like damn

  • what she says:im fine
  • what she means:pj liguori aka kickthepj on youtube has been making videos since 2008 and only has ~600 thousand subscribers 7 years later and i dont get it? pj is so creative and nice and wickedly talented and he is so, so under-appreciated. why aren't more people subscribed to kickthepj on youtube?

Okay Wow I really did not think a professional photoshoot would be this different in quality but damn. Its been a crazy 6 months since I started this whole thing with the help of my amazing friend @newdll (tbh this is a collab, she built the groundwork and I did most of the flashy stuff). I feel like i have a lot further to go but Im definitely happy that people like it so much

it is the year 2016 can we PLEASE stop acting like cigarettes are sexy and fun they’re so gross and they kill people and how is that not like romanticizing an addiction??


she didn’t have to do me like this but she did