t half-human” Lapis explained.

“But then… how?” asked a bewildered Pearl, who was now anxiously pacing around in front of the others.

“It was me!” yelled Peridot excitedly, “I impregnated Lapis!”

“You did WHAT?!” a horrified Pearl exclaimed - while shooting a look at Amethyst, who was clearly struggling to hold back her laughter at Peridot’s brash announcement.

“Whoa-ho-ho-ho-ho-HO!” the purple quartz couldn’t keep it in any longer, “Does that mean that the pair of you have–”

Amethyst!” scolded Pearl, while discreetly gesturing towards a (thankfully oblivious) Steven. Quickly averting attention away from Amethyst’s question, Pearl asked one of her own, “When did this happen?!”

“Oh, about a month ago,” Peridot answered quite matter-of-factly, “The baby is growing at a much faster rate than that of a human child. We estimate that Lapis is actually the equivalent of around three months into a human pregnancy!”

“How is this even possible?” asked Pearl, completely gobsmacked by all of this.

“It’s easy when you know as much about the makeup of Gems as I do!” Peridot proclaimed proudly, with a smirk across her face, “I’ve discovered a way of creating new Gems without causing harm to the earth! Isn’t that amazing?!”

The others just stared back at her in shock.

“Well, I thought it was impressive…” Peridot grumbled to herself.

“It is impressive, Peridot”, Garnet commented, “But it’s important to remember that what the two of you are doing is not without risk. Gems have never reproduced like this before.”

Peridot and Lapis looked at each other and their faces fell slightly.  As with the others, they held the Crystal Gems’ leader in incredibly high regard, and would love for her to be amazed by what they were doing.

“But…” Garnet continued, “I trust your judgement on this.  Peridot, creating Gems might be your speciality, but you must make sure you take extreme care with this regardless.”

“It’ll be ok though, right?” a very concerned Steven asked Garnet.

“I have no reason to believe that it won’t be,” she answered with a caring smile, “But we still don’t know exactly how this is going to work.”

“Oh my gosh!” cried Steven, who had been hit with a sudden realisation now that some of his concerns had been allayed by Garnet, “This means I’m going to be an uncle!”

He hurried over to Lapis and gently placed a hand on her bump.

“Hello, baby… um… Peris?” he said happily, “No wait, I’ve got it - baby Lapidot!”

Lapis snorted with laughter, “Baby Lapidot?”

“Yeah! That’s how we named Stevonnie, after all!”

“But our child is going to be an actual Gem, Steven”, Peridot interjected, slightly more impatiently that she’d perhaps intended to.

“Whoa!  Like a mini Lapis or a mini Peridot?!” exclaimed Steven.

“Not necessarily,” Peridot told him, “She could be an entirely new Gem, or even a hybrid like you!  We don’t know yet.  But…”

“We’re calling her a Gemling,” said Lapis with a cheeky grin, finishing her partner’s sentence, “There’s never been a baby Gem before, so Peridot insisted that we think of a proper name for them”.

“Awwww!” replied Steven, a look of pure glee written across his face, “My niece is going to be a Gemling! That sounds so cute!”

Suddenly, Pumpkin ran around from behind Lapis, and started nudging Steven’s leg.

“Pumpkin!” Steven laughed, “What are you doing?”

Pumpkin kept nudging Steven, more aggressively now, and began to growl at him.

“Pumpkin!  Steven’s not going to hurt Lapis, you clod!” Peridot sternly told her.  Immediately Pumpkin began to calm down, but kept intently watching Steven.

“Ugh, sorry about that, Steven,” an exasperated Peridot told him as held her hand on her forehead in despair, “Pumpkin’s been acting a little… odd, ever since Lapis got pregnant.”

“We think she’s trying to protect me,” Lapis continued, then added with a wry smile “She even tried to bite Peridot at first!”

“Don’t remind me…” grumbled Peridot, and Steven and Lapis both burst into laughter.

Pearl looked on, still wearing an expression of concern. This didn’t go unnoticed by Garnet, who placed one hand on Amethyst’s shoulder and the other on Pearl’s.

“Don’t worry, you two,” Garnet calmly reassured them, “It’s not like last time.  There’s no reason to believe that Lapis can’t survive this.  Unlike Rose before her, she won’t need to give up her Gem for the baby.”

“I guess so…” Pearl said, feeling somewhat reassured by their leader’s wise words.  With Garnet possessing her incredible future-vision, it was difficult to not feel at ease by what she had to say.

“We just need to be there for Lapis and Peridot now,” Garnet said caringly, “What they’re doing isn’t going to be easy for them, so we’ll need to help them in whatever ways we can.”

Amethyst nodded in agreement.

“Well, for a start, we should tidy up that awful barn!” Pearl exclaimed, “It’s dangerous for a child to be living there, with all that nonsense that they insist on making art with…”

“Good to see that you’ve found something different to stress about now, P” a grinning Amethyst teased as she put her arm around the taller Gem.

Garnet looked back over at Lapis and Peridot and couldn’t help but smile.  She felt so proud of them and what they’d achieved; not only leaving behind the twisted ethos of Homeworld to embrace the earth instead, but now this – creating new Gems in a way that wouldn’t do harm to the planet.  She watched on as Steven ran around excitedly with Pumpkin, while the happy couple stood hand-in-hand by their home, Peridot looking up at Lapis in pure adoration.

“Come on, you two,” Garnet told Amethyst and Pearl as she gestured towards the barn, “Let’s go and join them.”

Scorpius Why

Hey guys! I swear I’m working on a bunch of stuff, really I am. College has been taking up a lot of my time already. I promise that I’m not abandoning my fics. Here be this little thing! Sorry it’s short. Hope you enjoy! 

P.S. I know nothing about babies other than I hate them. Don’t ever let me be a mother. I have zero maternal instinct 

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Requested: Yes 

@missesfelton Requested: Hey! I love your writing! So I was hoping you could make an amazing Draco X Reader out of a shitty request? Something like: your first (or some other if you want) night with baby Scorpius and Draco and yourself (other Reader)? Hope it will work, thanks

Warnings: Swearing

Draco was going to cry. You were this close to crying. Scorpius was already crying and there lies the issue. It was three in the morning, both you and your husband had to be up in three hours, and no one was getting any kind of sleep. Though, the screaming and crying should have been expected of a baby who was only a few months old. 

Sitting in the rocking chair in the nursery, both of you tried in vain to calm your child. His little face was red and he was crying nonstop. Anything you did just seemed to have no effect on him. Draco laid a hand on your shoulder, offering to take Scorpius from you for a while. Handing the baby to him, you got out of the rocker and ran your fingers through your hair. You could feel the tears building in your eyes. You just wanted him to shut up. 

“Come on, Scorp, aren’t you even a little sleepy?” You muttered.

“WAHHHHHHHHH!!” No. He was not. 

“Why don’t you go lay down for a while, love,” Draco said, nudging you towards the bedroom. 

“It’s not like I’m gonna get any sleep anyway,” You sighed. 

Another hour passed and Scorpius had yet to show any signs of stopping. Draco had handed him off to you again as he scrubbed at his face with both hands. You watched him, knowing that he was just as tired as you were. Bouncing the baby lightly, you wandered aimlessly around the nursery. Every step you took, Draco was right at your side. You appreciated that. On a particularly loud cry from Scorpius, Draco began to speak. 

“I understand now why you said you didn’t want children,” Draco said, sheepishly. You glared at him. You hadn’t ever cared much for children, but you gave in upon his insistence. 

“Do you?” You snapped. Your husband’s eyes widened. It was very rare that you snapped at anyone, especially him. 

“WAHHHHHHH!!” Scorpius began to shriek louder. Sucking in a deep breath, you forced yourself to calm down. You getting angry wasn’t going to solve anything. 

“He gets this from you.” Draco stared at you, opening his mouth to say something else. 

“You bitch and moan just as much as your son, so shut your mouth, Malfoy.” He did, in fact, shut his mouth after that. You bounced the baby in your arms for a few more minutes before Draco began to speak again. 

“I’m sorry,” He said, wrapping his arms around your waist. 

You were so fucking tired. Laying your head back onto Draco’s shoulder, you looked down into your son’s angry little face and a dam broke. Tears spilled over your lashes and cascaded down your cheeks. God, you felt like such a terrible mother. You couldn’t make everything okay for you baby and that was all a mother was supposed to do. As soon as Draco noticed, he turned you to look at him. Long, pale fingers wiped away the rivers of tears. 

“Don’t cry, (Y/N),” He said, quietly. A sob erupted from your mouth. 

“I can’t help it! I’m frustrated, I’m tired, and I can’t make him stop crying! I feel like such a failure of a mother!” You sobbed. Draco’s arms slid around you as he pulled you to his chest. 

“You aren’t a failure of a mother,” He whispered, kissing the top of your head. 

“B-But…” He stroked the back of your hair, shushing you softly. 

“Breathe, darling. You’re a wonderful mother,” He soothed. You sniffled, forcing in a deep breath. 

“Sorry, I’m just…. this is just…” You said. Draco kissed your hair again. 

“You have nothing to be sorry for,” He said. You stood there for a few moments, just letting him hold you. When you pulled back, Draco gave you a tired smile and you offered a watery one in return. You held Scorpius, who was still crying, up to your face. 

