like baby sitting but with a dog

my mom has a friend who has a failed program-service dog and he’s literally my favorite creature

He’s a really smart lab, he learned all the commands, but he just has an affinity for doing them whenever he wants

So this lady’s dog literally turns on-off lights, opens doors, opens the fridge, etc… at his own wishes.

Her house looks like its baby-proofed, with kid safe locks on everything and stuff, but really she just has a dog that’s learned all the mobility service dog commands but has a mind of his own.

My mother tells me
that when I meet someone I like,
I have to ask them three questions:

1. what are you afraid of?
2. do you like dogs?
3. what do you do when it rains?

of those three, she says the first one is the most important.
“They gotta be scared of something, baby. Everybody is. If they aren’t
afraid of anything, then they don’t believe in anything, either.”

I met you on a Sunday, right
after church.
one look and my heart fell into
my stomach like a trap door.

on our second date,
I asked you what you were afraid of.
“spiders, mostly. being alone. little children, like, the ones who just
learned how to push a kid over on the playground. oh and space. holy shit, space.”
I asked you if you liked dogs.
“I have three.”
I asked you what you do when it rains.
“sleep, mostly. sometimes I sit at the window and watch the rain
droplets race. I make a shelter out of plastic in my backyard for all the stray animals; leave them food and a place to sleep.”

he smiled like he knew.
like his mom told him the same
“how about you?”

I’m scared of everything.
of the hole in the o-zone layer,
of the lady next door who never
smiles at her dog,
and especially of all the secrets
the government must be breaking
it’s back trying to keep from us.
I love dogs so much, you have no idea.
I sleep when it rains.
I want to tell everyone I love them.
I want to find every stray animal and bring them home.
I want to wake up in your hair
and make you shitty coffee
and kiss your neck
and draw silly stick figures of us.
I never want to ask anyone else
these questions
ever again.
—  Caitlyn Siehl, “Three Questions”

Ten Baby Harry Potter Headcanons

  1. Remus was absolutely terrified of holding Harry and avoided it at all costs. Once he purposely spilled hot coffee on his arm just so he could leave the room when Lily was trying to find somebody to hold Harry.
  2. Harry cried the first time Sirius held him. Sirius proceeded to freak out because he thought Harry didn’t like him and nearly cried.
  3. Lily and James once walked in on Sirius singing a very disturbing song about feeding naughty babies to hippogriffs. He didn’t understand. His mother sang it to him.
  4. Harry’s first word was either ‘mummy’ or ‘moony’. Lily and Remus didn’t speak for a day or so.
  5. The first night Sirius and Remus babysat Harry by themselves Sirius accidentally covered Harry’s crib with dog hair.
  6. Harry had a stuffed wolf, rat, dog and stag. 
  7. The Potter’s cat would sit on a chair and watch over Harry as he slept.
  8. Harry would always grab hair. It didn’t matter who. if their hair was in reach. it was yanked.
  9. Harry actually had perfect eyesight as a baby. It wasn’t until after so many years spending time in the dark cupboard that his eyesight became bad.
  10. For the first month that Harry was home Lily was worried because he never cried during the night until one night she woke up to find out that James would sneak into the nursery every night and watch Harry sleep and took care of him before Lily would wake up.
Cute OTP One Liners:

1.“I said I’m hungry, not horny. But now that you mention it…”

2.“Date night? Skate night? Same thing.”

3.“Did you or did you not just call me a weenie?”

4.“Kick me in the ding-dong, see what happens.”

5.“Why does this receipt say you ordered 60 chicken mcnuggets?”

6.“Your car reeks like Taco Bell and tears.”


8.“Did it grow two legs and move on its own?”

9.“Thank god you’re not a parent.”

10.“Seriously though…did your mom drop you on your head when you were a baby?”

11.“It’s Mario Kart…chill out.”

12.“I said I bought a dog…I wasn’t asking if you wanted hot dogs.”

13.“You could take me out tonight…or we could sit in our underwear and watch vines?”

14.“Awww, you eat your gummy bears by color!”

15.“Rainbow order…always.”

16.“If I had a choice to kiss you…or to breathe…well, I’d breathe.”

17.“The power’s out. We have two options. Have sex, or I got ‘Back to the Future’ on my laptop.”

18.“You stubbed your toe, you’re not dying.”

19.“Why won’t you let me see your yearbook?!”

20.“Can you explain why there are cheeto crumbs ON EVERY PIECE OF FURNITURE?!”

21.“You contact ripped? I guess it’s glasses for you, nerd!”

22.“You ever wish you had a tragic life story so you could get on one of them singing shows?”

23.“Yes, I watch you sleep. No, not in a weird way!”

24.“Don’t you dare say another word.”

25.“Come near me and I swear, I will kill you.”

Dating Peter Parker Headcannons

these are really long and i didnt even write down every thing that i wanted to so i might do a part two just bc i love my son :’)

