Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by luke Hemmings and his hair

For makeup class we had to make a picture morgue and they were due today but I missed my last class so I didn’t know so I got stuck doing mine as late night homework. 

Halfway through (when I was almost dead of boredom) I decided to have a little fun with mine. 

What started off as subtly slipping in Gavin here and there…

…slowly got less subtle and was more than just Gavin…

…which turned into blatantly including Roosterteeth and various other YouTubers.

And eventually I ended up with four slides having only them. 

Maybe my professor won’t notice. 

so tired of tumblr’s mentality that “if you have a 200k horse, 3 saddles, etc.., then don’t tell me you’ve worked hard”. UMM NO THAT’S NOT COOL. BECAUSE GUESS WHAT, IF THEY SAY THAT THEY’VE WORKED THEIR ASSES OFF FOR WHAT THEY HAVE THEN YOU BETTER GODDAMN BELIEVE IT.
Everyone’s situation in life is different. Some may have it better in terms of money but you don’t know how they got that money so y'all can piss off with your shitty attitudes.

I think about this a lot

Never forget

“You’re very beautiful how old are you?”

“She’s my priority. She’s my everything”

“She’s made me dream bigger again, she’s made me believe in myself again”

“I don’t want you to be good, you know. I want you to be incredible”

“But when she smiles at me….”

“I don’t need to be told she’s 16 all the time, I know!”

“You’re the best ever”

“My ace.”

“My pride and joy”

“Bye beautiful”

“Oh, you mean when were not together?”

I’m probably missing so many more quotes from V but you all know where I’m getting at.