like damn so what if your thighs touch

Innocent? Not Really.

Theo Raeken x female!Reader
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Author: T💕
Request: “Could you make a Theo Raeken smut where the reader is a really innocent good girl and she is Stiles sister? One night Stiles and the pack are at a party and Theo takes his chance to get the reader alone and finally do what he’s been wanting to do with her? Please and thank you so much!”
Warnings: Smut & language

  So, tonight, my brother decided that he is going to throw a part. Fantastic.
  “It isn’t really a "party”, Y/N/N. It’s just the pack getting together to hang out.“ Stiles ran behind me while I walked to the jeep.
   I rolled my eyes. "Fine, whatever. Can I drive?”
   "Are you high?!“ Stiles held his key above his above his head, out of my reach.
  I jumped up and down trying to get the jeep keys. "Come on, Stiles! Don’t be so mean!”
  Lydia, Scott, Allison, and Theo walked up to my brother and I.
  “Um, is everything okay here?” Lydia looked between the two of us.
  “Stiles is being a dick!” I huffed.
  Lydia gasped dramatically. “That was a naughty word, Y/N!”
  I rolled my eyes and pushed passed the two giving me grief. Theo stuck out his arm and pulled me into his chest. I stood on my tip toes to wrap my hands around his neck and hug him back.
  “Don’t worry about it, Y/N/N. They are just being assholes.” He squeezed me.
  I smiled.“ Yeah, they do it all the time, it’s nothing I can’t handle.” I pulled away from Theo.
  “Are you coming over tonight?” I asked.
  Theo rubbed the back of his neck. “Y-Yeah. I mean, uh, if you want me to, I will.”
  I smiled, showing my teeth. “That’d be amazing!”
  “Y/N! Let’s goooooooo!” Stiles honked his horn at me.
  “I gotta go. I’ll see you later tonight?”
  Theo kissed my head and nodded.  "Of course. Don’t get into any trouble, Little Miss Innocent!“
  I laughed out loud and jumped in the jeep.

  Stiles put some snacks on the living room table. I sat on the couch, staring at my phone.
  "Are you going to help me or?” Stiles stood with his hands on hips.
  I smiled and quickly typed on my phone. “No, sorry. I’m busy.”
  “Doing what?! Everyone will be here any second and you are just sitting there texting! Who are you even talking to?” Stiles snatched my phone away from me.
  “I wouldn’t!” I warn.
  Stiles read the messages.

  I watched my brothers face get red and heard the front door open. Scott, Allison, Derek, Lydia, and Theo came in. Theo’s eyes instantly met mine. I threw my head in the direction of my brother. Theo looked and saw Stiles holding my phone in his hand. The two of us started to bust out laughing.
  The pack took their shoes off and chose their seats. Theo slumped on the big chair with me. I sat with my back resting against the arm of the chair and my lower body draped across Theo’s lap.
  Stiles turned off the lights and popped the disc in the DVD player. The previews to the movie started.
  “Are we watching fucking Star Wars again, Stilinski?!” Scott yelled.
  “Yes, McCall! Now shut the fuck up and watch the movie!” My older brother yelled back at Scott.
  Scott mumbled. Stiles leaned forward from his seat next to Derek. “I don’t know what you just said, but we could all be dying instead, so count your blessings!”
  I picked up my cup. “And I could be riding Theo’s dick, but whatever.”
  The choked on whatever he had started eating a few seconds ago. Everyone turned their heads to us.
  “Is he alright?” Allison asked.
  Theo coughed some more. “I’m fine! I just clearly can’t eat right.”
  I felt my ears get hot. Theo leaned to me. “Where did that come from?!” He whisper-shouted.
  I whispered​ back. “I honestly don’t really know. I didn’t think you’d hear me! And I need you to move your phone, please.”
  Theo pause for a second. “Y/N…that isn’t my phone.”
   I squinted. “What?”
  Theo took my hand and moved it to where I thought his phone was. As soon as my hand touched the bulge, I knew exactly what it was. I felt my underwear get wetter.
  “Oh…” I said.
  Theo let my hand go and rested his on my upper thigh. “I really like you, Y/N. I like you so much that it is actually hard to put into words. You are so damn pretty that every time I see you it makes my heart stop. The fact that you aren’t my girlfriend drives me fucking insane, Y/N. And right now, all I can think about it fucking you senseless.” He whispered in my ear.
  I smirked. “I’m game.”
  Theo growled, and I felt myself get wetter. We snuck upstairs to my room silently. Theo closed the door with his foot quietly. He picked me up and I wrapped my hands around his neck.
  Theo and I leaned together. Our lips connected and the kiss sent sparks through my body.
  Theo gently placed me on the bed and pulled away from me. I bit my lip as I watched him pull off his shirt. I sat up to take mine off too. Theo stopped me.
  I rose my eyebrow at him.
  “Be mine, Y/N? I need to hear you say yes before we go any further. I meant what I said about liking you while we were on the chair.” Theo held my waist.
  I smiled wide. “Of course, Theo. I’ve wanted to be with you since we met.”
  Theo pecked my lips and let me finish taking off my shirt.
  Theo cupped my breasts. “This is a pretty bra, Y/N…but I think it’ll match the floor a little better.”
  I rolled my eyes at Theo. He removed my bra and licked his lips. I squirmed in my seat a little bit.
  Theo leaned forward and took my boobs in his hands. I moaned quietly and rolled my head back.
  Theo groaned. “God, Y/N. You are so fucking beautiful.”
  I crawled up to the top of the bed. I used one finger to beckon Theo to me. He climbed up to me and kissed me. His lips unlocked doors in me that I had long forgotten.
  Theo pushed his crotch into mine. I gasped.
  “Can you, u, help me out with that, baby?” He bit his perfect, pink lip.
   I smirked. “Only if you make it hard for me to walk tomorrow.” I whispered.
  Theo moaned. “Jesus, Y/N. I thought you were an innocent good girl.”
  I grabbed Theo’s dick through his pants. “Oh, babe, good girls are just bad girls who haven’t been caught.”
  Theo shot up and undid his belt faster than you could imagine. He took off his jeans next and tossed them somewhere in my room. He took out one claw and tore my cloth pants and underwear in half.
  Theo slid a condom over his hard on and crashed into my lips.
  “Theo..fuck me…I want to feel your cock inside of me.” I panted.
  “Do you want me to go slow, baby?”
  I grinned. “Fuck, no.”
  Theo rammed his cock inside of me. I bit his shoulder to keep from screaming out. I drug my nails down Theo’s back roughly.
  Theo’s cock stretched my walls and made me a moaning and panting mess.
  “Harder, Theo. Please, fuck me harder.”
  Theo put one of his hands over my mouth and the other by my head. He thrust into me with more force. I closed my eyes, overwhelmed with pleasure.
  “No, no, no, Y/N. Look at me while I fuck you in your tight, little pussy.”
  Theo’s words made me moan super loud in his hand. The feeling of Theo hitting my g-spot with every thrust made it hard to keep my eyes open, but I managed to do it anyway.
  “Look at you, Princess.” Theo praised. “You take my huge cock so well. Your pussy looks so good wrapped around my shaft. Fuck.”
  I moaned and dug my nails even deeper into Theo’s shoulders.
  Theo moved his hand from my mouth. “T-Theo. Oh, fuck, you make my pussy feel so good. Please don’t stop.”
  I didn’t think Theo’s thrust could get any harder, but they could. Theo thrusted harder and put a hand on my headboard so that the group downstairs wouldn’t hear it hit the wall while Theo pounded into me.
  I gasped as I felt myself start to cum. I arched my back and pressed my chest against Theo’s. My toes curled and I groaned louder than I should have. Theo started to get sloppy and thrusted into me a few more times. He groaned in the crook of my neck. I felt his cock pulsate in my pussy when he came.
  Theo pulled out of me and we both collapsed on the bed next to each other.
  The condom got tossed in the trashcan next my bed. I snuggled into my boyfriend’s chest. “Well,” Theo smiled at me. “not really all that "innocent” are ya, baby?“
  I kissed his chest. "Babe, I promise that only you will see me like that.”
  Theo kissed my head. The living room light flicked on and some of it shone under my door. “Hey, where are-OH, FUCK NO! Y/F/N Y/M/N STILINSKI!” My brother started up the stairs.
  “If he liked me before, he sure as shit is going to hate my guts now. ” Theo joked and I hid under my blanket.

