like did anyone else notice them

So since tension levels in the Fantastic Beasts fandom are  absurdly high right now...

Let’s make and share a list of things we like and hope for in regards to the second movie, okay? I’ll go first:

  • Newt’s new look. Yes, that is a new jacket. No, it isn’t blue. Yes, I love it, and so does Tina if the look she gives him is anything to go by!
  • Also, did I mention that his new jacket is either a trench or a frockcoat style (I’d have to be able to see the buttons to know for sure, and I can’t find a good picture showing them…)? Did anyone else happen to notice the plaid (or, possibly, tartan) bowtie? How about the polka dots on his new shirt, hmm? These things combine to give him that wonderful sense of whimsy we know and love, almost bordering on dandyism–yet we all have to admit that he looks sharp as hell in his updated duds, especially with the cut of his trousers putting his, ah, goods on full display without apology!
  • Tina! Oh, Tina, Tina, Tina: the porcelain skin, the lipstick, the new hair–what’s not to love about her updated look?! Add to that a lovely Auror’s trenchcoat, some fine-looking slacks and a blouse that seems to be on fashion point for the year, and every single Newtina shipper will be left asking themselves: why the hell aren’t you two attached at the face yet?! Get with the program already, guys!
  • Credence! He’s back, and The Haircut From Hell is a thing of the past. I’m not really a fan of Credo, not like some people, but even I’m looking forward to seeing how he comes into his own throughout this and (possibly) future movies.
  • The Maledictus promises to be an interesting character, though I’m crying foul if her name turns out to be Confutatis…
  • Queenie. OMG, QUEENIE. I am equal parts turned on, horrified and dreading what arc her story is going to take, but I have to admit that she looks absolutely fabulous, living up to the “blonde bombshell” description JKR had originally used for her, and I’m extremely in love with both her dress and shoes! Plus, we know there’s a good chance that she goes on to spawn at least one child since Quintin Kowalski is all but confirmed to be descended from her and Jacob.
  • Let’s face it: Jacob looks good. Whoever said fat guys don’t have swagger has never met Jacob “Dapper As Fuck” Kowalski, man. I honestly think he’s the best looking of all the men presented here if viewed through a strictly superficial lense. The fact that he seems so tense/worried about that look Queenie shares with Grindelwald only adds to his appeal, as far as I’m concerned.
  • Dumbledore is in this movie! There are so many things we don’t know about him, and I’m optimistic that this franchise will fill in at least some of those gaps!
  • We can finally, finally settle the issue on the character of Theseus Scamander and how he and his brother compare and contrast to each other. It’ll be interesting to see how much fanon perception differs from the reality.
  • The Leta Lestrange mystery will finally be solved, and those of you worried about a Newtina love triangle can probably rejoice: if she’s engaged to Theseus, then I think Newt will put the kibosh on any romantic feeling he has or may have felt, even if only for the sake of his own dignity. Plus, despite her name and family history, she has the potential to be a powerful ally.
  • Grindelwald…has a really, really nice pair of lederhosen, and that’s all I have to say about him for now. ;)

Go ahead and add your own, it’s time to inject some positivity back into this fandom!

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can you do some Hunk headcanons??? shit I love yours, so perfect <3

you know what else is perfect? hunk

  • shiro: “team this is a serious matter so no joking around” hunk: “or you’ll…….. punish us??”
  • hunk reminds lance of the ladies that work at the salon near his house
    • he’s just got that latina “honey, you would not believe what arturo told me about nina last week” hairdresser vibe
    • sometimes lance gets the feeling that hunk is gonna give him a trim
  • “…okay but has anyone else noticed that coran sparkles sometimes when he talks?? like is this an altean thing or”
  • hunk: “this is such a bad idea oh god please don’t do it” also hunk: [whips out phone to record the proceedings]
  • pidge never actually has to ask hunk for help when coding, he’s just nosy so he’ll pop in and give his opinions whether she wants them or not
  • allura: “hunk i need you to make a bomb” hunk: “uh i’m sorry what did i do to give you the impression that i can make a–…. yeah okay give me like 10 minutes”
  • hunk team ups (as described by lance)
    • with pidge: Nerd Squared
    • with keith: Ketchup and Mustard
    • with shiro: Swole Acceptance
    • with lance: The Best Team (”tbt is in position shiro” “okay codenames are officially banned from missions”)
  • keith, delirious with pain: “hunk you’re so nice, dude. you’re like… like an angel with no wings” hunk: “so like a person”

An anon asked for a Reid fic where the reader is British and he gets turned on by her accent.  The team teases him for it and he eventually has to explain to the reader why he gets so weird whenever she talks.  I love this request, I really hope you like it!  Added in here a classic Spencer Reid Quote, shout out to anyone who can find it!

It gets smutty!  Some fluff ensues at the end, it’s super cute!

UnBeta’d so sorry for any errors, also flood warning!

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“As soon as Agent Y/L/N gets here, we are going to start the briefing,” Hotch said to the team, who were all still sitting around at their desks before disappearing into his office.

“Ready for the new team member, pretty boy?” Derek teased from his seat with a smirk.

“What?” Spencer asked nonchalantly.  He knew Y/N was British.  She’d been in for numerous interviews and when she was in the training field, all the other trainees were talking about the ‘British Bombshell’ that was joining the BAU team.  

“You know what,” Derek replied.

“Does Reid have a thing for accents?” Prentiss asked.  She looked at the genius with playful eyes.

“No, he has a thing for British accents,” JJ said, shaking her head.

“I see,” Emily said with a smirk similar to Derek’s.

“I don’t know if I like the looks on your faces,” Rossi said as he walked up.  After inspecting the teasing smiles of the three agents, he clocked the blush on Reid’s face.  “What’s wrong with you, coffee catching up to you this morning?”

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Pass The Time (G.D) ♕

♕ = Smut, smut & smut :)

Requests: “Can u do a imagine where u have to stay at ur crushes house (Grayson duh) cause it was storming outside and it ends up becoming sexual after snuggling since u were in shorts and a spaghetti tank😂”

“Can you please write a smut about gray and choking. Thats all I want forever. just the whole time. Choking.”

A/N: This took me forever. You better enjoy it.

Word count: 7,700 +

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“Fucking hell!”

