like convincing himself that he could love her even though he's broken beyond repair

For all of my asexual followers: Happy asexual awareness week! ♡  (October 23rd - October 29th)

[Ace!Castiel, High school AU, friends to lovers.]

‘You’re the only one I’ll ever want, be mine! Please go to prom with me, Castiel Novak.’

Castiel knew that he was looking like a complete fool, standing there in the middle of the field with his mouth hanging open. In the background, the marching band started playing 'All You Need Is Love’ while the cheerleaders kept waving the banners that were spelling out the proposal.

A proposal made by football captain Dean Winchester after a successful game. Dean, Castiel’s best friend for years now, as well as his unreachable crush. Or at least that’s what Castiel had always assumed, that his feelings for Dean were one sided. Yet here they were, in front of the entire school, people cheering from the bleachers; Castiel suspected that his brother Gabriel was one of them.

And then there was Dean, down on one knee, gazing up at him with pleading green eyes, a faint blush touching his freckled cheeks. Castiel knew Dean well enough to know that Dean was seconds away from having a nervous breakdown, and Castiel realized that of course, he was supposed to say 'yes’. Which should be easy, because every cell in Castiel’s body was all but screaming at him to indeed blurt out what could possibly be the most important 'yes’ of his entire life.

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This is No Accident

Title: This Is No Accident
Chapter/One Shot: Chapter 18
Original Imagine:
Imagine Loki meeting a single pregnant Midgardian woman during his exile and falling in love with her and her unborn child.
Author: starrynight35
Rating: M
Notes/Warnings: Hints of NSFW
I hope you’re still enjoying this as much as I am.
Once again, thank you for your comments, likes, and reblogs!

Chapter 18

Emma barely slept that night. Between worrying about Loki’s trial and pondering Frigga’s mysterious comment to her, she had a lot on her mind. She was already awake when Frigga came to her room the next morning.
“Good morning dear. I brought you something to wear today. I figured Thor probably hadn’t thought to bring any of your belongings yesterday.”
She held up a garment bag. When Emma unzipped the bag, she saw that it held the most beautiful emerald green dress she had ever seen. The material was slightly stretchy, so it would fit her frame nicely, but it also had room for her burgeoning belly.
“This is amazing, Frigga! Thank you so much!” 

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But if you close your eyes

The spoilers about the songs included in the season finale just inspired me Blangst, fight (only verbal but just as hurtful) Title from the aforementioned song that is stuck in my head (eh-eh-oh, eh-oh …)

“You lied to me. Again.”

Kurt’s voice doesn’t even rise. It’s not a question, it’s not an accusation, it’s just stating a fact and in some ways, it’s even worse. Blaine winces but doesn’t look away. “I was sure I could convince June to let you—“

“Let me?”

Blaine blinks and frowns at Kurt.

Let me? As if you’re allowing me a spot in the grand Blaine Anderson show?” Kurt repeats, his voice growing colder as he advances on Blaine but stops at arm’s length. “As if I need you to let me take the stage?”

“It’s her conditions, not mine, Kurt,” Blaine pleads, “and I really wanted you right here with me. She just –“

“She just can’t have the spotlight removed from her perfectly acceptable, perfect Alpha gay plaything!”

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Blackwood Academy - Chapter 22

A/N: FIRST OF ALL HERE’S A FORMAL APOLOGY FOR BEING SO LATE WITH THIS OH MY GOD. I’m really sorry I’ve just been so so busy with everything literally oh my god I need to be organized with this better I hate everything.

And on that note…

Summary: Dan has been thrown into a completely new environment as he joins a popular boarding school, Blackwood Academy, as a new student. But what will happen when he accidentally befriends Phil, a ringleader of the meanest group of students in the school? Read on to find out more!

DISCLAIMER: Obviously (and unfortunately) everything I have written is entirely fictional. I am not claiming Phan is real.



“Maybe you’d like to explain to Charlie what the hell you were getting up to with Mr. Dan Howell while he was away?”

Silence fell across the entirety of the hall, so attention-gripping that even a handful of year 8’s stopped by the window, staring inside to try and get a peek at what the hell was going on.

I squeezed my eyes shut, my heart thudding uncontrollably and my face turning a painful crimson. Maybe if I kept my eyes shut and willed myself strongly enough, I just might be able to turn it all into some horrific nightmare, waking up in the darkness of Phil’s bedroom, cuddled up next to him.

This, to my unfortunate luck, didn’t happen. The silence continued for an unbearably long stretch of time before I forced my eyes open, and faced all the eyes burning into mine, Phil’s, Charlie’s and now TJ’s faces.
This isn’t happening. I told myself. No. He doesn’t know. Fuck. Okay, act calm. No, scream and run out. Pack your things and never return. Just do something, you idiot! Anything!

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