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The Colors Of The Girl // Draco Malfoy // Pt. 2

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Pairing: Draco Malfoy X reader

Type: Fluff

Word Count: 2396

Summary: Draco saves you from killing yourself but when his plan to bring his people into the school threatens your life - he’ll do whatever he can to keep you safe.

A/N: This Chapter is dedicated to @milkywaygalaxygirl for being my first ever submitted comment! I hope you like it :) (PT. 3 coming soon!) 

Also feel free to submit any idea you have for future parts, these will be answered privately, to not spoil any possible events.

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Warnings: Talk of suicide, physical encounters, Technically torture.

Part 1  :  Part 3

Draco sat outside the infirmary wing waiting for Madam Pomfrey to give him some sort of report. His hair had grown greasy from not leaving that seat to shower for days, and every time he ran his hand through his hair, the more of that grease got on his hand. His hand shot up from his hands when the door to the infirmary opened.

Dumbledore and all the house heads emerged… he’d been so distracted he hadn’t even noticed them even going in. They all seemed sullen and the house heads walked away as Dumbledore sat down on the wooden bench with Draco.

“You were the one who discovered her… yes?” Dumbledore questioned lightly. The pair had not had good relations, and they both knew it. Draco only nodded, staring down at his shoes. “Would you please tell me the details of what happened that night?” Draco nodded, sitting up taller and wiping his hands on his trousers before speaking.

“She had offered me some tutoring in astronomy and when she didn’t meet me after dinner I got worried, but I didn’t think much of it. I started asking people around if they’d seen her and no one had… Curfew was coming so I went back to my dorms, but I couldn’t sleep thinking about where she was and if she was okay. I noticed her when she was sinking… I think she may have put stones in her pockets or something. She was already out at that point… she almost seemed… happy. At first, I thought she was some…. creature, I couldn’t see her hair and her eyes were transparent but when I realized it was her I just… ran. I don’t know how I found her in the lake… but somehow I did. I grabbed her and just… ran with her in my arms. What was I supposed to do ya know? I couldn’t just let her die.” Draco spoke as though he was talking to someone he trusted, though he most certainly did not trust Dumbledore.

“Do you have any idea why she would do such a thing? You seem to know her…” The old man spoke.

“Yeah… her parents died and everyone picks on her. She’s been getting a hard time from my friends lately and I didn't do anything… I let them torture her. Shit fucking Christ!” Draco’s head fell into his hands as he realized that he should have done something more to stop them. Dumbledore made no effort to criticize him for his choice words, he was in pain and telling him to watch his language was not going to help.

“Perhaps you should head to the bathroom… clean up a bit, you don’t want her to see you like this when she wakes up now do you? That’s no way to impress the girl you love.” Draco was baffled as Dumbledores words, but the old man only chuckled and stood, walking away whistling to himself. I hit him then harder than it had before… Y/N tried to kill herself because he had done nothing to stop his friends.

Draco went to the bathroom as Dumble door suggested, and he surely did look a mess. He pulled his vest over his head and looked angrily at himself in the mirror.

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How could he have let this happen to you? Almost every evening for four months you two had been together. Every evening your connection grew stronger… yet he did nothing to stop his friends. Bloody hell he even laughed along with them. He knew he should have stopped them. She was kinder to him than them all combined, though she’d never admit to it.

“Bloody hell Draco what are you going to do about this?” His voice resonated through the empty bathroom like a soft breeze over calm waters, smooth and with nothing to stop it. Looking at himself in the mirror, his hair was a mess and his eyes were sunken deep into his skull, hovering above dark circles that looked as though they could have been drawn on with a quill. He splashed his face with cold water before fashioning his hair the best he could to look acceptable before turning and walking away from the mirror, leaving his reflection behind him.


When you woke up, all you felt was a twinge of disappointment. How could you have failed… again? You were sure of it this time… perhaps this was heaven? No, the pain you felt in your body was too real for this to be some godly alternate dimension. Madam Pomphrey scurried over to you when she noticed you had woken. She looked at you pitifully, obviously trying to show her sympathy without having to bring up your failed attempt to end your own life.

“Oh good, you’re awake. Please dear, drink some water. I’ll go fetch the headmaster.” She spoke as she handed you a glass of water and then walked hurriedly out the door. You thought you’d be left in peace then, but the silence was short lived as the heavy doors to the infirmary flew open. There he stood, his platinum blonde hair in his face and he appeared breathless as he scanned the room. His eyes landed on you and he stumbled into the room. Anger and confusion bubbled up inside you, your hair turning white. Though you never thought you’d see it turn colors again.

Draco approached you carefully, as though not to spook you and cause you to flee from him. You watched him as he inched closer to you. You mostly just wanted to be left alone. You especially didn’t want him around. Why was he here anyway? Is he here just to rub salt in the wound?

He didn’t sit when he came close to you, he just stood there in silence, the way you would when you were in the room of requirements. You rolled to face away from him. No words were exchanged that day… or in the two days following that one. It wasn’t until the fourth day that he had the courage to speak to you.

“It’s happening tonight… the whole… vanishing cabinet thing. I thought, maybe you’d want to know.” He went silent, not expecting you to respond, and you didn’t for a few minutes. But when you did your voice came out hoarse and tired.

“Am I going to die?”

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He lifted his head to look at you after you spoke. The color of your eyes had reverted back to blue, along with your hair, but there was almost a fear in your voice as you spoke.

“No, I think… only one person is going to die tonight.” The voice he spoke in did not seem like his own. It was thick and sour to hear.

“By the end of your wand, no?” The words slipped past your lips like sands through the hour glass, there was really nothing you could do to stop them. He began to speak;

“If I don’t-”

“-they will kill you.” In an effort to finish his sentence you interrupted him. His eyes fell then, he looked more upset than he did before.

“No, Y/N… they will kill you.” He sighed and looked away, “I don’t want you to die.” He sighed as you rolled away from him. He knew what you wanted to say, you did too. You were dying to say ‘well I do.' “I know it may not seem like it, but you know Y/N…. I really do care for you. Despite everything I’ve done, and everything I’ve let my friends do… I care more about you than all of them combined.” He paused for a moment. “Look, Y/N.” He reached for your hand and grasped it lightly.

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You were simply limp in his grasp, you had nothing left in you to do more than roll over and choke out a few words every now and then. You couldn’t tell if you wanted to hold onto him for dear life or to rip your hand away and tell him to leave you alone. After all, how could you possibly trust what he’s saying? You’d seen him lie to others, and he could be very convincing.

“You don’t have to believe me Y/N… I know how you are. After all, I’ve spent every day for months with you, I know you don’t in believe what you can’t see with your own eyes.” His voice was softer now, though there was aching pain behind it. You closed your eyes and just listened to his voice as he spoke of the little memories together. Eventually, his words became a mush of sound, and you unintentionally drifted to sleep as he spoke. You only startled awake when his hand withdrew from yours. “Just… don’t say anything okay? I… don’t know how tonight’s going to go and… I’d like to hope that we’ll be able to talk about it in the morning.” He didn’t give you a chance to explain you hadn’t heard what he said, he stood and left as quickly as he could.


