like did anyone else notice them

Did anyone else notice that at the beginning of the season, Eros (selfish, immediate, sensual love) won, while at the end of the season, Agape (unselfish, giving and caring, unconditional) won?

I can’t help wondering if the series was always meant to book-end like this.

Things start out with Victor and Yuri having selfish desires of each other, whether they realise it or not - Victor’s coming on to Yuri quite strongly, and Yuri wants Victor around. 

It takes a while for them to end up on more or less equal footing, too.

But by now, there’s a lot about their love that’s unconditional - they learn from each other, they’re patient and kind and support not only Yuri, but also all of the other skaters. 

And not just that - but also, as viewers, our view of the skating world they’re in shifts from only seeing Yuri, to seeing everyone.

Yuri doesn’t need his Eros to seduce Victor anymore. Victor is already seduced. Theirs isn’t a deeply passionate love that has the fire of something only just started anymore. It does not need to.

But what is becoming more important thematically, is ‘agape’. The idea of loving someone unconditionally. Regardless of whether they win or lose. No matter how many arguments. Even if they don’t live up to your expectations. Even if them winning means your defeat.

So, yeah, I think that Agape winning over Eros in this case is a really clever move, as well as one I’m cheering for Yurio with.

Did anyone else ever notice how truly WTF some of the promos for supernatural have been? Like you look at them and think “just what the everloving HELL are they trying to say here??” 

Take for example the very first season’s extended promo that aired in the UK. Known by many Padalecki enthusiasts as the boner promo for Jared’s obvious… uh… enthusiasm about the proceedings, it starts out with the standard Supernatural set up: the boys chilling in a generic abandoned house. Right from the opening shot, it looks like they maybe just had a fight. Perhaps they were playing an intense game of gay chicken that went a step too far and got confusing: 

Then out of nowhere, Sam gets groped by a ghost:

See what I mean? ENTHUSIASTIC. Dean is presumably still hanging out over by the wall on the other side of the room divider watching. It’s not voyeuristic or weird for one brother to watch another get felt up by a spirit, is it? Nah. But then she disappears abruptly and after some mutual sexy glowering, Dean heads in Sam’s direction perhaps to help him curb that enthusiasm:

No idea what the network was trying to say here but I LIKE IT VERY MUCH. 

Then you have season 6 promo photo shoot. Once again, it features brothers smoldering in a filthy flophouse.  

Sam’s knowing little smirk. The way he’s sitting with his legs spread wide. The fact that they have their hands resting right around the crotchal region in almost every picture. The prominently featured mattress. Really, CW? REALLY??

And finally just to prove they are still capable of providing us with wonderful confusingly sexual promos, we have season 12′s sizzle reel. 

Because why not make sexy eyes at your brother while pulling out your -ahem- sword? And if he reciprocates by whipping his own (larger) sword out, the least you can do is express how impressed you are, right?

Of course. It would be rude not to. One can only assume that they’re sauntering off for further phallic comparisons at the end there. 

I’ve been thinking about this since I watched ep. 10 the first time...

Does Yurio own the same tiger top in fucking grey?? I mean, it could be a animation accident but it was throughout the entire episode, and he did fall in love with it (you saw his googly eyes) so it’s likely he brought two of them,, different colours for an excuse. aw.

I’ve been putting off making this very complex post because not only am I extremely lazy and have a tendency to procrastinate; I thought someone else would do it. However it’s been a few days, and I haven’t seen anyone else point it out?? Here. If you didn’t notice.

  I won’t lose to you anymore! 

So did anyone else realise Wally’s two theme’s have the same base tune to them?


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Imagine being Han’s sister and he catches you and Luke kissing, only to find out that you’ve been dating.

——— Request for coffee-craves ———

“When did this happen?” Han asks, more to himself than to anyone else in particular, as he looks behind himself towards the back of the ship where he had just caught his sister getting awfully cosy with Luke.

Chewy grunts beside him, giving Han a look that says, ‘You really haven’t noticed them sooner?’

“Oh, like you knew,” Han scoffs, only for Chewy to give him an even more deadpan expression, before having to look back to the steering console, “What?! You knew? How did I miss this?”

Chewy makes another exasperated sound.

“Leia is not clouding my head from noticing these things!”