  • it all started when y’all got paired up for chem to do a lab
  • because practically the whole school knows of his crush on Liz Allen, you didn’t think you had a chance with him
  • but you could NOT have been more wrong
  • he was so nervous to go to the next class because he knew that he would actually have to communicate with you… for more than three seconds  
  • as soon as he walks in and sees you staring to set everything up he kind of like *dies*
  • hE iS So NeRvoUs
  • hands shaking
  • uneven breathing
  • and u just kind of look @ him like wtf dude calm down
  • he would try and talk but it was mainly him stuttering
  • but you found him sosossoosos cute (bc he’s my son obvi he’s a qt)
  • after ( to him ) being put through the most stressful time of his life, more stressful than fighting criminals as spiderman
  • he asks you if you want to go and get a sandwich with him after school
  • and thats kind of how everything started
  • studydatesstudaydatesstudydates
  • ned either being annoyed with you two bc third wheeling or having the time of his life bc you guys are #besties
  • michelle always having something to say about u and peter
  • like; gross, ew, y/n how do u hold your breath the whole time u and peter are making out
  • “peter, baby, can you please take it down five notches”
  • (“y/n), BaBY, cAn YOU tAkE IT dOwN FiVe notCHes”
  • aLwAYs tOuChiNg YoU
  • holding hands
  • arm around your shoulders
  • standing behind u and head on your head & arms around your waist
  • never ending amount of little kisses
  • peter finding u the legit cutest thing on this planet
  • his ‘creative’ way of telling you he is spiderman was picking you up for a date by swinging into your open window and then swinging you across new york
  • you almost passed out because heights but u knew that he would never let go of you
  • and you’re the luckiest girl ever bc you’re the reason that he’s smiling all the time
  • u can bet your bottom dollar he would write love letters to u - ok maybe he wouldn’t like give them to u but he would defffinetly write them ok
  • may can always tell when peters talking to on the phone or y’all just hung out bc he’s skipping around the house with the widest smile & his eyes are sparkling
  • you beg for 4 weeks strait for him to let you try on the suit but “mr. stark said its not for anyone else baby.”
  • omg the amount of pet names for u; baby, babe, angel, darling, the first letter of your name, my love, and when he’s clingy;;babbbbyyyyyyyy
  • when you’re giving him the silent treatment he will give u puppy dog eyes, sit on you, and be super clingy
  • when he’s upset you’re the big spoon
  • but he’s not that big on pda
  • but he wants to be the big spoon 9/10 times bc he’s spiderMAN
  • asking u to homecoming
  • heart thumping so loud when y’all are slow dancing you can feel it so u put your head against his chest
  • bc you’re so angelic and look so peaceful and he cannot deal w it
  • he’s in constant awe of u if u weren’t already expecting that
  • telling happy about u all. the. time.
  • so when tony meets you, he has a proud dad attitude going on
  • ugh god peter wanted u to say the three words first
  • but one day when you were having a pillow fight or doing something else childish (idk) and it just kind of comes out when you’re laying on the sheets and your hair is all poofy and his is a little messy and you have the biggest smile and he had to close his eyes when he said it because he didn’t know what your reaction would be
  • and when he felt your hand on his cheek, he swore that he 1. never let out a bigger sigh of relief before 2. and never seen u smile so wide
  • and when u said it, he almost asked to leave the room because he was so elated
  • may absolutely adores u probs more than peter does
  • because she’s never had a daughter and she thinks you and peter should get married early ( she’s like 50/50 kidding&being dead serious ) bc she is CONVINCED that you are the best that he will eeveerrrrrrr do
  • probs the type of bf to act all tough and protective but will just stare the shit out of the asshole who steps a little to close for comfort
  • but lordy he just loves u and will protect u with his life
  • because you are his world and he is yours

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“Baby Stark”

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Summary: After returning to New York, Tony is greeted with surprising news that has potential to change his life.

A/N: another one from draft-purgatory. lol i’ve never written for tony stark, and i i struggle to capture his swaggering tone. however, but i thought it would be fun to write for a slightly softer tony stark.

His elbows resting on the metal railing surrounding the large helicopter landing pad, Tony Stark skims his eyes over the beautiful aerial view of Manhattan. A relaxed smile perks onto his lips as the familiar clamor of the concrete jungle sinks in. “It’s good to be back,” he hums to himself, taking in the majestic view carved around the Avengers Tower.

After rapping his knuckles against the metal railing, Tony saunters down the glass walkway leading into the tower, the eery silence reminding him that everyone is on a mission. He’s about to greet F.R.I.D.A.Y. when a smile enters his view, one that he isn’t expecting.

She sits on the counter of the bar, her legs elegantly crossed despite the restrictive nature of her pencil skirt. The sunlight streams into the room through the glass windows, creating a natural glow about her. A coy smile perks onto her lips as Tony’s drinks her in, his lower lip getting caught between his teeth as his eyes dance up her legs and body. She’s the most alluring girl he’d ever seen -he’d thought so two years ago when they first met, and he still thinks so now- and it’s one of the many reasons why he’s infatuated with her.

“I thought I told you not to wait for me,” He grins, glad that she ignored his request.

“I couldn’t wait until dinner, and I wanted to be here when you arrived. Is that such a crime?” (Y/N) hops off the counter and saunters towards him. She cups his cheek in a way that makes Tony feel like he’s the only person in the world.

“Well, counselor, I recommend -” His words are cut off as (Y/N) yanks the lapels of his jacket to bring his face towards her for a kiss. Tony laughs against her lips, but the laugh quickly gets drowned out by a rough growl as she lightly bites his lower lip. A smile creeps in around the edges of her kiss as she slides her hands down his muscular back. A nip of teeth, a glide of tongue, and she easily has him under her spell.

It’s only a matter of time when the need for oxygen brings the kiss to an end. Tony gently knocks his forehead against (Y/N)’s. “Remind me to always bring up a counterargument, because baby, I could get used to that,” he drawls.

(Y/N) laughs, a devilish glint lighting up her eyes. “Welcome back to New York, Mr. Stark. It’s been a while.” Her hand dangerously inch south as she brings his ear to her lips. “That was a little preview of what’s going to happen tonight.”

He feigns exasperation as (Y/N) playfully smacks his ass but twirls out of his arms before he can do anything. A low noise escapes his throat as she shoots him a sexy smile over her shoulder while kicking off her “ball-busting stilettos”, as she calls them.

Tony leans against the wall and watches (Y/N)’s shadow dance in the glow of the sun. Two years into the relationship, and he still gets butterflies. His fun, beautiful girlfriend, the skyline of the most magical city in America, wonderful weather - his life is perfect and Tony wishes it would stay this way for a long time.