You were still in the infirmary when everything went down. You almost wished Malfoy hadn’t pulled it off, just so that he wouldn’t feel guilty for the rest of his life. But then again, he’d be killing someone no matter what he did, the only difference is that one of you saw it coming, and the other didn’t care.

You weren’t scared when the doors to the infirmary burst open and Bellatrix Lestrange came storming in, followed by other death eaters. Including Malfoy. Your hair was still a deep dark blue as you watched them, you had nothing to fear for, so there was no reason to fear them. You were silent and your expression bored as the gang of people approached.

“And what have we got here.” She waved her wand at you as a gesture of who she was talking about. “What’s your name?” She looked at you intensely, you didn’t answer, only let your head roll to the side. “I said!” Bellatrix screamed, “What is your name?” You rolled your head back to look at her, your eyes tired and your emotion unchanging.

“What’s it matter? If you’re going to kill me just do it.” Draco looked between the two of you anxiously, worried that Bellatrix might hurt you. She tapped her wand on her chin and spun in a circle as she spoke;

“What to do, what to do.” She backed away from you pressing her tongue to her cheek, then she shot you a devious smile.

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“What do you think Draco? What shall I do to this… figure of… tainted blood.” She asked him as the rest of the group got busy trashing the building. The pale boy looked taken aback.

“Uh- I- Well,” He looked at you with a sorry expression, “She doesn’t fear death… so maybe… leave her to live would be torture enough?” His hands shook lightly, you watched as he gripped his wand tighter. She laughed out loud. 

“No.” She lifted her wand at you, “Avada-”

“-Expeliarmous” Everything happened in the blink of an eye, Bellatrix had made the decision to kill you, but Draco Malfoy had made the decision to save you. You don’t know which one made you happier.

Draco!” Bellatrix screamed, stomping her foot like a child. “What is wrong with you.” He shook his head and stepped between the two of you.

“I’m sorry Bella but I can’t let you do that.” He spoke softly. She looked between the two of you, before breaking out laughing.

“Oh!- Oh! Merlin!-” She choked out between fits of laughter and catching her breath. “The Draco Malfoy care’s for some half-blood filth?” She laughed louder before quieting down and thinking for another moment. “Oh wait… She’s not the one you’re-” Draco coughed loudly and stepped toward Bellatrix.

“Just leave her be.” His tone was deep and threatening, though she didn’t seem to care.

“Oh… wait a moment. I have a good idea! Quite a good idea indeed!” She skipped over to get her wand, and when she finally fetched it, she pointed it at Draco. She watched you as your hair turned black. “Oh! OH! OHHH! We have ourselves a Meta over here now?” Upon hearing those words Draco snapped his head to see you sitting straight up in bed wth pitch black hair and eyes. This was the first time he’d ever seen you scared.

“Don’t hurt him.” You were practically pleading since there was really nothing you could do about it, your wand had been lost in the lake. Bellatrix’s smile grew.

“Oh yes, now we can definitely have some fun.” Bellatrix cackled, “Sectumsempra!” Draco cried out in pain and fell to the ground. His white shirt began to stain with red blood. In a panic, you flew out of bed to his side, your hair turned blue again as you felt the distress of Draco in pain set over you. His pale skin seemed paler as he struggled to breathe and stared at the ceiling, blood draining from his body, getting all over you as you held his body close to yours. Bellatrix only laughed as she screamed and begged for her to stop. You didn’t have time to think before Bellatrix was casting another spell at you, knocking you out beside Draco on the floor.

Take a Shot

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Summary: In which you confess your hidden love for your best friend of six years one day, and he’s licking alcohol off of your body in three. 

Pairing: Jimin x reader

Genre/Rating: Bestfriend!Jimin, Rated M

Word Count: 4.3k 

A/N: Ok but this pic sucked the life out of me wth, but this was for @wo0jins who is a hardcore Jimin enthusiast. Ty for always screaming with me about BTS at 2 in the morning <3

Living with Park Jimin was not as easy at it seemed, but you wouldn’t have it any other way- or at least that would have been your answer if you were asked in any other day but today.

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Things Joel said during Windows Destruction Starter Meme

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, I got to put in a password for this?”
“Yeah, thanks for ripping me off.”
“I think I’m slowly beginning to realize exactly what this is.”
“What year is this? It’s year ZERO.”
“Is this Chinese Bonzi Buddy?”
“Why in sweet nuclear Christ is this in my disk?”
“That’s…..that’s a purebred camel man….it’s great….”
“Camel Joe, is that you?”
“Wise up. You’re an adult now, you gotta pay taxes.”
“Somebody spat on the motherboard.”
“Memory test. And there’s like a snake on it.”
“Not only is it saying “ow”, as in “please stop, this hurts”, but it’s also doing faces at me!”
“We made a Windows 98 shittify itself into a portable Gameboy version!”
“It’s not that long until this thing starts making noises at me, it’s like hissing at me like an angry fucking cat.”
“The power of nuclear Christ compels you!”
“As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words.”
“It’s a little old, 2002.”
“When Mario stopped using mushrooms he went for meth instead.”
“The trick is to, just spam it, right?”
“Yes, we’re really getting to that authentic 2002 experience!”
“I can’t tell if it’s a slayer solo or my computer screaming in agony.”
“It’s in. The shit is in, yes.”
“What is my name? How about EXPAND DONG?”
“How bout you go in here, you monkey fuck?”
“Mmm, absolutely, give me that too!”
“Alright, now that we got that, it’s time to add some wacky effects!
“We’re making a monster here, alright?”
“I’ve had the worst fucking day of my life.”
“The jam….jamm…..jammnest…”
“Who’s been drawing dicks?”
“It’s like a nuke about to blow off and we’re sitting here at the safe distance.”
“When I was 5 or 6 years old, I asked my dad, “Dad, what is technology?” and my dad says, “It’s magic.”
“Ahahahaha, this doesn’t look fishy at all!”
“What is this beast on my floor?!?”
“Oh my god, yes, YES! I want the gun!!”
“Please, give me Jesoos!”
“The Pope! THE POPE!!”
“Are you sure you want to can…..cancell?”
“Nobody sent any! They had to close it down!”
“It pains me to do this……and it’ll be the only one ever…..”
“This is the worst idea since I drank a martini with my eye.”
“I thought everything was fine. But no. No no no.”
“This is a sign of confused bewilderment.”
“Look at it! It’s the worst thing ever!”
“I blame you! You did this! YOU DID THIS!”
“THIRTY? Wait, one is not enough??”
“It sounds like farting in a bathtub.”
“*Laughing* This is the worst image!”
“It’s like a whole Twinkie!”
“Will this look good? Or will it look…….bad.”
“Cut to the chase, and do what we should have done.”
“I don’t want to watch the weather, I want to fucking download MIDI’s!”
“Enter location? HELL. In, I guess, Michigan.”
“It’s a screaming fucking cat!”
“That cat spooked the shit out of me, what the fuck?!?”
“There’s no fucking way this is Comic Sans.”
“It’s working! It’s working!!”
“Can you see me? I can’t see you!”
“I put spinning spaghetti….in…….”
“And God was dead.”
“I’m going to snort some MP3 files…”
“What is this shit? Grand Dad?”
“I sexually identify as an attack helicopter.”
“Whatever’s going on here, I don’t like it. I don’t like it, I don’t like it one bit!”

