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Your Body Is My Wonderland (smut)


Requested: no (Fluff in the beginning) 

Word count: 4,224

I was resting my back against Shawn’s broad chest, while his fingers were running through my wet newly washed hair. We were chilling in bed, watching movies after a long day for the both of us. We were sipping beers, celebrating this day finally coming to an end.

I was tucked tightly into a blanket, feeling Shawn place tender kisses on my neck once in a while. His arms were tightly shut around my body, making every inch of my skin feel tickly just by his faint yet loving touches.

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move like you want | (m)

Originally posted by heavenly-minds

pairing: kim taehyung x reader
genre/warnings: smut, explicit descriptions of sex, fingering, oral, dirty talk
words: 7,960
summary: where you meet the gaze of an incredibly attractive red head at a music bar and one thing leads to another…

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The Meeting of the Waters

pairing: lin-manuel miranda x reader

summary: lin buys a late 18th century piano during the writing process for hamilton, and when he gets it home, he’s surprised to find there’s a ghost attached to it. reader has been attached to her piano for hundreds of years, and is thrilled to talk about her good friend eliza hamilton with the genius who purchased her piano.

warnings: swearing, and i think that’s it idk do ghosts need to be tagged is that a thing

word count: 5,308

a/n: this is for the @hamwriters write-a-thon day one!!! AH okay i haven’t seen anyone write a ghost AU fic yet, so i don’t know how well received this will be BUT i really like it and i hope you guys do too (if u don’t pls be nice to me i’m fragile)

The lights of the George Washington Bridge glow in the distance, a stark contrast to the dark waters of the Hudson. Lin grunts as he pushes the piano up against the window of his studio apartment, leaning an arm on the top of the piano to peer out at the view.

“To be honest, the piano looked better against the wall,” you pipe up from your perch on the arm of the worn out leather sofa.

Lin spins around quickly, a startled look etched on his face. “Who’s in here?”

“Hi there,” you wave your hand, a small smirk on your face, before you stand. You smooth out your skirts and take a few steps toward him.

“Who are you and what are you doing in my apartment?” He takes a few quick steps backwards as you approach, his back colliding with the wall.

“Relax,” you hold up your hands in a show of benevolence. “I come with the piano.”

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The Pawns And The Kings

Part 1 Part 2Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8

Originally posted by bangtanbtsmut

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Smut

Plot:  The reader is kidnapped, left alone in utter darkness. Once the day of her auctioning comes, she’s given to the head of one of the worlds most powerful gangs, Jungkook. She was nothing but a gift to him. But her little soul turns out to have the power to turn the tides in the worlds angriest ocean. And it turns out, Jungkook isn’t the only man whom eyes have settled upon her.

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anonymous asked:

Hello, if you're still taking prompts could you do #33 with Marichat or Ladynoir? (BTW love your stories!)

This is horribly overdue. I’m so sorry this took so long, I was caught up with other stories, life, and just recently suffered a bad case of writer’s block :/ I picked the Ladynoir side of the love square (although it’s probably not in the way you’re thinking). Still, I hope you enjoy this :)

“Something about you makes me want to commit extreme violence.”

You may not know it, but being a noblewoman could be very difficult at times.

Such were the Lady Marinette’s thoughts as she finally managed to sneak away to the snack table. A young Lord had been trying to request a dance with her for the better part of ten minutes, causing her to nearly flee every time he came in her sights. Luckily, just when she thought she was cornered, she was able to pair him with her best friend.

“I’m going to kill you,” Lady Alya had silently mouthed when she was led to the dance floor.

Marinette giggled to herself as she swiped a chocolate chip cookie from the very top of the pile on the silver tray. Not many women were eating them in order to ‘maintain their figure’ but Marinette didn’t really care about that. She’d eat what she wanted, whenever she wanted.

She looked around at the sea of guests, at all the colorful masks that adorned their faces. Her parents decided to host a masquerade ball, thinking it to be romantic and mysterious. Marinette thought that the idea was intriguing, but she didn’t really think anyone to be romantic or mysterious. It was just like any other ball she’d been to, with no one in particular standing out among the crowd.

She wanted to tell her parents that real life was vastly different from fairy tales, but she knew it would crush their hearts, especially since they wanted her to have a whirlwind romance of her own.

Marinette sighed in defeat, resigning herself to picking out a stranger to dance with just to appease her hopeless romantic parents.

“Is the princess not having a good time?” a masculine voice teasingly drawled.

Startled, her head whipped around to see a man leaning against a nearby pillar. He wore the traditional finely-made garb befitting of someone of the noble class, yet it was completely black, save the swirling designs of green beside the buttons on the otherwise coal black jacket.

Around his equally green eyes sat a black domino mask, but with cat ears on the ends. His blond hair lacked a refined style, instead the golden locks were wildly tousled. However, instead of looking like a common vagrant, the look suited him perfectly.

His lips were stretched into a wide smile, a row of pearly-white teeth exposed in the process. She noticed the man had rather nicely chiseled features. This, combined with all his other traits, made him exceptionally handsome.

However, her heart was already taken.

“I am not a princess, sir,” she replied, a corner of her mouth arching in interest. She had a feeling that whoever this man was, he was going to prove to be riveting company.

“You could’ve fooled me, with how every man’s eyes are fixated on you alone,” he purred flirtatiously, abandoning his spot by the column to saunter closer to her.

She snorted in mirth, finding that she liked this stranger. Sure, his flirting was a little over-the-top, but it wasn’t at all creepy like how some lords spoke.

“I find that hard to believe,” she disputed with a grin. “It doesn’t matter anyway, since I’m not interested in any of them.”

“Too good for them?” he asked. His tone was still teasing, yet his eyes shined with something else. For a moment she thought it seemed like he was testing her, but she quickly wrote it off as paranoia.

“No, it’s not that. The person that I really want to dance with isn’t here,” she admitted. She had a mask on, so no one except for Alya knew who she really was. So she supposed it was okay to tell a few truths for one night, provided she was careful, of course.

She sighed, recalling how her statement had been all too true. Prince Adrien was far out of reach, and honestly she shouldn’t have expected him to show up to her modest estate, even if it was for a ball. She met him a few months ago when his father had invited all the noble families to a formal dinner, hers included.

They didn’t get off on the right foot, though.

When it was time for the dinner, she ended up being one of the last few to enter the dining room. She had been caught up in a conversation with Alya in the sitting room beforehand, delaying her arrival. When she did show, she was dismayed when she found a splash of red wine decorating the bottom of her cherry wood chair, with the Crown Prince himself squatting next to it.

Since she couldn’t berate him without receiving a harsh reprimand, she chose to coldly glare at him as she picked up a napkin from her place on the table to wipe it. Prince Adrien tried to stutter something out, something probably apologetic, but she silently rebutted every attempt for speaking.

Finally, when the dinner was over, it was discovered that it had started to rain. It was sunny before, so naturally no one brought umbrellas with them, thus resigning everyone to a wet and soaking fate.

However, right as she was about to step outside into the steady rain, the Prince appeared…with a black umbrella in hand. He explained that he was about to wipe off the wine when she had suddenly appeared. He didn’t try to soil her dress at all, and was simply in the right place (to clean the chair), but at the wrong time.

Hearing his honest words and expression persuaded her to forgive him. Afterward, he gave her the umbrella to use so she wouldn’t get wet.

And that was the moment when she fell in love with the sweet, unsuspecting prince.

They saw each other a few more times after that. He was just as friendly and amicable, but she could barely respond to him without embarrassing stutters and stammers. He was perfect in her eyes, so excuse her for being a little anxious to talk to him.

“Who do you admire that so rudely didn’t show up?” the stranger asked with a quirk of his lips.

She shook her head. There was no way she could tell anyone that she was interested in the Prince, mask or not.

“Sorry, but I can’t tell you that, Chat Noir.”

She supposed it was a good nickname; it suited him considering his attire. Besides, she couldn’t keep mentally referring to him as a stranger or just simply ‘he’.

“Chat Noir, hm?” he repeated, a far-away look appearing in his eyes as he stared above her head, a finger tapping chin in thought.

He grinned, returning his attention to her.

“I like it. Although I suppose you need a nickname now, too. How about…” he trailed off, inspecting her up and down to determine the perfect moniker. Abruptly he snapped his fingers, something that Marinette didn’t understand how he accomplished, considering he wore black gloves.

“Ladybug!” he exclaimed, smiling widely. “For your red dress and black mask. And it’s also perfect since black cats are a symbol of bad luck while ladybugs are for good luck. We’re like yin and yang, my Lady.”

The last two words rolled off his tongue in such an alluring way that caused the Lady’s heartbeat to momentarily quicken. With a light dusting of pink on her cheeks, she slightly shook her head, dismissing the sudden spike of attraction for him. ‘Chat Noir’ was just a charmingly amusing character, one that she didn’t romantically admire.

“Ladybug,” she echoed aloud, pursing her lips as she considered the potential identity. It wasn’t until a few seconds later that she seemingly decided, presenting Chat a coy smirk. “I like it.”

He mirrored her expression with a gleeful gleam of his own in his eyes.

“I knew you would,” he boasted in jest, straightening his shoulders and raising his chin in the air, giving off the appearance of a conceited aristocrat. She smiled and rolled her eyes when he placed a flattered hand over his heart. “Since everyone loves my ideas.”

“Really? And who would ‘everyone’ be?” she asked sarcastically, playing his game. “The other stray tomcats in the village?”

“My Lady, whoever said I was a stray? For all you know, I could be of royal pedigree.” His lips curved into a strangely unsettling smirk, as though he knew something she didn’t. “For all you know, I could be the Crown Prince!”

Marinette laughed, making sure to quickly press her lips together as she brought a hand to her mouth, trying to politely cover up the loud chortles. After all, it was rude for a well-bred lady to have her mouth wide open in laughter. Women were supposed to be demure and polite, always looking at their best.

She hated this social construct, yet she was doomed to follow through with its requirements anyway.

Once her giggles died down, she turned to face the grinning feline again.

“I’ve met Prince Adrien before, and I can confidently say that you’re nothing like him.”

“Indeed?” he remarked, almost sly.

“Yes, indeed,” she insisted with another giggle. “Prince Adrien isn’t like you at all.”

“And if he was? Would you admire him any less?”

Marinette visibly flinched, taken aback by his conclusion. With disbelieving eyes and reddened cheeks, she ducked her head down to avoid his eyes. How did he realize she had feelings for the Prince? This was bad, very bad…if he knew who she was he could tell Adrien, and then Adrien would never love her back and word would spread and she would become the laughing stock of the entire kingdom! She would be lonely for the rest of her life and die an old maid, while Adrien would pick a beautiful and worthy princess to marry…

She forced herself to take a deep breath through her nose.

Relax, Marinette. Maybe you could convince him that he’s wrong.

With that mental pep talk, she straightened her shoulders and faced him again.

“I don’t admire him, well, not more so than anyone else. I don’t admire him in the sense that you’re thinking of.”

“Really? Because from what I hear you do admire him, more so than anyone else.” He smirked wickedly, eliciting a nervous gulp from the stiffening maiden.


“The ‘how’ isn’t important,” he quickly dismissed with a careless wave of his hand. “What matters is the ‘why’. Why do you fancy Prince Adrien?” He clasped his hands behind his back before walking in front of her line of vision. She was positive that if they were alone, he’d be circling her like a hawk about to catch its prey.

“Is it for his riches? His looks? His palace? Or is it simply a matter of competition, in which you must win the grand prize?”

Marinette narrowed her eyes. Nevermind that this cocky feline somehow knew who she was (he didn’t say her name, but he had heard of her feelings for Prince Adrien, so therefore he must know her identity), but how dare he assume her affections were based on purely artificial things?

“Something about you makes me want to commit extreme violence,” she informed him, her tone hard as she crossed her arms in front of her chest.

“So it is true, then?” he guessed with a bitter grin, followed by a scoff. “I guess our dear Prince will forever be resigned to a life without true love. Pity, I heard he was interested in quite a lovely woman, too. Warm, kind, a bit clumsy, but beautiful inside and out. Tis a shame, although I suppose it’s very well that he caught himself before he fell completely.”