“As much as I love pencil skirts, I need to change,” (Y/N) announces. “I have workout pants in my bag, but could I borrow a shirt or sweater?”

“Baby, at this point, you’ve stolen over half of my comfortable clothes. Why do you even bother asking?”

(Y/N) smirks and plants a kiss on his cheek before sashaying towards the door of Tony’s private apartment. Before she opens the door, she turns to him. “T, I have something to tell you.“

"Mmhmm,” Tony hums, pulling out his phone from his pocket.

“I probably should have told you, but I was kind of scared of how you would react. I thought it would be wise to tell you when you were back in New York.” She hesitates for a bit, her fingertips drumming against the doorframe. “Promise not to freak?” she asks, a slightly icy look glazing her eyes.

A small alarm rings in his head, but Tony maintains a calm expression. “I promise. Did you max out my credit card?” he jokes.

(Y/N) rolls her eyes but relaxes a bit, which pleases Tony. “No, and I never will.”

“My wallet thanks you, baby. But what’s up?”

“Tony.” She swallows. “How do you feel about becoming a dad?”

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This is Baby Kitty. She likes to hoard her fat butt up in my room to hide from the dog as well as having hobbies of doing this with her legs. She also likes to sit on plastic bags while licking a nail file.

A brief explanation of uses of “y’all” [not comprehensive]

“Hey, y’all!” – General greeting as you walk into a room with more than one person. Polite hello.

“Could y’all help me out?” – Polite request for help to a roomful of people. First 1-3 people who respond will help you carry groceries, run you down to the store, or assist in moving a couch. If more people then necessary offer to assist with the task, the y’all speaker will choose with phrases such as, “Oh, Betty, honey, no, you just got home. You put your feet up.” Or, “Thanks, Jack, but I think I’ve got enough people.”

“I really need all y’all to listen.” – Everyone in the room needs to shut the fuck up and do as they are told. This is one step removed from fire being rained down upon you in anger. If you are in school when this happens, you’re about to make the teacher go into a five minute rant about manners and hard work.

“All y’all need to sit down.” – Congratulations. You just got you, your three cousins, and the dog grounded. Nice job.

“Who the hell told y’all you could do that?” – And now the cat is grounded too and your favorite aunt is about to be in a world of hurt.

“Y’all need to shush up and pay attention.” – Quit goofing off in church. The lord is watching.

“Oh, y’all are the sweetest.” – Everyone in the room is a really nice person.

“Oh, y’all are the sweetest!” – The y’all speaker hates everyone in the room [most likely because she specifically requested no bridal/baby/other shower and got forced into it anyway] and just wants to escape.

Please never f*cking do this

So, this happened to me recently, and I wanted to share this with everyone.

I was sitting outside a laundromat, waiting for my clothes to finish drying. My dog, Willow, was sitting next to me at a bench. I was kind of looking off into the distance, minding my own business, and was snapped out of it by a man saying “Hello!” very close to my ear.

I turn my head around, and there he is, sticking his NEWBORN CHILD DIRECTLY IN MY DOG’S F*CKING FACE.

Now, nothing bad happened. Willow is a good dog. She loves kids. She sniffed the baby, and the man happily told me how much she loves the dog they have at home.

But, here’s the thing:

Not all dogs like infants. Some dogs like older kids, but not babies. Some dogs are scared of children of all ages, and do not like being pet by them. Some dogs are ok with children being nearby, but don’t like being touched by them. Some dogs, when scared, react with aggression.

I feel like I shouldn’t need to say this, but when you’re meeting an animal for the first time, do not stick your baby 2 inches away from it’s f*cking face. ASK THE OWNER IF IT’S OK TO PET THEIR DOG, ALWAYS.

This has been a PSA. Thank you!

protective soda - imagine

requested by anon (thank u for ur request - i hope ya like it!)
warnings: slight cussing

You had never seen someone make Soda light up like you did. He’d been so proud that you were his; there hadn’t been a single time where he was reluctant to show you off. He seemed to just love slipping a hand into one of the back pockets of your jeans or holding you close by your waist. Sometimes, all he wanted to do was take you out - he wanted people to know that you were his. After a year or so, it was pretty easy to say that everyone and their mother in Tulsa knew you were Soda’s girl.

So, Soda took you out one summer night – to the Nightly Double – knowing how you adored drive-ins. Humidity and heat hung in the air over the two of you inside’s Soda’s partly souped-up hooptie, which didn’t seem to really bother you; it was the middle of July. “Think we shoulda just went for ice cream?” he asked you, beaming, as a bead of sweat slid down his temple.

“That might’ve been a wise idea,” you agreed, pushing some away the hair sticking a bit to your face and neck. “How ‘bout we just wait it out? It might get cooler with the sun going down and all.”

“I don’t see why not. I mean, I have you right here, don’t I? A little sweat never hurt no one,” he responded with a shrug, unable to quit his gaze at you. “I’m sure it’ll be a ball! I’ll go get us somethin’ to drink or snack on. How ‘bout some coke?”

“God, that sounds great. I could use somethin’ cold to drink right about now, “ you said giggling a little, wiping some sweat off your forehead.

“Alright, then,” Soda said, reaching into his pocket for change before opening the door and climbing out the car. “I’ll be back in a second. Holler if you need me, okay?”

You nodded and watched him walk away and towards the concession stand, only to spot through the side-view mirror another figure - a harsher silhouette - make its way toward you. He was definitely a greaser, but you just couldn’t put a finger on him. For some odd reason, you had a feeling that even Soda wouldn’t be able to recognize him. Needless, to say, it wasn’t Soda’s friends or brothers and his towering stature made you uneasy. But all was well because you knew that this guy would pass this car by. 

