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Oh gosh. Okay. Hnnnngg imma tell u a lil story. So I had a dream about Sans and the others having a sleepover at my place. And HOLY CRAP Sans looked like ur style (like how u draw Sans)! Alphys brought a shrink gun (like in cartoons XD) and wanted to test it out. But she kinda forgot to warn me and the others that it has a bounce effect so I would be thrown in le air. When Alphys shrunk me I started falling and Sans Caught me in his hands. I just thought it was so cute cuz he was in ur style! :3

twas cute so i drew it with shitty water colours  (my pen like….exploded on me it was bad, hence the ink everywhere)

ok so in my math class we were having a calculus unit and we had a test but none of us really knew what the fuck was going on in that section. now, my teacher was old and treated us like adults and didn’t care what went on in that class. he also handwrote the assignments (we didn’t need to turn them in) and tests and didn’t supervise us well during tests. so my teacher had the test and his key and he was showing us that he had it and decided to go down the hall to talk to a teacher. he was gone for like a minute and a smart guy got up and started taking pictures of it (bc it was the key and had the work) and then MORE people started getting up and getting pics. my butt stayed in my seat cuz i could see what was going. our teacher’s back was to the door, but the other teacher could probably see me and a couple students who were dangerously close to the door. and then someone put the pictures on a cloudshare (i think that’s what it’s called when you can share it to any iphone within the vicinity?). so the teacher comes back in and then he looks down at the test and RIPS that fucker up and says he’ll write the test that night. so we’re all wondering wtf happened, did the other teacher see us and inform him….? then the original person who took the pictures, i saw him a couple days later and he and i were talking, and he said that the test wasn’t where the teacher left it. ppl had moved the test. SO much got past this teacher, but this one little thing that could have easily been covered up fucking ruined this for us.

If I win the lottery ☺️💭

I’d buy a fucking cool as mansion and have every Kpop fangirl/fanboy to come and live with me no matter the fucking age You just have to pass a test to make sure you love Kpop bc I don’t wanna get murdered 😅 Any fandom is welcome i don’t care cuz I love everyone! Unless you start fandom wars you will be kicked out 😂 we in my future household love and respect everyone.
Yup I can see it everyone eating in a gigantic table like in Harry Potter and shit. I’m guessing we all sleeping in sleeping bags cuz we gotta have room for all the electronics we gonna use to fangirl. I’m also planning on having a bias of the week where we pick someone and praise him/her for a whole week.
All I need now is to actually win the damn lottery 😭 but be prepared everyone 😁my dog is also coming to live with us cuz I can tell she likes Kpop (Pets are allowed cuz why tf not)

APS with Justin

Imagine being at ur house studying with Justin and he’s actually the most distracting person ever like you’re a third of the way through a practice AP Psych test and he’s drumming with his pencils or tapping his foot and then when you won’t pay attention to him he’d be all whiny and “baaaAAAAaaaabeeeEEE” to you and he’d grab your sides and start kissing your neck and playing with your hair but you’d push him off and he’d act like a wounded puppy sitting in the corner pouting and you start to incentivize him by saying that he gets a minute of making out for every question he gets right and cuz justin is lowkey really smart he just doesn’t try, your plan kind of backfires and your studying doesn’t go much further after checking his test cuz you gotta keep your promise so you two just casually are making out on top of your psych and Spanish textbooks and you promise yourself that tomorrow you’re actually going to study but that doesn’t really happen either and ugh lmk why justin is actually a puppy also unrelated but he 10/10 would be turned on if you called him “foley” js


Day 5 of my back to the sims 2

I’ve been testing mods today with sims 2! Default skins, face templates and so on. I like how everything starts to look prettier. I Downloaded so many mods already and will download more hehe. Hoarder for life. 

Don’t know yet what kind of style I’m looking for my sims 2 pics and gaming. Either something cute and dolly like, or realistic, or maxis match, or just combination of it all. I’m horrible at making up my mind.

Also tried a different CAS background, it’s cool but I probably go back to the original, cuz nostalgia FTW 😂

Harry Potter AU - Park Chanyeol

Chanyeol has slowly ruined my life……….

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  • tall bean would be one of the chasers for Gryffindor
  • His hair color would constantly be changing
  • HIS HAIR WOULD BE FUCKING BRIGHT RED EVERY SINGLE QUIDDITCH GAME (its hot on him but RONALD MCDONALD  man….but its chanyeol so…˘\_( õ ‹3 ó)_/˘)
  • did I mention that he is POPULAR AF B/C HE IS IN THE EXO CLIQUE
  • Shitloads of fangirls/fanboys/owls/dragons/etc wanting a piece of him   ヾ(@゜∇゜@)ノ
  • But he’s still a loyal hoe to you

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I had an ungodly dream that haunts me, and will probably haunt me to the end of my days. First, Popeye was real. As if that wasn’t disturbing enough, he was like a subway guard or something. I had gotten off the train and saw him there, mean mugging the shit out of passengers. He had like an anime sword on his back, like that one from bleach, and kept threatening to use it should someone try something. I guess I looked at him wrong cuz he stared at me and started to unsheathe his blade. He readied his stance and said in his iconic voice “you shouldn’t have tested me mortal.” Or something to that effect, then he started to run at me. That was like, the third most horrifying dream I’ve had.

College Au! Wonwoo (bullet points)

This Au makes me all warm and fuzzy on the inside and I may or may not be open to making a part two for this or a series for members 🙈 -Admin Jade //reading this a couple months later I realized this isn’t strictly a college AU, more like meeting him in college LOL

• oKAY you met wonwoo as a freshman in college but you didn’t know he existed even though he’s in a couple of your classes
• the first place you actually interacted wonwoo was in the be the library
because both of you couldn’t handle studying in your dorm rooms and you see this cutie reading a book and ignoring everything he should be studying
• your first impression was like ??? bc he looks intimidating but at the same time his glasses make him less scary plus he’s a boy that’s reading for fun?? you’re trying to figure out this boy and unconsciously you end up staring from afar
• although he’s really into the book he still notices you staring at him and super fast you pull a book from the shelf buT YOU PULLED IT OUT SO FAST THAT THE ENTIRE ROW OF BOOKS FELL
• tHE EMBARRASSMENT IS REAAAAL. after processing what just happened he gets up and helps u pick up the mess and asks if you’re okay before going back to his table  :’))
• after today you figured you’d never see him again since you haven’t seen him until today but WRONGG. omg you thought u can get away from this boy mhmm nahh
• so turns out wonwoos your best bud mingyu’s roommate and one day when you decide to study together but wonwoo tags along aND YOU SEE HIM AND WBSISKSBZHB
• its super awk because you just kNOW he remembers you and you’re debating whether to say anything or not. just when you were gonna say something he asks if you could help him with hw
• you get reeeeally confused bc he has the same assignment as you but you’ve never seen him and he’s just … “we’re in the same class….”
• tbh your friendship with wonwoo was awkward because he’s pretty quiet around ppl he isn’t close to so you’d always ask mingyu to tag along but you end up third wheeling more than half the time
• months passed and yooo you and wonwoo are pretty tight!! you guys are practically study buddies and before returning to the dorms from a study sesh you two always go get boba or whatever you were feeling that day
• once you posted a selca of you and wonwoo on one of your friend dates and your comment section went crazy!! your friends were like BOOOOY????.?. and all texted you if u were dating cuz you two look so cute together!! ofc you say he’s just a friend but we call know you’re lying ;)
• wonwoo saw the comment section anD bOY DOES THAT DO THINGS TO HIS HEART
• he actually likes you
• like
• a lot
• But he’s really good at hiding it from you, but not like you would notice anyways because you think you’re super g8 buddies
• ooooo but Mingyu. Sly fox mingyu knoooows.
• Wonwoo may be really good at hiding his feelings from you but not from him. Wonwoo could rambling on and on anD ON about his day with you or even when he didn’t hang out with you, wonwoo would magically find a way to talk about you in every convo he had with his friends
• It gets to the point where all
of his friends get really annoyed and tell him to confess to you already but smol lil wonwoo is too shy to :’)
•BuT fiNALLY after months of prep talk  he finally has the nerve to do it
•Wonwoo waited until it was almost sunset before dropping by at your apartment.
It was unannounced, but he knew you wouldn’t mind bc he it wouldn’t be anything new
•He wasn’t wearing anything too fancy, just a white tee with a red and black flannel, ripped black jeans, and white sneakers. His hair was done slightly, though not being too obvious for what was to come.
• “I’m kidnapping you”
• He doesn’t tell you where you’re going but judging from the route, you could tell that he’s taking you to the library
• you’re all confuzzled cuz finals is much later?? and there’s no test for you two to study for?? why you going there???
• to confess to you where you met, duuuh
• Of course he will stall though. Wonwoo would start reminiscing to try to make you forget why he brought you to the library, and you knew it wasn’t to study or reminisce.
• You would push him to tell you why you’re really there, like playfully nudging his arm and such. Wonwoo would be smiling as you do this, and he gives in.
• “Okay okay, I’ll tell you”
• His heart would be racing soo much and he’d be so nervous that he almost forgets how to speak. He could either take your friendship to whole new level, or totally ruin it.
• “remember when I first met you?”
• “Woo, I thought you were gonna tell me”
• “shhhh you didn’t let me finish”
• //eye rolling
• “like those books you dropped. I fell for you”
• “…..I’ve been waiting for this day and THATS how you confess to me?”
• His face would look make this dumb expression, the epitome of “wow I didn’t think past the whole confession part”. He would try to search for words but???
• he spends like a good minute just looking at you
• wonwoo was a vv happy happy child that day because he never imagined that he’d end up with you :’))
• but the next morning
• haha
• he had no clue what to do now that you were dating. Would things be any different in your behavior towards each other?
• He was awkward
• very awkward.
• After a couple weeks, Wonwoo had gotten the swing of things. Nothing really changed, except he didn’t have to hold back his urges to kiss or hug you
• back to college life!!
wonwoo was stressing about his upcoming exams causing you to stress out too ;;-;; finally you decided iT WAS ENOUGH so you dragged his butt down to your apartment so he can take a break
• you got him covered and cooked him his favorite food and even got his mother’s recipe
• after dinner you’d cuddle on the couch, listening to every kind of music, from rap to ballad
• this boy would be the king of cuddles
• He’d nuzzle his face in the crook of your neck, leaving kisses.
• Wonwoo would find comfort  run his fingers through your hair while his other hand rested on your waist to pull you closer to his body
• he would smell really nice, like laundry detergent or cotton
• You could tell he was still stressed but not as bad as he was when he got there :’)
• You’d kiss him lightly on his lips and look at him, telling him that he studied a lot and knows the content!!
• You buried your head into his chest and closed your eyes and that signaled him to take a nap too
And what do you know, he aced those exams