Anyone else ever noticed how boys “move”/adjust their bangs with like their entire hand? Like they don’t use the sides of their fingers. They take their entire hand, flatten their hand against their bangs, and just move them to where they want them to be.

Like grown men do this, and I thought it was just a thing little kids did.

It’s cute though. Childish mannerisms people don’t realize they have… My partner still does his bangs like that, and he’s nearly 30. Oh wait, he’s 32. I always forget how old he is.

I just saw a couple of college guys in Walmart, and one of them did it. Thought it was cute. That’s all.

“I found my perfect dance partner years ago, Sofia.”

Did I mention I watch Sofia the First? And that I’ve kinda started shipping Sofia with Hugo? Like, really badly? I mean, just imagine the two of them growing up together, being ice dancing partners and the occasional flying derby partners and slowly realizing they’re in love as they get older.

….Don’t judge me. Or my butchering of their jacket and skirt…

Has anyone else noticed that Sofia is really similar to Ariel with her facial structure? Her mom’s closer to Belle though… And they both have more of Aurora’s hair… ….I’ve studied the Disney princesses too much.

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Has anyone else noticed that Panics tour photographer Jake Chams never takes pics of Dallon? Every pic from the tour Dallon has posted is from some other random photographer. I mean they Panic hired this guys specifically for the tour and he's taken pics of everyone except for Dallon. I honestly think that Brendon and his management are trying to erase Dallon as being seen as a part of the band.

I did notice, yes, thought actually mostly in the tour recap videos because Jake records all of that as well and Dallon only ever has like two seconds in them lately.

I don’t want to open up this discussion again but by now I think most people know where I stand on this… Who knows, maybe it’s really just that Dallon doesn’t want to be filmed… okay I can’t actually even really believe that myself, he loves looking for and posting pictures of himself

These adorable dorks

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But like… did anyone else notice that between then two of them they have a single set of uncovered eyes? Like they both have two, whether they belong to them or not, but we have an uncovered right and left between the two. 




OH MY GOD. He either turned Tom into the monster by accident or on purpose.

And it looks like someone has been living and eating in there. Maybe Tom got in and THATS how he became the monster??

@monster-apartments-au Did you guys know about them??

I just want answers holy shiiitt.

its always so Weird to go back to normal blogging after extreme drama like has anyone else noticed? its like you’re the cousin at the 3 day family reunion who gets shitfaced the first 2 nights and then you finally sober up and realize the shit you did. and u walk into the room and everyones watching you. and you sit down and ur like “hey, sorry im late” except everyone knows that you mean you’re sorry about the shit you did instead. and everyone just nods an acceptance and you kinda wonder if some of them really accepted it. some people pat you on the back. sometimes a few people leave.


otp being all (ง'̀-‘́)ง (ง'̀-'́)-o (ง'̀-'́)ง in their first appearance in the premiere

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Well I'm big Iwaizumi & Yamaguchi fangirl! ^-^ It's not I can agree with you on any character you don't like. Maybe Suga but in manga he's better so not really. About Yamaguchi - I liked him from the first moment he appered and he said "What else do we need besides pride?!" - one of my most favorite lines from hq.(+I love his voice actor) So yeah, I love him! I don't hate anyone in hq, but I've never been much fan of Daichi and Narita.

Hm, actually in manga he kind of looks better too (i don’t like his look in anime either) though im binging from beginning so not too sure yet. tho i think a lot of them look better in manga :’D 

wow i needed to google narita D: how did you notice him enough to get annoyed lmaooo 

i actually like daichi but im not too fond of the situations or storyline he’s in/company he keeps or something, i guess? 

Alright so I’ve seen the extended version of the Episode Prompto trailer (And like everyone else I’m dying inside because the poor sunshine boy’s crying) but did anyone else notice that the person Prompto shoots doesn’t seem to be moving when Prom’s moving towards them?

Idk it could be nothing but it’s just something I noticed.


book pairings:Adam Parrish and Ronan Lynch
from The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater

As they moved through the old barn, Adam felt Ronan’s eyes glance off him and away, his disinterest practiced but incomplete. Adam wondered if anyone else noticed. Part of him wished they did and immediately felt bad, because it was vanity, really: See, Adam Parrish is wantable, worthy of a crush, not just by anyone, someone like Ronan, who could want Gansey or anyone else and chose Adam for his hungry eyes.