like convincing himself that he could love her even though he's broken beyond repair

Conventional Couple

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Pairing: Bucky / Reader

Warnings: Violence, fighting, some mentions of past abuse. 

Request: Could you please write a request based on the idea that Bucky is activated as the Winter Soldier and accidentally hurts his S/O then feels guilty and she has to convince him she’s alright. 

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He didn’t recognise you, there was none of the usual light in his eyes when he stared at you. The teasing twinkle or the love that warmed you to your toes, it was all gone. Wiped clean away and replaced instead by the dead coldness of the Winter Soldier. A machine created to do one simple task and right now that task was to kill you.

“Bucky?” you gasped out as his flesh hand tightened dangerously around your throat “Bucky please”

Still nothing as his grip continued to tighten, you clutched at his wrist with one hand and with the other grabbed the only thing in reach, your cereal bowl from only moments earlier. You smashed it into his head taking advantage of his momentary break in concentration to raise up your legs and kick with all your might.

Bucky stumbled back a few steps and dragging in lung full’s of air you rolled from the table landing on all fours as you scrambled away from him.

Tears were streaming down your face as you made for where the block of kitchen knives had fallen when Bucky had very first thrown you across the room.

You’d barely gotten hold of the end of one knife before Bucky grabbed your ankle pulling you back along the floor. You screamed as he spun you over slamming his metal fist into your right shoulder. You actually felt bone shatter and splinter as another scream ripped through you.

Through pain streaked vision you managed to lock eyes with him once more. “You have to see me Bucky. You have to remember who I am”

There was nothing not even a flicker as his hand came back up to your throat, the metal one this time. He was serious, he was actually going to kill you.

“I love you Bucky” you whispered, then with the last of your remaining strength you stabbed him. Pushed the blade of the chopping knife into his stomach.

Bucky’s eyes widened in shock at the sudden pain, you had no idea if it would be enough though because your swimming vision was starting to blink on and off. Your brain to starved of oxygen to stay awake any longer.

The next thing that filtered into your brain was beeping. Consistent and unending beeping. You could smell disinfectant and as your eyes blinked open you realised you were in fact in the med-bay of stark tower. You were alive because if you’d died you definitely wouldn’t still be in this much pain.

“Hey Y/N, you’re awake”

Managing to focus you found Natasha’s red hair and concerned face looking over at you from a chair next to your bed. “Nat?” your voice sound groggy and rough “what happened?”

She frowned “You don’t remember?”

You flinched as you tried to move and your shoulder grated “Bucky. He tried to kill me”

“Someone activated the Winter Soldier program” Natasha confirmed.

“Fuck Nat, I stabbed him! Is he ok?”

“He’s fine” she reassured you instantly. “Apart from reverting back to his usual pathological self-loathing he really is fine. Much better than you”

“the knife?”

“Disabled him enough that you lived” Natasha interrupted “he doesn’t blame you for that Y/N no one does”

You lapsed back into silence as the pain in your shoulder intensified, it was clearly well and truly broken. In fact, you were a little worried that it was broken beyond repair, you could remember quite clearly the feeling of your bones shattering into dust under the strength of the Winter Soldiers attack. “My shoulder Nat?” you asked quietly “Will it heal?”

She sighed reaching out and gripping your hand “It will heal”


“But the doctors, they aren’t sure about how much mobility you’ll get back. The bone was completely shattered, it’s possible that even with physio and medical attention it might not heal well”

“Does Bucky know?”

Natasha shook her head at you “I’ve just told you that you might lose mobility in your shoulder and you’re still more worried about him?”

“He’ll blame himself, you know he will, and this wasn’t his fault. Someone triggered him on purpose. The Winter Soldier attacked me not Bucky”

Natasha was watching you curiously “he knows” she admitted eventually. “When he came around you were the only thing he was interested in. Made the doctors tell him about you before himself”

Something about that sentence was wrong, but what was it? “Wait, he remembers?”

“The pain, we think when you stabbed him it jolted him enough to get Bucky back, he managed to reinitiate FRIDAY and call for help”

So he knew, he knew what he had done and he was most likely blaming himself for everything and destroying himself about it. “I need to see him” you demanded trying to push yourself up but stopping halfway as the pain in your shoulder made you want to throw up.