• imagine this boy in a cap and gown
• now imagine yourself in a cap and gown
• now put you two together
• He’d get emotional seeing you walk tbh
like wow we’ve gone through so many sleepless nights and endless stress together but look at where we are
• The. Couple. Graduation. Pictures.
• I literally cannot stress how cute and iconic these pictures would be
• holding your diplomas. holding each other’s diplomas and making silly faces. Hugging each other. Him taking your cap and you struggling to get it back bc you’re a smol bean (unless you’re not LMAO)
• idk bout you but this is my type of aesthetic
• Basically wonwoo would make the best college sweetheart
Mabel’s Mind Palace - Ch. 9 - FINAL CHAPTER

Mabel’s Mind Palace - Ch. 9 - FINAL CHAPTER

Hey guys, so the last chapter was well-received, and I have decided to make this one the final chapter. Sorry for those who expected more content on this story, but I feel like where I ended off the last chapter was a pretty good place to stop. This final chapter will be the epilogue to the whole story, basically giving a little recap as to what’s been going on with the Pines twins since discovering their new-found magical abilities. The Pines twins were juniors in college when this story began, and now they’ve finished college and are about to graduate at the top of their class. Of course, they’ve had all that time to practice and master their magic and the Mind Palace, under the careful observations of Grunkle Ford.

I could extend the story, but seeing as the story is based on the Mind Palace technique, there’s really not much else I can expand on.

Thank you guys for sticking with this story, and keep an eye out for future stories. This particular story may be finished, but I’ll definitely keep the MindPalace!AU alive forever, in my heart and in my memory.

(Word Count: 4163 words)

Chapter 1 ] || [ Chapter 2 ] || [ Chapter 3 ] || [ Chapter 4 ] || [ Chapter 5 ] || [ Chapter 6 ] || [ Chapter 7 ] || [ Chapter 8 ] || [ Chapter 9 – FINAL CHAPTER ]

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You Owe Me One Pt 3

A/N: Here it is the final part! This was super great and I have a few more imagines that I have that I can write but PLEASE submit stuff guys! Also I believe I will be writing a smutty version of this, I didn’t feel like smut fit into this imagine so I didn’t go that rout but I want to write it out anyways..ha ha.

Pairing: Grant Gustin/Barry Allen x Reader 

Prompt:  You are a new character on The Flash. Your character is Morgan Rowe, a meta human that has water abilities. This is your first time doing any type of acting and quickly have become friends with everyone, especially Grant, So lets see what happens!

Word Count: 1,378

Warnings: Gets a little steamy, Y/H/C is Your Hair Color

You Owe Me One Pt 3

You had a total of three days off and you intended on spending them away from everything. The next morning you felt like you just wanted to get away and relax. Upon googling you found out there was a beachfront hotel just a forty minute ride away. You didn’t have to think twice before booking a room.

‘Hey, I booked a hotel down by the beach. Your welcome to come.’ You shot off a quick text to Danielle.

As you packed up a suitcase your phone binged, ‘I am so sorry Hayes is driving up so we could spend some time together.’ It binged again with a sad face emoji follow up.

‘No problem, just figured I would extend the invite. Have fun!’ You quickly text back. ‘If you get bored I’ll be at the Fairmont room 2022’

‘Thanks!’ You read as you zipped up your suitcase and called for a taxi.

You loved the drive through the city, it was always beautiful. The room was extremely fancy and on any other occasion you would have deemed it far too much but for the next three days you didn’t care. You pulled the blinds back revealing a spectacular breath taking view of the city with the Vancouver Harbour behind it. Yes these next few days were going to be relaxing indeed.

The first thing you did was unpack and hook up your PS4, you got a new zombie game but hadn’t had time to play it. You figured you were here for three days why not spend one of them literally doing nothing but gaming.

After changing into some comfy clothes and pulling out the few snacks you brought, you settled in for the next couple hours.

You were just about to reach a safehouse when a knock at the door made you jump five feet in the air. You quickly paused the game and walked over to the door to peer through the eye whole. You swiftly opened the door to see Grant standing there.

“Hey,” He said sheepishly.

“Hey, really? That’s all you got?” You place a hand on your hip, “Wait, how did you know I was here?”

“I may or may not have annoyed Danielle till she told me.” He put his hands up with a questionable face, “Look, I came to apologize.”

“Maybe I don’t want it right now.” You start to close the door only to be stopped by Grant placing a hand on it.

“I’m cashing in my one.” His eyes were almost begging. “You owe me one chance. Just one chance to talk to you.”

You let out a sigh, “Okay, fine.” You walked back into the room with Grant following.

“I’m sorry I snapped at you, I just have a lot of stuff on my mind and I don’t know how to think about it.” He started right into it.

“I get that but why take it out on me?” You replied back as He started to pace back and forth slightly. “If there is one thing that upsets me more than anything, it’s people I care about taking my kindness for granted.”

“Because, I did and I’m sorry,” Grant’s words didn’t seem to come out smoothly.

“Why?” You ask again. “What was such a big deal?”

Grant let out a sigh while reaching his hand up behind his head, scratching it out of habit, “I don’t know, its,”

You cut him off, “What was it?”

“It’s complicated.” He replied.

You cross your arms, “Then uncomplicate it.”

“I don’t want things to change and if I tell you everything will change.” He was getting frustrated, “I don’t know if I want it to.”

“Grant it’s already changed.” You retort. “You’ve never acted like this before and I’ve always been there for you but this time you’re not letting me.”

“I can’t…I just don’t know….and.” His words came out jagged like a million thoughts were going through his mind.

You could see the frustration and internal struggle on his face. You walked passed him and back over to the door.

“If I can’t help you then you need to leave.” You cracked the door open, “I’m sorry.”

He ran his hand through the front of his hair and he let out sigh. Quickly he got up and was walking towards you. His eyes were locked onto yours and you could feel he was going to do something.

It was only a few moments, but it felt like it was moving in slow motion. Grant walked straight up to you and in one fluid movement cupped his hand on the side of your cheek followed by the other. You could feel his long fingers curl back behind your ears and into your Y/C/H hair.

His lips felt gentle against yours. As he pushed you backwards closing the door your hands found their way up his torso and gripped onto the edges of his zip up.

In an instant your brain caught up with what was happening and you pulled away slightly. Out of breath you peered up at him and instantly you could see regret in his eyes.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have.” He backed away and turned around running a hand over his flushed face.

You walk up and take the hand hanging down by his side in yours, “This was all about me?” This whole time?” You lead him over to the bed where you force him to sit down.

