like can you stop be bickering little shits

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Fluffy headcanons for Poly!Reaper76?

Thank you so much for asking for this! I hope you like it!

  • These fellas… oh man, can they get into petty arguments. As their partner, the responsibility usually falls on you to get the boys to stop their bickering about who actually deserves to be with Katara in Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • Jack: “Are you stupid, Gabe? Aang is the only logical, nonabusive and caring choice!”
  • Gabriel: “Jack, your little pansy protagonist ain’t got shit on Zuko.”
  • Reyes is more of a snuggler while watching movies or relaxing, whereas Morrison will be more independent, or a shoulder to lean on.
  • Jack and Gabriel, despite their initial resentment for each other post-Overwatch fall, have grown to truly love each other once more. They desire only to see their partners happy, and to keep their squadrons safe.
  • Gabriel has resurrected a new faction of Blackwatch in Overwatch, but instead of a side-op, exclusive group, it focuses more on the offensive line, whereas Overwatch stays on the humanitarian and defensive side. This also leads to a more healthy and communicative relationship between Reyes and Morrison, and a happier environment overall.
  • Gabriel always lends you his beanies and scarfs, while Jack always has the most comfy and oversized jackets and sweatshirts.
  • Gabriel is totally a cat person, whereas Jack is a dog person. Who will you forge an alliance with?

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Could you write something about kagami getting into an accident and aomine freaks out and just become a mother hen and overprotective because Kagami's injury caused him a permanent damage and can't play basketball anymore

There’s a similar drabble here where he does recover, but since he doesn’t in this one (PERMANENT injury), I’m classifying it as angst with a happy ending. Hurt/comfort. (I kinda cheated a bit at the end though lol. Not really, just a bit!) IT ENDS HAPPY DW GUYS IT’S REALLY HAPPY PROMISE BECAUSE KAGAMI IS BAE.

Aomine couldn’t hear anything, couldn’t feel anything, except for the thundering heartbeat in his ears and the cruel twisting of panic in his stomach.

He had gotten a phone call about a car accident. A bad car accident. And Momoi had driven him to the hospital because he was in no condition to do anything but stare blindly and feel his mind become numb.

They said Aomine couldn’t see him but Aomine didn’t care, he didn’t care, didn’t they understand, didn’t they understand that the one thing that he couldn’t bear to have anything happen to…that one special person who he would give his life for…was lying in a cold bed, alone, and Aomine wasn’t there beside him.

They finally let him through, and he stumbled in, and he collapsed – carefully, he was always careful when it came to this man – and he hugged him, and he stroked that beautiful red hair, and that man grabbed his face and looked into his navy eyes with an expression so agonised that Aomine wished he could do something about it but…but…

“Daiki, I can’t feel my legs.”

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