“Easy” Natasha helped lower you back down. “Just take it easy”

Tears were starting to form in your eyes. “Nat you don’t understand; I have to tell him” you insisted “I have to tell him that it wasn’t his fault”

“Y/N he knows that”

“He won’t, you know he won’t”

“Alright well I’ll tell him ok?” she offered “I’ll tell him you don’t blame him, but you have to stay here and rest”

“But you’ll tell him Nat, promise me you’ll tell him”

“I swear” Once Natasha gave her word she kept it. It was one of the best things about her, she didn’t give it out all that often but when she did she meant it. “Now you have rest”

“Alright” it took you little time at all to let the heavy pain medication they must be pumping into you take effect and your eyes fluttered closed once more.

It had been a fortnight and you’d barely seen Bucky. You’d been out of the med-bay for a week and you knew he was avoiding you. Every time you entered a room he’d mysteriously just left. Even with training he was never in the gym at the same time as your physio sessions and he didn’t even eat meals with the team in case you might be there. It was starting to take guilt to a whole new level and you really weren’t appreciative of the silent treatment.

Eventually you couldn’t handle it anymore, if he wasn’t going to come to you then you’d just have to go to him. Marching up to the door of Bucky’s room in the tower you used your good hand to bang on the door. You knew he was there had it on good authority from Natasha that he rarely left the rooms anymore.

“Bucky! Open the door. I know you’re in there” nothing, not even the sound of footsteps. “James Buchannan Barnes I am not moving until you open this door!”

Finally, you heard footsteps stopping on the other side of the door. You could practically feel him stood there staring holes into the door.

“Please Buck, talk to me. I can’t deal with being ignored anymore”

“I’m not ignoring you” the door opened.

“You’re not even looking at me Bucky”

Very slowly he lifted his head, eyes meeting your own. All you could see was guilt, swimming around in endless circles. His eyes flicked to you still heavily bandaged shoulder and the instantly went back down to the floor. “Are you in pain?”

“Not really, I have some wonderful pain killers” you were trying to joke, trying to lighten the mood but it seemed to fall flat. “can I come in?”

“Of course” Bucky moved out of the doorway so you could come in, dropping down onto his sofa he came and sat on the other end as far away from you as he could get.

“Bucky we need to talk about this”

“There’s nothing to say Y/N. I tried to kill you. It’s not safe for you to be around me”

“You didn’t do this to me” you insisted making his eyes flick to your own again. “Bucky this wasn’t you, it was the Winter Soldier. There’s a difference”


“No James” you inched forwards moving so you were sat closer to him, reaching out you laid a hand on his thigh. “Please don’t cut me out”

“It’s not safe Y/N, this is what this proved. I got out of control and you had to fucking stab me to stop me. As it is you might not get full movement back in your shoulder, what if it happens again and we’re not so lucky? I could actually kill you”

“Alright fine, you might kill me” you agreed “But I might also go out today and get hit by a bus”

“That’s not exactly a good comparison” Bucky insisted but your point seemed to have gotten through slightly as he was looking at you again and not at the floor.

“James surely it gets to be my choice if I want to be around you or not? It’s my life to risk”

“And my mind” he finally moved turning to frame you face with his flesh hand “I couldn’t live with myself if I actually hurt you, I’m barely coping with what I’ve already down to the woman I love”

You froze, he’d never said those words out loud before. “You love me?”

He froze as well eyes widening as he realised what he’d said, apparently he hadn’t meant to say it out loud, but he couldn’t exactly take it back either and pretend it had never happened.

“Yes” he eventually confessed “Yes I love you”

“I love you too” you smiled at him “we can get through this, we can get through it together”

He gave you a weak smile but at least it was better than guilt. “I don’t deserve you” he helped you awkwardly climb onto his lap so you could rest your head against his chest, his metal hand this time trailing up and down your back.

So fair enough you’d had to get him to almost kill you to finally admit that he loved you, which wasn’t the most conventional method but after all you weren’t the most conventional couple.

