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This is the first edit and character I post on this blog and her name is Annie. I think she’s cute and I thought that maybe others would too idk??

But yeah she’s a unicorn, is very outgoing and loves making friends.

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last night was full of vodka and weed and smiles so here

Words | Kai | 01

Pairing: Kai x Reader
Genre: CEO AU/ Angst

Summary: Words do hurt. 

Part: 1 | 2 |

Stop looking so pathetic. You really don’t think that I’ll go out with a brace face like you right? Please tell me you’re joking. God, even I wouldn’t stoop that low. “

“Shut up!” You yelled, throwing the bottle of whatever you were intoxicating yourself with.

The bottle hit the wall hard and shattered onto the floor.

It was another one of those nights where you would drown yourself in alcohol and self-pity. Another night of you recalling on your pathetic past.

Who ever came up with that saying of words not hurting was absolutely wrong. They did hurt. Badly.

Words have the power to completely destroy a person and all it needed was a vessel that could shoot them.

In your case, that particular person was Oh Sehun.


To be honest, you were the one that the school deemed disgusting. With a face full of acne, a mouthful of braces, and a pair of the most unfashionable pair of glasses, any chances of gaining popularity at a school based on looks and money was practically nonexistent.

You didn’t have a lack of money. Quite the opposite really, your mom practically ruled the fashion world. You would think that you would actually have the fashion sense and looks, but apparently those genes didn’t pass down to you. You mother, instead of worrying about your looks despite making it with hers, cared only about your education. Saying, that the mind matters more than the face.

If only your mom was one that cared about image more than knowledge.

To say that you were bullied was an understatement; you were tortured. You were practically the easy target for bullies and the school’s laughing stock. Your main group of bullies included the devil with a charming smile, Oh Sehun. He had other accomplices like the resident playboy, Kai, and a few others. They ruled the school. Everyone was intimidated, yet fascinated with them. They also ruled the hearts of many girls, including you, at one point.

Actually, you wouldn’t have been in the situation you were in if you hadn’t spoken too loud. You weren’t always friendless. During your freshmen year, you had met Minseok,a shy senior who was a little chubby, but still cute. He was practically your only friend and you confide everything to him.

One day, you were in the library with him, eating lunch, when the topic of your crush came up. You should’ve made sure that the two of you were alone before you had blurted out everything to the elder. Apparently one of his friends overheard and told him everything.

You could remember how he had cornered you into the intercom room and confronted you about them. You could remember how you had admitted to them. You could remember how he and his little troupe broadcasted the whole encounter to the whole school. You could remember how he had called you disgusting and pathetic. You could remember that arrogant smirk he had.

At the time, Minseok had been your comfort, but soon he had to graduate and you were left alone to fend for yourself. You spent the four years enduring the torture and humiliation from the whole student body, while focusing all your energy on your studies.

Eventually, once you graduated from that hell called school, you went abroad for college. You had made a promise to yourself that you would never affiliate yourself with any one of them again. Staying in Korea, you would face them among occasions, since you were also elite in the social ranking.

Of course, if they had known who your parents were really, they wouldn’t have treated you that way. While your mom was the fashion icon, your father was the proud CEO of a big-name company that your older brother would be taking over. That whole group would practically die at the hands of their parents, if you had told your parents and had them cut ties with their companies. Except you didn’t.

Oh how you wished you did.  


You had went and studied abroad at a good college, but along the way, you had given up into partying and ditching school for a little bit of fun. In America, you weren’t considered disgusting or ugly; quite the opposite actually.

You could say that you grew into your looks. Your face had cleared of the heavy acne you had and replaced it with an almost clear complexion. Your teeth had straightened out and you had gotten into contacts. You had lost most of the excess fat and the lack of fashion.

If one were too look at you now, they might think you were a supermodel. Your hair was sleek and the perfect condition. You had mastered the art of makeup. Growing out of the worn out Sketchers, you grew into a pair of Louis Vuittons. You had changed into a totally different person.

Eventually, your mother asked you to come back to Korea and ceased your reckless behavior.

Now here you were, a college dropout, drowning in alcohol.


Maybe you had finally tapped into your privileged roots, but your mother was not having it.