Your hands grasped the steering wheel tightly, you lower lip tucked beneath your teeth as you swerved past a truck, nearly grazing the edge. Rain drops and fog clouded your front window, making seeing what was ahead a hassle. Sounds of thunder could be heard from nearby and you sunk back into your seat; you weren’t particularly fond of storms like this, who was? There was a downpour as heavy as you had ever seen. Walking though a waterfall couldn’t get any wetter. The drops struck the already wet sidewalk, pitting the surface like they were bullets from above. There was no harm in it, LA would be just the same after the storm had passed. But by then it would have washed the evidence of the storm down the drains. You scowled and felt yourself sink even deeper into your seat, you knew what was coming next, it was inevitable. Thunder rumbled in the distance and a bolt of lightning cracked the gray sky into two. Jagged flashes of light cast a glow against your car. Your nails dug deep into the leather coiled around your wheel as you waited for the red light to pass, you weren’t supposed to be out right now. At least that’s what the news advised, but you just couldn’t help yourself.

Grayson Bailey Dolan.

That’s why.

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So Much More (Smut)


Request: hey, this a stretch but i love your stories!!! Could you write something where you and shawn are FWB but one night you guys have sex but it turns more emotional and fluffy? idk 😭

Word count: 3,118

So Much More (Smut)  

“Shawn Mendes with hit song Treat You Better” James Corden said, after Shawn had finished singing.

The camera pointed at Shawn once again and he smiled widely while hearing the audience applause him. I still found it rather strange watching Shawn on TV, like somehow, I still didn’t get just how famous he’d become. He was still that little Pickering boy to me and to be honest, he would probably always be.

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Is it just me or does anyone else think Kyle actually doesn't like Heidi? Because the girls made him THINK that when he had walked inside the gym- did anyone notice that?? I think he just feels sympathetic for her?

YEAH YEAH YEAH I completely agree with you anon, that’s exactly what I was imagining while watching that episode.

There’s a post that mentions that Kyle is very naive romantically - he’s pretty suggestible. His descriptions to Rebecca in Monkey Phonics was very idealistic (understandable, since he’s a kid), but out of the Main Four, he’s the least romantically experienced. So of course when the girls suggest that he likes Heidi, they get it in his head. “Oh, maybe I do like Heidi? Maybe that’s why I care so much?” When really, it’s just that he’s the only person who’s going to stand up in the face of Cartman’s actions (everyone else seems to be “that’s classic cartman” and we all know kyle calls on this bullshit)

it’s kind of like when people see a baby girl and a baby boy playing together and are automatically like “Ooooh, i think they have a crush!!” when. They’re just playing. But it’s assumed because they are opposite biological sexes.

tldr: Kyle is just as manipulated as Heidi into thinking that he has a crush on her when really he’s just a good good boy who wants to help her out of an abusive relationship

bae jinyoung|best friends to lovers|part 1

member: bae jinyoung
genre: fluffy
summary: you were best friends with jinyoung but you wanted to be something more but in your mind that’s never gonna happen. though the wanna one boys have a plan to set you two together without either of you knowing let’s hope it won’t be a complete disaster
requested: yes!! soccer + best friend (can have romance)

