like back up and let them be there for each other

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oh man, now i'm having thoughts about camp u-fucked-up on the back porch and how at least the older bros had someone who would leave a blanket or something out for them if they got locked out for the night. but tup wouldn't??? which makes it WAY worse.

This! Tbh depending on the infraction and the weather, the older bros might just lean out the window and heckle each other if they got porched. XD But they’d also toss out blankets and granola bars if they could get away with it. It’s one of those things that’s in a long list of things that were questionable but not really THAT bad, taken individually and given the context of the time. Tup hardly ever got in trouble like that, and even if he did he wouldn’t talk about it because it 1) is embarrassing, and 2) had been normalized to him by hearing the others laugh it off as “play stupid games, win stupid prizes.” But somewhere during the “okay wait how do we convince a judge to remove Tup from our parents and give him to Rex?” phase, the older bros (all adults and some with kids of their own) sit down and start compiling all these things. It was easier to brush off and justify things in small doses, but written out in a flat objective list all at once, it looks much more damning. Rex strikes me as the type who keeps a pretty tight lid on his temper by letting out a controlled but effective jet of growling steam when he’s pissed. But realizing that these sorts of things must’ve been going on with Tup the whole time too causes his righteous fury to collide with his self-loathing like baking soda and vinegar, blowing his lid clean off. Fuck this, it’s Sue My Own Parents O’Clock!

If it helps, I do figure that as Tup got older and realized just how inattentive his parents could be, he would often just walk/bus/metro over to the precinct or Rex’s place if he found himself faced with a locked door or empty fridge. The parents were so bad at letting Rex know in advance when they were dumping Tup on him that Rex pretty much never even questioned whether Tup had been intentionally sent or not. He just rolled with it. And if Rex was out of town, most of the other bros were close enough to hit up for dinner and a couch as well. Tup’s not good at directly asking for such things, but he’s transparent as fuck so a “Hey what are you up to tonight?” text or “casually” wandering into Jesse’s shop near to closing time always results in an invitation. 

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(pt.2) and Alex won't let go of him so Aaron spends a good 5 minutes just holding Alex like the man-child he is, and after he realizes Alex isn't getting down anytime soon, he grabs his luggage and just heads out with Alex wrapped around him like he'll never seen him again and at this point, Alex is facetiming the kids and they tell him how much they missed him and ugh happy hamburr is so rare pls

SHIT I just saw this after I posted the first ask but Y E S to this too. And they get home and all the kids just attack Alexander with hugs and they make him give them piggy back rides around the house and afterwards they all cuddle on the couch and watch a movie and then Aaron and Alexander tuck all the kids into bed and go back out to watch another movie and they fall asleep tangled up in each other’s arms

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On the Arrow tvline panel, it was disclosed that Felicity will have a new boyfriend. Do you think it will be Barry Allen 😡?

No, I do not think it will be him. I mean, if it was him, he would immediately dump her because his body and soul are ready to be with Iris. So what would be the point?

Thank you for your quick response to my ask. I’m a big WA fan and have nothing personal against Fefe, but don’t want the Arrow curse (everyone has shared each other) to affect Flash. I’m terrible, I know. I was the chic in 2x09 of Arrow that was like what’s this Barry/Felicity BS I’m seeing? Where the hell is Iris West? And then was happy to hear Cisco mention her in 2x19. And now, I just adore them and don’t want them sullied. Felicity 2.0 was erased, let the original be a distant memory too 👌

I doubt they’ll bring it back up in the present. Barry and Felicity have a sweet friendship and they don’t need to bring in inter-show love dodecahedrons. The fandom has already spent more time talking about the Barry/Felicity possibilities than the show(s) will spend with them onscreen together.

