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A Lovely Situation ( Chapter 3 )

Lin x Reader

Summary: So this is the beginning of a little Lin x Reader that no one requested. (Y/N) is seriously crushing on Daveed, and when she finally tells him, he rejects her. Lin ends up comforting (Y/N) and getting a bit closer to her. Daveed ends up fighting for her and she gets confused with her feelings and wonders if she had liked Lin all along….


Word count: 1,855

a/n: This one took me a little bit longer to write haha. Sjajsdjdhwndixjs I didn’t know how I felt about the ending though. Enjoy !

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“I think it’s time for me to leave Hamilton.” You whispered back.

Lin’s hand dropped from your hair. Clutching onto your waist once again. He was shaking.

“No. No no no. You can’t leave me- Us!” His voice broke. Cries coming out his mouth.

You felt a wave of guilty and selfishness hit your head. You moved your head to face him. His handsome, amazing face. Both of you had swollen red eyes and salty tears running down your cheeks. You leaned in as your foreheads touch. His wet lips coming closer to yours, now just a millimetre away from each other. You pulled your head away before anything happened.

“I-I’m sorry. I just can’t stay” your voice was barely a whisper.

Lin yanked his hands away from you. He stood up. Towering over you.

“Are we not good enough for you anymore? AM I not good enough for you?” His voice slightly raised.

You felt so overwhelmed and put your hands over your face. Preventing him to see more tears.

“You’re just gonna leave us? Because of Daveed?” Each time he spoke his voice was louder.

You nodded. Slowly. Still crying. You rest your head on your knees and sobbed louder.

“I swear I’m going to kill him.” He ran out of the dressing room. Leaving you all by yourself. Crying on the sofa.

In a split second Jazzy burst into the room and flung her arms around you, attempting to stop your crying. She heard everything.

“Ssssh. Ssssh. Stop crying please. (Y/N)..”

*1 Hour Till Places*

After a while you had managed to stop crying. Jazzy still had one of her arms around you. The other was stroking your back.

“Lin is going to hurt him.” You said.

A look of realisation broke out across your face as you stood up and raced out of the dressing room. Leaving Jazzy alone and befuddled.

You looked everywhere for Lin. Knowing that he was with Daveed. Lin was not a man of violence he would only ever use the violent approach if someone had pissed him off badly. Or hurt someone that he loves.

You leaned against the stairways going up to the rooftop. Gaining your breath back after running around the whole theatre. Desperate to find Lin. You started to hear faint shouting from the rooftop. Without a shadow of a doubt you made your way upstairs. You stood on the last few steps of the staircase. Making sure they wouldn’t see you.

“Why! WHY. Did you call (Y/N) that HORRIBLE word Daveed! It is a very simple question!”

There was this passionate tone in Lin’s voice. A tone that you had never heard before.

“I don’t know Lin! I’m dumb! I’m stupid and I rejected her, I ignored her, I called her a bitch! She will never forgive me. Or believe that I have feelings for her. Again.”

Daveed’s hands flew across his mouth. He had accidentally said something that he had always kept to himself. Your eyes widened. Your breaths quickened. Again? What did he mean again!

“No. You don’t deserve her! She should be with someone that won’t call her that. NOT EVEN in the worst times!”

“So you?”

“No that’s not what I’m sayi–”

“No.” Daveed crossed his arms and glared at Lin. “No. Carry on Lin. Please. Enlighten me. Tell me how you’re the perfect guy for (Y/N).”

Lin stood still. He didn’t reply. He stood there dumbfounded.

“ANSWER ME GOD DAMN IT” Daveed clenched his fist. Looking like he was actually going to punch Lin. Come on Lin answer. Omg no Daveed NO.

Within a blink of an eye you were in front of Daveed. Blocking Lin from his punch. His fist came in contact with your shoulder. You winced at the pain that was brought to your upper arm.


Lin interrupted him before he could say the words you’ve been wanting to hear for a long time.



The two men closed their mouths and both staring at you. Wide eyed.

You turned to face Lin. Your eyes were beady.

“You. You don’t get to say who deserves me or not!” You said in a stern voice. Trying to not wince from the bruise that was already forming on your shoulder.

You spun around to face Daveed. Looking at him as if you were going to burn him alive. There was a look of guilt in his eyes. The look that says ‘I’m sorry’

“And you. YOU. don’t get to do all these things to me and then say that you LIKE me! Don’t think you can come anywhere near me AGAIN.“ You shouted at the top of your lungs. Wanting the whole of New York City to know what a jerk Daveed was.

