like come on i thought i was spot on with that prediction

Your tags re: seeing the plot months ago is also adding to my disheartened state. When this whole Isabella thing was even mentioned, we had already begun to theorize what it would be. When it started playing out all the ways we didn’t believe it would because it was TOO obvious, we maintained there was more to the story and I know there were some good theories out there, but as the story played out, it was exactly what no on thought it would be because no way would they go through with such a predictable, pointless and frankly badly written plot if that is all it was.
I, as well as others like yourself, have pretty accurately mapped out this plot before we saw it come into fruition. And not just the Isabella stuff, the Barbara stuff (as demonstrated so well in your last post showing your predictions being so spot on) and even the Clayface as Elijah plot was pegged on Ed the day the picture surfaced and guessed pretty accurately. The thing is, we keep waiting and waiting for them to throw a wrench in this plot, to make it something we didn’t expect, but it’s yet to happen. (though even if they now actually do something about say Isabella, chances are we’ve guessed accurately about that at one point too.) As it stands though, this had literally been exactly as we feared/ theorized it WOULDN’T be, because obviously the writers had to have SOMETHING up their sleeve.
It’s honestly a problem. They are playing this like a super unpredictable show, that no knows what’s going to happen, which is so far from the case. We won’t even discuss how they are potentially destroying a fan favourite part of the show (not even talking about shipping here, though obviously I am a hardcore shipper, but I know a huge part of the audience just enjoyed Os and Ed’s scenes together because they had SUCH a good chemistry, and not just in a romantic sense.) It would be all much easier to swallow if it was actually a great plot? Or even a decent plot. But not a predictable and frankly bad plot.
All this being said, we still have a ways to go in season 3. There may be a plot twist that makes all of this worth it, may make it all justifiable and may even somehow make it a good plot point. As of right now though, it isn’t. I am hoping they will turn it around, but if I am honest, I am worried.

This is pretty much my thoughts exactly. The thing is, I’m used to predicting the ends of things. This is why I like television because it’s so long with so many episodes and seasons that often I can only make prediction up to the end of an episode when it’s the ‘monster of the week’ kind of story line. But Gotham often plays the long game with a lot of their plot, and I’ve been able to see so many moves ahead in this instance it’s a little disappointing. A lot can change from the beginning of the season to the end, often in very unpredictable ways, but this season has been very connected. 

I want them to turn it around, to surprise me with something brilliant, but I don’t know. @gotham writers: COME THROUGH

even if nygmobblepot is only a pipe dream at this point (I’m still not giving up), they had better not keep Ed and Oz apart. It’s AGONY and they know viewers like it so give us what we want!

But yes I hope they pull off something amazing and prove me wrong because that would be more fun than being right has been so far.