Art of Seduction Pt.2 (Hamilsquad x Reader)

Warning: NSFW, Swearing, Blowjob

A/N: Turns out I wrote a lot more than I thought I would. So I decided to break it into more parts. There will be more to come for sure. This part is Hercules’s so hope you enjoy~

“….So that’s what I’ve been trying to do for the past week. I'mreallysorrypleasedon'tbreakupwihme.” You emitted, your hands gripping your dress as you sat on the couch in the living room, sandwiched between John and Lafayette.

Laf, Alex, John, and Hercules (who had a bandage over his nose) listened intently to your explanation. The silence was excruciating as you waited for what they were going to say. Finally the silence was broken by John.

“You did all that for us?” asked John, his grin making you confused.

You nodded.

“So wait, you were trying to go down on me?” Hercules inquired.

You nodded again. “I wasn’t trying to hurt you and I really didn’t mean to break your nose! I’m so sorry!”

Finally the guys couldn’t hold in their laughter anymore.

“Why are you all laughing? I seriously hurt you guys! John, I sent you to the hospital! Hercules, I broke your nose!”

The guys could barely contain themselves at the cute flustered expression you were making. Before you could realize it, John had pulled you into his lap, making you blush.

“Everyone makes mistakes, babe! Besides it’s not like you knew I was allergic, even I didn’t know!” John beamed, nuzzling your neck. “I’m just happy that you put in so much effort to do something for us!”

“Can I ask why you did all this in the first place?” asked Alexander.

You face went as red as a tomato. “Well you know how I was a complete virgin when we started dating.”

“Oui, it was such an honor to be your first kiss.” said Lafayette, smiling as he remembered how he had to lean down to kiss you.

“I still have that stuffed turtle plushie you won for me on our first date! I love Jack Shellington!” said John, resting his chin on your head.

“And wasn’t she just adorable her first time. How she bit her lip and wouldn’t let go of Hercules all night.” added Alexander, making you go redder.

“That’s the problem! I don’t want to be adorable all the time! I want to be a sexy dom!” you shouted, getting confused and shocked faces from the boys. “I mean, all of you are so sweet and caring and experienced and are always doing stuff for me. I wanted to do something for you guys too. Make you guys feel as good as I do when we’re together. Return the favor you know…”

“Awww, that’s so sweet of you, (Y/N)~ I just want to eat you up~” John gave you a gentle nip at your neck, making you moan. You felt as he began to untie your wrap dress.

“Wait John–Don't–”

“Holy shit!”



John had opened your dress to reveal the sexy black and white bralette with a frilly neckline, a skirt with white apron trimming, matching lacy garter belt, panty, and thigh highs.

“Guys, I can explain! This was supposed to Laf’s surprise and I was going to —”

John crashed his lips into yours, It was long, hot, and so full of sex you found yourself reaching to feel his skin with your hands. Though John was skinny he was definitely well toned. The muscles in his shoulders and neck were solid, but his skin was so soft.

Growing bold you teased his mouth with your tongue, exploring, traveling deep, soon you were pulling your thigh across his lap until you heard someone clear their throat did you pull away. Leaving you and John blushing panting messes.

John’s forehead touched yours as he whispered, sounding out of breath, “Damn. Where’d you get *that* outfit from, (Y/N)?”

“Angelica took me shopping. She was saying how guys’ love the french maid outfit and thought Laf would really like it.” you looked up at Laf expectingly. “Vous aimez la tenue, maître?”

Lafayette’s jaw dropped at what you said. Alexander was just as shocked, being the only other guy to understand french, while John and Hercules wondered what you said.

“J'adore la tenue, mon ange. I really love it~” cooed Laf snatched you into his arms.

“Hey!” protested John.

“It is ma surprise, so it is only juste that I go first.”

“Hey, if (Y/N) wants to be in charge then she should get to choose!” interrupted Alexander, getting agreements from the others. They looked at you eagerly.

“What do you want to do, (Y/N)/mon ange/babe/hun?”

You became flustered under their stares. “Um…well…I kinda wanted…you know…showyouwhatIlearned…anddostuff…nekked…”

“Sure, but let’s not do it in the living room.” said Hercules with a comforting smile as he picked you up and carried you to the bedroom, leaving the others to turn off everything in the living room.


You were now laying the giant bed you all shared with the guys laying around you.

“So what do you want to do, mon ange?”

“Idunnowhatdoyouwanttodo?” you asked, looking eager and nervous at the same time.

“It’s more about what you want to do, hun. We don’t want to do anything that will make you uncomfortable.”

“Yeah, you’re in charge so don’t be afraid to boss us around!” stated Alexander, as outspoken as ever.

“Can I give Herc a blowjob?” You ask, in a sweet, diminuitive voice that completely contrasts with the request you’ve made.

“Of course!”

You kneeled down as a now naked Hercules sat on the edge of the bed. His tall and broad-shouldered shadow looming over you. Your other boyfriends looking from the sides with deep hunger in their eyes. Meanwhile, your eyes focused on Hercules’s large cock that that was stiff with anticipation.

You were overwhelmed, your head spinning with nervous thoughts and fevered imaginings.

“It’s big…” You gulped.

“Too big?” asked Hercules, his voice kind and understanding, but hoarse with arousal.

“N–No…Not…too big…” Licking your lips, eyeing Hercules up and down, gazing at the large cock waiting for your attention. You were deeply aroused, one of your hands going to play with your damp folds, giving his cock slight pecks.

You closed your eyes as you guided your lips to his staff, parting your lips with a sigh of pleasure.

He tasted salty and smelled musky. You were surprised to feel and taste him in your mouth. Hesitantly, you started to move your tongue up the length of his cock, mimicking the method you read about.

“Oh, (Y/N). That feels amazing.” moaned Hercules. His cock pressed against the back of your throat, staying there for a moment before you eased him deeper inside. Your eyes watered at the feeling of suffocating.

“Calm down, sweetie. I know it’s hard to take at first.” you heard Alex say. “Breath through your nose.”

You did as he said and felt your panic ease. When you were able to swallow him, an action that made his pleasure increase, as demonstrated by his pleasured screams. You alternated between sucking and swallowing. Feeling daring, you reached one of your hands up to gently squeeze his balls.

Judging by the sweat trickling in beads down Hercules’s face and his moaning, he was about to cum. You enjoyed watching him get lost in pleasure.