Except he didn’t. He came right up to your door and propped his elbows on the bottom of your rolled-down window, peering into the car, right at you. He probably had seen Soda leave.

“Y/N, right?” he asked.

“What’s it to you?” you quickly responded with a sideways glance. Oddly enough, the guy started to laugh a little.

“Take it easy, pretty girl. I just wanted to know,” he said, carelessly shrugging. “Don’t you wanna get outta here? Sit in a real hotrod? Or does only Sodapop Curtis peel these offa you?” He tugged on your shirt, a mischievous smirk on his face.

“Don’t you got anything better to do? Scram,” you said while you rolled your eyes, pulling yourself away from his tugging and further away from the window in general.

“But, tell me - what’s a girl like you doin’ with Sodapop Curtis anyhow? C’mon, baby, we all know he’s just a dog – probably sleepin’ around with bunches of girls. I mean, I’ll admit, I’m a dog, too, but I’m not one like him. Baby, how much you wanna bet he’s still screwin’ Sandy?”

You had to admit – that hurt quite a bit. You couldn’t hide that it’s always been a thought in the back of your mind.

“Ain’t that right? You’re not a dog like him; you’re a bitch,” you finally said, mustering up enough of the courage to make him leave.

“Oh, aren’t you a funny thin-“

But before he could finish his sentence, he seemed to be yoked backward by someone. By Soda. He had probably been eavesdropping for a bit before he sat the popcorn and cola on the roof of the car.

“If you do so much as even breathe her way again, so help me god, I’ll beat the living shit outta you, you hear me?” Soda spoke through gritted teeth, practically steaming at the sight of this guy. “Believe me, I know plenty who’d jump at the opportunity of punching your lights out. Darry bein’ one of ‘em.”

The stranger aggressively pulled himself away from Soda’s grip and glared at him and then at you. Without a word, walked away and Soda’s stare followed until he was nearly out of sight.

Soda grabbed the snacks he’d bought and climbed back into the driver’s side. He passed you your drink and looked at you intensely, almost angrily. “What’d he say to you? Was he dirty with you? ‘Cause I swear I’ll-“

“You’re not messin’ around with other girls are you?” you bluntly questioned, just aching to get the question out before you told yourself you shouldn’t.  

“Y/N, no! Is that what he told you? I love you, Y/N. You’re my girl – my only girl.” Your lips began to turn upwards into a small grin. Hearing him call you his had always made you smile. He brought a hand to your chin and tilted your head up a bit so that your lips would meet his own.

Stupid Sparks

AN: After watching supergirl I couldn’t get this out of my head. This is separate from my Supermom series.

Words: 1323

            There are super villains out there who would beg for this moment; to have Supergirl at their mercy, begging for their help. You however, you would do anything to be about a thousand miles away from her at this moment. You love Kara, you really do. She’s your best friend, and you’d do anything for her. Well… almost anything. “I don’t do blind dates.”

        “Please Y/N. Please. He’s distraught about the breakup. And he needs to get back out there, and you…”

        “What about me?”

        She winces, “Well, you haven’t been out on a date in over a year.”

        You frown, “I’ve been busy. I got that promotion at work, and you know Lew is an attention hog.”

        Kara’s face goes into a deadpan, “He’s a dog.”

        “He’s my baby,” You defend.

        You pause the conversation as the waitress brings your food. When she’s gone you ask, “What about Alex? She hasn’t dated in a while.”

        Kara just shakes her head, “Clark and Alex don’t really get along. It’s a tug of war situation.”

        “Blood vs. Nurture?”

        She just nods, “Yeah, pretty much. Anyways, please. For me.”

        Taking a deep breath, you lean back into your chair and stare at your best friend. You’d known Kara since you were eighteen. You’d been college roommates for four years, and another two after that. She knew your every secret, just like you knew hers. You’d known about her powers since she had shielded you in a car crash three months into sophomore year.

        “I won’t deal with mopey, and if he talks about how great Lois Lane is, I am out of there, and you’ll owe me breakfast for a year.”

        Kara just squeals, “Thank you, thank you so much. It’ll be fun, I promise. James and I will be there with you two, the entire time.”

        You just sigh, “A double date, a blind date, and first date all rolled up in one. You owe me big time.”

        She just smiles and says, “I really do.”

        Three days later you find yourself nervously waiting in a restaurant next to Kara. You’d never been the best at dating. You’d always found it awkward, trying to determine if you’re compatible with someone through a conversation. Looking for some sort of spark. To do so while your very in love best friend and her boyfriend made goo goo eyes at each other, was going to make it even worse.

        You’re midway through thinking up an excuse when Kara squeals. It’s high-pitched, and you’re nearly convinced she’s broken your eardrum, when she bolts out of her seat, and launches herself across the restaurant, and into the arms of a man you’d only seen in pictures.

Clark Kent was a good looking man. There was no denying that fact.

        And from what you’d heard he was a really good guy. Dedicated. Loyal. Protective. Just like your dog. Sitting up a bit straighter in your seat you watch as Kara moves from Clark to James. You can’t help but smile as they make dopey in love eyes at each other before finally kissing.

        As the kiss grows into something more you turn away, feeling as though you’d intruded on a private moment.

        “I’m torn between being incredibly happy for Kara, or ripping Jimmy’s arms off for sticking his tongue down my baby cousin’s throat.”

        Turning to face the voice, you stare at one Clark Kent. He’s taller than you thought, and as he slides into the seat across from you, you can’t help but beat back a blush.

        Clearing your throat, you ask, “Isn’t she technically older than you?”

        He smiles and shrugs, “Details.”

        Glancing back at them you wince, they’re mid make out session. “I shouldn’t turn around should I?”

