like brainless

people who characterise Antonio as brainless and stupid and Lovino to be only a mean-spirited tsundere with no depth make me cry

I’m picturing Bitty having so much trouble with a class he goes to Samwell’s Tutoring Centre

the tutor assigned to him is kind of a nerd, right, and has to play email tag just to set up a meeting because Bitty’s got all these practices and away games, and he mentions that they’re gonna have to meet a lot because he doesn’t understand the subject at all.

so she just kind of assumes that her tutee is a brainless jock like the ones who picked on her in highschool

but what she gets is a ray of sunshine who brings her cookies and has a lot of brainpower underneath all that undiagnosed ADHD and shyly confides in her that he has a secret boyfriend in another state

and she tells Bitty about how she always associated sports with bullies and that’s why she hasn’t completed her degree’s physical education requirement yet, and he tells her about getting locked in the storage closet and agrees to be her partner next semester for a ballroom dance class

it ends up great, and Bitty even passes his class


one of the things I’m mystified at in Voltron is that when Pidge/Katie cut her hair to go undercover in the garrison, she looked soooooo much like her brother Matt… like, how did NONE of the officers notice the tiny Matt Holt look a like?? Pidge could’ve been some vengeful space spirit of the cadet they sent to Kerberos that they lost contact with and never attempted to rescue for all they knew.

Those soulless bastards are immune to fear of ghosts and vengence.

The Ilvermorny VS Hogwarts bullshit

I love how people try to develop the four Ilvermorny Houses the way Hogwarts work.
Ha ha. Guess what?
Ilvermorny is different from Hogwarts. So are its Houses, and its students.

So stop giving colors to each Ilvermorny House like it exists for Hogwarts ones
Ilvermorny is simply Ravenclaw Blue and Cranberry Red, as it’s been founded by Isolt Sayre and her husband.

There is no Sorting Hat in Ilvermorny, from one to the four Statues may react to the potential of the wizard, who’s free to choose his House.

The four Ilvermorny Houses are not in a competition, there is no House Cup in Ilvermorny. There, young wizards and witches learn to live together, not against each other.

There is no elitism in Ilvermorny, no House is better than another. No House is for Pure-Blood wizards as Slytherin is.

And stop with Houses prejudices like all Wampuses are brainless fighters, and Pukwudgies are kindheart healers. Ilvermorny Houses are way less segregationists compared with Hogwarts’ spirit.

Still fantasizing Hogwarts? Bitch please, long live Ilvermorny.

Ellen's Bar and Tab PSA

Hey guys and gals. I have some news and you may be upset, you may not care, or you may beg me not to, but I must for the sake of my own creativity, stress, and life force.

I am currently finishing up I think three challenges, and after that, I WILL NOT BE DOING ANYMORE. They feel forced, dull, and that’s not me.

I write where my mind takes me and lately it’s just been subpar IMO.

I will be posting fics that I’m currently in the process of sorting through. DIBS will always be updated.

I need to write for me. Focus on what drives me. Not care about the likes or lack of feedback. Even though your support has been so necessary lately. I just feel underwhelmed and underappreciated.

I’m only human. I’m not a machine. Lately that’s how my writing feels like; mechanical. Brainless.

I want to leave you wanting more, not caring if I exist at all here in tumblrville.

I love each and everyone of you. Feel free to keep tagging me and talking to me. I’ll still be around.

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I’m so fucking proud of Johnny Depp it makes me emotional ??

Hes taken so much persecution on social media but he’s remained super chill about it and never once felt the need to explain himself. He kept this chaos as confidential as anyone would allow him to and he’s so lovely omg my heart hurts

I’m extremely thankful that he’s gotten out of this marriage and I’m thankful for all of u that didn’t act like brainless ignoramuses who only believed what fit your narrative

Congrats bby keep doing you

Supermutant Radio Broadcast
  • Woman speaking in clear, concise voice: Humans, if out there and need help, we help you. Come to Shaw School Place. We promise not tear you limb from limb and eat you.
  • Supermutant in the background: UH?! But I want to eat human!
  • Woman: Yes, I know you do. Look, I'm reading this exactly like you wanted. Remember? It's a trick. You're trying to trick them with a lie.
  • Super Mutant: Ohh yeah. You right.
  • Woman: Right, where was I? We not hurt you, we just want help you.


Mark was known for messing with the interns when they started, mainly because he had no reason to like them and they just seemed to get in the way. Most of them just seemed like brainless idiots. But then he saw Melissa and smirked to himself at the fact that she was on his service today, she was gorgeous. NO, he was told not to flirt with interns any more. But this was Mark Sloan, he couldn’t help himself. 

“You’re on my service today?” He smirked as he handed her the patient’s chart, his voice trying to tease her as though his was more than just work. “Hope you’re better than the last one.”

I can’t figure out who exactly hates Heath Slater at WWE. He seems like a pleasant guy, he’s a competent wrestler, he’s cute, he’s good with humor, and he seems very upbeat in personality. Yet they consistently treat him like a brainless stooge, don’t even bother to sign him to a brand, use him as a punching bag and punch line, and basically only bring him out to mock him. Even as someone who isn’t a top name he deserves to be treated better.

C: I side eye black women who hate on Beyonce so much. I’m no beyhive member but damn. That woman represents woc excellence to her own accord. It’s nice to see that on a huge platform. They love to hate talking about some “I just think she’s overrated. She’s not all that” like STFU YOU BRAINLESS GOAT of course nobody is perfect but her art still matters like what did she do to hurt you…and these same women LOVE fuckboys like Chris Brown tho 😑😑

The constant friendzone and Jorah being an ass hole for “spreading the greyscale”, is getting tiresome

You all sound like a bunch of brainless parrots. 

Let’s completely ignore the fact that Jorah has saved her life countless times, was willing to die for her, stood by her side, gave her solid advice when she needed it, helped her learn about the Dorthraki culture, helped her not be scared, was her only friend, gave up the pardon to go home, and that was while she was MARRIED to Drogo. After he died, he continued to want to help her. Helped her with the dragons, saved her from joining the Dosh Khaleen, killed Qotho, was the first of her Queensguard, helped her in Quarth, helped her in Mereen, helped her in the Red Waste, helped her in Astapor, helps her in Yunkai, stood by her side as she burned. Even after she exiled him, he brought her Tyrion, fought in the slave pits to show her that he was willing to die for her saved her life AGAIN from the Sons of the Harpy….You really think after all of that he’d be foolish enough to give her greyscale?


He’s loyal whether or not he’s getting any romantic anything from Dany…that’s what loyal people do. Not everything is about sex and the fact that all of you think it is proves you’re all stupid and believe in a society where all guys think that a girl should sleep with them because they’re doing the “right” thing. 

Would he like to have something romantic with her? Probably.

But Jorah is doing the right thing for more than just romantic reasons, and even if it’s never romantic, he’s STILL going to be helping. He’s proved it. He’ll keep proving it. 

so in zootopia if the birds are not sentient like mammals are then what about predatory birds, like do they have to keep nets over zootopia to prevent hawks and owls from murdering their rodent population or is that just something that they accept, like these brainless flying monsters always pose a threat to the smallest citizens of zootopia no matter how strong the predator/prey alliance are because birds exist outside of the law

“You can stop swinging now, Career, he’s quite dead.”
Pff. Like the brainless wall of muscle would listen…this was waht he was good at, why stop and go back to having to think when he could let his emotions and instincts drive him?
Dumb muscle, that was all he was…
“Good form though, I must note. Pretty sure he was dead before he hit the ground.”