You made your way to the other side of the rooftop. Beads of sweat. Droplets of tears. All rushing down your face at once. Your hands pushed your wet hair back and your head bent down. In only a matter of time a loud scream came out of your mouth. A high pitched sound that you needed to make. You let go. Of everything.

Your scream gathered a lot of attention. When you turned around you saw almost the whole cast staring at you.

“This-This place. It drives me crazy!”

Daveed came over to you. Trying to speak to you but no words came out.

“Leave me alone.” You’re voice was hoarse and horrible.

“I like you (Y/N). I’ve fallen in love with you. Again.” His arm raised, trying to make sure your shoulder was okay.

“Don’t you dare fucking touch me Daveed, not after what you did. And don’t say that, you know it’s not true.”

Before Daveed could even utter a word you turned to face the rest of the cast and announced that it was your last day here.

“I’m sorry to say that I am leaving Hamilton.” Everyone gasped and started to mutter to eachother. “You’ll have to find a replacement for Pippa’s understudy. All my things.” You paused. Trying to hold back your tears. “Will–Will be gone by tonight.”

You sprinted your way down the stairs -as salty tears dashed from your eyes -pushing everyone to the side as you made your way past them. Lin’s voice was shouting behind you as you tried to hurry to Pippa’s dressing room so you could lock your self inside. The plan failed. You ended up falling face first into the dressing room. Lin ended up catching up to you. He ran into the dressing room closing the door behind him.

He made sure you were okay before kneeling down and wrapping you in a warm embrace. Soon after that Lin pressed a wet kiss on your lips. At first you were surprised of his forwardness but then melted into the kiss.

He slowly pulled away from you and started to breath heavily. His hands found its way to your wet cheeks.

“I wanted to do this to you earlier. But you pulled away….” He whispered as he brought your face in to kiss you again. This time more deeply. More passionately.

“You should go back home” he paused. “Get yo-your things t-tomorrow.” Lin sounded like he was going to cry again.
“I’ll walk you home.”


The walk home was quite nice to your surprise. Lin didn’t mention anything about what had happened. He was sweet and extremely soft. You didn’t complain at the fact that his arm was around your shoulder. It offered a sense of protection. A blue and purple bruise had formed on your shoulder.

After a short while of walking and engaging in conversation you had finally reached your apartment. You both abruptly stopped at the door.

“Are you going to be okay on your own?”

“Y-yeah. I’ll be fine. Go back to the theatre you don’t want to be late to the show.”

He looked down at his feet. The tears he was holding back during the walk came out. They splashed on his shoes. Your head tilted as you hand made its way to his chin to pull his head up. His big brown eyes stared into yours. You took a deep breath. Pulled him in and your lips touched his. This kiss was one that you will always remember. His wet cheeks touching yours and his lips hungry for yours.

“You-You should get back” you said, breathing heavily as your free hand squeezed his hand.

Lin nodded. He knew he needed to go back to the Richard Rodgers. But at the same time he didn’t want to. He wanted to stay here. With you.

You planted a small kiss on his cheek and let go of his hand.

“Bye.” You both whispered at the same time.

Oh how awkward will it be between Daveed and Lin tonight.


That night Jazzy was staying at Anthony’s again. This was the only night you didn’t want to be alone. You wished to fall asleep in somebody else’s arms. Lin’s. Arms.

It was around half ten when you heard a gently knock on your front door. You lazily got out of your bed and went to investigate.

Looking out of the peep hole you saw Lin’s face. Your eyes lit up as you quickly opened the door and threw your arms around his.

“Wha-Hey! You’re going to crush the flowers (Y/N)”

You backed off as your eyes widened your hands flew to your mouth.

“You-You got me flowers?” You muffled in disbelief.

“For my favourite person.”

“Bu-But it’s 10 o'clock at night. Where in New York is there an open florist!”

“Hey we live in the city that never sleeps. What do you expect.”

A large gust of wind came your way so you pushed Lin into your apartment. Trying to protect him. He walked in and placed the flowers on your kitchen counter. Within a second he turned around to face you.

“How was the show. I’m guessing it was a bit. Awkward?”

“How’s you’re shoulder?”

“Answer me Lin”

He sighed. “It was fine. Yes it was awkward. And yes in act 2 he looked like he was ready to kill me.” He glanced over to your shoulder. “Your shoulder?”

As you were wearing a short sleeved shirt it made it easier to pull the sleeve up. Revealing your bruise.

His eyes enlarged. You saw fire in his eyes.


“Look please don’t make a big deal of it Lin. It was an accident and you know it. Please please let’s do something else”

Lin walked over to the coffee table that was in front of your sofa. Took a deep breath and asked.

“Movie night? Again?”