  • you look at the soccer field watching the boys team practice
  • and you can’t help but smile as jinyoung scores a goal
  • you cheer for him loudly trying to embarrass him
  • he looks at you blushes and gives you a heart warming smile and a small wave
  • you wave back frantically with a huge grin your face
  • you can see seongwoo lightly nudging him and smirking him while whispering something into his ear
  • you roll your eyes you’re sure he’s teasing jinyoung about you two again 
  • and on cue jinyoung blushes bright red
  • seongwoo looks at you and winks while you just flip him off 
  • he smirks and chases after the ball once again
  • jinyoung gives you one last glance and smiling at you which makes your heart flutter 
  • even tho you’d never admit it did at least not to him
  • but the game continues and you keep on watching the boys practice
  • and your thoughts wandered
  • you and jinyoung were best friends
  • you had been since primary school 
  • you both loved soccer with a passion and you were both the star players in striker position of your separate teams (1 all girls, 1 all boys)
  • it all started when you wanted to join a game of soccer with all the boys
  • but they wouldn’t allow you to
  • cause you were a girl and girls have cooties plus they’re not as good as boys
  • prove them they’re so fucking wrong sister
  • but jinyoung convinced them to let you play and picked you for his team
  • he told you “i’m sorry about the other guys, you can take centre attack, prove them you’re amazing okay?”
  • making you blush and giving him a dazzling smile at him while nodding 
  • you felt sooo happy that even without jinyoung knowing about your skills at all he still convinced the guys to let you play picked you on his team and gave you the centre spot
  • you played excellently scoring 3 goals and your team won in the end
  • as you scored the final goal from half way 
  • all the guys jaws dropped at your skills
  • you rushed up and hugged jinyoung tightly whispering into his ear
  • “thank you for letting me play”
  • he automatically hugged you back tightly
  • “of course what are friends for? but i also need to thank you for making us win” he whispered back 
  • you both break apart smiling and you both knew you were gonna be best friends jinyoung still wanting to stand up for you basically shouted at all the guys
  • he grinned at you and you couldn’t help just at that moment but admit even then as a primary schooler your heart fluttered just a tiny bit
  • all the guys grudgingly respected you and in the end you became close friends with all of them by middle school
  • but you were closest to jinyoung of course 
  • you both became inseparable 
  • all classes you had together you sat with him
  • you became basically another daughter to his parents
  • and him a son to yours
  • son in law more like it
  • you both were each others best friends
  • he was there for you and you were there for him in every way possible
  • if you had a breakdown jinyoung could calm you in an instant
  • if he was upset you could always cheer him up
  • he’d bring you snacks before and after your soccer practices
  • and you’d attend as many of his practices cheering him on as much as possible
  • you both never missed a game when the other was playing
  • you literally were best friend goals
  • you guys would help each other out with school, friends, family, relationships everything
  • both of you had no idea where you both would be without each other
  • but as you got into high school you weren’t sure your feelings towards jinyoung were entirely just friendly
  • you just couldn’t think any guys could match up to him 
  • he knew you inside out back to front
  • all your secrets, quirks, weird things you do 
  • he knew all of them 
  • jinyoung was the sweetest guy you knew and a complete gentleman
  • always opening doors, trying to buy the meal and you always refused making you guys split the bill
  • but you didn’t know he never did this with anyone else just with you
  • you thought that was just him as a person
  • he always could make you laugh and you had the best time with him
  • he was also extremely handsome and so many girls liked him it was ridiculous 
  • but he really didn’t pay attention to them especially when you were around 
  • but of course you didn’t notice that
  • you knew he was out of your league 
  • and he could pick and choose and girl he wanted
  • which destroyed any and all hope of ever being more than best friends with him
  • plus he probably only saw you as a sister
  • mhmm sureeee he did
  • but all this didn’t stop from you having feelings for him 
  • they weren’t like constantly in your face since you guys are best friends and you spend so much time with him but they like popped up when 
  • things happened like 
  • whenever he went on a date or told you he liked a girl which was still basically never
  • your heart felt a weird twinge
  • but you always ignored it 
  • or whenever you hugged him or he complimented you 
  • you heart would flutter 
  • but you were happy with just being jinyoung’s best friend 
  • hoping your feelings will go away eventually but you were very doubtful you would get over him before high school ended 
  • you tried to get over him so many times but it never worked the dates the very short relationships could never even hold a candle to you and jinyoungs friendship
  • as you were totally lost in your thoughts you didn’t realise practice was over
  • you were snapped out of your thoughts with someone picking you up and putting them on your shoulder 
  • you automatically knew it was woojin 
  • he always did that when he wanted something usually money or food
  • “YAH WOOJIN LET ME DOWN!!!” you screamed while hitting his back
  • “ONLY IF YOU AGREE IN BEING A CHEERLEADER FOR OUR FINAL GAME” he shouted right back being clearly amused by your antics knowing he won’t let you down 
  • you groaned at him “for fucks sake woojin you know i hate being happy and perky”
  • the cheerleaders basically offered you a one game position for the final where you could cheer for the boys 
  • since you were known to be so close with them
  • but since then all the guys pestered you about it constantly begging you to agree
  • but they all had a reason for wanting you to be a cheerleader
  • they were the ones who even set up a special position for you with a little date bribing and they were done!
  • how i wish i was good looking how easy my life would be smh 
  • so basically after they won the game cause they were 100% sure they would
  • cocky dicks
  • they were gonna have you and jinyoung in the middle of the field and they’ll start chanting “KISS KISS KISS”
  • and literally everyone would join cause 
  • 1. people were sick of you two not getting together but being more couple like then actual couples
  • 2. hey who doesn’t like a kiss at the end of a game its cheesy and cute
  • then y’all kiss get together AND BOOM NEW RELATIONSHIP
  • also daniel mentioned the other reason for being a cheerleader soon after woojin picked you up
  • “but you know jinyoung would love to see you in a uniform something short and tight” daniel cheekily butted in 
  • “FUCKKK OFF DANIEL” you flip him off while he just chuckles at you 
  • you see all the guys knew of your crush on jinyoung
  • but they didn’t tell him and you loved them for it
  • little did you know jinyoung had a crush on you and begged them not to tell you
  • so they decided not to tell either of you and be good friends 
  • AND play matchmaker happily 
  • “awwww y/n pwetty pleaseeee can youu be a cheerleader its only for oneeee game can’t you do that for me” daehwi said cutely with a lot of aegyo and puppy dog eyes
  • “stop acting cute it’s not going to work you child demon” you scoff back still slumped on woojins shoulder 
  • “i give up she’s so fucking stubborn” daehwi complains 
  • “you barely even tried??” guanlin says
  • “shhhhhh” daehwi shushes him
  • “LANGUAGE DAEHWII!!!!!” jisung scolded daehwi
  • “oh come on lay off it jisung he lives in the same house as us” minhyun said with an amused smile 
  • “he’s still young minhyun!” jisung said scolding him also for his care free attitude
  • “if you say so” minhyun said while shrugging
  • mother and father goals 
  • “IM STILL HERE PARENTS!!!” you say obnoxiously 
  • “and there goes our least favourite annoying child” jisung sighed 
  • “of course there is, its you and the favourite is me” guanlin says smirking at you
  • “why the hell are you the favourite??” woojin asks trying to face guanlin
  • which meant spinning you around and all the guys trying to dodge your head
  • “cause he’s the swaggy rapper. duh.” jaehwan says like it’s the most obvious thing in the world
  • “I SAID THAT ONE TIME LAY OFF IT HYUNG!!!” guanlin whines
  • “NEVERRRRR” jaehwan screams 
  • making everyone wince at his vocals
  • in the mean time jinyoung, seongwoo and jihoon come over 
  • “whats all this about?” jihoon asks 
  • “basically we’re trying to make y/n agree to be a cheerleader for the final game” woojin says again spinning you around again making you dizzy
  • “STOP DOING THAT!!” you shout 
  • everyone laughs and you just pout 
  • “ahhhh so cheerleader y/n, is this for her to be in something short and tight for jinyoung???” seongwoo said suggestively 
  • making you and jinyoung blush so hard
  • but neither of you deny it lol
  • “HEY THATS WHAT I SAID!!” daniel said grinning brightly 
  • “YEAH ONGNIEL IS SCIENCE YO!!!” seongwoo shouts happily back
  • and they do their secret handshake which takes soooo long with the weirdest details like both their butts rubbing against each other, weird faces, complicated hand motions and they finish it with a bro hug 
  • “i should be part of that, ongnielhwan is science sounds soooooo much better” jaehwan said disappointedly 
  • “but you have meeee” minhyun said cutely while hugging jaehwan 
  • “ew get the fuck off” jaehwan bitch glared at minhyun but he still clinged onto him
  • “y/nnnn please agreee so these idiots can all shut up” jihoon pleaded 
  • “WHO ARE YOU CALING IDIOTS???!!!” all the guys chorused 
  • “JINX”
  • “can y'all just shut the fuck up” jihoon says grumpily
  • “LANGUAGE!! AGAIN!!” jisung scolded jihoon this time while glaring at minhyun daring him to say anything
  • minhyun just put his hands up in defeat with a “i didn’t do anything wrong” face
  • “teenage bloody hormones” sungwoon said rolling his eyes at jihoon 
  • in the midst of all this mess jinyoung gently lowers you down from woojins shoulder
  • making you extremely close to him 
  • everyone’s watching intently like it was some sort of rom-com
  • and everyone knew you were gonna agree to being a cheerleader cause 
  • he’ll ask you 
  • and of course you’ll say yes
  • and you were also basically in love with him
  • id agree to anything he asked me to but if it was a illegal nah cause like i love you but i aint ruining my life for you
  • and all of the guys were just smirking at each other knowing their plan will work out since the hardest bit of it was for you to agree to be a cheerleader
  • “guanlinah get me some popcorn” sungwoon ordered
  • “hell no do it yourself” guanlin replied  S.A.S.S.I.L.Y
  • “F-” sungwoon started to speak but he got interrupted very quickly
  • “SHHHHHHH” shushed the rest before sungwoon could go on a rant about how the younger generation should treat their elders with respect
  • and then guanlin would mention something about height
  • and sungwoon would go full on hulk mode
  • but you weren’t paying attention all you could hear was your fast beating heart 
  • jinyoung softly pleaded to you with his adorable chocolate brown eyes staring right into yours “y/n will you please please please be our cheerleader for the game? for us? for me?”
  • you knew you couldn’t say no to jinyoung especially when he was looking at you like that
  • “fine” you bitterly said 
  • which resulted in loud cheering and whooping from the guys
  • and the most heart warming smile from jinyoung
  • jinyoung tightly hugged you spinning you around
  • making you squeal a little and his heart warming at your cute antics 
  • you hug back with you eyes closed 
  • you love his hugs so much 
  • you part with everyone smirking at you two
  • before you could say anything daehwi comes between you two and hugs jinyoung 
  • “hes mine” he says cutely poking his tongue at you 
  • with jinyoung shyly grinning and blushing at you
  • you can’t help but smile at the two guys you loved them both heaps 
  • “BUT YOURE MINEEE DAEHWI” you say loudly while grabbing daehwi and tightly hugging/squishing him 
  • he squealed and laughed while saying 
  • “i love you too y/n”
  • everyone but you could see the glint of jealously in jinyoung’s eyes 
  • even daehwi so he parted with you quickly and silently mouther a sorry to jinyoung
  • and jinyoung visibly relaxed and mouthed back it’s okay
  • you were completely oblivious to all of it though
  • “but you guys better win and you also need to buy me pizza” you warningly say to all the guys 
  • “DEAL!” they agree happily 
  • you all prepare to leave and jinyoung wraps his arm around your shoulder while whispering in your ear 
  • “really thank you for agreeing”
  • “it’s all good” you say smiling at him 
  • “i’ll be your cheerleader” you chuckle a little making a cheerleading gesture 
  • which makes him smile widely at your adorable chuckle and cute pose
  • “just my cheerleader right?” jinyoung asks 
  • “just yours” you say sweetly back