“After our scene, when I was alone in my trailer, it hit me. The feelings I have for you. But then I started thinking about how you have become one of my best friends and I didn’t want to fuck it up.” He turned slightly towards you as you were getting a bottle of water out of the fridge. “I should have just talked to you, I’m sorry.”

You let out a short laugh as you walked back over to him, “yeah you should have.” You say after you throw the bottle of water next to him.

“I know.” His head hung down slightly.

In one bold move you climbed on top of his lap. He looked up at you in slight confusion as you rested your arms on his shoulders. “Grant Gustin you frustrate me to no end, you know that?” You lean down and kiss him. “This could have been happening so much sooner.”

“Are you serious? I feel so stupid.” Grant let his head roll back out of embarrassment.

“I mean, I have had a crush on you since West Side Story and practically lost it when you were on Glee.” You climbed off of him as he sat there his hair sticking up, slightly in a daze and the biggest grin on his face.

“Ya know, it’s a fine line between fangirl and stalker.” He bumped his knee with yours.

You squint your eyes at him, “Ya wanna know what else is a fine line?”

“Pray tell.” He took a swig of water.

“Getting to stay with me and getting sent back to the trailers.” You smile innocently as you take the water back.

He put on a face of mock shock. “You wouldn’t dare.”

You immediately start to reach for the phone, “I’m sure there is some sort of security here, wanna test it out.”

He grabbed you by the waist and pulled you back out of reach from the phone and started tickling you. You started to fight back and wrestle your way out of it, but it just ended with him on top of you and you unable to move. “Fine you win, you can stay!” You bust out.

He smiled like a triumphant five year old he was. “Good cuz its my turn to play.” He quickly got off of you and grabbed the controller

“First my room and now my game!” You crawled up next to him, laying on your stomach. “You’re lucky you’re a good kisser Grant Gustin.”

“Oh I’m an amazing kisser, thank you very much.” He looked down at you for a moment, “I am sorry though, next time I won’t keep anything back.”

“Neither will I.” He kissed the top of your head as he started back up your game.

jesus i am really really struggling to find time to work my two atm

we’ve got 14 horses atm and that combined with the fuckin!! MUD!!! means mucking out is just taking forever and cuz the arena’s washed out i gotta hitch up the float to take them somewhere to ride and between hitching it and packing it and driving and then parking it after im back that’s a solid hour or so gone? like im getting quicker but you cant rush a reverse park!!

so both boys are getting really inconsistent work and i tihnk it’s beginning to show :( louis’ got so much energy in the paddock, and paddy’s getting pushy and losing even more muscle over the back WHCIH WAS NOT THE PLAn

and i got warringah dressage on the weekend w lou’s first novice test and i am so unprepared fuck

i just gotta start earlier in the morning, at least at 7:30 instead of 8, if not 7, cuz atm im finishing at 1, and the arvo work starts at 3:30, and i also dont have time to eat lunch? which. sucks. and then i just gotta suck it up w the mud and get quicker!!

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I had this dream where me and Namjoon were at a pool party and he got real close to my face and our lips grazed then he just turned at started talking to someone else. Now I'm having a hard time looking at him without thinking about that dream...(also if it seems like i said this already, its because im testing if tumblr is eating my asks cuz i heard that happens....

Lord I’d cry honestly

(and yeah tumblr can do that)

So you know how about 99% of people consider having your girlfriend/boyfriend meet the family to be the ‘keeper test’?

For me, MY CAT is the keeper test!

Proof: when I first started dating, it was with this boy. At one point, he came over to pick me up ‘cuz we were going on a date to an art museum. He liked cats, so when he saw my cat when I brought him into the house, he immediately tried doing all he could to get her to like him (i.e. letting her come to him, letting her sniff him). She did not like him. She didn’t try to bite or scratch him, but she just headed the other way when she saw him and shied away from him all the time. On the other hand, my parents liked him a lot. 

About 2 months later, him and I broke up. Then I discovered that while we had been dating, he had been seeing some Texas dude at the same time.

Skip about a year into the future, when I started dating this girl. She also liked cats. When she came over to my place to watch anime with me, my cat laid on her lap and purred as loud as she does for me (extremely loud), and my cat pretty much made her into her other mom. My parents liked her well enough, but when I told them that we were dating, they got a bit uncomfortable. Relationship couldn’t last, but if she could’ve stayed longer (she had to go back to her home country), it probably would’ve lasted.

Lesson learned: if my cat doesn’t like someone, break it off. If my cat likes someone, keep ‘em!

2nd lesson learned: my cat wants 2 moms, then I’ll get her the best other mom I can get!


I am so sorry

I mean, no. No, I’m not.

But still.

I’ve had this idea running around my head for a few days now, so I decided I’d get it written down. 

Toby is def my favorite character in this AU and I decided I needed more of him and his interactions with Maddie. Just on a more painful level, I guess.

I actually wrote this a while ago, but I didn’t post it cuz I couldn’t think of a title. And then I sorta forgot about it. But it’s here now!



She was scared.

The day had started off relatively normal. She had woken up on time, gone to school, bombed a math test––just another completely ordinary, unremarkable day.

But then she was kidnapped when walking home from school.

And now twelve-year-old Maddie Pines was tied up, gagged, and lying on a cold cement floor.

And she was scared.

The room was dark and cold, wide and spacious, like an abandoned warehouse. She had been tossed in a corner, ignored. The kidnappers, a large group of people in robes, were systematically setting up a summoning circle. From her angle, Maddie couldn’t tell who the circle was for. But that didn’t matter; all demons were bad news.

She closed her eyes and felt a tear trace her cheek. This is it, she thought miserably. This is what Dad was always worried about. It had taken a while for her dad to agree to let her walk to and from school alone, but she had eventually worn him down. And look where it got me.

At that thought, she started to cry harder. Her dad had always been there for her. And more than anything, she wished that he was there for her now.

A hand grabbed her, and her eyes opened with a start.

One of the cultists picked her up off the ground effortlessly and carried her towards the middle of the room.

Towards that circle.

The rest of the members were standing around it, arms out, with their palms pointing towards the ceiling. They were chanting in a language Maddie didn’t recognize. She started to squirm, but the man held her fast. He forced her to her knees next to the circle, and pulled her head back by the hair to expose her neck. He raised a knife.

No no no Daddy Daddy please help me DADDY HELP ME––

There was an explosion of blue flames, and the chanting faltered.

A demon was floating in the center of the circle, coils of shadow winding off his form, cloaking the room in darkness. He wore a trim suit, and his black-and-gold eyes gleamed as he took in the situation around him.


He was a demon, and yet something seemed so familiar about him. His messy brown hair, the crinkles by his eyes, the shape of his nose…. Familiar, yes, but wrong.

“Ĺet̕ ̴he͠r̛ ̛gơ.”

And his voice. She knew that voice, despite its echo, despite the reverb.  

The cult leader, still holding Madeline, fumbled for his words. “O mighty Dreambender, we did not summon thee––”

“L̘̹͚̻̳̣ḛ̯̺̲t̨̳̟̝̤͉̟̞͍͢͞ ̷̻̹̹͎̼͉̕ͅh̥͙̯͡e̢̡̳ŕ͕̹̞̫̻͇̫ ̴͉̮̮̙͚̝̣͘G̡̳O̠̙̥!”

In an instant, the demon’s body was void black, with thin golden brick lines tracing their way around his form. Maddie’s binds were burned away and the cultist dropped her in shock.

She took a grateful gasp of air and looked at the demon before her, the familiar mannerisms starting to click together. “D-dad?”

He didn’t even look at her; just kept his glowing eyes focused on the man standing behind her. “Gęt ou͏t̷ of̛ ̢heŕe, M̸add́i͘e̕.͡ ̸You̶ ̀do͝n'͢t ́wąn͏t͟ ̢to se҉e ͝th͜i̷s.”

And so she ran.

She ran for the only door she could see and was grateful when it led outside, to the fading rays of day. 

She looked around, desperately, openly sobbing, trying to make sense of her surroundings. An alleyway? Backstreet? A few other run-down buildings, similar to the one she had just exited. But nothing familiar.

She had no idea where she was.

In a sudden burst of emotion, she fell to her knees and broke down in tears. It was then she felt something shift in her boot.

With a shuddering gasp, she reached into her shoe and pulled out––

My phone?

But that made no sense. Wouldn’t the cultists have taken it…? No––that didn’t matter. All that mattered was that she had it with her, and there was only one person she wanted to talk to right now.

Maddie scrolled through her contacts until she found the one she was looking for, and hit call.



“Toby?” Her voice was small and afraid, thick with tears.

“Maddie?” Instantly, his normally-bright voice was replaced by one overflowing with fear and concern. “What happened? Are you okay?”