Marinette was now glaring daggers where Chat Noir stood, her teeth bared in an infuriated snarl. She ignored the jab to her heart from his mention of another woman that Prince Adrien was interested in, instead focusing her anger on his grave mistakes of her character.

“Now you listen here, Chat Noir,” she spat, pointing a finger to his chest. “My feelings for Prince Adrien are real, and not based on his title, or his riches, or looks. I didn’t even like him until I saw how kind, forgiving, and generous he could be. I love him for who he is as a person, not for what he could afford or what he could give me.”

She took a deep breath, her fury beginning to simmer.

“And while I know I have no chance of him ever returning my feelings,” she continued in a much less hostile tone than before, bordering on disheartened acceptance, “I just want to make it clear that I do truly care for him…even if he loves someone else.”

The man in front of her stared seemingly in awe at her words. His green eyes were blown wide as his cheeks gradually shifted into a rosy color. For a few, tense seconds all he could seem to do was peer at her with an emotion Marinette couldn’t place, his reaction garnering her confusion.

Why was he looking at her as if seeing her for the first time? It caused a shiver to run down her spine, a good thing or a bad thing, she wasn’t certain.

At last, he appeared to snap out of his self-induced trance, a corner of his mouth curling up in a fond smile.

“I apologize for making such inaccurate assumptions of your feelings, My Lady. I see now that I was in the wrong.”

He held out a gloved hand to her.

“Would you allow me to make it up to you with a dance?”

Marinette pursed her lips, not relenting on the glower she sent his way.

“How is a dance with you going to make it up to me?”

“Well, I’ve been told I’m an excellent dancer,” he boasted, shooting her a wink. “And I’ve been trained since early childhood in the art.” His smile faltered as his expression shifted from cheekiness to remorseful. “I really am sorry for making those false accusations about you. It was completely unjustified. Can you forgive me?”

Marinette sighed, her features relaxing in the process.

She supposed she could understand where he was coming from, since most girls only wanted Prince Adrien for his title or looks. How was he to know that she was different, that she didn’t care about that stuff?

Well, she did consider him to be the most handsome, gorgeous man she ever saw, but that wasn’t why she liked him.

Anyway, Chat was just making a conclusion most likely based on the Prince’s numerous, other female admirers. He was also quick to apologize once she informed him on how wrong he was.

She was set on dancing with Prince Adrien and him alone for the night, but it was obvious that he wasn’t going to show up. And, she’s been itching to dance…

“Alright, Chat Noir, I will dance with you. But you must promise me something first.”

A part of his forehead rose. She guessed he was raising an eyebrow at her request.

“And that would be?”

Her blue eyes hardened.

“You must promise not to tell Prince Adrien about my feelings for him. Swear to me you won’t!”

Chat looked baffled at her demand.

“But why-?”

“Because!” she hissed, pointing at him for emphasis. “He’ll reject me and then everyone will find out and then I’ll become the laughing stock of this kingdom for thinking I ever had a chance with him and then I’ll never be able to leave my house again! So do not tell him, understand?”

Chat, to her surprise and indignation, had the audacity to chuckle.

“I don’t know why you think he’ll reject you, you are a lovely woman.”

When she only blinked at his enunciation of the words, oblivious as to what he was getting at, he closed his eyes and sighed for a brief moment.

“Regardless,” he continued after he opened his eyes, flashing her a grin. “I won’t tell him. Cat’s honor.”

He placed his right hand over his heart as he made the vow, at the same time he raised his left in the air.

While she was skeptical of the sly expression he wore, he did promise not to tell Prince Adrien. She mentally scoffed, figuring he only had that look because he was only going to tease her throughout the night for her feelings.

“Very well, chaton. I’ll dance with you.”

His eyes shined with satisfaction, looking very much like the cat that got the cream.

The next day, after the hype from the ball had long ago worn off, Lady Marinette was pleasantly surprised to receive a letter addressed solely to her. She figured it to be from Alya, no doubt in order to berate her for leaving her to dance with a stranger.

The thought made her giggle before she accepted the note from the servant.

Only for the amusement to immediately die down once she observed just where the letter came from. With wide eyes and a new, nervous rhythm of her heart, she broke the wax seal and flipped the paper open.

Dear Lady Marinette,

I hope you are having a wonderful morning. I apologize for not being able to attend the ball your family hosted last night, for I was caught up with other duties. I hope you are able to find it in your kind heart to forgive me.

If you were not at all busy today, I was wondering if you would perhaps consider spending the afternoon with me at the palace. Besides having lunch and strolling around the grounds together, there is something I would like to ask of you.

This request is for you, and you alone, My Lady. Of course, you are free to decline, either the request or the visit, or even both if you so wish. Although, I will be honest with you, in that I very much hope you decide to come.

If you do wish to visit, please send word soon after you have made your decision. If not, please kindly disregard this note and I shall never bring up the subject again.

Sincerely Yours,

Adrien, Crown Prince of France

“Marinette?” Sabine asked whilst entering the dining room. Her head tilted in confusion upon seeing her daughter’s flustered state. “Are you alright? Who is that letter from?”

But her daughter couldn’t answer, for she promptly swooned and fell right out of her chair.

Don’t worry, she was fine and able to go to the palace xD

Kai’s Daddy kink ~Naughty November~

Prompt: Hi I love your writing and was wondering if for smutty September if you could do a Kai Parker daddy kink one

Pairing: Kai x Reader

Word Count: 1k

Warning: Daddy kink

Tagged: @crysxtal @dunbarkiss @kirsty-lou666 @emo-chick-59-stuff@xxshewollfxx @horror-movies-and-disney@kittencutie245 @thejulietfarciertlove @yui-miyuka

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Pairing: Young!Sirius Black x reader

Requested: nope

Warnings: none

Word count: 969 (I know it’s small don’t judge please)

A/N OKAY, this is something I spent a lot of time writing, and actually got detention because I was writing part of it during an EXTREMELY BORING history class, so I really hope you like it!


   (Y/N) woke up into the night. The attacks were getting more frequent each day, and so were her nightmares. Sitting up and resting her head on the headboard of her bed, acknowledging the fact that she wouldn’t be going to sleep anytime soon, she grudgingly got out of bed dragging her blanket with her, and headed downstairs to the golden and red common room. 

   She threw herself on the couch opposite the fireplace. With a flick of her wand, a roaring fire appeared in it. She covered herself with the blanket, also covering her nearly bare feet. She was only wearing a pair of shorts and a shirt that belong to her best friend since third year, Sirius Black. Although his scent still lingered off of the shirt and provided some comfort, it wasn’t enough to help her fall back asleep. She shifted on the couch, so that her face reflected the light of the fire as she stared absent mindlessly into the fireplace.

   Sirius Black woke up in the middle of the night due to a noise that came from downstairs. After multiple attempts to fall asleep, he gave up and headed towards the common room.

   He had reached the top of the staircase when the light coming from downstairs made him wince. Once his ayes adjusted to the light, he saw his best friend, (Y/N) Lawson lying on t he couch.

“Couldn’t sleep, Lawson?” he asked

   (Y/N) turned upon hearing her friend’s voice, seeing him descend the stairs half naked. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, revealing a toned chest and a more-than-generous six-pack.

“Like what you see?” he asked, a smirk already finding itself on his face

“don’t flatter yourself Black, and no, I couldn’t sleep” she stated, and then, so silently so that he couldn’t hear “the nightmares are getting worse”

       But he heard. The smirk immediately disappeared from his face, turning into a frown. She sat upright, making space for her friend to sit besides her. He placed a hand around her shoulders, and she rested her head on the crook of his neck.

“How bad?” he sighed



   She hesitated a bit before deciding to tell him

“I dream of… attacks… everywhere. We’re on the train, when suddenly a group of Death Eaters march in, heading straight for our compartment.

   Sirius sighed, (Y/N)’s parents are muggles, putting (Y/N) in great danger.

“they grab me” (Y/N) continued “use the cruciatus curse on me, torture me until I’m practically begging for death. Then, they kill me, slowly. The rest of you just sat there chatting, like you couldn’t see, or hear m, or you just didn’t care.”

(Y/N) hadn’t realized she had started crying.

   Sirius hugged her, pulling her even closer to him. His heart broke seeing her like this. (Y/N) was normally such a happy person. But ever since Voldermort had started gaining more power and followers, the mischievous glint behind her eyes was nearly gone.

   But that last statement had really shocked him ‘or you just didn’t care’ what the hell was she even talking about? Placing a hand under her chin, he gently pushed it upwards so that he was looking directly into her eyes.

“(Y/N) Lawson, you listen to me, and you listen to me good. You have been one of my best friends-if not my best- since third year. And being so close to me means that all James, Remus and Peter care deeply about you”he paused, not knowing how to continue “Remember in out fifth year, when that Ravenclaw broke your heart?” 

“Yeah..” she chuckled a bit despite the situation “you punched him, breaking his nose, James hexed him into puking birds for a little over a month and Remus, given his prefect status, gave him detention for a good two months.”

“Exactly! So don’t you ever think, not even for a second, that the four out of five marauders would abandon the fifth one during a death eater attack” 

   These words brought new tears to (Y/N)’s eyes, tears of happiness. Something about knowing that she had friends that would go to such lengths to protect her, and that one of them was Sirius Black, made her feel all warm, despite the chilly weather of February.

   Because, although she hated to admit it, she had developed a slight pretty big big crush on her friend.

   Sirius was watching his friend, ‘more than a friend’ he thought with a chuckle, closely. He had to admit that she was perfect. Her big, (Y/H/C) locks that framed her beautiful face perfectly, her big, (Y/E/C) almond shaped eyes filled with curiosity and mischief, her full, yet not too thick, lips that were just teasing him, her tiny waist…

   But, contrary to common belief, it was her personality that made him fall for her. She had a strong personality, that’s how they became friends. The marauders had pranked (Y/N) and the rest of the girls, charming the shower heads into turning whoever used them red with gold polka dots, the Gryffindor house colors. (Y/N), after removing the color with a simple spell, had managed to get them back by doing the same thing to them, with the sole difference that whoever showered using them, would be turned bright, vibrant, glow-in-the-dark, PINK. And the four boys were stuck like that fro a week and a half until, finally, Madame Pomfrey managed to find the antidote that would turn them back to normal. She was the first, and the last, person to have ever out-pranked them, and he admired her for that.

   She fell asleep on the couch, cuddled next to him. He watched her for a little while, admiring her, admiring her beauty and her strong personality…

   Sirius Black fell asleep with only one thought on his mind, he was in love with (Y/N) Lawson.


AHHHHH! HOW DID YOU GUYS LIKE IT? please leave feedback, follow me etc. etc Be sure to check Pt.2 & 3 (I’d put a link but something’s wrong with my computer and it won’t let me) .

Cassian x Reader, Part 1

Title: Whatever It Takes / AO3 
Part 2: tumblr
Part 3: tumblr
Length: 7.5k
Series rating: M for language and sexual content (contains some torture)
Summary: Reader and Cassian have kept their relationship a secret but when Reader is captured and tortured by the Empire, it’s obvious to all of Yavin 4 that Cassian will stop at nothing to get her back.
Author’s Note: A lovely anon requested this incredible idea and I immediately fell head over heels in love with it. Starts out pretty angsty but there will be fluff to make everything better, promise. :) Happy reading!! XOXO
Masterlist / WIP List 

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The Punch. // Chris Evans Imagine

summary: Some people fall in love the moment they meet each other’s eyes. Some fall in love when they least expect it. But for you and Chris, you had literally fallen in love with this man. 

word count: 1000+

warnings: angsty(ish), accidental violence, fluff 

“Y/N, I want to see anger, please! Your mad, frustrated. Give him everything! Chris, I know you don’t want to but push it, push her, fight her. She’s betrayed you. Let’s roll, don’t stop till I say, alright? GO!” 

I threw the first punch, letting the sound of my fist fill the stadium’s hollow walls. He took a swift blow to my stomach to which I went with a 360 hit on the side. We both knew our next moves, we’ve rehearsed this for two weeks. I knew his next move was a punch to the face that sent me to the ground, to which I blew him away. I just didn’t know that the punch was actually going to take place. I must’ve moved, that must’ve been the case. No other reason could explain the punch but it hurt like a son of a bitch. 