BACK FROM MY UNOFFICIAL HIATUS W A CUTIE JINYOUNGG!!!! if y’all want info about the reasons for hiatus, fics to come and MY NEW SERIES please click here. anyways i love jinyoung and there will only be a part 2 to this scenario which will be the game and it’ll be shorter than this and ill be releasing that eventually. BUT THANK YOU FOR READING LOVE YOU ALL FOR STAYING WITH ME AND DONT BE AFRAID TO SEND ME A MESSAGE OR AN ANON!!!

No one’s ever really stroked Laurent’s hair before, so when Damen starts to stroke his hair when they’re cuddling after sex, he finds it amusing more than anything else, but he knows how much Damen likes his hair so lets him and will often drift off to the feel of Damen’s fingers in his hair. 

It becomes something he associates with warmth and safety and feeling loved, which means when he’s had a nightmare and wakes up disorientated, his mind still rooted solely in the past, Damen is able to very gently brush his hair back from his face slowly and methodically. It’s non-invasive enough to not be threatening, and helps Laurent come back to himself.

It even becomes a signal between them. Damen can’t stroke Laurent’s hair properly in public, but Damen can read Laurent. If he looks like he’s going to go for someone like he did in canon, or he needs a minute, Damen will rest his hand against his nape for a moment in an almost casual manner that wouldn’t be noticed by anyone else as anything significant, but it says to Laurent ‘I’m here, you’re not on your own, this isn’t then. Calm down.’  Sometimes it doesn’t work. Most of the time, it does.
Erm, has anyone else noticed how ridiculously HOT Jaqen H'ghar from Game Of Thrones is IRL
The Faceless Man actually has a lovely face I’ll have you know

Erm, has anyone else noticed how ridiculously HOT Jaqen H'ghar from Game Of Thrones is IRL

The Faceless Man actually has a lovely face I’ll have you know

We recently did some snooping into what the cast of Game Of Thrones look like IRL, and we were pretty shocked by a few of them. For example, Varys has the softest, silkiest hairdo we’ve probably ever seen. Plus, did you know that Daenerys isn’t actually a platinum blonde in real life? Crazy, huh?

But nothing compares to this…

Jaqen H'ghar is really, really, really ridiculously good-looking IRL.

In case you’ve forgotten who this Jaqen fella is, you may know him better as the Faceless Man who has been helping/hindering Ayra in her quest to get revenge on, well, just about everyone for killing members of her family.

In the show he wears a grotty grey cloak, and has long red hair. And as much as the layers in his lob frame his face and the highlights bring out his eyes, we wouldn’t necessarily call him Game Of Thrones eye candy. Even in his suit of armour we’re not buying it.

But take one look at the Faceless Man’s Instagram and we think you’ll agree – he’s a slammin’ hottie.

German actor Tom Wlaschiha’s a slammin’ hottie when he’s in black and white…

He’s a slammin’ hottie being a bookworm…

He’s a slammin’ hottie with his shirt off…

He’s a slammin’ hottie as a four-eyes…

He’s a slammin’ hottie on a river…

He’s a slammin’ hottie on a motherfuckin’ boat…

And he’s a slammin’ hottie when he’s with Jerome of Robson and Jerome fame…

As well as Game Of Thrones, 44-year-old Tom has starred in Formula One movie Rush, Agatha Christie’s Poirot and brand new creepy thriller Berlin Falling.

And If I were you, I’d be watching those, plus everything else on his IMDb page, back-to-back until the end of time. But, ya know, do what you want…

I know that Amami and Ouma didn’t interact at all, but have you guys noticed something very curious about these two?