        You smile at him, “Not if you want James to keep his arms.”

        Clark just smiles back at you, “I’m starting to think we should leave them alone.”

        You smile, “They haven’t seen each other in over a week, that might be smart.”

        “Is there another way out of here?”

        You just smile and say, “Follow me.”

        You end up on the street outside of the restaurant. “So, what’s good to eat around here.”

        You smile, “That depends, are you picky?”

        “Not particularly. With how much I have to eat, I like to keep my options open.”

        “Mongolian BBQ?”

        “That sounds amazing.”

        You end up at a local place you know. It’s small, and more intimate that you would have liked, but the food is simply amazing. Somewhat surprisingly, you end up having a good time.

        “So what kind of dog is he?”

        You swallow your bite of food first. “He’s a Goldendoodle. He’s three years old, and he’s my baby. Sorry, that sounds weird.”

        Clark just smiles, “Not at all. I’m the same way with Krypto.”


        “Krypton’s equivalent to a dog. Basically, he’s Superdog.”

        You smirk, “Does he go around and save the animal kingdom?”

        Clark smirks right back, “Only if he wants a treat.”

        You can’t help but laugh. After the laughter dies down, you admit, “I’m having a much better time than I thought I would.”

        Clark leans back in his chair, “Let me guess, Kara made me sound all pathetic.”

        You shrug, “Maybe, a little.”

        He smiles, “I’m going to contribute that to concern. Lois and I both knew it was ending. We’ve been off and on for years, and she ended up getting an amazing job offer, and we both agreed that it was too good to pass up.”

        Your smile fades a bit, “Why didn’t you go with her?”

        “Metropolis needs me.”

        “That’s a lonely way to live. Putting an entire city of people before yourself. Ending a relationship that you were in for so long.”

        His face goes serious for a minute. “Not exactly. I think, that if it were true love, and she was truly the one, I would have been willing to follow her. Or at the very least, ask her to stay. I loved Lois, some part of me still does. But I don’t think I’ve been in love with her for a while now.”

        After a moment of silence, he clears his throat, “Sorry. The mopey reflection of my ex is now over.”

        You smile, “No. It’s okay.”

        Clark insists on paying for the food. You insist on at least leaving the tip. You’ve just stepped onto the street when your phone starts to ring. Shooting an apologetic smile at Clark, you pick up.

        “He can’t come back to my place.”

        Your brow knits together for a minute, before you’re able to identify the voice. “Kara?”

        “Yes. Look Clark was supposed to stay at my place while he was in town, but James is here, and we’re…”

        “I don’t need details.” You glance at Clark, who’s grimacing, “And neither does your cousin.” Clark throws you a grateful smile.

        “Can he stay with you? In your guest bedroom?”

        You glance at Clark, and have to hold back a smile. His cheeks have gone a bit red, and he looks more than a little embarrassed. “Sure Kara.”

        “Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’ll pick him up in the morning.”

        “Sure thing.”

        Pressing the end button, you simply shrug and say, “Looks like you’ll be staying with me.”

        He clears his throat, “Are you sure? I don’t want to put you out, and I could always get a hotel.”

        “It’s fine, honest. Just a warning though, Lew likes to give kisses. Especially when waking people up early in the morning.”

        Clark just laughs, and then holds out his arm. The gesture stuns you for a minute, before you hesitantly take it. The night has been more along the lines of hanging out than a date. You’d slipped into casual mode without even realizing it.

        But as you take his arm, and Clark places his hand on top of yours, you feel those stupid, wonderful, sparks.

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Would "wholesome" happen to include more of Kyo and Koichi's relationship with immortal horrorterror Makkachin?


As mentioned before, the Nikiforov family moves back to Japan before Koichi and Kyo are born. Yuuri’s parents are reaching that age where they really need the help at the Onsen, no matter how much or how little they say they want the help. Mari is there, but she’s only one person, and she’s not a spring chicken anymore either and Yuuri wants to give her a chance to, like, take it easy for awhile and maybe take a vacation every once in awhile, Mari, God you have more gray hair than Viktor.

So they’re thinking, this is good, we’ll move back to Japan with our three kids and we’ll coach and choreograph and help run the Onsen. Not a bad way to spend the literal DECADES of retirement that are stretching out before them. 

Viktor gets a vasectomy, because as much as he’d like to have just one more baby, he knows that they, too, are getting older, maybe a little too old to have an infant again, or a toddler. They’re still recovering from Emma’s toddlerhood which was…a trip.

Viktor is still literally feeling the vasectomy pain when Makkachin starts doing that sentry-thing he does in front of Yuuri when he’s pregnant.

“No fucking way,” Yuuri hisses when he notices, and Viktor rushes to the store to get six different pregnancy tests.

Yuuri’s incredulity at finding out he’s pregnant at age 38 is only overshadowed by the incredulity at finding out he’s pregnant with twins at age 38.

“You had a VASECTOMY,” Yuuri shrieks, not for the first time–or even the ten or twentieth–into his pillow.

Of course, no Nikiforov in their right mind is going to pretend that they aren’t looking forward to a baby, least of all Makkachin, who takes an odd amount of pleasure in Viktor’s offspring for an ageless and unfathomably wise former harbinger of the Apocalypse. 

Yuuri’s labor with Kyo and Koichi is difficult, and nobody who works at the hospital is quite sure why, during the whole twelve hours Yuuri labors, there’s a poodle hanging out outside the emergency room, staring with purposeful focus somewhere up towards the fifth floor? It never wants to come in and every time someone even thinks about trying to coax it inside with food or something, they suddenly find themselves overcome with distraction and wander away, only to come back to themselves twenty minutes later on the fourth floor of the parking garage with very little memory of how they got there.