harry and louis running thru an empty arena the night after a show, hand in hand, giggling and smiling so wide their cheeks hurt. they’re laughing out loud trying to outrun a security guard who’s trying to catch them because ‘we need to go over show changes dammit’, but it’s just so easy to not do that and to grab louis’ hand and take off because he loves the laugh he hears afterwards so, ‘why not?’ harry thinks. and they speed off and hide under the stage as the guard finally catches up and is looking for them up above. louis lets out a little giggle and harry smiles and his dimples show as he softly covers louis mouth with his hand and quietly whispers ‘shhhh, baby’ crowding him against a nearby wall. they wait for the guard to give up and leave and when harry looks back louis’ staring at him like he hung the stars and the moon himself. and they kiss each other softly for what seems like forever and they know they’ll get in trouble later, but right now, they’re both thinking, ‘you’re so worth it

Prompt: We’re the only single persons at this wedding table, let’s add drunk and bitch about everyone AU


Sirius sighed for the umpteenth time as he took a sip of his drink. The two seats on each side of him were empty. James and Lily had buggered off somewhere to snog. Not that he’d blamed them-the atmosphere at the wedding was so romantic. Frank and Alice outdone themselves-both of them looking drunk on happiness and love.

The other seat’s occupant had not make an appearance since the start of the party. It wasn’t really late so maybe they’d show up some time later. Just as that thought occurred to him, someone pulled the chair back. Craning his neck to look up, Sirius nearly choked on his tongue. The man was incredibly tall and very, very good-looking. He was wearing a black suit that clung to his body just like needed. His hair rested as dark ringlets just above his ears, he had a large nose which made him look very kissable, freckles and an adorable overbite.

As he sat, he swiped his gaze over the rest of the table to end on Sirius. “Seems like I ended at the sickeningly in love table,” he muttered under his breath.

Sirius laughed lightly at that, earning a surprised look from his neighbour. “Exactly my thought when I got here. Oh… I’m not…how you said it… yes-sickeningly in love,” he added to the other man’s inquisitive look. “I’m Sirius Black.”

“Remus Lupin,” he answered as he took Sirius’ hand. The black haired person felt a pleasant tingle in his spine when they touched. “Met Alice through work.”

“Ah you work at the hospital with her. Me, I spent seven years sharing a form with Frank. Apparently, I was too much of a little shit that now he had to punish me by sending me to this almost-exclusively couples table.”

“Well we’ll just drink all their alcohol and bitch the whole night then,” Remus sniggered as he raised his glass to his own statement.


“… don’t get me wrong. I’m very happy for James-he had been half in love with Lily since the first day at school. But seeing those two together, and all those couples make me… I don’t know… ache I guess.” Sirius was a bit more than tipsy right now.

He and Remus spent loads of time mocking the straight couples. (“Look at him, I bet he doesn’t go to Starbucks cause he thinks that would make him gay.”

“Straight people-so fucking wild.”)

Sirius really liked Remus. The tawny haired man was sarcastic and funny and so adorable and cute that the thought of kissing him passed through his mind every minute. Remus was looking at him with an understanding expression in his face all this time.

“…and the fact that I change pronouns almost everyday doesn’t make dating easy.”

Remus’ eyes widened and he straightened immediately, increasing the distance between the two of them.

“Fuck… Have I been misgendering you this whole time?” Remus asked him, looking anxious for the first time of the evening.

Sirius blinked. He hadn’t expected that reply from the other man, especially judging from the way he leaned away from Sirius. Smiling softly at him he said: “No ‘he’ is fine today.” His smile widened when Remus pressed their hands together.

“Is this fine?”

Sirius nodded and turned his palm to lace their fingers together.

“Dance with me? Please?” He could not say to Remus’ puppy eyes even if he wanted to and found himself nodding as he rose from his chair. He was very please to note their fingers were still laced together as they walked to the dancefloor where some people were dancing.

The taller man pulled him, one hand resting on Sirius’ hip while the other hand holding his hand. They were very close, their chests almost touching. Sirius found himself leaning into Remus, inhaling deeply. He smelled like whiskey and oranges.

Just as the song ended and Remus was about to pull away, Sirius held on. The amber eyed man look slightly surprised but pleased as well as Sirius brought him close again. “Can I… can I kiss you please?”

Remus wore a very soft expression and raised his hand to cup Sirius’ cheek, his thumb brushing his bottom lip. “Yes,” he breathed out as he let their lips meet.