“You’re a lot of trouble, just like your Dad, you know that?” You said, sniffling slightly. Out of nowhere, Scorpius stopped crying. 

“Ahh,” He cooed, reaching a tiny hand towards your tear stained face. 

“Another thing you do just like your father,” You mumbled, letting the baby rub his little hands over your cheeks and slap at them lightly. 

“Pardon?” Draco said, indignantly. 

“Please, don’t act like you never made me cry and then tried to backtrack for your life,” You giggled, thinking back to your younger years at Hogwarts. The two of you fought a lot when you first got together. 

“Touché,” He said. Scorpius grugled softly, tugging your hair lightly before yawning. Finally, you laid him in his crib and went back to your shared room. 

Both of you crawled back into bed, snuggling together. Draco held you close to him and you flopped onto his chest. Yes. Sleep. That was all you needed. You tried not to think about the fact that he’d probably have you up again in another hour or so; focusing instead on Draco’s hands rubbing your back. Sighing, you nuzzled his chest, placing lazy kisses there. 

“It’ll get better, you know,” He said. You laughed sleepily. 

“I fucking hope so because, if he’s still doing this at sixteen, you’re on your own,” You chuckled. You could almost feel Draco roll his eyes. 

“I’m sure he won’t be,” He said. 

“As I said earlier, you were.” He kicked you softly under the sheets. 

“Shut it, (L/N),” He grumbled. You looked up at him, smirking. 

“Malfoy, my last name is, Malfoy.” His eyes were closed and he pushed your head to this chest, holding you there. 

“Not when you’re speaking against me,” He muttered, mostly asleep. Closing your eyes, you cuddled closer to his warmth. Maybe you weren’t getting a lot of sleep, but you were glad that you had your boys, bitching and moaning or not.   

No Show-Zach Herron

Summary: Your seventeenth birthday is what dreams are made of-breakfast in bed, tons of balloons, and a big party that everyone you care about showed up to-Everyone except your boyfriend, Zach, that is. 


♥ ♥ ♥

It was finally here, the day you’d been waiting on for 364 whole days: your seventeenth birthday. Unlike most, your family had their own tradition of making a big deal out of seventeenth birthdays rather than the big 1-8. 

You’d been up for a few hours just lounging in bed with your phone and answering texts and birthday shout outs on various social media apps when you heard a light knock on your door. 

“Who is it?” you asked innocently but you knew what was coming next. Without answering, your family members began to pool in singing happy birthday and your mother set a tray in your lap containing all of your favorite breakfast foods.

“Happy birthday dear (Y/N). HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!” they finished, screaming the last part at the top of their lungs. “We love you honey.” your dad said softly and you could tell he was trying his best to restrain his tears.

After receiving a hug from each of them they left to give you time to get ready for your party a couple hours from now. Your mother promised something simple and you told her you would be ready to head out soon.

After your hair and makeup were finished you turned to your closet to find the perfect outfit. You had so many clothes and living in L.A. didn’t exactly help your increasing shopping obsession either.

You tried on a few outfits before settling on a lacy white dress with spaghetti straps and a pair of strappy sandals. As a finishing touch, you put on your favorite jewelry as well before heading downstairs.

“SURPRISE!” You were caught off guard by all of your family and friends in your living room. “What?! Oh my gosh!” you couldn’t help but turn red with happiness at seeing everyone you loved all together to celebrate your birthday.

For some reason, though, Zach wasn’t among them but you brushed it aside and assumed he would swing by later. Walking through the house, you greeted everyone with hugs and thank you’s, placing all of the gifts on the kitchen table.

As you walked around a little bit more, secretly looking for Zach, you admired all of the decorations your family had put up around the house. There were balloons everywhere, streamers, and pictures of you from each year.

Everything was perfect except for the absence of Zach. You hadn’t been dating for long, only three months, but it still hurt that he hadn’t even texted you on your special day.

You made your way outside, saying hi to a few people on the patio before escaping to the backyard in search of some privacy. When you were alone, you dialed Zach’s number. 

When he didn’t answer you tried again but got his voicemail again. “Hellooo.” he sang, “You’ve reached Zach. I’m kind of busy right now but please leave a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Bye.” 

“Hey, Zach, it’s (Y/N). I was just wondering if you were gonna come over today since you know, it’s my birthday and all…My parents set up this whole party for me so feel free to stop by whenever. Hope to see you soon.”

You weren’t happy that he missed your calls but you smiled at the thought of seeing him later. It wasn’t long before your thoughts started to scare you. “What if he forgot?” you thought to yourself. 

“Not possible. I’ve talked about it for months.” you mentally answered yourself. Sighing, you went back to your party and enjoyed yourself as much as you could without hearing from Zach.

You were doing a great job until the party began to wind down and guests started saying their goodbyes. Standing with your parents in the kitchen,you helped your mom clean up as your dad hauled some presents up to your room.

“Did you enjoy your party sweetie?” your mom asked with a smile and handed you a dish to dry. “I loved it. It was better than I could have imagined.” you told her, drying a plate and putting it away before reaching for another.

“Are you sure? You look a little sad.” she said, her tone switching instantly from cheerful to concerned. “Yeah, I just wish that Zach would have came. I haven’t heard from him all day and I’m kind of worried.” you admitted.

“I’m sorry (Y/N).” She hugged you and wiped away a tear threatening to roll down your cheek. “I’m sure you’ll hear from him soon. Maybe opening a few presents will make you feel better?” she suggested.

You looked at a couple of boxes, trying to guess what was inside of them before going to open anything. “Which one should I open first?” you asked her as you moved them around a bit.

“How about this one?” said a voice from outside of the kitchen…a voice that definitely did not belong to your mother. “Zach?!” you yelled, and looked at your mom. She flashed a grin and you instantly knew she was in on this.

You ran to the living room where Zach was standing by the door with a gift bag in his hands. “Whoa, Princess, I’m happy to see you too.” he said as you crashed into him, wrapping your arms around him tightly.

With that comment, the past few hours came back to you and pushed him away. “I would have been happier to see you two hours ago!” you frowned. “Where were you?” you asked and Zach grinned from ear to ear.

“So you think its funny to leave your girlfriend hanging on her seventeenth birthday?” you asked, your tone turning from sassy to harsh as you raised your eyebrows at him.

“No”, he laughed, “I was out getting you this and making plans for tonight.” he said as he held up your present. “All day? It’s like five o’clock. I was starting to think that you forgot or something.” you admitted, looking away from him.

“(Y/N), I would never forget about your birthday. I know how much it means to you.” he said and you knew he was telling the truth. “Okay so what’d you get me?” you asked excitedly, snagging the gift bag and skipping to the couch.

“Wait!” he yelled and ran after you, plopping down on the cushion next to you. “I’m really sorry if you don’t like it. I spent a lot of today deciding if I should give it to you or not. I’m so bad at gifts.” he said and you paused.

“Another excuse on why you were a no show at my party?” you half joked. “No, I wanted it to be perfect, just like what I have planned for tonight. His comment made your heart melt and you kissed his cheek before focusing on the gift.

You removed the tissue paper and pulled a little black box out of the the bag. “Ooh, jewelry.” you smiled and Zach shifted nervously on the couch. Attached to the soft velvet covered box was a hand written note.

“Now you’re officially my Princess. Love, Zach.” you read aloud before finally opening the box. “Oh my gosh.” you half whispered in awe of the Pandora Princess ring you were holding in your hands.

You stared at the ring for a moment and when you didn’t say anything Zach spoke up. “(Y/N)?” he said softly, but your attention remained on the ring you were holding. It was so beautiful and you wanted to cry.

This was possibly the best gift you’d ever received and it was definitely one of the most expensive of the day. “I-I didn’t know what to get you, I-” he started but you cut him off with a kiss.

“It’s perfect Zach, just like you.” you said, slipping the ring onto your finger. “Now what should I wear with this for our date tonight?”

So ist es immer, touka/yomo fanfic (headcanon)

Summary: Yomo and Touka share a nice moment together the day after her wedding.

i wrote it this morning and i totally forgot to post it! i hope it’s not too ooc, touka apparently knows that yomo is her uncle (it was hinted before..) so i do mention that in here, i also want to believe that they share some corny family moments like this once in a while ♡ enjoy! /////


“It’s… kind of a big deal, you know? Being married and all that,” he says, trying to gather some wisdom. “So much, uhh… stuff to do, you know, responsibilities, many adult decisions to make and… yeah.” He frowns, what the hell is he even saying?

Touka frowns too, blurting out a giggle.

“God. You’re terrible with words, did you know that?”

Yomo smiles, cheeks softly blushing.

“Y-Yeah, sorry.”

“It’s okay. I’m awful with words too. I guess small talks don’t run in the family.”

Yomo shakes his head, and he’s not smiling anymore. His face shifts to one side to look at her, and Touka finds nothing but truth within his eyes.

“No,” he admits, and he’s being serious right now. “You’ve always been great with words. Just like your mother.”

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Without The Suit

Warnings: A big sad Peter rip

Pairing: Reader x Peter Parker

Genre: A tiny bit of angst but lots of fluff~

Word Count: 1.3k

A/N: I absolutely loved this request, I reeeally hope I did it justice and wrote it to your standards


Peter Parker was everything to you. He was your boyfriend, your companion, and most importantly your best friend. You trusted him with your deepest darkest secrets and he trusted you with his. That’s why, after only a month of dating, Peter decided to tell you that he was the spider themed hero that the entire school was constantly talking about.

