like change

sorry just not feeling up to stuff rn.

“Not all females menstruate!” -True, but only females menstruate

“Not all females have breasts and curves!” -True, but this body fat distribution is most common in females

“Not all females have XX chromosomes!” -True, but no female has a SRY gene.

“Not all females dress feminine, are nurturing, or want children!” -True, and they shouldn’t have to do any of those things

“Some females have penises!” -Wrong, that is a male-specific trait

okay to clear this up- they indeed were just smooching

but it looked weird bc of the pose? iDk she’s just a lil protective of her chilD-

So I got my hair cut today, and went from mid-back type length to pretty much a bob and it feels so strange rn!!!!!

This is the shortest my hair’s been since I was like 15 or so, but I love it??? So much? Also my haircut choice back then was a pixie cut which was nice, but not necessarily super flattering lmao. This is so nice tho! My head feels sooooo much lighter now 😊

i’m off for 3 days now but honestly yall might as well consider me on semi hiatus for the moment unless they suddenly add more hours to the day and give me a brain chemistry transplant

i’m really, really busy w work and studying for work, and i’m also still having a Real Bad Time in the suffering dome ™ and im coping w that but it’s extremely tiring to not give in so i basically come home, eat, study, and go to bed at the moment

i’m Doing My Best so bear with me? 💞