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Rage of the Hunter

“All the hatred I saw in your eyes… seemed enough to reduce this whole world to ash.”

  • Audrey Hepburn poster
  • Chanel perfume
  • Advanced Calculus 102
  • Minotaur scull
  • Dog treats

You think that believing is easy? || The X-Files FanVid

There’s this manga with a male yandere in it called Shuen No Shiori and his name is C-ta. He’s yandere over a boy named A-ya but supposedly not in a gay way (though some of his actions make it seem otherwise). It is kind of short, but enjoyable.

So one small life goal achieved: I got to contact Drew’s first English VA and he responded!!

I kept it simple and short and not-creepy (lol) and I’m so HAPPY…

(Not gonna lie I waited to send my message till now so that if a response came around a week later, I could call it a birthday present lol)

H U R R A Y ! !

okay,, so I took a small break from memes to draw that Dimentio and Sitch fusion,,


Me, waking up my significant other at 3am: okay but in Parabatai Lost when Clary shows up at the Institute, Raj tries to stop her, and then he’s like ‘I’m going to get Aldertree’, but??? how did he know where aldertree was?? he didn’t even ask has anyone seen aldertree, he goes the opposite direction of where he came from and 3 secs later hes back with victor?? how did he know where to find him. does raj always know where aldertree is at all times. is Raj the only one who knows how to summon aldertree? babe are victaj in love? babe?

Behold! My art homework I didn’t get to turn in because the teacher cancelled the class. I haven’t watercolored in awhile, and I got new aquash brushes so I got to finally try them out :> Unfortunately, my iPhone doesn’t do it justice…better than scanning looked though, honestly :/

And yes this is Mob inspired, really, what isn’t these days *facepalm*

@beautiful-lusamine: “Not by much. Don’t have that one go off into the world thinking I’m old, you’d be lying! Besides, the fact that I have been on this planet for longer than you means I have more experience, and therefore am more wise. Wise enough to… I don’t know, not sleep around with all of my coworkers without taking any sort of precautions, perhaps, or maybe allowing my children to escape here with two invaluable Pokémon, and then later return to stop me from achieving everything I’ve ever dreamed of. You know, just saying, I wouldn’t be stupid or careless enough to do those things. Just saying.

“Okay, grandma. Sit down.” 


I really wanted to draw their cowlick/antenna.