like being a woman and a badass are mutually exclusive

The most egregious thing they have done to Michonne is take away her femininity. Strong black women are not to be desired. So let’s give her the most masculine look possible. Newsflash…She can be badass and sexy. Those two are not mutually exclusive. Every woman deserves affection. A hug, a hand hold. Wanting/needing affection does not make you weak. Like people always turn to Maggie as prime example of what happens when you get romantically involved. I would argue she got more badass being with Glenn. She is incredibly strong and caring and understands the importance of the two. Glenn is the reason she hasn’t lost her mind yet. What are the writers trying to prove with Michonne? It’s like they are going to extremes to squash any desirability that does not involve slicing walkers. It’s so weird that her family cares for her so much, but outside of Maggie and Carl no one seems to think of her on an emotional level. It’s pretty disgusting.