She gasped and hiccuped, still crying. “I’m scared.”

“Maddie, where are you? What happened?

“I––” She tried to form a coherent sentence, and in a tearful burst, the story came rushing out. “They tried to kill me––and then Dad showed up––but it wasn’t Dad and––and––I’m scared––”

“Maddie, Maddie, calm down, everything is going to be alright.” He paused, waiting for her sobs to subside. “Maddie, can you tell me where you are right now?”

“I––I don’t know.”

“Just tell me what you see.”

She looked around desperately, wiping at her face with the palm of her hand. “Old buildings. Like, warehouses. Or something. Um, there are these three tower thingies. I think I can hear water….”

“Okay, okay,” Toby mumbled. “I know where that is. You’re in Bend, in the Old Mill District.” Once a lumber mill, then a shopping center, now abandoned. “That’s not too far. I’ll be there as soon as I can. Just stay calm, okay? Stay right there, Maddie. I promise, everything is going to be just fine.”

She sniffled. “Okay.”


Maddie sat on the opposite side of the street from the warehouse she had been in. Her head was buried in her hands as she did her best to ignore the screams coming from the building across the alley.

Please, Toby, please.

And the tears wouldn’t stop.

It seemed like forever before she heard the sound of an engine. She looked up and was relieved to see a familiar car pulling to a stop just down the street.


As soon as he stepped out of the car, she ran towards him and flung herself into his arms. He knelt on the ground and pulled her close, letting her cry into his shoulder.

“Oh, gosh. You’re okay, Maddie, you’re okay,” he whispered soothingly into her tangled hair. “Everything’s going to be alright. Umm, it’s okay, you can cry if you want to. But also don’t cuz that’s sad and stuff. But it’s okay! Shh, hey, it’s okay, I’m here. I’m right here. No one’s going to hurt you, I promise.” He waited for her to calm down before gently pulling away to meet her eyes. “Maddie,” he said softly, reaching out to brush a lock of hair from her face. “I want you to tell me exactly what happened, okay?”

She took a deep shuddering breath. “They––they were gonna summon something but I dunno what and then Dad was there but it wasn’t Dad, it was a demon and there was blue fire everywhere and his eyes and––and Toby, I was so scared––”

“Hey, hey,” he soothed. “It’s okay. It’s okay, Maddie, there’s nothing to be afraid of.” But she saw the almost-indiscernible glint of fear in his eyes. He pulled her back into a hug. “Ugh, you shouldn’t have found out like this,” he muttered under his breath, his voice muffled by her hair.

“What?” Maddie demanded sharply, recoiling, her eyebrows furrowed. “W-what do you mean?”

For a moment, he wore that oh-shit-I-messed-up face, his eyes darting uncertainly. “I didn’t mean for you hear that….”  He groaned in resignation, absently running a hand through his hair. “We weren’t sure how to tell you….”

“Toby, what are you talking about?!”

“Maddie, look at me,” Toby urged. “I promise, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Okay? He loves you, Maddie. He would never do anything to hurt you, okay? Never.”



She froze at the sound of his voice. She hadn’t even noticed that the screaming from inside the warehouse had stopped, and now he was coming out and––

Alcor, looking mostly human again, saw the two of them across the street and his shoulders sagged with apparent relief. He floated over to them, and Toby stood to meet him.

His daughter, his Mizar, was clutching Toby’s legs tightly. “Maddie––”

“You’re scaring her.”

Alcor stopped. With a deep exhale, his demonic aspects melted away. His wings folded into nothing, his ears shrank, and when he opened his eyes again, Maddie saw the familiar brown that she was so used to. Looking human again, looking like Tyrone Pines, he crouched down beside her.

“Maddie,” he murmured. “I’m so sorry. Are you alright? Did they hurt you?”

“I’m okay,” she whispered.

She wasn’t; he could see her aura. Vast heavy blues, nearly enveloping her whole form, interspersed with writhing yellows and stabbing peaks of white, sad and confused and––damn it all––scared. Terrified.

She sniffled and wiped her nose with the back of her hand. “I just wanna go home.” Her voice broke.

Alcor gave her a small, tentative, smile. “Okay. Let’s go home.” He held out a hand to her, and after a moment’s hesitation, she took it. His smile grew warmer and more genuine, and he stood back up to address Toby. “Thank you, Toby.”

Toby put his hands in his pockets and shrugged. “Anytime.”

Alcor paused, unsure what to say next. “Do you…would…what I mean to….” He grunted in frustration, seeming to silently argue with himself before, defeated, he offered Toby his other hand. “You coming?”

Toby rubbed the back of his neck. “I, ah, I should probably just drive. I don’t want to leave my car out here….”

“Right, yeah, okay. But I’ll see you back at the house?”

“Yeah, I’ll––”

“Can I ride with Toby?”

Both men froze when Maddie spoke. Alcor looked down at her, then over to Toby, who shrugged helplessly in return.

“Yeah,” Alcor said distantly. “Yeah, of course you can.”

“Go ahead and get in the car,” Toby told her gently. Without another word, she let go of Alcor’s hand and started towards the car.

When the door closed, Alcor let out an angered scream and punched the wall beside him. He lowered his face, resting his forehead against the wall. “I fucked up, Toby.”

Toby’s gaze shifted from him to the wall and back again until he’d nearly chewed a hole into the side of his cheek and decided he’d best do something. He sighed and tentatively placed one hand on the demon’s shoulder. “I’ll talk to her,” he promised. “Don’t worry. I’ll see you back at the house, okay?”

Alcor nodded absently. “How did you know to come?”

“She called me.”

A swell of emotion rose in Alcor. Anger, jealousy––how dare Mizar trust him, trust B̩̺̖̬̹͓͓Í͈L͔̮̮L̳̭͚̠͈ more than she trusts M̶̥̯̹̣E̩̥––but he forced it down.

“Thank you.”


The car ride was tense and awkward.

Toby was in the driver’s seat, and Maddie had the backseat to herself. She didn’t speak, just looked sullenly out the window as dusk fell around them.

Toby took a deep breath. “Are you going to be okay, Maddie?”

She didn’t respond.

“It’s happened to me too…the whole kidnapping thing…multiple times, it was, ah….” He sighed. “I was terrified, but he was there to help. Every time. I guess that kinda stuff just…happens when you’re raised by a demon, huh?” He wasn’t quite sure if what he was saying made any sense. He just had to keep going, had to fill the silence. “Growing up with a demon can be kinda weird, but no matter what, he’ll be there for you. He’ll always protect you. Maddie?” He glanced at her in the rearview mirror; she hadn’t budged. “He’s always looked out for you,” Toby continued. “Even since before you were born. Lifetime after lifetime, he’s been there, watching over you and keeping you safe. He loves you, Maddie. And he’d never do anything to hurt you.”

At the red light, he risked a glance over his shoulder. The girl in the backseat was silent.

The light turned green, and Toby kept driving. “I remember the first time I met you,” he said quietly. “You were only a few months old, and had been living with him for barely a month. And I remember the way he looked at you. He never looked at me like that.” Toby’s eyes were downcast, lost in memories. “He loves you so much, Maddie. He loved you more after a month than he did with me after years.” His knuckles were white, clenching the steering wheel. “There’s nothing you need to be afraid of.”

“How did you find out?”

She had been so silent that the sudden question came as a shock to him. “Ah, I always knew. He adopted me when I was eight. In public, he looked human, and called himself Tyrone Pines. But when it was just the two of us, he was always…just…Alcor.”


It was a name that she had only heard in stories, whispered in passing. She was only just starting to learn about demons in school, and they always start with the lesser known, weaker ones. But everyone knew the name Alcor.

“Alcor,” she repeated softly. “The Dreambender.”

“The Twin Star, King of Nightmares, Devourer of Souls, the Forgotten One, Protector of Children, and about a billion other names we can never keep track of.” He chuckled softly. “That’s another thing: he’s always there to chase off your nightmares.”

After a moment, Maddie looked up and met Toby’s eyes in the rearview. “Is…is this going to change anything?”

“Nah,” he replied. “I’ll probably just call him Alcor more often than…Dad. And he might be a bit more open with what exactly it is that he’s doing when he’s not home. But other than that….” He turned around at the red light to smile at his sister. “Everything’s gonna be just like it was before.”


They fell into a comfortable silence. The tension was still there, hanging over them, but it had lessened into something a bit more relaxed.

“What do you wanna do when we get back home?” Toby asked her as they neared the house. “What’s that one movie you really like, the Disney one…? Ah, Starlight Princess?”

“Can we?”

They pulled into the driveway, and Toby killed the engine. He looked back at Maddie with a smile. “Princess, we can do whatever you want to.”