Chris had moved out, getting himself out of my attack and then stepped back, taking one brief second before taking the swing, which sent me to the ground, in literal tears. He knew, the moment his knuckles hit my cheek that he had accidentally made contact with my face. “YN!” I thought I heard Anthony yell cut far off in the distance, but everything sounded so fuzzy. I felt Chris’ hand on my own that covered my face and I heard someone screaming for a bus, but couldn’t make sense of the term in the moment.

 “YN, baby, please look up. YN, oh god, oh god what have I done? Fuck! YN, please baby.” I used all my strength and mental compacity to make my body move around just a little so Chris would know I was still alive, just very stunned. 

“BACK UP! FUCKIN’ BACK UP!” I slowly opened my already swollen eye and was greeted to my boyfriend, in tears. 

“Chris? Chris? W-w-what. What’s going on?” I started to panic with the look on his face, he looked so..scared. What was so scary about my face?  

“Chris?” It didn’t make sense. Why are people were touching me? Grabbing at me? Crowding around asking me weird questions?

“YN, oh my god. I’m so sorry, I-I-I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m so s-s-sorry.” I gave him a gentle smile but quickly had my attention diverted to our security guard coming up with the Emergency Care men. 

“Ok, YN can you get up? We’re gonna have you go get checked out at the hospital, okay? Can you get up?” I muttered a yes and with the help of Sebastian and Mackie, I got to my feet, wobbling slightly.  

“Miss, do you know what happened?” I nodded, looking around the room, getting used my surroundings that I had suddenly forgotten were there,“Yeah, yeah. I’m just… dazed almost. Sorry. Um, I’m fine! It’s all good, thank you, everyone.” 

I looked down and saw him standing next to a pool of blood, hands burrowed in his hair, tears dripping down his nose. I saw one of the producers kneeling down next to Chris, trying to calm him down. Walking over, I held my empty hand out to him, and he looked up slowly. Tears on his face falling like a river stream. 

“Chris. Sweetheart,” My heart fell at the sight of the sorrow in those eyes that were as blue as a cloudless June sky. His watery eyes move to meet mine. His eyes held a harsh red, burning hatred for himself. 

“Common, let’s go get me checked out, huh?” He sniffled, nodded softly while getting to his feet. Gripping my hand, he walked me out to the bus. Chris took a cloth I’d been handed and wiped off some of the blood that was creating a red stained river down my lips, chin, and neck.

“I still hate myself, ya know?” I sighed and looked up at Chris. I saw his face distorted in a wallowing self-anger and regret. “Well I don’t, and neither should you. I moved, it’s my fault anyway!” 

He shook his head, pinching the bridge of his nose, trying to keep the tears in. 

“No. No, it’s fuckin’ not. Because I’m supposed to take care of you, and what did I do? Cause you severe pain! Like god damn it, come on! I should’ve backed up! The fact that I caused you pain…it kills me.” 

I smiled at his words and scooted over on the couch, patting a spot for him to take next to me. Taking his hands, I pulled them onto my lap, putting my own on top of them, as if I was keeping them from leaving. 

“Christopher Robert Evans, you look at me right now.” Slowly but surely he pulled up his foggy eyes. “I know that you think this is your fault, and maybe it is but the fact that you are killing yourself over it makes you the best man in the world. You are the sweetest, kindest, most loving man I know. You make my day instantly better when I can see you smile, see you happy. You love without conditions and that’s why… I am in love with you.” Chris’s eyes froze, and I panicked. Oh no, it’s too soon.

It’s too soon, he doesn’t lo- “Thank god. Because I’ve been fuckin’ in love with you since the day we met.” I felt the biggest smile spread on my face and tears fall down my cheeks from my misty eyes. “G-good.” 

I couldn’t control the sob that fell from my lips and the kiss that landed on his. Chris deepened the kiss and let his hands move to my hips, pulling me onto his lap. I fit into his stature perfectly. 

His lips moved with mine and pulled me into him like an ocean’s current. Letting me go just a little, only to pull me back towards him with a stronger force. I needed oxygen by now so I pulled out. 

Breathless, my voice came out as a whisper. “Do you forgive yourself now?” 

He smiled and nodded, “Only because I’ve just confessed my biggest secret to you.”

Fighting With Daddy

Text: From Nina

Hey girl did you see what was on the news today?! It’s all over social media as well!!

I sigh and roll over in my bed trying to ignore my phone ringing. It’s Monday and thankfully I have a vacation from work this week. I don’t do shit anyway but model bra’s. A job that Namjoon hates but hey he raps and I pose. I hear my phone going off yet again and I finally decide to get up and check to see if something is up. I groan getting up from my bed and going down stairs to the front room sitting on my couch turning the TV on. My phone in my hand as I sit down on the couch. I pout combing my mess of hair out with my hands. I don’t see anything on the news that seems to be interesting so I go upstairs putting on a cut off black shirt and light blue short shorts that show my ass cheeks a bit. I put on long socks that are black and white and go up to over my knees. I go into the bathroom fixing my face. Namjoon is suppose to be over later today but we decided to stay in the house. But who says I can’t be sexy for him without going out? It’s been month’s since he’s last been to LA and I do miss him dearly. And the fact that he’s not staying long just makes my heart crumple.

I go back down stairs and sit back on the couch pulling my phone from the table calling my girl back.

“Hello?” She answers sounding a bit upset.

“What’s wrong Nina? You said that something was on the news and you kept blowing me up.” I say getting up to go into the kitchen fixing myself some cereal. I sit on the bar turning the TV on in there as well and she sighs.

“Well I know that you were excited to see Namjoon come home to you today. But I saw some photos of him at Warren G. studio. He had his arms around this girl’s waste —-.” She says and I laugh loudly eating some of my cereal.

“Yeah so what? Mmmmm good cereal. He hangs with girls and I am ok with that. And it’s jsut a picture.” I say stuffing my mouth with more captain crunch.

“No baby.. His hand is low like how he hugs you.. Now I’m not suggesting that you be mad at him or anything but maybe you want to talk to him? I have to go I’m at work right now. But I will send you the pictures ok?”

“Ok..” I say softly hanging up the phone.

She sends the pictures to me and my mouth drops open. I almost drop my bowl to the ground and I have to put it down looking at the picture with rage. I zoom in on his hand and I feel my anger rising more. Then I see more pictures of him and her and I growl putting my phone down. More like throwing it down. How dare he!? He barely takes pictures with me and when he does he tells me not to post them! But here she is and what? He can just take pictures now?!

I go upstairs and pace around in my bedroom. I look around at the walls that we painted together. The blue and black walls so pretty with our names and hand prints on them just for fun. I sigh and sit on my bed putting my head in my hands as I hear the door open. I get up and go down stairs peeking around at a Namjoon who has his back turned. I sneak into the kitchen and I wash out the bowl my hands shaking with rage as I dry it.

“— I’m home.” Monster says coming into the kitchen I brace my hands against the sink biting on my bottom lip trying not to blow up on him. He comes up behind me trying to hug me and I move from him taking his hands from away from me but I don’t look at him.

“Did you have fun today and yesterday?” I ask him going to the kitchen closet looking into it wanting to throw the rice at him.

“Yeah.. It was an amazing couple of days. I feel so lucky.” He says laughing softly.

“I bet you do. I bet it was.” I say bitterly holding onto the doorknob not realizing how tight I’m holding it.

“Jagiya.. Is everything ok??” He asks me with a worried tone grabbing at my shorts and I sigh slapping his hand from me.

“Whoa whoa what’s going on here. —.. —!” He yells my name and I jump turning around to look at him. His eyebrows are furrowed as his neck veins pop out a bit due to him having an frustrated look on his face.

“Why don’t you fucking tell me?!” I ask pushing him and he approaches me a bit his height shaking me to the core but I’ll be damned to tell him that.

“I don’t even know what the hell your talking about. I just got here and already you wanna pick a fucking fight? What did I do this time??” He asks and I cross my arms over my chest looking up at him.

“THIS TIME?!? THIS TIME?!?! AS IF ALL THE OTHER TIMES ARE MY FAULT?!” I yell at him and he backs up a bit anger rising in his smooth features. He takes his mask off as well as his glasses and I just realize what he’s wearing. A black tank top revealing those dangerous muscles and black skinny jeans that he is sagging in a bit. I look off that color on him having a effect on me but I’m not letting him off that easy. His black beanie hugs his head tightly. He licks his lips leaning against the counter looking down at me.

“No no. It’s not your fault ALL the time. BUT BUT YOU DO IN FACT START HALF OF THE ARGUMENTS! SO I’M FUCKING ASKING YOU SINCE YOUR YELLING WHAT DID I DO NOW?!?” He yells his face turning red.

“WHY DON’T YOU FUCKING GO ASK THE GIRL WHO YOU WAS CAUGHT HUGGING!” I scream turning around hitting the stove. I hear a scoff and a hand grabs my wrist turning me around looking down at me.

“THAT’S WHY YOUR YELLING?!? A FUCKING PICTURE?! A GODDAMN PICTURE?!” He asks and I try to walk away from him but he grabs me again turning me back around. He’s made it obvious he’s not letting this one go.




“IF YOU TRUSTED ME YOU WOULDLN’T FUCKING CARE HOW I HELD HER, HOW I LOOKED AT HER!” He says backing away from me turning around and throwing his beanie off revealing those perfect blonde locks.

“You don’t know how hard it is! I have to sit at home EVERYDAY! SEEING ALL THESE GIRLS AROUND YOU WANTING YOU CRAVING YOU AND HERE I AM THE WORLD KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT ME AND AND!” I say stopping myself as tears start to fill my eyes and he turns around looking as if I slapped him.

“DON’T YOU FUCKING CRY! YOU WERE THE ONE WHO SAID LETS WAIT TO GO PUBLIC! THAT WAS ALL YOU! I ASKED. I FUCKING BEGGED AND YOU REASONED WITH THE FANS. THOSE SAME DAMN FANS LIKE THE ONE I GAVE A HUG TO YESTERDAY! AND THEN YOU COME AT ME LIKE THIS?! I TRY TO GIVE YOU EVERYTHING! I’M IN KOREA BUSTING MY ASS FOR YOU! GRINDING FOR YOU. FOR US! HOW DO YOU THINK I FEEL!? WHEN YOU DO TAKE PICS WITH GUYS OR GIRLS IN JUST THEIR UNDERWEAR NOT SHOWING ANYTHING WITH THEIR HANDS ALL OVER YOU?!? ONLY I SHOULD BE ALOUD TO TOUCH YOU LIKE THAT! AND YET. YOU GET MAD ME BECAUSE I GRABBED HER like this?!” He ask resting his hand on the small of my back. I didn’t even notice him approaching me until he had his hand on me. I look up at him my heart beating fast from the way he’s staring at me. I can’t even look at him in the eyes. He sighs heavily wrapping both arms around my waist and grabbing my ass. I moan putting my hands on his chest trying to act like I’m not all that affected by what he’s doing to me. He raises his hand up to grab my chin making me look at him in his eyes. He rubs his thumb over my bottom lip and I part them for him.

“Daddy is so disappointed in you baby girl.” He says. I open my mouth to say I was sorry since guilt washed in that he was indeed right. But as soon as I try to say something he puts his finger to my lips silencing me.

“I don’t wanna hear you speak right now. Daddy is here now and it’s time for me to put you back in your place.” He says deeply. I groan as he backs from me grabbing my hand pulling me behind him upstairs. Each step is slow and I feel my heart hammer harder in my chest almost drumming in my ears.

When we get upstairs we go into my room and he shuts the door locking it. He lets my hand go and looks down at me. His eyes rake over my body and he licks his lips slowly. He walks behind me wrapping his arms around my waist pressing himself flush against me. He sweeps my hair to the side kissing my ear before he whispers in my ear.

“What does daddy expect from you when he gets home?” He asks sucking at my weak spot on my neck. I moan and he pinches my thigh hard bruising the skin.