SOMA sentence starters

“Are you okay, ____? I think you’re bleeding.”
“No, no, it’s not like that.”
“Why is there never enough time?”
“Why are you like this?”
“I was okay. I was happy.”
“What ARE you…?”
“I try hard staying a mystery.”
“You’re really hung up on appearances, you know that?”
“Have you figured out what’s going on yet?”
“Oh… well… Y’know. Robots don’t feel anything, so. Yeah.”
“It all went to hell.”
“Don’t worry, I’ll fix it. Somehow.”
“What the hell happened to the world?”
“Don’t look at it!”
“I was really hoping you were human.”
“I was human once.”
“I give up. There’s nothing left.”
“You don’t want to think about it? Well start thinking about it.”
“I don’t want to do this anymore, I don’t want to BE this, I want out!”
“How could anything POSSIBLY matter when you’re a stupid robot in a stupid dead world?!”
“Gives the senses a good punch.”
“I wanted to let you know that I know.”
“You didn’t blindly pick me out of the herd.”
“I just keep suppressing it, like my brain doesn’t want me to think about it.”
“It’s really getting hard not to think about it.”
“And then we can start listening to other people when they talk, because that’s how conversations work!”
“I just can’t stop thinking about what we’ve become.”
“I’m half a dead person.”
“Nothing like admiring your own work.”
“It’s over now. Relax.”
“Don’t you get it? They’re dead. They’re all dead.”
“How can you be so calm about this shit?!”
“You assume you’ve changed so much, but have you really?”
“Sorry about any discomfort, this should be over soon.”
“How did you expect me to react to this shit?!”
“Christ! This is awful. We did an awful fucking thing!”
“Please say something. I don’t want to think. Please.”
“Just couldn’t bring myself to let go.”
“Well, the odds aren’t great!”
“I always wanted a friend - like a real one.”
“Oh, pity friendship? Now I feel even worse.”
“It’s an amazing thing you did, and I want you to know I appreciate it.”

Godspeed, Dean Winchester - Part 3

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2354

Warnings: Character Death, language, angst

Read Chapter 1 by @impala-dreamer

Read Chapter 2 by  @deanxfuckingadorablexwinchester

A/N: Written for @spnbuddywriters SPN Team Building Challenge. The prompt for this part was the song Open Your Eyes by Daughtry (listen here).

~After another heated night, will you heed Dean’s pleas or are you already in too deep?~

Dean’s POV

Dean woke to an empty and cold the bed the next morning. The light breaking through the dingy motel curtains, illuminating the dank room. Running a hand over his face, lightly scratching the scruff, he sighed, making his way toward the bathroom.  A quick shower helped to ease the tightness in his aching muscles. He was gathering what little he had in the room, not wanting to leave anything behind, when he spotted it, a single sheet of motel stationery laying on the table.


I am so sorry, but I couldn’t stay. Thank you for saving me and taking care of me last night. Please don’t think I wasn’t listening, but this is something I have to do. I couldn’t live with myself if I don’t at least try. You say I won’t feel better after the rush wears off, but even if I die trying, it will be better than not trying at all.

I have nothing left here; no one. Please don’t look for me, Dean. I don’t know if I could leave you again. Please take care of yourself. Godspeed, Dean Winchester.



“Damn it, Y/N!” I cursed out loud, balling up the note and throwing it across the room. I had no idea how long she had been gone, but I may be able to catch up to her, no matter what she thinks she meant in that ‘Dear Dean’ letter. If she was intent on going down this path, the least I could do was make sure she was prepared. I peeled rubber leaving the parking lot, trying to reach Sammy and keep my eyes open for any sign of her.

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something brewing: part ii

I’ve decided to write shorter chapters for this one going forward, in the hope of more frequent updates. With this in mind, this chapter is from Marcus’ point of view. There’s also part i and the original fic concept as a prelude, for anyone coming in new.

Premise: Oliver is a sports science student who has to maintain his grades in order to retain his scholarship and has a good chance of playing football professionally. Despite that, he’s serious about wanting to do well. His flatmates spend more time drunk than they do sober, so he’s given up trying to work at home and finds a little coffee shop to study in. What he doesn’t expect is to develop a painful, near-instantaneous, utterly inconvenient crush on one of the baristas.

In this chapter: Marcus discovers that weak at the knees isn’t just a figure of speech when it comes to Oliver Wood wearing his football kit.

i: marcus.

It was the last Thursday in November, and that meant the one night of the month that Marcus didn’t particularly enjoy taking the late shift: open mic night. It wasn’t that he had any objection to people expressing themselves creatively, no, but it meant that his usual background noise of choice wasn’t available and his concentration levels for studying in between serving were below zero. It was the one night of the month that made his class the next afternoon more difficult than he wanted it to be. Though in every other respect, change and taking risks were things that he actively enjoyed, sought out even, when it came to working at the coffee shop, he liked routine. He hid his scowl behind the coffee machine and didn’t speak to anyone much, and that usually got him through it when he was obliged to work it. Susan, understanding why, left him be for the most part, and he doesn’t know what he did to deserve a co-worker and friend as understanding as her, but he was grateful nonetheless. The gratitude communicated itself in frequently tucking away her favourite pastries of choice when they were running low and making sure she had first choice when new stock came in of which blend to try.

“I guess tall, dark and handsome isn’t coming in tonight either,” Susan commented from her place at the counter, leaning on her elbows and not bothering to hide her wince at the theatre major currently making their foray into bad experimental poetry. “Did you warn him in advance or something?”

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Too Hot To Handle: Chapter Twenty Three

So I kinda wrote a different kind of fanfiction. It’s nothing as in depth as my other fics so I am going to post it here. ENJOY!!***Actor, Real Person Fanfiction, Walking Dead RPF***Featuring: Jeffrey Dean Morgan X Original Female Character, Norman Reedus and others.. (FYI this is total fiction, as in I know nothing about JDMs life or that of his real SO and son etc. Because of this, for this work of fiction, they don’t exist. Jeffrey’s been a typical actor playboy dating fellow stars etc. This is written for sick daydreaming pleasure.)

Aria St. James is a busy woman with a thriving restaurant. She thought she had everything she needed until a few famous faces visit her dining room. A tall, dark and handsome actor decides Aria’s just what he’s been looking for.