The kiss started as chaste until Remus opened his mouth and their tongues met. They both pulled apart, flushed and breathing deeply.

“Come on a date with me. Please.” Remus pressed their foreheads together, looking into those grey eyes.

“Yes. Yes to anything with you.”

They went on their date two days later. It was the first of so many others.

So I have a lot of hanaoi feelings so I’m putting these all here

-Imagine hanaoi giving each other piggy back rides all the time

-Makki likes to play with Oikawa’s hair

-Oikawa likes to test make up stuff on Makki and Makki lets him

-imagine them going on dates to pet stores just to look at the animals together

-Or going to dog parks to look at the dogs

-Makki buys milk bread for Oikawa, Oikawa buys cream puffs for Makki

-They like to go out when it’s raining sometimes to splash in puddles together and sometimes they’ll dance in the rain and be dorks

-But sometimes they’ll just stay in and cuddle on the couch watching movies

-Makki having a hard time in math and Oikawa being the smart person he is will patiently sit there helping him out and when Makki gets distressed and is close to tears Oikawa forces them to take breaks

-Most of these breaks consist of Oikawa peppering him with kisses until Makki laughs

-Oikawa getting Hanamaki flowers to tease him just because “flower is in your name so you have to like them!!” So there’s flowers like everywhere in his house and when they move in together there’s flowers everywhere

-Makki listening to Oikawa rant and ramble about aliens and actually listening bc he’s actually interested and he’ll actually ask questions and put in his own thoughts about it

- Ofc they go in their back yard a lot of look at stars and stuff (ofc most of the time they end up making out /o/ )

-Makki pranking him by putting hair dye in his shampoo and he’ll do random pranks like putting the whipped cream on his hand and tickling his nose with a feather

-Makki cheering the loudest at Oikawa’s games and Oikawa whines about how it’s embarrassing (but really he likes it)

-Oikawa being the one to propose while they’re out at a carnival and they’re on the ferris wheel at the very top and he just turns to Makki (who has wide eyes and is looking out at the whole park and he looks really cute) and he just goes “will you marry me?” And pulls out the ring

-Makki starts to cry and he’s like “you bastard you didn’t even get down on one knee”

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Dad-father headcannons for the 2p allies please

2p!America: This child will be THE spitting image of Allen. They’re have a friend-hate-ship with Luciano’s baby. But they’ll have the back of each other. This child will also try and one-up Luciano or his kid any chance they get. Allen’s super encouraging. “Fuck off, Luci.”

2p!Canada: “I’m a bad dad…” He doesn’t know ahat to do. Like France, he’s iffy. He’ll spoil them. But they’re sure to be a muscley child.

2p!England: Soccer mom 101. He’s supportive and encouraging and lets them do ALMOST anything they want. He has his limits.

2p!France: Suprisingly strict. “How the fuck did I get attached to this tiny asshole?” He cares a lot and is iffy. He tries not to drive them away, but makes sure they’re healthy.

2p!China: He loves this bean. They’re a meme kid. He takes them to the Zoo, the aquarium, all those dad stuff. Googles dad jokes. Even how to be a good dad.

2p!Russia: Strict and well balanced. He makes sure they eat right, and excersize. As long as they’re healthy, mentally, and physically. He’ll be happy with them. He spoils.

For all of you who believe that because Rucas didn’t work out once,it won’t work out again..

Okay,so last time I remember,Riley and Lucas were together because their classmates pressured them..They made them get into a relationship which made Riley and Lucas feel uncomfortable..

Because at that time,they weren’t ready for that..That wasn’t who they are..

‘Right pressure can turn you into a diamond,but the wrong one can turn you into a dust..’

There was a reason why Topanga made them break up..Because she knew that they were pressured into a relationship,they weren’t ready for..

Right after they “broke up” they were back to their old self..Comfortable with each other..

Now,in Ski Lodge,Lucas chose Riley,on his own..

