like belting out a note

Fluffy/Happy Tomattoredd Headcanons


  • They have a really, really good singing voice. They don’t like belting notes out loudly too often (too much stress on the one throat, buddy), but oh my god if you hear their humming you have been blessed.
  • When they all figured out that they had a really good singing voice, the Matt part of them started to hum ‘Smile’ by Charlie Chaplin (the MJ cover) and the rest of them joined in by the end of it.
  • They can also sing to (mostly) mimic the original’s singing voices, with a touch of themselves. The Edd part can go REALLY low, Tom part is around Edd’s range, except half an octave or so higher, Matt part can hit the high notes like they’re MJ himself, and Tord part is like the balance between Edd/Tom and Matt’s voice ranges.
  • When stressed, they find themselves dancing a lot. Mainly to angsty MJ music (read: Slave To The Rhythm (original version), Why You Wanna Trip On Me, Leave Me Alone, etc). But they also like dancing to soft classical music too. The big bucks they’ve pulled in when busking on the streets have saved their ass on the bills.
  • The only drinks that they can truly agree on is the Edd part’s Red Velvet Hot Chocolate (that’s to die for) and tea. They love ALL kinds of tea. In fact, the only thing they’ll be chitter over (not really argue, just like, a very minor irritation) is what sort of tea they’ll be having that day. And that’s usually solved in 3 seconds.
  • They own like, 20 stuffed animals and hug them every night when in bed. And they’re proud of that.

Headcanon: After Simon’s transformation, his lungs and vocal cords became so strong he was able to do things with his voice that he couldn’t before. When he realized it, he went looking for the room with the best acoustics and took his guitar with him. When the rest of the clan was out one night he started singing at the top of his lungs and playing his heart out.

Raphael came home early, not expecting to hear one of the most amazing voices he had ever heard in his entire life singing with fire. He found Simon belting out notes like a rock star and strutting around with his guitar. The fledgling was unfairly attractive sometimes bit this was ridiculous. He liked to eavesdrop whenever Simon went down to his spot to play. Simon still doesn’t know what his voice does to Raphael.

I still can’t believe this is reality. How someone could intentionally harm another i’ll never understand. I had the pleasure of knowing Christina, and let me tell you she was the kindest person you could possibly meet. Always smiling and friendly to everyone she came in contact with. It feels like yesterday she was belting out notes behind me in choir class and singing for us at the piano. Our whole school was so incredibly proud to watch you soar and take on your dreams. You were an inspiration to all of us. Please help me by keeping her family in your thoughts today.
Rest easy angel. 💙

This was a while ago but...

I saw this on a page just a moment ago and like…

I’m sorry… but fans like this really give EXO’s fandom a bad name. Why boast about your group and talk bad about another group like that? Will your EXO boys support the words you say? You’re fucking delusional if you think any artist on the planet would agree with what you say about fellow artists…

Unlike you guys, we’re not hard up for awards, we don’t need awards to prove how talented UKISS is, sure in some situations it’s good to have an awards to show for all their hard work and efforts… UKISS just pretty much had bad timing with their comebacks, other more popular groups would be promoting at the same time… so 

Unless you can belt out perfect notes and dance like a pro, shut the fuck up and quit judging other groups calling them talent-less.

EXO isn’t perfect…. you’re stupid if you think they are. All groups aren’t perfect. Your opinion isn’t the one we all have to go off. It’s pretty pathetic that all of the Exo fans I see all have some sort of hateful thing to say about another group or fans. Is that all you guys are? Just rude ass people boasting about how perfect Exo is and how talent-less every other group is? Just hateful obsessive butt hurt fans? I don’t mean to group the entire fandom but those of you who aren’t hateful in that fandom, please speak up because I’m really starting to think every EXO fan is like this…

Do Exo fans have nothing else better to do than to talk shit about other groups and fandoms? You guys are so lame…. seriously.

Dreams || Delena

Elena was your average typical girl, raised in a small town in Virginia. Her whole life, she had wanted something more. She had dreams, but most of the people around her had just assumed she hadn’t grown up yet. She wondered that from time to time, but she knew that she was meant for the stage. She had pipes that could belt out a note like no other and she was proud of some of the things she could put down on paper. She’d taught herself to play the guitar and the piano. Her parents worried, but when they realized she was never going to let go of her fantasy, they let her go. 

Twenty years old, she had moved down to Nashville to see if she could follow her dream. Living on her own wasn’t easy though, and she refused to run back home because of money. She created several mix tapes, sending them in to the record labels all throughout town. She even visited several of the radio stations, but she had no luck. Her best chance at discovery was the gigs that she worked whenever she wasn’t working, but most of those were in small town bars where she doubted she would ever get noticed. So Elena stuck with working at a shady bar downtown where all the women wore skimpy outfits and sometimes put on a show on top of the tables. It wasn’t ideal. The men were disgusting and the only thing that was great were the tips. Still, she refused to quit.