Rating: Mature : NSFW **dirty dirty**

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

Aria and Jeffrey pulled up to the large colonial era house with it white pillars and deep green shutters. The hedges were immaculate and the fountains lit perfectly. Aria hated it.
“I hate this place.” She stated as he  shifted into park and looked at her in confusion. “It’s so fake.”
“You didn’t tell me that?”
Shrugging, she tapped her fingers on the door handle and explained, “Don’t get me wrong, Megan’s family is… fine. They’ve helped me out before. It’s just, everything has strings. There’s always a catch, we’ll help if…” pursing her lips she added, “I love them, I really do. Megan’s father is brilliant and taught me quite a lot about running a business. Her mom is suffocating and domineering but she always has my best interest in mind.”
“Well doll, you won’t be by yourself this time.” He assured, leaning forward to pull her lips to his. Kissing him softly, she hummed deeply as his fingers curled into her hair and his tongue delved into mouth.
A loud rap on the window had Aria yelping in fear, to find Megan laughing hysterically outside the car.
“That little fucker.” She growled, yanking the door open to greet her best friend. “You little fucker.”
Megan grinned widely and attacked her with tight arms. Aria felt her eyes burn with tears as they rocked back and forth.
“Missed you.”
“Me too babycakes.” Megan croaked, clearing her throat and pulling back to smile at her. Her fiery red hair was curled and twisted into a braid, her pale skin and freckles glowing under the street lights. “So introduce me to your boytoy or I’m gonna die.”

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Mama’s Boy: Tom Holland x Reader

Requested:  since I know for a FACT that Tom is a huge Mama’s boy, could you write a funny imagine about how Tom sometimes abandons reader at random places for his mom, and after a while reader’s not having it so she and Tom’s mom end up hanging out and abandoning Tom?

You were visiting Tom’s family in London and you were enjoying yourself, except that Tom nearly left you every second to talk to  or hang with his mom. You admired the fact that he adored his mom but it was a bit frustrating when you wanted to spend time with him and he would randomly leave. 

“Tom!” You called him into his room, “Yes love?” he walked in and quickly shut the door. “You look so sexy.” He licked his lips and walked toward your lace covered figure. He placed rough wet kisses on your bare stomach causing you to moan. He hooked his fingers on the sides of your underwear and slid them down. 

“Tom!” You heard his mom call. “Yes?” She didn’t respond. “Yes!” he yelled again. After not hearing anything he groaned , “I’ll be right back.” He kissed you and adjusted himself. 

After laying on the bed for an hour you sighed and put some clothes on. You walked down stairs to see him helping his mom cook. “Oh hey babe.” He smiled looking up at you. “hi.” You responded back sarcastically. 

“Sorry dear. I just needed him to reach something for me but he wanted to help.” His mom smiled at you. “No problem Mrs. Holland.” You smiled back. It’s not like he got me all hot and bothered and then just vanished.

“Lovely day here in London with my mom and my lovely girlfriend…” Tom was recording. He had his arm draped over your shoulder while his mom took pictures of the scenery. 

“God these bridges suck.” He laughed leading you the not so sturdy bridge. He pointed out some things to you. “So what about this?” You looked behind you and he was gone. “Tom?”

You squinted and saw that he was all the way down the street showing his mom the best angles for her to shoot at. You sighed and walked over o them, “Hey love, where’d you go?”

“I was under the bridge, you were right-”,“Awe that’s good. Look mum!” He pointed to a cloud. 

“Where is he?” You huffed. You were walking alone in the busy shopping district. Your phone was on the almost dead so you didn’t want to waste your battery on him not answering. 

“Honey where is Y/N?” Mrs. Holland asked. “Oh, I-I don’t know.” He looked around for you. “You can’t keep leaving her! Stay here I’ll go find her.” She shook her head at how rude her son was acting and searched for you. 

She saw you bundled up on a bench, “Awe honey.” She ran up to you and saw that you were on the verge of tears. “I’m so sorry about Tom.” She hugged you. 

“You hungry?”, you nodded. She looked behind her, “Let’s give him a taste of his own medicine.” She giggled and grabbed your hand. 

She stopped at a nice small restaurant. “So besides my son being a dick how have you enjoyed it here?”

You laughed not really expecting for her to say that, “Besides that, everything has been nice.”

“Well good.” She smiled and picked up the menu. You two laughed over drinks and ate. Tom was panicking and kept trying to call you both. “Fuck.”

He literally searched every shop and restaurant but by time he reached the place you were eating atr ,you two went to get mani/pedis. 

“He used to wet the bed terribly.” His mom laughed. “No! When did he stop?”

“He’s going to be so bloody pissed but he was 10 when he finally stopped.”

You gasped and giggled, “That’s some toxic information Mrs. H.” You fist bumped her and smiled. 

“What do you want to do next love?” She asked. “Well I could use some new shoes.”

“There you are. I was looking every where for you!” He ran up to you and tried to kiss you but you moved out the way and kept walking. His mom shook her head, “You need to apologize to her, now.”

“W-what did I do?” He asked. “You kept abandoning her!” She pulled his ear, “Ow, mum. Stop.”

“Now you listen to me Thomas Stanley Holland, you apologize to her now. That girl loves you and you kept running to me like she wasn’t here to be with you.”

“But-”, “But nothing, do it now or-or you’re grounded.”

He laughed ,” Ground me. I’m not a kid any more.”, “We’ll just have to tell you father that then.”

“Ugh yes ma’am.” He walked up behind you an placed his around your waist. You jumped up and let out a little scream, “Christ Tom.” He helped carry your bags. “Are you mad at me?”

“That’s like asking if the sky is blue.” You retorted. “Well today it does look a bit grayish-” He stopped when he saw your face. “I’m sorry for leaving you-”, “You need to add for leaving me in a very unfamiliar place.”

“Baby, I am really sorry! I didn’t mean it and it will never happen again.”, “Yeah right.” 

“I’m serious.”

“How about for leaving me in your room naked and horny!” You whispered loudly. “Oh yeah. Shit, I’m really sorry about that.”

You stopped and folded your arms, “I might as well go back home.”, “No. baby please, I swear I’m sorry. I’ll stop leaving you and abandoning you.” He begged. 

“Do you promise?” You asked. “I swear on m-my mom.”

“That’s terrible! Don’t swear on her.” You slapped his chest. “I forgive you, jeez.”

He smiled and leaned in for a kiss, you sighed and kissed him. You two heard a snapping sound and saw his mom snapping pictures of you guys. 

“You guys look great!” She smiled scrolling through the pics. “Oh let me see!” Tom started running over to her but she shook her head and looked at you. “Oh right, sorry.”

Evan in the Bathroom [Tree Bros Angst]

A bit of info/some notes of clarification before anyone wants to dive in: 

Background – This is an AU where Evan and Connor became friends (and eventually started dating) junior year. They’re both doing a lot better but they definitely still have their bad days. It comes out that Evan hasn’t taken his meds in awhile; naturally Heidi and Connor are worried about him so Heidi makes an appointment for him to see Dr. Sherman and Connor is there for emotional support. 

Dev is nothing more than a vehicle atm. He’s an extremely underdeveloped OC but I have a few ideas I might use depending on how well this fic goes over.

And obviously it was inspired by Michael in the Bathroom so.


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Columbus Day is officially over! Did we all survive??? Or is a super vague holiday invented recently to commemorate some dudes discovery of the north americas just TOO offensive because some people that were already slaughtering the FUCK out of each other died 600 years ago? Are we all gonna be ok????

Like when are we going to stop fucking victimizing ourselves for shit that literally happened over half a century ago. Jesus Christ almighty.