I’m addressing this due to a few comments I got from my beta reader. As to why Alcor was acting so friendly towards Toby and not all tsundere-y. I imagine that as the years go by, he’s just more open and caring towards Toby. And I doubt that he would be all “I’m not doing this because I like you or anything” while Maddie is around and in earshot. Eh. Idk.

(I remember there being a headcanon that the Disney Princess Mizar movie was Maddie’s favorite, so I incorporated that at the end. A Starlight Princess is one of the suggested titles for the movie that I remember seeing in the Disney Princess tag.)

anonymous asked:

How can those Ji/Bae/Top/Dae fans that hate and bash Ri ever call themselves "fan" of said BB member(s)? When it's clear as day the hyungs all adore Ri- treat him like real beloved little brother, and very protective of him. No way they'd take it kindly toward "fans" who claim Ri is useless in BB, or unnecessary. Imo BB documentary the staffs at YG all picked Ri and Hyunseung overwhelmingly- they should've been in. But YG cut them both- funny right? I think he did it to test them further- don't

People like that aren’t fans, they are just trash. I understand that you can like only some members it’s okay, your lose but if you started shit about others then you are just trash. I don’t even waste my time for people like that. Yea hyungs really love him and adore<still sometimes go too far> I have hate and love relationship with Taeyang also cuz Ri, but yea hyungs love him, especially in this comeback. It’s one of the mln reasons why this album, era is the best to me. Yes, in BB documentary most staff said that they are for Seungri, Daesung and Hyunseung but You know, YG from beginning knew who will be in BB, like he always knew even in Who is next and Mix&Match? I knew it even when I started watch this, I didn’t knew then that Ri really didn’t get at first but when I watched it I knew that he and Hyunseung wouldn’t do it. It was so strange cuz I know Ri is in BB so I thought how is it possible… He just wanted to test Ri. You know what is the most sad? That when someone say that Ri is in something the best, it’s some Vips who come then and start: I am Vip from bla bla” “Even if I am Vip and I know that Seungri isn’t..” Vips really don’t like that much give Seungri the best in something, especially kvips, now in this year it’s better and better and I am happy and You can see how Ri is happy. He was so happy in his first concert in Seoul before official Loser and Bae bae. I was crying then cuz it was really first time that kvips treated him that well. I even thought that day like that would never come. Return to that the best thing: when I was going to FB or to bigbangupdates, YT there were post like Seungri is really the best in technique in dance<cuz he is, Taeyang dance more with music You know, if he trains other dancers it would be difficult to him, cuz he life with music, he just moving so he would need some kind of dancers who knew how to dance and are creative, they are just good> Ri is the best in techniques and choreographs so it’s why he would be better teacher for beginners, but of course fans don’t want to give him anything with the best, even if it’s fact. Also like he is the best in harmonising but many don’t want to admit it either, when some Vips tell that Ri can hit high note, other half of Vips will laugh at that. When someone said that Ri was the best at dance earlier, it’s fucking true! His group was so popular, they won a lot of awards, and it was Seungri who choreographed their dance, he got to YG cuz his dance and choreographed so many BB dance but of course most Vips don’t know it but how they would when they are not that interested and just give him, he can’t or cuz stupid YG who don’t even said<I think never?> that it was Seungri. I think it was one of the members. Seungri was the best at beginning even Taeyang admit this! Teayang for beginning wasn’t that good, he just started now he is amazing yes, but why many fans repeat that Ri never was better than Taeyang!? He was! When YG said in documentary that two groups will be fight each other in dance IT WAS SEUNGRI’S TEAM AND G-DRAGON’S TEAM AND TAEYANG CHOSE BY YOURSELF THAT HE WANTS TO BE IN SEUNGRI’S TEAM CUZ HE KNEW, AND IT WAS SEUNGRI WHO CHOREOGRAPHED WHOLE THING AND IT WAS SEUNGRI’S TEAM WHO WON AND I NEVER FORGIVE YG THAT AT THE END HE SAID THAT CONGRATULATIONS TAEYANG’S TEAM WIN. LIKE WHAT THE FUCK YG!? HE DID THAT SPECIALLY CUZ HE KNEW WHO WILL BE IN BB FROM BEGINNING AND EVEN IF SEUNGRI’S TEAM WON WHEN HE DID 90% OF THINGS+PATIENTLY LEARNT TOP ALL MOVES, YG JUST DIDN’T GIVE FUCK AND FANS STARTED STUPIDLY REPEAT NOW IN ARGUMENTS WHEN SOMEONE SAID THAT SEUNGRI WAS THE BEST IN DANCE: even in their documentary Taeyang was that good that HIS TEAM WON. Fuck you fuckers!? You really watched the same thing? Stupidness is everywhere  I see. It’s why I hate when Teayang said something bad about Seungri’s dance and he did that many times, I hate him then, but I started love again cuz other things. Geez.

The same goes when someone said that Seungri is the best in fanservice, other Vips started then: but other members are good too? Like what the fuck!? You think I don’t know? But why they always have to…or when some Vips<not only even> said that Ri is the most dedicated to their fans, and learn languages for them, others said, but others are dedicated too, G-dragon can speak English, French ….Taeyang can….It wasn’t about them! Can You at once give Seungri fucking credit which he deserve!? He learns all the languages in every fucking country even if it short phrase, just to communicate with fans! like he even said that he likes haters cuz he can learn a lot from them and they are some kind of fans too!?? LIKE YOU ARE STUPID LEE SEUNGHYUN OR WHAT!? THEY ARE JUST TRASH STOP DEFEND THEM! When he did something bad then kips and other vips were so bad to him at concerts etc. and don’t even react to him! Like, hell!? he wasn’t one who did bad things!? what about others!? There were a lot of events when fans at fanmeeting were so bad toward Seungri and said him hateful words<and I think this is one of reason why they didn’t have that kind of fanmeeting anymore> Sadly, I could go on forever. THE MOST THINGS WHO REALLY PISSED ME OFF WAS WHEN J-HOPE SAID THAT SEUNGRI WAS THE BEST IN DANCE IN THEIR ACADEMY THEN FANS-VIPS! STARTED THAT: lol Seungri? you know to that academy went also that person, and that bl bla, how Seungri can be better than them? Omo how sweet of J-hope he is really biased……I just want kill people like that and become assassin who will kill even without orders. OR WHEN IN BB DOCUMENTARY VOCALIST TEACHER SAID THAT SEUNGRI VOICE IS THE STRONG<STABLE> AND FANS WERE LIKE: loool Seungri? I think something is wrong there? HE HAD THE MOST STABLE VOICE THEN CUZ TAEYANG WAS MORE CONCENTRATED ABOUT HIS RAP WITH GD AS DUO SO HE STARTED TRAINED HIS VOICE THEN AND DAESUNG WASN’T STABLE THAT MUCH TOO THEN! Yes seungri had short range with his voice it’s true, and then Daesung had the most<he still has> but now Seungri range is more and more and GO FUCKING MORONS TO WATCH HIS SINGING BEFORE YOU STARTED SHITS!?

I also hate when some GDstan said that it’s him who is the more hated and poor, like bitch then start be Seungri fan.

Lol, I am sorry for any mistakes but emotions…I just remember all these fucking hurtful words and events and now I am crying. Being Seungri’s bias is the most difficult cuz whole Korea hate him, not only YG and many kvips.

It’s why I love tumblr, not only cuz here are nice people but also cuz here these people <I mean Vips> appreciated Seungri. Sadly I don’t find other website, place like tumblr where Vips are that nice to Seungri. About haters here: I don’t give a fuck cuz even if here are many of them it’s only place where are that many fans who love Lee Seunghyun also~and this is the most important to me.

Chapter 29: All Bs Aside.


“Man, it’s boring..” I mumbled to myself as I thought of all possible things to do. Didn’t wanna go down to the shop, it’s too far. Didn’t feel like making beats, I gotta really be focused and determined. I just wanna  chill with somebody or something. I wasn’t even bout to hit up Raye. She been acting real funny for the past week so fuck her.

Bliss was downstairs studying, being all nerdy and shit, but I don’t care I’m bout to bother her anyways. She be all over me when I’m working. 

Hopping out of my bed, I slid down the rail of the stairs and landed perfectly at the bottom of the stairway. Immediately, I seen Bliss sitting on the couch with her reading glasses on, studying. She looked cute as fuck being all smart, no lie. “Baeeeeeeee!” I yelled as she ignored me and continued reading to herself. 

“BAEEEEEEE, entertain me.” I said as I sat on her lap and started poking her sides. In about 2.5 seconds, she turned into mean Bliss. Sometimes I like mean Bliss, but sometimes she makes me mad. 