“F-u-u-ck, gonna….gonna…” He babbled senselessly, face flushed, breathing shallow and rapid. He grabs handfuls of your (h/c) hair in his fists and throws back his head, his Adam’s apple jumping up with every exclaimation of pleasure.

Hercules lets out a tremendous howl of ecstacy, as several, thick white spurts of his seed are forced from his cock fill your mouth and paint your chest. He fell back on the bed in a dazed bliss, panting like a dog.

“Like that, Herc?” joked Alexander as John helped you up.

“Whaddya think, Alex?” breathed Hercules. “That was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had.”

“Really?” you asked happily, licking the rest his cum off your chest.

“Really. Shit, I can’t even feel my legs.”

“Usually that takes it takes a few rounds with Laf to do that.” stated John, hugging Alexander. “You okay?”

“Gimme some rest and I’ll be ready again…maybe…” Hercules panted.

Laf gave a dry laugh before reaching around your waist and hoisted you up against him. Running his hand underneath the base of your head, then kissed you deeply. Your legs wrapped around him as passion ignited between you and him.

“It is time I enjoyed mon cadeau.”

This is for everyone who has been hurt, taken for granted, for all of the girls with heavy hearts and smudged mascara.
Baby girl you listen, and you listen good.
Stop looking in the mirror, glaring at your reflection, that girl with the sad eyes staring back at you is the only person you have in this cruel world. Has being your own worst enemy ever really worked out for you? How about you try something different, become your own hero, because believe me when I say you’re damn worth saving.
Your body was made with imperfections, those flaws you so desperately wish to change is what paints you into an imperfect masterpiece. So what if the boy you like doesn’t appreciate the way your thighs don’t touch, someday someone is going to walk into your life and love you completely because of those imperfections, not in spite of them, but better yet one day you will learn to love the skin on your body and baby that’s going to be the best feeling of acceptance you’ll ever experience.
So the boy you love, your best friend, who you thought was your soul mate broke your heart?
Sure you feel like your body’s on fire and slowly you’re disintegrating into ashes, but the flames are all in your head darling and you can put them out yourself, you don’t have to watch yourself fade away. You’re going to be okay, maybe not today or tomorrow but beautiful flowers take a long time to blossom but fuck is it worth it, right?
Don’t you ever let me hear you say again that he left because you’re to broken for anyone to love, there is no such thing as ‘to broken’ not to the ones who are worth it anyway.
He’s an idiot for leaving, but you know what? It’s a natural, excruciating part of life, some people walk into your life with no intention to leave but one day you’ll wake up reaching out to kiss him good morning… But he’s no where to be seen. But that’s all on him, you can’t rip yourself to shreds searching for excuse after excuse as to why he left, stop searching for an answer that you never got,
You’re not a fucking puzzle with a missing piece, you do not need him to complete you.
You only need you to complete you.
—  B.L letters I never sent
Needed Me | Epilogue

As you can tell by the picture, this is after the Theo-drama and we get to see what happened to you, the reader

Originally posted by beatriiiixhoechlin

Warnings: Explicit language, smut, inappropriate pictures ((explicit))


The sun shone over Beacon Hills and spaced out clouds seemed to smile.
Everyone was going about their day doing whatever it is that they all needed to do.
Stiles rushed into the hallway and nearly trampled six kids just to get to Scott.
Scott looked at him with wide eyes.

Scott: What’s going on?
Stiles: A lead
Scott: *sighs* St–
Stiles: –Don’t you Stiles me, I found something that could help us figure out who’s taking those dead bodies
Scott: …
Stiles: Look, this is a picture from a traffic cam that shows a car speeding away from a graveyard. That’s gotta be it!
Scott: …
Stiles: Are you going to answer?
Scott: I’m not sure how to start without saying Stiles
Stiles: This is a good lead!
*Enter Liam*
Liam: Did you guys hear about the body snatchers? They were caught trying to take some jewelry from an old grave
Scott: *looks at Stiles*
Stiles: Shut up
Scott: I think you’re a little too eager to find a new supernatural mystery
Stiles: Duh, when the mysteries find us, everything goes to hell
Scott: Look, Theo’s locked away in Eichen House, the beast is dead, enjoy the quiet while you can. I’ll see you tomorrow, I’ve got a date with Kira
Stiles: Sure, no that’s fine. I’ve got a date with a girl named TV
Scott: She sounds great

A black Chevy Camaro with white stripes rolled into town like a snake slithering in a garden.
It drove smooth and nice.
Coming to a stop, a pair of lustrous legs stepped out of the car, it’s body leaning against the car door.
Stiles came out of his house and dropped his jaw.
Stiles ran up Y/N and hugged her as tight as he could.

Stiles: What are you doing back?
Y/N: I missed this place
Stiles: Seriously?
Y/N: I traveled enough, I went to rural China, Tibet, and Miami
Stiles: Wow, those are all odd places, well, except for Miami
Y/N: I met another succubus and she taught me how to use my powers
Stiles: What can you do?
Y/N: A lot of things I never thought I could do. Enough about me, it’s Friday
Stiles: Yeah
Y/N: Jesus Stiles, I mean it’s movie Friday, I got a couple of movies you might be interested in it
Stiles: I can’t believe you remembered
Y/N: Why wouldn’t I? Anyways… I got Star Wars, Ba—
Stiles: You had me at Star Wars

Stiles ran upstairs, grabbed some blankets and extra pillows so Y/N and him could watch the movie comfortably. Halfway through the movie, they weren’t even really watching it. Every time something Anakin did something stupid, Stiles made a comment that made Y/N laugh. He missed that sweet sound and he was trying to savor the little moments.

Stiles: So what did she teach you?
Y/N: She taught me how to feed off of people’s dreams and not physically drain them, she taught me to control my touch so that it doesn’t drive the other person crazy, mind projection, and etc
Stiles: Have you had sex since you left?
Y/N: Not while they’re awake, why?
Stiles: Just wondering
Y/N: Have you?
Stiles: *snorts* No
Y/N: You say it like you’re a joke
Stiles: Apparently to women, I am
Y/N: Not to me

Stiles turned to look at your eyes to find some truth in it.
When he found what he was looking for, he looked down at your plump lips, ready to be kissed.
In the back of his mind, Stiles knew he had to have kissed you before.
A piece of him was broken off and in need of your attention.
With you, Stiles felt whole again.
Before he could do anything, you got up to go get a drink.
The aching sexual tension between you two was more bearable once you stepped away.
But Stiles was strong.
His lust, emotions, and desire rolled off of his skin like pencil shavings once you place it in the pencil sharpener.
You felt like you were back where you started; you had no control of the fire igniting within or the sweet nectar soaking up your panties.
Something about Stiles burn passions of fire both inside and out.
A light sheen of sweat began to form on your forehead.
You picked up the bottle of orange juice and went back to Stiles.
He sat on the floor, looking at the TV with focus.
It was all so much, your head started spinning.
“Stiles, can I sleep in your room? I’m feeling a little tired”
He smiled and nodded.
It was uncomfortable climbing the stairs when you were soaking wet, the front of your pants were damp.
You groaned at the realization.
You could wear some of Stiles’ stuff but you just decided to sleep in the clothes you had.