Quotes From My Facebook Statuses

“Oh whelp, it’s just started shooting everywhere. It’s done.”
“Okay, bring out the hacksaw.”
“This is their temporary solution right now until tomorrow morning. A giant fucking air dryer. ”
“‘Mmm, hey popcorn ball’ is NOT an appropriate way to greet a potential partner!”
“I don’t actually sleep, I just take 4-5 hour long power naps. or i pass out from exhaustion.”
“You watch one too many videos of people being stung by bullet ants and people call you a sadist.”
“…Still can’t get over that only one of them is actually French.”
“Mom. Please. Stop.”
“That feeling when you’re frightened by your own shadow briefly.”
“I hate creepy shit and yet I always watch creepy shit.”
“Maybe I should play an MMORPG again. Or get addicted to cocaine.”
“You can’t just say 'Our worst fears have been confirmed’ in passing.”
“ He needs a nap. We all need a nap.”
“That looks legitimately horrifying…Should we…Instagram it?”
“Stop misting.”
“There’s nothing quite as awkward as twitter handle name like 'bride of christ’.”
“Murder mitts.”
“I’m checking for your heart’s existence.”
“You know what’s obnoxious? A waiting room that plays ocean soundscapes on a 30 second loop. I am losing my mind.”
“How do we even entertain in this apartment? Sit around the stripper pole and sing kumbaya?”
“I think Google Maps is trying to get me killed.”
“They almost killed me throwing a dark chocolate orange across the room.”
“Hello salt…cleanse me.”
“Sometimes I wonder why I didn’t date anyone in high school. Then I sat beside a table of high school boys in a McDonald’s yesterday and I remembered.”
“ 'Whisper’? That’s a stripper name!”
“Mushy white guys with too many emotions.”

the thigh high club

pairing : yoongi x taehyung x jimin (I guess??)

genre : light smut. if you can call this light.

drabble/headcanon thing inspired by this post and my own tags bc i can’t not bring everything back to bangtan

  • yoongi knew it was an awful idea; this was a horrible idea that would end up with him getting kicked out of bangtan, off the face of the universe. he’d end up on a street corner, desperately trying to sell his mixtape as a fallen idol, laughed out of every underground club as he struggles to reclaim his status as Min Suga, lyrical genius
  • But Jimin couldn’t keep secrets from Taehyung, though he’d wanted to
  • And they were insistent, really insistent because apparently the only thing missing from that stupid maid’s outfit all that time ago had been stockings and, yeah, Yoongi was weak, and he’d be fucked if anyone would call him a coward
  • taehyung had caught him out when he was in a good mood, placid and sleepy from a hot drink jin had forced him to take down to the studio, pressing his hands into the tension of Yoongi’s shoulders and whispering the dreaded words - I triple dare you, Yoongi hyung
  • (Noted : Taehyung’s long, stupid spider legs could get him out of Yoongi’s slapping range pretty fast when they wanted to; Yoongi is as awfully co-ordinated as Namjoon when he’s more embarrassed than aggravated)
  • And whenever one half of the Taehyung-Jimin duo gets an idea, the other one is inevitably… there. Waiting for the right time to wear the newest victim down until they end up buying the things
  • He won’t call them what they actually are or admit that he went slightly overboard because the site was hosting a sale and there’d been a pair of suspenders with a pretty, strappy belt that makes him feel as delicate and breakable as Yoongi knows he can be if the time and the feeling is right
  • The package comes faster than he would have liked and somehow more slowly than he can bear because Yoongi can’t really decide if he’s completely platonically enjoying the torture of Jimin squeezing his waist every now and again as he passes, gently pinching his hyung’s hips with a beatific grin
  • Taehyung staring in that way of his, like he can see right down to Yoongi’s soul when they catch eyes in the dance studio’s mirror, or if he hates the fact that there’s a blush swooping over his neck and across his cheeks
  • (yoongi also wonders if it’s weird for this to be his penalty for picking the last option when the boys roped him into a game of truth or dare, and if he can honestly call the way his spine tingles when Jimin casually throws out the words, “tonight, yoongi hyung” as he passes him on his way to do something or other that Jin wouldn’t approve of platonic.
  • But then he feels a twitch in a place he honestly doesn’t need to be getting twitches because Taehyung winked at him, like the slimy little shit he is, and so, he stops trying to think about that at all)
  • (“hm? what’s going on tonight?”)
  • (“oh, nothing, Jungkookie-”)
  • (“but Jimin said…hey, hyung, can I come with yo-” “oh my god, no, Jungkook, jesus fucking christ -”
  • (“I won’t tell Jin if you let me come.”)
  • (“This is grown up stuff, you absolute fucking baby.”)
  • He’s oddly calm when the time for The Dare to be fulfilled comes - the words feel like they need to be capitalised at this point - and Yoongi managed to convince Jin that twenty was old enough to let Jungkook in the room for a rare night of soju (one shot for the maknae line and three at a generous push for the elders) and horror movies
  • He swore on his leather jacket and favourite pen that he wouldn’t pretend to be asleep if Hobi got sick on the sofa, though it was a little redundant to bring it up because it had been once and Yoongi really hadn’t been sure if the retching sounds had been part of his half-waking dream or not
  • all  of that falls way beside the point when he manages to prise Hoseok’s clammy hand from around his, back slowly out of the room and tip toe down the hall to his room
  • they agreed that Taehyung would be the last to come into the room, fifteen minutes after Jimin would make his own excuses, exactly ten minutes after Yoongi slipped away, so it’s not as if there’s any real reason for Yoongi’s hands to be trembling
  • that doesn’t make a difference, of course, he still makes too much noise trying to open the packet as quietly as is humanly possible and ends up ripping the pretty white paper down the middle, tossing the crumpled lilac paper packet and a bite-sized floral thank you for purchasing! card to the floor with a huff
  • Jungkook’s borrowed tracksuit bottoms join them moments after, the kid’s boxers too because Yoongi’s pretty sure they won’t match at all. not that it’s important that he looks good but, you know, if he’s going to lose then he may as well lose in style
  • the stockings are softer than anything he’s ever touched, a tender shade of sheer pink, the tops a slightly darker, shinier shade, stretchy and good quality, if his finger tips aren’t betraying him and the belt is soft lilac, as pale as the colour can be without being white. it’s all delicate gauzy fabric and teensy, perfect ribbons at the top of each suspender, no bigger than his littlest fingernail
  • Yoongi thinks he might have fallen in love with two pieces of lingerie, but it’s logical to when they’re the prettiest things he’s ever seen
  • he’s so careful not to tear them or yank too hard, pulling each stocking up as high as they’ll go which is incidentally, just far enough up his legs to connect the fiddly suspender hooks and it’s in that moment that Yoongi decides he hates suspenders more than anything else in this world, even early mornings
  • it’s also in that moment that Yoongi realises his second biggest mistake. he’s standing in front of his shared room’s full length mirror, the one Jin insisted they buy second hand, gripping his hands behind his back to hide the shaking from his own eyes
  • He turns once, tugging up his t shirt and sliding a finger between the top of the belt and snapping it against the small of his back, twists to the side to let himself admire for a single breath how snugly they fit against his waist, accentuating the outline of his hips
  • Then, he realises that he forgot to buy panties, and his cock is quite literally there in front of him and even if it’s possible that Namjoon, the pervert that he is, has something appropriate stashed in his drawer there’s no time left for him to do anything about it, so all Yoongi can think of is panicking
  • And it’s then that the door opens with a low, breathy creak and Jimin’s trademark signature giggle, crushed up between the sound of Tehyung urgently shushing him enter the room, followed by their owners and everything - everyone - freezes.
  • Yoongi holds his breath deliberately to stop himself from cursing their asses to the seventh circle of hell and demanding that they leave or stop staring like a pair of fucking morons who have never seen a guy in stockings and suspenders before, or tell them that they’ve got what they wanted so why don’t they take a picture or something?
  • He hasn’t turned around fully, doesn’t try to, but it’s somehow worse to watch Taehyung slowly push the door shut, one hand hooked onto the back of Jimin’s jumper, and meet their eyes only in the mirror, watch them take him in without a word spoken aloud
  • The first one to speak is Jimin and his voice is so quiet it barely breaks the hush and the background of chatter from just down the hall - “I can’t believe you actually did it, hyung, I - we thought - ”
  • “ - that you wouldn’t actually do it.” Taehyung’s voice is deep, breathy, sets off a flicker of apprehension in Yoongi’s stomach
  • And he’s right to feel nervous, completely justified to mock-whisper I’m going to die when Jimin fumbles to get his phone out of the pocket of his shorts, clutching it between his hands, even though he knows because this was the part of the agreement that had him inches away from backing out - one picture.
  • “I haven’t even got anything on, this is just - isn’t this enough?”
  • Tae laughs at him, cutting it off into a snort when Yoongi turns around fully, hands firmly placed over his cock, shoulders hunched in on themselves and fixes him with a glare
  • They get him on Jin’s bed, push him down firmly to sit on the edge and Yoongi keeps his eyes on the way Jimin’s teeth worry at his bottom lip as he raises his phone, mirrors the action as the camera clicks 
  • But apparently, they’re not done, because the moment Yoongi exhales in relief Taehyung is across the room, too close for comfort when he’s this…exposed
  • “One more, hyung, please? Just one?”
  • Yoongi raises his hand to slap his stomach, pinch the bare skin of Tae’s thigh (those red shorts are short enough to be a porn-star costume at this point, but Yoongi wasn’t going to be the one to get rid of them)
  • Yoongi is justified in punching them both for even thinking of asking for more when he’s in nothing but a black t shirt and some skimpy underwear, risking his career for misplaced grade-school honour
  • But then Jimin’s at his other side, clambering onto the bed and all of Yoongi’s words magically dissipate
  • As does his ability to exert any kind of authority, because Jimin’s hands are ridiculously soft and so little against Yoongi’s hip, but his nails are sharp enough to hurt in the way he loves
  • And Taehyung’s hands cover the entirety of Yoongi’s right thigh, engulf Jimin’s as they collide over Yoongi’s stomach, both of them just rushed enough for it to be amusing
  • And Jin’s covers smell good, clean and fresh, so it’s not like it’s a chore for Yoongi to let himself be pushed onto his back, let Taehyung tug and snap the suspender cords with curious fingers to the backtrack of one, two, three clicks in succession
  • He even makes sure to mumble the order to delete everything afterwards against both of their mouths when they try to kiss him at once, and Yoongi just has to have faith that they hear him over the sound of them both telling him that he looks absolutely fucking beautiful
  • They might be stupid, especially when they’re together, but Yoongi knows they’re not dumb - and they teach him within fifteen minutes behind a door Jimin is quick to shove a chair under that they can both be really, really smart with their mouths.
EXO as things my friends / classmates have said