(Viktor and Yuuri are later told that they’re very lucky both twins survived, because they shared both an amniotic sack and a placenta, and usually that’s a recipe for parasitic twins. Koichi and Kyo, later in life, will use this information to taunt one another. 

“I always knew you were the parasitic twin,” Koichi hisses at Kyo when he shifts in the wrong way and tips them over during a lift.

“IF YOU WANTED TO KILL ME WHY DIDN’T YOU JUST EAT ME IN THE WOMB,” Kyo screams across the rink after Koichi drops him on a death spiral and sends him into the boards.)

The day Koichi and Kyo are brought home, Makkachin plants himself between their bassinets and glares warily at anyone whose last name is not Katsuki or Nikiforov. This is unfortunate, because dozens of guests ‘accidentally’ wander into the family-only area just to see the twins. 

When the twins learn to walk, it’s Makkachin they hold onto. Yuuri drops one of his favorite ceramic bowls when he walks into the tatami room and finds both Kyo and Koichi toddling around the room with Makkachin patiently standing between them. 

“They shouldn’t be walking yet,” Yuuri hisses to Viktor later that night. “They only just started pulling themselves up.”

“My babies are going to be such good skaters someday,” Viktor coos, craddling both twins in either arm. Behind him, Makkachin seems to wink. Yuuri is more or less used to this now.

Two-and-a-half year old Koichi decides that Makkachin can be ridden like a horse. Makkachin isn’t going to tell him otherwise.

The Nikiforovs sort of admit to the fact that Makkachin is some sort of immortal hellbeast when Viktor and Yuuri hit their eighties and Makkachin is still around. It’s okay, because two different generations have learned to walk holding onto his collar, and, mysteriously, when the Nikiforov children start arguing about who should take Makkachin when Yuuri and Viktor pass away (at the same time, on the same night, at ages 97 and 94) little brown poodle puppies start appearing in the neighborhood.

Horrorterror Makkachin isn’t going to lie; it’s hard to multiply yourself like that, but it helps when the souls you enrich yourself with are cooperative and are okay with you eating them since, y’know, you waited until they were old, and also you’ve sworn an eternity-long bloodpact to protect their family until the line dies out.

Koichi is the one who eventually takes Makkachin home with him, and sometimes Makkachin pokes his head in the bedroom door at night, like he remembers Viktor doing when he was a kid, and Koichi feels almost like it’s his Papa is there, somehow. 

And Irina’s dog Cavalier sometimes acts just like Yuuri, fretting and gentle and very, very happy when he gets good food.

Mikhail’s dog Pooka is grumpy and temperamental, like Grandpa Yakov used to be, but also very loving if you just sit there and let him come to you.

Emma’s dog Biscuit reminds them just a little of Aunt Mari, the way she’s quiet and reserved. But she’ll always find you if you’re crying. 

Kyo’s dog is somehow like both Grandma and Grandpa Katsuki. She’s happy but quiet, loyal and just a little goofy. Her name is Katsudon. 


Or: why I appreciate the newbies on Arrow

*Note: This is a bit of a ramble, but I get very little time on SM lately and have been wanting to put this out for a while. So between tasks I had a few minutes, so here it is.

I was having a discussion with @ireland1733 the other day about (what else?) Arrow. One of the things that came up with her, and I continually see with other fans online, is the marginalization of OTA and the strong push for new characters.

Now I have made no secret of the fact that I love Arrow for Oliver, Diggle, & Felicity. And I have such a soft spot for my fellow STEM geek. LOVING Dark!Felicity so far!

Part 1: A LOT of what I see on the show I have to suspend disbelief because it’s a show inspired by / based on COMIC BOOKS. Not a whole ton of reality is expected. But Arrow is different. Despite some questionable choices made last year that included magic, Arrow has managed to stay well-grounded in their storytelling. But these three are always around. WILL NO ONE EVER PUT THE PIECES TOGETHER? (see Professor McGonagall above)

Part 2: I am not a “and they lived happily-ever-after” girl. I want to see some of the “happily ever after”. If season 3 had been the last season, I’d have been PISSED.

So…onward to season 4 and the sweet wonderfulness of newly discovered bliss.

But as I’ve said before, I still wasn’t satisfied. The domestic life was not fulfilling for Felicity (no more slow cookers), and Oliver was still running - this time from the Green Arrow side of himself. So… they blew it up. IN THE WORST WAY  - but that’s another story.

Fast forward to now. We’re rebuilding (the angst is REAL folks) and it both hurts and feels good at the same time (it’s GOOD angst). Olicity has been shaken to it’s core, but the rebuild has started and the RECONCILIATION IS COMING - I’M SURE OF IT.

Now - to my point. Oliver, Diggle & Felicity are the heart, soul and core of Arrow. But let’s be real. Or as real as we can be. One day (maybe we’ll see it, maybe we won’t) there will be Olicity babies (y’all can debate how many @jbuffyangel - I’m content with one). And maybe another Digglette (I don’t know, maybe a girl this time? I mean, again, I mean - UGH Arrowverse :() But babies take time. Effort. Single-minded focus. Did I say they take time? How are these two beautiful families going to be able to enjoy the lives that they’ve wished for if they never get a break?


So I like the introduction of new characters. Do I miss Thea? ABSOLUTELY (and I’m hoping both that there’s a good explanation for her absence and that she gives EWR her comeuppance). I miss Roy.  But the new BC? Mr. Terrific? Wild Dog? I’m giving them a chance. Because of them, in time, OTA can be sitting on a beach somewhere toasting their friendship and good fortune, watching their children splash around in the surf, knowing Star City is in good hands.

“He’s slamming the game again…”

“I hear him. You don’t like baseball? What planet are you from?”