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[Ace!Castiel, High school AU, friends to lovers.]

‘You’re the only one I’ll ever want, be mine! Please go to prom with me, Castiel Novak.’

Castiel knew that he was looking like a complete fool, standing there in the middle of the field with his mouth hanging open. In the background, the marching band started playing 'All You Need Is Love’ while the cheerleaders kept waving the banners that were spelling out the proposal.

A proposal made by football captain Dean Winchester after a successful game. Dean, Castiel’s best friend for years now, as well as his unreachable crush. Or at least that’s what Castiel had always assumed, that his feelings for Dean were one sided. Yet here they were, in front of the entire school, people cheering from the bleachers; Castiel suspected that his brother Gabriel was one of them.

And then there was Dean, down on one knee, gazing up at him with pleading green eyes, a faint blush touching his freckled cheeks. Castiel knew Dean well enough to know that Dean was seconds away from having a nervous breakdown, and Castiel realized that of course, he was supposed to say 'yes’. Which should be easy, because every cell in Castiel’s body was all but screaming at him to indeed blurt out what could possibly be the most important 'yes’ of his entire life.

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Request: Perfect For you


IM THE WORST. I promise I will write another fluffy Danny post to try and make it up to you because hot damn this is a steaming pile of trash.

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Y/N sat at her laptop, editing the same bit of her video that was meant to be going live in less than an hour. She heard the door of her apartment open as Danny came in, he set the keys down on the small table near the door looking over to where Y/N was hunched over in her chair, a nervous smile etched on his lips. Danny went over and sat at the table beside her. Danny had taken hours to convince himself that today was going to be the day when he finally told Y/N he he felt. The two had been friends for year and recently they had finally started to break out of that friend zone, always sitting next to each other holding hands and calling each other every night before bed. Hell they even would on occasion have ‘sleep overs’ though there was never much sleeping. But Danny had fallen for Y/N and he had fallen hard. 

Y/N glanced away from her screen for a moment, noticing Dan’s awkward smile and stare. She chuckled lightly to herself before returning to editing her video. “Whats up Danny boy?” 

“Uh- Our planet is poison, the ocean the air, around and beneath and above you.” His voice shook slightly, Y/N’s brow creasing together in confusion.

“Uhm Danny thats cool, and I totally care.” She chuckled awkwardly again her focus still hardly on what Dan was saying.

“I’m trying to tell you I love you.” Dan blurted out, his words all morphing into one mega word. His heart was racing and he could feel a slight amount of sweat beginning to accumulate on his brow as he stared at the girl he loved sit a mere foot away from him. 

“What?!” Y/N’s head shot up, staring at Dan with wide eyes. “Are you high?”

“The world is at war filled with death and disease. We dance on the edge of destruction, The globe’s getting warmer by deadly degrees.” Dan didn’t really know where he was going, none of what he was saying was close to what he had rehearsed in the car or in his bathroom mirror. HE had even spent countless hours talking with Arin and Brian, zero of the advice they had given was to talk about how fucked up the planet was. In all honesty he had no clue where this plan of attack was even coming from. 

“And this is one fucked up seduction.” Y/N laughed again, trying to ease the tension that rested in the air like a thick fog, pulling Danny slightly out of his thoughts while she closed her laptop and gave him her full attention.

“This planet is pretty much broken beyond all repair. But one thing is working if you’re standing, well sitting there.” Danny swallowed the lump in his throat before looking into Y/N’s eyes and taking her hands into his own large ones biting his lip. “Perfect for you, I could be perfect for you. I might be lazy, a loner, a bit of a stoner, it’s true. But I might be perfect,I’ll make myself perfect, Perfect for you.” Y/N’s heart skipped a beat as heat rose to her cheeks a blush settling on her skin.

“Danny… you already are perfect for me.” She grinned as she leaned across the table placing a small kiss on his lips. “In this crazy fucking world you are and always have been the one thing that always seemed okay.”

“I can’t fix whats fucked up. But one thing I know I can do is be perfect for you,” He whispered as he leaned closer to her, his forehead now resting against her own. 