Stiles kept his smile.
He just couldn’t stop.
He could smell how wet she was from five feet away.
This is your chance.
Stiles turned off the movie and walked upstairs.
The erection in his pants was manageable but it’s growing.
Stiles walked in and slammed the door.
Y/N jumped in surprise as Stiles smashed his lips onto hers.
It was a kiss to die for.
Not objecting, Y/N moved with him, running her fingers through his hair.
Stiles groaned in response and squeezed her sides, rubbing his erection against her wet spot.
Flashes of memories came at him and he had a strong sense of déjà vu.
He had kissed you before and he knew how to make you crumble.

Stiles took off your shirt and unhooked your bra then made you lay on the bed.
On top, he kissed his way up your stomach then around the swell of your breasts to excite you. Finally, Stiles took a hardened nipple in his mouth.
He rolled the other one in-between his pointer finger and his thumb.
Last time you were sensitive but you felt like you were over-sensitive from the lack of real touch.
He was making you feel so good, and he was taking his time with it.
Stiles moved on to the other one, doing the same thing.

By this time, you were on the verge of screaming bloody murder.
Stiles licked the crook of your neck, paying special attention to your moans and finding what feels good.
Stiles slipped his hand past the waistband of your panties and massaged it before slipping in a finger, slowly pumping inside of your entrance.
He picked up the pace and slipped in another.
Stiles used his thumb to stimulate your already hardened clit, making you cry out in wondrous delight.
“You’re so damn beautiful, Jesus Christ”

It didn’t take long, before his hot touch, all of his sexual and emotional energy, created a euphoric sense of pleasure as you released your juices.
Instead of watching you cum like he planned, Stiles took off your panties, gripped your shaky inner thighs and blew on the sensitive area.

You bucked your hips in response.
Stiles licked a line up your slit and felt you tremble.

His slow movements grew hungry as he slipped in a finger and furiously pumped his long fingers in and out.
Your skin burned underneath him and a huge knot formed in the pit of your stomach as you rode against his fingers.
He continued until you stopped throbbing after each wave of pleasure.

“You taste so fucking good baby”
Stiles threw off his shirt, unbuckled his pants and pulled down everything so that he was naked like you.
Despite his eagerness, Stiles asked if it was okay.
You smiled and pulled him down for a kiss.

During the kiss, Stiles lined himself up at your entrance and slowly pushed into you.
The both of you moaned into the kiss in complete bliss.
Your swollen lips welcomed him by giving his member a warm, tight hug.
Giving you a little time to adjust, Stiles pulled back then pushed forward at a constant rate.
He was slowly working you up, building anticipation, and so he could last longer.
His slow, but deep thrusts, were driving you crazy.
It felt good but it wasn’t enough.
Stiles pulled all the way out, then slapped your clit with his hardened and engorged sex against your heat. You moaned at the feeling as it created an abnormal heat.
Then without warning, Stiles plunged into you with heavy force, his pelvis slamming against your starving clit.

A loud moan escaped your lips and he continued to do this at a fast rate.
A thin fog formed on all the windows in the room, both of your sweaty bodies slapping against each other.

Stiles rested his forehead on top of yours while he rammed himself into you. Your eyelids closed as you slipped into a trance, closing your walls on him, making you tighter. Stiles groaned at this feeling, every stroke brought him closer to the edge. Everything in your body tensed up and you squeezed around Stiles like a brand new glove. Stiles’ body began to spasm while his hot, seed shot into you.

It was like you were milking him because some of his cum dripped out and he continued his sloppy thrusts.

After the two of you cleaned up, you both laid in bed, holding each other. Stiles kissed your forehead and covered you up with a blanket. “Please don’t leave again.” You looked up at Stiles and nodded. You needed Stiles as much as he needed you.


Park Jimin | BTS | M | drabble

Warnings: fem!domxsub!Jimin, suggestive ending, slight anal play

You spent the afternoon planning for Jimin, for he deserved the best (that obviously being contingent on him being a good boy for you), but one thing you loved more was his willingness to please you.

There wasn’t anything, within reason and excessive aftercare, that he wouldn’t try for you: kitten ears, pretty lingerie, blindfolds, hot wax, really just about anything and everything, but this latest endeavor made him tighten with nerves.

Your job as the head of marketing management and research at your firm entailed long hours, days, and sometimes even weeks at a time, much of which you loathed since it meant no physical contact with Jimin. Regular Skype calls that ending with his high pitched whines, cum running down his chest listening to what you would do to him and causing a youthful blush to spread throughout his fresh face from your colorful language.

For your latest trip to the sex shop, your eyes wondered, trying to find something to surprise Jimin on the way home from a long (and quite hellish) three weeks away from him. Your fingers lightly dusted the sex clad shelves, looking for something to get Jimin off for his excellent behavior when you saw it. The short, nicely shaped, vibrating anal plug. It was sparkly, pink, and something you know he would enjoy, solely based on the color; sometimes it amazed you that the man you fell for still found a simple pleasure in something as trivial as the look of such items.

The toy had gracefully etched ridges to ensure maximum pleasure, and a little remote to control the speed of vibration, “Oh, this is just perfect, my Jiminie will love it.” You thought, a smug grin adorning your face as you carefully rolled the silky smooth plug between your nimble fingers, enjoying the pure ecstasy from the thought of him begging for your praises, and cheeks flushed pink from hearing the vulgarity of your mouth. You also made it a point also to buy that strawberry lube he’s being talking about nonstop during your nightly chats over the computer, “anything for my sweet boy.”

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Mmm I bet y'all thought she was just going to meet Jay out the get-go huh? No, I gotta build you up to it first! He’s coming! P.S. That’s Jun Seo’s face model

Back in her room, Yeon told Marcella what her friend already knew to be true. Marcella shook her head, and listened. Marcella’s hanbok had been delivered while Yeon was gone, and she held the dress in her lap running her fingers over the fabric. 

“What if he’s not so bad?” It was just like Marcella to look on the bright side of things. She ran her hand over her box braids, fingering the bands on some of them. 

“Please, don’t find a bright side in this. My dad is trying to arrange me into a marriage.” Yeon put her head down on her vanity, wondering where her life was going. She couldn’t be a complacent, quiet wife, by her husbands side, doing his bidding. 

Holding up a hand Marcella stopped her from saying more. “He never said that, a possible marriage. Look at it this way. Dating was never really great for you in Atlanta.”

Yeon opened her mouth to say more, but Marcella stopped her. “It was not, so don’t try to make something up, I’m your best friend. You never dated long, you didn’t like the guys. Maybe, just maybe this isn’t so bad. What if you meet him, he’s attractive, he’s a pretty nice guy. You fall in love.” 

Yeon had to admit what if Marcella was right. Her normal upbeat attitude about things, did keep her sane. Yeon sighed, propping her head on her hand. “Why, do you have to be so positive and helpful? This isn’t a fairy tale, either. It could go exactly as I predict, and he could be a self-righteous asshole.” 

“He could be, but we don’t know yet, so we have to see.” Marcella stood up, placing her dress on the bed. “If it doesn’t work out, your dad has to back off, right? there’s no way he’s going to let his daughter date multiple dudes in his company. Looks bad.” Marcella stood in front of Yeon, poking her cheek. “Smile.” 

Several pokes later, Yeon slapped her friends hand away. “Whatever, we will see if you’re right.” 

Later that night, Yeon sat at the table her hands in her lap, her hanbok freshly pressed and she waited for her father to bring in this Jun Seo. Marcella was all smiles sitting on the opposite side of the table.

