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remember my tablet pen that was wrecked and I couldn’t find a replacement? So I went and arranged buying a new one and already put in a payment for it? WellI figured ‘hey I’m getting a new one might as well take this old sucker apart!’


fixed it


Your fave is problematic: Liam Kosta
  • refuses to wear a goddamn shirt for his big emotional character-building monologue
  • sir your abs are distracting
  • do I need to up the thermostat, your nips could take my eye out
  • this is like James doing pull-ups during his intro scene all over again
  • send help

I swear sometimes I think I’m the only person who likes recurring storylines.

I get it, I do, sometimes it can be repetitive, but other times… it makes it real to me? You don’t just fix a personality flaw in an instant, it takes a lot of work, a lot of trying. But each time it crops up again you deal with it a little differently, or it becomes more of a frustration to those around you, and to yourself.

A bone of contention, something to work towards.

It shows growth, and weakness, and human nature. And I kind of love it.

Me and @talortut were talking about something that made me realize something.

Back in grade school literally everyone reads the outsiders. But you know that moment. That one moment where all the talk of Ponyboy having a headache, tacking aspirin, telling Twobit not to tell anyone. When he gets home and it compares him to a “scared animal. When shit goes down and Ponyboy just collapses.

This is the stuff that started it all. Sure kids shows and movies will have sick episodes and injury, but it’s so mild. This shit was realistic. This is what started it. Do you know how many times I’ve reread the middle chapters because of Ponyboy getting sick? So many

i used 2 like.. care a lot when i lost a bunch of followers but now i don’t even care i’m just surprised i have as many as i do. anyways just saying if you’ve been wanting 2 unfollow me fckin go for it it’s not gonna hurt my feelings . the only time i mind is when i lose followers directly after posting selfies like how .. rude y'all .

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( Question directed at anyone who can answer this) If/When Henry's antlers fill with too many hands to fit any more, do the antlers get bigger or do the oldest hands disappear when new hands are added?

In life, Henry’s antlers and the hands that are on them eventually reach a ‘manageable’ limit. At some point, his antlers stop growing, and new hands replace the old ones….

When the Woodsman is born in the forest, his antlers are massive are akin to the canopy of trees, and hundreds of hands hang from his antlers like fruit-