It was the middle of the night and you woke up to someone tapping loudly on your window. You sat up slowly, still half asleep. When you saw who it was you felt your stomach drop and suddenly every part of you was wide awake. Spider-man was hanging upside-down outside and was waving at you.

“Oh my god, no way!” you whispered. You quickly opened the window, allowing the masked figure to gracefully climb inside your bedroom. You couldn’t help but stare as he stood before you. He looked so intense and bold that you had to remind yourself that you weren’t still dreaming.

The mood was ruined almost immediately as Spider-Man went to lean against your bed frame but misjudged the distance and ended up stumbling over, knocking the lamp off of your bedside table.

“Shit, sorry!” he exclaimed as he fumbled around trying to put everything back to the way it was. You froze, putting the pieces together in your mind. You would have recognized his voice anywhere. You had listened to that voice talk for hours and hours at a time. It was the voice that calmed you down after every bad day and made you feel at ease.

“Peter?” you murmured. Spider-man nodded slowly, pulling back his mask to reveal your very own boyfriend. Your heart stopped and it took every ounce of self control not to throw yourself into his arms.

“Surprise!” he said with a grin. You were definitely surprised to say the least. Peter sat down on your bed and patted the spot next to him inviting you to join. The two of you talked the entire night, you listening to his exciting stories about fighting crime as Spider-Man. You didn’t think you could admire that boy any more than you already did but man were you wrong.

Everything changed after that night. For one thing, you had to bite your tongue every time you overheard girls talking about their crushes on Spider-Man. Peter made you swear not to tell anyone and you wouldn’t dare break that promise. At the same time, you were much more in tune with the news and gossip about him. Not to be weird but there was something about seeing Peter in that suit that got you going, and knowing that it was your boyfriend behind the mask made it even better.

“Peter have I ever told you how awesome it is that you’re Spider-Man?” you asked one day when you were hanging out at his house.

“I-I think you’ve mentioned it,” he said, his ears turning pink. You giggled, loving how embarrassed he got when you brought it up.

“Every single girl out there wishes she could date a superhero, how did I get so lucky?” You leaned over to kiss him on the cheek and he laughed.

“I think I’m the lucky one here,” he said with a grin. “Anyway, I think I should get going. There’s some stuff I have to take care of…”

“Say no more,” you said, standing up. “Be careful though.”

“Trust me, I always am,” he replied and grabbed his backpack. You both went your separate ways, but you couldn’t help but feel a bit odd about it. You were always nervous that Peter was going to get hurt while he was gone, but for some reason you couldn’t shake the bad feeling you had about tonight. You ignored it and headed home, knowing that whatever it was Peter could handle it.

A few hours later your mom came knocking on your bedroom door. She told you that Peter was there and that he wanted to see you. Your face lit up just like it did every time the two of you were together. However, when you laid eyes on your boyfriend your spirits fell immediately. His eyes were puffy and his face was red and you could tell he had been crying. He was wearing a t-shirt that was at least two sizes too big and some pink Hello Kitty pajama pants, looking absolutely miserable.

“Peter!” you cried. “What happened? Are you hurt?” He shook his head, avoiding your gaze.

“Y/N I… I have something I need to tell you,” he said in a low voice.

“Okay,” you said. “You can tell me anything.” He swallowed nervously and took a deep breath. He balled up his fists and looked anywhere other than at at you. You walked over and wrapped your arms around him. He stood as still as a statue and you could feel his uneven breathing and rapid heart rate as you pressed yourself against his chest.

“Peter, it’s alright,” you whispered. “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to it’s just that I-”

“Mr. Stark took my suit,” he burst out suddenly, his voice cracking. You looked up at him, his eyes finally meeting yours. They were filled with tears, and your heart broke.

“Aw Pete I’m so sorry,” you said, and you meant it. You knew that being Spider-Man was a big part of his life and that Tony was someone that he idolized. Peter stared at you for a moment blinking furiously before absolutely breaking down.

“Y/N I-I can’t…” he stammered before letting out a sob. “I’m sorry, I’m n-nothing without the suit. If I don’t have the suit, I can’t do anything. I’m not cool, I’m not impressive, I’m not interesting and oh god please just…. Please don’t leave me.” He got quieter and quieter as he went on, pleading with you.

“Why would I leave you?” you said softly. “Listen to me when I tell you that you mean the entire world to me. Sure, Spider-Man is a hero and stuff but so what? Peter Parker is funny, brilliant, and caring. Not to mention he’s incredibly cute and brave and sweet. Get it through your head that I’m not in love with Spider-Man. I’m in love with you. I have been since the day we met.”

“B-But you seemed to like me so much more when I had the suit on,” he mumbled. “Everyone does. If I’m not wearing it then no one cares about me.” You sighed and reached out to wipe the tears off of his cheeks. He closed his eyes at your touch, looking completely broken and defeated.

“Peter, I’ve always cared about you. I don’t like you any less or any more when you have the suit on. I like you all the time, your clothes don’t change who you are. I loved you then and I love you now. Never in a million years would I ever leave you, especially not over something like this.” By the time you had finished talking you were crying too, and from the look on his face you could tell that Peter believed you. He finally pulled you in closer and the two of you stood there together for a while in silence.

“I’m sorry I overreacted,” Peter said, finally finding his voice. “I just… I’m so scared of losing you, you know? For a while I thought being Spider-Man and impressing Mr. Stark was the most important thing in my life, but now…” He trailed off, his grip around your waist tightening a tiny bit as he kissed the top of your head.

“Y/N you’re my whole world.”

anonymous asked:

i feel like today was a ; "too rough & i need some fluff"day. So could you maybe do a prompt?? The one where Stiles is colour blind and can't see Derek's Red Alpha eyes. But Derek doesn't know that so that causes sooo many misunderstandings. - just felt like i needed this today

I wrote this as fast as I could for you, nonnie (so I hope it doesn’t entirely suck). But I hope you are still up and awake to read it and that it makes you feel a little better anyway <3 *all the Sterek snuggles* 

“What do you mean I just asked him to marry me?” Stiles hisses, turning away from the seriously pissed looking werewolf.

“Dude, he flashed his eyes at you and you still approached him,” Scott says, eyes wide. “What did you think was going to happen during a pack recruitment ceremony?”

“I thought the point was to make friends!” Stiles yells, unable to help looking back at- Darren? Danny? Because in any other circumstances Stiles would be trying to convince- Darryl?- that letting Stiles climb him like a tree would be the best decision they would both ever make. Ever. “Wait, what do you mean he flashed his eyes? That doesn’t mean anything!”

“It does if he’s an Alpha.”


“But Alphas have red eyes…”


“But D- uh?”

“Derek,” says the- wow, Stiles really didn’t think it was possible for someone to look that pissed and blush at the same time. It’s kind of adorable, really.

Which. You know. Not helping.

“Right, Derek. Uh, thanks,” he says awkwardly, turning back to Scott. “Derek’s eyes aren’t red!”

“I’m right here you know.”

“Dude,” Scott says again, face serious as he takes hold of Stiles’ arm, turning him completely away from his apparent groom-to-be. Which is probably for the best because even though Stiles is aware he is freaking the fuck out right now, he can’t help but think Derek is kind of perfect. In a Carly Rae Jepsen crazy sort of way, maybe, but still perfect. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if they-

“Look at me and tell me what colour my eyes are,” Scott says.

“What difference is that going to-” Scott’s eyes glow bright, cutting him off, and Stiles gulps.

Oh no.

“They’re a weird…beige colour?”

Scott sighs. “I knew taking that book from Deaton was a bad idea.”

Stiles frowns, realisation dawning on him a second later. Shit. The colour spell from this morning. “It was supposed to enhance my vision, not change it!” he cries. He had taken precautions, goddammit. Sure, it hadn’t been the easiest spell to start with and the book did kind of did state not to perform it alone, but Stiles had been so sure.

Well, fuck.

“Wait, does this mean you really didn’t mean to propose to me?” Derek asks then, his voice suddenly small, nervous.

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What about a scenario where the MC is the splitting double of Rika, like they could actually be twins, and it creeps the RFA+Saeran out??? You don't have to do it if it's too much trouble~ I love your work<3333

Ugh, I wish I had more time to ellaborate a little more, but that’s all I could do.

Hope you like this!^^

RFA + Saeran with a MC who looks like Rika


  • When you showed at his house, he was confused
  • He doesn’t remember going to sleep, so why the hell is he dreaming about Rika now?
  • Oh no… wait! HOLY SHIT!
  • Well, of course that sometimes he can really mistake you two, especially if he’s very tired or distracted
  • But he knew her and he knows you, and… well, he’s in love with you, so he can easily focus in your personality more than your looks, exactly like you do to him.
  • And if anybody says something comparing the two of you, he’ll definitely fight the person and tell them you’re much prettier and have a better taste in men. Sorry not sorry, V


  • Well, fuck my life!
  • It took him so much to understand you two aren’t alike, but… you are!? This is awfully painful to this poor cinnamon roll.
  • But we’ve been here before, haven’t we? Just because you look like her, doesn’t mean you actually are the same person.
  • So he focuses on the differences, which end up being a lot! Your laugh is louder, your eyes are a little darker and more mysterious, your voice is sweeter…
  • And don’t even get him started on your personality, he almost hates himself for ever thinking you two have something in common rather than some features
  • Seeing photos of the two of you being younger, he can easily tell who is who, and he’s very proud of that.