Maybe that’s why your parents trusted you to study abroad. They had expected you to come back the same, but you sure didn’t. Your own mother couldn’t even recognize you when she had picked you up from the airport.

Now you were stuck in the car with your mom and the heavy silence.

Breaking the silence, you decided to ask your mother exactly why you back in the last place you wanted to be.

“Why am I back here?”

“Well, since you’re not going to live up to what was expected of you, we-“

“You mean Father.”

She gave you a stern look, but nevertheless, she continued.

“We have decided on a better course for you to follow. Honestly, I think this would be perfect for you.”

“Yeah and what is that “course” Father has decided on?” Your tone laced with fake interest.

She gave a curt response.


You scoffed. “Yeah no thanks,”

“Sadly you have no say this time. Your father and I have decided on a perfectly good suitor for you. He’s well established, charming, and, of course, a perfect opportunity for your father.” She stated. “You’re meeting him tonight. I expect you two to get acquainted with each other. Develop some type of relationship with him to fool the media, even if it’s fake. It’s all just business at the end of the day.”

“I thought you wanted me to grow up and find someone I love, not marrying me off to some privileged douche bag.” You countered.  

“I believed that you wouldn’t have to walk this route for your future, but your recent behavior proves otherwise. Don’t be too disappointed, darling, you won’t have to lift a finger as long as you’re married to him.” You mother replied.  

“This is despicable and I hate it.”


“Are you even going to brief me on him, Mother?”

Currently, you were being prepared to meet your future husband.

“His name is Kim Jongin. He’s the son and direct heir of the Kim Cooperation. The Kim family is another prominent family, along with ours. Joining both of our families’ enterprises would be a win-win on both sides,” Your mother stated, lazily flipping through a Home & Style magazine.

You rolled your eyes. You had to admit, you saw this coming from a mile away. Ever since your little spiral down, it was expected for you to find a rich bachelor, marry him, and expand your family’s business. But something was off. The name sounded familiar, but you couldn’t quite match the name to a face.

Once your makeup and hair was done, you were put in a sleeved red dress that showed your figure nicely. With a matching pair of black heels, you were ready for the meeting of your “fiancé”.


“Remember to smile and hide that attitude.” Your mother’s words rang in your head.

Walking into the expensive restaurant, you took in a quick breath. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Key word, maybe.

“Reservation?” the hostess asked.

“Someone under the name Kim Jongin?” You asked. She nodded and smile.

She lead you to the center back of restaurant. You could only see the back of his head, but he already looked flawless. From the back, his hair was already neatly styled and slick back. He was dressed in a velvet tuxedo and from the nape of his you could tell that he had bronzed tan skin.

Taking careful and graceful step, you took balance steps towards him. As if feeling he felt your coming presence, he stood up and turn around. And God must you hate you.

You could recognized the flawless face of Kim Jongin any time. Of course, anyone would  their tormentor’s face.

Swallowing your disgust, you faked a smile.

“You must be Y/N.” He said in a charming tone.

“And you must be Jongin.” Your tone a little too fake.

You could tell by the delighted tinkle in his brown eyes, that he didn’t even recognize the girl he helped destroy.

Like a gentlemen, he helped you into your chair, before slipping into his own.

“I hope you liked Italian. I didn’t know where you would liked to go,” Jongin said.

“Italian is fine.”

Pushing down your inner hatred of the male, you began your dinner with him.


After a few icebreakers and awkward responses. The two of you had found a stable ground.

“You must have been popular in school with your charming attitude.” You stated nonchalantly.

He dismissed the comment. “Actually, I was more of the quiet kid. I really didn’t do anything everyone else was. Like they say, the ones who are more silent seem to be more successful.”   

Setting down your fork, you started straight into his eyes.

“Oh really? What school did you attended?” You asked him.

“SM Academy.”

Placing a small smirk on your lips. “What a coincidence. I went there too.”

“You might not remember. I was really quiet. Actually I think you might remember me.” Staring into his shocked eyes you continued.”I was the one you destroyed, tortured, and tormented.” You stated with a hint of malice.

Standing up abruptly, you griped the glass of wine. Letting the wine flow onto his perfectly styled hair, you watched as it dripped down to his velvet suit.

“You might not have recognized me, but I still know you, Kai”