“Yeon, stop scowling.” Her mother said, fixing a napkin in front of her.

Yeon sighed. ‘Ma, please.” 

“Stop scowling, smile, and be polite. Look at Marcella, she’s ready for action.” Leaning her head towards, Marcella. 

“I really don’t want to get in the middle of this, I’m just supporting Yeon.” Marcella put her hands up in defense. 

Just as Yeon was about to say something, her father entered the room again. The man that followed him was taller than her father. He had to be at least 6′0″, his face was chiseled, a strong jaw, hair cut short, he wore a light gray suit, with a red shirt matching her hanbok. As Marcella and her mother stood, Yeon almost forgot to, and she scrambled up, bowing saying hello. 

“I suppose, that means you find him attractive?” Her mother whispered. 

Yeon ignored her mother, as her father made introductions, saving Yeon for last. “This is my daughter, I’ve told you about. Hyo Park Yeon.” 

He bowed towards Yeon before taking her hand, kissing it lightly. “It’s a pleasure actually meeting you, I’ve only seen your pictures in your father’s office. Call me Jun Seo.” 

She bowed back, her face heating up as he kissed her hand. Marcella gave her the ‘yes, girl take him’ face, as she smiled at Jun Seo. “Yeon, is what everyone usually calls me.” 

Her father instructed Jun Seo to sit next to her, and they began dinner. Of course, her father would make Jun Seo talk about his accomplishments, while boasting of the things that Yeon did in college. He talked about her stellar GPA, volunteering at animal shelters, her proficiency in English, Korean and French. During the course of dinner Jun Seo gradually scooted himself closer to her, until his thigh was touching her own under the table. 

“You look beautiful, I must admit, much better than in your pictures.” Jun Seo whispered as he leaned over into her space, his breath touched her neck. 

Silently, she damned Marcella as she shivered at the contact. He was handsome, funny, witty, accomplished, and he seemed to like her, but did they have anything in common? So far, besides speaking English and Korean, nothing. She nodded at what he said, determined to play hard to get. As dinner ended, and dessert began, her parents excused themselves to the kitchen to check on ‘the preparations’ they said, as Marcella excused herself to the bathroom. Yeon, tried to give Marcella a face to stay, but her friend smiled leaving her in the room with Jun Seo. 

“So, you’re 20, you were living in Atlanta, you’re still in college majoring in business economics and a minor in math. That’s boring stuff, I want to know you.” His voice was deep, the bass of it seemed to drum in her ears, and make her all the more aware of how long it had been since she was this close to a man. 

“Like what? Be specific.” She turned towards him, willing herself not to smile. 

He flashed his pearly whites at her, taking her fingers in his too warm hand. “Your hand is cold, are you nervous?” 

She tried to remove her hand, but he held on tight. “No. It’s cold in here.” 

Jun Seo moved her hand towards his mouth, blowing warm air on her fingers. “It’s warm to me.” 

“You’re quite hands on, aren’t you?” She asked him raising an eyebrow. 

Immediately he let her hand go. “I’m sorry, does that bother you? I assumed since you are not Korean, it wouldn’t bother you to physically show affection.” 

Ok, what? Yeon scrunched her nose up, sliding back from him. “I am Korean.” She felt irritation creep into her chest. “I am also black, I can be both. I don’t have to choose.” 

Jun Seo smiled at her. “I simply meant, you are not full Korean. You don’t have the stigma’s of a woman who grew up here. America is…more open to that sort of thing.” 

“I am not full Korean. I’m a black woman. So, you would assume, I was ok with you touching me? You would think I was sexually open?” She put her balled fist under her chin, watching him search for what to say. 

“I didn’t mean to offend you.” He put his hands up in defense. “I think what I said was wrong. We grew up in different households, perhaps what I know is not what you know. You spent a lot of time in America, and correct me if I am wrong, but if a man likes a woman there, it is acceptable for him to show physical affection. I simply thought, you would be alright with this.” 

She watched his face, he was trying to placate her. She decided to let it go for now, turning away from him, taking a drink from her glass, saying nothing. 

“Am I wrong?” His fingers gently, brushed the curls on the back of her neck.

She shivered, mentally hating herself for not being immune to his charms. “When I don’t like it, I’ll be more than happy to let you know.” 

He laughed, letting his hand fall down her back. “Your father said you had a tongue with fire on it.” Leaning in close to her, she could smell his cologne, he let his mouth graze near her ear, his arm settling in front of her, his hand covering her own. “I don’t think I mind getting burned.” 

Yeon felt her heart damn near fall into her stomach, it had been so long since she even let a man touch her sexually. ‘You will not sleep with him, you will not kiss him.’  She chanted in her mind. Just as she was about to answer however, her parents came back into the room, her mother carrying dessert. 

“I hope we weren’t gone too long.” She felt the absence of his heat near her, his thigh wasn’t even touching hers anymore, and she almost missed it. 

Marcella came back into the room, not meeting her eyes, as she sat down. After dinner, Mr. Hyo and Jun Seo went to his office to talk, while the ladies went into the parlor. 

“He’s very nice isn’t he? And handsome too, your father wouldn’t disappointing you.” She stood next to the door of the parlor, holding onto Marcella’s arm. “We will leave you in here now, I think your father will bring Jun Seo in awhile.” 

“Wait, what?” Before she could protest, both women left her in the parlor, standing in the middle of the room, looking like an idiot. 

It wasn’t long before Jun Seo came in, closing the door behind him, he brought a glass of wine with him. “I bring a gift.” He settled himself on the couch, waiting for her. 

“Look, Jun Seo.” He cut her off, putting the glass into her hand as she sat down. 

“Drink, take the edge off your nerves.” He took a sip of his own, staring at her. 

“No, I’m going to talk thank you. Don’t get any delusions of grandeur in your head. I’m 20, I’m not looking for marriage.” She took a sip of her wine, staring him down, accessing him. 

“I realize. We can date a few years.” He smiled at her and continued to speak, before she could protest. “You don’t know me well, I understand. We just met, but from what I can see, and what I know. I like you. Give me a chance. It wouldn’t kill you right?” 

She sighed, resisting the urge to roll her eyes at his attempt to look cute. “I can do that.” 

“Good, I’d like to take you on a lunch date, tomorrow. I can bring a friend, for your friend. He likes brown women.” There goes that again, she thought, and she jumped to Marcella’s defense. 

“He better not have a fetish. I don’t play that. She’s my best friend.” He shook his head at her. 

“Not like that, I mean he prefers browner women, I don’t think it’s a bad thing or a good one. That’s just his preference.” 

She narrowed her eyes at him. “I’ll keep an eye on him, however yes, you can take me out.” 

“Good, now something else I’ve been waiting to do all night.” Jun Seo quickly took her glass from her, setting it on a low table in front of them. He moved his hand to the back of Yeon’s neck bringing her lips to his, kissing her. 

She felt her lips soften as soon as his touched hers. The hand on the back of her neck, slowly left, trailing down her back, pushing her body into his. She moaned softly into the kiss, her lips opening, he didn’t take the opportunity instead he licked his tongue out trailing along her lower lip. She felt her resolve weaken, and just as she felt the need to attack him, he let her go, pulling her to a stand. 

“I’ll see you tomorrow at noon.” Bowing at her, he opened the doors wide to the parlor, and walked out, leaving her in the room, dazed and wondering if that really just happened. 