“O-on the bed. On my hands and knees.” I say and he lets me go. I look up at him and he nods his head slowly. I walk over to the bed about to get on it but Namjoon stops me.

“As much as I like that outfit I want you to take off the shirt and shorts. Leave your socks on.” He says. I nod my head turning around to him looking down as I reach for my shirt my skin heating.

“Look at me when I do it. No my eyes jagiya.” He says softly but I can hear his dominance in the tone as well.

I sigh and I look at him holding eye contact my heart beating triplets as I take my shirt off still staring at him. I trail my hands down to the button on my shorts as he releases a deep sigh and I can see him poking through his pants. I try to keep his eye contact but my hands keep slipping because I’m already sweating so much. I look down at my shorts and I whine when he says my name in a threatening tone. I look up at him shaking my head.

“I-I can’t do it daddy. Please help me.” I say and he gives me a tiny smirk before he comes up to me. He pulls me to him roughly his hands hook around the front of my shorts.

He undoes my button as his brown eyes stare deep into my soul and he unzips it slowly making me release a gasp as he fingers brush over my panties. He drops to his knees slowly still keeping eye contact with me as he pulls my shorts all the way off and takes my feet out of them placing them beside us next to my shirt. He kisses up my body kissing my pussy through my panties and I finally have to break eye contact to keep myself from cumming.

“Do you know what you do to daddy?” He asks me licking my bottom lip but before I can even try to kiss him he moves back shaking his head and I whine.

“You were so mean to daddy. I don’t think I should have mercy on you. What do you think?” He asks me grabbing hard on my lace black panties. I squeal softly looking up at him.

“No mercy daddy.” I say softly.

He throws me on the bed hoovering over me grabbing my lips in a rough heated kiss. He pushes his hand against my throat choking me a bit as the kiss depends. He makes me drop my jaw with his thumb and he slips his tongue into my mouth quickly stating dominance. He grinds down into me, my legs wrapping around his waist as I grind back up. He sucks at my tongue slow and deliberately trying to make it to where I need breath. He flicks his tongue over the rough off my mouth tracing the ridges. He licks over my teeth and bites my tongue before he pulls back our spit connecting our lips still.

He releases my throat looking down at me as he takes off his tank top throwing it to the ground revealing those nice smooth abs that every girl wants to see. He sits on the bed and pats his knee. I groan climbing to him and he places me over his left knee his hand groping and grabbing my ass. I bite into the covers with anticipation.

He brings his hand down roughly against my skin spanking me repeatedly. I feel the multiple stings on my ass cheeks as he continues to whoop me. He stops after a few minutes sliding my panties to the side pushing a finger deep inside of me.

“Don’t you dare moan yet or I will stop.” He says brushing his finger against my spot. I jerk forward a cry leaving my lips and he smacks my ass slamming me on my back looking at me.

“H-How can I not m-moan and your fucking with my spot!” I yell and he softens up a bit pulling me to his lap. I straddle his waist as I look down at him.

He pushes his finger into my mouth and I moan around the digit tasting myself. He unclips my bra with one hand pulling it from me and throwing it on the ground. He fixes me to where I’m on his knee and he removes his finger as he sucks at my neck again leaving more hickeys.

“Ride my knee baby.” He says softly.

I nod my head starting to grind my pussy against his knee as he cups my breast with his hands kissing and licking on them. I throw my head back in pleasure moans leaving my lips back to back as he closes his mouth around my left nipple first flicking that skilled tongue against the bud. He pulls on it with his teeth as well as nibble on it as his other hand plays and teases my free nipple. I grind harder against his knee feeling my wetness leak out but I don’t care at this point I just want him to fuck me. He releases my left nipple trailing kisses to my right one and repeating the same process. One of his hands slide up and down my spine as he sucks harder on my breast making me release more moans and shake under him.

He lets my nipple go placing me back on my back as he kisses down my body. He spreads my legs wide his eyes looking at the socks that reach up to my knees.

“Your so fucking sexy like this. I think it’s my turn to take my own photo’s of you for my collection.” I watch in horror as he pulls his touch screen out taking pictures of my naked body. I try to cover my breast and he looks down at me with warning. I whine raising my arms above my head letting him take more pics of me. He rolls me over placing my head down and my ass in the air taking more pictures of me as he slaps and kneads my ass.

He slides me back on my back placing his phone besides me as he shreds the panties off my body. I watch him lean down his head inches from my pussy as he looks up at me. He slides his tongue up and down my slit slowly and I grab the sheets looking down at him. He flicks his tongue against my clit repeatedly sucking on it. He nibbles on it and I hear him taking off his own pants and boxers. He slides his tongue inside my pussy and I moan his name loudly my hands finding themselves threading in his soft hair. He moans sticking his tongue deeper inside of me making my eyes roll back as he touches my spot softly with his tongue.

“D-daddy! H-haa! I-I’m so s-sorry!” I whine my eyes rolling back as he continues to eat out at my insides. He hums using his thumb to play with my clit as the other hand holds my waist down to keep me from squirming. He pulls back looking down at me a wicked grin on his lips as he leans over kissing me more. He pulls back after a bit his hands slowly drawing patterns on my thighs.

“If your sorry prove it. Use your mouth.” He says standing up and I see his angry red member. I sigh and he laughs at my expression beckoning me with his hand.

“All of it can fit in your mouth if you breathe through your nose.” I roll my eyes at him crawling over to face his leaking member.

I dart my tongue out licking away the precum. I look up at him and he’s biting his lips hard. I slide my mouth over his tip sucking harshly on it flicking my tongue though his slit. He throws his head back in pleasure as I take more of him in my mouth breathing through my nose. He hits the back of my throat and I let him rest there taking him in fully once before I pull back. He shivers as the cold air hits his flesh making me smirk a bit before I go back to sucking him off.

He laces his fingers in my hair snapping his hips into my mouth. He starts fucking my throat and I let him as I hollow my cheeks flicking my tongue against his veins. He goes faster fucking my throat raw. I groan humming around his length sending vibrations through him making him moan my name slowly. I feel him pulsate in my mouth repeatedly. I look up at him and he smirks down at me pushing himself back down my throat and it takes everything I have not to gag or choke. I swallow around him once and he cums in my mouth shooting his load down my throat. I groan swallowing it all as I pull off of his length slowly making sure I get up everything.

Namjoon walks into the closet and comes back with a clear butt plug. I whine and look off not wanting that thing no where near me. He sucks on it climbing on the bed pushing me on my back. He spreads my legs wide sliding it out of his mouth and pushing it slowly into my ass. I claw at the sheets looking up at him as he pushes it inch by inch inside of me. He holds my legs open for a bit just admiring the thing inside of me before he pulls on it making me whine softly.

He hooks his arms under my legs sliding his length up and down my slit biting my jaw. He groans softly poking at my entrance. He pushes in a bit. And pulls out. Pushes in a bit and pulls out getting me just the right amount of frustrated. He finally kisses me as he pushes all off his length inside my tight pussy one hand back at my throat as the other one holds my waist steady. He buries himself fully inside of me nibbling on my bottom lip before he lets go looking down at me. He pulls out and pushes his length slowly back into me. I place my legs around his waist trapping him close to my body. He groans grabbing my neck tighter before he starts to slowly thrust into me repeatedly. He slides me up until my head is hanging over the side of the bed he places both hands on opposites sides of my head holding the sides of the mattress burying his face in my neck as he pounds deeper and harder into my dripping pussy.

“GOD NAMJOON!” I cry digging my nails into his back tracing them up and down his back as he continues to slowly pound into me. My legs spread wide pressed against the mattress as he slides deeper into my pussy and I bite into his shoulder my voice shaking with pleasure. He moans my name deeply and that makes my stomach churn more as he continues thrusting into me.

I look up at him my hands grabbing at his locks as he continues to rock his hips into me. He grinds deep into me and he raises one leg above his shoulder pushing deeper and harder into me. He bites into my inside thigh pounding harder into me rolling his hips to hit my spot dead on.

“FUCK!” I scream out and he grabs one of my breast pounding harder into me. I grab onto his biceps dragging my nails down him and he groans placing both of my knees against my chest. He pulls out and slams back in hitting my spot and all I can think to do is cry out his name. He drives into me hard and fast making sure I feel every thrust every stroke of his dick inside of my pussy. The noise of skin slapping against skin sounds off in the room and I grab my ankles not knowing what else to hold onto. He leans over kissing me as he pinches my clit.

He picks me up holding me in his arms as he pounds up into me and I lock my hands around his neck. He drives into my spot harder and harder every thrust bringing me closer to my release.

“Are you going to cum for daddy?” He asks and I nod my head biting his bottom lip and he groans smirking a bit.

“Good girl.” He says softly. He places me against a wall one leg around his neck as the other goes back around his waist and my body slides up and down the wall as he fucks me like a rag doll.

“AHH! I’M C-CLOSE DADDY!” I cry out tangling my hands back in his hair as he continues to fuck me into oblivion.

“That’s right you little slut. Come all over daddy’s dick.” I groan as he says other little nasty nothings into my ear. i feel myself squeeze my pussy around his dick. He rubs my clit hard before he pulls it between his fingers.

“NAMJOONNN!” I cry out my eyes rolling into the back of my head as I cum. My orgasm hitting me hard and fast. He moans biting my bottom lip as his thrusts become erratic and sloppy.

“—-!” He shouts my name filling me to the brim and holding me against the wall as he makes sure to fill me up. He pants a bit both of our hearts racing and he carries me to the bed laying on his back as he lets me get on top. He stays buried inside of me and I look down at him. I reach around trying to take the plug out and he stops me.

“Don’t you dare.” He warns. I pout trying again and he flips me on my back.

He pulls out of me and slams back into me slapping my ass.

“Nonononono!” I whine feeling sore turned on and much much tired.

“Yes.” He says leaning down to bite my nipple.

“Rub your clit.” He demands.

I do as told rubbing my clit with my hand my toes curling up as I rub in time with his thrust. He circles his hips deep inside of me grinding against me his hips connecting to mine each time he pounds into me. His balls slap my ass as he thrusts harder into me. I try to take my hand from my clit and he grabs the back of my wrist making me keep it there as he looks down at me. My leg slides back up his chest resting on his shoulder and he bites my ankle making me moan.

“I’M GOING TO FUCKING CUM!” I shout my body starting to convulse and squirm under this man as I feel my second orgasm approaching.

“Daddy wants to wreck his little girl.” He says adding his hand on top of mine making me rub my clit harder. He groans as he throbs and gets close to his second orgasm as well.

“DADDY!!” I cry out my eyes watering from my second orgasm being so powerful and stinging a bit.

“FUCK baby!” Namjoon moans filling me up again. I feel the warm liquid sliding back into me and some spilling out into the sheets. He thrusts into me a bit more before he pulls out. He finally slides the butt plug out of me and he places it on the bed. He sighs going to the bathroom getting me a clean towel cleaning me off as he kisses my face and cheeks. After he cleans me up he places the sheets in the washer and as soon as I try to help I feel the burn from my pussy and my ass. He sighs picking me up and placing me on the night stand until he finishes cleaning up. He smirks at me coming back to get me and we lay under the covers together as he plays in my hair pulling me to lay on his chest.

“You got to stop with that attitude. You know I only love you.” Namjoon says kissing my forehead.

“Blame Nina.” I whine my ass still feeling abused in a good way.

“Didn’t Nina also want to date me? But I choose you. And YOU decided to stay friends with that thing.” He says and I pinch his nipple.

“She keeps me company!” I try to reason looking down at him both of us yawning.

“Well this week I’m keeping you company.” He says kissing my lips.

“But I’m sore!”

“And every time you piss daddy off you will be sore.” He says silencing my once again with those pretty pink lips.

Sober - Part 3

G-Dragon & Song Mino Angst 

Word Count: 3,616

Part One  Part Four

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Could you do a Bts reaction as single parents and having a crush on their child's new teacher? Thank you!!!!!

​I’m in love with this concept I’ve actually been wanting to write a fanfic on it but I haven’t had the time. 

BTS: Reaction as single parents liking their kids new teacher

•Jin: He walked into the classroom with two big sandwiches in his hand. One for him and one for his son. He didn’t know why he’s been called here, but he figured it would take a while so he brought food. 