People are saying he chose Riley because Maya told him to..But actually Maya just gave them her blessing,she gave him her blessing,which means she trusts him enough to let him be with her best friend..Just like Cory gave him his blessing to go on a date with his daughter,Maya gave him her blessing to date Riley..

Lucas and Riley both decided that they’re now ready to be in a relationship,ON ITS OWN!

That’s why they will work out this time..

This time,they have a right pressure..This time they will turn into diamonds..

P.S. I will tag Lucaya,because I want to hear their perspective on this..

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OMG ME TOO I ship them a lot and I just think they're so cute together!! Do you have any headcanons for them? I just feel like hunk and lance are so shy but v affectionate with each other?? Like they're always holding hands and hunk loves cuddling a lot and idk I just think they're really cute and shy and just a lil awkward around each other

oh my gosh im rly bad at headcanons cos i just go with what everyone else is thinking! but OK lets see..

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ABSOLUTELY 192193282983%






This was so cute. I helped my entire team and worked so hard to save them all numerous times and I got all the generators. One DC’d because she was trash and got caught in bear traps like 5 times, the other died pretty much instantly, and Balsa was downed just after me but it was his second time and had much less health. I was near him when we were downed so I crawled to him so he had someone there with him while he died and we looked like we were holding each other until he finally passed away. I was left alone with just his body, and then the killer came, and he left me. He came back and picked me up and took me to the trapdoor and let me go. :’)

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Consider: smol blind human and tol girlfriend who helps them out/makes sure they know where they're going and always protectively carries them to where they need to go!

(I’m a sucker for good pure relationships in gt, like….heck it’s nice!)

It’d be lovely if they got to that wonderful point of the relationship where they both know each other super duper well, there’s no fear or anything and the tol girlfriend knows when to help and when to step back and let them go it on their own steam!

She’s always there if they need help and honestly being carried is pretty darn sweet!
Sometimes when it gets quiet at night the human will just run their hands across the lines of her face and map it out in their mind, memorising everything they feel beneath their fingers like a landscape- they can feel her cheeks heating up a lil, is that a blush?
Most definitely!


You both being really shy the first time you meet, and Natasha noticing you like each other so she sets you up on several dates.

You kissing for the first time on the third date.

Wanda being the first one to say “I love you”.

You saying it back right away.

Pietro approving of your relationship and later becoming your best friend.

All the avengers being shocked when you announce them you’re dating except Pietro and Natasha, but of course no one has a problem with you dating and they are really happy for you.

Wanda occasionally showing you new tricks she learned with her magic.

Training together.

Always being worried when she’s on a mission. Same for her.

Sharing clothes and her letting you borrow her precious red leather jacket and her rings.

Her showing a lot of PDA; hand holding and sweet kisses. Also, always hearing Clint and Tony yell “Get a room !”

Hickies, to show everyone else you belong to each other.

Her not being the jealous type because she trusts you, but if other people try to flirt with you in front of her, she would make it clear that you belong to her.

Having sweet sex, and rough sex when one of you is frustrated or has had a bad day.

Usually having long talks about anything before sleeping; the other avengers, your future together…

You being the big spoon.

Her teaching you russian, and thinking your accent is cute.

Having a lot of movie nights, but you prefer watching horror movies to comfort Wanda when she’s scared.


And cuddling. A lot.

You being very romantic ; offering her flowers, bringing her breakfast in bed…

Cooking together.

Her also cooking you russian specialties.

Basically, being the perfect couple and everyone shipping you.

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what do u think about people that says stefan ignores his problems? like there's a DEr on youtube that said both elena and stefan ignores their problems, bc stefan didnt asked what deal elena did w elijah.