“Just to be clear I love you too.” Y/N laughed before Danny wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her up from her chair, her legs instantly wrapping themselves around his lanky frame. She pulled away from kissing him once more to look into his eyes. “Next time you try to get the girl don’t be so fucking weird about it.” They both laughed before reconnecting their lips while he lead her down the hallway and into her bedroom.

The iPhone Approach

Note: I apologize with how late this is. I wanted this up like last Wednesday, but life got a hold of me as I had to be a part of my cousin’s wedding. It was great, but I’m glad it’s over. Now, I can focus on the absurdity that has become Little Pirates. I have twelve installments pending. That’s absurd. It’s mad. I don’t know how it happened. Anyway, I really love Henry and I legit plotted such an amazing relationship between him and his siblings that he deserves some focus in the Little Pirates verse, so here’s some Henry, some Harrison and some sassy Beth. As always, thank you @welllpthisishappening​ for being the light of my life. You’re perfect and you’re amazing with your support of the LP/EA universe.
Summary: Henry Mills arrives home to Storybrooke to find that his half-brother Harrison has a crush and is in dire need of advice on how to deal with said crush. 
Rating: T
Word Count: 7,300+

Though he no longer lived in Storybrooke, it still felt like he was coming home whenever he returned to the sleepy Maine town. He always arrived with a hero’s welcome; people stopping and embracing him in the street. Archie clapping him out the back and asking about his recent successes while Granny would greet him with a smile and a free slice of cake. His adoptive mother Regina would always take him out for dinner, feeding him expensive lobster while putting him through a second Inquisition about the on-goings of his life. He loved Regina, truly loved her, but nothing was better than arriving at his biological mother Emma’s house and having his little siblings run towards him as fast as their legs could carry them and near tackling him on the front lawn while his mother laughed and his stepfather Hook smirked. 

Growing up, Henry had always wanted little brothers and sisters to play with, but had accepted at a young age it would be incredibly unlikely and that he would spend the rest of his days as an only child. Everything changed when a few months after the Final Battle, Emma and Hook had shyly handed him a t-shirt with the title “World’s Best Older Brother” printed across the chest. He had been in shock and Emma had started rambling about how he was her firstborn and a new baby wouldn’t replace him, but he had cut her off with a hug and had reminded her that he always wanted siblings. 

Now, he had more little siblings than he knew what to do with.

Harrison, the eldest of his younger siblings, was near seventeen and still had yet to curve to enthusiasm of his hugs; thundering down the steps of old house and nearly squeezing the life out of Henry as his arms wrapped around his shoulders. Despite being fourteen years his junior, teenaged Harrison was already a taller and larger man than Henry was so whenever he hugged Henry it felt like he was being swallowed by a mountain.

Even Wes and Beth, who had grown feisty and more aloof in their teenaged years, would set aside their anti-adult agenda and look at him like a god; often hanging on his every word whenever he spoke about the new happenings in his life. Beth would curl into his side, hugging his arm and laugh as freely as she did when she was little girl while Wes would watch his every movement with rapid attention. His blue eyes would never leave Henry’s form and sometimes he would even mimic his body language. At first Henry had found it a little unnerving but had grown to accept it; imitation was the greatest form of flattery.

And then, there was Neddy who broke his heart every time Henry saw him. Neddy, the youngest of Henry’s siblings, was growing like a weed and kept getting bigger and bigger every time Henry saw him. It amazed him how fast the baby that they had affectionately called “Bug” was becoming a charming, thoughtful little boy who seemed to have skipped out on the Jones rambunctiousness. Where Harrison, Beth and Wes would always fidget and couldn’t sit still for very long, Neddy was content to blob himself down on someone’s lap and let himself be adored. He seemed to enjoy burrowing himself into Henry’s chest and having his eldest brother comb his hands through those untamable curls, closing his eyes and listening as Henry updated them all on the comings and goings in his life.

This time, however, he had no Neddy, no Beth, no Wes and not even a smirking Hook to hug him and give him a firm manly pat on the back. Just his biological mother looking haggard and worn while Harrison looked like he could barely keep his eyes open. Both of them gave him half-heartedly hugs and despite Harrison’s lack of enthusiasm, Henry still felt like he was being swallowed by a mountain. He chuckled a bit at that.

