like damn why

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Hey do you have a redbubble account? I was looking up Markiplier fanart shirts and always try to match the artwork with the person if I've seen it before (because this is my first time on the site) but your pic of Darkiplier came up under three different user names.. thought you should know..

I don’t have a redbubble account! I’ve never put my art on there. I’ll look into it, and hopefully I can have those taken down. Thank you for letting me know anon!

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When does Finn's ableist ass ever speak about racism?

in what world has finn been ableist? do you even know what that word means lmao

he’s spoken about it in multiple interviews and, if i’m remembering correctly, tweets

but go ahead, be bitter over a 14 year old i guess??

Me replaying a game: Alrightee, time to begin a new journey with a different character. 

Also me: Picks same hair style, same hair color, same eyebrows, same eye color, same nose, same makeup, same romance, same dialogue options, same combat skills, same fucking everything. 


this was fun.


will i ever contribute to the fandom with something actually good? no



seriously folks it’s basically the movie

Bless Dittokid and their comic for motivating me to get more of this perfect crossover out into the world!

bedtime sketch of Lieutenant Hurley <3 

i don’t know if it was the similarity in their names and professions, but the image that my mind conjured of Hurley was pretty much identical to my headcanon of Captain Holly Short from the Artemis Fowl stories


I wanted to give my intake at the whole “Lance with Keith jacket” so I did a little doodle of Lance, then I though about the possibility that the show follow, even if for a brief time, the old Voltron(so Keith became the black paladin, Lance the red ones and Allura the blue) and things … got sidetracked. 

And with that I mean “I’m inking, but there are four - or they were five? - minicomic and It’s a bit boring, but I’m drawing Pissed Keith, So Done Shiro, and Matt Meeting Lance, so whatever. I’m going to finish them, I hope”.



“We moved in packs together bounded by our oldest brothers
The night was ours for taking, rolling cigarettes and sneaking out
We sung our songs of youth and promised that we’d never lose it.” —
Hippo Campus

Me: *is attracted to female idol*
Me: yea shes definitely gay.,,100%.I can feel it ⚠️⚠️beep beep gaydar is beeping…its a gift…i just know.she is a gay….superlesbo….