Minseok : *hears a high pitched scream* wAS IT THE SQUIRREL


Yixing : what in the fiddlestickles-dickle-pickles are you talking about

Baekhyun : idk what this song is but this shit is lit turn it up, and no I did not do my homework who the fuck do you think I am



Kyungsoo : you know what? this class is so stupid my brain is literally going to shrivel and disintegrate if I spend anymore time with you ass fucks

Jongin : I love dogs,,, but cats and squirrels are a no go like what the fuck ????

Sehun : come back when I give two shits. What I’m saying is don’t come back.

bonus :





WARNING. THIS POST CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS FROM THE FILM and is really fricking long. It also contains lots of CUSSING and bad grammar. If you don’t want spoilers I suggest you skip this post but if you want to find out more, plz continue. Oh and it also has a lot of Thomesa comments so if you ship Trenda you probs wont like this…ENJOY!

·      Omg YAS YAS

·      It’s starting

·      Aww little Thomas

·      Aww little Thomas getting dragged away from his mommy.

·      Dream sequence

·      Thomas be like fuck no this again

·      Let the 74th hunger games begin

·      Ooh Minho oppa

·      Lots of shouting

·      So many cross cuts and black outs

·      Ewww Ratman

·      Aiden Gillan is a pretty good actor. Hate his accent though.

·      They’re all really dirty in their glade outfits but they’re still so hot though


·      Lol minho in the background: “woo hoo”

·      Dylan is so hot

·      He’s naked

·      OMG he looks so cool right now. He’s so wet

·      Shouldn’t they be suspicious of injections? I mean I would be. Especially if you don’t know who these people are.

·      Oh at least Newt is suspicious.

·      Wait why isn’t Thomas saying anything

·      Jokes he just asked another question

·      Someone better do a question count for Thomas

·      Minho’s wearing red

·      Soo many teenagers

·      If there was more than one maze, where and how did WCKD manage to find a place to fit that many mazes, along with facilities that monitor them. Also, how many grievers would they have made for this purpose? What if the grievers rebelled and decided to do they own shit? Wouldn’t wckd be fucked then?

·      Oh look its Aris. The loner emo boy wearing a hoodie. Remind you of anything?

·      How old is Aris again? He looks like he’s 13.

·      Thomas be like: no let me see her. Such devotion.

·      Please don’t pick a fight with a guard.

·      Yes Thomas, just walk away.

·      Bunk beds. Why is it always bunk beds?

·      Minho: ‘too slow’ ha ha

·      More dream sequences!

·      Thomas the insomniac

·      Aris creepily saying pssst while under Thomas’ bed

·      Just so happens that the air vent opening is right under Thomas’ bed. #movie logic. If you’re reading this CinemaSins and happen to do a ‘Everything wrong with the Maze Runner the Scorch Trials’ based on this post, you better reference me or at least mention me and get people to like this post on Tumblr. Btw, you guys are awesome! [thumbs up]

·      Thomas: “What the hell am I doing?” yeah Thomas, what are you doing?

·      See!!! He even talks to himself using questions.

·      Air vents, the most common way to eavesdrop on people

·      Ooh dead bodies

·      Thomas picking a fight with a guard-WTF ru doing bro?

·      Jeez Thomas take a fucking chill pill

·      Oh he’s getting the swipe card thingy

·      Sending kids back to their rooms-the most common way of grounding children when they do bad stuff

·      Jeez you didn’t have to shove them in there. Such a rude guard.