“I called you here because of food actually.” You said with a small giggle. “I don’t mind if he eats in class but he stuffs his face so full he can’t answer any questions.” You watched as the two boys ate like wild beasts.

“What? Son, I’ve taught you how to talk with food in your mouth. Do you not learn?” Jin spoke so clearly with a big bite of food in his mouth, it truly impressed you. You started to laugh but Jin stopped you when he held his sandwich up to your face. “I’m sorry, if I knew you were gonna be so life changing in the first place I would’ve bought you something too.” He smoothly flirted, making you get all flustered. 

“That’s, awfully sweet of you…” You smiled sweetly.

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•Yoongi: He was called to the school because of his child having issues with sleeping during class. He walked into the classroom, hoping to get the meeting over with relatively quickly so he could get back home to sleep after his long day of work, but the second he saw you he wanted time to stop. His jaw nearly dropped, he had to put his hand over his mouth to stop himself.

He walked up to you, the gorgeous woman, and shook your hand. “Oh Mr. Min you’re here.” Even your voice was breathtaking. As you talked, he listened but he didn’t focus. His mind kept wondering elsewhere.

“Thank you. I’ll have a talk to him when I get home.” He said quietly while staring at your breasts. 

“Mister, my face is up here.” You grabbed onto his chin and forced him to look into your eyes, but you were smiling in a taunting way. “My my what is a handsome guy like you staring at a boring teacher like me for?”

His heart was on the verge of bursting, but that wasn’t the only thing bout to burst. “So hey uh.. Are you available this weekend..?”

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•Namjoon: He was called in because of something his child did, but now he was being scolded at by you. Like father like son, they were monsters of destruction. While the son went around accidentally breaking utensils, here comes the father waltzing in and breaking a desk.

“Do you have any idea how expensive these are? They’re gonna take this out of my check!” You scolded with your hands on your hips. You were frowning but it soon turned into a smile when you saw how helpless this man was. “Oh… gosh don’t make me feel bad.” You were a sweet girl at heart, even if you tried to be angry. 

“I’m sorry, I promise I’ll pay for it. And everything my son broke. Just give him some mercy. He doesn’t have a mother.” He explained and watched your reaction change. As he saw your broken heart through your eyes, he started to chuckle. “Hey hey, I told myself I would never make a woman cry. Come on, I’ll buy you a drink. Just keep those tears off that pretty little face.”

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•Hoseok: Wow what a day. First he gets yelled at by his boss and now he’s told his student became disruptive during class. He hated dealing with teachers, he hasn’t ever liked them. But boy oh boy was he surprised to see a stunning woman with a bright personality. You were smiling so big when you introduced yourself he thought he was meeting an angel.

He listened to you as you talked. Your sweet voice was like music to his ears and he could start dancing. but he was not pleased to hear about his son. “Your son is so wonderful and he has a great personality, he just doesn’t understand the appropriate time to use it.” You saw how interested Hoseok was in your eyes so you stared at him. 

“Geez I’m sorry. You know I’d love to talk about it but I can’t focus on anything on an empty stomach. Let’s talk about it over dinner.” He smoothly asked you on a date, unable to help his smiling towards the end. He just adored your reaction. You squealed softly and gently kicked your feet.

“Well who could turn down such a handsome guy?”

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•Jimin: He was irritated to have to come in because of something he’s lectured his son about all the time. Share your toys. Share share share. When he walked in and he saw his son lookin all guilty, he was not pleased. But when he looked up to see a beautiful woman he thought he was thrown straight into heaven.

He was so shocked it took him a few seconds to process that you were actually real. “Oh uhm, hi. I’m-”

“Mr. Park right?” The way you smiled drove his heart crazy. How were you doing this? He just nodded in response and shook your hand for longer than either of you intended. Your giggling shook him out of his trance. He pulled his hand back quickly and rested it on the back of his neck.

“So uhm. I-I’m sorry about… About him, he just. Well he doesn’t have a mother and, he’s with his babysitter a lot of the time… I guess he just hasn’t had me around enough to discipline him. Sorry, I’ll work on it.” He spoke while staring into your enchanting eyes the whole time.

“Now hold on, it’s ok. I understand how hard that can be. Let’s work something out ok?” You pat his shoulder, making him nearly melt. “And maybe we can go out for a drink some time, you know, to talk about your son more.” You said with a wink that sent him to the sky.

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•Taehyung: How was he supposed to concentrate on your words when you were drop dead gorgeous and practically the definition of beauty? Every time you said something he’d register it totally different. After a while of talking to him about his son, you realized his mind was on something else completely.

“Hey you. How am I supposed to help your son if you don’t focus.” You snapped your fingers at him. He blinked and shook his head slightly, looking you dead in the eyes.

“I’m sorry it’s just… You’re so beautiful.” He stopped himself and looked away, a little shy because of his confession. You just smiled the cutest smile and flicked his arm.

“So… If I go get dinner with you will you be able to focus more?” You asked him with big eyes. He was shocked and speechless, but he nodded because who could refuse a date with someone that could be a potential model?

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•Jungkook: It was almost instantly the two of you were flirting. The way he walked in with those tight ass jeans and a cocky look on his face, and you, a helpless adorable girl standing there with nothing better to do. He was just coming in to check on his sons school life. He worried. He didn’t want him to be bullied so he made sure to stay on top of that. But, he was very distracted by you.

He realized that every time he bit his lip or stuck his tongue out, you’d get all flustered and your cheeks would turn pink, so he would do it more. He was cocky about it. He used to be so shy with girls but he’s had plenty of experience-hence, the kid he had.

“Jungkook, I think you’re really cute and you’re a great guy, but would it be strange for your son if you dated their teacher?” You gave a sad but true point. He pursed his lips and nodded as he thought about it but he bounced right back.

“I’m sure at first it would be weird but you won’t be his teacher forever.” He put his hand on your cheek and slowly drew closer to you, tempting you and succeeding.  

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Jimin Is Away; Summer, Chapter Two

Summary: Jimin, despite everything the two of you have been through, is slowly fading out of your life. But when you find someone to fill the void, Jimin starts to become a bit strange.

Word Count: 1178

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“Y/N, what’d you get for number four?” Namjoon looked up from his study guide and textbook to stare at his unresponsive study buddy. Namjoon noticed the pink tint in her cheeks and how her eyes peered past him and towards the display case behind her. Namjoon turned and saw what she was staring at and chuckled. He clapped his hands in front of her face and Y/N finally turned to stare at him.

“Huh? What number are we on again?” she asked, flipping through her book when she noticed just how far ahead Namjoon was of her.

“Are you drooling over the cinnamon buns or the fine piece of man serving them?” he teased, a small smirk etched onto his face as he watched his friend’s cheeks flush.

“S-Shut up! It’s both okay, I didn’t have breakfast this morning…but shush! He could over hear you Joonie.”

“Y/N, he’s on the opposite side of the room.” Namjoon raised an eyebrow at her and winked, receiving a playful smack to the shoulder not even a second later.

“Yah, stop that or I’ll tell Jin-oppa that you were staring at other guys,” she threatened. Namjoon stuck his tongue out at her.

“We’ve been together for three years and friends for longer, I’m sure Jinnie wouldn’t believe you anyways.”

“No, but you’d still get a lecture anyways.” Y/N smirked, puffing her chest out when she saw the defeat in his eyes.

“Number four is C by the way. Page 24 in the study guide.” Namjoon pouted as he turned Y/N’s packet to the correct page.

“Why don’t you go talk to him? Its obvious you’re attracted to him.” He encouraged.

“A-Am not! But… he is really pretty.” Y/N sighed dreamily.

“I thought you had feelings for Jimin though?” Namjoon asked as he twirled his pen in between his fingers, staring at his friend with a curious glint in his eyes. Y/N huffed softly as she filled in the answers on her paper.

“Number 5 is blue precipitate.”

“Y/N, don’t avoid the question! But thank you.” Namjoon said, throwing a small paper ball at her head. She sighed and bit her lip slightly.

“Jimin is with Wheein. I’m no homewrecker, and even though I still have some feelings for him I’ve decided to try and move on. I don’t want to live in a state of false hope forever, and it’s not like I’m getting any younger. I want to move on before I become some lonely cat lady who drinks a bottle of wine every weekend.” She admitted. Namjoon nodded and hummed in understanding, chuckling at her last comment.

“You’re okay with that? I know it’s-“ Namjoon was cut off when a female server came to their table in the café of the library.

“I’m terribly sorry to interrupt, but someone had bought this for you miss, and they asked me to deliver it to you.” She said, handing Y/N a cup of hot coffee before scurrying away. Y/N looked at the cup then to Namjoon, who shrugged. She pushed the cup towards Namjoon.

“You try it first.” She insisted.

“What? Why do I have to try your random mystery coffee?”

“Because it could be poisoned!” Y/N exclaimed.

“So what makes me think I’m going to drink it now?!” Namjoon raised his arms in exasperation, though a smile played on his lips as he noticed the movement behind his friend.

“Because we’ve been friends forever and you love me?” Y/N batted her eyes and Namjoon barked out a laugh.

“Aegyo isn’t going to work on me, honey.” Namjoon chuckled.

“But it does on me.” A voice said. Y/N turned around and saw the guy she had been staring at since her and Namjoon arrived at the library two hours ago. He looked even better up close, with his soft brown hair and his lips curled into a smirk. His white shirt was crisp and showed off his prominent collarbone, and the jeans he wore seemed to mold against his legs like a second skin. Y/N gulped and could feel her cheeks flush again.

“I promise you that drink isn’t poisoned, I made it myself.” The man winked.

“Hey, Y/N, I have to go to the restroom really quick, I’ll be right back!” Namjoon excused himself, winking at her as he left. Y/N mentally cursed him out, glaring at Namjoon for leaving her with a very attractive man.

“Would your boyfriend mind if I kept his seat warm?” the man asked and Y/N chuckled.

“He’s not my boyfriend, more of a pain in my ass than anything, but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.” The man laughed and sat across from her, resting his elbow on the table and propping his chin up with his hand.

“Y/N, was it? I know this may seem very straight forward, but you’re just so beautiful. I told myself that I had to stop and talk with a real live angel before she disappears from my eyes.” The man talked smoothly; his voice was like velvet and his dark eyes pierced Y/N’s heart in the best way possible.

“Is that the line you like to use on all the girls?” Y/N teased, gently biting her lower lip out of nerves. She saw the man’s eyes follow the movement and an undefinable warmth settled in her stomach.

“If by girls, you mean you. Then yes.” He corrected, smiling. His smile was so warm and Y/N could feel her heartbeat pick up.

“Well you know my name, what’s yours?”

“Hoseok. Jung Hoseok at your service, my dear.” He said, taking Y/N’s hand off the table and placing a fleeting kiss on her knuckles.

“Alright you two, no kissing on the first date.” Namjoon said, approaching the table with a playful grin on his face. Y/N shot him a glare and Hoseok chuckled.

“Of course, it’s only common curtesy to the lovely lady. I hope we’ll be seeing more of each other later, Y/N.” Hoseok’s smile filled her every being as he stood and went back to work icing up the cinnamon rolls. Namjoon sat and looked at Y/N with a smug smile on his face, arms crossed atop his chest as he raised his eyebrows at the blushing girl.

“You’re welcome. You owe me big time for that one missy.” Namjoon shook his pen towards Y/N’s general direction. She rolled her eyes and took a sip of the coffee. It was strong, yet sweet at the same time with a hint of what tasted like chocolate and caramel; her two favorite flavors. It wasn’t until then did she notice the number scrawled across the lid with a heart underneath the digits.

“Hey, hey,” Namjoon snapped his fingers to get her attention again. “You can text him once we’re finished with this. C’mon now.” Namjoon pushed Y/N back into her books, only now she wore an immovable smile on her lips. As she worked, Jimin popped into her thoughts. Only this time, she embraced the taste of chocolate and caramel and pushed the lingering smell of mint out of her mind.

Turf Wars Part 3

“Well if it isn’t Southside trash. It’s good to see some things never change, you losers are still just as pathetic as you were last year.” Chuck Clayton smiled smugly, coming to stand directly in front of Betty and Reggie, his arm draped over Cheryl Blossom.