“What the fuck, Chris? Move! I have a test tomorrow, and if I fail, all my money that I put into this school will go to waste, then my career’s gonna fail, then I’m gonna be a fai–” I quickly cut off her rambling sitting up to suck on her hotspot; her neck. 

“Nope, I-I’m not falling for it. I’m finding some where else to study. Goodbye, Chris.” She stuttered as she pushed me off of her and found some slides to put on along with her purse and books. She grabbed her keys off of the coffee table, and with that she left. 

“Ah fuck her.” I mumbled to myself as I grabbed my phone out of my pocket to text her. I can’t wait til this school shit is over, she always gotta fucking study. Why did she have to choose a doctor as a career? 

Me: if you don’t come back by noon we gon fight real shit 😒

I shook my head because that reminded me of the last time we fought. It was actually the first and last time we’ll ever fight. Bliss is too fucking sensitive and she ain’t talk to me for the longest after that shit. Had a nigga thinking bout crying. 

Since she still hadn’t text back, I sent her another text and she texted back immediately. 


CocoaPuff😍😘😜😋🙊💘💍: STAWP PLEYAN ✋✋✋ I’m putting my phone on airplane mode 🙅 ur annoying 

Me: bliss 😤 I swear to god if you do that fuck shit. what if somebody kidnaps me? 😒 yo ass wouldn’t even know cuz u wanna be petty n put yo stupid ass phone on airplane mode ❗️ 

CocoaPuff😍😘😜😋🙊💘💍: well please stop bothering me, this test is sooooo important. & if somebody kidnapped you they’d bring you black cuz your annoying asf 💁 chill Chris seriously

Me: nah I’m bored 😑 y u treat me like animal 🙍

Me: bliss 😩😩😩😩 

Me: ok 👌 bet 🙎 

CocoaPuff😍😘😜😋🙊💘💍: fuck 😤😤😤😤 if u leave me alone I’ll give u some head when I get back 

Me: ight bae 😉😘 be safe 

I smiled to myself as I did a little happy dance. Bliss gave the best head ever, I swear. I need to start annoying her all the time. I was about to text her again until Amarie texted me. I told her how to just talk into the phone so it could spell out what she’s saying since she didn’t know how to spell everything yet. 

Ri😘😜😎😇👶👌👫💘💞: daddy 

I swear, she texts me every minute of the day, but it actually makes me laugh so I ain’t tripping. Instead of texting back, I decided the FaceTime her. As soon as I hit the call button, she answered. 

“Hi daddy!” Amarie yelled all hype through the phone. Her dimples deepened as she smiled, and it was the cutest thing ever. Raye and I both have dimples so I guess it was a trait she took after both of us. 

“Wassup Ri? What did you want?” I asked as I took a screenshot of us because she was cheesing mad hard. I wonder where Raye at. Ri looked like she was under her bed. 

“Daddy, Mommy and Don fighting!” She said before she got closer to her door and became silent. I turned my volume up and heard Don’s loud voice tell Raye to stfu causing my blood to boil. If that ain’t the most disrespectful.. He don’t gotta do all that around my daughter.

“Baby girl stay right where you at. I’m on my way.” I told her as slid into some slides and grabbed my keys before leaving my house. I made sure that I had my key to Raye’s house before I even pulled off. It didn’t take long to get there, and when I did I could still hear their asses from downstairs. 

I was about to go the fuck off. Raye could’ve called me and asked me to get her before all this bs. I don’t want Amarie hearing that. They ain’t doing nothin but screaming like 1000 curse words plus you could hear loud thuds and shit breaking. 

Clenching my jaw, I made my way up to Raye’s room before quickly turning the doorknob only for it to be locked. “RAYE OPEN THIS DOOR!”   I yelled as I started banging on her door. I heard her curse to herself and then after a while I heard silence. 

After about 5 minutes, the door knob twisted and there stood Raye in a gold silk robe, ponytail, and no makeup. 

“Is there a reason why you’re beating on my door this early?!” She yelled as she made her way downstairs. I followed right behind her ass too. 

“Yes! You and your nigga doing all this yelling while my daughter is in the house! Ri called me and told me to listen to y'all! What the fuck is up Raye, you could’ve called me and told me to come get her! Were y'all actually fighting?” I yelled back as she gasped. She always trying to play dumb. Starting to think its not an act anymore. 

“Chris, I swear I thought she was sleep!” She said as I looked at her like she was lying. I ignored her and went back upstairs to get Amarie so that she could stay at my place for the week. They can continue they lil argument.

“Where are you going with her?” Raye asked as she followed right behind me into Ri’s room. Since she already had shit at my house, I didn’t bother to pack much. I only got the stuff she needed for her hair cause Bliss likes to do it all the time. 

“Back the fuck up, Raye.” I said calmly, putting all Ri’s hair products in a backpack. Good thing Ri is downstairs. I hope she doesn’t hear this. 

“No, you can’t just show up to people’s house taking people without asking!” Raye said, sounding dumb as fuck to me. That didn’t even make sense. I don’t give a fuck what she talking bout, I’m taking Amarie for the week. 

“Bihhh, get the fuck outta here Raye this is my daughter. Take yo ass back in yo room and go fight yo man.”

“My nigga, don’t come up in here talking to her like you a boss or some shit.” Don said, growing a pair of balls. He had some nerve talking to me. Shit, even standing in my presence.

“Get the fuck away from me man, I already don’t fuck wit’ you. If I find out you put yo hands on my bm, it’s over for you." 

"Stop saying that Chris, he didn’t put his hands on me, he’s not you!” Raye yelled, frustrated. Damn, that lowkey hurt a nigga’s feelings. That’s how she feeling? Bet. She always wanna pull the abuse card. 

“That was low as hell, fuck you Raye. Every time I try to move forward with you, you always do some fuck shit to get us right back where we started. Fuck you and this clown ass nigga.” I spat, clearly hurt. 

“Fuck you t–” before this nigga could even finish his sentence, I sent a blow to his face cause his presence was just annoying tf out of me.

“Daddy!” Was all I heard before all hell broke loose. 


“Amarie baby, I’m sorry.” I apologized as I opened the door to my house. She was crying her eyes out. She thought something was really wrong with me. Now I feel like complete shit. 

She wiped her tears, and moved her hands away from her eyes. My phone started vibrating from a FT call and I knew it was Bliss but I ignored it anyway. My baby is more important. 

“Daddy, you scwared’ me.” Amarie said as she finally went back to her normal self. This was my first time seeing her cry and it broke my heart. 

“I’m so sorry, baby. It’ll never happen again, okay?” I assured her as she slowly nodded her head and held her arms out for me so I could pick her up. “You wanna see Cocoa?” I asked as Ri’s face lit up causing me to chuckle. She loved her some Cocoa. On queue, I heard the front door unlock and Bliss came in.

“Not gone speak?” I asked as she looked up at Amarie and I. 

“Oh shit, my bad.” Bliss laughed as I shook my head laughing with her. She must’ve just got done studying or something, she looked tired. I’ll let her get some rest. 

“Hey you guys.” She smiled weakly as she waved at us. She was about to speak again but somebody’s yelling cut her off.

“CHRISTOPHER MAURICE!” I heard from outside of the front door. It was loud as hell and it made all of us jump. I knew it was Raye, but what she mad for?

“Dang, who’s that?” Bliss asked, scrunching up her face. See, even she heard that loud ass shit.

“Go to your room Amarie.” I said to Amarie because I knew shit was probably about to get real. I really ain’t feel like arguing, I wanted to cuddle with Amarie and Bliss. I think I’m about to hide and ignore Raye. 

“She sounds furious, I’ll be in our room, attempting to sleep.” Bliss said before jogging upstairs with Amarie. Hesitating at first, I followed behind Bliss and saw her laying in bed with her eyes closed. 

“You wanna go to the studio with me, baby?” I asked Bliss as I started playing in her soft, curly purple hair. 

“No baby, I’ll stay here.” She mumbled in a sleepy tone. I knew she was sleepy, but I really wanted her to go. We be having a blast when it’s just her, Ri and I. 

“Alright, I love you. If you need anything call me.” I said as I quickly hovered over her to kiss her on the cheek. Hearing her soft snores, I realized that she was already sleep. 

Raising the blanket up a little bit, I noticed that she was naked so I smirked and went under them, putting her legs above my shoulders. Raye would have to wait real quick. 


“Chill out Don, it’s cool.” I said softly, trying to calm Don down from him and Chris’ argument earlier. This whole thing could’ve been prevented. He could’ve just nicely told me to make sure Amarie’s out the house next time because I really thought she was sleep. She’s usually sleep early in the morning and she’s a hard sleeper so I didn’t think she’d be up. What Chris did was really embarrassing.