  • Well, she and Rika weren’t really close, so…
  • Not even fazed?
  • Seriously, why are these men doing so much fuss about this? Don’t they know you two are nothing alike?
  • Maybe she mistook you two once when she was tired, but she never calls you Rika by accident or anything, she knows better!
  • She’s always the first one to point it out you two are not the same person if this brought up in a conversation.
  • No, Yoosung, they can’t be lost twins, MC is younger, for Christ’s sake!


  • He doesn’t believe in ghosts! At least he thought he didn’t until he saw this blond lady standing at his door.
  • Well… fuck my life again!
  • It’s disturbing at first. He has so many complicated feelings… Rika would never be his, is he getting a second chance?
  • No, he’s not! Because as he knows you better, he realizes you’re veeeery different! You’re funnier, more caring and spirituous.
  •  And he wouldn’t say it out loud, but Rika’s presence always made him feel… heavier, somehow. You make him feel light as a feather.
  • It’s hard not to think of V sometimes, but you kiss him and tell him how much you love him, he’s not able to think of anything else.



  • He sees you in the CCTV and… boy, he really needs to get some sleep, he’s starting to hallucinate.
  • Wait, no. Oh… this is… weird, to say the least.
  • He knows better, so your looks don’t bother him, not even after the all Mint Eye ordeal.
  • For God’s sake, he knows you very well by now, you’re too pure and good to ever do something as awful as she did. Seriously, he can’t even see the possible similarities, he sees you as a completely unique person.
  • But Saeran doesn’t, and that is the only moment your looks startle him.
  • So when you tell him you’re willing to dye your hair and cut shorter in order to not disturb Saeran even more, he falls for you all over again. See? Too pure, too good…


  • Being around him on the fist days usually didn’t end up well.
  • He would get even more unstable and you would end up scared, even if you didn’t want to, since you cherish him so much.
  • And here’s the thing, he gets aggressive with you, but he eventually realizes you act different. He snaps at you, threatens you and you just… apologize and walk away. Rika would never do that, she would lock him up and force him drugs until his mind gets blank.
  • So… you two are very different. You are… caring, sweet, you’re worried about him, you want to help him, and he… feels very different with you from what he used to feel being around her, he feels warm around you, he feels like he’s finally home when he’s with you.
  • But hey, if you want to cut your hair or dye it, he won’t complain.
Never Letting You Go Again

A Shawn Mendes oneshot.

It almost would’ve been easier if we hated each other. If we broke up on bad terms and could no longer stand the sight of each other’s faces, maybe then it wouldn’t hurt so badly when she came and introduced him to me as her boyfriend, told him I was her “old friend”. It would’ve certainly been easier if I hated him, too. If he didn’t shake my hand and joke about the various girls ogling me from afar, tell me to call him Mitch instead of Mitchell, as she’d introduced him. I don’t know if it would’ve been easier if she hated him, though. She looked at him fondly, though my ego says not as fondly as she once looked at me, and it was nice to know he made her happy. 

When he left for a moment to grab drinks for the two of them (even asking if I wanted anything, that bastard), she looked around the bar, searching for something. “See any good prospects for tonight, lady killer?” she asked, sending me a grin. 

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Imagine Optimus Prime Using Pick Up Lines On You

Originally posted by losteveragain

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Inspired By ‘Dis


“Alright, and that is the last of it!”, (y,n) confirmed, gently flicking their finger against the green vile.

“With the way these bots fight, it still won’t be enough. And I’m not talking about fighting against Cons, I’m talking about them fighting each other!, Ratchet scoffed earning a giggle from his apprentice.

Finishing putting away the other medical supplies neither had noticed their leader walk into the room. Optimus felt fine, till he saw his targets back, and felt his spark speed up. Coughing to clear his throat, both Autobots turn to see him, (y,n) acknowledging with a nod before turning back to their work.

“Ratchet, Bee needs your assistance.”

“With what now?”, Ratchet groaned.

“He’s gotten himself stuck and the other Autobots are planning to play, I believe it’s called, tug a truck with him.”

“And why couldn’t you get him out yourself?”

“I’m afraid I might break him.”

Ratchet sighed before gathering up some things and making his exit. Optimus felt himself slightly relax, having thankful that part one of his plan had worked. Well, Bumblebee and Sam’s plan really. Heck, Bumblebee wasn’t even stuck, just hiding somewhere with his human friend. The only reason Optimus was actually committing to this was because they threatened to tell (y,n) straight up how they made him feel. And speaking of said bot, Optimus quickly stiffened remembering the next faze that was about to occur.

“How’s it going Boss Bot? Got any rest like I told you?”, (y,n) checked in, not looking up from their clipboard.

The counter they were working at moved slightly and they looked up to see the male Cybertronian trying to casually lean against it. They quirked a metal brow at him; something was up.

“If you were a Transformer-”

Wait, what? But they are a transformer-

“-you’d be a hot-o-bot. And your name would be Optimus fine.”

Oh no.

“Um, Optimus-”, (y,n) placed down their clipboard, examining the Autobot with skepticism. Was he alright? Did his processor get damaged or something?

“I’m not a photographer, but I can picture you and me, together.”

The smaller bot clenched their cervo, still staring appalled and trying to grasp that this was actually happening.

“Can I follow you home? Because, my parents told me to always follow my dreams.

They honestly couldn’t believe what was coming out from their normally stoic leader. But here he was; looking like he was about to give out from embarrassment but still delivering each line rather smoothly.

"You must be a parking ticket, because you have fine written all over you.”

At this point, (y,n) had completely grasped that this was indeed real. They felt their cheek plates heat up, and with every word that fell from Optimus lips, replaying again in their mind, they fought desperately to hold back their building laughter.

“There must be something wrong with my phone; your number isn’t in it.”

Optimus felt his spark clench when he took note of (y,n) expression. A small snort escaped their vocalizer as they bit down on their metal lips; optics crinkled in the corners, an obvious sign that they were enjoying this. While he loved seeing them like this, Optimus couldn’t help his fans kick up in heated discomfort; he must’ve seemed so ridiculous right now.

“Oh, boy…”, he took in a breath, remembering the next pick up line to deliver, and felt himself slightly stiffen.

“I thought happiness started with an h’…”

Optimus Primes started when his blue optics gazed into the subject of his admiration. Seeing the anticipant stare, and how their optics reflected with a beautiful shine, he suddenly felt a burst of courage. He had to make this one count; make this one show how he felt. Narrowing his own optics, Optimus straightened off the metal counter, gazing down at the smaller mech with determination.

“Why does mine, start with you~?”

The medbay fell into a silence. (y,n) gleaming up at Optimus with bitten lips, and Optimus looking back, starting to feel the pressure of no reply.

Pfft! Haha!! I-I’m so sorry-hahaha!!”

Optimus felt his shoulders slack when the laugh he’d come to adore had finally escaped (y,n)’s throat. Oh Primus, he must have seemed like a complete idiot to them. No one had ever seen Optimus Prime act this way, it was in his name, Prime. Primes didn’t show or act silly, but he did for them, in hopes that it would spark the same feeling he had for them, inside them. But no, they were laughing, grasping the counter to try and keep themselves up right. The overwhelming weight of embarrassment was too much for the Prime, his fans in over drive, and decided that now would be best to just leave. Before Optimus could take a single step though, a smaller cervo had gently latched onto his wrist, and he looked back with much confusion.

“I-I’m so sorry about that, but…heh, was that your way of asking me out?”, (y,n) questioned with a grin, fixing their slouched over posture to stand straight before Optimus.

Optimus optics fleeted to the side, his cheek plates heating up just like theirs.

“Yes…it was…”

“Well, then I say yes.”


“I’ll go out with you!”

“Even after all of that? After I’ve just made myself seem less in your eyes, and look like a glitched up fool?”

“I don’t see you as any less from the strong leader I’ve come to follow. And you’re not some glitched up fool. Trust me, I’m a medic, I’ve seen some pretty crazy bots; heh.”

(y,n) giggled at the end, smiling up even brighter if possible.

“Besides, I loved it!”

Optimus felt the weight, of this at least, lift from his shoulders. Even with the copious amount of other stresses, for some reason, this one seemed to take a ton off of him on its own. His spark felt light, and he allowed himself to smile while taking (y,n)’s cervo.

“Um, hey…”, Optimus started as they began to leave the medical facility.


“Don’t mention any of what happened back there to others. It would definitely ruin my imagine with the Autobots. They’d never take me seriously.”

“Aw, but you were so cute!”


“Kidding!! Just kidding!”


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Prompt #28: Nick's had a minor surgery and is under heavy anesthesia. The incredibly secret fox is about to answer some of Judy's most pressing questions. And she's got some deep ones. What's his real age, why the Hawaiian shirts, does he have anyone he likes? Some real hard hitting questions that that she'd never again have the chance to find out.

Sorry for the delay in filling prompts again…I was just lazy…


Nick was well…out of it.