I mean, during the game, they hardly talked to each other, but Kokichi keeps showing some interest about Rantaro after his death, mostly because he believes he was connected to the mastermind somehow (and that’s why he agrees to revive him and only him in the third chapter, when Angie makes the wax statues and the group decides to set a ritual to revive one of their dead friends, maybe that’s why he also keeps his wax doll in his room), not to mention that there’s a huge amount of parallels and coincidences between them.

  • Rantaro is the first victim. Kokichi is the last one.
  • Their deaths were caused indirectly by other people. Amami was killed by Shirogane after Kaede’s trap failed to kill the mastermind. He let his guard down and she took the chance to kill him and get away with the murder until the end. Ouma, meanwhile, was fatally injured by Maki, who shot a poisoned arrow on his back in order to save Kaito. While Ouma takes the antidote, he later agrees to die in order to set up a murder scene to fuck over the mastermind having Kaito to kill him with a hydraulic press, flattening his body beyond recognition (Momota mostly agrees because he doesn’t want Maki to be the blackened).If it weren’t for Ouma’s plan to create the perfect murder and killing himself, Maki would’ve been the responsible of his death, but Kaito was executed instead because he was the one to “give him the coup de grace” (To sum it up, their deaths were caused by other people other than the ones who were executed. While Kokichi preferred to die instead of Kaito, if he died mid execution, Maki was his real killer)
  • Both had their own plans to discover the mastermind. Rantaro went by himself to the library to stop the killing game, which was what had him killed. Kokichi, who knew more than everyone else, used Amami’s death as some kind of example for him and decided to do his own research and investigations in secret without telling anyone else (just like Amami did), he gathered clues from every case, analyzed all the murders by himself… if you check his room you’ll notice that that kid must’ve spent sleepless nights investigating EVERYTHING by himself with no rest, to the point of devising a perfect murder to confuse the mastermind. Kokichi didn’t want to be targetted by the MM just like Amami did, so he pulled ruse after ruse in order to confuse them, had everyone hating him and thinking he was the mastermind and pretended to enjoy the killing game so the real mastermind wouldn’t suspect him just like they did with Amami. 
  • Kaede and Kaito, both culprits in the first and last cases, were very very close to Shuichi and helped him to develop better as a character. Kaede was the first person he met and got attached to, always worrying for her and being by her side. She’d also try to make him feel better about himself, showering him in compliments and always telling him that she trusted him. After her death, Kaito is the one who takes this role, encouraging him with his words and actions just like Kaede did, but in his own special way. Note that Shuichi is incredibly devastated when both are found guilty and die, but he keeps them both in his memory because they both were the most important people in the game for him.
  • Meanwhile, Amami and Ouma are the ones who give Saihara the most “headaches” through the game. Even if Amami is dead, he still is a mystery for everyone, and Saihara is curious about his story, his past, his talent and everything that surrounds him. Meanwhile, Ouma, the little liar, is always there to give Saihara-chan a headache with his attitude but always helping him indirectly by throwing a lot of important clues at him to solve the cases. In his FTE with Saihara, not only does Ouma foreshadow almost the entire story, but at the same time, he becomes a living riddle before his eyes. In Saihara’s eyes, Ouma is as mysterious as Amami, and even through he can be annoying and all at times, I think Saihara is deeply interested in him much like he is with Amami.
  • Their research rooms are the last ones to open. You see, every character managed to access their own research rooms while still alive. However, Ouma and Amami’s were opened after they died, in chapter 6 (Amami died in chapter 1 and Ouma in chapter 5). Interestingly, both rooms have stuff that helps Saihara and the rest through the last trial. Kokochi’s research room had that book filled with pictures from the first danganronpa game (idk if there were pictures of sdr2) and Amami’s… well, it practically hinted his talent and had the video he recorded for himself where he basically reveals his talent and a lot of stuff about the killing game.
  • Their motives and all anyways remain a mystery to the living cast because Tsumugi doesn’t clarify some things about them at the end (correct me if I’m wrong) and spends the whole time talking… welp, about everything y’all saw in the last trial. Fiction, fiction, etc.
  • Both were characters that knew more than anybody else. Rantaro’s profile describes him as someone who “acted as though he knew more than the rest”, Ouma seemingly recovered his memories and directly talked about an “audience” at the end of chapter three claiming that there were people watching or something. Both kept what they knew for themselves and died without telling the rest about what they knew. Yeah, Amami had his video, but it’d have been nice if he had told the rest the truth with his own words.
  • Their plans were ruined by their own “killers”. Ouma’s plan to behave like the mastermind and all was ruined when Kaito decided to poison him to interrogate him and then Maki arrived him and shot him again which indirectly caused his death (he then chose to die as a last resource, because he was dying and there was nothing else to do). Amami’s plan was ruined when Kaede set that trap, got distracted and Tsumugi took the chance to end him with the metal ball. 
  • It might not be relevant but their color palette is complementary and both wear chain-like accessories on the right side of their shirts.

This makes me think that, had Amami lived, Ouma’s character would be extremely different. Ouma ended up being ridiculously intrigued by Amami’s backstory and motives that he agreed to carry a spiritual ritual to summon his spirit and kept the wax doll of him that Angie made before she was murdered. He was most likely tried to do the ritual by himself and summon his soul to ask him stuff or something to do his own research. If only he had lived enough to watch Amami’s video…

So, to sum it up, it’s just… amazing how they parallel each other, and it’s quite upsetting that both died without enough interaction, but I’m now seeing the point of their lack of interactions and Amami’s sudden death.

No turning back (Dylan O’brien+Teen wolf)

Request: hey love can you do a dylan obrien smut.

Summary: Y/N is an actress that had worked with Dylan ever since they started filming Teen Wolf. He has always had a thing for her, but they both agreed to keep it professional, up to now.

Teen wolf is coming to an end. Today was the last day of shooting and there were only a couple more scenes left to shot. One of which was a Stile’s and Lily’s make out scene. Y/N has been playing Lily, Jackson’s sister for 6 years now. Her and Dylan’s character have been having a  love hate relationship throughout the seasons and in the final season they decided to give the fans what they wanted and let everyone’s OTP become cannon.

“Hey, baby.” Dylan said wrapping his arm around her shoulder as he ran up to her.

“Hey!” She smiled, mimicking his action and wrapping her arm around his waist. To anyone else they would seem like a couple, and who could blame them, they acted like they were dating anyway.

“Heading to the rehearsal?” The brown haired man asked her as they walked.