The whole night Marcella quizzed her on what happened. Asking the same questions in different ways, seeing if there was more to be picked at with this guy. She told her about the kiss, and Marcella nearly squealed, asking for an exact play by play of the story. When the girls parted for the night, Yeon laid in bed, thinking about his lips on hers. So maybe, he wasn’t so bad. She could definitely give him a try. 

The next day, she prepared for her double date. Choosing a simple outfit of jeans, a V-nek shirt, keds, and a kimono wrap. She still had her American style. She drove one of her father cars, to the venue and met with Jun Seo and his friend. They had lunch of the veranda, and she learned more about him. She saw how open he was, outside of her fathers home. He greeted her with a smile and a kiss on the cheek, chaste. 

She did still have a love of K-pop but she loved conscious hip-hop like Kendrick Lemar and Talib Kweli. He was a fan of Drake. She enjoyed science fiction movies, and he confessed there was no movie better than Predator. They both loved Star Trek, and Jun Seo admitted in his free time he played Call of Duty or League of Legends. She was more of a Metal Gear Solid or Final Fantasy kind of girl. The date ended, but he didn’t kiss her again, he hugged her whispering into her ear, that he couldn’t sate her appetite just yet for him. She rolled her eyes, departing with Marcella back towards home. 

“So, are y'all gonna date?” Yeon, thought long and hard about her next words. 

“Yes and no.” She looked down at her phone at a red light changing the song to one by SHINee. 

“Ok, so what does that mean? You can’t do both.” Marcella sat back in her seat waiting to hear this gem of a explanation. 

“We can date and he can take me out, but I’m not committing to anything just yet. I just got here, I still want to concentrate on school and have fun. My dad wants me to see if he’s ok and date. Fine, I’ll do that, but nothing serious.” She was confident in her answer. 

“So, youre gonna hoe.” Marcella laughed as Yeon reached over, trying to hit her. 

“Not gonna be fucking. I mean, I’d like to, but Korea is different than America in that aspect.” She smiled, giving Marcella, a side eye. “Maybe, he can taste the cookie, but that’s it for a sampler.” 

Marcella bust out laughing. “Dirty bih!!” 

The girls clubbed that night, sleeping in the next day, The following week was Marcella’s last week, and they shopped, saw movies that came out earlier in Asia, on that last Friday they decided to go to a new club in Seoul. Yeon let her hair go in a wash and go, she did up her makeup, applying a burgundy lipstick. She wore a short-sleeved, form fitting club dress, that came mid thigh, but had a low collared neck, a long gold necklace completed the accessories. Her gold calf high sandals adorned her newly pedicured feet, with her french tipped toes. 

Marcella wore a long sleeved, deep V-neck white dress. It was mid-thigh and she choose to accessorize in red, with red heels. Her thin chained silver necklace lay between her breasts, as both girls looked at themselves in the mirror. 

“Walking sex bots.” Marcella purred, slapping Yeon’s ass playfully. 

Yeon rubbed her ass. “I could go home with someone tonight.” 

Marcella raised a skeptical eyebrow. “And have your parents pissed at me for not stopping you?” 

“We can always say check into a hotel, say we were too drunk to come home.” Yeon grabbed a black clutch, opening her door. 

“We’ll see.” Marcella walked past her, and down the stairs. 

The girls drank, dancing the night away to a mix of American pop, rap, K-pop and K-rap. They danced with each other, and some group of guys, who had been following them half the night. Marcella was still on the floor grinding with some tall guy who thought, leopard print was the hottest thing; when Yeon went to sit down in their both, sobering up with water. 

Jay didn’t really feel like going to the club tonight, but Gray was all about it. This new place had only been opened since last week, and people were already raving about it. Some Korean rappers, already said it could be their favorite spot, so they had to check it out. 

“Come on, Jay, you’ve been in that studio for like two weeks. Besides, there could be some cuties out here, maybe take one or two home.” Simon-D smiled, at him as they got pass the velvet ropes. 

“You know that’s not my style.” Jay kept his shades, on following the waitress who was a little too happy to walk in front of them, letting her too tiny dress hike up on her thighs. 

She wasn’t his type though, too eager. She lead them to a booth in the back, leaning back on the table to show them her enhanced goods. Jay looked around, putting his shades on top of his head. The spot was live, that much was true, and just as he was about to sit down, the lights flashed on a woman’s face, drinking a water bottle alone. He watched her lips around the bottle, his eyes moving to her face. She was beautiful. Gray, pulled him into the booth, and he didn’t hear what they said to him as he craned his neck around to see the woman. She had disappeared into the crowd. Jay stood up, and looked for her again. There was another booth closer to her, he ran his hand through his hair, moving it away from his eyes. 

“Let’s move to that booth. It’s still VIP, but I can see the club better.” 

Gray and Simon-D groaned, protesting from moving from their spots, but when Jay had already started walking, they got up following him. 

“What’s the rush? Waitress, was cute.” Gray called to him. 

“Yea, if you like fake breasts.” Simon-D mumbled, earning an arm punch from his punch. 

The two continued to talk, as Jay slid into the new booth, with a good vantage point on the woman he wanted to look at. She was mixed that much was obvious, she had thick curly hair, that framed her face, her eyes gave away her Korean heritage. She stood up waving to another woman, and he nearly choked on his tongue looking at her body, she was shapely, he wasn’t a breast man in the first place; but those hips. That ass. He was in love on looks alone. 

“I see what he sees.” Gray said, pointing her out to Simon. 

Simon gave him a nudge. “She’s cute, go say hi Jay, why you still sitting here?” 

They both knew why. Jay loved giving his fans a show, he danced and played around, his videos were steamy, and yea he could make sex sound like an art form but in reality, he was private. He was shy and quiet. Only those close to him, saw how he truly was. What fans saw, what they heard and who Jay Park really was, didn’t always correlate. He wasn’t really listening to them, all he knew was that the lyrics to his song solo were in his head now. ‘Please be single, be single, be single.’

“Naw, she probably got a man, woman like that.” He leaned back, watching as her friend, headed back to the dance floor. He ordered a drink, looking away from her, thinking if he should just nurse it for the night. 

Yeon swiveled her neck around, now that the room wasn’t spinning anymore. She sighed, feeling the heat of eyes on her face. It was always a peculiar thing, thing, when in a room with hundreds of other people you could feel, one pair of eyes on you. It was like a creeping feeling, somewhere in your soul, that nagged at you. She looked around carefully, before settling on a face, that watched her. His eyes darted away from her face, and she watched his friends start to laugh at him, pushing him playfully. She grinned, so it was him. He was cute, his hair was longer on top, and kept falling into his face, making him push it away. 

Were those tattoos? His whole left arm was covered in them it seemed, down to his hands. She looked away, finishing her water, but peeking out the side of her eye. He looked back at her, god licking his perfect lips, she seized the opportunity and snapped her face back towards him smiling, He nearly died, turning his whole body away, from her. Was he really about ti sit here and play like she didn’t just catch him? Yeon rolled her eyes standing up, she fixed her dress, walking around the back of the booth, while he was looking away. 

Jay felt his heart race, she caught him again. He should really just say something to her. Gray echoed his thoughts. He looked back towards her table, she was gone. Shit, had she left? Where did she go? Just as he wiped his jeans off, about to get up, he felt a tap on his shoulder. 