Giggling at every little thing, and rediscovering everything he knew for fact with great awe and wonder.  Completely light and unweighted down but life and the past.  His motor skills cranked to an almost crawl, while his brain was both hot wired on his amazement and drowsy from the medications.  

Basically just really really high from the anesthesia and the morphine.

Which might be been humorous had he not just been hit in the arm by a ricocheting bullet during shoot out.  Or had it not required a standardized routine surgery, that the doctors assured her was nothing major, to get the bullet out.  Or if they weren’t in a hospital.

“You’re wittle nose is wiggling.”  Nick observed dumbly, but falling into a fit of giggles at the sight of it.

“Just a little anxious,”  Judy stated with a shrug.  She frowned a little as Nick reached across his bed to tap her nose, but merely ended up just laying his finger on his nose.  She smiled breathed out a laugh when the fox stupidly grinned at her, and took his paw into her own.  “I don’t really like hospitals.”

“It’s not that bad.”  Nick returned loopily.  “I’ve had way worse, like three breaths form dying kind worse, and I got better.  And I didn’t even go to hospital then.”

“What?”  Judy asked shocked. 

Her eyes wide in panic and worry, because she knew Nick had been and had his own fair share of altercation.  Yet she never assumed he would have almost died before.  Or that he would drop the fact so nonchalantly while on a cocktail medications.

The fox just nodded with a hum.  “It’s how I meet Big.  He thought I was going to die, like 5 times, but nope!”  Nick continued excitedly, smiling like was the coolest fact in the world.  “And I was like fifteen.”

Judy started at the fox in shock.  Amazed he just kept dealing the information like it was nothing.  Despite being tight lipped about how he ever meet Big before.

“So, don’t worry, Carrots, tis but a flesh wound, I’ll be fine!”  Nick assured, before he found on of the cords on his bed.

Judy blinked at the fox for a moment.  Watching as he clumsily fiddled with with the cords, dumb smile on his face.  Literally no care in the world as to what he was saying or doing. 

Then, suddenly, a thought came to Judy.

“Hey, Nick,” Judy started softly, scooting closer to the fox’s hospital bed.  “Why do you always wear though terrible pattern shirts when you’re off-duty?”

It’s not the most pressing question Judy actually had for a fox, but it’s a test.  To see if his truth dial had truly been turned up the medication.  Because she knows his usual reply of “impeccably fashion sense”, is something of veiled truth.

The fox turn to her, completely unphased by change in subject.  “Home,” Nick stated simply.

“What?”  Judy asked with a raised eyebrow.

“They reminded me of home.”  Nick stated, staring at her in her daze.  “My mom had a similar looking wallpaper in our apartment. I saw it on some fabric and made ‘em myself.  Makes me feel safe…”

“You made those shirts yourself?”

“Dad’s a tailor, I have skills.”  Nick sound proudly.  Smug little grin as he turned to look up at the ceiling.  “I can see faces in the ceiling tiles.”

“Another question for you,”  Judy said leaning in with a bit of smile.  Nick hummed as his hand discovered a the TV remote and he held it up in slight horror and surprise.  “How old are you.”

Nick paused for a moment.  Taking some time to count on his fingers absently.  “34, you know that.  Rabbits good a math, right.  You said that.”


“I don’t lie about my age, Carrots.  It’s bad luck…or something.”  Nick stated easily, fiddling with the buttons of the TV remote.

“Alright, fine.”  Judy huffed.  “How about this, do like anyone?”

“You,”  Nick answered immediately, his green eyes half focusing on the remote, half staring into space.  “I like you.  I like you a lot.  You’re nice, smart, funny, and trusting.”  

Judy blinked at the fox in surprise.  Her ears stood tall on his head, and she could feel them growing slightly hot.  Mostly from his immediate answer.  Like he didn’t even have to think about it.  And he just continued complementing her so easily.

“I like Clawhauser too, he’s nice too and he knows were to get good donuts.  Oh and Bogo, I like Bogo too, he’s a good boss.  And Wolford, but don’t tell him.”  Nick continued started to list mammals in his life. From coworkers to his apparent neighbor that gave him baked cookies from time to time.  “Can’t forget Finnick, he’s a pain, but like he’s my oldest friend…”

“No, Nick.”  Judy said with a chuckle.  Realizing he might have misunderstood the exact term the rabbit meant when she asked.   She smiled at the fox, starting to lean against the rails of his bed.  “I mean what I meant was, do like like someone?  You know like, have feelings for.”

Nick turned to her, and started at the gray rabbit for a moment.  He looked at her, actually looked at her straight in the eyes, without seeming droopy or dazed.  “Yeah, you, Carrots.”



“Dumb fox,” Judy sighed out.

“Next question please.”  Nick asked, before jumping when he accidentally turned the TV on.

Judy laughed, reaching to take the remote away from the fox and turned the TV off.  Using the time to think up as many more questions as she could think off before the fox dosed off.


AN: I really don’t know.  But cute fluff for you all!

A lot of people want the Inquisitor dead so assassins are an inevitability. Luckily Dorian has his back. 

Dorian was sitting in his usual spot in the library. He had been there most of the day, slowly making his way through the pile of books that had accumulated on and around the table beside him. Eventually, long past the sun had set, Elden came staggering up the stairs and sat down heavily, leaning back against Dorian’s chair.

“Not even going to say hello, Amatus?” Dorian asked, running his fingers through Elden’s hair absently without taking his eyes off his book. Elden made a noncommittal sound. He must be very tired after the long day he had had, dealing with visiting nobles and whatnot. “Why don’t you go to bed?”

“I’ll go shortly,” Elden said, leaning into Dorian’s hand with a quiet sigh.

This wasn’t exactly the first time something like this had happened. Elden had stolen quite a few naps here over the months. Dorian wasn’t quite sure why he came here instead of going to his room, but he certainly wasn’t going to complain.

Dorian continued to read for a time, but he could feel Elden leaning limply against his arm. He should probably get the man to bed before he passes out entirely. When Dorian stood up, Elden nearly fell over with the loss of his arm for support. Dorian sighed, although he was more amused than exasperated, and helped the Inquisitor up but kept a hand on his shoulder, steadying him, just in case.

“Have you been drinking?” Dorian asked, chuckling.

“Maybe a little?” Elden said blearily.

“’A little,’” Dorian echoed as he experimentally released Elden’s shoulder. He swayed dangerously and Dorian quickly steadied him again. “It’s only me, no need to try to hide it. I know Josephine had you meeting all sorts today, I’d want a drink or ten too. Perhaps just go a little easier next time. Or call me so I can join in on the fun at the very least.”

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Hi!! And aah…thank you so much :’)) Rarepair Anon..I’m afraid I’m just not familiar enough with Terushima’s character to feel like I can write him well, I’m sorry! I hope you’ll also enjoy some kurodai angst with a happy, sappy ending ❤  

Fighting with Daichi has always been fun. One of Kuroo’s favorite things to do, actually. Daichi will say something dry and witty, and Kuroo will twist his words just right so the other boy ends up flustered and usually threatening to punch Kuroo in the face. And then Kuroo will get so caught up in how good Daichi looks when he’s trying to be threatening while holding back a smile, that he forgets to tease him, Daichi temporarily gains the upper hand, and the cycle starts again.

(Daichi has never actually punched him, though he’s definitely looked like he wanted to. He’s also looked like he wants to kiss Kuroo, but that hasn’t happened yet either.)

It’s always been a game, lighthearted and playful, and it turns Kuroo’s stomach to something heavy and tight when that changes suddenly. When he learns what it feels like to actually fight with Daichi, and there’s nothing fun about it at all.

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anonymous asked:

Hello~! I gotta first off say how much I love your writing. It's awesome! Now, I was wondering if you could do a reaction to their significant other having pityriasis rosea on their body?(Give it a google if you don't know what it is) I got it recently, and it's all over my torso, legs and arms and it's just awful trying to find things to wear that will hide them. I'm just feeling pretty low about them being there. They last up to two months so I still have a ways to go yet. Thank you so much! x

Hi there! We’re so sorry you had to wait so long for this! We’re just a tad bit backed up on requests. But anyways, we’re so sorry to hear that and we genuinely hope you get better soon! Until then, we hope this makes you feel a little better! 

We ♡ you!

-❤ Kat & Sar 💖

How Bts Would React To You Having Pityriasis Rosea

Jungkook: He texts you, “How was your day, sweetheart?” As you read his message, you sit there torn. Should you lie to him and say you’re doing okay, like you have been for the past few days? Or should you finally be honest with him and tell him what’s wrong? You pondered. Eventually, you gave in. You felt bad for lying to him for so long. You don’t like lying, especially to your boyfriend. “Eh…I’ve seen better days. But, it’s okay! Don’t worry about me 💕” You pressed send and hoped he would just dismiss it. Moments later he replies, “No it’s not. I have some free time, I’m coming over. You can tell me what happened then, okay? Love you 💕” You start to panic. “No, Kookie! It’s okay, I swear! You don’t have to!” You didn’t want him to worry. He never responded, which meant he was driving already. You sigh to yourself. Guess he was going to have to find out sooner or later. Next thing you knew, you found yourself standing in front of your boyfriend, telling him at rapid fire everything you’ve been feeling. “I hate it, Jungkook! It’s hard for me to look people in the eyes anymore without feeling so self conscious! I don’t feel pretty, I just feel like I need to cover up and hide and I just-” Suddenly you stopped. You found yourself surrounded by the warmth of his embrace. His arms wrapped around you tighter than ever before. He whispers in your ears, “You’ve never been so wrong…” That’s when it all made sense. Jungkook never stopped thinking you were beautiful.