Reggie snorted “pathetic? Please. talk to me when your football team wins a game. Or how about plays a game? It seems to me you spend more time on the bench than on the field. Having some trouble…performing?” Reggie grinned at the quickly reddening dark skinned boy.

“You think your team is any better? You’re charity cases. The only reason you win games at all is because the refs feel like they have to give it to you, you’re nothing.” Chuck bit out.

“Charity case?” Joaquin finally made his presence known, pushing past Reggie and Betty. “You better watch your mouth rich boy, shit like that is what gets you in trouble.” There were murmurs of agreement from the Southside students. Betty placed a hand on Joaquin’s shoulder and moved forward, effectively silencing her classmates

“We don’t want to have problems with you, any of you. Like I said earlier, you do your thing and we’ll do ours. We don’t have to like each other but we do have to tolerate each other, I’m sure we can be adults about this.” Betty turned to walk away when Cheryl opened her mouth.

“Wow looks like the head bitch is all bark and no bite. What’s the matter Betty, didn’t your mommy teach you manners, it’s not nice to walk away in the middle of a conversation.” Cheryl was laughing as her friends all giggled obnoxiously behind her.

Looking back Jughead should have done something when he saw the switch in her eyes, the way her hands balled up into fists, her back instantly stiffening, but by the time he realized it Betty Cooper had Cheryl Blossom pinned against the brick wall by the picnic tables, her fingers wrapped around the redheads throat, her face dangerously close, he was certain Cheryl could see her breath

“You keep my family out of your mouth, better yet keep my name out of your mouth. You’re nothing but a spoiled, insecure waste of space, I didn’t want it to be like this, I gave you a chance. I gave you two fucking chances, but that’s done. You wanted war? Well you got it. Welcome to battle red.”

There were tears falling from Cheryl’s eyes as everyone gasped and looked on in terror, not one of her friends coming to her defense. Reggie dropped a hand to Betty’s shoulder and she released the red headed cheerleader, taking a deep breathe and stepping back as Cheryl tried to catch her breathe.

Betty’s eyes scanned the area frantically as they landed on Jughead, her eyes instantly softened and he nodded slowly, he wanted her to know it was okay, to know that he understood why she did what she did. He wasn’t scared of her. She nodded slightly back as Reggie gently led her away from the crowd that had gathered.

Joaquin moved to Cheryl who was now being held up by Chuck, “you can tell whoever you want about this, but I’ve got about sixty witnesses who saw absolutely nothing. Watch your back.” With that he walked off to join his friends. Moving past Jughead, Veronica , Kevin and Archie, he nudged his head
“You coming?”

They all looked at him wide eyed before quickly grabbing their things and following the long haired boy. Joaquin led them to a dirty, busted pick up truck parked in the Riverdale parking lot, Betty was sitting in the back of it while Reggie was leaning against it, talking in low whispers, both the teens spotted the group coming towards them and stopped speaking.

Betty spoke first
“I’m sorry. About your friend? I lost my temper.”

Veronica snorted, climbing into the bed of the truck to sit beside Betty.
“Friend? Oh no way. Cheryl got what was coming to her, she’s the biggest bitch in Riverdale, what you did back their was awesome.” She threw an arm over her new friends shoulder and squeezed.

“Yeah” Kevin said from his place beside Joaquin “did you see her face? It was like” Kevin imitated her bugged eye expression causing all the teens to laugh.

Archie looked to Reggie “listen dude. I didn’t know Chuck was such a dick. I’m sorry for misjudging you. I’ve seen you play and you’re good, real good, I was wondering if you wanted to toss around the ball sometime?” Archie rubbed the back of his neck.
Reggie smacked a hand to his shoulder “totally bro, but I want Jughead on my team, kids got biceps for days.”

Jughead rolled his eyes as Betty hopped down from the truck and grabbed Jugheads hand, leading him away from the group.

“I didn’t really want your first impression of me to be like that, I didn’t want you to see my crazy.” She looked so sad it physically hurt Jugheads heart, he grabbed her by the chin and smiled reassuringly

“Hey. We’re all crazy.”

She smiled softly before continuing
“I don’t know you, I don’t know anything about you, but I feel something. I’ve never felt it before. Ever.”

Jughead nodded slowly, he knew exactly what she was talking about, he felt the same way
“Well we might wanna start by introducing ourselves.” Jughead smirked.

Betty laughed, sticking her hand out

“Good plan, I’m Betty Cooper, it’s nice to meet you.”

Jughead laughed taking her oil stained hand

“Jughead jones, likewise.”

Suddenly Betty was pulling her hand away, her eyes wide and shocked

“Jones? Like F.P jones?”

Jughead nodded slowly, a confused expression on his face

“yeah.. F.P is my dad.”

Where’s  My Momma? (Sam x Daughter: Lily)

Plot and A/N: I;m obsessed with writing Sam x Daughter fics but this time the daughters name is Lily and the reader (you) died protecting her as a baby.

Characetrs: Sam Winchester, Lily Winchester (OC), Y/N Y/L/N, Dean Winchester, Castiel (mentioned a lot)

Warning: Y/N dies, major fluff, a lot of angst, a Winchester daughter, sad Sammy, cute daddy Sam and uncle Dean, did I mention fluff and sadness?

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Skin to Skin | Pt. 3

Part 1 | Part 2

“Give me your affection and your honesty.”

I hesitate outside of Sehun’s hotel room. I grip the key card harder in my hand, mustering my courage. It’s difficult to ignore this fear; it courses an unsteady path through my bloodstream, triggers escapism, and it’s a dizzying attempt to bypass my body’s desire for self-preservation.

It wasn’t always like this.

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Accounts of Crystal Energy upon the Forehead, Part 1

Before this energy work ritual/study, I smoked an herbal blend of Lavender, Chamomile, Cannabis Stem, and Rosemary; and also cleansed my body’s energy pathways. White, Black, and Lavender candles will be burning.

1. Sodalite
- I have a rather rough chunk of sodalite, but the energy upon my brow feels as smooth and pure as pearl. My stomach has started grumbling with hunger. The energy is directed down my nose and flows into the upper lip. My crown is also reactive with soft golden pulses of an energy halo. I feel focused and at peace. I was able to quickly heal the light-burn from my too-bright phone screen rather quickly–in a manner of seconds, when I would have normally had to deal with it for five or so minutes.

2. Celestite
- I felt an initial solemn inner peace. This crystal is more mature than the sodalite; I would even say grave; but I feel, rather than that, these energies are connected to something very ancient and wise with a naturally stoic demeanor. Has a central, direct point of blue-white energy upon the brow with a silver-white halo much wider in diameter. Some sparkles, too!~ My third eye sees the Upright Triangle is connected with this crystal, which doesn’t surprise me… I would’ve never guessed Celestine would be pointing at the heavens. Heheh. Reminds me of a star. The energy flow through my entire body becomes very awake and active with the presence of Celestine, aiming out the fingers and toes and curling around the aura as silvery vines with no leaves. Almost don’t want to remove it! Opens third eye WAY up after extended contact.

3. Peach Stilbite
- A small grin crept across my cheeks once I applied the Stilbite. I feel simply happy, cheery; whatever you may call it. The energy rests upon my brow in the shape of the golden sun; it feels as though I am outside on a warm, sunny day with no clouds. The energy diameter reaches my chin. It has a gentle touch, and my face feels protected from physical harm, as though it shields like a mask. There is a second, lower, and larger energy that drops down to the heart and lingers in the transverse plane of the breast, not as vibrant as near the third eye but still prevalent. I closed my eyes and almost fell asleep.

4. Bismuth
- An image of many criss-crossed staircases came to my mind. Third eye is open and warm, temperature-wise. Energy is dull and a deep plum purple. Energy flow to the hands is heightened. I feel serious and prepared for battle, for some reason. This Bismuth seems to be connected to a past King with white hair and a stone castle in the grassy plains… He is prepared with a sword and chain mail.

Reunions, Of A Sort

A MHA fanfiction. One-shot.


Summary: A museum Class 1-A visits has an exhibit for older heroes. Toshinori takes a look at the section dedicated to his predecessor, not expecting a comforting talk with a stranger.

The building was large, a high roof making the main area feel more like an indoor stadium than a functional museum. Toshinori had to give a grin when several of his students just stared upwards, some so engrossed that they nearly fell backwards.

“Now that’s how you build a dome,” Sero said, awe in his voice.

Bakugou snorted. “We practice at USJ, and you’re still baffled by a fucking building.”

“Dude, chill,” Kirishima said, grinning and throwing an arm around Bakugou’s shoulders. “It’s never a bad time to appreciate the finer points of, um, architecture.”

Bakugou rolled his eyes.

Aizawa shuffled to the head of the class, hands shoved in his pockets. Everyone quieted down when he raised his voice. “The first and second floors of this building get few visitors on days like today, which should give you the privacy you need to conduct your research.”

Toshinori nodded. “Most of what you need will be here on the first floor, so be sure to look at everything before going up to the second.”

Aizawa waved his hand and the students broke up into groups, several heading directly into the depths of the museum while others consulted a directory. Toshinori watched as the other teacher found a convenient bench and stretched out, pulling a sleeping mask out of his jacket.

“I think I’ll wait on the second floor, if that’s alright,” Toshinori said, stuffing his hands in his pockets.

Aizawa just grunted and propped up his feet, slipping the mask over his eyes.

Toshinori smiled and shook his head. It didn’t take him long to find his way to the stairs, and he was happy to see that they were wide and well spaced. Normally he would hesitate to use stairs if another option was available - his left hip was warped enough to give him issues shifting his weight - but he was feeling good today, and didn’t want to waste his chance.

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Never Enough Part 4

Summary: After finding out you are a mix of a siren and an angel. You must go out about life as best you can. Though, things get harder when it comes to your boys. Well, the pull towards them, anyways. Enjoy!

Ship: Stiles Stilinski x Fem!Reader x Isaac Lahey

Warnings: angst, fluff, swearing, minor smut?

Tagging: @flopmalum @thegirlwiththestories @morganschiebel @fabulous-dani@milkywaygalaxygirl @nathaliabakes @graceburnell @allana5100@bellamysterekblake @beingmadinwonderland @graceburnell @bellamysterekblake@fabulous-dani @archer-whovian-violinist @pure-blu @dean-the-danc3r@sailorchibimoonunicorn @findawaytofadeway @drkplum @milkywaygalaxygirl@hannahobrien-n @allana5100 @favoriteserendipity @sillyrayofdarkness @angelicshinigami @zachmantle @laheyisaac @lucyqueenofthestars @hannahobrien-n

Your P.O.V

I sat with Isaac for a few hours, making sure he was okay and lowkey protecting him from Derek. I know Derek has a good heart but he almost killed Isaac to get information about Boyd and Erica. I made sure that Scott was talking Isaac home. To his house, and not to Derek’s. I wave Isaac goodbye after our relatively close interaction. The moment they speed off, I can’t help but sigh in relief. There was something rather odd, almost intense, about having an anchor. For some reason though, I felt like I was suffocating. Before, when I was with Isaac, I felt whole-fantastic even. But being around him now, for too long, it was driving me stir crazy. 

I don’t know. Maybe it’s my siren side acting up or something.. And then, all of my questions in my head were answered in under a few seconds. The mere roar of an engine made it all click in my head. Stiles’ car engine, to be in exact. He rolled up in Roscoe, giving me his signature smirk. The smile I’ve always loved. “Hey, have you seen an angel around here?” I snort at his lame joke before hoping in his car. “Shut up. Where to?” He grins again. “Anywhere. I haven’t hung out with you in a while, so I thought we could hang. Just the two of us.” I swear my heart fluttered at the thought. I hadn’t hung out with Stiles in quite a long time. I was excited to be with just him. We went over to the public mall, which was odd, considering Stiles wasn’t a fan of shopping.