“So, you were gonna play cat and mouse with me all night and not say hi?” Even her voice was sexy, he turned on his best smile turning around to look at her. 

“Naw, I was sending you mind waves, for you to come to me.” He stood up, holding his hand out to her. “I’m Jae-beom Park.” 

“First name, last name, you must be American, that and no accent.” She took his hand, shaking it. “Are you going to invite me to sit?” 

Jay looked flustered. “I’m sorry, yea go ahead.” He let her slide into the booth, trying to not let her catch him, staring at her ass, as she did so. 

“I”m Park Yeon Hyo, by the way, just call me Yeon.” She turned towards his friends in the booth. “You guys are?” 

Gray and Simon-D introduced themselves quickly before excusing themselves. 

“Your friends don’t wanna throw salt in your G-A-M-E huh?” She laughed lightly. 

“If I have any.” Jay said, trying to look humble. 

“Uh huh.” She smiled at him, and he licked his lips, looking away. “Why do you keep looking away?” She pushed at his arm lightly.

“I don’t know. Nervous. You’re beautiful, you’ve probably heard it all, I’m wondering what I could say that’s different, and would pique your interest.” He was honest, in that statement, he looked full on at her, and Yeon watched his mouth move as he talked. 

He was way too good looking,to be some regular everyday guy. “For starters, that. I don’t think I’ve heard it all, but you’re welcome to try.” 

“You got jokes.” Jay stated, laughing at what she said. 

They traded banter back and forth, he didn’t feel like he was even talking to her long, before he friend found her, and came up to her. “I’m ready to go are you?” 

She nodded her head at Marcella, before turning to Jay to apologize. “I’m sorry, we’ve been here awhile, and I’m ready to sleep as well.” She stood up, offering her hand to Jay, frowning on the inside that he hadn’t asked for her number. 

As she turned to walk away, she felt his hand on her shoulder stopping her, he looked bashful, pulling out his phone. “I’m sorry, I’m gonna hate myself tomorrow, if I don’t get your number.” 

Marcella let out an ‘ohhhh’ in the back ground as Yeon rolled her eyes at her friend. 

“I can’t let you do that now can I?” She took his phone, putting her number in and calling it, once it rang she hung up and handed it back to him. “Guess, I’ll hear from you whenever, Jae-beom.” 

She turned quickly, holding onto her friends arm walking out of the club. Jay stared down at his phone, looking at her number before adding her name. He wondered how soon, was too soon to text someone. 

Chapter Three

KBTBB: MC has a pear shaped body

This was requested by an anon. This was fun to write and DISCLAIMER, I DO NOT have a pear shaped figure so I have no idea what it feels like to actually have a butt or large hips :/

Finally the day has come, girls night! Chisato, Sakiko, and you have been planning this girls night for almost a month but it was difficult to coordinate with everyone’s busy schedules. You’re doing your makeup and put on a nice dress that shows off your beautiful curves. You were hesitant about wearing this dress because you’re not used to wearing something so formfitting. Your uniform a bit loose because you’re insecure and don’t want to show off your big hips. When you’re out and about you go in comfy clothes that don’t compliment your gorgeous figure.
“Ok I have my keys, phone, purse…”
Suddenly the penthouse pager starts to buzz.
“Oh god, seriously? Why now? I’m not even working right now.”
Frustrated, you text your friends letting them know that you mighty be running a little late. You head up to the penthouse in a bit of a sour mood.

You arrive to the penthouse and all of the bidders are hanging out in the lounge.
“You paged me?”
None of them respond and are examining you with wide eyes.
“What are you guys looking at?”
“You’re really dressed up…” Eisuke says.
“Yeah I’m having a girls night with a couple friends. Is there anything I can do for you?”
“I’ve never seen you dressed like that before.” Soryu says gazing towards you.
“Well it’s not normal to wear a dress like this everyday.”
“No, I meant that I’ve never seen you dressed in clothing that shows off your figure.”
“_____ you have the most spectacular figure I’ve ever seen.” Baba says in awe.
“You have the perfect body. Koro, you should model for me so I can paint those smooth curves.”
“Excuse me?”
“Damn kid, who knew you had swingin’ hips like those.” Mamoru chuckles tapping his cigarette into the ash tray.
“What are you talking about?”
“Heh, I’d like to touch those curves.” Eisuke says elbowing Soryu.
“It’s true…you have very nice hips.” Soryu says.
“Are you guys joking or…?”
“Why would we joke about this? I’ve never seen your figure before ____. I’d like to see more of it.” Baba winks.
“My hips are huge, I have thunder thighs, how is this attractive to you guys?” You say gesturing your body towards the men.
“Koro don’t hate your body. It’s beautiful. It’s a piece of art.”
“Ok, Ota that was so cheesy. I think Baba is rubbing off on you.”
Ota looks at Baba with an uncomfortable look and Baba gives Ota a grin.
“Nothing is better than a woman with nice hips.” Eisuke says with his usual smirk.
“It’s true kid. Women look great when they dance and they have nice hips.”
“I suppose but–”
“Not to mention, nice hips usually mean nice ass.”
“Ok that’s enough! Thank you for attempting to flatter me but if you don’t need me then I should be on my way.”
“What is it Ota?”
“Could you strut for us?”
“Goodbye!” You head towards the door to leave the penthouse.
“That’s it! Just like that _____. You have the perfect strut.” You hear Ota’s voice fading the farther away you walk from the men.


Part 3 of the Show Me series

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 2,400

Warnings: phone!sex, videochat!sex, language, masturbation, smut, dirty talk

You hate sleeping alone. During the past few nights, ever since that first night with Sam, the two of you have been sharing his room every night. You’re used to sleeping next to him, feeling his naked body next to yours.

Now he’s three hundred miles away on a case with Dean, and the bunker feels way too big for you.

It’s late on Saturday, the second night of Sam and Dean’s absence when your phone rings. You roll over in the warm sheets that smell like Sam and glance at the caller ID.


SAM <3

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Makishima Shogo x fem!Reader (lemon)

god bless the person who requested this. okay so Shogo is my fav in Psycho-Pass and I think this was the first time I really got turned on by writing a fanfic. all because of this white-haired hot piece of trash that I want to have in my bed now guy. enjoy yourselves! <3

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FIC: plus-que-parfait (Explicit, Nozomi/Eli/Nico)

Title: plus-que-parfait
Fandom: Love Live!
Pairing/Characters: Nozomi/Eli/Nico
Wordcount:  2350
Notes:  WELL…UM….hi idol hell, I’m new here! Please take this third year OT3 porn as my offering! I really have no excuse. Other than blaming gay-for-eli for being an enabler.


Nico can’t tell you what exactly in her life had led up to this point, but it’s not like her to take things back.

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Why Rick’s room [with the lack of privacy] and not Michonne’s?

[If you made this, or any gifs I use, hit me up so I can credit you]

Had a discussion with @msmoniqueandthangs about that, and I told her…

Re: Why Rick and Michonne were in his room– I am of the mind that they started in her room, then moved to upstairs. 

msmoniquenthangs: You naughty girl lol.  I wondered if they just made out on the couch before heading upstairs, or if they got it in 1st there.  Maybe all 3 spots?  A session in her room would explain how she ended up with her katana.

fangirlnovel: Yeah, I’m thinking they christened all three.  Like, totally.  In fact, I am also convinced that that’s what he was thinking about when he touched her knee/thigh, and how he wanted to christen that Winnebago, too. 

