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My babies have finally arrived today! Safely and undamaged! 💌

A huge and profuse thanks to @sarasaland-dragon for her time, talent, heart and generosity making these beautiful plush dolls for me that I commissioned! 

I love them so much, Daisy! Thanks for everything! 💕💋


Now that school’s finished, I’m finally going to start taking commissions, selling either drawings or (creative) writing (like fanfiction, but if you want something else then we can discuss that over PM! :^) ). I haven’t quite figured out the prices for writing, but I think that’s something that can be discussed with the customer. With drawings, however, I’ve figured out some prices (though that can be discussed as well, which it says on the pictures :^) )

I want to do it like the customer pays a bit at the order, and then, when the drawing is finished, we can take a look at the drawing together, in case we spot something that makes me want to lower the price for you, but keep in mind that I’m probably gonna be very persistent with the original prices, because I do really need the money hehe.

We can discuss payment privately. If you live in Norway (there are some of you here on tungle i presume) and have Vipps, then we can do it as easy as that. If not, I’ve got PayPal.

If you have any questions then feel free to send me a message!

All the money I earn through this helps me reach my goal of studying in China, because I can’t take out student loans for this specific school, so I have to cover most of it myself! :–) So thanks in advance!


How Taemin (JuminxMC Son) and Jae Keun (Jaehee’s Son) first met!
Lots of you have been requesting more of these two :D ! Took a little break from commissions to color this in ^o^
((++ Bring-Your-Kid-to-Work-Day is a thing in C&R now))

Based on a chat from Common Route #2 (?)

***Please do not repost this comic set on facebook or instagram! Thank you!

a restful home.

after seeing @edendaphne put a ponytail on her older lb, i had to try it out on my adult lb and now i am dead. like i love short haired lb so much but…gfhfgghhHHhdhsjfsdj g u y s

…so yea bless u eden, thank u for the inspiration ;0;

also bonus bad cellphone pics of my updated adult chat below the cut cos i don’t feel like making a new post lol

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there is a “Meet the Breeds (100+!!!)” dog fair in NYC this weekend and idk if i should go because the tickets are a bit expensive HAHAHA hah haa .…. . BUT DOGS!!!

“Don’t move! Yes, yes. That’s perfect, Nico. Hold that pose.”

Older Nico di Angelo commission for KelseyAh! I’m so happy I got to draw my boy, The Underworld Prince. Look at him, so clueless lol. Redbubble