·      Newt be like: cant we just be happy for once?

·      Thomas has an idea! Everyone hates it.

·      Everyone else be like: of course Thomas. Of course.

·      Thomas dropping into the hallway from the air vent like spiderman.

·      How are you gonna get back up though?

·      Okay so teenagers are being strapped up to tubey things

·      This totally isn’t child abuse

·      Oh no is that Teresa? Jks no

·      OHHHHH its Rachel

·      RIP Aris’ girlfriend

·      I ship it though

·      #Raris… or is it Arachel? Idk

·      Hiding behind poles

·      Lots of dramatic walking in this film

·      ava paige [sitting down and signing pages like a boss]

·      its good to see that the boss is a woman though

·      oh wait let me correct myself, she’s a “doctor”…doctor my ass, more like a lady killer who just wants to dissect children for money.

·      Seriously Thomas you need to calm the fuck down and just tell everyone else what’s going on

·      Great acting though, Dylan O’Brien [thumbs up]

·      #Follow Thomas the leader…or should I say Thomas the tank engine? Ha ha just kidding.

·      Everyone just blindly follow Thomas when we all know he doesn’t have a plan most of the time

·      Fuck yeah Minho is such a badass by kneeing that guard


·      God he’s hot

·      Guns

·      Yes lets use the lady doctor as a hostage

·      Operation rescue Teresa

·      Found her

·      Thomas is totes in love with her. He’s so concerned about her all the time.

·      so many Thomesa feels rn

·      Yay window smashing!

·      Thomas and Newt breaking glass. #Teamwork

·      aww Thomas carried Teresa

·      Lots of door barging/blocking moments

·      Everyone keeps shouting Thomas! Like we get it. Everyone is obsessed with him.

·      Why is Thomas always the last one to leave? Or the one who stays behind. It’s like he willingly tries to be the last one standing. Stop isolating yourself Thomas. Everyone knows your chances of survival are better when you’re in a group, not when you’re alone. Thomas is so dumb sometimes.

·      Yay Aris. #Aris the hero. What a wildcard!

·      Is Teresa barefoot?

·      Thomas: *shoots at guys with shields with tazer gun. Gun runs out of ammo. Throws away gun before he starts to run for it.*

·      Can I just say that something about Dylan O’Brien holding a gun, or any guy doing badass but somewhat violent actions gets me so turned on.

·      Man that running and sliding under the closing door was epic

·      Yeah Thomas. U GO!

·      Best bit in movie-Thomas giving Ratman the finger [applause]

·      I bet Dylan O’Brien improvised this scene


·      How did they manage to run out people on aircraft and dirt bikes?

·      How can they see where they’re going?

·      Wow lots of sand.

·      Of course he doesn’t have a plan Newt. Its Thomas!

·      lol, mountain people

·      The Right Arm reference

·      Wardrobe change

·      It’s really dark

·      Something bad is bound to happen soon

·      Suspenseful music

·      Why do I get this feeling that I’m watching more of a thriller/horror movie than a science fiction film?

·      No Minho don’t turn on the generator!



·      Run bitches run!

·      Are they inside a mall?

·      Mall chase scene

·      Man, these cranks are scary AF

·      This film is really fast-paced though. It just goes from one scene to another like that-[clicks fingers]

·      Oh look its daytime. Its always safer in daytime


·      The graphics are great though

·      Sand dunes

·      so much sand everywhere

·      Another Thomesa scene YAY!

·      Wait teresa has her memories?

·      Ooh wait…that means…oh okay

·      Wtf Winston

·      Oh god he’s infected

·      Why is this scene being carried out like page 250.

·      He even says: ‘I don’t want to end up a monster’

·      Depressing death scene when its not even halfway through the movie

·      Wait they’re just leaving the gun with him? Oh ok.

·      Everyone just walks away

·      Goodbye Winston

·      Choreographed halting after sound of gunshot. Nice.



·      Minho why would you throw the bottle away? You could’ve saved it for later! You’re in a wasteland for Christ’s sake!

·      Sleeping in the middle of the dessert. NICE.

·      Thomas: I see the light!

·      A storm is coming…jks the storm hit immediately in just 10 seconds

·      Ahhh MINHO

·      Minho got hit

·      Character that almost dies but doesn’t trope

·      Minho after getting told he got hit by lightning: ‘Oh”

·      Oh Minho you’re so cute

·      Everyone turns around and sees a crank

·      [I literally jumped when I saw it]

·      More cranks. Wonderful.

·      Oh look who it is. Brenda.


·      Brenda’s got sass

·      Ha ha lol, they’re all hanging upside down

·      Minho’s sass lines have appeared!

·      Interrogation time

·      JorgexBrenda moment. How sweet.

·      Wait what? Jorge wants to play music? DAFQ

·      Ha ha wckd is confused

·      This is some old ass music for a film that set in the future. I mean they’re still using cd records. Really? I mean shouldn’t it be coming out of like a boom box or something. It’d be funny if they played Gangnam Style or something. It’d be even funnier if there was an ad before the song played.

·      No Thomas don’t go after Brenda.

·      Seriously though.

·      Thomas is like Percy Jackson, never leaves a man behind. Or woman in this case.

·      Wckd guards are idiots. They’re in shooting range!


·      AWESOME

·      That was clever though

·      So many scenes in complete darkness

·      Stop having Trenda scenes

·      Why are you going deeper into the tunnel?

·      Thomas: ‘you think?’ another question. Thank you, Thomas. [sings Girls Generation in my head.]

·      It’s a rat. Gross.

·      Oh and now a crank is eating the rat. RIP rat.

·      It’s time to go now trenda.

·      RUN. Stop standing there. RUN!

·      Oh for Christ sake

·      Epic chase sequence

·      Wow that is some really nice graphics. Really nice.

·      I hate the cranks though

·      Wes wasn’t joking when he said they were scary

·      The cranks look like some RPG zombie game shit

·      Rock climbing

·      Yeah Thomas! Kill that crank!

·      Brenda’s infected. Great. She’s so gonna die…NOT.

·      Finally, there are actually civilians who aren’t trying to hunt down the protagonists or sell them for money.

·      Who the hell is Marcus anyway?

·      Oh that actor. Why is he everywhere? He’s the douchebag bad guy in Dollhouse as well.

·      Yeah sure, just take whatever drink a stranger offers you. Even if they’re acting real shady about it and keep insisting you drink it and go into the party. I mean, I get that you’re trying to find the others but srsly? Would they actually be dumb enough to walk into that party?

·      Yay a party scene


·      Great acting Dylan O’Brien

·      Lol this is hilarious

·      Walk into da club like wow I am so fucked right now

·      Crank execution in a club, why not?

·      For a second I thought the guy killing that crank was Ben.

·      Blue lighting

·      Blue and white are such predominant colours in this film.

·      Okay now Thomas is really high.

·      Hallucinations

·      Eww not Trenda

·      Brenda is so fucking desperate right now

·      Technically you’re not the only two left. You just haven’t found the others.

·      Oh for Christ’s sake you’re both high. Have some restraint would ya?