But the moment we got there, he acted like an excited puppy, grabbing my hand as he pulled me around the mall. We tried on hilarious clothes and laughed until till our stomachs hurt. After eating, something caught my eye. A photo booth, to be exact. I grinned from ear to ear, grabbing Stiles’ hand before yanking him towards the machine. He grunted at the action, laughing at my giddiness. He knew I loved these things. Stiles sat down, smiling at me as I put the money in. “Alright, get ready!!” I say, giggling. First we did a James Bond 007 photo, back to back with semi-serious faces that only ended in us laughing. We made another silly facial expression, giggling. The picture went again when Stiles was laughing into the crook of my neck. His breath brought shivers down my spine. An action, that he was too good at doing. “Oh, shit!! I think we missed that one! Last one! Better make it count!!” I say, happily. I rest my hand under my chin, posing. 

Stiles P.O.V

For the last photo, I couldn’t help but watch (Y/n) with loving eyes. When she smiled, there was a twinkle, a glint of genuine happiness in her eyes. It was a smile I’ve seen a thousand times, but in this moment, I was seeing her in a completely different light. I don’t know how I haven’t seen her this way before. She was beautiful, ungodly breathtaking. The way the light hit her hair and face made my heart leap. (Y/n) looked like an angel. My eyes raked up and down her face, trying to remember every crook and crease, fearing that that much perfection would slip away from me at any moment. When she glanced back at me, my heart stopped. “What?” (Y/n) asks, her voice soft and smooth, very enticing. What the hell was going on with me? When I spoke, I spewed out words, not even the slightest filter. 

“I never realized how beautiful you are.” She was speechless, as am I. I didn’t usually say stuff like that but I was overcome. I continued, muttering softly. “I didn’t miss your concert.” Brows furrowed as she asks. “What?” I continue, quietly. “I was there, at your concert. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. (Y/n), no matter how mad I could be, I’d never miss your piano concerts. You were amazing. I’m so sorry I ignored you for so long. I was being so childish and I’m really sorry I hurt you.” I meant every word I said. And I felt better, relieved from this guilty weight. She pulled me in a tight embrace, a simple action that made my heart beat pick up, drastically. “It’s okay, Stiles. We’re okay now.” I notice a slight crack in her voice, making me ponder to myself. 

After we left the photo booth, a strong part of me wanted to hold her hand, to hug her and keep her close to me and never let her go. I don’t know why, but I do. We head back to my house, I order pizza on the way. As I close the front door, (Y/n) runs up the stairs. “I’m gonna change! Get Star Wars ready!!” I snicker, popping in the movie. However, I couldn’t ignore the fact that my heart was in my throat, hands perspiring profusely. What the hell? Am I sick or something? I felt my head, ignoring the odd sensation that fluttered in my stomach. I poured our drinks, taking a swig of my own before paying for the pizza. When I walked into the living room, (Y/n) was chilling out on the couch, legs bare, only covered by a pair of short shorts. 

I groan, an immediate response. What the fuck Stiles? I set the pizza on the table with shaky hands, putting the blanket from the couch over our bodies. After a few Star Wars movies, I had to pause it to settle an argument. We were going back and forth, our voices growing louder and louder by the second. We decide, while argueing to stand up and grab our refills. “I’m telling you, it would have been better if he’d just died!” I yelled back, completely frustrated. 

(Y/n) scoffed, walking back to the couch, her hips moving from side to side. My eyes uncontrollably eyed them as she spoke. “No! If he had died, everything would have changed!!” She turns to say to me. But as she does, her foot gets caught on the carpet. Automatically, I leap forward to catch her, using my lacrosse skills, and in doing so, I flipped her so that she landed on me instead. We made a simultaneous ‘oomph’ sound, both laughing. “I swear, you are such a klutz.” I mutter as she sits up, slightly. “Haha, I’m sorry. Are you okay?” I nodded, my right elbow prompted up while the other hand brushes a stray hair out of her face. We stay like this for a few seconds, completely silent. That was, until (Y/n) spoke. “So, do I win the argument?” I pucker my lips, rolling my eyes before I sighed in defeat. 

“I guess it would be better if he was alive.” She yells in victory, pumping her hands in the air, her waist and stomach completely open and vulnerable. I smirk wickedly before striking. I tickled her stomach. She yelps in surprise before giggling loudly. A sound I adored. Our laughter’s filled my living room as I pinned her down, blowing down on her stomach and then her neck. It made a loud fart noise that made both of us laugh even harder. I pull away from her, stilling laughing until I notice the closeness of our face. Our smiles soon fade and our giggles die down. Our position on the floor was- awkward, to say the least. My legs were in between hers, my pelvis resting on hers while my right hand hovered over her waist. My left elbow kept me propped up, inches from her beautiful face. 

What the fuck was happening to me? (Y/n)’s my best friend? Why am I having these thoughts? I feel myself wanting to move closer to her. I brush a piece of hair out of her face, smiling. She grins back at me. I know I am in complete control. But I want to move closer, so I do. All of a sudden, my phone buzzes, bringing me back to reality while giving me a heart attack. I reluctantly pull myself off the floor, falling on my face once or twice as I grab my phone. “Stiles, I need you and (Y/n) to come to Derek’s. I’ll explain more later. Where’s (Y/n)?” I didn’t realize it until now but my face was tomato red, completely flustered. “Uhh- yeah. (Y/n)’s with me. Be there soon.” I manage to spew out before hanging up the phone, abruptly. When I turn around, (Y/n)’s picking up the dishes. “What do ya suppose they need us for?” Her voice coming out a little more uneven than usual. 

I shake my head, trying to lighten the mood as much as humanly possible. “They need my smart’s and your bad-ass skills, of course.” She grins before running upstairs to change. When she’s done, I give her my hand to take. “You ready, angel?” (Y/n) smirks, taking it before we jump in Roscoe. That was definately not normal. I wanted to be closer to (Y/n). But why? Slowly but surely, for a year or two, I’ve been feeling different about her. I just couldn’t comprehend as to why. When we arrive, I stay close to (Y/n), almost never leaving her side. When we first walk in, I noticed Isaac growl lowly, eyeing us suspiciously. He was mad, jealous. And, for some reason, I was happy that he was mad. After a minute, I noticed he got even more angry. And then I hit me, (Y/n) was covered in my odor. Solely based off of Isaac’s reactions, she was doused in my stench, my musk.

It made me smirk at the sight of Isaac being so enraged. He was practically fuming with jealously. I almost want to smile, but instead, I smirk. Which fuels the fire even more. (Y/n) talks to Scott, not noticing or completely ignoring Isaac and I’s non-verbal war. Isaac and I rarely took our gazes off one another, cautious of what the other might do. I didn’t- wouldn’t let Isaac take my- my best friend away from me. I continued to glare him down as we talked about a plan to break into the vault. 

Your P.O.V

I stood up tall, talking with Scott and Derek about a plan. Stiles and Isaac joins occasionally, speaking of Stiles.. hOlY sHiT!! The things he does to me. There were so many times he could’ve kissed me but didn’t. Which confuses me to no end? Not to mention the weird duel going on right now. The boys, Isaac and Stiles, to be exact, were practically growling at one another. As if they were in a nonverbal fight. I tried to ignore it, focusing on Scott’s voice. “So, Boyd, Erica and someone else are trapped in the bank. We can sneak in through the tunnels but-” Stiles shook his head, sighing. “there’s a five foot thick wall between you and the vault you need to get into.” Derek stood up from the chair he just occupied. “I can do it.” Peter’s voice called from up the stairs, sitting down on a step. 

“This is a suicide mission.” Stiles agreed with him. “You mean you’re gonna punch through the wall because you’re a big bad wolf?!” He asked Derek, practically seething. To which Derek shrugged and responded with. “Yes.” Stiles lifted up his hand to indicate the distance before leaving it mid-air, tauntingly. Oh, no.. “Alright, you think you can punch through that?! C’mon! Show us then, if you’re so tough-” But before he could finish, Derek punched his hand, earning a yelp from Stiles. Almost immediately I get in front to protect him, helping him up and off the floor. Derek and Isaac snickered not so quietly to themselves. But the second I glare at them, they shut up immediately, obviously scared of me and what I could do to them. 

I keep my hands on Stiles, rubbing his arm soothingly. I could have sworn I heard a low growl come from over my shoulder. But I didn’t need to be a psychic to guess that it was Isaac. I ignore it, sighing. “When are we going?” Derek scoffed, taking a step toward me. Using his height against me as a motivation of dominance, a threat. But I do not give in. “We? You’re not coming with us.” I stand up, leaving Stiles to hold only one of my hands. “Try and stop me.” He rolls his eyes like a drama queen. Scott bites his lip, glancing between the two of us with uneasy eyes. But before he could muster an sort of an excuse on why I couldn’t come, I continue, voice solid, strong. “You’re gonna need all the help that you can get. I’m coming.” Scott sighed in defeat. 

“Fine. What’s the plan?” Though he aloud me to come along, I knew, being his non-biological sister and all, that, he didn’t- couldn’t lose me. I was there for everything he did. Scott couldn’t live without me and I couldn’t live without him. That’s just the way it was. The closeness between us was practically written in blood and carved in stone. We continued discussing before we got ready to go. But as I grabbed my jacket, slipping the fabric through each of my arms, Stiles grabbed my hand and pulled me into another room off of Derek’s kitchen. I noticed that his hazel eyes were not directed towards me. Instead, however, they were directed towards Isaac, almost with a glare. But the second he spoke, his gaze shifted to me, much softer than prior. “You don’t have to do this.” 

I nod, somewhat confused. “Who says I don’t want to?” Stiles sighed in defeat, running calloused fingers through his hair. He knew me like the back of his hand. Once I put my mind to something, there was no way going around it. “I just- I just don’t want to lose you.” My heart ached at his honesty. We teach boys that they cannot express emotions and feelings. And, not that Stiles was taught that way, that’s the way he thought. So when he said that, I couldn’t help but feel for him. I put my hand up to the side of his face, rubbing my thumb against his chin so that he looks directly at me. I take my other hand and rest it on the other side of his cheek. I look at him with sincere eyes, speaking with meaning. 

“Stiles, listen to me closely. I’m gonna be okay. I’m not going anywhere. You’ve lost too much already. And you’re not gonna lose me. I promise.” A single tear fell down his face as he wiped it away. “I also have this theory. I didn’t tell Scott about it yet but-” I pauses, hesitant before continuing. “I think you’re my angel anchor..” His eyes go wide in shock. Stiles pulls away from me, brows furrowed as he ponders to himself. Almost immediately, I miss his warm, his embrace. “That makes sense. Because I’m your-” He pauses, “your best friend.” I clutch my chest as a small pain emulates within my chest, my heart. He doesn’t notice the action and instead, takes the hand I rested on my chest, kissing it before wrapping his hands around them. 

His warmth makes me feel whole again, though, mentally I hate the feeling. I hate the feeling of him being my anchor. I was always second best to him. Always second choice. A friend, nothing more, nothing less. But in my heart, in my angel heart, I have never been more driven to him. Not only that, but my never ending love for him makes the situation all the while more painful than before. Stiles whispers quietly, almost pleadingly. “Come home safe.” There it was again, that leap of happiness only to be burnt away by reality. I suck it up, ignoring the feeling as I wrap my arms around his neck, pulling him into a hug. He bury’s his face in the crook of my neck, wrapping his arms around my waist. When I pull away, I miss his touch, though I don’t say it, I feel it. The loss of his warm body. I kiss his head, smiling at him and then at Isaac as I headed out with Scott and Derek. 

I felt their gaze follow and maybe linger longer than it should on me. Isaac and Stiles’ gaze, to be exact. I shake my head at the thought of them. Here’s the thing, I love Stiles. Always have, always will. Apart of me wished I didn’t but I do. It would be easier if I didn’t. With Isaac, however, I don’t know. I felt..something. A crush? Mutual friendship? Possible love? I couldn’t name the sensation that bubbled within me. On the way there, Scott eyed me with brotherly concern. He watched the war fester within me, but did not pry. The one, of many things that I loved about Scott is that he knows his place. Scott knew when to ask and when not to. And right now, was not the time, nor the place. When we arrive, we sneak in through the tunnels. They reeked of dirt and must. Our movements as quiet as mice. 