He didn’t care. And although it’s hard, you shouldn’t either.

Originally posted by apgujeon

Jimin: You would be at home, trying to just get through this like you always have: alone. You texted your boyfriend Jimin, saying that you weren’t feeling well, when you were actually just hiding. What you didn’t know is that Jimin was on his way to your house, arms full of chocolate and flowers in hope of making you feel better. Once he was there, you opened the door, completely forgetting the fact that, since you were home alone, that you had a tank top and shorts on. Jimin tilts his head in confusion. “What’s that baby?” You look down embarrassed and insecure that he’s seeing you this way, saying that you’re sorry he had to see this. Jimin stares at you for a moment before a soft smile crosses his face. “There’s nothing for you to worry about sweetie, just because you may not have the skin you want, it doesn’t change anything about you or anything I feel about you. I’ll love you no matter what, and I hope you never forget that. You’re beautiful.” He pulls you in for a hug before pulling back. “Now let me in so I can make you feel better. I brought chocolates!” He states, giggling, trying to lighten the mood. Shaking your head and smiling, you let him in. Soon you realize that Jimin is right, this doesn’t change anything about you. “Oh and (Y/N)?” You turn towards Jimin, looking at him questioningly. “If you ever feel insecure ever again, just remember that you aren’t defined by how you look, even though you always look adorable. I may have been drawn in by your adorable smile, but I fell in love with who you are inside.”

“You are strong. And you will get through this. Just know that you are never alone.”

Originally posted by parkjiminer

Taehyung: It’s late at night, and you and Taehyung are on the couch, watching a movie. After half an hour of sitting there, you begin to sweat. But you refuse to take off your jacket, knowing that if you did Taehyung would see what’s underneath. You would slowly slide yourself away from him, sitting at the end of the couch in an attempt to cool yourself off. Noticing this, he speaks up. “Hey, why don’t you come closer, I’m in a cuddly mood.” Shaking your head, you give him a small smile. “Actually, um, I’m okay over here.” “Come on baby, I know you love cuddling. And I especially love cuddling you, don’t make me beg.” He says, giving you his big puppy eyed look. “Not right now Tae, I’m just really hot.” He laughs tugging on your jacket. “That’s because you’re wearing this big thing and sweats. Just take your jacket off.” You give in, knowing that Tae would just find out sooner or later. As soon as you slide it off, he smiles and pulls you closer. You furrow your brows in confusion. “You don’t care about the…” You feel him kiss the top of your head before responding. “Of course not, and I never will. Because you are still the girl I love and will always love. You will always be breathtakingly beautiful and adorable no matter what. Now just let me cuddle my favorite person in the world, okay?” You nod your head, feeling a blush spread across your cheeks as you rest your head on Tae’s chest. You’re drifting off as you hear Tae whisper something into your ear.

“You’ll always be beautiful, no matter what. Don’t ever forget that.”

Originally posted by cmtae

Hoseok: You and Hoseok are currently at home. He is on the couch, while you are trying on dresses, trying to find the perfect one since you two are going out on a date. “Oh my gosh! Look at you!” You stare at him in confusion. “What? Is something wrong?” He shakes his head in response, his sunshine of a smile spreading across his face. “God no! How can you be so gorgeous! It must be illegal!” You continue to stare at him. “Uh, what-” “Oh my god how did I get so lucky to have a beautiful girlfriend like you!” “ I’m really not that beautiful.” “No shush! My girlfriend is so cute! Aw!” You blush, a small smile crossing your face. You giggle as Hobi continues to shower you in compliments, saying how he is so lucky and how cute you are. And although it may seem like you don’t care a lot on the outside, Hoseok doesn’t know that on the inside, his words mean the entire world to you. “(Y/N) don’t ever try to deny how gorgeous you are.”

“You are perfect just the way you are.”

Originally posted by jhope-shi

Namjoon: He was the first to notice the marks on your skin. “(Y/N), what happened? Did you have an allergic reaction?” You looked down and saw them for the first time as well. “Oh my gosh! Oh no!” You start to worry. What could have caused this? “I think we may need to take a trip to the doctor’s, (Y/N)…”

The two of you walked through the front door of the apartment you shared, returning from the doctor’s office. You slump onto the couch, frazzled by what the doctor has told you and Namjoon. “What am I going to do, Nam?” You say, sighing to yourself. He sits on the couch beside you, “I know, baby. Don’t worry, the doctor said it will go away after a few months.” You shake your head, “I’m stuck with this! I’m going to have to find ways to cover them up. I guess we need to go clothes shopping.” He furrows his brows at you, “What? Don’t do that! You have nothing to be ashamed about.” You look back up at him, “But-” He cuts you off, “(Y/N), this isn’t something you should be embarrassed of. This is a condition that I’m sure many others have to deal with. But nothing about you has changed. You’re beautiful smile still shines brighter than the sun, your eyes still sparkle like stars. You’re still gorgeous, because nothing about who you are has changed.” Your eyes begin to water from his kind words,

“Don’t ever hide yourself, okay?”

Originally posted by jjilljj

Yoongi: The two of you were dress shopping for an important event you guys were attending. Hand in hand, you and Yoongi wandered the store in search of the perfect dress. However, each rack you approached you frowned. No…no…definitely no… You sighed to yourself as you moved each dress to the other side of the rack. You decided to try looking at different selection. I guess we’re going to be here for a while. You begin to shuffle the opposite direction before your boyfriend jumps in front of you. “Try this one on, baby!” He says, shoving a dress in your face. You take the hanger in your hand, inspecting the dress. But all you could notice was the lack of sleeves. You gulp, “Um…I don’t know Yoongi maybe this dress isn’t for me?” You meet his eyes, but he turns you around and begins to push you towards the dressing room, “Oh shut up. You look good in anything. Just try it!” Before you could object, he shoved you in the room. “H-hey-” “I won’t let you out until you atleast try it, so you might as well get changing.” He says from the other side of the door. You let out a long sigh, looking over at the daunting dress. Let’s just get this over with.

“Yoongi I’m ready, let me out.” You say begrudgingly. “Let me see.” He opens the door, You slowly step out, feeling awkward. You look up to see a giant grin spread across Yoongi’s face. This confused you, “What?” His grin turns into his famous gummy smile. “Wow~! Look at you~!” He says giggling. You furrow your brows. He takes your hand and lifts it, prompting you to do a little turn. “Wow~! My girlfriend is so pretty~!” You shake your head, “But…I don’t really like it…” His smiles fades slightly, “What do you mean? You look great in it! Why don’t you like it?” You start to look down. He then realizes what you’re thinking.

“I don’t see anything wrong, with you or the dress.”

Originally posted by notjustaphase

Seokjin: The two of you were out at dinner. He convinced you to wear something that didn’t cover it all, like usual. At the time, it seemed like a good idea. But now, you couldn’t help but feel as though everyone was staring. Jin was able to sense how uncomfortable you were. He looks at you with pursed lips. Your head was down, focused on your food. You were barely speaking. An idea suddenly pops in his head. “(Y/N).” He says, grabbing your attention. You hum in response, keeping your head low. “You know where we should go for dessert?” You scrunch your eyebrows slightly, “What? I thought we were having dessert here?” You say, looking at him confused. He chuckles slightly, “Come on.” He says, plopping money on the table. “Wait-” He grabs your hand and drags you out the restaurant, thanking the workers for the food.

You now found yourself sitting on the swings at the park you grew up at with him. It was always a place where you could feel safe, besides whenever you were with Jin. You each had your own pint of ice cream in hand, and shoveled spoonfuls into your mouths. “I hope you feel more comfortable now.” He says to you, breaking the silence. “Huh? What do you mean?” He looks at you, “I know you were feeling uncomfortable in the restaurant earlier.” You giggle slightly, “You know me so well.” You say, smiling down. He chuckles, “Yes, I do.” You both sit in comfortable silence once more. You look up at the stars, wondering how they can be so pretty. You stay like this for a while, but you begin to feel a pair of eyes on you. You look to your right and see him staring at you, but with a sad look on his face. “What’s wrong?” you say. He sets his ice cream down and turns towards you, “Listen, (Y/N). I want you to know you’re still beautiful, okay? I know you may not think it, but I do.”

“And one day you’ll be able to stop caring about how it looks and feel happy in your skin again. I promise.”

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anonymous asked:

"bap sleeps on zelo". I don't wanna cause discourse but...I kinda agree, oops.

Good, I’m glad and thank you.