·      No THOMAS NO

·      Don’t you dare!

·      Fucking hell he kissed her


·      Oh now he’s kissing Teresa

·      YAY Thomesa kiss!

·      Jks its only a hallucination

·      Thomas: ‘you’re not her’

·      Poor Brenda. #REJECTED

·      Thomesa spark is still alive

·      Yes Thomas, I knew I could believe in you

·      Thomas blacks out…again

·      Teresa: ‘we have to stop meeting like this’ ha ha lol.

·      Wait so that guy was Marcus?

·      Violent interrogation

·      Threatening by use of death

·      Bertha????

·      Oh it’s a truck.

·      Wait a second… that looks like Stiles’ truck. They’re both blue. Mindfuck.

·      Lol Newt looks so excited to be inside a truck. Ha ha. So cute <3

·      Ambush

·      There sure are a lot of guns in this movie.

·      Oh look Group B finally makes an appearance

·      Aww! Aris, Harriet and Sonya reunite

·      Why do Sonya and Aris seem to have a thing for each other? Maybe it’s just me but she seems way to happy to see him.

·      Who the heck is Vince?

·      Oh look its Thomas’ mom.

·      Don’t remember? Oh okay…

·      Wait Thomas is the Source?

·      Oh so he’s been backstabbing wckd for ages.

·      Good on you Thomas!

·      I feel like Thomas is the only one with an actual conscience.

·      Of course Brenda gets the cure.

·      Yes Thomas, just stealthily reach into her pocket whilst she’s asleep. #totes not a perv

·      Wait Brenda had a brother? His name is George?/Jorge?

·      Wait don’t tell me her brother was Chuck?

·      Brenda: you remind me of him-WOAH don’t tell me Thomas is her brother

·      Brenda: ‘they didn’t want me’ #REJECTED…again

·      YAY Thomesa flashback

·      Just kiss already

·      Newt calling Thomas ‘Tommy’

·      Just when you think your favourite characters are finally safe…it’s bound to get a whole lot worse.

·      OHHHHH Teresa! Why?????

·      I saw this coming though

·      Thomas looks so disappointed in her.

·      Teresa quoting Thomas

·      So sad

·      The ship is no longer sailing

·      #Betrayed

·      Enter Darth Ava [lol]

·      Ava paige reminds me of President Snow. They both wear white.

·      Ratman you son of a bitch.

·      RIP Mary.

·      Oh lol she must be named after Marie Curie.

·      Explosions!

·      No not Minho. Don’t take away my oppa!

·      Come on Thomas! Rescue him.

·      NO oppa, don’t go!

·      Oh yes, it has to end with inspiring speech time executed by Thomas

·      Thomas: ‘I made a promise to Minho.’ THOMINHO IS REAL!

·      And so it ends.

·      Ha lol the number of times everyone said ‘shit’ in this movie

Glob I am so gonna cry in the last movie.

·      The Death Cure: the journey of Thomas trying to save his BFF Minho who he is secretly gay for whilst dealing with the fact that his crush Teresa betrayed him. I can’t wait!

·      God what am I going to do with my life as I wait for the next one?


plz don’t kill me 



When Your Heart Beats Next to Mine

ok hello um this isnt the most… professional??? of fics i guess. like its written almost like a diary entry i guess. and it kinda takes a while for the smut to happen SORRY (and even then its not a lot of smut). so its 2009 dan’s pov yh (thank u alison and emeleeta for looking at it and helping me not hate it!!)
warnings: sooorta grinding and some handjobs

Oh my God.

Oh… my God.

Oh my GOD.

Oh my Jesus motherfrickin’ Christ oh my God?!

Let me just tell you a little story. Or maybe a massive story. Either way, I think you’ll like it.

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Do Not Go Gentle

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Single malt whiskey didn’t burn going down, at least not after the third shot. He made note of that, stroking his beard thoughtfully and staring down his reflection across the bar. The place was empty aside from a half asleep bartender and a single waitress filling the salt shakers. Mike had never been a day-drinker, but there was something about how dimly lit the bar was that made it seem okay. He could delude himself into thinking he wasn’t being pathetic.

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anonymous asked:

Hey with all this stuff happening bc of Sa's comments on twitter, will you still post s/temily stuff? Some people aren't going to any more bc of Sa's twitter comments.

Why not?

1. I agree with this post about the “events”.

2. I just wanted to say that I knew from the beginning that some people in trash fandom for some reason decided that Emily is an absolute angel while Stephen is the horrible person who doesn’t deserve her and treats her very bad. It was just the matter of time when they decide to unleash hell on him not for just these tweets, but for everything in the world.

I’m so annoyed with this “Emily deserves better”, “he’s an asshole for doing this to her” and etc. Guys, THIS IS NOT A SOAP OPERA, and guess what, you’re not living with them and you have no idea what’s going on there, okay? So stop acting like you’re Jesus Christ for god’s sake.

3. Some people started shitting on him in the evening, I went to sleep, woke up in the morning and they’re not only tweeted 12968 tweets about how shitty he is, but ended up with words like “racist”, “cunt” and so many horrible things that I thought my eyes will fall out. Like I didn’t expect this from people on my TL. Though like I already said, these were ppl who shaded Stephen on daily basis. I just didn’t know it’s that bad. I unfollowed ppl who didn’t know how to stop and crossed the line between constractive criticism and uncontrolable shit dumping. 

I also think it’s disgusting to enjoy this so much, enjoy other people making mistakes and pretend like you’re the saint one who hasn’t done anything wrong in your life. Say he’s wrong, yes, I’m all for it, but this! This was a bunch of vultures who were waiting for the right moment.

4. Unlike other people who thinks Emily is saint, I don’t put either of them on some pedestal, okay? I love them both, and they’re both far from angels, believe me, there’s no such thing! I’m tired of hypocrites, really. I don’t compare Stephen’s idiotic tweets to anything, he obviously didn’t think at all like he admitted himself, but this week was horrible for the arrow cast. After this incident with Emily’s friend who was laughing at a navy guy, I tweeted that Emily should at least answer the guy (which she did btw) my TL exploded with “it’s not my unicorn’s fault”, “she has nothing to do with it” and so on. I’m 100% sure if Stephen’s friend did smth like this, he’d recieve tons of hate, TONS with smth like “choose your friends wisely” or “you have no respect for military guys”.

5. Same problem with the show btw: “Felicity is the goddess, Oliver is the God only when he praises Felicity, without her he’d be nothing. Felicity can be everything without Oliver.” NO, thanks! GTFO! You know where the “exit” button.

6. I have rare opionion on trash issue. From what we see in the interviews, it’s Stephen who looks at her with his doe eyes, it’s Stephen who says that she’s “incredible, talented, fantastic, giving and we couldn’t make it without her”. I don’t see how Emily is victimised by him. Stop this ridiculous mainstream.

Do I know a lot of things about them? Yes. Can I be 100% sure about everything I assume here? Hell, no! This is real life guys, don’t pretend like you know everything! 

In reality we have only two options when it comes to trash. It’s 50/50. And hell no, I won’t stop, I’m still here for this and I still love Stephen, sue me.