“Yup. Did you hear? We are in charge of this scene. There’s literally no script.” She said waving her scrips in the air.

“I’ve noticed, yeah. Don’t worry I’ve got a couple ideas.”

“Awesome, I’m sure I’ll get some as well when I see in what direction you’re thinking of going.” She smiled as they reached the set.

“Well then.” The girl said looking around.

“I know right, so romantic.” He agreed making them both laugh.

“Yes, the boy’s locker room is where I always wanted to have a heated make out session.”

“I like the way you think.” He winked before letting go of her and walking over to one of the desks outside of set, putting down his red bull and his scrips.

Y/N followed him and did the same with her belongings. “Okay, what’s the plan?”

“So I was thinking, you come running it, after you find out I’m actually alive and not dead, and I’m standing somewhere around here.” He said walking over to one of the lockers.

“Yeah, so i run in. Looking around, calling your name.” Y/N continues his story, walking in the direction that the camera will be moving in front of her as she walked. “Stiles?!” She lets out a yell of joy and surprise. “You’re alive.”

“Last time i checked.” Dylan replies in his usual Stiles voice, full of sarcasm as he stepped forwards.

“I thought…” She starts, “I thought you were dead.” She continued walking towards him.

“I’m not, I’m here.” He said  as they came face to face, her hands pressed against his toned chest.

“You’re really here.” She said as the script told her to, she let her hands roam down his body, up his arms, feeling that he was actually there and not an illusion. But in her mind, all she could think about was what hid body would feel like pressed up against hers.

“I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere.” He said cupping her face gently. The line between Stiles and Dylan quickly faded as he stared in to her eyes, his  gaze falling down on her lips as he felt her small and gentle hands run all over his body.

“And then we kiss.” She said trying to focus on her job.

He leaned down and pressed his lips to hers, her  hands slipping around his waist as he deepened the kiss. She kissed back, forgetting about Lilly, forgetting about Stiles. It was just them. Just her and Dylan. This is what she wanted to do for so long. She didn’t want it to stop. She got on her tip toes, pressing her body against his.

Dylan has forgotten about Stiles as soon as their lips touched. He was just a boy kissing the girl he has had a crush on since forever.

She ran her fingers up his back wanting to feel as much of him as possible. One of his hands made it’s way down her neck, her shoulder and found it’s place on her waist.

They both jumped as a loud ringing came from behind the outside of the set. They pulled apart and it took them a second before Y/N reconciled the sound as the bell they used to let everyone know they are filming and that they should be quiet. 

“They’re just filming.” She said, her face flushed and her breath uneven.

“Yeah.” He nodded, debating if he should ignore what happened or if he should continue. “Fuck it.” He stepped forward, kissing the girl again, pushing her back until her back hit the wall.  She smiled in to the kiss before wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him back.

He pulled away and looked her straight in the eye. “Jump.”

And she did. Wrapping her legs around his waist as he stepped forwards pressing her back against the cold wall behind her. He went to kiss her neck as she threw her head back, giving him more access to bite, lick and suck on her neck.

“Mmm” She moaned as she started to grind against him, feeling the friction of his jean covered bulge  rubbing against her pussy that was only covered by her silk panties.

“Keep doing that and there will be no turning back.” He growled making her grab his face and reattaching her lips to his.

“I’ve waited 6 years. I don’t want no turning back.” She said against his lips, biting on his lower lip, making him grab on her thigs harder.

He walked over to one of the benches and sat down in it, with her on his lap. She grabbed his t-shit and pulled it over his head as he pulled her sun dress over hers.

“Even better than i’ve imagined.” He said as he started to kiss down her breasts, his arm reaching around and unhooking her bra as she continued to rock against his now bigger bulge.

“Oh you have imagined this?” She said, reaching down to undo his jeans.

“Many times.” He sad as she pushed herself off off him, pushing her panties down her legs as he did the same to his jeans and his boxers.

“Well then, let’s not waist any time.” She said getting down on her knees and slowly putting the tip of his now throbbing cock in her mouth, letting her saliva lubricate his cock.

“Oh baby, come here.” He said already feeling himself getting closer, the anticipation of this moment taking its tool on him.

She quickly stood up and positioned herself over his member as he grabbed his cock and hold it in place as she slowly slid herself down on it.

“Oh-” She was left speechless, the feeling of finally feeling him inside of her, stretchering her. She soon started to bounce up and down on him. She grabbed his shoulders for support as she picked up the speed.

Dylan grabbed one of her breasts and started to massage is while taking the other one in his mouth, biting down on the hardened nipple.

“Dylan.” She let out a moan, trying to keep quiet as they did not lock the doors and someone could walk in at any moment. Both of them knew that, and it made everything even better, more exciting. He reached around with his free hand and grabbed her ass, helping her up and  down, keeping her rhythm steady.

Both of them breathing heavy as he reached down and started to rub small circles on her clit. Bringing her right to the edge.

“I’ll cu-” She cut herself off by a loud moan, her eyes rolling back as she felt her climax approaching.

“Cum, baby.” He whispered against her neck, starting to rub quicker circles on her clit, sending her over the edge.

He could feel her pussy tightening around him, which sent him over the edge as well. Dylan began to thrust up in to her, letting them both ride out their orgasms, by now  none of them caring about who heard them.

Feeling her body go numb she feel on top of him, as he wrapped his hands around her waist and lied down on the bench with her on top of him.

“That was..” He searched for the right words.

“Amazing.” She finished his sentence.

“Why did we wait so long?” He asked making the girl on top of him laugh.

Someone opened the door saying “Well this is a finale everyone was waiting for!”

The pair looked at the new comer finding out it was Tyler.

“Fuck!” Y/N hid her face in Dylans shoulder as he just laughed before saying  “Get the fuck out dude!”

“That’s why we waited for so long.” Y/N said making them both laugh.


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AN: Hey, so this is my first actual human and not character imagine. tbh it was kinda weird to write it haha but i hope you still like it :)

What DID is and isn't

Dissociative identity disorder (and another catch-all dissociative disorder) are the only disorders that create systems/alters. Personality disorders/psychosis do not create systems/alters. “Multiple personality disorder” is incorrect and many will find it offensive, it’s not used anymore.