It’s not so much how bap sleeps on him as how TS actually fucking sleeps on him. Look, the kid debuted at the tender age of 15 with so much hype around him – and us, the fans from the beginnings should remember how he was up there and living up to every expectations—, so I imagine it has been especially hard on him particularly after the lawsuit. A lot of things he has done goes terribly unmentioned; from his beautiful solo choreographies, painfully personal, self written lyrics to an extremely sweet song in english, and I sympathize greatly as we share the same years lived (but can never empathize, I think we all can’t). He’s just—well, to put it in somewhat better words, put to the side after the lawsuit, and left there for only god knows why. Goddamnit

It’s just that, I’m so mad that lot of things he wants to say go unheard, and I think we all can see through the memes all the insecurities he bravely bares in front of us. He fucking confessed in his painful writings of why he’s unhappy and how he wants to let go of his own fucking life, and I don’t know, I don’t think we’ll ever know who’s the actual, real you he’s referring to there but he just wants someone to stay by his side and I hope to God he does have someone despite all the laughing emojis he stuck out there in his virtual space.

Also, we need to remember, the Zelo, yes Zelo, not Junhong, we have now is an outcome of all the shit TS put him through and the goddamn suffering he has gone through growing up in the god awful industry. Those washboard abs can be gone for all I care because that’s not fully what he is, I was never really fond of him stripping on instagram, I’m just awfully surprised how he stripped himself bare with tender, aching truths every chance he gets on the god forsaken internet (I’m not sorry for the pun). It’s almost like a cry for help and support though that’s just me assuming. But it takes courage, or just too much things that hurt for someone to be able to do it, I’m hoping it’s the former.

Cause he doesn’t put his stage name to shame either. I love how he’s powering through. Oh my dear god, he goes out for waffles by himself in slippers despite feeling lonely, sneers at his hyungs, has wild fun with his friends, does his own photoshoots when he’s denied one, and just GOSH, HE’S LIVING HIS LIFE AND I LOVE IT. This brings us to him creating his own space, his social medias and instalives (notice how he doesn’t use vlive because he’s always told to get off the fucking screen. FUCK, MAN). I think he loves the support he can personally get from that though. I see lots of hearts and loves from all of you and that’s great. I’m a happy mom.

Behind the scenes, we don’t know, but Yongguk, the one he looks up to, has hope for this young matsu tree so that’s something I’m happy about. And honorable (lol) mention to Daehyun who listens to what he’s trying to say most of the time (despite him being told he’s boring/to shut up or just rudely cut off), encouraging him in the smallest of many things and sometimes, literally a shoulder for Junhong to lean on. Though, personally speaking, it still doesn’t change the fact that people (around him, even some babyz) are sleeping on him. Just give Junhong more love, come on. Acknowledge this boy. If anything, he deserves it.


Having an exit plan.

Hello, love bugs !!

Dan x reader

 Warnings – anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, social anxiety, Claustrophobia. 

Could you please do a Dan x reader that has Agoraphobia? Thanks:)

Vid-Con it can literally be the best or worst time in your life. Meeting your favourite You Tubers and meeting all sorts of new friends was a given. The biggest problem for you, however, was the crowds of people. Dan and Phil always made sure you felt as safe as possible. The security team was the best that you could ever ask for. The biggest problem for you was the sheer amount of people. Even though you could always take a break from the crowds you felt this weird sense of duty to meet and talk to anyone that wanted to talk to you. Having tons of people waiting just as long to talk to Dan and Phil just to talk to you made you feel terrible if you heard that someone was upset they didn’t get to meet you.

 Ever since your relationship become public your life changed more than you ever expected. Your Tumblr and snap chat were the only social medias you had public. You would spend hours at night just talking to people on Tumblr. People would send you asks about your relationship with Dan to questions about anything and everything. Meeting all of these people in person was weird. They knew so much about you while you were just getting to know them. 

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Contents: 00q, Q-branch sabotage, disgruntled employees

Warnings: canon typical violence, suspense

This one got really long on me, so I’ll put most of it under a cut.

“At about waist-level, you’ll see a switch, I think,” Q says, speaking to Bond over the comm.

Bond on mission is equal parts focused intensity, snark, and improvisation. It’s been a wild ride for Q learning how to roll with his punches. But also entirely worth it–

“Mm. Something else I’d like to have at waist level.”

–for the perks of the job. Namely dating one James Bond, 007.

He’s well aware that not everyone would consider this a perk. High likelihood of tragic endings, package deal with traumatic stress disorder. But what they don’t know, and Q does, is that the insufferable menace of 007 isn’t all he is.

“Finish the mission and bring back your equipment and maybe there will be something waiting for you at waist level,” Q replies.

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courtneysmovieblog  asked:

Just had time to think through my request in more detail: I once saw this doujinshi where Chichi was sick and Goku was watching over her all worried, and he kisses her while she's sleeping and gets all embarrassed when she wakes up, but she smiles all happy. I don't know if you've seen this, since it's been on Tumblr a couple times, but how about turning that into a fic?

Author Notes: It’s a cute doujin. Hope it’s cool what I did with this. I, uh, just kinda went with something.

Pairing/Characters: Goku x Chi-Chi, Gohan, Goten, Pan

Time Period: before End of Z

Words: 1,139

Rated: K / G

Title: Your Presence

“All right, Pan, I think the flowers look good now.”

“Flowers will help Grandma feel better, right?”

“Mmhm. Let’s let her rest some, though.”

“Okay! Can we play with Uncle Goten now?”


“Hey, don’t tell her yes without asking me first.”

“Aw c'mon, Goten, you know she-”

The voices faded, slowly disappearing, growing muffled with the squeak of the door closing. They needed to fix that door. Once she was well enough, she’d make sure to get Goku or one of the boys to get to work on that. Once she was well.

For now, Chi-Chi simply wanted to sleep off the sickness. It didn’t seem to want to leave her alone. Sickness at her age was harder to shake than when she’d been younger. Back then, a day of rest would be all she’d need. Now, it’d been a couple days at least and she was still feeling under the weather. Enough to be confined to the bedroom, told to rest all day long.

It was a little annoying, but there wasn’t much she could do about it. Accept her fate and stay in bed. At least the kids came by to visit. Bringing her grandbaby by was nice to see, and the flowers were so thoughtful.

Eyes closed, Chi-Chi tried to let the thoughts drift away. Tried to let sleep take her. She needed rest. But, oh, she just wasn’t really tired. It was a little difficult to fall asleep when the body wanted to sit up and do more, even if it was more than it could handle right now.

Pressure pushed into the side of the bed, and she tried not to smile at the warmth she could feel near her legs. Chi-Chi didn’t know a thing about how to sense ki or whatever it was the boys did all the time. But she had been married to Goku long enough to recognize when his presence was in the room. He was quiet, but he didn’t seem to want to leave her side. Even when the kids were in, he’d been hovering somewhere behind them, no doubt. And now that they were gone, well, he leaned against the bed.

As the days passed and her illness stayed, Goku spent more and more time at her bedside. Not really speaking. Trying to let her sleep. But she could sense him. Almost feel that presence. Warm. Comforting.


He’d always been one to freak out a little when she was sick. The first time she came down with something when they were married, early, early into their marriage, he had panicked about every little thing. As if he wasn’t one to get sick often. Or he didn’t know the difference between something mild and simple compared to a serious disease. She almost laughed at the memory.


After all, she was trying to sleep. She shouldn’t be laughing.

Of course when he’d been sick, he’d been like a whiny child. Thankfully, he didn’t get sick often. And the worst, the heart virus, was long past. One of the most frightening moments of her life.

She wasn’t sick with anything crazy like that. Just a simple cold. A little summer fever. Her body had a hard time fighting it, but she was sure it would pass in time. At the very least, it didn’t seem to be getting worse. She promised to tell the boys at the first sign if it did.

Nope, it was just a matter of waiting it out. And resting as she waited. The heat in her face was certainly something she could do without. And the aches in her joints. Oh, she didn’t like coming down with sickness at this age. It was no fun. Not that it was ever fun, but, well, this felt worse somehow.

Pressure on the bed shifted. Goku must be changing positions. Like his hand was pushing down on the bed next to her or -

Warmth hit her mouth. Nice, warm lips touching her own. She froze for a moment, wondering why he was kissing her when she was sick. Sick and supposed to be sleeping.

Did he do that often? Catch her when she was asleep? The little rascal. That was no fair. How many times had he done that to her? She didn’t like the thought of missing out on Goku’s kisses. His sweet little pecks weren’t exactly rare commodities, but they were special to her all the same.

Blinking her eyes open, she managed to catch him red handed this time. His widening eyes and growing blush showed the truth, too, that he had been sure she was sleeping. He almost looked a little guilty, like a kid caught stealing a cookie before supper.

“Ah, Chi-” His voice cut off, eyes glancing to the side, hand going behind his head. “S-sorry.”

Since shaking her head would have been a horrible idea – she didn’t want to do anything that would compound the headache she was currently suffering – Chi-Chi instead made sure to smile. Wide and open and even give him a light giggle, too. Her voice, when she finally worked the dryness out of her mouth, came out raspy and soft, but there was no doubt in her mind that he’d be able to hear her weak whispers.

“You’re really worried, aren’t you?”

His blush grew, continuing to rub at his head. “Uhm. I can’t help it. I don’t like it when you’re sick, Chi-Chi.”

Smiling again, she reached up to touch his cheek. It was so cool compared to what she was used to. Goku usually warmed her up. But, she supposed, the sickness made her skin a higher temperature than even his normal state. Her arm shook a little as she rubbed at the blush on his face. She didn’t really have the strength to hold it up for long, but resting against him would be fine, especially if he pressed his hand over hers like that.