OK here’s the thing. As a character, Stefan is repressive, which is why in season 1 he legitimately and naively thought he could come back to Mystic Falls and lead a normal, human teen life, because he denied his vampirism, he repressed his urges to, as Damon said, a nearly compulsive degree. As a character, Elena is dishonest, she doesn’t admit what she wants to herself because she’s not bold enough to follow through on her desires. However, Stefan and Elena as a couple are unbelievably honest because each of them forces the other to deal with what they’re choosing not to think about. Stefan refuses to let Elena bottle up her feelings, which is why in 2x09 after visiting Katherine, Elena says that she doesn’t want to talk about what she learned and Stefan says, “don’t shut me out” and then this happens:

Which is why in 2x20 he knows without her having to say anything that she never wanted to be a vampire and he makes her say it, he makes her confront it:

Which is why in 1x10, Elena tells Stefan “don’t hide from me” and forces Stefan to show his ‘true’ face and then provides him with that emotional security when she strokes his veins and kisses him instead of running away from it.

Which is why in 1x18, she tells Stefan that she has to know about his darker urges, which gets him to admit, to talk about having them:

And it’s why when each of them turns off their humanity, the other one is who gets through to them:

So the fact that Stefan doesn’t tell Elena about the cure, he does that because Klaus stipulates that he can’t tell anyone, he withholds the information because it helps Elena as opposed to Damon who withheld that he had the cure because he didn’t know if he wanted a human Elena, it was about his wants, his man pain and he only gives it to her when he’s ready and even then wasn’t he outted? So DErs have SOME nerve to talk about how SE are dishonest when Damon and Elena’s entire relationship is based in lies

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what do you think the stydia reunion will look like ? once they find Stiles and all, how do you think both Stiles and Lydia will react at seeing each other again ?

I’m not sure. Definitely emotional, for sure. What could definitely happen is that they see each other again in the midst of some dangerous moment and there’s this slo-mo moment where they look at each other and just sort of drink each other in, then the action picks back up again. Or it could be where one of them is in immediate danger and the other has to save them.

What I want for when they see each other again when the danger has passed is for them to just launch themselves at each other and to cling to each other in a desperate, intense hug where Lydia refuses to let go in fear that she’ll lose him again and Stiles feels safe and at home for the first time all season. They can kiss either before or after that, but I really want a very intense hug. I don’t want them to have some passionate make out then break apart. I want Stydia contact. I want them to have just continuous physical contact because they’ve missed each other so much.

Dating poly!Xiaohee includes:
  • Xiaohee as a pair of boyfriends would be wonderful
  • Not much pda but when your alone they don’t stop touching you or each other
  • Endless back hugs
  • The boys always here about you
  • They usually wake up before you because of habit so they just stare
  • Which is kind of creepy, let’s be real
  • Like one time you saw them stare at you when you woke up and screamed a little
  • You’re used to it now
  • Wooshin loves you and doesn’t understand why you chose the two maknaes to date
  • “You’re smarter than that. And as your best friend I am thoroughly confused.”
  • Wooshin probably introduced you guys, but didn’t expect for this to happen
  • You guys are the prankster couple
  • But you never really try to be in the drama
  • You are just collateral damage
  • They tried to prank you once and it didn’t go to plan
  • You ignored them for a week
  • Wooshin almost killed them
  • You three don’t fight often but when you do, it’s bad
  • Hwanhee is stubborn and Xiao doesn’t really say anything during the arguments so you don’t think he cares
  • Although the fights are bad, they don’t actually last that long
  • Once someone sees tears, the fight is over and the boys apologize
  • Even if they didn’t start it
  • Although they usually do
  • Cuddles and movie nights are a regular thing
  • Matching slippers
  • Xiao loves forehead and cheek kisses so you do that often
  • Hwanhee loves hugs
  • All types of hugs
  • Xiaohee is the cutest pair of boyfriends you can find
  • Keep them safe and love them

Prompt: 14. “What if I’m just broken?”
18. “Let me guess, Mommy and Daddy didn’t love you?”
21. “I’d step back if I was you.”

Characters: Tony Stark x Reader

Words: 600+

A/N: No shit, I legit had to Google what Omnilinguism was, like somebody just wrote on their wall on Facebook that they really wanted to have that power.

Originally posted by robertdowneyjrgif

A few years back in your teen years, you had signed up to let Hydra experiment on you. At first they had started out easy on you, they had given you Omnilinguism, Omnilinguism was the ability to understand and speak every single language in the world. It was a pretty could superpower for you to have, because you had always loved the language classes in school, but Hydra wanted you to help them understand each other since there were agents from different countries.