So yeah–if they were riding alone, they totally would have pulled over and christened that, too.  Especially since they were robbed of morning sex.  I hate that.  Like damn, can they get in just one morning?

Although…my headcanon dictates that Rick followed her to the shower in “East” anyway.

ETA: Going to Rick’s room is also symbolic.  Kind of the “my house or yours?” kind of thing.  By inviting her to his room, it was him basically saying, “I’m not leaving the next morning,” you know?  The plan was for them to wake up together, have some morning sex and snuggle.  Damn, Jesus.  Damn you…

Non-sexual Richonne moment:

I love how when Michonne was yelling to Carl in the opening of “The Next World,” and instead of coming to see what she wanted, he yells back, and Rick jumps in with his, “I can’t hear you, come on out,” then smiles at Michonne.  

I mean, he basically was saying, “Your mother called you–get in here” and stuff.  He was enforcing the “respect your mom” thing without actually saying any of that.  If you don’t listen to your mommy, Carl, daddy’s gonna step in.

Omg, that family is damn near perfect.  *sniffs*

Originally posted by onlymusicmakesmehigh

430. Are we friends or are we more? (Requested)
  • Harry: Growing up with Harry you were always just considered one of the boys. You were in love with him and you were pretty sure it was obvious to everyone but him. But the past was the past and it’s been two years since you’ve seen him. You were doing just fine without him consuming your thoughts until he decided to show up on your front porch. Now here you were on your couch, staring into those beautiful green eyes. All of your dormant feelings for Harry suddenly hit you like a tidal wave. You were trying to listen to all of his stories but then his knee would brush up against yours or his hand would fall on your thigh and all your self restraint went out the window. “(Y/N)? You okay?” His voice shook your ongoing thoughts about his massive hands. “Huh? What...Ya…Yes.” He chuckled and flashed you those damn dimples you loved so much. “I was thinking,” he said quietly as his hand lay right above your knee. You tried not to come undone at his touch, “bout what?” you asked quietly. “I’ve waited too long to do this...” He inched closer to you and his hand brushed the hair from your face. You swallowed hard. His hand wrapped around to the back of your neck, “I’d really like to kiss you,” he licked his lips in anticipation. Your mouth opened but no words would come out, so for once in your life you took charge and pulled him into a long overdue kiss.
  • Liam: You and Liam could never get the timing right. When he was single you were in a relationship and when you were single he was in a relationship. Thursday nights were supposed to be yours and Liam’s movie night but for the third time in a row he canceled. You changed into something comfy, grabbed a pint of ice cream and put on your favorite movie. You were halfway through your pint of ice cream when Liam walked in; using his key you gave him. “That key is for emergencies only you know,” you snapped still mad at him for cancelling. “This is an emergency,” he sat on the couch next to you and took your pint. “I just needed to clear my head, getting something off my chest. I can’t do this anymore.” You snatched your ice cream back, “You know how I feel about this.” He stood up from the couch and walked off into the kitchen and you followed. “You’re the one who started it Liam. If you don’t want to hear that she’s not good enough for you and that you deserve to be happy then you shouldn’t have come here.” You walked up behind him. He sipped from the glass of water and turned to face you. “That’s not what I meant.” You leaned against the counter, “then what is it?” He started taking slow steps toward you, “I can’t keep pretending that I’m not in love with you because I am.” Your eyes started to well as you took a fistful of his shirt and pulled him into a kiss.
  • Louis: Most nights you and Louis spent together took place on a couch accompanied by way too much food and marathons of your favorite movies. When the sappy part of the movie came on you stole the bag of chips from Louis and faced him on the couch. “Hey Lou?” you asked quietly. He just looked at you. “Is there something wrong with me?” You looked down at your lap not wanting to see his reaction. You could feel him scoot closer to you before he lifted your chin up forcing you to look at him. “Have ya gone mad?” You turned away from his hand. “I’m serious. Something’s gotta be wrong. I’m twenty and still a virgin for fuck sake.” His placed his hand on your thigh, “hey, that doesn’t mean anything. You just haven’t met the right person, someone who deserves you, that you’re comfortable with.” You traced over his tattoo on his wrist, “I’m comfortable with you…” Did you really just say that out loud? You must have because he was dead quiet for far too long. You needed to do some damage control. “I didn’t mean it like that…I just, you know…” When you looked up at him his lips were instantly on yours. You’ve spent years thinking about how he tasted, what he felt like and now you knew. He was so soft and sweet you never wanted to stop but he pulled away slowly. “I always thought you were going to be my first, wish you were.” He kissed your nose. “If you’re ready and it’s what you really want…I-I’d be honored.”
  • Niall: Your older brother and Niall have been attached at the hip since they were five, which always made you his best friends little sister. He was only a couple of years older than you and they used to treat you like a baby, until one day you decided to show him just how much of a woman you really were. Neither of you talked about it after it happened. Niall’s been away for quite awhile, and your brother usually ends up going to visit him but this time Niall was home and he was coming over. You’ve really grown up since he’s been gone and you wanted him to notice. You slipped into your favorite pair of yoga pants and an old band shirt that exposed a sliver of your abdomen. Niall wasn’t supposed to show up for another hour and your brother left to go pick up junk food for them. You were dancing around the house when the doorbell rang, you didn’t think twice about answering it, assuming it was the take out you ordered earlier, but you were wrong. Niall was standing in front of you in jeans and a white shirt and he’s never looked better. “Shit, is this the wrong house?” Niall joked looking at the house number. You chuckled and spun around on your heels and exaggerated your walk just for him. He followed you into the kitchen, “But really, who are you? And what have ya done with me best mate’s sister?” You opened up the cabinet and reached for a glass you couldn’t reach unless you stood on your toes, which caused your shirt to rise and expose the small of your back. Suddenly you felt Niall press hard against you and grab the glass with ease. You turned to face him; his bottom lip was taut between his teeth as he watched you. “You still good at keepin’ secrets?”
  • Zayn: You and Zayn were neighbors growing up. You were three years older than him, but you two were still pretty close. He was always there for you when some guy decided to break your heart. You two shared a lot of memories together; you even gave him his first kiss since he was so nervous about it. But you both got older, you went away to school and he was off living his dream. Your moms stayed in touch but you and Zayn drifted apart. You were home visiting your mom and little sister for the long weekend and she had plans to go over to the Malik’s for a girls day and that you were obligated to go, even though Zayn wouldn’t be there. When you got there you couldn’t help but loose yourself in all the photos of Zayn hanging around the house, most of them were pictures of him and his sisters and some more recent ones with the band but then you saw it. His mom hung up the photo of you and him, you were both young teenagers and he was carrying you around on his back. You weren’t sure how long you had been looking at the photo when you heard a voice, it was deep and sexy and nothing like you remembered. “t’s my favorite you know. Have it hanging in my bunk.” When you turned around and saw him you practically saw stars. Zayn was always cute, but he was young and your best friend and you never thought about him like this, but here he was tall, dark, and gorgeous. You didn’t say anything, just watched him as he sauntered towards you. “I still think about you. You know that?” You shook your head, “N-no…I…What do you think about?” If he hadn’t latched onto your hip you’re sure you would have toppled over at the sight of that smile. “When ya gave me my first kiss. And I’ve been thinking…I owe ya one.”
  • Written by: Anna