PTSD (more specifically, CPTSD) is required for DID. Everyone with DID has experienced repeated severe trauma before the age of about 8. Dissociation is a core component of DID. To be diagnosed with DID, two or more separate personality states (or alters) must periodically front (or be “in control”). These alters are formed through severe trauma and are generally made to protect the body in some way. Some of these alters are child alters, who are stuck in a state of severe childhood trauma- this is never acceptable to make fun of. The majority of people with DID will attempt suicide, largely due to poor education and help for the disorder. People with DID are no more likely to commit crimes than anyone else.

Actually, you have likely met people with DID before and not noticed. Dissociation is the primary symptom, not switching alters, and typically switches are done without great distinction and few signs.

Sybil is not good representation. Split is not good representation. If you have questions about DID, you are welcome to direct them here.

Split is offensive and is capitalizing off of child abuse and resorting to awful, outdated tropes to horrify an audience at the expense of an entire community. This is not okay. Do not support Split.

7 times they noticed (4/7)

It’s time for Coran Coran the Gorgeous Man. Actually quite hard to write. I decided to write this from Coran’s pov also, to just change things up?

Coran saw it. Of course he did, he was a veteran, he was a father, and although he did not understand the customs of their strange world, he remembered being years away from his family. He remembered pacing and fighting because there was nothing else to do.

He remembered the exact same hurt on his own son’s face, the exact same resignation, the same jokes, the same mood-breakers. And if he wasn’t damned by how much he saw his son in the blue paladin’s face, he was surely blessed by it. In a way, he had another chance, another opportunity; although he would be a fool to think they were the same person. To compare them is all too easy, but he shouldn’t in any case. But still, he knew that Lance was hurting, and no matter how much he reminded him of his son, hurting is hurting.

Let it be known that Coran considered himself a patient man, and often a kind one. This was not the case when someone else was hurting.

“Lance?” He asked in a conversational tone as he saw the young paladin pacing in the control room. Lance looked up in surprise.

“Oh! Coran, my man! What’s up?” He clicked his fingers at Coran, who supposed this was an Earth greeting between friends. He was however, unsure whether to return them. He decided against it, simply smiling at the boy.

“Hello, Lance! It has come to my attention that -” He trailed off, squinting his eyes in suspicion. Lance tilted his head in confusion. “What are you doing in the control room?” Coran questioned, raising an eyebrow, mustache twitching.

“Oh…uh…Allura! I was looking for Allura, have you seen her?” Lance stuttered, laughing nervously. Coran squinted his eyes even more, pursing his mouth.

“I ordered the princess to take a day off. She does too much work, I’m afraid.” Coran looked to Lance for his response, raising his eyebrow further.

“Yeah, that makes sense.” Lance sighed. He scratched behind his ear in a show of nonchalance. “Well, I guess I’ll just go train. See ya!” Lance turned to go, but not before Coran spoke.


Lance looked back in confusion at the oddly alarmed tone of the normally eccentric man.

“What is it, my dude?” Lance made a show of smiling, but Coran noticed it failed to reach his eyes.

“Are…are you in good health, paladin?” Coran asked, bouncing on the balls of his feet to quell the anxiety rising within him.

“Uh…yeah? Totally.” Lance laughed, looking in confusion. “Why? Do I look sick? Because I’ll have you know that I use moisturizer, and my skin looks perfect.” Lance put his hand on his chest in mock-astonishment.

“No! You look perfectly healthy, Lance.” Coran stuttered. Lance looked confused at the normally unflappable Altean. “I mean, not physical health.” Coran frowned at Lance. “The health of the mind.” Lance widened his eyes.

“Oh.” Lance looked down, falling silent, his mind working. “Yeah.” He smiled nervously. Coran was not convinced.

“Truly?” He asked, tilting his head, looking down at the anxious paladin.

“Well, I guess I’m homesick, but I mean, who isn’t?” Lance laughed once more, and once more it rang hollow.

“Of course my boy, you’ve just seemed…” He paused, looking for his words. “off.” Lance looked taken aback, letting out an exhale of confused laughter.

“Really?” He raised his shoulder, twisting his face into obviously forced confusion. Coran once again paused, looking for the words. He restarted his original statement with a small shake of his head.

“It has come to my attention you might be feeling…inadequate. And…what did you call it? Homesick.” Lance stuttered in response.

“W-well, I mean…yeah I’m feeling like, homesick, but inadequate? What?” He looked around, and Coran knew that look. It was the look of a child trying to find a way out of a confronting conversation. He had seen it on his children too many times.

“Lance, missing one’s family is extremely natural. And I’ll let you know on a secret.” He leant in as he said this, and Lance raised his eyebrows, unimpressed.


“No one feels adequate. Everyone feels they have too much to live up to.” Coran stared at Lance, nodding. Lance let out a bark of laughter.

“Oh, really.” His voice was heavy with sarcasm. “Well then, everyone’s an idiot.”

“Yes, most probably.” Coran nodded with sincerity, and Lance rolled his eyes.

“No, I mean, everyone else actually lives up to impossible expectations, whereas I… I’m just…” Lance trailed off, tears brimming, trying to finish his sentence with unintelligible gestures. This confused Coran.

“I’m sorry Lance, but I do not understand these human non-verbal gestures? Do you also communicate like Glapthorns?” Coran looked to the human for an answer, who let out a small giggle.

“Glapthorns?” He asked. Coran puffed up.

“Yes Glapthorns! They have an entire alphabet of gestures, having no mouths and all. Lovely people, really, I once…” Coran trailed off, snapping his fingers. “You’re deflecting.” He stated, staring at Lance, once again narrowing.

“Uh…no?” Lance smiled. Coran shook his head.

“Do you humans answer everything as questions, or is that just a hereditary thing?” Coran stared at Lance. “Anyway…” Lance groaned. “You say that we live up to impossible expectations. Who is ‘we’?” Coran asked, his voice gentle.

“Everyone else on this ship.” Lance stared at his feet. Coran noticed that this particular human did not like looking into another being’s eyes when stating the truth.

“Nonsense.” He replied, crossing his arms. “You are just as competent.” Lance laughed in response.

“High praise. Thanks.” Lance subtly rolled his eyes.

“You’re welcome.” Coran graciously replied, nodding his head. “Well, it is true. Blue does not choose just anyone.”

“Did…” Lance paused, looking up for once. “Did you know the original blue paladin?” He bit his lip, looking into Coran’s eyes, who was taken aback by the emotion within them. Coran had to look away.

