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Part 6!

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“Here’s a secret, darling.”
I listen, poised for anything with him.
“I’ve always loved winning, but I would lengthen the time it takes us to reach the end, just to spend one more second with you.”

so i still have 17 drafts but i really want to interact with more people so like for a starter of varying size!  depending on your muse, i might throw these in a random au ( which i’ll hit you up for ), but if we already have a thread together, feel free to like for another one!

i don’t remember what it’s like
to have self control, to not feel
my fingers strain at the thought
of touching you, of tracing my shadow
into the empty slope of your curves.
i’m forming habits i know i won’t break,
the constant need to feel your eyes on me,
reminiscing about the way
my name falls from your mouth
with such ease, and how my body
begs to do the same.

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Camren will never die no matter how much lauren keeps denying. Idk why our fandom is freaking out about what she said! Like come on guys this is like what the bajillion time Lauren has denied our ship??? Anyways I just find it weird that Lauren denied Camren a day after Laucy was "confirmed" and killed in the same day. It's like they trying to control Camren before it continues to rise. But bishes pls Camren will ALWAYS be rising no matter what 😂

she’s setting it up for when camila’s album comes out cause by then it will be undeniable

I can’t stop thinking about Finn facetime on Ride Along and saying he likes to be in “control” driving. Like y'all, does that mean he also likes to be in control in the bed? A controlling Finn during sex!!! Y'all, like controlling Finn likes hair pulling and name calling and biting and telling you what to do and when you can finish and LORD HAVE MERCY ON ME AND MY BAD THOUGHTS!!! SOMEONE WRITE A DAMN IMAGINE ON THIS NOW!!!!!

that blogs almost definitely a troll but ive seen people use this as an excuse Way too often so like.  

“you cant choose/control your kintypes!!” isnt an excuse for bad behavior, and is also complete bullshit. like sorry but whether youre willing to admit it or not, everyone Does choose on some level and its 100% possible to stop so like… shut the fuck up

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Why is keeping a large parrot on your shoulder bad ?

Parrots like to feel in control, and to do this, they try to take the higher ground. If their head is above yours when they’re on your shoulder, then it’s likely they feel like the dominant in the situation.

By keeping a parrot on your arm or lap instead of on your shoulder, you can control what they do and better monitor their body language. Let’s say something spooks my cockatoo while he’s in my lap. I have no problem watching his reaction, and if he bites, he’ll bite my hand or arm. If he were in my shoulder, he could lash out at my face or ear without me having any way of predicting the action.

These are wild animals we live with, and they have the temperament of a wild animal. I trust my birds with everything in me, but I’m not going to put them in a position where they could accidentally injure me if they got scared. It’s safer for everyone to keep them off the shoulder and where you can watch them.

au where ashe becomes a very reluctant big sister to zalvetta since she sort of gets what it’s like to be not quite human, to feel like you’ll lose control of your humanity, feeling like you were pushed into the world with a purpose no one checked with you

how come the racist white Mentally ill ppl are either like “I have depression and that means I’m neurodivergent” or “I’m autistic and my special interest is the Third Reich don’t make fun of me”

like it’s NEVER smth like “i have schizophrenia and I think black people are ghosts” like that’s obviously still rooted in racism but at least it’s not smth they can control like that, that’s smth they need therapy n pills for and all that versus “I have depression and am willfully racist s to pp bing g sbusiv ee ”

tbh I don’t know why people are so afraid of gun control? like all that people want is a little more regulations so that people who aren’t mentally ill or criminals can get them as easily as they currently can. like you can keep your right to bear arms all you want but if you just got out of a psychiatric ward or prison, you should probably not have so many loopholes to still have access to guns.

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I'm nervous about my college's orientation on Monday. How will things go for me? :)

Not gonna lie, it’ll be overwhelming af. Be prepared. Bring water. Bring notebooks. Bring a folder to put any handouts in. If you get anxiety, make sure you know where the bathrooms are for a timeout. Have an extra pen. Anything that will help you feel like you have control of the situation - there will be a lot of info to deal with. You Do Not have to process it all at once. 

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WS is nothing but a piece of sh*t. You guys are sadly the "chosen" ones for now because you like Sam but don't kiss WS arse for being WS lol(he likes controlling people around and well you guys are more resistant than he'd like). Here is just a lil piece of misogynistic behavior a la WS if you guys are interested... www(.)themarysue(.)com/set-phasers-to-sexist/. This is not the first time he harasses women on a daily basis. Sending my love to every single shipper here on tumblr 💕


Client Reading

Deck: Sun and Moon Tarot by Vanessa Decort, Copyright 2010 US Games Systems Inc.

Your Influence – King of Wands

You are going into this situation with high expectations that you will be a uniting force to bring people together. This is a time when you feel like you are in control of the situation and that others will follow along with you.

The Influence of Others – The Tower

This card shows that others may be coming into this hang out with a negative attitude that will impact the group. Perhaps someone knows something the others don’t or they are just in a bad mood. Either way one or more people involved in the hang out aren’t very thrilled about out the situation.

Internal Influences – Prince of Wands Reversed

This card can indicate a time of delays which will cause you frustration and a feeling of being stuck. You may become angry at others for the way they are acting which can cause you to act out of character. As a defense mechanism, you may try to compensate for the fact that you can’t control what is happening by pretending nothing is wrong and becoming internally emotional.

Outside Influences – Wheel of Fortune

This card shows that the outside influences that will impact your situation. The wheel of fortune always changes but it has landed in your favor for the time being. Know that the atmosphere around you will set you up for a good time.

Possible Positives – Four of Pentacles Reversed

This card shows the positives that you will be able to find while you are spending this time with others. You will find that material items will not hinder your time and everyone will be able to comfortably spend some money on things that they want to.  

Possible Negatives – The Empress Reversed

This card suggests a loss of personal power because of placing too much emphasis on others rather than yourself. You may find that it is difficult to work with others as there is a lack of understanding between you.  Part of the problem you may face is others being indecisive and unable to find direction.

Overall Experience – Six of Cups Reversed

This card suggests that there are difficult feelings from your past that could be brought up during the group hang out. You may have some things to deal with that you had thought were over and in your past. While you are ready to put these feelings away, others may not be so quick to let things go.

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prom ,,, does believe in divinity, the six, a higher power, w/e u wanna call it, but it doesnt??? impact their life as it does noct, gladio n iggy. like they grew up in a house where, while it was just accepted that there is a higher power that controls us n writes our fate in the stars or w/e, it was nothing more than background knowledge. they never studied up on it, they rarely even thought about it - it was just ? an unimportant fact of life. the sky is blue n we r controlled by like, ghosts or some shit.

but as time goes on, as these gods put more n more strain on their lives, prom’s beliefs do … grow stronger, but only in a negative light. in a way that they believe in these things now as one would a cruel twist of fate. they believe in them as u believe in smth that has higher power over u - w/ no choice in the matter.

n they dont resort to defiance, but there is some heavy confusion. they dont know whether to trust these beings that have damned their best pal to an early grave, simply bc theyre biased towards him. n naturally so. noct was always a more prominent feature in their life than the gods ever were. but, they dont have a lot of freedom to defy. theyre … somewhat officially apart of the kingsguard now, ( or as official as u can get in what is essentially a post-apocalyptic world. ) they live to serve at this point, live to serve noct in his quest to regain the throne, n by extension, live to serve the gods