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There was Harry's birthday, the club in Aussie, and now this. I feel like the first two it was more lowkey, but this one, there walking in the front door, and a member of there team is verifying the information. Funny Zourry was seen going in, but the other's seem to have found a different way, away from the fans, to enter.

Yeah. like we kind of knew Louis was at Harry’s birthday, but there weren’t any pictures, and the club in Aussie they made it look like Louis was hanging out with Liam, and Harry with Niall. This is the first time we’ve seen them entering at the same time and having it publicly written down by their team that they’re hanging out together :D In too long! 

IT’S 7 IN THE MORNING. ITS TOO EARLY FOR ME TO BE CRYING LIKE THIS. I WAS GOING TO GO BACK TO SLEEP BUT NOW IM FREAKING OUT CRYING *heavy breathing* …..MY FAV FIC!!!! IT UPDATED! !!!!!!IM SO EXCITED SO HAPPY LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL! I’m having problems breathing right now omff pls let this chapter not hurt my sensitive self pls be happy iwa0i pls smut pls

i have this habit of drawing people in positions that i usually stand in and forgetting that most people consider these positions achievements in contortion. 

tldr; i have a pile of drawings of people in weird positions because i forget most people can’t contort their bodies to get into them 


3x22:It’s stefan… it’s always gonna be Stefan

5x02: Damon tells Elena to focus on Stefan in order to break the mind control. "you have to think about something stronger than your desire to kill me..STEFAN…STEFAN..think about stefan"

6X15:Damon tells Stefan “Not all love is true love brother. She’s not the one, if she was, you wouldn’t have to ask…” he knows what he’s talking about(his insecurity in his relationship ,you know he’s insecure about her gf ex bf)

DAMON SALVATORE  SHIPS STELENA , its not even healthy how much  he  adores them , he hardcore ships them and i’m not sure he even knows it yet.