“Yes.” He swallowed thickly, emotion rising. “Yes I did.” Lance looked on, not replying. “They were wonderful. I…I did not know them as well as Allura, but I remember their beaming face. Unfortunately, I remember their last moments the most strongly.” Coran sniffed as tears threatened to swell.

“Sorry.” Lance spoke quietly. Coran drew to his full height, smiling softly.

“Do not be sorry my boy, I just…” He shook his head, trying to get rid of those memories. “They were very good friends with my son.” Coran wiped his eyes. Lance froze.

“Your…your son?” Lance’s eyes were wide.

“Yes.” Coran’s reply was barely a whisper. Then he smiled. “You remind me of him, you know.”

“Oh.” Lance was obviously lost for words.

“Don’t worry, it’s the biggest compliment I can give. You have the same soul, the same passion.” Coran smiled weakly, which was returned by Lance. “If you ever need someone to listen.” He smiled, brighter now. Lance nodded shortly, and walked silently out of the room, before stopping right before the door.

“Same here.” Lance said, with a half-smile. Coran nodded in return, mirroring the action just a few ticks ago.

Coran sighed as Lance left the room. Maybe he shouldn’t have brought his son into it, but…he felt a weight off of his shoulders nonetheless. He only hoped Lance felt the same.

Another done! No one loves Coran enough, imo. By the way, I just want to give huge thanks to @wherethestarsdontshine​ for their headcannons about Coran, because I used a lot of them here in developing his character! They’re such a good writer and you should check out their blog if you like voltron stuff.

(17/4/17: Allura is up along with rest!)

Read the other parts:

Tony saw them before anyone else did. He had been watching the road for days, waiting for them, so it wasn’t a surprise. He felt his heart beat faster, shaking him, and he closed his eyes, waiting for calm to settle over him like water dripping onto his head. This had to happen. It was time for it to happen. He was tired, and this was the best way. He could meet Peace soon. 

But first he had to get the children away. 

He opened his eyes, watched as the leader of the group, a tall man with blond hair and a hard jaw, noticed him looking, watched as he drew his shield and the group closed together. They were far down the road. It wouldn’t have mattered if he did magic – there were ranged attacks that were more effective than arrows – but he wasn’t going to attack them. They didn’t deserve it. They would need to get closer before they could attack him. That was good. That meant he had time; but not much. 

He looked away and stood, glanced over as the children who had been playing broke off to trail after him. His mouth twitched with the want to smile fondly, but it wasn’t the time. Now was not the time for happiness. 

“Grandmother,” he said to the old ladies buying and selling herbs, “you must take the children and go. Clear the square. There is about to be a battle, and I don’t want you hurt.” 

“A battle?” they said before they began to gather the children and usher them away. “Be careful, dear.” 

“Always,” he replied, and they all knew it was a lie. 

“Uncle, what’s happening?” the young girl asked him, grabbing hold of his sleeve and looking up at him with large eyes. She was a good girl, strong and brave and smart, and she would grow up well. Tony was sad that he would miss her transition to womanhood, but there were plenty of kind people in the village to help her. 

“There’s going to be a fight, Kamala,” he said calmly, placing a hand on her head and brushing curls back from her forehead. “Return to your mothers, children. It’s not safe here.” They looked up at him, innocence shining, their young faces making him long for his own youth. It was gone now, but they still had time. 

“A fight?” Harley asked, his voice quiet, as he and Peter latched onto the bottom of his tunic. “The Doctor says you’re in no place to fight.” 

“I must, Harley. There is no one else to do it.” He glanced at the mercenaries. They were close now – he could see their scowls. The children had to leave. Peter glanced at them too, before looking back at him with his soft intelligence, tears gathering in his eyes. 

“But you’re going to die, Uncle.” Kamala and Harley looked at Peter, starting to cry themselves. Tony felt tears prickle in his own eyes, and desperately held them back. 

“Yes,” he said softly as he leaned down to kiss their heads, “and I don’t want you to see that. Return to your mothers, children. Come out when it’s safe.” Peter sniffled and Tony bit his lip, letting the calm wash over him once more like a wave and soothe the aching in his chest. Kamala took the boys hands and tugged them along, running to their homes, glancing over their shoulders at him as he straightened. He watched until they were out of sight, and turned to the mercenaries. Their weapons were drawn. He was glad they had waited for the children to be gone. 

“Anthony Stark.” 


“We are here to make you answer for your crimes. Surrender or face execution.” Tony took in their faces sadly, memorizing the expressions of those who would finally end his torment. 

“I wonder,” he said, more to himself than to them, “if you know the truth. Or if they simply feed you what they want you to hear, and the truth is of no consequence.” But then, he thought, I already know the answer to that. The group glanced at each other. 

“Will you surrender.” Tony studied them more. They were all older than him, some by only a few years and some by more. But none of them knew that. No one knew anything about him anymore. He waved a hand and felt secure that no one would come inbetween and be accidentally hurt. He felt a pulse of pain and fear and insecurity and tamped it down, letting out a deep breath and with it his indecision. 


I Don’t Know What I’d Do Without You (Avengers X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Avengers X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Self conscious reader, teasing


Request: Can you do a female reader, where she feels as if she isn’t worthy enough to be in the avengers, she feels as if she’s the odd one out. Nat overhears her talking to her friend on the phone about thinking about leaving and she gets the others to convince her she is worthy?

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Looking at the team known as the Avengers, you had: Two Super soldiers from the second world war, one of which has a metal arm, a Brainiac who makes metallic suits which can withstand a beating, and even made one for his friend, artificial intelligence made by the Brainiac, an assassin trained since birth, another assassin who never misses his shot, a man with mechanical wings a doctor who can turn into a giant green monster who can probably throw a plane when he gets pissed off, a twin pair of super enhanced twins which can move things with her mind and her brother who has super speed, and a literal God… oh, and you, a simple agent.

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Just Uncharted things 4.0
  • What they say: I'm fine
  • What they mean: did anyone else notice that when Rafe wants to examine the Saint Dismas cross, Nathan looks at Sam for a split second before he gives it to him? He was literally looking up to his big brother for confirmation. Nathan doesn't like Rafe and he wants to check that Sam trusts him with the clue that will lead them to completing their mother's legacy. If that's not the cutest, most subtle example of brotherly love, I don't know what is.