“I know, I know, I’m a communist, a book burner, and I kick dogs. I just can’t sit through baseball. It moves so slow…!

“Oooh baby, whine for me. It’s so sexy…”

“Everything moves slowly for you, Wally. Have pity on us mortal snails.”

-Flash v2 #80

These three need to meet because they were the original Team Flash.

EXO Reaction to: Their GF Being A Cheerleader

Anon: Can I request EXO’s reaction to their gf being a cheerleader?

Xiumin: He has newfound respect for cheerleaders after meeting you. He thought it was all cute dances and pom poms but when he visits you one practice and witnesses you being thrown in the air, his blood pressure skyrockets and he’s so anxious.

“Oh no, now she’s doing flips. This girl’s gonna break her leg at any moment.”

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Luhan: He worries about your injuries sometimes but would never try stopping you doing what you love. If anything, your cheers take his breath away, not just because of the danger of injury. But because you can bend that body like a gymnast I’m sorry I had to

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Kris: You tried teaching him one of your routines but he’s far too clumsy and either forgets the moves or constantly falls. “I don’t think I’m cut out for this. Maybe I should stick to art, at least I’m good at that.”

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Suho: He blasts “Cheerleader” by OMI on repeat. Which was funny at first but now it’s embarrassing and Kai tries to stop him but there’s no stopping Junmyeon’s dad jokes.

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Lay: ”During cheer competitions, you’re supposed to intimidate your opponents, right? I’m really intimidating and fierce too.”

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Baekhyun: He goes to all your competitions or games that you cheer at, with a giant sign that has your name on it. He spends the entire time just embarrassing you, and he does this every. time. you. perform. Every time.


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Chen: Teases you to be annoying, pretending like he’s unimpressed. “Oh, a back flip? That’s cool, I guess. I wasn’t really paying attention. I was too distracted by a cute dog.”

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Chanyeol: A pouty baby when he catches boys checking you out. “Next time they cat call you, just call me. I’ll beat them up and make them cry. Especially since I never cry.”

“Channie, you cried eating spicy food just yesterday.”

“ … It was really spicy, though …”

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D.O: Will prepare food for you, either for your practice sessions or for competitions. His schedule may prevent him from supporting you in person as often as he’d like, but hopefully ensuring you’re eating well will make up for that.

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Tao: Goes to one of your practices, sitting back and saying, “That looks easy, I could do that!” He mostly wants to annoy you but ends up getting roped into the practice, finding out first hand that it’s not as easy as he’d assumed.

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Kai: ”What do you think? Am I sexy enough to be a cheerleader too?” Yes you are

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Sehun: ”Psssh, I could do better than that. I’m Oh Sehun, after all.”

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Monsta X Shopping At The Grocery Store


Hyunwoo (Shownu):

  • That person trying to use their algebra skills to see which cheese is the better buy
  • How many ounces per cent? Fuck it, just get the generic store brand
  • tried to dance along to his music and nearly ran over a lil kid
  • doesn’t do that anymore
  • helps everyone out when they cant reach the top shelf
  • now everyone thinks he works here
  • a one stop shop kind of buyer
  • gets eveRYTHING from the same store

Hoseok (Wonho):

  • ate a dumpling sample and bought 15 bags of frozen dumplings bc the sample lady was rlly nice and old
  • protein powder galORE
  • boppin along to the music playing in the store
  • avocados and bananas bc hes healthy
  • buys food that he knows everyone likes 
  • ends up spending more money on getting food for everyone else
  • doesnt mind tho
  • and actual angel i would die for shin hoseok


  • bought a whole bag of swiss rolls bc hyunwoo mentioned he likes swiss rolls
  • tries to use his cart as a stool to get the stuff on the higher shelves
  • ends up rolling through the store
  • got hella excited in the snack aisle
  • bought too many chips and gummies
  • walks out of the store real hype tho bc he got the food he likes and hyunwoo likes and thats all that matters


  • has a lil list and booklet of coupons but he alWAYS LEAVES IT AT HOME
  • so now he just jogs around w his phone plastered to his ear talking to Minhyuk
  • “No minhyuk, im not buying a rambutan because you think its looks cool, you hatE RAMBUTANS”
  • sniffs all the body wash scents
  • makes lil songs w the names of the products
  • i dont know him
  • saw a stuffed plushie that looked like Sanche
  • it aint even his dog and hes hype asf


  • only came in bc he ran out of food
  • literally last minute
  • doesn’t know how to find the good buys so he just stands there (oh no baby what is u doin)
  • sits in the lil food court and stares @ the menu for a good hour
  • “sir,,, r u,,,,going to,,,order?”
  • “ya lol how much can I get for $50 and how quick will it go bad bc I don’t cook good and im just gonna buy it premade”


  • that grown ass man riding his shopping cart by standing on it like a scooter
  • knocked over a pyramid of canned peas and just ran away
  • does aegyo @ the butcher to get cheap beef
  • v intimadated by all the soccer moms who seem to have it together
  • doesnt understand how the sales work
  • “im just trying to buy tomatoes whats the difference between plum tomatoes and roman tomatoes i donT UNDERSTAND”

Changkyun (I.M):

  • staring at the crabs and lobsters inside the tank
  • “hello my brethren”
  • gives them all names and screams every time it looks like someone wants to buy them
  • wanted to buy them to keep them safe but A). hes poor and B). Nugget the Third looks hella aggressive
  • buys 18 boxes of popsicles
  • thats it
  • just lives off of that
  • sits in his studio and eats popsicles all the time

A/N: lmao what level trash am i im two days behind on updates but i wrote this shit lol gr8 job, kinza, ur really going places in life also i have front row tix for monsta x in chicago so im happy im v happy there might be a lot of smut coming up

Rules for Dating Tony (Birthday Party)

Tony woke slowly, alone in his bed, because last night hadn’t been a date night with anyone.
He kind of enjoyed it, the few nights he got to sleep alone, because with everyone home now it didn’t happen very often.
So he took a long minute to stretch and scratch his hair and sprawl his legs out–
–and kicked somebody.