“I’m out, control yo bitch ass baby daddy.” Don said before he slammed my door and left. I sucked my teeth and sighed because now I have to deal with him being on his period and in his feelings. He may not seem like it, but he has a really short temper and to prevent anything bad happening he just leaves.

I’m not even gonna waste my breathe yelling at Chris because knowing him, he’d probably pull some shit like that again. He could’ve just asked did I know Amarie was up instead of acting a fucking ass. 

I know I was wrong for that little smart comment, and I honestly feel bad as hell for it. It just slipped, I wasn’t thinking I was just mad. For the past week, Chris has been acting real petty towards Don and it’s honestly getting annoying. 

Don😍😘😏👫💘:  leave the door unlocked, ion got my key & I need to come get my stuff, goin back to my place for a lil bit. 

I sighed because I hated when he acted like that. “Lil bit” meant for about a month. I guess he needs to cool off from Chris’ childish and petty games. I’ll give him his space. 

Me: ok I’m going to talk to Chris about this rn. Sorry for not handling it when it got out of hand the first time. 

When I realized that he wasn’t going to text back, I grabbed my small Chanel purse and left the house. 


“CHRIS I KNOW YOU’RE IN HERE! I SEE YOUR CAR!” I yelled, banging on the front door a little more harder this time. He was acting like he wasn’t here trying to hide and shit. I’ve been out here for fucking ever. What the hell has he been doing?

“What? Why are you here community pussy?” He asked me with an annoyed look on his face. I’m fucking tired of him calling me that EVERYTIME he gets mad. 

“Don’t start Chris. I’ve only been with 3 men my whole life. You can’t even count on your fingers and toes to describe how many bitches you fucked so miss me with that.” I stated ,hitting him some pure facts. 

“Whatever Raye, what you want? If you came to get Amarie, go back home. She staying here for the week.” He said as I scrunched my face. That’s not why I came but how he gone tell me where my child is staying? 

“That’s not why I came dipshit, I came to put you in your fucking place.” I said as a smirk plastered across his face. Ugh, he needs to grow up for the sake of Amarie. 

“I am in my place, look around.” He said referring to the fact that this was his house. He always got jokes at the wrong time. Everything ain’t funny. 

“I hate to cut your little comedian career short, but you’re not funny.” I said as his smile dropped, causing me to smile but then I got back serious.

“Why have you been acting petty all week? You’ve been disrespecting me AND Don over little shit.” I asked as he waved me off.

“Man, shut up talking to me with that bullshit. I ain’t did shit to you.” He said as he sat down on the couch.

“Why do you continue to treat me like I don’t mean anything to you Chris? Is everything you tell me a lie? You treat Alisha and Bliss with so much more respect and I’m the mother of your child!” I yelled as I felt hot tears stream down my face. I didn’t even plan on crying. He sucked his teeth and groaned.

“I do love you, Raye. It’s just the shit you do that pisses me off to the max. Like that Don shit, I tell you all the time that I don’t want that nigga around me. I barely want him around Amarie but I know that’s not gonna happen. Why would you let him show up here knowing I don’t fuck with him? You obviously don’t respect me either.” He informed me.

“Chris, you’re the one that kept bugging me about bringing her! I had a makeup appointment for a client that I was gonna be late for. So who else was gonna bring her?” I explained, trying to get him to understand that I didn’t do it on purpose. 

“I told you to let me come get her myself then you said and I quote "nah I got it”. Why would you say you got it if you knew you wasn’t gonna bring her?“ He asked, getting mad all over again.

"I don’t know Chris, you’re right. That’s where I fucked up at, I should’ve just let you get her. Even though you told me you didn’t like him, I still didn’t think it’d be a problem but next time I’ll just listen.” I said, owning up to my mistakes.

“But wait, there’s more!” Chris said like the dude on the OxiClean commercial. I wanted to laugh but this was a serious moment. 

“I don’t like how I call your phone to tell you that I’m about to come get Ri and the nigga’s always like ‘nah you gotta come some other time, we busy’ like nigga what the fuck he mean 'we busy’? That’s my motherfucking daughter, not his. You need to remind that nigga that. One more thing, I don’t like how when he ain’t around you call me talking bout how you wanna spend time just the 3 of us. That shit is dead, EVERYTIME I want to you always act fucking funny. And don’t think I forgot about those drunk ass text about how you miss me and you wanna be a f–” I quickly cut him off because I didn’t want him bringing the last part up. I don’t know what I was thinking sending that. 

“Ok! I understand, don’t bring that up.” I pouted, not wanting to discuss that topic.

“Nah, cause you almost made me get my ass beat for that shit. Had Bliss thinking I cheated on her. Don’t ever pull no bullshit like that.” He warned me.

“Ok Chris I’m sorry but don’t come at me like I’m the only one that does wrong sometimes because you do too!” I said as I tucked my hair behind my ear.
“What do I do?” He asked, curiously.

“The names! You STAY disrespecting me, Chris! I bet you’ve never called Bliss or Alisha a bitch. Why me? What did I do to you? I’m nothing but nice to you yet you always treat me like I’m nothing. You’ve bullied me, tortured me, and talked to me like I ain’t shit.  Why does Bliss get special treatment? What if Amarie hears you one day? What if Amarie has to go through what you put me through? You know you wouldn’t like that.” I stated, rolling my eyes.

“Ok, ok. You right, I’m gone work on that. I’m sorry, I promise I’ll stop.” He assured me as I smiled and nodded.

“You got any Blistex? My lips are kinda chapped.” I asked, touching my lips. He sucked his teeth and looked at me, clenching his jaw. Damn, what did I do? 

“Chill the fuck out Raye. If she was to come out the kitchen and slap you I probably wouldn’t even do anything cause you the one that keep fucking with her. Telling you, you better stop she got a short temper.” He said in a stern tone.

“I wasn’t even trying to be funny, I was being serious. It’s not my fault she got this exotic ass name. And I wish that bitch would.” I said, furrowing my eyebrows at these weak threats he was giving me.

“Whatever, go get Amarie so we can go to the studio.” He said as he grabbed his keys to his car to go start it up. 

We gotta do better. 


“Damn my throat hurts.” I mumbled to myself as I scrunched up my face while massaging my throat. I was playing with one of my nieces in her sleep but when she woke up she thought I was trying to scare her ass so she punched me. 

This shit still hurts. Ion even think I should be at the studio right now. I was supposed to be working with a new producer on a song I wrote. 

Once I made my way to my destination, I knocked on the door before walking in and heard a 'come in’. When I opened the door I thought I had the wrong room or something because there Chris was, playing around with beats and shit with a little girl in his lap. 

“Aw, hell nah.” Chris scrunched up his face as he looked at me. This nigga need to let this shit go. I’m over all the bullshit, I just wanna work on the song and get this the fuck over with.

“Bad word daddy!” The little girl said as she lightly smacked Chris on his arm. This must be the baby Raye was pregnant with, she looks a lot like her.  

“I’m sorry, baby.” Chris chuckled as he puckered up his lips for her to kiss. She kissed them and he went over board and started tickling her, causing her giggles to fill the room. Not gonna lie, it made me smile a lil bit. 

“Ain’t tryna’ ta’ interrupt yo’ lil family time, but when we gone start?” I finally spoke as he swung his chair around just to face me with a mug on his face. He was pissing me off, he lucky his daughter is in here. Niggas can’t let bygones be bygones. 

“I don’t even wanna work with you, ion’ like you.” He said calmly because his daughter was in here. I could tell that this was about to turn into an argument. Just in time to save the day, Raye came in smiling until she saw me. 

“Um hi, August..” She smiled awkwardly at me. I missed her like crazy but I wasn’t gone show it. I ain’t seen her in forever, and damn she looks good. When I finally came back to Cali, I seen her bump and I was excited as hell but she ain’t look too happy. 


Pulling the extra key I had to Raye’s house outside of my pocket, I used it to unlock the door and it still worked. I told Raye I was gone come back 6 months ago, but I couldn’t because my mom was getting worse. Thank God she’s doing good now.

I decided to forgive Raye for kissing Chris, because no matter how much I thought about breaking up with her, I didn’t want to over no stupid kiss. I just hope that I’m doing right by giving her a second chance. 

“This baby needs to hurry and come out.” I heard Raye groan from the kitchen. Baby, what baby? Quickly jogging into the kitchen, Raye heard my footsteps and turned around. When she did, both of us had shocked looks on our faces. Me, because she had this big ass baby bump, and her because she probably wasn’t expecting me to be here. 

“August.. What are you doing here?” Raye asked as she added an awkward chuckle afterwards. Damn, she wasn’t happy to see me? A nigga was flabbergasted to see her. 

