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A Sabriel Corgi Fic - The Art of Hidden Personas

Hello, I’ve been teasing y’all for far too long. So without further ado: my new Sabriel fic:

Summary: After Dean’s borrowed year comes to an end, he is dragged to hell, he leaves Sam all alone. Planning to prank and humiliate Sam, the Trickster (a.k.a. Gabriel) decides to transform into a corgi and worm his way into Sam’s life. But what was originally intended as a prank quickly goes astray as Gabriel slowly starts falling in love with Sam’s pure and infinite kindness. Angst and fluff ensues. also, slow-burn.

Read the teasers: teaser #2 ; teaser #1

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These are Swedish Vallhunds. And we’re going to talk about them a bit.

They’re a really old breed, and have been used in Sweden for herding for roughly 3948302840923802 years. But they also make really good companions, y'know, if you wanted a dog that looks like a wolf corgi.

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Look they do agility, too:

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This has been a Swedish Vallhund appreciation post. Thank you.

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anonymous asked:

2, 4, 8

2.) Would you rather be 5 inches tall or 50 feet tall?

I’ll go with being on the small side please! While the thought of being a Giant would be cool, I would likely be pretty stressed out about being Big, mainly because of worries that I might hurt someone on accident, or level a building because I wasn’t being careful enough, then there’s worries of where I’m stepping too!

Being tiny to me feels more right since I would barely cause trouble that wasn’t intentional, I wouldn’t take up much space, everything would be so Big and grand that I just can’t help but be in awe about it, even if a bit intimidated! Plus there’s the challenge of where a Bean could easily do away with the obstacle becomes a struggle for the tiny to figure they’re way out of!

4.) Would you rather be a tiny with a corgi mount or a giant with a pet elephant?

I would love to have a Corgi mount! They’re shaped like a friend and are just so adorable! On cold nights they would be cozy to rest with, they could sniff out some random stuff that might be neat to collect, or discover some place for a smol to explore! I would probably worry for the little borf, so I’d check on them often if I go out exploring on my own! And seeing as how it doesn’t take much to fill me up, I could give them the rest of my meal as well!

8.) Would you rather have a G/t relationship that’s platonic or romantic?

Romantic! Giant smooches that envelop the tiny? Peppering a Giant with teeny tiny kisses? Heck ya!!! It’d also be great to hold onto a Giant/Bean’s finger like as if I was holding their hand, the thought just makes me melt in a blushy mess aaaaaaaaa /)////v////(\


[Person: (laughing) raaawrrrrr
Dog: ……]


Zelda & Kairi by Tina
Via Flickr:
OMG, you guys!! My PUPS ARE PERFECT!!! I sent them away to Dybbuk to get them painted like my real Corgi girls, Kairi & Zelda, and this is the result, this perfection!!! I’m so in love and BLOWN AWAY!! I can’t wait to have my pups back home!! Photos by Dybbuk/Nocturnal-Doll!