like do i offend u

Can we all stop following and supporting blogs that exclusively re-upload with zero credits now or

i really don’t understand what it’s like to not be a multishipper lmao why do some of yall have to take this so seriously… anyway I lobe my mutuals

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How do you think we feel when you call cookies "biscuits" and soccer "football"? And sorry, but are you calling us stupid because we have different names for things?

you understand that “cookie” is a specific type of biscuit and that soccer is literally just a stupid name for a sport that already had a name that makes sense, and also that 

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How do you deal with being misgendered outside of the internet. Sa pinas ka so i can imagine na it happens frequently but then again you're very young and no offense (like legit i dont mean to offend u if i do) but your world is still very small at your age. (Absolutely do not mean to be age-ist, im only like 5 years older than u). And how about ur family? (Im thinking based from my experience and i never really involved my family in my inner world [sexuality and such])

well the languages here don’t have any gender specific pronouns :0 which is gr8 

but if they speak in english or call me by gender specific things im kind of just used to it irl idk ksjdsdghjf

it bothers me but what can ya do  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

smash that like button for peter to do some dumb shit idk fuck

cap at 5 (tho i might do more so dont be afraid to like after it reaches the cap)

why do ppl act like being critical is so much effort like it’s maybe an effort to write an in depth analysis or critique but most ppl being “”“critical”“”(esp of things they like) , aka talking abt bigotry bc we know when u say critical u don’t mean ppl complaing about pacing, is just sb going “hey this hurt me and i wish it wouldn’t do that” and other ppl reading that and going “yeah me too” or “it didn’t hurt me but i can see the issue so now i know that’s bad and can hurt an audience”

when ppl talk about homophobia or racism or transphobia or misogyny in a work, they usually aren’t putting a whole lot of effort in to find those issues, even if you can’t see them at first glance like they can. it costs $0 to listen to other people before assuming theyre out to ruin things for you personally

Boyfriend! au - Shinwon

I’m just gonna say beforehand, I did not come up with all the jokes used in this scenario…I’m not that creative. thats it lol

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(basically a barista! au)

  • Ok so i just wanna say yall lucky i about made him a mcdonalds employee but instead hes gonna be a waiter @ a cafe for aesthetic purposes ur welcs
  • Im sorry everytime i think of shinwon i think of shoulders & mcdonalds perfect combo ik
  • So despite shinwon seeming laid back & kinda self conceited its all an act lmao
  • Hes literally the hardest worker @ the cafe
  • He shows up like an hour before his shift starts to just help and never slacks off
  • & even tho he should spend time with friends or do something else after his shift, he always ends up staying & trying to master different kinds of latte art
  • Like he sincerely loves his job despite not liking coffee lmao
  • Which confuses his coworkers cuz the whole point working there is the free drinks???
  • But he just likes the atmosphere lol
  • He also likes how he can affect the customers
  • U know shinwon greasy he sends winks & he compliments endlessly
  • He just has that effect on people which gets him more tips ayyy

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The real question is how many times has Piper tried to give Jason a boner on purpose to mess with him. And how any times have Leo and Percy heated on whether or not he would get a boner in certain situations

…lets be real here, piper probably doesn’t have to try at all. jason is a very, very easy target. 

bUT LEO AND PERCY. oh god. those goobs. they sort of just catch wind of what’s about to Go Down (or not as it were, rip in peace jason) and settle back like “…i’ll give him ten minutes, tops.”/”ten minutes? dude, she’s doing the thing. you know he’ll cave in like, FIVE minutes.”/”is that so? fine. you want to put your money where you mouth is, bro?”

funny how women standing up for themselves actually offends men. they’re like “what do u MEAN i can’t make u uncomfortable without u retaliating?! feminism has gone TOO FAR and im a HUGE BABY”

this is … wow

get down from that high horse of yours before you hurt yourself

do you really think i give a tit about what you think?!