Well, we were quiet until Derek busted down the wall with a single punch. Good job, Derek. Though, I’d never say that aloud. The sound ricocheted throughout the empty bank. We stepped inside, cautiously eyeing our surroundings. But before I could go further, Derek grabbed my arm, not painfully tight, but just enough to grab my attention. His face was sympathetic, sad. “Find Erica, meet us back here-” Before I could deny his request, he pressed on, voice almost pleading. “Please.” He looked completely helpless, desperate. An action Derek didn’t like to put on display. I don’t fight back this time, instead, I nod and sneak off quietly. I felt Scott’s gaze follow, as well. I could have sworn he sighed in relief. I shake my head, focusing on the task at hand. I wasn’t far from Scott and Derek before a feeling washed over me. Go back. A voice, my inner voice, seemed to say. And for some reason, I didn’t fight it. Without a seconds thought, I turned over my shoulder, running back to them. 

My inner voice was right, as I guessed, because there, outside the vault, stood one of the members of the alpha pack. She was grinning wickedly as she poured mountain ash in the inside of the vault, shutting Scott and Derek in with whatever beast also haunted that dark chasm. I cried out, afraid for my brother. “NOO!” The alpha had not noticed my presence, but now, she swiveled her head, her red eyes currently hold my own. I do not break contact, non-verbally challenging her. I ran towards her, faster than she predicted, throwing her to the ground. She pushed me off her, throwing me across the room. I hit the wall with a loud thud, cracking the cement in half. Through my slightly blurry vision and ruptured hearing, I could have sworn I heard Scott, my brother, cry out for me. Get up, (Y/n). Get up. 

Who’s voice was that? Get up, (Y/n). Please, (Y/n). You can do it. I need you to get up. That voice.. That was Stiles’ voice. He was praying to me. I need you here, (Y/n). I can’t live without you. I need you to fight. And though I know I’m selfish, I don’t care. I can’t do this without you. Please. Fight for me. In that moment, it was as if everything within me changed. I began to shift and form, not into a siren, but an angel. The angel that Stiles needed, deserved. I stood up from the ground, feeling heavier than before, but faster, stronger. The alpha wolf in front of me, despite her attempts, cowered back in fear at the sight of me. I didn’t understand why until I glanced to my sides. Twenty-foot plus angel wings stood, gaping. I felt a pang of pain in my back from shifting, the sharpness not being as brutal than my first shifting but it still hurt like a bitch. 

I felt strong, light and free. Stalking towards her slowly, she takes a few steps back before shaking her head, as if she was trying to ignore the fear that quenched her body. The alpha had the pure audacity to run at me, full speed. I stop, which confuses her slightly but she does not stop running towards me. Bringing out my hands, I match the angle of my wings before pulling them towards my body. My massive wings, mimic my hands like a clap. The wave, being so prominent, echoed throughout the bank, knocking the alpha over. The force itself was so strong, I wouldn’t be surprised if Scott and Derek fell at the impact. I stalk forward, wings flowing with me. I intend to strike again but before I can, she pries herself off the ground, grunting before bolting. Scott yells as he fights the two werewolves, as if he knew what I was thinking. “DON’T! GO FIND ERICA! WE’LL WORRY ABOUT HER LATER!” 

I do as he asks, shuffling down the corridors. My mind was in a blur. Not at all accustomed to my powers yet. Calm down, (Y/n). Find Erica. I stopped in the hallway, closing my eyes to think. All of a sudden, as if it were magic, my eyes scanned the whole facility until I found her. In that moment, I ran as fast as I could to her, swinging the closet door open, glancing down to see her broken dark body. Her normally bright and pretty features were now pale, dull and sullen within. Her carcass reeked of a horrid smell and all the while I couldn’t help but gasp in sadness, a wave of pity. Picking up her lifeless body, I carry her carefully, being sure not to drop her. As turn the corner, I catch the attention of Scott, who looks at me first  before Allison, who I didn’t realize was here, and Derek. Never had I seen Derek look so heartbroken. My heart leaps out to him. Glancing over his shoulder to see broken mountain ash, and then it all clicks together. 

He takes her dead body from me, tears drenching his cheeks. Allison and I glance at one another, nodding respectfully. But I couldn’t help but notice their eyes on me. Scott and Allison’s, to be exact. They watched my wings in awe. And, for some reason, I didn’t feel uncomfortable under their gaze. I felt like I was above them, not physically, but mentally. And not in the conceited way. Just the motherly way, the light and free way, if that makes any sense. After a few minutes, we come up with a way to subdue Cora, Derek’s supposedly not so dead sister, and Boyd. I don’t ride with them, instead, I decide to test out my very new powers. I mean, it’s now or never, right? Derek, Allison, Scott and Erica’s body were most likely back at Derek’s loft. Closing my eyes, I focus as hard on the location that I intend to go to. 

Derek’s loft. I felt wind or something unknown whip around me, an odd sensation before I felt warm arms wrap around me. “(Y/n)?” I open my eyes to see Stiles, embracing me tightly. I gasp, taking a step back, completely surprised by his presence and my new abilities. “(Y/n), are you okay?! I was so worried! When you didn’t come back with them, I thought-” My heart dropped. He thought I died. When I pull away from him, I look at his hazel eyes before something behind him caught my eyes. It wasn’t Derek sitting on the edge of his spiral staircase with a sad expression. Nor was it Allison, Isaac and Scott looking over plans. Instead, it was someone I wasn’t expecting. Erica. She looked scared, petrified. Tears drenched her beautiful face as she looked throughout the room. 

Poor girl thought nobody could see her. Stiles asked again, pulling my attention back to him but only for a second. “(Y/n)? Who are you looking at?” That question grabbed Erica’s attention, her eyes flashing to meet mine. I walk past Stiles, now grabbing everyone else’s attention. They watched me walk towards something- someone who wasn’t there, at least to them. Erica began to cry, shaking. “Am I dead?” I nodded, taking a step forward. “I’m so sorry. If we’d found you earlier, we could have saved you. I-” Scott walked up next to me, not uncomfortably close but respectfully far enough. “(Y/n), who are you talking to?” Erica glanced at Scott before looking back at me. “He can’t see me right? None of them can, can they?” I shake my head. For some reason, deep down within me, I knew they wouldn’t be able to hear or see her. 

“They won’t be able to hear or see you. Only I can, apparently.” I say with sympathy. She notes it, giving me a sad smile. “It’s not your fault. But- where do I go now? I’m dead, right? What do I do now?” All of a sudden, the front door to Derek’s loft started to glow. It gave off a beautiful white hue, almost familiar. I glance back at it smiling to myself. For some reason, it felt like home, warmth. When I look back at Erica, I’m sure of everything, though I might not know all the answer’s, it felt right. “You go home. And I’ll take you there.” When Erica touched my hands, she sparked back to life. Well, not actually. Back to life in the sense that she could be seen fully by everyone. That being, the pack. They gasped, choking back their tears. I know if I let them say their goodbyes, the window for her return home would slim drastically. She takes my hands, clutching my arm with desperation. 

Though my eyes focus on the light, I can’t help but glance at Stiles. Pure adoration on his face. Erica looks back at Isaac, smiling before glancing at Derek with a forgiving expression. It seems to relax him slightly, guilt still thick in his mind. The moment we reach the gate, I don’t hesitate to swing it open. Light seeps into the dark room, bringing it a beautifully gorgeous color. Like Erica, I cannot help but gasp at how enchanting the light was, how much of a pull I had towards it. I take a deep breath in, pulling her forward with me. She hesitates at first but looking between my angel wings and eyes brought her some sort of comfort. As if she were thinking I was the real deal or something. The door to Derek’s loft closes behind us. And not for a second do I fear the inability of returning. 

I knew I’d come back to them. To Stiles. This, helping people get to heaven was one of my many missions. I felt it. Though that sounds rather weird, it made sense to me. Erica and I walk further into the light, which got brighter, despite my thought for that to be improbable. The further we went, the warmer I felt. And, like many dreamt, there in front of us, was the golden arches. A massive golden gateway stood in front of us. Guarding the gate, was a very handsome, tall black man. His smile was to die for, no pun intended. His teeth were white like snow, with loving and warm eyes. When we came up to him, he grinned. His smile was the kind that made you want to smile, even if you were a bitter piece of shit. “Hey, princess. My name’s Lucas. Welcome to Heaven.” Erica loosened her grip, slowly but surely taking Lucas’s hand. He smiled back at  me, whispering. “Good job, newbie. I’ll see you around.”

 A promise. So I would be seeing him, and this place more? Huh.. As I walk back to the loft, I don’t know how I know how to get there, but I just do. The door soon comes into focus, I smile at the thought of coming back to them. To my friends. To Stiles. I however my hand over the loft door, hesitantly before wrapping my hand around the handle. I pushed it open, stepping out into the loft. As I closed it, I felt multiple pairs of eyes on me. It was the pack plus Mr. Argent. When I turned to look at him, his eyes scanned my ginormous wings, smiling to himself. “I always knew you were an angel, haha.” I can’t help but laugh as I take a spot next to him. Stiles takes his spot next to me. Not knowingly, I wrap one of my wings, as if on instinct, around Stiles. For protection purposes, I would assume. By now, Scott probably knows my theory, considering the fact that his gaze continues to shift between Stiles and I. Finally, we come up with a plan to get Boyd and Cora. Scott nods his head, looking at his team of people with a sense of pride. “Alright, let’s go to work.” 

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I always thought that when people said “everything is not as it seems” it was always a bad thing. Until I met her. She was beautiful from the start, hair soft and eyes bright. She was shy at first, looking at the ground smiling lightly whenever offered a compliment or a dance. She had the attention of many despite finding comfort in the shadows of the bar. There was an aura about her. The way her dress rippled over her every time she laughed. The way her shoes bumped against the side of the chair as she swung her legs back and forth. The way her piercing caught the light every time she wrinkled her nose. I couldn’t look away, but I couldn’t look either. She was enticing but dangerous and I brushed it off as the alcohol.

Until she was in the internet cafe downtown and I felt my palms clench so tightly my nails almost drew blood. She was typing quickly so I told myself she was doing something important. A weak excuse to leave without approaching. But not without noticing the way she bit her lip as she concentrated. Or the way her jeans frayed at the ends and hovered just above the floor. Or the way she drank her coffee with no hesitation.

It was when we sat next to each other on the bus that I decided I had to take a chance and say hello. Fate was only giving me one last chance I came to think as my heart pounded so hard inside my chest I thought I might collapse. As I stumbled over my words she let her eyes slide to the floor and laughed quietly. As I told her stories of my childhood she pressed her chin into her palm and listened as if I was sharing the best secret she’d ever heard. As I typed my number into her phone she sat on both her hands and smiled. As I got off the stop before her, she pressed her nose against the window and waved goodbye like a little kid. And as I walked home I realised she was far more dangerous than I had ever imagined.

I found myself sat across from her a few days later in her favourite burger joint, oil dripping down both of our cheeks. When we laughed in unison it felt timeless. When we linked fingers on the table it felt like magic. When we kissed on her doorstep at the end of the night it felt like home.

I got used to her head on my shoulder as we watched a movie, stealing my popcorn after she finished her own during the trailers. I got used to the way her music was always way too loud when we shared headphones. I got used to the way she smelled after a hot shower before work. I got used to the way it felt to have her trace ‘I love you’ on my back as we fell asleep on the couch. I never got used to her saying it out loud.

She was the first leaf to fall in autumn. She was the smell of grass after it rains. She was the spark against the matchbox that lights the flame. She was not the calm but the storm itself. She was the crunch of footsteps on the first layer of snow. She was the wind that blows through your hair. She was not the warm sand on the beach, rather the cool water that makes you scream then sigh in relief.

She was a firework waiting to explode. You know that when it does it will be spectacular, but you don’t know what it will look like until it happens. I knew she would take my breath away as soon as I saw her, but I didn’t know just how breathless I would feel. She is more than you could expect and nothing you thought you ever needed.

So when someone says to me that everything is not as it seems, I would have to agree. She is far more than a label of a relationship or a partner. She is the warmth that some crave their entire life but never find. Her soul is the missing puzzle piece in my mind. She is danger. She is beauty. And she is home.

—  gentle-falling