“I’m fine,” she whispered. “It’ll pass.”

Goku hummed, lightly stroking the back of her hand with his thumb. “You think?”

“Mmhm,” she hummed back. “You can kiss me again if you want.”

“Are you sure?” He asked, even as his eyes lit up a little. “I thought you needed to sl-”

“Just kisses,” she warned. “And make sure you don’t get sick either.”

Goku smiled, leaning down to whisper against her lips. “I’ll try not to.”

Slowly and gently, he brought her hand down to the bed, squeezing lightly as he connected their mouths for the second time. They shared a few more sweet kisses before she gave in and said she really did need to sleep. But, as she closed her eyes, Chi-Chi felt his presence hovering by her bed, and she was confident that he’d stay by her side well through the night.

“Draw four, asshole.” Jason set his wildcard on the pile and smiled as serenely as he could at his older brother— which probably wasn’t that serene, given the circumstances. He glanced around the table. “And the color is red.”
Tim fished a red three out of his hand of cards. Damian came up with a red four. The three of them sat quietly while Grayson finished drawing his cards.
Uno tournaments were traditional, when the gang was all together. Jason couldn’t tell you when that started— he just knew that they kept a deck in the batmobile glove compartment. It didn’t seem like something Bruce would let in the house, much less in the car, but there you were— he let it pass. Card games had gotten them all through some dull nights.
Why uno? The wildcards didn’t give anybody flashbacks, for starters.
And games could get intense. Dick was taking the worst of it tonight— he had about a third of the deck fanned between his hands. That tended to happen when you sat between two people who were furious with you.
“You are eventually going to let me play a card, right?” Grayson tapped his fingers against his new cards as he added them to his hand. Jason laid down a red skip, and Dick made a face. “Okay.”
Mmhm, that’s what he got. Jason was really glad they were playing, honestly, because it turned out to be quality aggression relief. They had things to talk through anyway.
“So is Barbara coming?” he asked. She hadn’t responded to his text, but that was pretty standard. He tried not to take it personally.
“I don’t think so,” Grayson said. Tim and Damian played red nine, yellow nine respectively. “She doesn’t really want to be around me right now. Last time we talked she said some harsh things.”
“You’re dead to me?” Jason guessed. He set his last yellow card on the deck. “Sorry, no—that was last week. My bad.” He grinned in Dick’s direction. “Draw two.”
“Get wrecked,” Tim muttered. He laid down his own card— a yellow skip— and handed Dick two from the pile. “Babs isn’t coming.”
“What, so she texts you back?”
“Yeah, unlike you. It’s your turn.” Tim slid his chair a few inches away from Damian, who was scowling at him. “Chill.”
“Well if we’re not waiting for anyone else,” Jason ran through his cards. No yellows. “The meeting can officially come to order.” He laid another wildcard— unfortunately without the drawing bonus— onto the deck and turned to Dick. “You’re a despicable person, and I’m honestly considering setting you on fire. The color is green.”
“Seriously? I have thirty-six cards, but no greens.”
“That’s your problem then. One among many.”
“I missed you too.” Dick reached for the pile and drew another handful of cards, finally coming up with a green five. Tim played a one. “I really did, you know. And I’m glad to be back, even if Damian is the only one that will talk to me.”
Damian played a draw two. “Who’s side are you on?” Jason asked him, reaching for the pile.
“I’m not saying I agree with what he did.” Damian fanned his hand in front of him, rearranging his cards intently. “But I’ve already been forced away from one person that’s important to me, and I’m not doing it twice.”
“Listen…” Jason set his cards on the table. “We’ll figure the Bruce thing out, okay? Don’t worry about it. He always comes back.”
“Don’t we all?” Damian rubbed uncomfortably at his own chest. “Three for four.”
Jason jerked a thumb at Dick, who set a blue draw two on the pile. “That’s not the same, and you know it.”
“If you want to be technical about it, I was dead for about a minute.”
“That offends me on a very deep and very personal level.” Jason glared at Dick. “Wow! A whole minute. That must have been a nightmare. At least you didn’t have crawl your way out of your literal grave.” He pulled down the neckline of his shirt, revealing the tops of his autopsy scars. “These are real.”
Tim took a pair of cards from the pile. “That’s disturbing by multiple definitions, and you need to stop.” He turned to Dick. “But he’s right. That doesn’t qualify as dead, and even if it did, it wouldn’t matter— that was a minute. You were gone for months.”
“You’re right. I don’t mean to make excuses, I just—”
“I’m not finished yet.” Tim set his hand on the table. “You had no right to do that to us. It doesn’t even make logical sense— what exactly were you worried would happen if we knew you were alive? Who did you think we were going to tell? I’ve been keeping your secrets since I was twelve.”
“I’m sorry, Tim.”
“Yeah, you’re sorry. Meanwhile I get to watch literally every member of my family die. It’s a lot of fun. Doesn’t scar you at all. I definitely don’t wake up every morning and feel like screaming into the eternal void that swallows everyone I love.” Tim laughed unsteadily. “And this whole time, you were playing James Bond. I can’t even believe you.”
“It wasn’t fun for me either, you know.”
“Uh huh,” Jason told him, “I’m sure it was awful. Now that I think about it, you probably had it worse than us— I mean, we only went through two deaths in a year. That’s much better than going into deep cover and ‘shouldering the burden’ or whatever it was you said. Definitely.” He twirled a finger in the air. “Hey look at that— it’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s complete and total bullshit.”
“I’m not saying I had it worse. I’m just saying that it was hard. I didn’t want to leave you guys.”
“Well you did, didn’t you? So now you’re gonna have to live with the consequences. Which are going to be severe, because you hurt a lot of people.” Jason glanced around the table. “Damian. Express emotion.”
Damian carefully set a card on the deck. “I wish you had been here when I got back,” he muttered. “That’s all I have to say.”
“There you have it.” Jason rolled his eyes. “I’m sure being by yourself was really rough. I’m sure you hated it. Really hit a downward spiral, I’m guessing.” Tim sighed loudly— Jason smiled. “I hope whatever you were doing was important.”
“It was,” Dick said. “It wasn’t exactly the Gotham circuit, but I think I still saved lives.”
“Great. Four for you, Dick Grayson! You go, Dick Grayson.” Jason pulled another wildcard from his hand. “But literally, draw four.”
“You’ve been waiting to do that, haven’t you?”
“I think I deserve this.” Jason slid the deck across the table. “Red again.”
“Are you ever going to let this go?” Dick pulled his cards from the pile— at that point he was holding half the deck. “Just curious.”
“I don’t know. If you play your cards right, maybe.” Jason sighed. “You could start with an actual apology.”
“I thought I already gave one.”
“Coded instruction isn’t an acceptable format for saying you’re sorry.” Honestly, did Grayson think that was okay? Jason watched Tim lay down a red eight.
“For all we know, you didn’t mean any of that. Unless you expect us to believe that everything you wanted to tell us magically fit into your damn pattern game. Can you see why I’m a little suspicious here? Kinda shady, if you know what I mean.” Jason rolled his eyes. “You can do better than that. One chance. Use it however you like.” He snapped his fingers into a gun shape. “There— did you get my message?”
“Okay, fine.” Dick took a deep breath and ran a hand through his hair. “I’m sorry I let you guys think I was dead. I’d been through a lot, and I just did what I always do— I kept moving. I tried to start over. Bruce gave me an opportunity to do that, and I took it, but that wasn’t fair to you. I’m not a traveling circus anymore. I have people I can’t leave behind. I should have remembered that.” He sighed. “I put you through hell, and none of you deserved that. I’m sorry.”
Jason didn’t quite know how to follow that, so he stared down at his cards instead. It was a fair apology, but it didn’t make him feel any better— the only thing that had helped so far was punching Dick straight in the face. Maybe he should do that again.
“Uno,” said Damian, laying a red zero on the pile.
“Wait what?”
“Uno,” he repeated. “One card. I’m about to win. As usual.”
“What the hell?” Tim asked. “You had eight cards the last time I checked.
“Then I would assume that was seven rounds ago,” Damian told him. “Todd, it’s your turn.”
“I could make it green?” Jason asked, looking around the table. “Do you think that would fix it?”
“I don’t have a green,” Dick reminded him. “You’d be gambling on me drawing something good. But we could do that.”
“We already used most of the good cards,” Tim said. “I object both on mathematical grounds and because it was Dick’s idea.”
“Thanks, Tim.”
“I’m still mad.”
“Got it.”
“Does he have another red?” Jason stared at Damian’s face, looking for a clue, but Damian stared impassibly back. “If he doesn’t, I could just reverse it.”
“I’m pretty sure you’re cheating,” Damian muttered. “This isn’t a team game.”
“Whatever.” Jason decided to go for it— he played his reverse. The entire table waited for Damian to reach for the pile.
He flipped a red skip onto the deck. “I win.”
“Dammit, Jay!” Tim swept the deck into his hands and started to reshuffle.
“You all owe me a dollar.” Damian stuck his hand across the table. “Unless you want to play again.”
“I should probably…” Dick tried to say, but Jason cut him off.
“Don’t you dare leave.” He pulled a dollar from his pocket and set it in Damian’s outstretched hand. “You owe me two months of time. You’re playing another round.”