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Deciding quickly whether to make their presence known or not, Drake coughed loudly, causing the only comment from Noralynne, “Well you could’ve let us finish first.”

Drake and Kai stood looking at each other, not certain what to do, other than hold back their snickers. “Sorry?”

Noralynne was laughing at this point, “Shut up children, go get changed and we’ll discuss this like adults.”

The four of them sat on the couches with piles of folders, boxes, papers and what not in front of them, Drake and Kai waited.

Noralynne looked at Rick, then at the guys. “Well, let me start then. Under normal circumstances, you would not get the complete truth, but because I am a friend of Kai’s mother, I’d already decided I had to tell you.”


“The whole truth Rick, they’re the closest in and the only ones that can help.” Her brow furrowed, eyes set, she was a woman used to having things done her way. “My name is not Noralynne Stevens. I am Agent Nora Sanders, and I work with the FBI.”

She watched the realization hit both of them, she held up a finger, “Wait, I’ll answer any questions you have in a moment. This is my husband, FBI Agent Rick Sanders. We’ve been married for 15 years. He is currently in charge of the team investigating Saul. I am investigating the Lothario’s. We know there is a connection more than friendship. They’ve hidden everything very well, but Saul is a savant when it comes to accounting. They’ve had him cooking their books for years without him knowing what he’s doing. And there’s more…we were getting ready to come to you, but what the hell, since you’re here…”

Drake and Kai stared, dumbfounded with the revelation.

She inhaled, thinking about her next words, “It is imperative you understand first, the inherent danger you may be putting yourselves and your family into by helping us bring down the Saul. If we can get him to turn, we may finally take down the Lothario family. This is going to be a serious game changer and the demands will be strenuous. I’m sorry there’s no other way to put it, but if your marriage is strong you’ll survive it.

"What do you need from us?” Kai said. Drake was listening, distant, the pangs of responsibility weighing heavy for insisting on the best agent for them.

“We need you to go deep into debt,” Rick said, “borrow money, but not be able to pay it back. It sounds simple, but the repercussions may be detrimental and could put you in great physical harm.”

“So, you’re going to try to nail Saul under a Rico law?” Drake questioned.

“Saul has a problem with drugs and horses. Between his habit of taking money the Lothario’s don’t know about and spending it on gambling, he also borrows from them outright. He accuses his clients of not paying back the full amount they borrowed when he has major losses he can’t cover. We know of a few who’ve ended up in the morgue because of Saul’s gambling habits. This is serious business. I told Nora I didn’t want you involved, especially with having a baby. She insisted you could handle yourselves.”

“We can.” Kai said to Drake’s surprise. “Nora, what about your marriage to Saul? Don’t the Lothario’s know?”

“No, an annulment was performed privately after an embarrassing situation for Saul. He was so embarrassed he couldn’t tell Don.” She smiled, blinking rapidly her feigned innocence. Returning to her normal voice she finished,  "Saul thinks I am head over heels in love with him and I’m just gone on business all the time. Rick and I have a safe house just outside the city on the shores. We came in to take care of Ms.chief for a change of pace. No paparazzi when you’re not here. It’s a lovely home, really.“ 

Kai thought her face looked forlorn, as if she was wondering what a normal life would be like. He couldn’t imagine having to hide who you were all the time, pretending to be someone you weren’t. He glanced at Drake, was it the same for him? Pretending to be normal when he was a witch? He was forced to fit into a society that didn’t understand him, because they feared him. He feared him, the power he had the potential to wield, his strength. As much as he admired him, he also scared the hell out of him.  

Nora stood to make coffee, Rick started debriefing the guys, "All right then, let me fill you in on the rest…”

Group hug for all my Ambrollins shippers tonight.

Yeah, they’ll see each other again.

Yeah, they always come back to each other.

But it’s gonna suck having them split up like this without knowing when we’ll get another feud.

But hey in the meantime, we’ve got fic, and you can always find ya girl on the ambrollins tag on Omegle!