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#9: My Damsel In Distress

Jon did not know what to feel, what to think, as he stood there under the weirwood heart tree, with Davos by his side, and Bran in front of him. The torches and lanterns provided ample illumination, but darkness in a cold winter night in the North had its way of creeping up on you. Sansa was late. Really late. People were getting restless, stirring in the cold damp snow. But no one was going to leave, this was quite the talk of the realm at this moment. No one would miss the chance to witness a Targaryen wedding done in Northern fashion, a Targaryen marrying his sister, the crowning of a Targaryen king in the North.

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Blackwood Academy - Chapter 22

A/N: FIRST OF ALL HERE’S A FORMAL APOLOGY FOR BEING SO LATE WITH THIS OH MY GOD. I’m really sorry I’ve just been so so busy with everything literally oh my god I need to be organized with this better I hate everything.

And on that note…

Summary: Dan has been thrown into a completely new environment as he joins a popular boarding school, Blackwood Academy, as a new student. But what will happen when he accidentally befriends Phil, a ringleader of the meanest group of students in the school? Read on to find out more!

DISCLAIMER: Obviously (and unfortunately) everything I have written is entirely fictional. I am not claiming Phan is real.



“Maybe you’d like to explain to Charlie what the hell you were getting up to with Mr. Dan Howell while he was away?”

Silence fell across the entirety of the hall, so attention-gripping that even a handful of year 8’s stopped by the window, staring inside to try and get a peek at what the hell was going on.

I squeezed my eyes shut, my heart thudding uncontrollably and my face turning a painful crimson. Maybe if I kept my eyes shut and willed myself strongly enough, I just might be able to turn it all into some horrific nightmare, waking up in the darkness of Phil’s bedroom, cuddled up next to him.

This, to my unfortunate luck, didn’t happen. The silence continued for an unbearably long stretch of time before I forced my eyes open, and faced all the eyes burning into mine, Phil’s, Charlie’s and now TJ’s faces.
This isn’t happening. I told myself. No. He doesn’t know. Fuck. Okay, act calm. No, scream and run out. Pack your things and never return. Just do something, you idiot! Anything!

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This is No Accident

Title: This Is No Accident
Chapter/One Shot: Chapter 18
Original Imagine:
Imagine Loki meeting a single pregnant Midgardian woman during his exile and falling in love with her and her unborn child.
Author: starrynight35
Rating: M
Notes/Warnings: Hints of NSFW
I hope you’re still enjoying this as much as I am.
Once again, thank you for your comments, likes, and reblogs!

Chapter 18

Emma barely slept that night. Between worrying about Loki’s trial and pondering Frigga’s mysterious comment to her, she had a lot on her mind. She was already awake when Frigga came to her room the next morning.
“Good morning dear. I brought you something to wear today. I figured Thor probably hadn’t thought to bring any of your belongings yesterday.”
She held up a garment bag. When Emma unzipped the bag, she saw that it held the most beautiful emerald green dress she had ever seen. The material was slightly stretchy, so it would fit her frame nicely, but it also had room for her burgeoning belly.
“This is amazing, Frigga! Thank you so much!” 

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But if you close your eyes

The spoilers about the songs included in the season finale just inspired me Blangst, fight (only verbal but just as hurtful) Title from the aforementioned song that is stuck in my head (eh-eh-oh, eh-oh …)

“You lied to me. Again.”

Kurt’s voice doesn’t even rise. It’s not a question, it’s not an accusation, it’s just stating a fact and in some ways, it’s even worse. Blaine winces but doesn’t look away. “I was sure I could convince June to let you—“

“Let me?”

Blaine blinks and frowns at Kurt.

Let me? As if you’re allowing me a spot in the grand Blaine Anderson show?” Kurt repeats, his voice growing colder as he advances on Blaine but stops at arm’s length. “As if I need you to let me take the stage?”

“It’s her conditions, not mine, Kurt,” Blaine pleads, “and I really wanted you right here with me. She just –“

“She just can’t have the spotlight removed from her perfectly acceptable, perfect Alpha gay plaything!”

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