“What the hell?” He sat up and stared sleepily at the curled up form of Natasha, just red hair peeking over a stack of blankets. “Widow, what are you doing in my bed?”

“Like you don’t know Stark.” She mumbled and scooted closer against him.

“And you’re cuddling? You’re not a cuddler. Come on, your date night isn’t until Thursday, everybody else will get mad if we break the rules.”

“I’m not breaking any rules.” She yawned and sat up. “I just wanted to say happy birthday.” She leaned into him for a long, slow kiss, then pulled away to squeeze his hand. “I bought us ice cream but figured you didn’t want that in bed with you. Happy Birthday Tony. I can’t wait for tonight.” Then she climbed out of bed and he had just a split second to admire her legs in those tiny shorts before she slipped out the door.

Maybe it was a little unsettling that she had been able to sneak into his room and lay there for who knows how long with out him knowing just to kiss him good morning, but he grinned anyway because he loved it.

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SF9 Fansign Foreign Fanaccount

I don’t know if this is something anyone would be interested in, but I recently returned from visiting Korea where I entered one of SF9′s fansign events. If you’re curious to know how they interacted with me as a foreign fan, I’ll explain below. I tried to condense as much as possible, but it’s lengthy. Also, if you have any questions, you can ask me (:

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“The Language of Love”  Negan x Reader

Word Count: 2,225

Negan x Reader

Request: Can I request a Negan one? Where the reader grew up in France but moved to the US when she was young, but kept her French accent/French as her first language. And she gets taken as prisoner by Negan, but he treats her really well because he’s attracted to her. But one day he just pisses the reader off and she starts to cuss him out in French, and it turns Negan on a lot. And it leads to smut?

Warnings: Smut (oral receiving and giving, no actual penetration), swearing, language kink, I think Negan in general should just be a warning, dom! Negan

a/n: this was a request from someone who messaged me, and I told them I would do it, but I just wanted to point out that I do not speak French. This is all from google translate so I sincerely apologize if anything is not correct!

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Growing up in a country that you were not born in was not the easiest of tasks you have ever had to do. You were originally born in France in a small town just outside Paris, and you lived there until you were thirteen. You loved it there, and once your parents told you that you were moving to the United States (Georgia, in particular), you were not pleased.

You grew to enjoy living here, and everyone was nice to you. The only real problem was the language barrier. You knew minimal English at first, and your French accent was thick. Of course, the other students loved it, but it made it hard for them to understand you, especially when you only knew a few basic words.

As you got older, English became second nature to you, and you barely spoke French anymore. Especially now that it was the apocalypse, none of your French-speaking family was alive anymore, and no one in your group could speak it. You tended to keep that side of you separate from your life now. Life now was different, and you treated it that way. You wanted to put your old self behind and become someone who would survive out here, and dwelling on the past wouldn’t help that.

The only time that you ever spoke French was when you were mad. Oh, man, when you were mad, it came out without you being able to control.

Baisez-vous, je ne vous dis rien!” You spit at the man in front of you. He calls himself Negan, although you’re sure that can’t be his real name. You figure it’s probably a fake name, like what the Governor used. He’s attractive, you’ll admit. The way he carries himself, his beard, just in face in general… Damn. But he was not a good guy. You’ll never let his attractiveness get to you. “Éloigne-toi de moi!”

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Netflix Date with Jeff would include....
  • Him texting you literally five minutes before he wanted you to show up
  • You showing up in your pajamas with pizza
  • aka boxers and one of his sweatshirt
  • he’d be wearing a ONESIE 
  • and just be smirking and ugh 
  • ~dimples~
  • accidentally spilling popcorn all over the floor because he came up behind you and grabbed your side
  • jeff trying to get your attention
  • but you ignoring him and throwing a ball for his dog to play fetch with
  • jeff whining when you pay more attention to the dog
  • the dog whining when you pay more attention to jeff
  • jeff refusing to share the popcorn
  • you grabbing the bowl and feeding most of it to the dog
  • cuddling under a blanketttttt
  • lots and lots of cuddling
  • jeff putting on a rom com 
  • and you actually wanting to watch it
  • “but y/nnnnnnn, everyone knows a netflix date doesn’t actually mean netflix”
  • “shut up jeff it’s getting good”
  • jeff pouting
  • then turning on a horror movie so you get scared and have to cuddle with him
  • but him not planning on him getting scared
  • “ohmygod jeff, it’s just the wind”
  • “no it’s chucky y/n i can feel it”
  • so you’d put on a tv show for him to calm down 
  • he’d be like “btw i’m alone for the weekend”
  • and his hand would be tracing circles on your thigh
  • by now its like 2:30 am
  • and the neck kisses start
  • jeffs moans oh my god
  • and you two start making out on the couch
  • him hovering over you kissing from your forehead down to your shoulder
  • meanwhile the dog is sitting there staring
  • jeff realizing 
  • “ugHHHHH”
  • jeff getting up to put the dog upstairs
  • “sorry babe i’ll be right back”
  • him coming back
  • you passed out asleep on the couch
  • him chuckling quietly, wrapping a blanket around you
  • carrying you upstairs to his bed
  • waking up slightly and telling him super groggily “love you”
  • “love you too. more than you know baby”
  • him kissing your cheek and cuddling with you until the next morning

hey guys so as you know i’ve been pretty busy lately so im super sorry for all the things in my inbox so ships r closed rn but send me normal writing requests! i can do those easily send em in :)