“What I’m doin hea’? I’m ya boyfriend, what you mean?” I asked as I placed my hands on her stomach and smiled. Immediately, she moved back from my touch. The fuck is up with her? 

“Why you ain’t tell me you was pregnant? I would’ve came back..” I smiled at her as I intertwined my fingers with hers. Damn I can’t believe I’m gone have a baby. 

“August.. it’s not your baby!” She blurted out and I looked at her not believing what she just said. I immediately snatched my hands away from hers. 

“So that mean… You cheated on me again like foreal foreal this time?” I asked out of disbelief. Is she dumb? How could she cheat on me? Again at that. She stayed silent and that pissed me off more. She always does that shit. 

“Who the fuck did you fuck while I was gone?!” I yelled, making her jump a little bit. 

“Chris.” I don’t get it. I haven’t done anything to physically, or mentally hurt her so why does she keep doing this shit to me? Chris used to slap her ass around all the time, yet he gets all her attention? How dumb. 

“Damn Raye, I thought you were better than that. You ain’t nothing but just like the nasty trashy ass hoes I used to fuck with. I thought I had something different, but boy I thought wrong. I just forgave you for that kissing shit and you go and pull some dirty shit like that? I’m fucking disgusted! I’m out at home being faithful as fuck, takin care of my moms, while you out chea’ poppin pussy for ya ex that you claim you can’t stand! Why the fuck would you lead me on making me think you love me?! You'on love me, you love that nigga!” I rambled as she started crying and reaching for my arm to grab but I snatched it away. I didn’t give a fuck about her pussy ass tears. Fuck her feelings, she wasn’t thinking about mines when she fucked Chris. 

“I fucking had your back all them times when that nigga was treating you like shit, and this the muthafuckin’ thanks I get? If I hadn’t came around, he’d still probably be punkin’ yo ass but you'on care. I had all these opportunities to go back to Christina but did I? Nah, but it’s a whole different story with you. You fucked me over twice!" 

"Why Raye? That’s all I wanna know. I wasted all this fucking time messing around with you, you ain’t nun’ but a damn joke. Fuck you and have fun with ya no good ass baby daddy. You love him so much, but where he at now? Oh yea, he with another bitch, not giving a fuck if you okay or not. It wasn’t even worth it, B.” I shook my head in disappointment. 

“Don’t call me when that nigga start beating yo ass again.” And with that, I left. I didn’t even notice I was crying until I got in my car and my shirt seemed a little wet. A nigga was hurt. 

I gave her my everything. 

*Flashback over*

“Raye, take Ri real quick.” Chris said as Raye nodded and picked up their daughter. Raye left the room, leaving just Chris and I in here. 

“Fuck is ya’ problem? You bein’ petty as fuck. If anything I should be the one acting shady, cause you went behind my back and fucked Raye. But am I? Nah, it’s four fucking years later let that other bullshit go.” I spat as he chuckled, pissing me off even more. The fuck was funny? 

“Don’t come up in here telling me how I sh–” Raye came back in with Amarie, giving Chris a look and he sucked his teeth. 

“Fine, let’s get starte–” Raye cut off Chris 

“Chris, I think you should just drop it. Don’t you miss you guys’ friendship? I remember when I used to always see you two together at school always smiling. Just forget about the past and move forward. Please?” Raye explained as she gave me a friendly wink from helping me out a lil bit. Chris sat there and thought about it.

“Cool?” I asked as I held my hand out. He hesitated at first but then a smile plastered across his face as he took my hand and did one of our old handshakes. Not gonna lie, I missed our friendship a little bit too. Glad to have him back. 

“Oh my gosh! Forget the song, let’s go celebrate! You can work on it tomorrow!” Raye yelled excitedly as she jumped off of the couch. I guess we could work on it tomorrow, I got time. 

Chris started gathering his equipment, and Raye grabbed their daughters toys before leaving. “Mommy, who that? He cute.” Their daughter said as she looked back at me, causing me to smile. She reminded me so much of Raye. 

“Call me Uncle Aug.” I said, smiling down at her. She nodded her head and walked off heading towards Chris who was already in the car leaving Raye and I by ourselves. 

“Thanks, a lot.” I thanked her as she looked up at me and smiled. She gave me a thumbs up and gasped afterwards leaving me confused. 

“It’s the least I can do and omg you’ve gotten so handsome and tall!” She said smiling as she roughly shook me to where we both almost fell. Maybe it was best for us to break up. I got my both of my friends back, plus another beautiful niece. 

“Ay Aug, meet me at my house. I’ll send you the address." 

"Daddy! Can I wide’ wit’ Uncwle’ Aug?” Amarie begged, causing me to chuckle. Chris faked like he was hurt, causing her to grab his face and give him a quick kiss before she ran over to me. I picked her up and twirled her around in the air causing loud giggles to leave her mouth. 

“We gon’ be bestfriends.” I said to Amarie as she nodded and gave me a high five with a big smile on her face. Getting her situated in the back of my car, I made my way to the front and started it up. Before I pulled off, I turned on some music so that we could sing some songs and she actually had a good voice.


When I made my way into Chris’ house, the first person I saw was Bliss looking curious as hell.

“Wassup lil ugly? Was acting like you couldn’t speak at the party.” I mugged Bliss as I muffed her rude ass. Chris chuckled and dapped me up before going to the kitchen. 

“Y'all are cool now? Since when?” Bliss asked in disbelief. That’d be my reaction too to be honest because at the rate we were going at, I thought we’d never even be cordial. 

“Yea and since earlier.” I told her as she started smiling then she attacked Chris with a million kisses. I guess she was proud of him for putting all the bs aside and moving forward. 

“So proud of you, baby!” Bliss squealed as Chris picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his torso so she wouldn’t fall. She started whispering in his ear and he was cheesing hard then a motherfucker.

The way they looked at each other, you could tell that they was in love. I thought Chris and Raye would be together but I guess I was wrong. I can tell he really loves Bliss. I’m happy for him. 

“Ay, come here real quick.” Chris said as he walked toward the hallway since it was more quiet right there. Following behind him, I leaned against the wall as he sighed. 

“Wassam?” I asked, folding my arms over his chest. I wonder what he wanted to talk about.

“I’m thinking bout settling down..” He finally said as I widened my eyes. Damn, I wasn’t expecting that. They got plenty of time to get married, why now?

“Ya young as hell.” I said, as he shrugged and started chuckling. He started thinking and then out of no where the nigga started blushing. Damn, he is in love.

“So? I can’t wait no more man, I wanna marry her asap. I think about her every second of the day, literally. Every time she comes around a nigga still get butterflies, that’s love. Everything about her is perfect. Her smile, her voice, everything. I love her more than I love my damn self.” He explained, smiling the whole time.

“If you really really love ha’, den’ go fa’ it." 

"Thanks man, I’m going to look for an engagement ring tomorrow with Christina. Wassup with you though?” He asked giving me all his undivided attention.

“Nothing man, I’m just focused on my music. Ain’t really lookin’ forward to relationships anymore, I’ll just stick wit’ my hoes.” I stated, honestly. After everything with Raye, I don’t even know if I wanna date anymore.

“Back to yo pimpin’ ways, I see. How many hoes you got? You talkin’ bout a few?” He asked as I shook my head no and chuckled. I was no where near “a few”. 

“Hell nah nigga, I even got hoes that’s in other countries.” I said as Chris laughed and shook his head. That’s the only thing he could do cause he knew I was dead ass.

“Damn nigga, you gone catch something. Good luck.” Chris said before chucking up the deuces and leaving. 

“I’m hungry as he–” Christina cut herself off once she seen me. I ain’t really that surprised to see her cause before she got a new nigga, we started fucking around again and that was like a few months ago. It was fun while it lasted. 

“August? You and Chris are cool again?” She asked as she gasped, hoping that it was true. Why they wanted us to be friends so bad?

“Yea, baby girl.” I smiled as she screamed in excitement and jumped on my back. Damn, they missed our friendship more than Chris and I did. 

“We bout to have a party.” She sang as she led me to the kitchen where everybody was at. 

“Uncwle’ Aug.” Amarie pouted as she held her arms out for me so I could pick her up. She was attached to a nigga already. I’m bout to spoil her like she mines.

The weirdest thing happened to me last week. We have to create study notes for our tests and I usually doodle all over mine cuz like, why not? Well this week I handed in my science study notes with Yog doodles all over them and my science teacher looked at me right in the eye after seeing a doodle of Nano and said “Mother has taken us. We’re too far gone.” And then she turned around and started collecting the other study notes and I just sat there, like I juST FOUND OUT MY SCIENCE TEACHER LIKES THE YOGSCAST