You nodded eagerly and pulled him down to your sofa. Your head in his arms as he put on The Little Mermaid. His all time favourite Disney Movie.

Lin stayed that night. You spent the whole night lying in his arms, eventually dozing off. Your wish came true after all.


Change of Plans

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Words: 1,262
Warnings: None
Request: (From Anon) Could you do a Bucky imagine where Natasha sets the reader on a date and Bucky gets jealous and tells the reader that their in love with them

Your name: submit What is this?

“You know, I hear Josh from statistics has a thing for you,” Natasha tells you. There’s a mischievous sparkle in her green eyes, alerting you that you are definitely not going to get out of this even if you two are currently en route to a mercenary’s hideout.

You raise a brow at her. “Oh? I didn’t know we had such a bland adolescent-esque rumour patrol,” you reply, adjusting the straps on your parachute and gloves.

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Oh boy do I have a story for you guys...

So I was just in Walmart. No lie I was in there for at least an hour. I only got like 10 things but that’s besides the point. So I’m in the self checkout line with my headphones on because I’m not in the mood for people today. I was waiting for like 5 minutes before I got to put down my arm fulls of stuff. I start scanning things at a moderate pace but a little slow I guess because I’ve gotten 9 hours of sleep the past 2 days. The total comes up and I put my money in and some employee dude pops the FUCK out off no where and puts his hand in my bag. I side step so he has to take his hand out and I take an earbud out. He was like 3 inches shorter than me (I’m 5'8".173cm) and im like ‘Can I help you?’ Because the money is in the machine so technically I paid for it and if people think you’re shoplifting they can’t go through your bag unless they saw you put something in it on camera.
So I’m basically towering over this guy (I’m also not thin either. I have been described as ‘the perfect kind of thick’) and he’s like 'did it scan okay?’ And I’m like what the fuck and say 'what do you mean? Why would I put something in my bag that I didn’t pay for?’ And this 12 year old prepubescent shrimp says 'it looked like you were having trouble.’ MEANING that this twerp was watching me before he moved his stumpy legs over to where I was.
I looked him dead in the face and said 'it won’t scan unless the barcode is in front of the machine so naturally you have to make that happen by turning the box’ and he was so dumbfounded that I was taking none of his shit he just said okay and walked away. Like dude get off your power trip and leave my shit alone. Probably this dudes first job since being the line leader.
This shit always happens when I’m out shopping like damn if you guys wanted to catch me shoplifting you should have done it while I was actually taking stuff instead of paying for it.

missed confession ● sehun

Remind me to never hand write a scenario ever again because oh my god this took so long to type out. Anyway sorry it’s kind of late but I do hope you enjoy it! 

Summary: Sehun dismisses your confession the last year of your senior year so what happens when you run into him years later?

Type: angst, fluff 

Length: 2,811 words 

I pretty much thought he was a god for two years of my life. When I saw him at an opening ceremony concert our school did, I was a goner. The years that followed that day were spent with me seeking every opportunity to even just look at him. I went as far as convincing my friends to go over our routines in the same practice room as his group after school. I literally pined for a guy I had never spoken two words to. For two years I settled on admiring him from afar before I finally put on my big girl pants and confessed. Well attempted to.  

It was during the last week of school of my second year of performance art school. His group and mine were in the same practice room as usual. I of course was staring at him the whole time. You know the side-eye kind that you think is real sly? That was me. My group was mid-routine when I saw him just simply laugh and I had enough. I walked towards him feeling my friend’s eyes burning into my back as my clumsy feet and blaring red cheeks approached him.  

“Oh Sehun may I speak with you outside?” my voice was so tiny, and a stutter I never knew I was capable of came out. He raised his eyebrows questioningly, but nonetheless followed me behind the building.  

“You probably don’t know me but-“

“I do. You’re that girl who’s always staring at me.”

I was dumbfounded. I really thought I had been playing it cool. I felt my eyes widen like I was a damn cartoon, and my voice was trapped in my throat. He stared at me for a while before the most severely annoyed expression graced his face. “Look I’m really busy, and you’re kind of wasting my time. If this is some sort of confession I’m really not interested. Goodbye.”

I of course turned into a snotty mess as his back disappeared around the corner. The guy I put all my delusional love into didn’t give me a chance to even properly confess. Even if he wasn’t interested it was at the least very rude, and I was crushed. I finished the week this time using my effort to steer clear of Oh Sehun. That day behind the school was the last time I ever saw him.

Once that terrible event was over it didn’t take me long to realize I hated dance, and the only reason I stuck with it was for a bitchy boy. So I transferred to another art school this time for photography where I spent the following years.

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